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Thursday, February 23, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Activists Want Abortion Pill to Kill Babies Sold in Every Single U.S. Pharmacy


NY Bishop: Pro-Abortion 'Catholic' Politicians Imperil Their Souls, Create Scandal


Texas blocked from defunding Planned Parenthood


Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway: I Can’t be a Feminist Because They Hate Men and Love Abortion


Arizona Senate approves birth bill that goes beyond abortion


Woman Defends Aborting Her 22-Week-Old Baby Who Had Clubbed Feet and Hands


Surprise: South Dakota Republicans Reject Abortion Ban


“Teen Vogue” Has Already Pushed Abortion to Teens 63 Times in 2017


Oregon AG girding to protect abortion rights


God Could Never Approve of My Decision to Abort My Baby, But Thanks to His Amazing Grace I’m Forgiven


FDA urged to let abortion pill be sold at pharmacies


This Republican Senator Says She Will Oppose the Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood


Abortion bill targets parents' rights in cases of pregnant minors (Indiana)


Catholic Bishops Slam Gov Terry McAuliffe for Vetoing Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood


Experts: Science behind 'abortion reversal' is flawed


What TV Abortions Get Wrong — And How Creators Can Do Better


If abortion rights fall, LGBT rights are next


Bill would extend time to sue abortion doctors


Canadian minister calls limits on abortion ‘gender-based violence,’ gives $285,000 to Planned Parenthood


Abortion Ship Heads to Pro-Life Guatemala to Illegally Give Women Free Abortions




Afghanistan: The Fall Of Helmand


The Art of the Deal with Afghanistan’s Mess




Millions Of Christians Face Certain Death By Starvation As Muslim Terrorists Ravage Farmland And Destroy Crops (Nigeria)


Political Instability in Africa Could Lead to ISIS Resurgence




Big airlines join low-cost market with new fares




Interview: Defending Trump, ex-envoy to US says nobody blamed Obama for leftist anti-Semitism


What’s Behind the Rash of Anti-Semitic Incidents?


Fake News: Media Hype WH ‘Anti-Semitism’ Claims by Obscure, Anti-Trump Group


Pre-School Teacher Fired After Tweeting ‘Kill Some Jews’


Muslim campaign raises over $115,000 for vandalized Jewish cemetery



Trump facing GOP pressure to counter Russia's Arctic fleet





Police in riot gear enter pipeline protest camp


Two children burned after Dakota Access protesters set 20 fires during evacuation




Breaking a taboo, Hanoi recalls war with China


Uzbekistan hit with deadly chemical plant blast




Man Kills His Wife Because They Were Refused an Assisted Suicide




ASX struggles as heavyweights trade ex-dividend


Australian Dollar Hit Hard By Weaker Private Capex


Abbott's plan to win the election will infuriate PM Turnbull (Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott)


Catholic leaders speak of 'catastrophic failure' on child abuse in past


Julie Bishop and British PM divided on Syria (Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop)


Australia: Muslim leader admits that Qur’an allows for wife-beating





Tesla says Model 3 on track for volume production by September





Bosnia appeals UN ruling that cleared Serbia of genocide




A year after opening, DC Streetcar is just an expensive relic of the past





Toronto stock market slips, U.S. indexes mixed


Number of Canadians with medical pot prescriptions now almost 130,000


Trudeau and Trump talk about border, softwood lumber and next summits (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Living wage for Durham region pegged at $17 an hour


Canada has failed at innovation for 100 years. Can the Trudeau government change that?


Canadians projected to live longer, but can they afford it?


How Costco broke all the retail rules to win the hearts and wallets of Canadians


Fox pulls plug on Onrait and O’Toole, prompting speculation they’re headed back to Canada


Report on Christian schools defying LGBTQ policy has ‘complicated’ legal implications, minister vague on why


Canadian children 'locked up' in immigration detention centres, report says


If the Liberal government drops the migrant ball, Canadians will lose patience quickly


School board will pay salary of teacher on ‘home assignment’ after being accused of trafficking cocaine


Ontario subsidies for electric cars under fire after minister’s staffer leaves for Tesla


Lottery scam: Pay us $5,000 or your winnings will explode


Toronto breaks 1984 record for highest temperature


Estimated 8,000 millionaires immigrated to Canada last year, report says


Anti-Islamophobia motion expected to pass, send a ‘strong statement against all forms of hatred’


Young golfer's clubs, lost by Air Canada, end up on Kijiji


Canada has never had a real migrant crisis. Trump may have just changed that


Losing bidder for new search-and-rescue aircraft takes Canadian government to court


