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Thursday, March 1, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 





Abortion Clinics Have Lost 3 Million Customers to This Pro-Life Helpline


Trump official says undocumented minors don't have constitutional right to abortions


Abortion Clinics Grind Up Remains of Aborted Babies and Flush Them in the Sewer


Appeals court won't reconsider Tennessee abortion measure decision


New Interview Has Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards Cooking “Red Sauce” and Celebrating Abortion


Indiana House Passes Abortion Information Bill


Florida House Passes Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs


Ohio asks court not to revisit abortion clinic ruling


Feminists are Angry That Abortion is Not Considered a Human Right


Trump's abortion policy sheds light on ad hoc decision-making


Trump Official Says Illegal Immigrants “Have No Constitutional Right to Abortion”


Abortion Clinic Botches Another Abortion, Employs Doc Who Tried to Force His Girlfriend to Abort Her Baby


Minnesota Bill Would Allow Mothers to See Ultrasound of Their Baby Before Abortion


South Dakota lawmakers just passed an unprecedented abortion restriction


Shock: Planned Parenthood Wants Pro-Life Democrat Defeated But Nancy Pelosi Endorses Him


The Return of Back-Alley Abortions? Mike Pence Predicts End of Legal Abortion ‘in Our Time’ (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Iowa Senate Passes Bill to Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins


This Bill Would Allow College Students To Get a Medication Abortion Without Leaving Campus


Bahamas: Crowd Gasps When They learn Hundreds of Babies Die in Abortions Every Year


Irish activists campaign for abortion with sacrilegious ceremony mocking Virgin Mary


Judge Says It’s OK Students for Life Group Was Discriminated Against Against Because It Got More Attention  (Canada)




How US drone strike, political betrayal drove aging Afghan militant closer to Daesh





Nigerian man sold into slavery in Libya while seeking better life


Nigeria: Muslims murder Christian woman’s baby, rape and impregnate her for refusing to convert to Islam


Why South Africa's govt plans to strip land from white farmers


Nigeria reports record high Lassa fever cases with 317





Georgia lawmakers yank tax break for Delta after airline cuts ties with NRA


Democrats woo Delta after Georgia Republicans threaten retribution over NRA benefits






Declassified US Intelligence Document Exposes Poland’s Anti-Semitism – Before, During & Post-WWII




Killing Junkies Doesn't Work in Asia Either


Asia ahead of US in passing laws against social media abuse





Hawaii House Committees Passes Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide



ASX starts March lower on resources stocks


The Australian dollar is under pressure as trade war fears flare again


Media Reports Australians "Handed In" 57,000 Guns Last Year; 37,000 of Them Essentially Handed Right Back


Pair get life in prison for ‘thrill kill’ of autistic teen


Worried about burglaries? Your address plays a big part in whether you'll be a target


Australia should import LNG if it wants cheaper gas: global expert





TSX, U.S. stocks fall after Trump announces plans for steel tariffs; Canadian dollar down


Justin Trudeau releases ‘feminist’ budget that’s long on ideology, short on economics (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Andrea Mrozek: A truly pro-woman budget wouldn't try to tell me how to live my life


Tumbling Toronto home sales signal a return to normal market, say analysts


Apple appears before parliamentary committee to explain battery scandal


Halton Catholic school board bans donations to charities not in line with church’s values


Burning cellphone injures passenger's hand, delays Toronto-to-Vancouver fight


'Our reputation is degrading every week': Agriculture industry warns rail backlog situation is dire


Nova Scotia introduces bill to dissolve school boards as part of sweeping education reforms


Conservatives drop India motion after uproar from Canadian Sikh community


Toronto: Muslim teacher arrested for sex assault on 10-year-old boy


Most affluent schools in Ontario say they raise twice as much as the poorest




'A grateful nation' mourns: Billy Graham honored at U.S. Capitol




Trump-bashing mayor’s act wears thin in storm-ravaged Puerto Rican hometown





Liberals Voice Opposition to Trump Admin Attempts to Include Citizenship Questions in Census





Violent clashes erupt at Trump Hotel in Panama amid management dispute





Hulu is portraying intelligence agencies in a very un-Hollywood way. Will the CIA stand for it?




