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Thursday, February 22, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




No Woman Has Constitutional Right to Abortion, Says West Virginia Senate


Vice President Mike Pence Tells CPAC: “I Was Honored to Vote to Help States Defund Planned Parenthood”


Catholic Bishop: No Communion For Pro-Abort Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), He Persists in 'Manifest Grave Sin'


Catholic Bishop Denies Communion to Pro-Abortion Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin: “Until He Repents of His Sin”


US Stands Beside China, N. Korea on Abortion, While Pro-Choice Groups Preach Compassion


Attorney General Spied On Pro-Lifers And Created Fake Identity To Try To Win A Case


Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Displays in Texas, Iowa


Multimillionaire Abortionist Compares Pro-lifers to Taliban


Cecile Richards Lies in Face of FBI Probe, Says Planned Parenthood “Acquitted” of Illegally Selling Aborted Baby Parts


Planned Parenthood Attacks Trump Judicial Nominee for Being White


Pro-Life People Who Went Into Abortion Clinic to Offer Women Alternatives Found Guilty of Trespassing


South Carolina moves one step closer to protecting preborn babies as ‘persons’


California claims it can't promote abortion without pro-life centers


Planned Parenthood Exposed Botching Another Abortion, Rushes Woman to Hospital


Catholic school board upholds pro-life motion, bucks pressure from Catholic teachers’ union


Young Woman Says Her Immigration Lawyers Pressured Her to Get an Abortion


University Declares Pro-Life Display Controversial, Banishes It to Hidden “Free Speech Zone”


Abortion rights group endorses congressional candidate who talks about her own unplanned pregnancy


Judge Lets Abortion Clinics Throw Aborted Babies in the Trash or Sewer


Google Maps is navigating women away from abortion clinics


Appeals Court Forces Kansas to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Supreme Court to hear anti-abortion and free speech case: A breakdown of NIFLA v. Becerra


Young Woman Says Her Immigration Lawyers Pressured Her to Get an Abortion


Ireland Cabinet agrees to draft legislation on abortion referendum





Work on Afghan Section of TAPI Gas Pipeline to Begin Friday


Can Iran and Afghanistan cooperate to bring an oasis back from the dead?


Afghanistan Unveils Plans for Controversial Militia Force


Afghanistan's ArtLords daub walls with messages of defiance, hope




Church Building Demolished in Zanzibar, Tanzania


Don’t Make African Nations Borrow Money to Support Refugees


Nigeria: Boko Haram jihadis attack village, seize girls — 2 girls dead, 76 rescued


Nervous in North Africa 




Delta passengers rage over 12-hour 's–tshow' on delayed plane



ASX gains on banks and miners


Australian dollar dragged into yield spread abyss


Here's why the Australian dollar's unlikely to plunge despite higher US bond yields


Suckers suffer as ASX tech push turns sour


Massive dust storm turns entire town orange


Planned Power Chaos





Ford Names New North America President in Leadership Shuffle


‘Inappropriate Behavior’ Cited as Ford Ousts Executive





The Latest: Montenegro police: US embassy bomb not terrorism


Breaking: US Embassy 'UNDER ATTACK' by grenade throwing assailant in Montenegro




Pence: 'Make No Mistake About It, We're Going To Build That Wall' (Vice-President Mike Pence)




TSX drags despite oil rally; Canadian dollar loses ground


Why Justin Trudeau Is Being Snubbed in India (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Toronto new-home sales down 48% from January 2017


Invitation to attempted murderer throws cloud over Trudeau's India visit


India-Canada relations at ‘rock bottom’ after Trudeau invitation error, ex-Liberal cabinet minister says


Trudeau: People who are cynical about institutions are ‘lazy’


Terry Glavin: Trudeau's tour of embarrassment could have been worse. Maybe


Police arrest suspect in fatal shooting near U of T’s Scarborough campus


What we know about Jaspal Atwal, the attempted murderer invited to dine with Trudeau


'Very doubtful' 3-year-old swept into Grand River near Orangeville, Ont., will be found alive, OPP say


Former kids’ baseball coach faces more sexual abuse charges


Is Trudeau ‘hobnobbing’ with terrorists? Why India doesn’t trust Canada all that much




