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Saturday, February 25, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




GWB Daughter Barbara Bush to Keynote Planned Parenthood Fundraiser


Activists Discuss What Can Be Done to Advance Pro-Life Cause


Pro-lifer, 16, hailed as Planned Parenthood's 'worst nightmare'


Inside the 'Save the Storks' Anti-Abortion Van That Offers Prayer to Desperate Pregnant Women


An Abortion "Reversal" Bill Is Making the Rounds in Indiana


Florida Supreme Court overturns abortion limit at clinic


Are restrictions on the 'abortion pill' politics or science?


There’s a Serious Problem With the Way Abortion Is Shown on Your Favorite TV Shows


After harsh debate, House passes abortion-information bill


Sean Duffy's off-base claim about Planned Parenthood and abortions




Mosque ambush kills 10 police in northern Afghanistan





Congo: Muslims attack churches, terrorize nuns


Christians in Sudan Arrested in Tussle over Evangelical School in Omdurman


Anti immigration party calls for new Somali PM to be stripped of his Norwegian passport




Muhammad Ali's son and namesake claims he was profiled after being detained for two hours at a Florida airport and asked if he is Muslim




Conservatives at CPAC grapple with the rise of the alt-right




Personal Health  




Anti-Semitic Vandals Target Hasidic Village of New Square With Swastikas, Hate Messages (New York)


Israeli leader: 'I've never encountered right-wing anti-Semitism'




Bangladesh: Thousands of Muslims march to demand removal of Lady Justice statue as un-Islamic




Indonesia could be just what Australia prime minister needs


Trade and investment focus of Indonesian President's trip to Australia


Scientists warn Carpageddon could get out of control


Boy bitten by world's deadliest spider makes miracle recovery with history's largest antivenom dose


Boy survives bite from super deadly spider thanks to quick-thinking dad





Protect Workers, Property Owners From Endangered Species Act Abuses


Big government sneakily gets bigger





Trump administration makes first tangible step to building border wall





Ontario PCs poised to win 'super-majority': Forum poll


TSB not ruling out weather as factor after Air Canada plane slides off runway in Toronto


Fearful of Trump policies, families risk frigid 3 a.m. hike from Minnesota into Canada


Don't Worry about 'Islamophobia' Law, Says Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Canadian Spokesman


Canada's one of NATO's biggest deadbeats, but with Trump we won't get away with it


Public Safety minister to raise issue of illegal border crossings with U.S. officials


Canada’s green rush: In ‘great marijuana arms race,’ producers scramble to cash in on legalization


New Trump Tower in Vancouver is met with icy reception as mayor refuses to attend grand opening and is urging developers to drop the name


Canada: Ryerson University TA is imam who asked Allah to kill the enemies of Islam


You need a licence to go fishing but not to run a home daycare in Ontario


Fleeing U.S. for Asylum, and Handcuffed in Canada




Maher: ‘Trump’s Stormtroopers’ Are Pulling 16-Year-Olds Out of Classrooms To Deport Them


Leslie Jones under fire for telling 'white women from Williamsburg' she'll 'punch them' for supporting Black Lives Matter


Maher: The Word For Bannon Calling For ‘Deconstruction of Administrative State’ Is ‘Terrorist’…




China names new planning chief, commerce minister before key meeting


Ten killed in hotel blaze in southeastern China




1996: A deadly weekend for US citizens over international waters  (A low point in US-Cuba relations.)




How America Can Avoid a Second Korea War


First planned North Korea-U.S. contact in Trump administration canceled: WSJ


What One Photo Tells Us About North Korea’s Nuclear Program


The sad end of the lonely life of Kim Jong Nam, a dictator’s half brother 




GOP draft Obamacare replacement aims to end insurance mandate


Democrats invite immigrants to Trump's upcoming address to Congress


Barbarians at the Gate: Town Halls Under Siege


GOP grapples with how to handle town halls


Republicans fight claims they are ducking constituents


Congress, make class action lawsuits great again





Starbucks Brand Crashes After Announcement of Plan to Hire 10,000 Muslim ‘Refugees’




Former minor league hockey player ordered hit on wife


Trump administration urges appeals court to put travel ban case on hold


Idaho: Judge rules attack on high school football player was 'not a rape' or racist