Fox commentator: Parkland survivors need belief in Jesus Christ (AVIPP COMMENTARY: One needs to believe in Jesus Christ too have eternal life.)


Death to “Filthy, Demonic” Christians (A month in the lives of Christians under Islam.)


ABC News silent after more than 30,000 calls over 'View' star Joy Behar's 'anti-Christian bigotry'





President Xi sends warning to global investors: Chinese billionaires are vulnerable (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


The Chinese Navy Can Make North Korean Sanctions Bite


Xi Jinping's latest power grab is bad news for China's economy


China senses and acts on US weakness in South China Sea


The Pink Emperor Takes Charge in China





Trump's Steel Tariff Rejected by GOP, Praised by Democrats


Report: Democrats To Propose Weapons Ban, Gun Confiscation Powers In Trump-Inspired Bill


Oh Man: Left Erupts Over Leaked DCCC Memo Urging Candidates to Invoke 'Thoughts and Prayers,' Not Gun Control, After Vegas Massacre


Todd Starnes: Enraged atheists condemn Congress for honoring Billy Graham 




CIDs Dangerous Anti-Fourth Amendment Weapons of the Administrative State




Should Presidents And Legislatures Ignore Crazy Court Decisions? Alexander Hamilton Thinks So


Judge’s Instructions Raise New Questions in Michael Flynn Case


Teacher pleads guilty to sex with teen whose girlfriend found their texts


Teen charged with federal hate crimes in threats received by Jewish facilities




Dem Activist Arrested for Sending Threatening Letters with White Powder to Donald Trump Jr.


Virginia mom, 23, who mysteriously disappeared from front yard found dead; suspect in custody


Boyfriend charged months after cheerleader's death


Trump threat on MS-13 gangs: 'We're getting no help from the State of California'


Man charged in Donald Trump Jr. white powder hoax


San Francisco cops fire 65 shots in 15 seconds at murder suspect


66 probes of criminal misconduct into Broward sheriff's office since 2012


Release the Parkland Shooting Exterior Surveillance Video


Responding deputies were ordered to 'stage' not enter HS, sources say


Florida shooter fired at school window in attempt to set up perch: Official


$40,000 fine for small offense is cops' new 'weapon of mass destruction'


Weight-loss surgeons cheated insurers and patients out of $250 million, prosecutors allege


Grad student claims she tipped off police to serial killer a year ago


Arrest in deadly package bomb explosion


Teacher charged after allegedly opening fire in classroom, police say


Multiple bodies found within minutes in Port St. Lucie, Florida; cops say deaths connected


Married middle school science teacher, 26, is arrested over 'sexual relationship with male student, 14, who she sent nude photographs to and bought drugs for'


No, the NYPD's pot policing isn't remotely racist




Equifax finds 2.4M more impacted by 2017 breach





 DNC deputy chairman keynotes 'Muslim Mafia' fundraiser





Dem Obstruction of Education Officials Handcuffing Agency on School Safety




Ben Carson: Cancel that $31,000 furniture order (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr Ben Carson)


A $31,000 dining room set for Ben Carson? Typical Trump administration behavior.  (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development  Dr Ben Carson)




Zinke on track to be $200K over travel budget: report   (Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke)


‘Not on my watch!’: For many Republicans, Trump’s offshore drilling plan and beaches don’t mix





DOJ 'Reviewing' Whether Oakland Mayor Who Warned of ICE Raid Obstructed Justice


Now Mueller is asking witnesses if Trump knew about Hillary's emails BEFORE they were published by Julian Assange  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Kilmeade on Trump vs Sessions: President just using 'Bill Parcells-George Steinbrenner' leadership style (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


DOJ looking into possible obstruction charge against Oakland mayor who warned of ICE raid


Trump’s apparent efforts to oust Sessions last year are said to be a focus of Mueller’s probe


Loretta Lynch used fake name as attorney general





Disneyland's workers are undervalued, disrespected and underpaid




Dow drops 420 points after Trump announces tariffs on metal imports to protect US firms