18 arrested in cross-border investigation involving fentanyl, guns: OPP


Alberta predicts higher deficit, despite increased energy royalties


Ottawa suggests banning smoking in apartments or condos and cigarette sales to anyone under 21


How ‘Islamic terrorism’ trumped Islamophobia: Cohn 




How Peter Thiel's company Palantir was built with CIA funding and has helped the likes of the NSA and GCHQ spy since its inception 




Bill Maher takes credit for Milo Yiannopoulos fallout: ‘You’re welcome’




How to Stop China in the South China Sea


As US-China tussle, Asean frets


China's US Image the Most Positive in Three Decades


China remains dubious over assassination of Kim Jong-nam   (Brother of Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


China Rattles the Nuclear Saber


Chinese Military Veterans Stage Protests in Central Beijing Over Pensions


Suicidal women in China put into early grave to appreciate life


Chinese Feminist Group’s Social Media Account Suspended


How the Communist Party Guided China to Success


Why Is EBay Returning to China?


Beijing completes South China Sea structures 'designed to house long-range missiles' to spark an early test for President Trump





N.Korea Tightens Controls After Kim Jong-nam Assassination (Brother of Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Probe into Kim Jong-nam's death a 'conspiracy,' N. Korea claims


North Korea against the world: Bites Chinese hand that feeds a hungry nation


N. Korea more isolated than ever after Malaysia killing


Accused killer of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother went from singer to slayer, officials say  





Conservatives to Congress: Deliver on Obamacare Repeal and Replace Promise


Town Hall Project Founded By Former Clinton Staffer   (A group serving as a central hub of information for congressional town halls was founded by a former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer and its parent company is located at the same address as an organization funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.)


Congress shouldn't duck the public


At a town hall in Trump country, an America that’s pleading to be heard


Loud and angry, protesters turn congressional town halls into must-see political TV




The Reach of the Constitution at the Border




Ark. Supreme Court strikes city's LGBT protections


Getting Serious About Government Fraud


Judge: Women can go topless


Reining in a hysterical judiciary


Millionaire avoids jail after destroying President Trump's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame but must complete 20 days of community service and pay $4,400 fine


N.Y. man indicted for strangling, beating dog in head with a shovel


Patriots coach could be called as witness in Aaron Hernandez murder trial


California judge blocks law that bans websites from revealing actors' ages


Wife of ex-cop who shot man dead in movie theater in fight over texting tells court how the victim lunged at her husband after complaining 'you told on me'




Houston teen shot dead while protecting mom during robbery


Police have DNA profile of killer of runner


Authorities investigating Indiana murders receive 500 tips from public


Boy, 14, charged with beating classmate, 12, into coma


2 cops charged in Florida woman's accidental shooting death


Video captures off-duty LAPD officer firing gun after altercation with teens


Protests after video appears to capture off-duty LAPD officer firing gun during confrontation with teens


Protests erupt in LA after off-duty cop was filmed pulling his gun and firing a shot at gang of teens in scuffle that began because they 'walked on his lawn' and 'threatened to shoot him'


Boy, 11, calls 911 as mom slain; found covered in blood


Ten arrested, dozens more believed to remain at Dakota pipeline protest camp


Teen charged with lying about being raped by college football players




Hackers can steal your information simply by analyzing the LED lights on your computer




Contender for Democratic head Ellison denounces anti-Semitism


Cuomo won't endorse in DNC race  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


DNC Chair Candidate Stumbles When Pressed On Anti-Semitism


Survey: Ellison Leads Tom Perez in DNC Chair Race


Keith Ellison Thinks Black People Don't Have An 'Obligation' To Obey The Government


Here Are 9 Potentially Damaging Facts About Keith Ellison, a Frontrunner to Chair the DNC


'Impeachment' talk flies at DNC chair debate


The next DNC chair will have a huge opportunity — and a huge burden




Barack Obama's Legacy


New Identity for a Master of Identity Politics


Clinton roasts Republicans who 'can't take the heat' of town halls


Lawmaker proposes a 'Barack Obama Expressway'


Why give ‘sanctuary’ to gang members?  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Democrats Attack Trump For Enforcing Their Own Immigration Law


De Blasio is still in denial over ACS dysfunction


Democrats look for ‘glue’ to put party back together


Why Democrats Fear Trump: He Resonates With The Working Class


De Blasio will likely win a second term -- unless he faces charges




DeVos slams Obama's transgender bathroom rule as 'overreach'  (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)


DeVos Blasts 'Silencing' Of Free Speech On Campus, Wants To Empower States




Indiana Joins Idaho, Georgia in DHS Election Hack Claims


Kelly: No use of US military to enforce immigration  (Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly)


Mr. Trump’s ‘Deportation Force’ Prepares an Assault on American Values


Police Fear Trump Immigration Orders May Handcuff Effort to Fight Gangs


Revised 'extreme vetting' order drops language rejecting Syrian refugees, official says  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: How unfortunate.)