Army vet faces trial for posting flags at VA site, Sessions asked to intervene


N.C. novelist walks free after agreeing to plea deal in wife's death


Drunk driver’s mom jailed for laughing at victim’s family


Virginia man gets 11 years for trying to join ISIS




US$150,000 Maserati allegedly stolen during test-drive


8-year-old fatally shot after car crash


Chicago police arrest 81 in overnight raids


Widow of slain Indian man in KS had asked him about leaving US


Kansas community tries to heal from shooting


Ex-student arrested for murdering teacher who has been missing for 11 years 'used his hands to kill her during a burglary at her home'


Married teacher, 40, had sex with a student, 18, who she seduced with baked goods and extravagant gifts and took him to a dog park for secret trysts


Fire at Florida mosque being investigated as arson





'I sobbed like a baby': Children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control





Rep. Keith Ellison — friend to Islamic radicals and Jew-haters — narrowly misses DNC chairmanship win


Former Labor Sec. Perez elected as Democratic National Committee chairman


DNC chair says he confuses Trump and Putin  (Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez)


Who is Tom Perez?


Unity in Division: Tom Perez Named DNC Chair, Selects Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair


Top Democrats poised to choose next party chair


Dems fear divisions will persist after DNC chair election


De Blasio jilts New Yorkers at DNC (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


American Jewish Congress: Ellison a 'threat'


Dershowitz: If Ellison elected, I'll leave


Democrats brace for backlash as they vote on new party chairman


Democrats choose new chairman to lead their anti-Trump strategy


Ellison trashes Trump Holocaust statement on eve of DNC election




Obama, Democratic 'super group' unite to end gerrymandering, win state races, reclaim majorities


Candid Candidate  (Arizona Democrat Noah Dyer launches gubernatorial bid by disclosing taped sex, personal debt.)


Breaking: Podesta Says Trump Behind Pizzagate


Democrats pile up election post-mortems


Prosecutors question NYC mayor in federal probe (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


How Jesse Jackson Jr. collects $138,400 a year from the federal government  (Former US Representative of Illinois Jesse Jackson Jr’s)


'Keep fighting, I will be with you every step of the way': Hillary surfaces in extraordinary three-minute address to Democrats - which begs the question: Is she running AGAIN?


Feds send message with de Blasio interrogation


Too few flushes get candidate thrown off ballot


It's time to bring the de Blasio investigations to some conclusion


Obama Takes In a Broadway Show, but Shuns the Spotlight




U.S. to seek extradition of ex-Guatemalan VP on drug trafficking charges

Issa: Sessions must recuse himself (US Representative of California Darrell E Issa (R)US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)




'Great optimism': Trump touts state of economy


CBSN Original preview: "America - Manufacturing Hope"


Immigration Economics  (How the modern welfare state fundamentally changed the incentives of immigration.)


Robots create American jobs, not destroy them


Economic Freedom Up Again, But Not in the U.S.




Poll: Public Opposes Progressives’ Federal Transgender Rule by 2 to 1


CT Gov. Malloy Instructs School Superintendents to Follow Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Policy


Student Who Busted Anti-Trump Prof With Secret Recording Won't Be Punished


The Daily Caller Presents: The 12 DUMBEST EVER 'Bias Incidents' On America's College Campuses


This School Meal Policy May Not Have Served the Neediest Kids


Trinity Washington University president attacks alumna Kellyanne Conway


Trump’s preposterous rationale for revoking transgender bathroom rights


States resume bathroom battles




Copts flee Sinai after suspected ISIS attacks


Egypt: Thousands screaming “Allahu akbar” mourn Blind Sheikh, mastermind of 1993 WTC jihad bombing


Christians flee Egypt after Islamic State posts death lists




Energy Prices


Note To Environmentalists: Not All Fossil Fuels Are The Same




Millions of Americans facing 'megadrought' as Colorado river shrinks


Shark sightings cause southern Calif. beaches to close




The Road to Power in Ukraine Runs Through Donald Trump




Is America Still the Anchor of European Defense?


