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Tuesday, March 6, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Christian Doctors and Nurses Are Being Forced to Assist Abortions, But You Can Help


Washington May Soon Require Companies to Cover Elective Abortions Regardless of Religious Objections


Catholic Politician Attacks Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Calls It a “Shameful Group”


Bills in several states put Down syndrome front and center in the abortion debate


Mississippi Senate Passes Pro-Life Bill Banning Abortions After 15 Weeks


Constitutional amendment on abortion heads to November ballot (West Virginia)


President Trump’s Decision to Defund International Planned Parenthood Has Curtailed the Global Abortion Agenda


Catholic Bishops of Wash. ask Gov. Inslee to veto abortion insurance bill


Satanist Sues to Stop Pro-Life Law Telling Women Abortion Kills a “Living Human Being”


Breaking: Mississippi Senate votes to ban abortions after 15 weeks


Fact Check Web Site Politifact Claims Whether Abortion Kills Babies is a “Disputed” Fact


Pro-Abortion Attorneys May Have Broken Law to Push 14-Year-Old Girl to Abort Her Baby


Abortion Activist Slams Pro-Life People as “Terrorists and Religious Radicals” Who “Deceive Women”


PolitiFact: Abortion Not Top Cause of Black Deaths, Killing Babies Is a 'Disputed' Fact!


CNN Claims Christian Countries Where Abortion is Illegal Hinder Human Progress


What If Buying a Gun Were Like Getting an Abortion?


Billboard Outside Largest Planned Parenthood Tells Abortion Clinic Workers to Quit Their Jobs


Surviving abortion: What do you do with the baby?


Pro-Abortion “Sex and the City” Star Cynthia Nixon May Run For Governor


Catholic Dean Enabling Isle of Man Abortion Push (United Kingdom)




Former U.S. Contractor in Afghanistan Pleads Guilty On Corruption Charges


Afghanistan unveils youth unemployment strategy


Uzbekistan Seeks Bigger Role in Afghan Peace Process






Tunisia: Muslims beat up and stab president of Tunisian Freethinkers


Nigeria: Muslim block road to pray, beat up 56-year-old woman who asked them to make space for her to pass


Final report: October Mogadishu jihad truck bombing is third deadliest terror attack in modern history


Doctors protest after wrong patient gets brain surgery





First-class passenger declares 'I am God,' tries opening plane door mid-flight


Woman restrained after trying to open airplane cabin door during flight





How the ADL Used Fake Stats to Minimize Islamic Terror





Look who admires notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan





The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence



Why Vietnam welcomes America’s return



Famous Atheist: Let's Eat Human Meat



ASX jumps 1.1pc to snap four-session losing streak


Australian dollar responds to the data dump ...


Teens arrested over robberies 'organised on social media'


USS Lexington found by billionaire Paul Allen's crew 76 years after WWII sinking


The gig economy is endangering wages, economists say


Reserve Bank leaves rates on hold at record low 1.5 per cent


Australian Greens top dog says Islamic State jihadis “good people,” should be welcomed back into Australia





Toronto, U.S. stock markets see minor gains amid back-and-forth on steel, aluminum tariffs


Trudeau’s opportunity to welcome Islamic terrorist back to Canada (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Disaster: Wokest Prime Minister Ever Justin Trudeau GRILLED By Bill Nye Over Canadian Oil Pipeline


Canadian man pleads guilty to U.S. terror charges, faces 26 years in prison and deportation


Calgary piano teacher charged with showing 5-year-old student porn


Toronto-area home prices drop more than 12% in February as sales plunge


RCMP 'sloppy' and 'negligent' in investigating Boushie death, say independent experts


Shree Paradkar: Canada needs to increase early access to coding to bridge gender divide


Toronto police release grim photo in hopes it will help identify victim of suspected serial killer