Wall Street drops more than 1 percent on Trump tariff comments


Dow ends 420 points lower as Trump calls for U.S. import tariffs on steel, aluminum


Dow Closes Down More Than 400 Points


These Dow and S&P 500 stocks took the biggest hits on fears of a Trump trade war


Treasury yields drop as Trump announces steel, aluminum tariffs


U.S. monthly inflation picks up; jobless claims at 48-year low


Gold prices settle at lowest level of 2018


The Dollar: Lionel Shriver on Ruin


Hedge fund boss who predicted the 1987 stock crash warns of a selloff in bonds


Report: In Wake of Tax Reform, Disposable Incomes in U.S. See Largest Surge Since 2015


Dollar reverses as trade tariffs scare financial markets


10-year Treasury yield falls most in six months after stocks plummet


Rising volatility took away the stock market’s ‘security blanket’


Asian stocks slide, dollar hits six-week high as Powell revives Fed rate fears  (Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell)


Asian Stocks Fall as Traders Await Powell Hearing: Markets Wrap




Harvard suspends Christian student group for removing lesbian Bible study leader


Pushing for 4-Year Graduation


Harvard Blew $1 Billion in Bet on Tomatoes, Sugar, and Eucalyptus


A Day After NYC Announces New Schools Chief, He Changes His Mind


Is Ze Kidding Me? College Resource Center: Here's How You Conjugate Gender-Alternative Pronouns


Majority Supports Trump Plan for Arming Teachers After Florida School Shootings, New Poll Finds


School-shooting survivors get outside help on anti-gun crusade


College dropout refuses to leave her dorm room


Elementary school principal uses strength from students to battle breast cancer


 Florida students face their fears as they return to school


Students grabbing guns from officers highlights dangers of weapons at school


White Wake Forest student cries racism, but liberal university refuses judicial case


Progressive Groups Back Parkland Students’ Calls for Gun Control Following Shooting


Faculty at a Pennsylvania University Vote to Revoke Trump’s Honorary Degree


Colleges cheer on high school students ditching class to protest for gun control


To better serve and protect students


After their teacher fires a gun at school, Georgia students challenge Trump’s proposal


Can we criticize the Parkland kids?





Mexicollusion  (Mueller-Democrat-Never-Trump axis ignores the real 2016 election interference.)


China vs. Russia election interference





Five Reasons Trump’s Reelection Announcement Was Politically Smart


Ben Shapiro: How The Democrats Will Lose To Trump Again In 2020




Oil ends at 2-week low on fresh evidence of rising U.S. stocks and output


Energy Prices





Scott Pruitt: "My very next flight" will be coach  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)





DAX finishes 2% lower as European stocks wrestle with earnings, U.S. monetary policy


Italian leader slams pro-migrant bishop: “The Gospel doesn’t say to welcome everyone”


Reporter killed while investigating ties between mafia, Slovakian PM's office




If Trump appoints his pilot to lead the FAA, why not his chauffeur for Transportation?





Bernie Sanders campaign fined for 2016 foreign collusion





Feminists Want to Ban Fairy Tales Because They Promote 'Rape Culture'




French police arrest four Arab teens suspected of beating Jewish boy


Three men in Paris attack man and begin to try to eat him alive. They bite chunks off of his ear and his lips and eat his flesh


Marine Le Pen, French far-right leader, charged over ISIS photos


France’s latest crackdown on Islamic radicalization marks U-turn from previous attempts





New sexual assault allegations against Steve Wynn





The ongoing cyber attack on Germany's government - what we know so far


Angela Merkel admits that 'no-go zones' exist in Germany after opening borders (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Second food bank rejects racism accusation over distribution policy





The Cascading Failures of Government  (The aftermath of the mass shooting in Parkland shows a breathtaking cascade of failures by various government agencies that are supposed to protect us.)