Netherlands holds inquiry on whether it could ditch the euro


Was Trump right about Sweden? As the President is mocked for his remarks on Swedish crime and immigration, ANDREW MALONE provides a disturbing dispatch from one of the world's most PC nations  


Trump insists he was RIGHT about violence in Sweden as he tells CPAC he 'took a lot of heat' for roping Scandinavian nation into terror talk


After Welcoming Immigrants, Sweden Debates Implications





Comey in middle of political fray over Trump and Russians  (FBI Director James Comey)




France: Muslims took postal worker’s pregnant wife hostage in robbery to fund jihad massacres


Desperate French Liberals Want Obama to Run For President


France’s deradicalization centers seen as a “total fiasco”


French judge takes over probe into Fillon "fake jobs" scandal


Paris mayor fires back after Trump invokes his friend ‘Jim’ and trashes city in CPAC speech


Paris Muslims kidnap Jewish brothers, attack them with saw: “Dirty Jews, you’re going to die!”


Hollande hit backs at Trump over Paris criticism (French President Francois Hollande)





Germany: Man drives vehicle into pedestrians, shot by police


Afghan deportation flight left from Germany half empty


Merkel ally calls for Europe to retaliate if Trump imposes trade tariffs   (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Merkel says, on NATO spending target, commitments have to be met





Group Defends Carbon Dioxide as ‘Elixir of Life’ in Climate Change Debate


Only China Can Save the Planet (The United States is lost in the delusions of climate change deniers. Fortunately, Beijing could be up for leading the fight.)


Now Jared and Ivanka pressure Trump on the Paris agreement: Couple are backing climate change treaty at the urging of their liberal New York friends

Is Global Warming Science Just A Fraud?




Newt Gingrich warns of new threat underlying 'fake news' (Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich)


California State Sen. Janet Nguyen Removed From Senate Floor for Voicing Differing Opinion


Republicans introduce bills to curb protesting in at least 17 states




Joy Villa's Billboard Top 12 Album: A Victory for Conservatives  (The lady who wore the "Make America Great Again" dress to the Grammys proves it's possible to put popular music back in the hands of the people.)


Liberal Katy Perry unwittingly sings a conservative message  (Perry's Grammy performance reflected conservative thinking.)




 She voted for Trump. Now she fears losing the Obamacare plan that saved her life





Philadelphia workshop teaches residents how to help gunshot victims


Firefighters and cancer: Is a risky job even riskier?




Travel ban: Jodie Foster tells rally: 'It is our time to resist'


Syrian who worked on Oscar-nominated film barred from entering U.S.


'Love trumps hate, courage trumps fear': George Clooney bashes Donald Trump at France's César Awards after joining pregnant wife Amal on the red carpet




Refugees who sheltered Snowden now live in fear in Hong Kong




Bill to Eliminate Environmental Protection Agency Introduced in Congress


Democratic Congressman: Yes, There Are Liberal Groups Organizing These Town Hall Protests


This Bill Would Drag the Federal Government Into Disputes Over Pets


House Democrats plan to troll Trump at big speech


GOP chairman: Tax reform will repeal limit on church political activity


Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Florida) divorcing wife after nearly 9 years


GOP Rep. Darrell Issa tells Bill Maher a special prosecutor should investigate Russian election interference  (US Representative of California Darrell E Issa (R)




Immigration Has Divided America. Migration May Unite It.


Religious Leaders Prepare Underground Network To Hide Illegal Immigrants


Deporting People We’ve Allowed To Stay Is Wrong And Counterproductive


Illegal immigrant gangbanger gets better deal than innocent American


U.S. List of Those Detained for Trump’s Travel Ban Is Called Incomplete



Man suspected in Amber Alert had been previously deported, immigration officials say




‘Everyone’s nervous’: Some students in India rethink U.S. study plans after Kansas shooting




Mussolini the insatiable: He was a violent lover who demanded sex constantly and only truly cared for one woman... the beautiful heiress doomed to die alongside him 




Iran requests 950 tons of uranium from Kazakhstan


Iran Atomic Energy Chief: We’re Buying 950 Tons of Yellowcake from Kazakhstan


Iran’s Supreme Leader Sees the Beginning of a New Era


Missile Launches And Storm Damages Show Failure Of Obama's Iran Deal





Bombs target oil pipeline in Iraq's Kirkuk, one killed


Saudi foreign minister arrives in Baghdad in landmark visit


Horror of Mosul where sinkhole became the biggest mass grave in Iraq


Iraqi forces push deeper into western Mosul as civilians flee


Iraqis seek funds to restore cultural artifacts recovered from ISIS


ISIS drones capture shocking new view of terror attacks




“There Is Nothing to Fear in Islam,” Says DC Imam At Conference with Hamas-Linked CAIR Official