As Indiana governor, Mike Pence failed to bar Syrian refugees. Now the administration he serves is trying again. (Vice-President Mike Pence)


'We have laws': Trump supporters in Arizona cheer new guidelines on deportation





Dow logs 10th  straight record, but Nasdaq stumbles a second day


S&P 500 edges higher after Trump renews jobs pledge


Stock investors, keep ‘buying the rumor’ until the news is out


Immigration Economics


Asia stocks ease, dollar steadies after Fed-led losses


Asia Stocks Slump as Dovish Fed Minutes Spur Yen: Markets Wrap


Treasury yields decline as Mnuchin defends strong dollar


Why Trump's Immigration Crackdown Could Sink U.S. Home Prices


Dollar weakens as doubts grow about timing of fiscal stimulus, rate hikes


Emerging-Markets Hedge-Fund Assets Reach Record in '16, HFR Says


Gold ends at 3-month high as dollar wobbles


Landlords Are Taking Over the U.S. Housing Market




K-12 Quagmire: Problems with Sight-Words


Teachers Ousted From Classroom for Supporting Immigration Law


University Of Michigan Student Group Demands Safe Space - No Whites Allowed


Politico: Trump Considering School Choice Tax Credit for Working Class Families


Women's academic society forms at Southeastern


7 Dumbest Democratic Reactions To Trump Revoking Obama's Transgender Bathroom Policy


Muslim connects campus minister with yearning friend


Another Obamanation undone: Trump & Sessions take the federal government out of your kids’ bathroom


Obama-era transgender bathroom order rescinded


Large-Scale Assessment Without Standardized Tests


A Republic in the Atlantic (An innovative program combines reading the Great Books with character-building and community.)


Transgender Protections Withdrawn


California Defies Trump on Transgender Bathrooms for Kids


Higher Ed Lobbying, SWAT Style (Acting with unusual speed, Michigan university presidents descend on the state capitol to oppose a legislator's proposal to end the state income tax.)


Video: Raymond Ibrahim on Prager University  (Shillman fellow breaks down Muslim persecution of Christians, Donald Trump’s policies, and US immigration.)


Incomplete Information on Income Tax Breaks (States often don't calculate revenue lost through higher education income tax benefits for students, report finds.)


Sessions, DeVos explain removal of Obama's transgender school guidelines


Yiannopoulos and the Moral Crisis of Campus Conservatism


Critiquing 'The Quad' (Some black college presidents don't like the new BET television show about a fictional HBCU, but that doesn't mean students aren't enjoying the somewhat scandalous portrayal.)




Egypt denies any plans to give Sinai to Palestinians


Muslims Attack A Christian Man And His Son, They Take The Father And Tear Him Apart With Bullets, They Take His Son And Burn Him Alive


Editor Of Independent Egyptian 'Al-Misriyyoun' Daily: Sheikh 'Omar 'Abd Al-Rahman Was Never Convicted Of Assassinating Sadat – Or Of Involvement In 1993 World Trade Center Attack


I Am a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Not a Terrorist




Why Trump’s Call to Investigate Vote Fraud Is Valid




Oil futures end higher after smaller-than-expected inventory rise


Energy Prices


Advice to Trump: Make Ethanol Grain Again




Paul Manafort and the Red Thread Running Through the Long Ukrainian Revolution


Why Belarus Can't Afford to Be the New Ukraine


Ukrainian military shell Donetsk water purification plant


Bishop: Christians Should Break the Law and Employ Illegal Immigrants (Norway)





European stocks end lower, retreat further from 14-month high


'Trump should be better informed about what goes on here' (Sweden’s justice and migration minister fires back at Trump's comments about his country's crime rate.)


Geert Wilders Follows the Trump Twitter Trail (Right-wing populist Geert Wilders is currently leading in the polls ahead of elections in the Netherlands  -- despite a campaign that has been conducted largely from his mobile phone.)


Denmark: Man who burned Qur’an charged with blasphemy


Poland ousts 90 percent of top brass in defence overhaul


Milrem displays THeMIS modular unmanned ground vehicle     (Estonian defense company Milrem plans to market its modular unmanned ground vehicle in the Middle East and North Africa. ... )


Swedish politicians: Trump is right, Sweden’s embrace of Muslim migrants isn’t working


It’s Time for Europe’s Militaries to Grow Up (The continent can't blame Trump for its long-running inability to take care of its own security.)