Reporter Paul Bliss no longer with CTV following sexual misconduct allegations


5-week-old girl dies at home in mother's arms while hospital over capacity


Bill Nye grills Justin Trudeau on Kinder Morgan pipeline decision


Toronto nightclub accused of racism for 'Stir Fry' event


This new mom had a close call with Strep A, but a second mother died after an outbreak at Markham hospital




Looming ‘debt risks’ threaten Belt and Road countries


China puts hold on US bid for UN ban of ships over N.Korea smuggling


China Boosts Defense Spending, Rattling its Neighbors' Nerves


European Leaders, Experts Worry as China’s Xi Exerts Control at Home and Abroad (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


The 21st  century Mao


Behind His Public Persona, Xi Jinping Is a Guarded Secret





North Korea says it will halt nuclear and missile tests while talking with US, Seoul says


In Major Victory for Trump, Kim Jong Un Agrees to Denuclearization Talks With US  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea's nuclear reactor shows signs of operation: 38 North


N.Korean Exports at a Virtual Standstill


US imposes new sanctions on North Korea over chemical weapon use to kill Kim Jong-un's half-brother


Kim Jong-un 'wants closer North-South Korea ties'





Republican pushback on Trump tariffs gathers steam, talk of modifications emerge


Democrats fielding — and funding — serious challengers in GOP strongholds


Action on guns and immigration screeches to a halt in Congress




Government Lawyers: ‘Tear Up Texas’ Text to Radicalized Islamist ‘Innocuous’


Nashville Mayor Megan Barry pleads guilty amid investigation


Age Discrimination Suit Against Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart for Refusing to Sell Rifle to 20-Year-Old


Judge rules Trump’s DACA phaseout legal


Monsanto's Roundup to face cancer claims in unusual court case


Football’s Brain Injury Crisis Lands in Family Court




Valentine’s Day Wake-up Call from Parkland


Dashcam video helps clear trooper in alleged groping case


NYPD’s Secret Tribunals May Keep Guilty Cops on the Job


Obama policies to end ‘schoolhouse-to-jailhouse pipeline’ helped keep Nikolas Cruz off police radar


Tragic moment a car speeds through a red light, killing a one-year-old boy and the four-year-old daughter of a Tony Award-winning actress, injuring both mothers and another woman


Husband collected $750,000 life insurance after 'murdering his wife in the shower when she discovered his Tinder affair' - and might have got away until the other woman came forward





Retrospective on the murder of Seth Rich: Known facts and the FBI’s silence


Perez: DCCC Shouldn’t Attack Democrats They Haven’t Endorsed (Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez)




Democratic Party Activists Clash With Local Dems in California Primary


Chelsea Clinton Agrees to Meet With Pro-Second Amendment Survivor of Parkland Shooting




HUD employee accuses Carson of conducting 'witch hunt' on whistleblower (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr Ben Carson)


Running HUD Is Harder Than Brain Surgery, Carson Finds




Zinke suddenly pulls land in home state of Montana from oil and gas lease sale  (Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke)





Mr. President, please fix the U.S. Department of Justice!


Ex-Trump Aide Sam Nunberg Says He's Likely To Cooperate With Mueller Subpoena (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Flynn selling house to pay legal bills in Trump probe


How Sane Is Sam Nunberg? How Sane Are Any of These People?


Sam Nunberg, the former Trump aide who says we will defy Mueller's subpoena, went on a wild day of interviews (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Government watchdog ramps up pursuit of 'dossier' details


Ex-Trump Aide Sam Nunberg Says He Will Refuse Grand Jury Order. Unless He Doesn't.