Asra Nomani: Many on Left Are Hurting Reformation Within Islam


Muslim Reform Group Reached Out to 3,000 US Mosques, Got Only 40 Responses





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, February 25, 2017)


Merkel: Keep working on the two-state solution (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Palestinians celebrate victory of Bethlehem singer in Arab Idol contest


'Impact of BDS is worse than most people realize'


Protesters Cross Into Israel From Southern Lebanon


PFLP demonstrates on anniversary of alleged assassination of Omar Nayif


Hamas Diggers Dead in Gaza Tunnel ‘Work Accident’


Hamas blames Egypt for deaths of 3 from toxic gas in Gaza tunnel


3 injured in armed clashes at Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon


Hollande iterates support for two-state solution   (French President Francois Hollande)


Montana House backs effort to boycott anti-Israel firms


Iranian company nearly receives 15K IDF costumes


3 Palestinians killed, 5 injured after suffocating inside Gaza tunnel


A rabbi in Iran—the Neturei Karta's fight against Israel


If You Want Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Stop Talking About A ‘Two-State Solution’


PA-Sponsored Legal Conference Recommends Expanding Palestinian Judicial Authority To All Territories, Including Jerusalem


“Palestinian” kids at EU-funded festival: “Jihad is needed, pull the trigger” 




Japan encourages workers to leave work early




How to turn off the Latin refugee flood at the source




Trump voters won. Why should liberals be nice to them?




6 members of Congress, 4 MKs, 1 Palestinian negotiator, no top Republicans at J Street confab


Did Someone Say ‘Tax Code Rewrite’? Lobbyists Scramble




Malaysia says will issue arrest warrant for N.Korean diplomat in Kim Jong Nam murder (Brother of Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Kim Jong-nam killing: Suspect 'was paid $90 for baby oil prank'




Once led by Steve Bannon, Breitbart is owned by family that poured millions into getting Trump elected


Fox's Bret Baier Slams WH For Excluding Certain News Outlets From Press Briefing


Fox's Shepard Smith: CNN is not 'fake news'


National Press Club: White House excluding media outlets ‘deeply disturbing’


Media complaining about 1st  Amendment rights? Really?


CNN’s Chris Cuomo OK with girls having forced exposure to male genitalia


'This is un-American': CNN anchor Jake Tapper condemns the White House for banning news outlets from Sean Spicer's press briefing in stirring live speech

Someone tell the media it's just a job


The press isn’t the ‘enemy of the people’ — but they’re not saints, either


Hannity goes after writer who savaged Colmes after his death




GOP Obamacare replacement rolls back Medicaid expansion


Governors worry about Medicaid expansion




Manning: Sabotage of Trump Agenda by Bureaucrats Should Spark ’10 to 20 Percent Reduction of Federal Workforce’


Mexico warns of tariffs, spurns U.S. aid under review by Trump 


Mexico rejected plan on 3rd -country deportees: Official


If a bullet can cross the border into Mexico, so can the Constitution





Saudi Arabia reaffirms support to Iraq’s unity, stability




Why America's Military Shouldn't Be Managing International Affairs


Judge rules against dismissing charges against Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl


As 30-day deadline to Pentagon for ISIS plan nears, Trump to weigh options


Robert Rosebrock, Unsung, Faithful Hero of Homeless War Vets


Experts dispute Trump's assertion that U.S. nuclear arms capability is lagging


Fox News investigation: DoD-funded school at center of federal probes over suspected Chinese military ties


Trump Pentagon names the enemy: It's ISIS, not ISIL


Pentagon: Review of Islamic State strategy could include call for new war authorization


Navy sailor accused of going AWOL after giving birth


Japanese think tank argues for moving Marines off Okinawa


Guideline changes for transgender students worry some US military families


More bearded, turbaned Sikhs join Army as Pentagon reviews religious articles ban


Shulkin promises ‘major changes’ at Veterans Affairs


Judge Says Trump’s Statements Did Not Prejudice Case Against Bergdahl





Congress Investigates Fraudulent Science Used by NOAA to Push UN Global Warming Treaty




Trump's national security adviser reportedly says label 'radical Islamic terrorism' not helpful


New National Security Advisor doesn't believe in "radical Islamic terrorism?"


