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Friday, March 2, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Slams President Donald Trump: “He’s Responsible for an Unprecedented Assault” on Abortion


Florida House Passes Bill to Limit Type of Abortion


Florida House passes bill banning dismemberment abortions


Indiana House passes abortion information bill


Planned Parenthood Launches Massive $20 Million Campaign to Put the Senate in Pro-Abortion Hands


Pence Sees an End to Legal Abortion as Google Searches for Self-Induced Abortion Climb (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Abortion Activist Maria Shriver Will Headline Catholic Church Event


Choosing Life Over the Olympics: Skater Miki Ando Rejected Having Abortion to Help Her Career


Nancy Pelosi breaks with her pro-abortion party, endorses last pro-life Democrat


Youth Volleyball Coach Rick Butler Allegedly Raped 6 Teen Girls, Forced at Least One to Have Abortion


Pro-life groups ready for Supreme Court fight against laws forcing them to promote abortion


15 Democrat AGs Ask Court to Keep Dismemberment Abortions Legal Tearing Babies Limb From Limb


Catholic Cardinal Slams Justin Trudeau for “Dictatorial Approach” After He Forces Christians to Promote Abortion


City Censored Pro-Life Man’s Signs, Now Judge Orders City to Respect His Free Speech


Planned Parenthood Claims to Support Women, Here’s What Real Alternatives Look Like


Pro-Life Students Launch Nationwide Tour to Defund Planned Parenthood


Bishop Paprocki: ‘Shameful’ that Georgetown honored pro-abortion Catholic senator


Planned Parenthood Abandons Abortion Activists Claire McCaskill and Heidi Heitkamp Because Pro-Lifers May Beat Them


Pro-Lifers Fight Back Against Censorship From Facebook, Google and Twitter


Pro-Life Students Fight Back to Keep Their University From Being Forced to Distribute Abortion Pills


Britain should have a national debate about lowering the 24-week abortion limit, Tory vice-chair for women says 


Judge in David Daleiden Case May be Forced to Step Down Over Planned Parenthood Connection


Argentina president urges Congress to start abortion debate




Suicide Car Bomber Hits Afghan Capital, at Least Four Wounded


Taking out an enemy target in Afghanistan





Pastor, Other Christians Slain in Herdsmen Revenge Attacks in Northeast Nigeria





Georgia Republicans honor their threat to punish Delta for cutting ties with NRA





Women’s March Co-Chair Cites Anti-Semite to Prove She’s Not an Anti-Semite


Louis Farrakhan is an anti-Semite. Is he still relevant?




 New study says ancient carbon is coming from Arctic soil and scientists are unsure of what it means



The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula





ASX falls on concerns US tariffs will trigger trade war


Bill Evans: RBA stuck in neutral, Australian dollar to fall


UN lambastes Australia for anti-migrant policies during first week on human rights council


One-in-five veggie patches contaminated: The lead lurking in our backyards




TSX down, U.S. stocks mixed as Trump defends steel tariffs


Conrad Black: Canadians crave an identity, not this fluffy nonsense from Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canada seeks exemption to Trump's steel tariffs, vows retaliation


Urban density in action: They can see the school from their balconies but their kids can’t attend


Canada: Muslim aided jihad bombing of US base, family says “he is a wonderful person, loving, caring, kind”




Mike Huckabee Quits Country Music Association Foundation After Nashville Execs Trash His Christian Faith




Columnist: I bought my first gun because of the CNN Town Hall




US Engaged in ‘Constructive’ Trade Talks With Chinese Envoy, Says White


China Steel Industry Chief Blasts Trump's Tariffs as 'Stupid'           





The Missing Republican Agenda


Immigration deal as unlikely as ever: 'DACA is probably on ice for a long time'





Constitution put 'in the shredding machine' by state supremes





Walmart Put Pregnant Employee on Unpaid Leave After Her Doctor Told Her No Heavy Lifting




Appeals Court Requests Answers in Organ Harvesting Recusal Case


Delaware Supreme Court overturns conviction in deadly school bathroom attack


Woman sues cellphone store employee over stolen sex video


Todd Starnes: Federal judge warns ruling could jeopardize war memorials at Arlington Cemetery


Judges warn 'hundreds' of crosses now at risk




Exclusive: Broward deputy sheriff demands transparency, end to 'political posturing'


Plainfield teen accused of shooting parents dead at Michigan university; father was cop, Iraqi war veteran


Parents are arrested for making their three starving children live in a plywood BOX outside their Joshua Tree home for FOUR YEARS (California)


7th -grader who shot himself planned attack on school: cops


Guerrilla artists say they've been flooded with support since they vandalized billboard


Youth pastor exulted when girl he was bedding turned 18 and ‘legal’: cops


Police arrest Clemson student, 18, who accused a frat boy of sexual assault for lying about the attack - but she insists she is telling the truth and is a victim





