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Saturday, March 3, 2018







In Today’s Issue: 




Tim Kaine challenger roils Virginia House with speech connecting 'abortion industry' to mass shootings


Judge in trouble over links to Planned Parenthood


16 AGs file brief supporting block of 4 Arkansas abortion laws


Attorneys general from 15 states and DC file brief in case against Arkansas abortion laws


Florida lawmakers pass bill restricting most common second-trimester abortion


Speech by Abortion Doctor Attracts Protest at University


Opinion: Make abortion pill available at California public universities


Jason Isaac makes Mostly False claim that abortion is the leading killer of black Americans (A candidate seeking the Republican nomination to succeed Lamar Smith of San Antonio in the US House says more black Americans die from abortion than any other cause.)





Report: Army mishandled bomb-sniffing dogs from Afghanistan





Nigeria: Muslims murder 12 Christians for trying to protect girls from forced conversion to Islam


 Doctors in Kenya perform brain surgery on wrong patient


Nigeria: Muslims murder 20 Christians, burn down 10 churches


US condemns ‘brutal attacks’ in West Africa




After NRA boycott backlash, Delta Air Lines will end discounts for ‘politically divisive’ groups


Georgia punishes Delta for ditching a discount only 13 people used



Pass the sick bags! Planes full of vomiting passengers land in DC amid powerful wind turbulence, as Winter Storm Riley slams into the East Coast



Australia: Officials praise Muslim for “getting more involved in his religion,” months later he arms jihad murderer


Three Australians die, more sick in listeria outbreak tied to melons





Their son went to Syria. They’re facing 14 years in prison for trying to send him money — they say to bring him home


Canada’s Mr. Dress Up Has No Big Boy Budget Pants (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Spineless Trudeau Carries No Stick in a Canada/US Trade War


'I want to experience life away from drugs': Canadian convicted of terrorism in U.S. asks for 2nd  chance


Jim Coyle: Canada is ‘very smooth’ on trade? Donald Trump doesn’t know the half of it


Canada ‘flabbergasted’ by Trump’s tariff proposals


The RCMP’s thin red line: Is contract policing unsustainable?




Worst of bad US flu season finally over as illnesses decline





Honduras arrests alleged mastermind behind activist's murder




State's $135,000 fine for Christian bakers challenged as unconstitutional




Yang battles to turn around China’s bluechip brand Lenovo




US makes Cuba embassy cuts permanent after 'health attacks'




North Korea threatens to 'counter' US over joint military drills





Corporate America throws weight behind gun controls




Pictured: Parents accused of housing their three starving children in a filthy plywood box in garbage-covered plot of Joshua Tree desert appear in court as friends insist 'they are poor not abusive'





Gun in Central Michigan University shooting belonged to suspect's police officer father, Mich. cops say


Cleveland's latest serial killer crisis


Children in back of stolen vehicle found safe in Ohio


New photos suggest Parkland shooter tried to fire at people below


Man accused of sexually assaulting 11-year-old girl in Walmart


'Armed and dangerous' teen who killed parents in Michigan college dorm still on the run


Michigan university gunman killed his parents, school says


Sheriff's deputy fatally shot by fleeing suspect in Indiana, police say


Woman accused of killing brother over huge Colorado ranch worth millions


Arizona cop in 'serious condition,' suspect dead after two officer-involved shootings


Slain Las Vegas shooting victims' families to receive $275G each, donation fund says




As Trump assails Justice Department, Sessions hangs in — and pushes the president's hard-right agenda (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Don't let Jeff Sessions strangle criminal-justice reform in its crib


Justice Dept. urges Congress to rewrite law that handcuffed DEA’s opioid enforcement


DOJ takes new look at ex-Navy sailor's request for presidential pardon over classified submarine photos




Garcetti wants better earthquake safety for L.A.'s day care centers, private schools and steel towers




Trump's Tariff Plan Leaves Blue-Collar Winners and Losers


Universal Basic Income Will Destroy Work Ethic, Expand Gov't


Retail Apocalypse: 23 big retailers closing stores nationwide


Here's The Real Inflation Problem We Face Today




Where is the right to free speech for Israel advocates on campus, academics ask


Oklahoma teachers planning statewide strike


UConn to host Linda Sarsour for Women's HerStory Month event


Anatomy of a School Lockdown: A Threat, then the Anxious Wait


America's safest school? A peek inside an Indiana high school that underwent $400G in security upgrades




Need a North Korean Missile? Call the Cairo Embassy





Texas sets early voting record in nonpresidential year




Energy Prices


Refinery workers push to fix broken ethanol mandate




Switzerland: Muslim migrant arrested for bomb threat in church


Yanukovych Says He Never Met Trump Campaign Chief Manafort Face-To-Face  (Deposed Ukrainian President Yanukovich)





Trump Threatens to Tax European Cars If EU Imposes Tariffs


Sweden: Woman faces two years in prison for making jokes about Islam


EU Ready To Mediate In Latest Russia-Ukraine Gas Dispute




France: Mobile app helps protect travelers from violent attacks and no-go zones


Paris metro fines pregnant woman for walking wrong way




Immigration Disaster Looms in Germany


German economy minister wants tougher foreign investment rules


Americans say US-German relations on right path; Germans say 'nein'



Colo. GOP makes claim on seat vacated by Dem state rep expelled over misconduct claims





Alleged 9/11 plotter’s torture takes center stage in Guantanamo hearings




LGBTQ activists seek to extend speech ban to adults




Pennsylvania Race May Turn on Trump Voters’ Regrets


Could a Democrat be the best of both worlds in red-state America?