New Adviser Takes a Nuanced View of Islam and Terrorism




Pakistan: Muslim sons murder their mother for contracting second marriage after divorce


Pakistan to host regional ECO summit on March 1: Aziz


Pakistan: The Indispensable, Unreliable U.S. Ally




Out of the shadows: Manila's meth dealers back on the streets as cops pull back


Philippine leader's opponents turn historic event into protest march




Shady Left-Wing Operative Kicked Out Of CPAC For Handing Out Russian Flags


Trump supporters unwittingly wave Russian flags at CPAC


At CPAC, Conservatives Settle Into Their New Role




Under Mr. Trump, Private Prisons Thrive Again




Little Tykes recalls 540,000 toddler swings




Michael Savage: Congress must probe 'subversive' Soros groups




The Trump Administration's Internal War over Russia


Bolton: Trump should scrap Russia nuclear weapons treaties





Nine Causes of Scientific Decline in American Academia




Women with guns: The next threat to the Democratic Party


Wayne LaPierre says NRA has 'President Trump's back'





Exclusive—Regnery: Anti-Trump Democrats’ Best Allies Are Senate Republicans


Sanders Strikes Back at Trump Early-Morning Tweet  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Sanders trolls Trump tweet on 'biggest' rally of them all


Senators Murkowski, Collins Must Go for Opposing DeVos Nomination (US Senator of Alaska Lisa Murkowski (R)/ US Senator of Maine Susan M. Collins (R)/Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)


Manchin to Sanders supporters: Bernie 'not even a Democrat' (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)/US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)




Amazon Deforestation, Once Tamed, Comes Roaring Back


Cops caught having sex in patrol car while ignoring robbery call  (Argentina)




South Korea Leads List of Life Expectancy Gains


South Korea gets creative to build their hockey team from scratch




Rare "ring of fire" solar eclipse on Sunday





Oklahoma quarterback arrested for public intoxication, resisting arrest


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Sleeping dad killed when SUV plows into bedroom (South Carolina)


New York pols' silly posturing on 'investment risks'


Gov. Jerry Brown asks for $437 million in flood and emergency relief  (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)




Calling Secretary Tillerson  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)




Beloved magician Daryl Easton is found dead inside closet of Hollywood's famed Magic Castle 'wearing only his underwear' after he failed to turn up for performance 




Gorsuch Staunchly Opposes ‘Aid in Dying.’ Does It Matter?




Bombings, air strikes in Syria rattle Geneva peace talks


Main Syria opposition condemns ‘terrorism’ after Homs attack kills dozens


Syrian intel official killed in deadly attack


Over 35 killed in multiple suicide attacks targeting Syrian military HQs in Homs – reports





Cold snap kills 22 in Taiwan in two days


Hundreds evacuated from Regent Taipei in fire scare




‘Jeopardy’ contestant gives Trebek the finger




Will The Border Tax Work? Nobody Knows, Which Is Why It's A Bad Idea 




Why doesn't anyone want to wrestle with a girl who takes male hormones?





Turkish PM seeks votes for 'strong, stable' Turkey in April referendum


Protest Held Near Russian Embassy in Turkey


Turkey's ruling AKP begins push to amend constitution




Uber Lawsuit Puts Spotlight on Rush for Driverless Cars





Copeland byelection: Corbyn warned not to 'pass the buck' after Labour defeat


Exclusive: How a secretive Canadian IT company employing only 20 staff helped swing the Brexit vote for Leave


Thousands of children at London schools breathe toxic air


London mayor sparks fury with ‘right-wing populism’ warning


Huge cannabis farm 'was staffed by trafficked Vietnamese teenagers'


A 'viagra hotel' has opened in the UK and people are outraged


Chris Grayling advises motorists to 'think hard' before buying diesel


Why these British men are risking their lives to clear Iraq's landmines


New lord chief justice must be 65 or younger to navigate Brexit


Miliband 'deeply concerned' for Labour


Five teenagers from London charged with terror offences


Maps reveal schizophrenia 'hotspots'


