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Thursday, November 8, 2018




In Today’s Issue: 




Local Church Hosts Meeting of Planned Parenthood Abortion Advocates


Pro-Life Win in West Virginia


Abortion Activist Defends Leftists Terrorizing Pro-Life Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s Family


West Virginia and Alabama Voted to Outlaw Abortion if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned


Self Magazine Trashes Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers, Claims They “Lie” But Offers No Proof


Two states passed abortion amendments to their constitutions. What does that mean?


Thank You President Trump for Protecting Christians From Having to Fund Abortion Pills


Here’s how abortion rights played out in midterm elections across the country


Planned Parenthood Slams Trump For Stopping Taxpayer Funding of Abortions: He Hates Women


Fearing House Democrats, anti-abortion groups protect ban on abortion funding


House Democrats May Pass Legislation Trying to Force Americans to Fund Abortions


Abortion access under fire as states ready for possible Roe v. Wade overturn


Abortion clinics on edge after woman who shot Kansas doctor is released from prison

The ‘elective’ issue: Medical schools are failing to teach doctors to discuss abortion


Obamacare plans need to bill separately for 'abortion' surcharge, CMS proposes


The best coffee table book you can buy is about abortion


Oregonians Vote Overwhelmingly To Support Taxpayer Funded Infanticide


10 Tips for Supporting a Friend Who's Getting an Abortion




Billions in aid to Afghanistan wasted, including money from Canada, U.S. agency find


NATO chief hails Afghanistan's chances for peace




Libya should start elections process in 2019 - UN envoy


US willing to lift Sudan’s ‘terror state’ designation pending reforms




Idyll, or Elegy?(Frederick Wiseman’s new documentary dramatizes the tough choices that America’s small towns face.)


Has Americans’ love affair with driving gotten stuck in traffic?




Deadly Prison Riot Reported In Northern Tajikistan





Australian Market Rises


Dollar firmer as Fed maintains hawkish guidance, yen near five-week low


Australia antes up to challenge China in the Pacific


Australia ready to dominate once more




TSX flat as strong earnings help curb losses in energy stocks


Apologizing for Canada’s rejection of Jews in 1939, Trudeau vows to fight anti-Semitism(Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


John Ivison: Will the Canadian consensus on immigration fall victim to Liberal bungling on border-crossers?


Canada at odds with U.S. changes to text of trade deal: source


Tony Clement's letter: MP admits inappropriate online exchanges led to acts of infidelity


Bombardier to cut 5,000 jobs, sell Downsview operation


Banks weigh legal action to block Statscan’s plan to obtain consumer records


Ottawa will bankroll some climate change programs left unfunded after Ford cancelled cap-and-trade


Construction of sixth Arctic patrol ship at Irving Shipbuilding to cost $800M — double the cost of the other five


Attempts to expose former Conservative MP Tony Clement’s online sexual activities go back to last summer, women say


Toronto PATH stabber's mental illness obvious: Lawyer




Turkey salmonella outbreak sparks panic weeks before Thanksgiving: 1 dead, 63 hospitalized and more than 100 sickened by meat bought across the US


Cigarette smoking among U.S. adults hits all-time low




Stephen Colbert Condemns Alleged Antifa Members Targeting Tucker Carlson


Comedian Paul Rodriguez Says He Agrees With Trump on Immigration: ‘America Should Protect Its Borders’




Chinese Company Punishes” Its Employees By Forcing Them To Drink Urine Or Water From The Toilet, Eat Cockroaches, Shave Their Head And Lose A Month Of Pay


Chinese-owned pork producer to get cash from bailout program spurred by tariffs imposed by Beijing




Lame Duck Congress Still Ruled By GOP Until 2019 — Why Not Get Something Done?