Key witness goes rogue against Mueller probe


Eric Holder, Obama's 'wing man'  (Former US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr)




Stocks end slightly higher as trade uncertainty persists


Stocks Rise as Trade Tensions Ease; Dollar Drops: Markets Wrap


Wall Street climbs as trade war worries cool


Bitcoin drops below $11,000, pulls back from key breakthrough level


Non-partisan group predicts Trump tariffs would cost 146,000 jobs


February saw the third-highest stock outflows on record amid volatility resurgence


‘There’s no stopping it,’ warns Ron Paul: A ‘calamity’ could cut this market in half


Equity Gains Spread to Asia as Trade Worries Ease: Markets Wrap


Dollar hedging is more expensive — and that makes the U.S. less attractive to foreign investors


Asian shares regain some ground as trade war fears moderate


Asian markets jump back to life after days of declines


Why a US economic bellwether believes the best is yet to come


Gold climbs to a more than two-week high as dollar slumps




Dear Annoying Parkland Kids: We Gave You A Pretty Awesome World, Try Not To Mess It Up


Tucker Carlson rips activist for promoting LGBT indoctrination in schools


The Broward County Superintendent's Corrupt and Dangerous Agenda


West Virginia raises teacher pay to end statewide strike


Mental Health Crisis for Grad Students


Law-School Students Shout Down ‘Known Fascist’ Christina Hoff Sommers


No Weapons Violations in First Six Months of Campus Carry at KU Lawrence


ASU Sued Over ‘No Boycott of Israel’ Clause in Speaker Agreement


More than 150 tickets issued as fights break out at Michigan State before Richard Spencer speech


West Virginia legislators eye measures to end teacher strike


Trying Again, de Blasio Names a New Schools Chancellor (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)


Behind on your student loans? Some want the government to keep you from working


 A middle school teacher led a double life as a white nationalist podcaster — and her goal was to proselytize in class




Egypt detains 6 over play about cop who gunned down Israeli tourists


Saudi Crown Prince winds down trip to Egypt with mosque visit


Egyptian TV Host Kicks Atheist Out Of Studio, Recommending Psychiatric Treatment




What to watch for in today's Texas primaries


Texans Go to the Polls


Fear, confusion over integrity of U.S. election systems at all-time high ahead of midterms





Oil edges up to score a third-straight session climb


Energy Prices


U.S. to overtake Russia as world's biggest oil producer





Two senior EPA officials approved to work for private clients while holding full-time federal jobs





European stocks close higher as fears of trade wars abate  


Polish lawmakers slam 1968 purge of Jews, condemn anti-Semitism


Italy’s Election Is a Shipwreck


When Italy Gets Blue


Sweden: Muslim with knives and Qur’ans in car drives into three cars, attacks policeman


Hungary challenges UN plan to facilitate global mass migration


Populist Reformers Win Big In Italy’s 'Trump Election'


Demagogues Win as Europe’s Populist Tide Sweeps Italy




Professor Supports Euthanizing Disabled Children Because “Parents are Harmed Seeing Their Child Suffer”




Sources: Strzok knew of possible breach into Clinton's server but didn't follow up





FDA chief wants more mail inspectors to stem opioid influx




Two cases involving sex with 11-year-olds forced France to raise the age of consent


Peugeot chief warns Brexit threatens UK plant


No screens for under-threes: France to give brand new medical advice to parents


French foreign minister holds tense talks in Tehran


Foreign ministry softens boycott of Israeli film fest in Paris





Do Merkel and Germany Have a Future?  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Who are Germany's foreign population and where do they live?


AfD lawmakers travel to 'normal' Damascus in attempt to encourage refugee returns


Number of job openings in Germany reaches historic high


German message in bottle takes 132 years to be found, smashing world record






Now There's a Play Called 'Kill Climate Deniers,' Because Why Not




China’s economic lifeline for Greece tangles political relations with EU





Day care teacher loses foot to flesh-eating bacteria


Doctors hunting for way to slow down time


Why I believe a killer flu pandemic is lurking just beyond the corner - and it could kill 33 MILLION people in the first 200 days





Blockbuster movie Black Panther called “Islamophobic”


The ‘anti-Trump’ Oscars were a ratings disaster. Conservatives are delighted.


Oscars’ TV Audience Hits All-Time Low


Prager U Video: Dear Celebrities - No One Cares What You Think





Maxine Waters Talks Reparations in Selma (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Some Members Are Sleeping In Their Offices. So Why Is The Congressional Black Caucus Calling For An Ethics Investigation?