Anti-gun Democrats Introduce Clinton-style Assault Weapons Ban


How House Democrats’ FISA Memo Confirms Republicans’ Charges Of Abuse


House Intel member: Leak about Hope Hicks' 'white lies' shows Russia investigation needs to end


GOP bill would lower minimum age for buying a handgun




Chicago ID card for illegals valid for voter registration


Day care worker accused of breaking kid’s legs prefers deportation over prison


Immigrants Could Be Helped By Pope Francis, Trump Working Together





Hindu Terrorists Attack Christians Driving A Car In India, Drag Boxes Of Bibles Out And Burn Them


India labels Trudeau's remarks 'baseless' as controversy reignites  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)




Indonesia: Two Christians flogged for playing children’s game that violates Islamic law





The GOP Tax Cuts Are Benefitting Blacks, Hispanics And Women Most, Survey Finds




Iran’s Khamenei hails ‘resistance’ of Syria’s Assad


Trump Admin Preparing to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal If Europeans Refuse to Fix Agreement


Khamenei repeats: Israel “won’t be around in 25 years!”





Muslim cleric vows “Islamic rule over entire world. You will see change within 10 years – if you stay alive.”


Louis Farrakhan: 'Jews are my enemy,' 'white folks are going down'





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Thursday, March 1, 2018)


Hamas and Abbas rival discuss forming joint Gaza government (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Former Hamas Official In Antisemitic Article: The Jews Used The Blood Of Non-Jews To Prepare Pastry For Purim


Correspondence shows Sara Netanyahu also implicated in Bezeq probe — report (Wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Why today’s Netanyahu interrogation is most important of his life


Gazan mother arrives in Ramallah to reunite with daughter in need of kidney transplant 


PM, wife to be grilled simultaneously on Case 4000


Army probing Hebron incident where IDF used Palestinian car as cover from riot (Israel Defense Forces)


Palestinian Authority Demands UN Countries Deny Entry To Israeli ‘Settlers’


Ministers start talking compromise over Orthodox draft exemption bill


No agreement between Israel and Poland on 'Holocaust Law'


Soldiers defuse explosives planted on Gaza fence by Palestinian rioters


Israeli forces detain 5 Palestinians in overnight West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  raids


Steel & Stone: Damascus Gate Guard Tower Sparks Criticism


Israel appoints new ambassador to UNESCO, OECD amid rift with UN cultural agency


The two-state solution's inconvenient truths


Spanish municipalities drop Israel boycott policies


Palestinian teenage girl detained at Bethlehem-area checkpoint


Israelis Take Purim Celebrations Seriously


Palestinian injured as Egyptian shell hits southern Gaza


Kushner’s diminished security clearance hurts, but won’t destroy, his peace push


Israel Seeks Green Light to Fly via Saudi Airspace Direct to India


Empowerment project helps African asylum seekers stitch a safety net


The Palestinian ‘Game of Thrones’ is on




When Liberals Didn’t Mind 'Bringing Guns Into the Schools'




Tucker: YouTube's 'trusted' content 'flaggers' include 'wholly discredited hate group'


Levin’s Fox News Show Premiere Dominates Sunday Night Cable News Ratings


Fox News Channel Continues to Dominate Competitors in February Ratings





What Mexico Should Be Focusing On


Women are marrying trees to help save them





US lawmaker concerned over nuclear overtures to Saudi


Pentagon: Houthi militia have attacked Saudi Arabia several times





Pentagon Official Says U.S. Hypersonic Weapons Research Underfunded


US Army tanks get futuristic shields to destroy incoming threats


Wife of Army Special Forces veteran could be deported: Report


Pentagon receives orders to plan military parade for Veterans Day


Japan's little-known 2nd  surprise attack on Hawaii failed in more ways than one


One-star Marine general suspended, accused of creating 'hostile work environment'


Lawmakers: Space Corps could form by 2021


Returning to Vietnam: Day 4 — Former Marine correspondents recall struggles of their jobs


Navy investigating incident that left pilots blind, freezing


Medic disciplined after posting photo of soldier’s severed body part on Snapchat


Top aide to VA chief Shulkin said to have advocated his ouster





Satellites launched to improve weather forecasting





Severe flooding, wind warning declared for much of mid-South





Feds Spend $248,000 to Ensure the ‘Legitimacy’ of Women in Workplace





Pakistan's blasphemy laws persecute the weakest of the weak


Pakistani Court Demands- ‘You Will Give Us The Names, Ages, And Family Of All People Who Have Left Islam’