Tesla names director Denholm to replace Musk as board chair




Federal Judge Says It's Plausible That Andrew Cuomo Violated the First Amendment by Pressuring Banks and Insurers to Shun the NRA


Grand jury indicts captain of Missouri duck boat that sank in severe weather, killing 17 people


Federal appeals court rules against Trump administration on DACA


Juror sobs after being picked for El Chapo’s trial


Expelled frat bro says he was too drunk to rape student: suit


Voters toss judge who approved no jail time for man who pleaded guilty to felony assault




Former Marine Ian David Long, 28, was gunman who killed 12 in California bar rampage, police say


Sergeant slain in bar shooting "died a hero," sheriff says


Michigan: Muslim who stabbed cop “believed he was a soldier of Allah. His mission was to kill Americans.”


Survivors of Vegas massacre were regulars at Thousand Oaks bar


California gunman left Marines in 2013, served in Afghanistan


High school football players charged with raping teammates with broomstick in 'hazing' ritual




The looming confrontation at the border




DNC Chair Completes Flip-Flop On Sessions. Check Out What He Said Just Last Year




Why The ‘Emerging Democratic Majority’ Isn’t Happening


Texas Democrats emboldened by congressional upsets


Democrats gain hundreds of legislative seats, secure majority of state attorneys general


NOBAMA: Endorsed candidates in competitive races all lose




Soros-Funded MoveOn.Org Plans Mass Demonstrations Thursday to Protest Sessions' Firing


Cannabis Industry Cheers Sessions' Departure at DOJ


DiGenova: Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein's 'Days Are Numbered'


Acting AG Whitaker Pretty Much Tells Dems To Shove It: No Recusal From Overseeing Russia Probe


Does Robert Mueller’s Lead Prosecutor Have A History Of Ethics Violations?


How Whitaker Transformed From Conservative Pundit to Acting Attorney General


Syrian Man Gets Life in Prison for Making Parts in IEDs Used Against U.S.


Mueller's team has begun writing its final report in the Russia probe


The Resignation of Jeff Sessions Is a Prelude to a Saturday Night Massacre


In Matthew Whitaker, Trump has a loyalist at the helm of the Justice Department


5 things to know about new acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker


Trump finally puts Jeff Sessions out of his misery. Now it's up to Congress to protect Robert Mueller(US Attorney General Jeff Sessions/ Former FBI Director Robert Mueller )


Sessions Out, Whitaker In — For Now, and Maybe for Good


Democrats say Sessions firing could spark ‘constitutional crisis’


Read Jeff Sessions's resignation letter


What Sessions’s Firing Means for the Russia Investigation


Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions forced out by Trump, setting up likely clash over the Russia investigation


Mr. Whitaker, a former college football tight end, was openly hostile toward the special counsel on TV and social media.


Mueller missed his market — and doomed the investigation


Sessions forced out, raising questions about Russia probe


Sessions receives round of applause in DOJ exit


We are former attorneys general. We salute Jeff Sessions.


The Whitaker in Sessions’ Chambers


DOJ: Acting AG to take over oversight of Russia probe


Trump's acting AG was involved in company accused of being a 'scam' by FTC


Privacy advocate demands Mueller report


Mueller power questioned in first post-Sessions court hearing


Judge Nap: Whitaker not 'legally qualified' to be acting attorney general


Chris Christie being considered for attorney general


The contenders for America's next attorney general


Former Kavanaugh colleague makes AG shortlist to replace Sessions: reports


Republican lawmakers largely accept Trump ousting Sessions


 Could Papadopoulos Blow the Russia Hoax Wide Open?




Stocks close mostly lower as the Fed stands pat on interest rates


Wall Street closes lower


Why no one is popping champagne over China’s buoyant export data


Asia cheered by post-election Wall St. rally, dollar bounces


Stock Rally Builds as Investors Reassured on Vote: Markets Wra


2-year Treasury yield extends climb, lingering at decadelong high


Hedge funds are on pace for the worst annual year since Lehman Brothers went bankrupt


Gold settles lower, then struggles for direction after Fed statement


39% Expect Bigger Income A Year From Now


Bitcoin on track for worst session in 10 days




A high-tech way of explaining bad schools


Florida school board rams through transgender guidelines despite parental outrage


Video Shows Baltimore Student Punching Female Teacher in the Face


Ties That Bind(American universities' ties with Saudi Arabia -- always controversial.)