Demo Congress Candidate For Swing Seat Attacks DCCC for Trying to Get ‘Only Candidate of Color’ Out of Race



Violent criminals among illegal immigrants caught in California raid derailed by Dem mayor


ICE blames Calif. sanctuary law for illegals’ arrests




India's ruling party emerges stronger after polls in northeast




Draconian legislation could transform Indonesia




What to Do with Iran's Mullahs


Rohani Vows Women To Be Allowed In Iranian Stadiums, FIFA Chief Says  (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)





Catholic Church sets out a vision for closer ties with Islam


Muslim cleric: Praying for eternal forgiveness for non-Muslims is forbidden




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Saturday, March 3, 2018)


Egypt warns Hamas against escalation of violence with Israel


Trump’s peace plan doesn’t sound like Trump


Coalition leaders warn gov’t on verge of collapse, elections by June — report


Video: Israeli soldiers throw tear gas at Palestinian couple running with baby


In overture to Hamas, PA includes 20,000 of its employees in budget


Palestinians warn of ‘catastrophe’ over major new Israeli settlement


Hours after Sadat visit, IDF generals questioned Egypt's intentions   (Israel Defense Forces)


Netanyahu aims to avoid June election over Haredi draft legislation


Mideast hopes dim at Netanyahu heads for US (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


As legal troubles swirl, Netanyahu heads to Washington for Trump meeting, AIPAC


Palestinian farmer injured by Israeli fire in southern Gaza


Kushner, on the brink, looks to Mideast peace for salvation


Report: Hamas refusing to provide Egypt with details on missing Israelis


Israel renews administrative detention of Palestinian woman journalist, 45 others


Israel reached out to US hackers for ‘Zero Days’ tools


Ashrawi welcomes Prince William as first British royal to visit Palestine since 1948 


Dermer warned Obama team Israel would turn to Kushner over UN settlements resolution




Selfie shows Saudi Crown Prince and Lebanese PM Hariri




5 recent examples of the left's 'tolerance'




For AIPAC in a polarized America, bipartisanship is a near-impossible challenge




ABC: Anything But Conservative


Hannity on Nunes' letter to Sessions: 'The scandal is getting bigger and bigger'




Mexico prepares to make arrests in disappearance of student teachers


Doctor dies after he was allegedly beaten during Mexico vacation




Bahrain arrests 116 alleged members of 'Iran-linked cell'


Yemen army taking major leap in the battlefield to


Houthi rebels using Yemeni prisoners as human shields, rights group claims


Yemen: Muslims murder Muslim cleric known for his moderation




Pentagon wants more money to develop its own hypersonic nukes, just like Russia’s


General faces questions over Niger ambush that killed four US soldiers


Mystery surrounds 'non combat' death of female soldier battling ISIS in Iraq as her body is returned home and Department of Defence announce an investigation


Veterans with PTSD sue Navy over claims of biased discharges


Pentagon's new problem after years of crying poverty: Spending all the cash


Okinawa-based Marines won’t serve time after using fake credit card at Tokyo department store




Rapper Rick Ross, 42, is 'put on life support after being found unresponsive' at his Florida mansion


Elton screams at fans for getting to close to him




A passage to Pakistan: Seven decades after separation, how different does the country feel from India?




One chef’s social experiment: Charge minorities $12, white people $30.




Putin rally draws tens of thousands of supporters ahead of presidential election (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


12 Ways Trump is a Nightmare for Putin


Russia tells EU gas supplies via Ukraine under no immediate threat


U.S. Has Been Secretly Watching Russia's Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missiles Crash and Burn


Putin Says He'd Reverse Collapse Of Soviet Union If He Could  


‘Melania’s Breasts’ or ‘Brezhnev’s Underwear’? Poll to name new Russian arms goes wild


Putin Demands Evidence Of Guilt Of Russians Accused Of Meddling In U.S.