Ryan: Unemployment Claims at Lowest Level in 49 Years Because of Tax Reform Law  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


McCarthy: House to Vote Next Week on STOP School Violence Act  (House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California)


Todd Starnes: Oakland mayor obstructed justice by tipping off illegal immigrants, says Rep. McClintock (US Representative of California Tom McClintock (R)


Lewandowski scheduled for second interview with House Intel





Democrat Sheriff Refuses To Give Deputies Rifle-Resistance Vests Due To Immigration Policies




Kansas man deported after disgruntled ex-girlfriend reports him to ICE, report says


Immigration group accuses ICE of illegally jailing 18-year-olds




Indian Prime Minister Leads Nationalist Charge To Rewrite History Books






Made in America, But Lost in Iraq   (US-made tanks that fell into militia hands have sparked a standoff with Baghdad over assistance.)


Report: Anti-American Iran-Allied Shiite Militias Take Control of U.S. Tanks in Iraq


Soldiers discover an utterly horrifying sight: Forty bodies, all of them Christians, holding their crosses, slaughtered by Islamic terrorists





Farrakhan Speech: 'Jews Are My Enemy,' 'White Folks Are Going Down'


Sanders says new health-care plan shows Dems moving toward 'Medicare for all'





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Tuesday, March 6, 2018)


High Court freezes compensation to owners of razed West Bank (Judea and Samaria) homes


Iron Dome can intercept missiles but not diseases or pollution from Gaza


Why do the Arabs hate the Palestinians so?


Marking women’s day, minister tells female MKs to ‘quit whining’


Netanyahu Thanks Trump and Allies, and Takes on Iran at AIPAC  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


As government crisis mounts, minister said to claim PM wants early elections


Israeli forces demolish Palestinian-owned structures in East Jerusalem


With inspiring performance at AIPAC, Netanyahu seeks to show he’s indispensable


Why Does AIPAC Still Support Palestine?


Guatemala defends planned embassy move to Jerusalem


Now, Nobody Can Kill A Palestinian Woman Without Punishment


J Street hits back at US envoy Friedman after AIPAC jab


Is Gaza Under Siege?


Norway ex-PM decries ‘double standard’ allowing Israel to have nukes


Israeli forces detain 17 Palestinians, female university student, in raids


Talk Of The Town: Arnona Residents React To U.S. Embassy Relocation


Video: Palestinian worker suffocates while waiting at crowded Israeli military checkpoint


Israeli naval forces open fire on Gaza fishermen


A lot of rotten eggs in one basket (The willingness to sign more and more state’s witness deals, to forgive more and more criminals, indicates the AG is convinced that at least one case against the prime minister will end in a bribery trial. But what did these people give the investigators in exchange for their new status, and why should we believe them?)


Netanyahu Details His Talk With Trump On Iran And Palestinians (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israel’s ‘dreamers’ wait in limbo as deportations loom




Media Fight For Democrats In Washington Leak Wars


Press abandons ethics to grill troubled ex-Trump hanger-on regarding Mueller (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Kelly’s struggling NBC show 'Sunday Night' dropped from weekly rotation


Forbes: Hannity The ‘King of Cable News’


CNN’s Erin Burnett tells Sam Nunberg ‘I have smelled alcohol on your breath’


Ex-FBI boss James Comey finds safe space with ABC News’ Clinton crony George Stephanopoulos


Steyn battles immigration advocate on 'sanctuary' policies: 'As a legal immigrant I'm a bit concerned'


Bill Maher echoes Trump supporters, rips media for ‘bulls—’ stories: ‘So much of it is fake’




Mexico minister says NAFTA must remain a trilateral accord





Saudi crown prince heads to UK for official visit


Saudi defends ‘just’ Yemen war ahead of UK visit





Is the top general in Afghanistan in too deep?