Mob of North African Migrants Causes Midnight Riot Aboard Italian Ferry


Sweden Top Cop on No Go Zones: Europe’s Open Borders ‘Has Brought Crime Here’


The Refugee Rape Gangs of Sweden (A European nation becomes a rape capital -- due to its immigration policies.)


European Counter-Terror Official: IRGC, Muslim Brotherhood Are Not Terror Groups


Mona Charen: Who's Right About Sweden?




Doctors Issued DNR Order For Disabled Newborn Without Telling His Parents




Report: FBI rejected White House request to publicly dispute Trump-Russia stories


F.B.I. Interviews Tell of Cleric’s Role in Plot to Bomb Plane





A new champion for internet choice (One of President Trump’s less publicized appointments also happens to be one of his best: Ajit Pai as the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is a cause for celebration.)




Betsy McCaughey: Patients Are In The Dark About Deadly Medical Devices




The Incredible Shrinking John Bolton





Is Yellen trolling Trump and the stock market’s record run?  (Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen)





‘I am Going to Slit Your Throat Muslim Style’: Soros-Backed Blogger’s Threat to Kill Le Pen, Anti-Semitic Tweets


Expect the unexpected: French presidential race now wide open


How Le Pen's plan to quit the euro could spell economic disaster for France


Paris thieves nab €100,000 from tourists in highway robbery


Video: Paris pupils clash with cops during anti-police violence protests


French mock UK tabloids and US far right's 'Paris no-go zones' but it's no laughing matter


British pair left for dead after 'hit and run' in French Alps ski resort




Germany ‘only country left’ which holds to free higher education


Germany deports third group of Afghan migrants to Kabul


German Islamist arrested for planning attack on security forces


Turkey encouraging teachers to spy in German schools: report


Brit arrested for cyber attack on a million German homes last year


Germany records record budget surplus thanks to healthy trade




Climate Change ‘Lunacy’ Called a Gift to Conservatives




Google commits $11.5 million to racial justice efforts




Manafort faced blackmail attempt, hacks suggest


GOP split on whether paid protesters are to blame for rowdy town halls


Left staging ambush attacks at GOP-led town halls


Are outside agitators stirring up town halls as Trump administration claims?


Republicans’ ‘real-live experiment’ with Kansas’s economy survives a revolt from their own party


GOP senator says she’s open to demanding Trump’s tax returns as part of Russia probe





Obamacare repeal is ‘not going to happen,’ John Boehner predicts, as GOP can never agree on health care


Pinkerton: Your Money or Your Life — Fighting Over Obamacare vs. Fighting for Medical Cures


Addiction treatment vulnerable as Obamacare repeal looms in horizon





Heartburn meds linked to risk of kidney damage, study finds


Are antidepressants safe for "off-label" health issues?


California nurses rally for bill on 1st  state-run single-payer health plan


Alarm in Chicago over bugs on the subway


Hospital's smallest surviving premie goes home after 4 months




West Wing actor tells Ivanka Trump: 'F—- your shoes'


Kimmel on Hosting the Oscars at a Political Moment


Exclusive: How David Cassidy's dementia diagnosis may thwart his yet-to-be approved bankruptcy plan after promising last month to pay off his $200,000 debt with future gigs




Holocaust survivor: 'I lost my will to live'




The Mobbing of Milo


Milo and the 'Stockholm Syndrome' of Sodom


Milo learns the First Amendment isn't a get-out-of-jail-free card for foolishness




A star can't even afford to buy a home in Hong Kong




GOP to bury House resolution on Trump conflicts


Nancy Pelosi's Latest Speech Had More Holes Than A Hunk Of Swiss Cheese  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Paul Ryan’s Housecleaning (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Democrats’ Best Bet to Retake House? Follow the Sun


Paul Ryan mixes border tour with district visits, fundraisers


Paul Ryan visits U.S.-Mexico border  




The Labyrinth of Illegal Immigration


What’s next for many of America’s 11 million illegal immigrants? Hiding


NYPD commissioner: Officers won't help in deportations


Immigrants fearing deportation under Trump change routines


The Real American Majority  (Clear majority of Americans support President Trump’s policies against sanctuary cities.)