Stanford Takes Top Spot in New Business School Ranking


Cash Cows No Longer(As states compete for a shrinking group of freshmen, historic out-of-state tuition premiums may no longer be a sure source of income for state higher ed systems.)


$140,000 Raised for Teacher Who Punched Student in Video


Can Universities Live by Their Values?


Foxconn Needs to Bring in Asian Workers, Says Harvard Professor


Teacher commits suicide in classroom during school hours: officials




Sissi pledges Egypt’s military support if Gulf states ‘threatened’  (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)





Florida readies for massive recount


WRONG: Bernie Sanders's Outrageous Reason For Why Florida Democrats Lost This Year


Midterms a Re-run of Election Night 2016


Howard Dean: Georgia Election 'Almost Certainly Stolen' by Kemp; Tells Abrams Not to Concede


Revenge of the White Woman


The Kavanaugh Election(Republicans took states while the Democrats took districts.)


The red parts got redder and the blue parts bluer in a midterm election that underscored America's deep divide


Pollsters botch key races as turnout models over-count Democrats


Trump, Pelosi offer visions of bipartisanship after midterms


Election interference deterred?


In California, the ‘R’ Remains the Kiss of Death


Kemp’s lead over Abrams narrows amid voting complaints in Georgia governor’s race


In Georgia, opposing activists share one thing: Anxiety


Results in Florida and Georgia prompt soul-searching for African Americans


Voters: Healthcare Top Issue


Busted! Poll worker advises: 'Vote Democrat'


The Blue Wave That Wasn’t


Texas governor considers probe of 'illegal-alien voting'


More Voters Delayed Their Voting Decisions This Year


Sanders: ‘Lot of White Folks’ Who Aren’t ‘Necessarily Racist’ Weren’t Comfortable Voting for Gillum, Abrams


Gillum Rescinds Concession: ‘Many More Uncounted Ballots Than Was Originally Reported’


Ga. fight heats up as Kemp declares victory, resigns post; Abrams digs in


What Happened to that "Blue Wave?"


Why America Was Denied a Blue Wave and a Red Wedding


The Trump Effect and the Wave that Never Was




Michael Moore: ‘We will lose in 2020’ with Cory Booker, Kamala Harris




The oil rout just became a bear market for U.S. crude


Energy Prices


The oil rout just became a bear market for U.S. crude





Europe stocks close modestly higher, driven by earnings


‘I’m about 40 or 45.’ 69-year-old cites transgender arguments to change legal age  (Netherland)


Slovakian village creates successful model to employ beleaguered Roma, fight prejudice


Sweden: Politician charged with hate speech for saying jihadis scream “Allahu akbar” before blowing themselves up




FBI raids home and offices of L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar





Fed Holds Rates Unchanged Ahead of Expected December Hike


Wall Street Says Fed Is in Denial About $4 Trillion Dilemma




Trump to snub Macron's 'Peace Forum' on Armistice weekend  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


After outcry, Macron says France won’t honor Nazi collaborator general


France: Muslim migrant arrested for plotting jihad massacre, had videos showing him imitating a car bombing




80 years after Kristallnacht terror, survivor revisits once glass-strewn streets


November 9th : A fateful day in German history


Cologne and Bonn hit with diesel ban orders


100 years of female suffrage in Germany: the unknown story


Hundreds to stand against far-right march planned on 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht




Climate-change Initiatives Fail to Pass in Washington and Arizona


Climate Alarmists Suffer Huge Blow As Liberal Washington State Votes Down Carbon Tax


No ‘green wave’: Voters ice state climate-change ballot initiatives




Google changes sex-misconduct policy after walkouts

Google planning to expand New York City offices: report




Trump administration issues final rules letting some employers deny contraceptive coverage




Actress Dakota Fanning to play African Muslim refugee fleeing to “cold new world” in London




Stunning posthumous release from ‘Shoah’ director resonates post-Pittsburgh




Gowdy: Acting AG Could Appoint a Second Special Counsel to Investigate SpyGate


GOP Congressman: 'Angers Me to My Core' for Trump to 'Piss on' Defeated Republicans


Democrat-led House seen backing Trump’s China trade war, scrutinizing talks with allies


Democratic Campaign to Impeach Trump May Get Him Reelected


2018 House Election Results: Clearing Out The Dead Wood


House Democrats weigh joining Obamacare suit


Remaining races: 11 GOP districts still uncalled, House Dems push gains to 31 seats


GOP Elects First Korean American Woman To Congress. But You Wouldn’t Know It.