Democratic Party Enlists Parkland Survivor for List-Building, Fundraising Email





280,000 Americans endorse anti-terror benefit of 'Muslim ban'




Mueller team asking if Kushner foreign business ties influenced Trump policy


DOJ report expected to rip McCabe for leaking info about Clinton probe to press


When Jeff Sessions finally called Trump's bluff (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Jeff Sessions’ real punishment: He’s not going anywhere


Justice Dept. to Criticize McCabe Over Media Leaks


A new target for Trump's Twitter trash-talk




Dow falls for 4th day on trade fears; major indexes post big weekly drops


S&P 500 gains for day but posts weekly losses on trade war fears


The Stock Market Falls Prey to Rekindled Trump and Fed Doubts


Here’s why the Dow took the Trump tariffs so hard


Gold snaps multiday skid on trade-war fears, but logs weekly loss


Here’s why market volatility is back, and likely here to stay


Asian stocks tumble as Trump sparks global trade war fears


Stock Drop Deepens in Asia as Trump Rattles Nerves: Markets Wrap


10-year Treasury yield jumps as talk of trade war reignites inflation fears


The next financial crisis


Dollar drops for second day as tariffs spark fears of global trade war




Did Lax Obama-Era School-Discipline Policies Enable the Parkland Shooter?


School Districts Contemplate Allowing Teachers to Carry Concealed Guns


Graduation Speaker Switch Over Comments on Women


West Virginia Teachers Didn’t Want to Strike. Now They Won’t Stop


Video: SJW School District Disaster  (Inside the destruction of the Edina School District.)


A fine schools choice blows up in de Blasio’s face (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)


Trump Wants to Arm Teachers. These Schools Already Do.


University of Texas students launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ magazine


'Dreamers' from Trump country navigate a college minefield




Muslim Terrorists Decree ‘We Will Hunt Down And Murder All Christian Tourists In Egypt’




Russian Excuse Robs Dems of 2016’s Lessons





Oil ends higher after rig data, but logs weekly loss


Energy Prices


Direction, future of US solar panel industry in conflict after Trump's tariffs


The Renewable Fuel Standard Is Fueling Income Disparity 





U.S. Will Sell Ukraine 210 Anti-Tank Missiles





DAX sinks 2.3% as Trump tariffs spark trade-war worries


‘The declaration of war has arrived’: European officials offer brutal responses to Trump’s tariffs


EU considers retaliatory tariffs on $3.5 billion U.S. imports: report


Italy: Knife-wielding Muslim who attacked soldiers and cop gets reduced sentence due to his “mental state”


Amsterdam kosher restaurant attacked by Muslim in December is vandalized again


Irish gov’t minister warns Church to ‘celebrate’ homosexuality at World Meeting of Families


Polish official: Germany may owe us $850 billion for WWII war crimes


Will Russia Meddle in Italy’s Election? It May Not Have To




Oregon passes bill allowing mentally ill patients to be starved to death




Shocking moment Good Samaritan and the homeless man he was treating to dinner are THROWN OUT of McDonald's by a cop




FBI counterintel investigating Ivanka Trump business deal


Feds have proof Dem IT workers 'hacked our democracy'




Americans lost nearly $1 billion to fraud in '17






Burkina Faso: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” open fire on French Embassy


Four skiers die in French Alps avalanche





New statistics show pickpocketing and burglaries in Berlin have decreased (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


SPD leaders expect to clear coalition deal hurdle with Merkel's conservatives


German bishops’ website sexualizes Vatican’s new Easter stamp of risen Jesus





Robert Samuelson: Is The Fight Against Global Warming Mission Impossible?





Google Sued by Ex-Recruiter Alleging Anti-White, Asian Bias




Mike Huckabee resigns from CMA board after backlash





Baby Born With “Horn” Growing From His Head Proves Life is Beautiful





Yenta  (Barbra Streisand, face of #metoo victimhood?)


The forgotten effort to raise a Jewish army to fight Hitler


Liberal causes, Trump-bashing to pull spotlight from Hollywood scandals at Oscars


Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway will RETURN to present Best Picture at The Oscars after last year's EPIC mix-up


Jimmy Kimmel was happy to make us laugh. Until he cried.