Immigrants Hide, Fearing Capture on ‘Any Corner’


The labyrinth of illegal immigration


Mexican man commits suicide after being deported from US


'You can't even walk anywhere without fearing you may get caught': Immigrants in U.S. illegally prepare for possible deportation



Evicting ICE from Rikers endangers lives: fed sources


New York is safer without illegal-immigrant gangsters — no thanks to the mayor (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)





India’s Modi approves NIS 9.4 billion missile deal with Israel


Does the China-Pakistan economic corridor worry India?


No Thanks: India Turns Down British Advanced Aircraft


Naval war room leak case: SC upholds sacking of two officers


3 soldiers killed in J&K ambush, 2 officers injured




Flooding in Jakarta a political hot potato




Former CIA agent: Intel community playing ‘very dangerous game’ designed to damage Trump


Intelligence Community Leaking  (Saboteurs set on bringing down a President.)


The spooks have come home to roost




Good, Bad News From IRS: Audits Down Again; New Treasury Secretary Wants Larger Budget




Iran Hosts Terrorist Groups as U.S. Mulls Terror Designation for Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps


Trump Can't Deal With Iran If He Doesn't Understand It


Why does Iran neglect Arabs in oil-rich Ahvaz?





Fierce clashes as U.S.-backed forces battle ISIS for airport


Corruption in Iraq opens door for Islamic State militants to regroup




Unholy alliance: Why Islamists and secular left work together


Frightened Christians lose battle over U.S. mega-mosque




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Thursday, February 23, 2017)


French aliya climbs amid rise in antisemitism


Trump’s pick for Israel envoy boasted of removing 2 states from Republican platform


Netanyahu to Australia’s Jewish Youth: Stand with Israel, Be Proud Jews, in Sydney and Jerusalem (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu avoids endorsing two states in Sydney statement


Reports: Israeli Supreme Court rules in favor of punitive demolition of slain Palestinian's home


Despite détente with Israel, Turkey to host Hamas confab


Should Jews live in Israel or Australia?


Delek Group Announces Final Go Ahead for Leviathan Off Shore Drilling


Police seek indictment against former Netanyahu chief of staff


Protesters organize sit-in at Khan al-Ahmar school slated for demolition


60 cops hurt, 13 protesters arrested, but none indicted for Amona rioting


Health minister threatens to halt treatment of wounded Syrians due to gov't debt


Netanyahu Supports Pardon for Hebron Shooter Azaria


Testimonies on deadly Umm al-Hiran incident reveal breakdown in protocol


Israel closes Jerusalem-area Palestinian boys school for ‘incitement’


Year after deadly terror, Beit Horon fights to prevent next attack


Tel Aviv Marathon disruptions


Palestinian lawyer signs plea bargain as NGO slams Israeli 'persecution of rights defenders'


Officials shut East Jerusalem school accused of being Hamas front


Hundreds denounce ‘Fascist’ Netanyahu during Australia visit


High Court: The Talpiot terrorist's home to be


US envoy to UN meets family trying to retrieve son’s remains from Gaza


Israel must not fall into Lebanese trap again Alongside Nasrallah’s harsh words, we


Minister offers Turkish mayor elephants for ancient Hebrew inscription


Israeli fighter jet shoots down Hamas drone


US senator to reintroduce bill cutting funds to PA for payouts to terrorists


Building evacuated after police find explosive


Partners in Peace: Hamas Releases Music Video Calling For Annihilation of Israel


The two-state solution: With caution for Israel


 The Limits of Hasbara





Japan’s Abe faces land deal attacks involving hate-speech school  (Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe)


Japan Inc signals boost to domestic capex but less keen on the U.S.: Reuters poll




Reports: Hezbollah obtains 'game-changing' weaponry




Remembering Alan Colmes, a liberal who could laugh


Liberals copy Tea Party tactics to protest Trump at town halls




Kim Jong-nam murder: There's no doubt over Malaysia whodunnit  (Brother of Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea says Malaysia is to blame for death of its citizen


Kim Jong-nam's Killers Handled Poison 'with Bare Hands'




How to Tell if News Is Really News


Trump and the Media's Stockholm Syndrome


CNN's Cuomo: 12-Year-Old Girls Who Don't Want To See Penises In Locker Rooms Are 'The Problem,' 'Intolerant'


Hannity Mourns Colmes: 'I Have a Hole in My Heart'


NBC Touts Norway as Fix for America's 'Flawed Democracy'


Huffington Post Removes Blog Post Saying Trump Is 'Absolutely Right' About Sweden


Washington Post Adds ‘Clarification’ Noting That Ned Price is Clinton Donor


Politico's Story On The Media Is Falling Apart


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Releases Over 100 Hours of Audio From Inside CNN’s Newsroom


Fox News Continues To Dominate Cable Ratings


Trump adviser Steve Bannon assails media at CPAC


Robert Samuelson: Why Trump Loves To Hate The Media


Conservative activist plans Wikileaks-style release of 'hundreds of hours' of footage of journalists at work in newsrooms - with CNN his main target




Trump Deportation Plan Dominates Mexico Trip by Kelly, Tillerson  (Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly/ US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


It’s Time To Stop Talking About A Border Wall And Start Stabilizing Mexico


Soda Sales Fall Further in Mexico’s Second Year of Taxing Them


Mexico may strike back. Here’s how.