Rep. Maxine Waters could heighten scrutiny of banks


Here are the Democrats running for leadership posts in the House


Our New Muslim Representatives  (Sharia, corruption, and Jew-hatred come to the House.)


Nancy Pelosi’s party needs her. Are Democrats smart enough to recognize that? (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Why Democrats’ Gain Is More Impressive Than It Appears


Torres Small flips New Mexico House seat for Dems


Indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter won reelection. What happens if he's convicted?


Conservative groups call for new slate of House GOP leaders


Republican Rep. Steve Knight concedes to newcomer Katie Hill in north L.A. County district


How a Democratic House can help finish the Trump agenda


Will Democrats Overplay Their (Relatively Weak) Hand?


Election Results: Can Dems Reverse Trumponomics After Winning Back The House?


Veterans fueled edge for Democratic takeover of House


Abcarian: Adam Schiff is really looking forward to investigating Trump


House Republicans brace for ugly rebuild, leadership battle


Almost no Republican seemed immune to shifting political winds in the Northeast, where the party suffered a “wipeout.”


House Democrats poised to investigate Trump administration


After losing House, Republicans effectively surrender fight to repeal Affordable Care Act


There is No Winning By Losing…the House


Nancy Pelosi starts working on her math problem in Speaker vote


Why Democrats may be stuck with Pelosi as House speaker again


How a Democratic House can help finish the Trump agenda


'Here come the crazies!' Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, Cummings


How the House Flipped: Republican Chaos and Democratic Focus


Suburban revolt helped propel Democrats to House victory


Dred Scott Continues to Cause Difficulties for the United States


Irrational People Cannot be Persuaded




Dred Scott Continues to Cause Difficulties for the United States




India to participate in Moscow talks with Taliban at ‘non-official level’


A Transgender Modeling Agency Is Opening — in India


India to allow foreign companies to store oil in Padur reserve




3 in 5 YouTube users find videos of 'dangerous' behavior




Iran ‘feeling the strain’ as sanctions bite


US warns nations not to allow Iranian oil tankers into their territorial waters




Video: Muslim debater Mohammed Hijab imitates Muhammad, displays Islamic debating tactics, in debate with David Wood


CAIR Convinces Texas Library to Remove Book Critical of Al-Qaeda


Imam of the Ka’aba: Journalists in Muslim countries must defend real Islam, which totally rejects terrorism




Court delays demolition of terrorist’s home to hear family’s appeal


Saudi Arabian tells Israelis: We want peace


Brazil risks Middle East trade with Israel embassy move


 Analysis: What do Case 3000 charges to top aides mean for Netanyahu?   (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu’s ex-lawyer, suspected of bribery: PM was unaware of my dealings


Dutch MPs call to cut PA funding, following PMW and terror survivor’s lectures


Contrasting Reactions In Arab World To Gulf States' Harbingers Of Normalization With Israel


Israel detained 74 minors among 511 Palestinians in October


Rivlin Promises Gaza-Area Teens, ‘Code Red Alarm Won’t Become Routine’  (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Israel releases sister of Palestinian attack suspect


Holocaust survivor compares minister behind culture loyalty bill to Hitler


Lieberman agrees to return body of slain Palestinian  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Netanyahu’s son shares image of embattled deputy AG as horror film character


Israeli forces, settlers assault Palestinian students, principal in Hebron City


Planes briefly grounded at Ben Gurion airport; TV: Jets scrambled in false alarm


US Jews feel more positively towards Israel despite religious pluralism rift


In West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  town, Palestinians celebrate family member’s ascent to Capitol Hill


Three suitcases stuffed with $15m pass to Hamas in Gaza


In Jerusalem, new envoys from Cairo and Amman recommit to peace with Israel


How Israel's purchase of German subs became a corruption scandal


As obesity surges, Israeli startup develops sweet protein to help cut calories


What will happen in our region?