Wilders: I criticize Putin’s policies, but applaud the way he stands for Russian people   




NRA Member Stopped Massacre with AR-15


It’s time to stand up to the NRA’s bullying





Man fatally shoots himself near White House, Secret Service says




SEC dropped probe month after firm aided Kushner company






As Steve Bannon's star fades, so does that of some of his Senate candidates


Roy Moore issues public plea for money: ‘My resources have been depleted’ (Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore)


Sen. Orrin Hatch apologizes for calling Obamacare supporters the ‘stupidest’ people (US Senator of Utah Orrin Hatch (R)


Lindsey Graham: War with North Korea would be 'worth it' in the long run  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)


Senate confirms nominee whose faith triggered Bernie Sanders' rage   (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)




Facebook Threatens Satire Site Babylon Bee over CNN Story That Snopes Rated 'False'




2,500 GM Korea workers apply for voluntary retirement


Korea’s ‘patriotic prostitutes’ for US soldiers get justice at last


Post-Olympics, it's back to reality for South Korea and its troubled ex-presidents




Federal court hands 'hate' group defeat in free-speech case




School apologizes after basketball team defeats opponent 93-7


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





Slow-moving nor'easter kills eight, leaves swaths of East Coast in the dark


Florida senate revokes two-year ban on selling AR-15s minutes after approving it


Avalanche strikes crowded Mammoth Mountain: 'Essentially, the top of the mountain came loose'


Biggest storm of the season moves into California, bringing warnings of blizzards and mudslides


At least six dead as Nor’easter slams East Coast with violent wind, rain, snow and floods


At Least 5 Die as Storm Rages Across the Northeast


Six teens are running for governor of Kansas, and suddenly this doesn’t seem so preposterous


Virginia, Maryland governors declare state of emergency over severe winds


Colo. House votes to expel lawmaker accused of harassment


Nor'easter explodes into "bomb cyclone" -- and it's not over yet


Bomb cyclone leaves 900,000 without power




Trump, Putin, Netanyahu try to back away from a violent clash in Syria


Syria regime seizes '10 percent' of rebel enclave: Monitor


Trump and Macron say will respond strongly to use of chemical weapons in Syria (French President Emmanuel Macron)


U.S., European Powers Warn 'No Impunity' For Toxic Gas Attacks In Syria


The Toys They Carried: Syria’s Children Under Siege





Taiwan Reportedly Bids for Bigger Military Role in Asia


China pledges friendship with Taiwan amid tensions over U.S. bill 




Tax Reform Is Growing In Popularity — Opponents Ought To Stop Digging





Trump trade policy will turn the US into Brazil


Possible weapon in a trade war: dumping U.S. debt


Trading partners set to punish Trump for steel tariffs


Trade war could spark food fight, California growers fear


The best way to win a trade war is to not start one


Around the World, Threats of Retaliation Against U.S. Exports


Trump’s Tariffs Stoke Fears That Trade War Will ‘Kill’ U.S. Jobs


Trade Wars Are Destructive. Of Course Trump Wants One.


Five takeaways on Trump’s tariffs


Renegotiating Nafta: A U.S. National Security Necessity




Syrian government makes Ghouta gains; Turkey steps up Afrin attack


Turkey tightens its grip on Syrian Kurdish enclave




New Jersey’s new gov is either clueless or a union puppet


Public-sector unions are just racketeering outfits





UK: Three Muslims charged with arson over shop blast in Leicester that killed five people


 Teen gets life in prison for plotting attack on Justin Bieber concert


UK: Muslim teacher tried to raise army of jihadi children for jihad massacres at Big Ben and Heathrow Airport


Theresa May: 'Life is going to be different' after Brexit (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


UK: Muslim rape gangs expanding activities, now preying on children in parks





UN rights council postpones vote on Syria resolution



It's time for common sense to return to the Consumer Product Safety Commission




Trump on China's 'President for life': Maybe we'll give that a shot some day


Chris Ruddy: ‘Trump might find more of his inner Democrat’ if Dems take House


Report: Trump asked Kelly to encourage Ivanka, Jared, to exit


Trump, Russia, and the Red Sparrow


A Conspiracy against the People (Trump's steel- and aluminum-tariff proposal isn't populism in any literal meaning of the word; it's elitism of the rankest sort.)


Jared Kushner's no good, very bad week


Ode to Hope Hicks


Stormy Daniels nearly went public with affair before election


Days before the election, Stormy Daniels threatened to cancel deal to keep alleged affair with Trump secret


A Week That Leaves Even Trump’s Supporters Confused


Trump Pushes G.O.P. to Oppose Funding Hudson Rail Tunnel


Jared Kushner entanglements increasingly concern President Trump: Sources


John Kelly's comment about God punishing him aggravated Trump  (White House Chief of Staff John Kelly)


Scaramucci Is on White House 'Exclusion List' Blocking Visits


Thomas Binion: Here's what most Americans don't know about the war the president has waged


'Jared has faded': Inside the 28 days of tumult that left Kushner badly diminished


Kelly: 'We didn't cover ourselves in glory' over handling of Porter


The Memo: Kushner said to be 'digging in' amid troubles


Ex-CIA chief: Trump ‘unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical’


Hicks departure leaves void in White House


'We're blown away': Trump 'outpacing Reagan'


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