Trump's top deputies hope to shore up ties with a suspicious Mexico


Mexico fears refugee camps will pop up along the border because Trump immigration crackdown will deport illegals - regardless of nationality - to where they crossed into the U.S. rather than delivering them home




Saudi Columnist Urges Saudis To Speak Arabic, Not English


UAE signs $1.2bn deals as arms fair opens


Saudi Arabia's Oil Wealth Is About to Get a Reality Check




To rule the waves: US eyes large-scale navy revamp plan


Trump wants to expand U.S. nuclear arsenal, make it ‘top of the pack’


Pentagon plan to defeat ISIL will also include efforts to battle al-Qaida and other extremist groups


Reports: Air Force Nuke 'Sniffer' Flying Over Europe After Radiation Detected


Directed energy atmospheric lens could revolutionise future battlefields


Air Force Stumped by Trump's Claim of $1 Billion Savings on Jet


Pentagon: US troops under fire in battle for Mosul


Pentagon studies ways to counter hypersonic missile threat from China, Russia


Hiring freeze causes cutbacks in military child care programs


Marines, airmen eat venomous critters while training in Thailand


Rieckhoff denies claims IAVA misused grants




The Folly of Abolishing the N.E.A.





Planets' discovery said to incite misplaced hope


ISS astronauts capture Dragon with manipulator




Feds Spending $149,927 Studying Bigfoot




Trump security advisor McMaster: tank battle hero of the Gulf War


Brookings’ Will McCants thrilled that McMaster in denial about jihadis’ motivating ideology


The McMaster Pick: Score One for the Swamp?  (NSA pick McMaster told the National Defense University that “the Islamic State is not Islamic.”)


New Security Adviser May Recast Trump’s Foreign Policy Team




Take It from a European: NATO Is Obsolete




Forget five a day, you should eat 10 portions of fruit and veg to cut your risk of early death, researchers find


'Not all sugars are equal': Expert says sugar in fruit DOESN'T make you fat... and you're less likely to be obese if you eat it





Bomb blast in Lahore shopping centre kills ten


Nawaz Sharif in Ankara to participate in Pakistan-Turkey HLSCC (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)


Pakistan on equipment buying spree to fight militancy


Pakistan wants to have friendly ties with all neighbouring countries: Mamnoon Hussain


Pakistan on edge as eight killed in fresh Lahore bomb blast


Pak Army launched Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad across the country





America’s utterly predictable tsunami of pension problems





Will killing claims bring down Duterte? (President Rodrigo Duterte)


Philippine court orders arrest of president’s most vocal critic on charges of corruption




CPAC Offers Utterly Uninspiring Vision for Millennials


White nationalist leader kicked out of CPAC




Poll: Hispanics divided over their place in U.S. under Trump




DC Eviction Companies Abusing The Homeless To Evict People's Belongings Onto The Street





Sheriff defends giving tablets to inmates





SodaStream recalls 51,000 potentially explosive carbonating bottles





Female Rapper Brags About Assaulting 'White Boy' In Audience




Rush Limbaugh: If Milo were liberal he'd be emceeing the Oscars





Advice to Trump: Beware of Russian Trolls (The recent stray spy ship and the fly-bys in the Black Sea are signs that the Kremlin is engaging in its favorite pastime: pushing America's buttons.)