Former Obama administration official says she has reached a deal to buy Weinstein Co. assets





The Holocaust Law: Origins of revisionism in Poland




House bill would codify U.S.-Israel MOU into law


California Democrats endorse grandson of Munich terrorist for House seat


Feds may have violated criminal statutes in FISA application to spy on Trump adviser, Nunes says  (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)




ICE Arrests Over 150 in Bay Area


ICE arrests 232 people in four-day raid of California's Bay Area





The South Asian flash points in India's rivalry with China


Why India celebrates Holi: The legends behind the festival of color




Europeans working to limit Iran’s Mideast aggression in bid to save nuclear deal


Iran expanding proxy wars throughout Middle East after the fall of the Islamic State


Iran talks 2.0: Trump battles Europe on the nuclear deal





China pushes for bigger role in Iraqi reconstruction





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Friday, March 2, 2018)


Erekat: US peace plan ‘imposes solution, legitimizing apartheid and settlements’ (Chief negotiator for the “Palestine” Liberation Organization Saeb Erekat)


The Palestinians - An Ancient Civilization that Always Existed - Just not on This Planet!


Kahlon said to give PM ultimatum: Pass budget in 2 weeks or government falls


“Moderate” Fatah gives free apartment to family of jihadi who murdered rabbi


Four Lessons From An Israeli Raid


‘Concrete’ suspicions, ‘solid’ evidence against PM in Bezeq case — TV report


A battle of intelligence, operations and narratives


Israel renews administrative detention of Palestinian woman journalist, 45 others


Border cops filmed throwing stun grenade at Palestinian couple with baby


The two-state solution's inconvenient truths


Dozens injured at annual Tel Aviv Purim bash


Ashrawi welcomes Prince William as first British royal to visit Palestine since 1948


Israel’s mission creep in Syria raises nightmare scenario of wider war  


Jerusalem's history and future: A tale of two cities


5 Palestinians detained in predawn West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  raids


Americans in Israel warned to ‘keep low profile’ after embassy move announcement


Gazan mother arrives in Ramallah to reunite with daughter in need of kidney transplant


New ‘Entebbe’ hijacked by heavy-handed political correctness


Tales from South Tel Aviv: African migrants describe life in the


It's 'crime' not to teach children terrorism (The “Palestinian” Authority says it’s a “crime” to use Israeli materials in Arab schools in Jerusalem, instead of “Palestinian” books, because the Israeli publications don’t teach children to demonize Jews, glorify terrorism and become “martyrs.”)


Eliminate Israel, Eliminate Islamic Terrorism?




'Imagine if Obama said that': Tucker calls out Trump on 'take guns first' comments


CNN’s Don Lemon says he ‘misspoke’ on Fox News claim


Mark Levin calls for elimination of FISA court, creation of alternative




U.S. ambassador quits in latest sign of roiling U.S. relations with Mexico





Are Saudi Arabia’s reforms for real? A recent visit says yes.





Outgoing sailors can earn ‘golden ticket’ back to the Navy


Senators pursue end to US military's involvement in Yemen war


Air Force punishes Nellis AFB airman for racially charged online rant


Returning to Vietnam: Day 5 — Lifelong friends recall ‘the greatest thing we’d ever done’


Divers in Palau recover remains linked to missing WWII air crews


Retention rules tighten on members not medically fit to deploy





Myanmar troop buildup could lead to border clash with Bangladesh, says official





NATO reacts to Putin's bellicose speech: 'We do not want a new Cold War'    (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




The Pakistani State's Official Fatwa Against Jihad Is Bogus, Deceptive, And Meaningless; The World Will Be Better Without It


USA not thinking of cutting ties with Pakistan: State Dept


Pakistan interests could not be sacrificed for American interests: Khawaja Asif


Pakistan ready for mediation between Afghan govt and Taliban


Karachi operation might continue: Qamar Bajwa





American politics is turning into Starbucks


Michael Barone: When It Comes To Political Leaders, We're Still Stuck In The 1970s




Trump, Pence and many evangelical leaders mourn Billy Graham at his funeral


Nearly 1 million U.S. evangelicals are 'Jewish'





Putin's Nuclear Warning  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Putin's 'listen to us now' weaponry greeted by skeptics as plea for attention


Putin’s new weapons said to herald new arms race


Russia This Week – The Presidential Election In Focus – March 2, 2018


Putin puts in place not only USA, but also China


Diplomat excoriates US State Department’s discriminatory conduct towards Russian reporter


Putin's rival candidates hurl water and insults at presidential debate 


Is Putin’s ‘Invincible’ Missile a Threat or a Russian Deception?


U.S.-Russia relations get colder as Kremlin sees Trump as ‘lost cause,’ experts say


New arms race started by US pulling out of missile treaty – Putin


Putin Flaunted Five Powerful Weapons. Are They a Threat?