Former Stephen Lawrence murder suspect jailed over £4m drug plot


City homes 'least affordable since 2009'


Police :Forces told to delete on request images of innocent people


Smuggled rare tortoises go on display


Bristol Man jailed for two years for shooting toddler with air rif


Britain eyes Cornwall for take-off into space


Winston Churchill believed in extraterrestrials   


U.K. conservative pol Nigel Farage exults at CPAC over Trump, Brexit wins





In US, 37% Say UN Doing ‘Good Job’ Solving Problems


Why the UN Deck Is Stacked against Israel


U.N. chief urges Burundi parties to participate in peace talks


One question at U.N. Syria talks: What does Russia want?




The Deep State Comes to America (In Egypt and Turkey, grand government conspiracies are a reality. In the United States, they're little more than fantasy.)




U.S. Geological Survey hails an early spring — and deems it a red flag for climate change




Francis Laments Hypocritical Catholics?


‘Great world war for water’ may be looming, Pope Francis says




Buffett to investors: Wall St. fees a waste of money




Trump declines to attend White House correspondents' dinner


White House worked with House and Senate intelligence chairs to rebut Russia ties


Non-Stop Gun Battles Spark Fear, Uncertainty in Mexican Border City


Some of Trump's Picks Have Troubling Links to Globalism, CFR


Fact-checking Trump's claim about debt dropping by $12B in last month


VP Pence tells GOP Jewish group that U.S. will support Israel abroad   (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump Criticizes “Fake News” and Unveils Ambitious Plan at CPAC


Donald Trump and American Jews: The first good week?


Trump dedicates weekly address to Frederick Douglass, Ben Carson and other black leaders


Exclusive: Trump Took Future Green Berets into Oval Office in Q-Course First


Democrats: WH contact with FBI an 'outrageous breach of the FBI's independence'


Trump wages war on Chicago


Howard Dean Says Trump's Win Was Like The Kent State Shootings, Bloody Sunday At Edmund Pettus Bridge


Trump shock factor fading in Washington


Pence mixes up Nicaraguan and Israeli flags in tweet (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Who's watching Trump's ethics watchdogs?


Two weeks later, still no revised executive order from Trump


Trump Wants to Deconstruct the Regulatory State? Good. Here’s How You Start


Trump's Rise Was Rooted in These Three Things  (It’s easy for us to look back on the Trump campaign – and the movement that swept the nation – and tie his success to three significant factors.)


Melania Trump would have been priority to be deported under new rules


How Republicans Should Check Trump

David Usborne: Donald Trump's biggest lie: His promise to unify America


Trump rejects DHS intelligence report on travel ban


Now 43 percent of Americans 'strongly disapprove' of the job President Trump is doing  


'If you're on the airplane with the pilot, you don't want the pilot to screw up': Former Trump rival Kasich defends White House visit


Trump electrifies CPAC: 'You finally have a president!'


White House hocus pocus! Witches led by Lana Del Rey gather outside Trump Tower at midnight to HEX the President... but they can't even conjure up much of a crowd


Inside the Winter White House: Awesome vulgarity, jaw-dropping excess and even JLo in flagrante with Puff Daddy... Welcome to Trump's weekend home where he runs America in front of wall-to-wall billionaires 


Trump’s Conservative CPAC Speech


White House sought to enlist key intelligence officials, lawmakers to counter Russia stories


Trump Attacks Press and F.B.I. at Forum for Conservatives


After Trump rips news media, White House slams door on several reporters


Sorry, this president is way less ‘authoritarian’ than the last one


Trump’s takeover of conservatism is complete


President’s Attack Follows a Game Plan for Disruption


Spicer makes an impossible job even harder (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


Is Trump only going to cut small programs?


A note to the White House and FBI: Politics and justice should not mix


The Islamophobic Huckster in the White House


Even though he bashes anonymous sources, Trump uses them himself


Barring the White House Press Corps From the White House


Don't let Trump's style blind you to his substance


Trump again says Chicago needs help fighting violence. Police say they’ve asked for it and got no reply.


Fact Check: Trump Blasts ‘Fake News’ and Repeats Inaccurate Claims at CPAC


What is Stephen Bannon’s plan?


Trump on 'fake news' alert after invite-only press briefing




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