4,000 Russians Now Fighting in Syrian Insurgency, Says Putin (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Putin says sending Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier group to Syria’s shores was his own idea


Russian Political Analyst Shevtsova: 'America Possesses Us, Even If It Does Not Want It'


Deputy Prime Minister Names Russia's Closest Allies (They're Not Who You Think)


Russia Denies Allegations of Coup Attempt in Montenegro


Russian Region Bans Stalin on Anniversary of Deportations


Moscow celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day 


Russia Red-Stamps Fake News, but Critics Wonder


Putin says wants to stabilize Syria’s ‘legitimate’ power




Global warming, overfishing threaten Earth's "super-zoos," scientists warn




New Hampshire Enacts Constitutional Carry





Is a Chuck Schumer-Elizabeth Warren feud breaking out? (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)/ US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Top Democratic senator on investigating Trump's ties to Russia: 'This is a long way from over'


Ted Cruz at CPAC: Thank You, Harry Reid, for the ‘Most Conservative Cabinet in Decades’   (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)Former Senate Minority Leader Harry (Criminal) Reid (D-Nevada)


Rubio skedaddles from demonstrator over skipping town halls  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


Ted Cruz Says Another SCOTUS Vacancy Is Just Months Away (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Cruz: Flynn Firing Was Obama Admin, Media Orchestrated Hit Job  


McCain Secret Trip to Syria (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Conservatives target McCaskill, Donnelly in ads 


Bernie Sanders on "skyrocketing" price of insulin       (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)




Teen who went missing wasn’t kidnapped by sex traffickers: police





Facebook is racking up the likes among the world’s biggest hedge funds


Google, Facebook & Twitter Policing Trolls?  What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Social Media Are Driving Americans Insane


Blocked! Staff order restaurant staff not to talk to Facebook boss Zuckerberg despite his pledge to 'talk to more people' pledge




Brazil prison massacre exposes gruesome gang war over drugs


Volcano expert falls in a volcano... and survives: Expert and his guide fall 1,500ft when a rope slips but suffer nothing more than dehydration 




Central bank stands pat as uncertainties build


Consumption stimulus package draws flak


Moon Jae-in receives threats of attack (Leading presidential hopeful Moon Jae-in has beefed up his security team after being tipped off about possible attacks against him, his aides said Thursday.)


Court nears end of impeachment trial  (President Park Geun-hye)





Chris Matthews and SPLC Fall for Hoax Even the NYT Says Is a Lie...Again




Chris Christie Eyed to Replace Mike Francesa on Sports Talk Radio (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)


Baseball players' union OKs proposal affecting hundreds of at-bats


The NCAA is coming hard for Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze


Larry Nassar, ex-USA Gymnastics doctor, charged with sexual assault


Kansas clinches at least a share of 13th  Big 12 title in a row


NHL Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




California's punishing rain creates rare spectacle


Midwest braces for winter storm


Cuomo's odd blow for accountability in government  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Hit by worst floods in a century, San Jose got little warning of impending disaster (California)


San Jose drowns: 50,000 people are told to leave their homes as entire California neighborhoods sink under water after worst floods for 100 years caused by 'atmospheric river'




Tillerson on Mexico: 2 countries will have differences   (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Revealed: Democrats Behind Mexico City Demonstration Against Tillerson


Rex Tillerson Arrives in Mexico Facing Twin Threats to Relations 


State Department sidelined in first month of Trump presidency




Man attempts to copy girlfriend's suicide hours later




What can defenders of life and family expect from Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch?


Justice Ginsburg Doubtful America Is Becoming Great Again


Supreme Court sides with girl, 13, in dispute over service dog




Turkey-backed rebels in 'near full control' of Al Bab


The Islamic State's Greatest Wish: U.S. Combat Forces in Syria


Syria’s ‘safe zones’ for refugees pose dangers for U.S. alliances




Why China Should Feel Good About Taiwan


Tsai vows to investigate 228 Incident (President Tsai Ing-wen said that the government would take the lead in investigating the 228 Incident and find those accountable for the tragic chapter in the nation’s history. The government will investigate the Incident, present the truth and pursue those who are ...)


Editorial: China tries to use the 228 Incident


Unapproved fungus products removed from shelves


Taiwan drops in trade ranking


Taiwan Wealth Probe Shows Disdain for China-Style One-Party Rule





With Sales Depressed by Soda Tax, Philly Grocers Look to Cut Jobs as Mayor Blames 'Greedy' Soda Industry


Philadelphia soda tax fizzles in first month, layoffs likely: Reports




Linda Sarsour and the Media Supported Synagogue Bombers





There's Nothing Free  (The hidden cost of "saving" jobs through protectionism.)