Brigade of seasoned American soldiers arrived in Afghanistan


Marines deploy F-35B fighters on Navy ship in Pacific for first time


SOUTHCOM commander: There are 100 ISIS members in Trinidad and Tobago


Navy security barrier popped up, causing car crash, USNS Comfort skipper says in lawsuit


Amber's War: Former Army helicopter pilot is on a mission to fight military stereotypes 




Flippy The Robot Just Flipped Off Minimum Wage Hikes




Tensions rise as Myanmar increases troops on Bangladesh border




NAACP Pushes To Confiscate American Guns




DNI: Russians May Target Midterm Elections  (Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats)




Homosexuals take Christian man, and try to force him to perform oral sex on his own brother. The Christian runs and jumps out of a window


Pakistani Panel Urges Harsher Penalty for False Blasphemy Accusations


Pakistan can do more to combat terrorism: Pentagon Chief Spokesperson


Hairdressers in Pakistan Province Announce Ban on Stylish Beards


With Gas and Diplomacy, Russia Embraces Cold War Foe Pakistan


India's 'spy drone' shot down across LoC by Pakistani forces, claims ISPR


PTI's Khan accuses party members of selling votes




Texas Church Gives $125,000 to Members Who Attended Service on Sunday




Poisoned double agent believed the latest in long line of assassination attempts by Moscow


Putin says Russians accused of US election meddling could be prosecuted in Russia: TASS (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Reactions To Putin's State Of The Union Address: If What The U.S. Wants Is The Cold War, So Let It Be The Cold War - Part I


Radioactivity may confirm Russian nuke-powered missile crash


‘How can one not be a Russophobe?’ – asks former CIA agent … and Twitter answers


82% of Russians Favor Gender Equality in Families — Poll




  Stephen Hawking says he knows what happened before big bang





Curbing Second Amendment Rights Won’t Stop School Shootings, Conservative Leaders Say


Florida Went Gun Shopping After the Parkland Shooting


Gun-Control Group Founder: Jewish Journalist’s Reasons for Buying Gun Based on White ‘Privilege,’ ‘Fear and Paranoia’


Guess what's happening to NRA membership since anti-gun attacks


Nation looking to destroy America wants to save it from guns


What impact do state laws have on gun deaths?


How Many Lives Are Saved by Guns - and Why Don’t Gun Controllers Care?






Warren vows fight as U.S. Senate begins debate on Dodd-Frank rewrite  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Rubio, Hatch Push Stop School Violence Act in Response to Parkland Shooting   (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)/US Senator of Utah Orrin Hatch (R)


Feinstein Foreshadowing (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


McCaskill Uses the Oscars to Slam Republican Challenger  (US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


Dodd-Frank might just survive Republicans. Good.


Sen. Cochran (R-Miss.) to resign after 4 decades in Congress, vacating post as appropriations chair





On Social Media, Criticism Of Muslim World League Secretary-General's Condemnation Of Holocaust – But In Saudi Press, Support For It


David vs. Goliath: New Social Media Site ONEWAY Takes On the Giants




South Korea: Kim Jong Un says he could give up nukes  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


S.Korean Envoys Have Dinner with Kim Jong-un


Toxic Smog Brings Surge of Eye Ailments During Spring


Seoul all out to counter US 25% tariff on steel imports


N.Korean Leader Wastes No Time Meeting S.Korean Delegation


Two Koreas to hold summit in late April


Trump putting chip industry on toes


GM Korea’s W2.3tr debt due next month


US holds key to inter-Korean peace


N.Korea to Participate in Paralympics for 1st  Time


GM Korea workers denounce Detroit's 'irresponsible' approach


Seoul asks Washington to delist tariffs on steel products


Can South Korea Really Defuse the North's Nuclear Threat?