Extremism is Not Just a Problem on the Right




The Mob That Screamed Outside Tucker Carlson's Home Is No Stranger To Harassment And Violence


Howard Kurtz on Antifa Attack on Tucker Carlson’s House: ‘Somebody Is Going to Get Hurt’


Tucker Carlson’s home targeted by Antifa mob: ‘We know where you sleep at night!’


Vox’s Yglesias: Terrorizing Tucker Carlson’s Family a ‘Strategy’ to Make Him Feel Fear of ‘His Victims’




Kuwaiti Journalist Calls On Arabs To Change Their Attitude Towards Minorities


Saudi Arabia calls for united effort to defeat terror


100 Years On: How WWI Shapes Today’s Middle Eastern Conflicts


Amnesty Warns Execution Of 12 Saudi Shi'ite Prisoners Could Be 'Imminent'


Amnesty accuses Yemen’s Houthi militias of militarizing hospital




Dunford warns that Russia, China are near-peer military competition


The Space Force Is Coming. Here’s Why the US Needs It.


Defense Secretary Mattis to Stay on at Pentagon


Pentagon: NGOs ‘Knowingly Diverted’ Millions in U.S. Aid to Al-Qaeda


Pentagon scrubs ‘Operation Faithful Patriot’ name from border mission


Army veteran’s family agrees to $2.5 million in settlement with VA over wrongful death suit


Navy’s revolutionary Sea Hunter drone ship being tested out of Pearl Harbor


A birthday challenge for the Marine Corps




 Just One Energy Drink Could Increase Risk of Heart Attack




Christian Mother Acquitted of Blasphemy in Pakistan Released from Prison


Honor killing in Pakistan: Two Muslim sisters strangled to death by their cousins for meeting boys


Imran Khan's Answer to Pakistan's Ailing Exports: More Subsidies


Pakistan: Foreign Office spokesman says “no truth” in reports of Asia Bibi leaving the country — “it is fake news”


Government Denies Christian Freed From Death Row Has Left Pakistan




Pastors see economic turnaround in 2018 giving




FL SEN: Are Democrats Trying To Steal The Election?; UPDATE: RNC Responds




Russian diplomat blasts US State Department for spreading ‘fake news’ against Russia


Number of Protests in Russia Spikes in 2018, Researchers Say


Thousands of corpses from US-led airstrikes found under Raqqa rubble, says diplomat


Russia Looks to Hydrogen as Way to Make Gas Greener for Europe


Washington playing with the devil: Diplomat warns US against limited nuclear war strategy

Russian Senator Kosachev: The West's Behavior Towards Russia Is 'Akin To The Classic Racism... In The Era Of Colonialism'


Russia’s new military transport helicopter performs debut flight


Kremlin Critic Shevtsova: The Regime Failed To Rule Even Under Conditions Of Guaranteed Absolutism


Russian Doctors Mistakenly Amputate Holocaust Survivor’s Healthy Leg — Reports


Kremlin calls attorney general’s dismissal Washington’s domestic affair


Russia, China Lash Out At U.S. Sanctions While Forging Closer Ties




Rick Scott files lawsuit against Broward Supervisor of Elections


Arizona Senate: Green Party candidate complicates race for Sinema


Rubio warns of Dem lawyers heading to Florida to 'try and steal' key races   (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