Republicans look to Trump to help bolster tax on imported goods





Prominent Jesuit priest tweets support for transgender bathrooms to 100k followers


4 Tips For Talking With Your Kids About Transgenderism


Inauguration singer Jackie Evancho leads the celebrity outrage at Trump's reversal of transgender bathroom rules 




Mnuchin to WSJ: Strong Dollar Is Vote of Economic Confidence  (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)


Mnuchin: Tax reform by August…


Mnuchin Must Bring Transparency to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac  


Mnuchin says dollar strength reflects confidence in U.S. economy: WSJ




Turkey finalizing S-400 missile deal with Russia


Ankara police quash protests after mistaking Spanish Narcos theme for ‘Kurdish music’


Turkish Deputy PM rules out granting Syrians citizenship before charter referendum


Over 1,700 arrested over ‘terror propaganda’ via social media across Turkey


Turkish lira hits 6-week high against US dollar


Turkey may become an energy exporter in next 10 years: Minister


Turkey thanks Pakistan for efforts to wipe out Gülenists


Prosecutor’s office concludes main investigation into coup attempt


Turkish justice minister pens letter to US counterpart over Gülen extradition




Uber Criticized by Venture Backers Over Sexual Harassment Allegations


Inside Uber’s Aggressive, Unrestrained Workplace


Uber staff say managers groped their breasts, threatened to beat them with baseball bats and yelled homophobic slurs as Eric Holder investigates sexual harassment 





FTSE 100 ends lower as Barclays gives up rally


‘Weather bomb’: Shocking footage shows planes fight to land at UK airports in Storm Doris (Videos)


Man spat in face of kid: 'White people should not breed'


Estonia’s spy chief warns UK against Russian ‘honeytraps’ for British troops in E. Europe - report


Woman killed by debris as storm batters UK


Why Brexit’s backers think the scaremongers were wrong — in one stock chart


British Prime Minister Theresa May Popular With Americans


British Muslim teacher escorted off US flight hopes it was a mistake


For ‘the Brexit capital of Britain,’ a defining moment Thursday


The Big ‘Brexit’ Winners? Lobbyists and Lawyers





‘The U.S. Is Determined To Stand Up To The UN’s Anti-Israel Bias’


Nazi propaganda on display at UN highlights importance of free press




Boy Doll Completes American Girl’s Transformation Into Bigger Barbie


America is set for one of the warmest February days in 30 YEARS: Temperature records smashed across the country as the US basks in an early spring 




Pope suggests 'better to be atheist than hypocritical Catholic'


Bishop Schneider: Priests ‘have to refuse’ order from bishop to give Communion to adulterers




Venezuela denying trial to US man held since June, case goes to the UN




Walker's proposed welfare reforms should be example (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)



The Presidential Rating Game


Despite the Hysteria, Trump Is Trending Less Authoritarian Than Obama


Trump's Mandate: Make America Prosperous Again


Trump, JFK, and the Masculine Mystique


Sean Spicer: Trump 'Misspoke' on Deportations as 'Military Operation'  (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


Trump's open-door Oval Office


Most Americans embarrassed by President Trump, see him as dishonest and a poor leader: polls


Trump again vows to bring back U.S. jobs, but offers few details


U.S. presidency: It’s Donald Trump vs. Everyone Else


Ivanka Trump, Kushner publicly silent as transgender protections rolled back  (The couple is seen as a moderating force on social issues, but transgender allies want them to take a stand as the new administration rolls back Obama-era rules on school bathrooms.)


Donald Trump Is Much More Resilient Than He Looks (The White House might not be popular, or organized – but it’s populist enough to keep a firm grip on power.)


Trump says new crackdown on undocumented immigrants is a "military operation"


Obama Lawyers Unite to Launch Legal Attacks Against Trump Administration


…Unity! Bannon, Priebus Team Up at Conservative Confab


NYC lowers cost estimate for Trump protection


Trump Just Met With CEOs At The White House -- The Joke He Made About Hillary Had Them In Stitches


Coalition for Jewish Values Condemns Bizarre Anti-Trump Rant by Anne Frank Center Pres


CPAC is a chance for President Trump to display a unified White House


Olympic bid offers Trump a symbolic chance at 'winning again'


Steve Harvey: 'So-called friends' have 'eaten me alive' for Trump meeting


Trump's approval rating stands at 51, 48, 42, 41 or 38 per cent - but it all depends on which pollster you believe 


Trump lifts Obama-era directive on transgender bathrooms


'I wasn't sidelined, I was looking after my kids!' Kellyanne Conway makes her TV return on Hannity to deny reports she'd been yanked out of on air appearances after giving out wrong information 


Who will emcee the White House correspondents’ dinner?


Conservatives remain unsure of Trump after divisive 2016 election season


Trump appears to be losing his war with the media


Trump vows to cut waste in first budget


Trump should try acting a bit more vice presidential


Ivanka cuts the rent of her two-bedroom Upper East Side condo in a Trump building after struggling to find a tenant - but it'll still cost you $13,000 a month





Chinese Influence Over Hollywood to Be Tested in WTO Negotiations


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