Pakistan ready for one-on-one mediation with Taliban, says Asif





A Berkeley Writer Urges Men to Join Him and Sign an ‘Affirmative Consent’ Pledge




Yo, Big Business: Money Doesn’t Give You A Right To Manipulate Politics




Half a Century of Blaming White Racism for Black America's Problems





President Trump, Republicans Pay Tribute to Billy Graham





RNC predicts low ratings for Oscars: ‘Americans aren’t interested in Hollywood liberals’




Russians Bragged About 10 Spies Assigned to Clinton; Mueller, McCabe, and Rosenstein Helped Cover It Up  


Russia's Putin unveils 'invincible' nuclear weapons (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Sexed up allegations of Russia’s US election meddling


Nuclear Weapons and Economic Woes: The Highlights of Putin’s Federal Assembly Address


What the Russian veto on Yemeni war signifies


Putin vows Russia will continue along its steady path for a better tomorrow


Putin's Nuclear Comments Launch Explosion in Russian Social Media


US says Russia nuclear weapons boast irresponsible


Putin Says Moscow Would Regard Nuclear Attack on Allies as Attack on Russia


Putin’s nuke boasts could spark new arms race with US


Putin Wants Modern Weapons, Not a Modern Russia (Op-ed)


5th  -gen Russian Su-57 fighters performed 2 days of combat tests in Syria – Defense Minister


Russia Deploys Stealth Fighters To Syria


Russian sanctions harm Trump's energy dominance agenda, report finds


Russian Embassy ‘captures’ entire block in Washington, DC… in amazing world of fake news


Russia and Indonesia sign agreement on Su-35 fighter jets




Kroger to Stop Selling Guns to Buyers Under 21


As US gun debate rages on, Australians hand in 57000 firearms, and Norway is set for a broad ban


Walmart joins Dick's Sporting Goods in raising age to buy guns


Repeal the second amendment?


In defense of the right to keep and bear arms


Dick’s Sporting Goods just made a big bet on the future





Wells Fargo’s Wealth-Management Business Faces SEC Probe


SEC Issues Subpoenas in Hunt for Fraudulent ICOs





Dodd-Frank Rewrite Set for Senate Floor Vote Next Week


California Senator 'not aware' of Oakland mayor warning residents of ICE immigration raids (US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Rubio Backs ‘Gun Violence Restraining Orders,’ Other Measures to Boost School Safety   (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


Senate Schedules Hearing for Controversial Nominee for Colombian Ambassador


Ben Sasse on Trump's Latest Gun Control Proposal to Strip Due Process: That's Not Going to Fly  (US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse(R)


It Begins: Grassley Announces Hearing Date to Review Massive Parkland Screw Ups  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Kaine Introduces New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban in Senate (US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D)


In Arizona, Joe Arpaio’s bid for U.S. Senate tests the strength of Trumpism


Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein can't hide her glee when Trump appears to suggest he will support her assault rifle ban during extraordinary gun control meeting NRA dismissed as 'great TV but bad policy'  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Elizabeth Warren loves corporate America putting its thumb on the political scales  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)





Facebook finally responds on censoring hot Bible verse


#MeToo pushed women’s issues to the forefront in the U.S. In Russia, protection has been scaled back.




Moon berates Japan over history at March 1 ceremony (President Moon Jae-in)


GM Korea suffers record operating loss last year


South Korea to send special envoy to North Korea: Cheong Wa Dae


NK high-level delegation reiterates position against S. Korea-US military drills


S. Korea, US may scale down joint drills


Improving quality of life key to tackle low birthrate




Space Exploration Could Be the Key to America’s Renewal





Four NBA Teams Celebrate Black History Month By Playing The 'Negro National Anthem'


Patriots owner Kraft says half-his-age gal pal’s baby not his


Robert Kraft’s much-younger girlfriend secretly had a baby


U.S. Olympic Committee chief stepping down


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard






Report: 100,000 non-citizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania


Evacuations ordered as California braces for possible mudslides


How California Can Stave Off Day Zero (Allowing markets to allocate water would result in more efficient use—and greater supply.)