Poll: 82% of Dems support banning ALL semi-automatic guns - evenly split on repealing the 2nd Amendm


Weapon makers flee liberal towns and head to gun-friendly states


Taking good, small steps on gun control


Firearm-related injuries drop 20 percent during NRA conventions: Study


We Banned Assault Weapons Before, And It Didn't Work


NRA spends big — and gets its money’s worth at ballot box


NRA members on Trump's plans for gun control: 'Every word of it was a betrayal'


Michigan Dumps Its Gun Shares





Schumer votes against Trump judicial nominee because he's white (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Democrats demand bill with expanded background checks, gun confiscations


GOP senators to Trump: Lay off Jeff Sessions


McConnell shelves gun bills for banking reform  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Senate Intelligence leaders suspect Republicans leaked a top Democrat’s text messages




Brazil yellow fever cases on track to surpass last outbreak




Moon to Send Special Envoy to N.Korea (President Moon Jae-in)


Four workers killed at Busan skyscraper construction site


Defense Ministry Mulls Importing Anthrax Vaccines


Korea faces bigger fights with US on trade


U.S. Envoy Rules out Possibility of Further Delays for Korea-U.S. Drills


Damage on Korean steelmakers inevitable following U.S. tariffs


Universities expand online Korean studies program for foreign students


Exports to U.S. Fall in February Despite Overall Rise





Leftists Batter Nitkowski, Drive Him From the Game


O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession' interview to air after 12 years


Longtime broadcasting icon hints ESPN encouraged his exit


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





'Bomb cyclone' - called Winter Storm Riley - heads for the Northeast, bringing hurricane-level winds, wet snow and torrential rainfall


Evacuations ordered for Santa Barbara County residents as storm looms  (California)




War crimes being committed in Syria's Ghouta must be prosecuted: UN




Chinese Regime Holds out Economic Carrots to Taiwanese, but the Gifts Invite Skepticism


China Lashes Out at U.S. Over Loosening of Taiwan Travel Rules




Trump's Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum Will Cost The U.S. Dearly


The problem with Trump's outdated aluminum, steel tariffs


Trump's trade war could erase all the tax-cut gains


Trump's steel shock drives wedge into sluggish NAFTA talks


Trump to impose steep tariffs on steel, aluminum; stokes trade war fears


Trump Tariffs on Metals Raise Trade War Fears


Trump gets his tariffs — and much of the world plans to strike back


Trump's Aluminum And Steel Tariffs Will Punish Economy, Consumers


Republicans say they favor free markets. Yeah, right.


Trump’s tariffs will hurt all Americans




Is It Time for NATO to Expel Turkey?


Turkey's tyrant just got even more despicable


Turkey Is Turning Into the Next Pakistan


Turkey’s New Foreign Policy Is Hostage-Taking


Two Greek soldiers who ‘accidentally’ crossed into Turkey arrested: Media reports





FTSE 100 sinks to 14-month low, rattled by trade war fears


UK: Muslim teen who was “hours away” from committing jihad massacre gets 11 years prison dawah


Terrorist ‘teacher’ found guilty of grooming ‘army of children’ to attack London landmarks




 Cardinal Zen: I blame Pope’s advisors for Vatican’s ‘suicide’ deal with China




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


'Trade wars are good,' Trump says, defying global concern over tariffs


Trump sours flagging NAFTA talks with steel trade war threats


Make TRUMP TV a Permanent Feature, Mr. President!


Is Trump Serious about Returning to a Gold Standard?


Trump to Sign Taiwan Bill Opposed by Beijing


Trump Announces Tough-on-Crime Nominees to Sentencing Commission


Committee to Protect Journalism: Biggest Threat Is Donald Trump


Steel Yourselves (Trump's tariff proposal is a bad idea, conceived and unveiled badly.)


Israel-born Oracle CEO said to be contender to replace McMaster  (White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster)


Trump extends Russia sanctions for another year – White House


Jared and Ivanka: Trump’s Trump Cards


Kelly Is Said to Explore Moving McMaster Back to Military Role  (White House Chief of Staff John Kelly)


Trump’s Oval Office Chaos Theory Is Taking Its Toll


Hope Hicks’s Unlikely Rise, and Her Unexpected Exit


Trump and McMaster have seemed anxious to part but so far remain together


Trump and national security adviser have appeared anxious to part but seem stuck with each other


Trump says drug dealers may deserve 'ultimate penalty'


NRA exec says Trump doesn’t want gun control after ‘great’ meeting


Jared Kushner Flames Out


White House denies security adviser McMaster is departing


Baffled Republicans distance themselves from Trump on guns


The president Donald Trump could have been


Dark money group launches pro-Trump polling operation: report


Trump says he’s not afraid of the NRA. Prove it.


Publishers already contacting Hicks about book deal: report


Never have we seen such chaos and corruption


Trump making it known he is not listening to Kelly: report


Guns, Churchill and electoral politics


Jared Kushner’s concerns include an impending $1.2 billion company debt


Trump's willingness to consider gun control is welcome. But can we believe him?




Nonsmokers want time off to make up for co-workers’ cigarette breaks 


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