Forced To Resign For Her Faith, This Magistrate Sued The State And Won


Sorry, Joy Behar, prayer and belief are not mental illnesses




Comedian Who Called Trump the ‘Dumbest President Ever’ to Perform at White House Correspondents’ Dinner




ASEAN, China Plan First Joint Naval Training in 2018


Chinese go on $186 billion spending spree to celebrate New Year




N.Korea Increasingly Squeezed by Sanctions


New N.Korean Missile Poses Fresh Threat


Ivanka rekindles hopes for US-North Korea talks


North Korea makes a new stride toward peace talks


Pence Speaks at CPAC: Rebukes Media Glorification of Kim Jong Un’s Sister (Vice-President Mike Pence/ Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un) 


North Korea spy chief, accused in deadly attacks on South Korea, to lead Olympic delegation at closing ceremony




Fate of ‘Dreamers’ May Be Decided by These Five Issues





Backfire: Last Night's Gun Control Rally on CNN Will Energize Second Amendment Supporters


CNN’s Shameful Town Hall Is A Clarifying Moment On Guns


Sheriff: Deputy didn't enter school during shooting


CNN Lets Students Attack Dana Loesch as a Bad Mother at Town Hall on Guns


CNN Denies Planting 'Scripted' Questions At Town Hall -- Video Evidence Makes Their Entire Explanation Fall Apart


CNN, Jake Tapper Face Growing Criticism Over ‘Abusive’ Anti-Gun ‘Show Trial’


Trump Weighs In On CNN Gun Safety Town Hall: 'Fake News' -- 'What I Said Was...'


CNN Town Hall Crowd JEERS Rape Survivor Who Supports The Second Amendment


Fla. shooting survivor says CNN rejected town hall armed guards question: 'It ended up being all scripted'


Rubio’s intense exchange with father of a Fla. shooting victim, annotated  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


Angry dad confronts Rubio: 'My daughter ... was shot in the back' 


Senator Marco Rubio is called 'pathetically weak' as he refuses to support an assault weapon ban during Town Hall meeting with Florida massacre victims and families of the 17 who died last week 


Rubio argument against banning semi-automatic rifle cut off by audience applause for ban


Florida victim's mother challenges NRA spox: Why isn't my son's right to life as protected as gun rights?


Marco Rubio's response called "pathetically weak" by shooting victim's father


Florida sheriff to NRA spokeswoman: You are not standing up for survivors of school shooting


 They've spoken. We're listening


Florida sheriff comes out against arming teachers: 'Teachers should teach'


Marco Rubio Is Jeered and Lectured During Town Hall Discussion on Gun Control





Toys 'R' Us May Close 200 More Stores


GE eyes $4 billion in asset sales, has no plans to sell stock: CFO


As firms reveal CEO-to-worker pay ratios, some worry about employee reactions




Menendez-Linked Florida Doctor Salomon Melgen Sentenced to 17 Years (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)


Texas Democrat Found Guilty on All Charges in Fraud Trial


School shooting suspect could lose public defender after reports of $800K inheritance


Woman reportedly sued by bank after ATM dished out $100 bills instead of $5s


A New York Murder, a Conviction, and a Never-Ending Case




Searching for Gun Violence Solutions That Don't Collectivize Punishment


Americans Aren’t Convinced Stricter Gun Control Laws Will Decrease Violent Crime


Mayor: Man Crashed Car Into Middlesex Hospital Entrance, Set Himself On Fire


Students Across US Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Up High Schools


The Florida School Shooting: Typical Leftist Exploitation


Slain football coach ran 'toward danger': Sheriff


School shooter threatened others with a gun, first host family told police


NRA CEO blames 'failures' for school shooting


5 impassioned moments from shooting survivors and parents


Cops thought they saw the gunman on security cameras. It turns out he'd already left.


Why the Parkland kids might be different


Dinesh D’Souza ‘truly sorry’ after mocking crying school shooting survivors


Viral lies swirl as survivors of Florida school shooting become victims of conspiracy theories


Maryland officer killed trying to aid woman in domestic incident, officials say


Teacher allegedly had sex with student in class during school


Decades’ worth of rape kits are finally being tested. No one can agree on what to do next.