Ted Cruz Might Have Won, But The Midterms Bode Ill For Texas


Arizona GOP sues to limit mail-in ballots in tight Senate race


Feinstein: Acting AG must pledge to Senate he won't interfere with Mueller


Schumer: 2020 'doesn't bode well' for GOP


With Republican Wins in Senate, Social Conservatives Tighten Their Grip


Fans blame Beyoncé for Beto O'Rourke's loss to Ted Cruz


Bill Nelson calls for a recount in Florida Senate race


Lasting Implications for the Courts as G.O.P.’s Senate Hold Grows


Sanders Mocked for Saying His Favorite Book Is His Own


 In the Senate, Democratic Fears Have Come to Pass


Democrats grab a win in Nevada, where health care was paramount




Twitter Yet to Suspend Antifa Account that Doxed Tucker, Hannity, Coulter




South Korean Minister: United States Says North Korea Canceled Meeting


1 in 3 Korean Firms Suffers Earning Shock in Q3


Top US Commander in S. Korea takes office amid uncertainty about decades-old alliance


Most Small Businesses Have Under W50 Million Seed Money


Vietnamese Language Students Flock to Korea


Government vows to tackle fine dust, scraps incentives for diesel vehicles




NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




California Blue Wave: Will it Lead to Insolvency Faster?


With Newsom as governor, California's battle with Trump intensifies




Justice Brett Kavanaugh Formally Welcomed to the Supreme Court During Celebratory Investiture


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lands in hospital with fractured ribs




Syria army frees 19 Druze hostages from Daesh


Syria Invites Palestinian Refugees Back To War-Torn Damascus Camp




Will the ‘Taiwan question’ give rise to a World War III scenario?


Taiwan commissions warships amid China threat warnings


U.S. allies raise funds for new 'battleground for LGBT equality' — Taiwan


Taiwan’s government accuses China of meddling in elections




Netflix’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot includes orgies, satanism


NBC TV fantasy just before Veteran’s Day: American veteran sets off bombs and takes hostages at mosque




HIV-infected Thai man accused of raping 70 teens




Critics Skeptical of U.S.-China Trade Deal




Turkey Bond Issue Signals Brighter Outlook for Stricken Economy


Turkey shares lower at close of trade; BIST 100 down 2.08%




FTSE 100 ends higher, boosted by banks


UK: Man converts to Islam, plots to murder 100 people in jihad massacre near Disney Store


UK: Labour invites jihad preacher Shakeel Begg to address “anti-racism rally”


Prince Charles says he won’t meddle in politics when he’s king




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump Honors Victims of Communism


Trump Press Secretary Sarah Sanders accused of releasing altered Acosta vid


Rob Reiner: Trump ‘Will Have to Be Dragged…Out of the White House’


Levin: 'Kamikaze Journalists, Obviously in a Coordinated Attack on This President'


Fact Check: Was A White Supremacist Invited To The White House A Day After The Midterms?


Watch: CNN's Acosta Lies About Not Touching Aide, CNN Edits Video


Still the Smartest Guy in the Room


Conway says angry tenor in US is not one-sided, not president’s fault


White House says neo-Nazi leader visited on public tour


WHCA condemns White House decision to suspend press pass of CNN's Acosta


White House hit with backlash over suspending press pass of CNN's Acosta


CNN: White House's move to pull Acosta's press pass was based on 'fraudulent accusations'


Trump Calls on Congress to Put Partisanship Aside, Join Together


Trump turns his post-election reckoning into an operatic performance of grievances and pugilism


Finally, a check on the unlawful, immoral Trump administration


With Pelosi making nice, the White House press corps tries to lead The Resistance


White House goes authoritarian on CNN’s Jim Acosta


White House suspends Jim Acosta’s credentials


Jim Acosta tells Anderson Cooper ‘I think they’re trying to shut us down’


Defiant Trump emerges from midterms with no regrets


Trump’s rambling, angry news conference shows he ignored the message voters sent him


The Sessions firing is no constitutional crisis — just more ‘Survivor: White House’


Fears rise that electoral losses will spark Trump to lash out against NATO, China, other adversaries


Trump to midterm voters: Get lost


Shift to war footing signals unremitting political combat as 2020 nears


Demonstrators gather outside White House to protest Sessions' ouster


Trump: No one would understand my tax returns anyway


Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism


Trump all but announces trade deal with China



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