Dangerous nor'easter targets East Coast with snow, rain, wind


California has worst 'quality of life' in US, study says


'Unprecedented' Native American burial site discovered in Gulf of Mexico off Florida


Ted Kennedy Jr. says he's not running for Connecticut Senate





US State Dept approves sale of $47mn worth of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine




NPR Misleadingly Reports SCOTUS Ruled Immigrants Have No ‘Right’ to Bond Hearings


Supreme Court Should End Unions' Stranglehold On State, Local Workers


Betsy McCaughey: Ugly Labor Thuggery On Display At The Supreme Court


Supreme Court questions state law banning political apparel at ballot box


‘But Gorsuch’ Is More Than a Slogan





Report on new Iranian base: A message to world powers


Time for America to Declare Victory in Syria and Come Home


Syria's women and children continue to suffer despite an international ceasefire


Should America Use Force to Stop Assad from Demolishing Ghouta?  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)





Beijing makes it easier for Taiwanese to work and study in China, and Taipei is freaking out over it




Trans teen outed by wrestling coach quits team over bullying


Champion transgender wrestler prompts questions about steroids, fairness




Mnuchin Says Trump Might Do TPP After All  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin) 




Turkey rejects US 'double standards' in Syria ceasefire


Women challenge Turkey traditions for right to work


Turkey's booming investments in Africa


Syrian Kurds (KNC) call on U.S. to stop Turkey’s Afrin offensive




Agency Tosses Pro-Franchising Ruling After Ethics Complaint





FTSE 100 finishes lower for a third day in a row


Donald Tusk asking UK for 'better' Northern Ireland idea


Teen tried to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during 1981 trip to New Zealand, new docs say


Prince William to visit Palestinian Territories, Israel this summer 


Prager U Video: Churchill: The Man Who Saved the Free World


Theresa May needs a miracle in keynote Brexit speech after a week of attacks




UN Official: Pauses in Syria Suburb Unilateral, 'Not Enough'




Charity cuts short Pope Francis' $25 million grant for scandal-ridden hospital




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump says U.S. to impose steep tariffs on steel, aluminum imports


Newt Gingrich: President Trump just dropped two 'yuge' surprises on Dems


Hanson: Is Donald Trump going to fire one of his generals?


Did Melania Trump really qualify for her "Einstein visa?"


Trump and Churchill's Parallels


3 Reasons Why Trump’s Tariffs Would Hurt American Workers


Trump reportedly berated Hicks for admitting to ‘white lies’


More Than 30 Trump Aides Lose Top Secret Clearance


President publicly spars with GOP over concealed carry, NRA influence


Trump sides with Democrats during meeting with lawmakers on guns


Trump stuns Republican lawmakers on guns


What Hope Hicks' resignation means


White House planning major trade announcement Thursday on steel and aluminum imports


NRA Responds to Gun Control Proposals Discussed During White House Meeting With Congressional Officials


White House to unveil gun safety plans: Sources


The Trump White House is a place where turmoil never ends


Hope Hicks told the truth about lying for Trump. Now she’s gone.


This veteran GOP operative could be replacing Hope Hicks


When you lose Hope Hicks . . .


Five takeaways from Trump’s meeting on guns


Kushner group got millions in loans after a White House meeting: report


Trump vs. California feud escalates to all-out warfare


Watergate prosecutor: Trump, Russia quid-pro-quo was about dropping of sanctions


Why Trump’s generals are too valuable to be dismissed


Trump sends many mixed signals during meeting on gun-control proposals


Fire Jared Kushner


Trump Stuns Lawmakers With Calls for Gun Control


Jared and Ivanka are in a 'death match' with John Kelly - but the wider Trump family are increasingly angry at chief of staff who stripped Kushner of access to secrets


Trump's one-man 'good cop, bad cop' routine with the NRA



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