Ex-ESPN anchor's suit says hosts watch porn at work, kept sex 'scoreboards'


Jemele Hill confirms Chris Berman dispute, denies ‘racially disparaging’ voicemail claim


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Sri Lanka Declares State of Emergency After Buddhist-Muslim Clashes





Northeast bracing for another nor'easter days after deadly storm


Florida Senate OKs bill raising age to buy guns, banning bump stock sales


Coyote that bit 8 people tests positive for rabies   (The coyote was shot and killed by police following several attacks in suburban Westchester County, New York.)




About Face on Forced Dues


Government tries to take woman's land, but ...





Russian Transport Plane Crashes in Syria Killing All 32 on Board


Russian plane crash in Syria kills dozens


Doctors in Syrian city struggle to treat flood of airstrike victims





Taiwan faces a crucial decision on technology transfers to China


Taiwan not interested in arms race: defense ministry


Magnitude 4.8 earthquake rattles northeastern Taiwan





Flippy the robot is now cooking up burgers near LA; is this the end to the short-order cook?





No 'Downstream' Job Losses and No Exclusions for Allies, Trump Advisor Says of Tariffs


Trump’s Tariffs Would Be a Massive, Self-Inflicted Wound


4 Bad Arguments for Trump’s New Tariffs


Why Europe and Canada may retaliate against bourbon, Harleys and Levi’s jeans


Trump's Trade Tariffs Are Taxes


Trump's really bad idea


Trump’s tariffs won’t bring the jobs his people need




Leftist Rabbi: Jacob, Deborah, King David, Apostle Paul Were All Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming


Transgender teens: New study 'no surprise,' says ethicist


Skeptics urge caution as transgender surgeries skyrocket




Mnuchin Tries to Douse Trade-War Fears Over Trump Tariff Threats  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)





Turkey central to Russia’s NATO strategy – U.S. intelligence chief


Turkey’s New Foreign Policy Is Hostage-Taking


Stakes rise in Syria as Turkey clashes with pro-Assad militias


Saudi network ban on Turkey TV shows is 'political': minister


Child sex abuse in Turkey sparks debate on best prevention




Janus Case Only Beginning for Forced-Dues Fights


Union accused of tricking developer into paying ‘Coffee Boys’ $42 an hour





 FTSE 100 climbs as fears of trade wars ease, Smurfit Kappa rallies


Appeals court: Hospital can yank baby Alfie Evans’ life support against parents’ wishes


Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince says Brexit opens UK for greater business opportunities with Kingdom


Britain warns Russia over double agent's mysterious illness


Boris Johnson threatens sanctions before any evidence of Russian links to ex-spy’s illness (Video)




France, Britain request emergency UN meeting on Syria


Haley: Israel getting 'bullied' by the UN (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Office of Special Counsel: Conway violated Hatch Act


Trump says 'no chaos' in WH, but more staff changes could be coming


North Korean bid 'possible progress,' Trump says


Does President Trump Know What a Radical Environmentalist He Picked in Peter Navarro?


Exclusive: Sam Nunberg Apologizes To Sarah Sanders  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Bannon on Trump: 'I still love the guy


Gary Cohn to Resign as Trump's Top Economic Adviser


Trump floats idea to secure elections: 'It's always good to have a paper backup'


CNN star bashed by Sarah Sanders pointing out true 'heroes' at White House (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Mitchell Bard: Trump, tell terror-aiding Qatar it can kiss our air base goodbye


Trump offers warm welcome to embattled Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Fortunately, Trump doesn’t have what it takes to be a dictator


Trump on DACA: Democrats Are ‘Nowhere to be Found,’ ‘We Are Ready to Make a Deal!’


The Trump presidency could cost the nation more than we realize


Israel-US Unity At The White House


Trump to consider elephant trophy imports on 'case-by-case' basis


Don’t blame China, Mr. President. Blame the robots.


Kellyanne Conway Steps Back, Hanging On to Her Influence


President Trump is blessedly weak


Trump Is ‘Not Backing Down’ on Tariffs Amid G.O.P. Pushback


Trump disrespects the presidency. So I don’t respect him.


Trump’s Hopes to Be Neutral in Mideast Seem Long Gone



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