Sheriff: Two AR-15 rifles found in home after student's threat


Ohio student dies after shooting himself in school bathroom, officials say


Teacher arrested after police say they found seven pounds of date rape drug in his apartment


Woman shunned by Jehovah’s Witnesses kills entire family: cops


Middle school teacher busted in hotel room with teen girl




Border Patrol Steps Up Searches Far Away From the Border




Obama faces progressive backlash for tweet honoring the late Rev. Billy Graham


William Shatner demands Democrat remove his photo from campaign newsletter: ‘Am I clear?’


Critics are wrong: Obamas' presidential portraits a huge success




Special counsel Mueller files new charges in Manafort, Gates case  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


The Special Counsel Is Looking At The Wrong Administration


The Paradoxes of the Mueller Investigation


Exclusive: Top DOJ official Rachel Brand fires back at claims she bolted over Mueller probe concerns


Attorney general in hot seat again after new Trump tweet  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Trump Tells DOJ to Write New Regulation Effectively Outlawing Bump-Fire Stocks


Indictment Reveals Russian Influence Operation Primarily Targeted Clinton




Dow logs a gain, but stock market ends off highs; Nasdaq marks longest skid in a year


Wall Street climbs as interest rate concerns ease


U.S. Stocks End Mixed as Bonds Gain, Dollar Slumps: Markets Wrap


Dollar faces fresh bout of weakness as Treasury yields slip


U.S. jobless claims near 45-year low as economic outlook brightens


10-year Treasury yield pulls back from 4-year high as investors dip toe into bond market


Gold books slight gain as dollar softens


Asian stocks slip as U.S. rate worries sour sentiment


Asia Stocks Slip With U.S. Futures, Yen Rallies: Markets Wrap


Bitcoin falls below $10k as euphoric rally peters out


Fake photo tells the truth about NY’s pathetic ‘economic development’ schemes


Here’s why stock-market investors need to keep an eye on the yield curve




Florida House passes bill requiring ‘In God We Trust’ posted in all public schools


Study: As Nations Grow More Equal, STEM Gender Gap Widens


It’s Time To Disband DC’s Public School System Once And For All


U. Minnesota Threatened With Lawsuit for Refusing to Host Ben Shapiro at Central Campus Venue


Florida Students March to False Gun Message


Focus on Student Success Increases Well-Being


All of West Virginia's public schools are closed due to a teacher walk-out over pay


Valuing Learning, Wherever It Occurs


4th -grader asks sheriff for more school security


Texas School District Threatens to Suspend Students Who Protest After Florida Shooting


School Chief Threatens to Punish Student Protesters Who Skip Classes by...Banning Them from Attending Classes (Texas)


What Left-Wing Educators Don’t Teach During ‘Black History Month’


Bloomberg-Funded Group Announces New Student Gun Control Group in Wake of Parkland Shooting


Todd Starnes: Ohio sheriff offers free concealed carry training to school teachers


Delaware Proposal Would Let Students ‘Choose’ Their Race, Gender Without Parental Consent


'We need to be able to defeat any threat': Broward County sheriff's deputies will now carry AR-15 rifles on SCHOOL GROUNDS after Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz killed 17 with the same semi-automatic weapon


U. Vermont Students Demand Administrators Resign Over Failure to Meet Diversity Demands




Egypt: Muslim TV host hands out chocolates to celebrate downing of Israeli F-16




Sorry: Trump’s campaign wasn’t competent enough to pull off collusion




Learn what's at stake in the 2018 midterms




Oil turns higher after unexpected inventory drop


Energy Prices 




Trump administration to send advanced anti-tank missiles to help defend Ukraine





European stocks pare losses into the close as Wall Street rallies


Iranian Christians, Other Religious Minorities, Turn to Austria for Help After U.S. Denies Asylum 


Swedish Security Service: Number of jihadis has gone from hundreds to thousands in just a few years


Europeans rip Trump on climate change, import record amounts of U.S. coal




Euthanasia Activists Want to Expand Assisted Suicide to Children and Mentally Disabled People




Judicial Watch: 'The FBI Needs to be Shut Down,' Transferred to U.S. Marshals Service



FBI’s stonewalling on Nunes memo underscores bureau’s commitment to protecting image (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)





FCC officially repeals net neutrality rules




Time to End America's Foreign Policy Losing Streak




France's first mixed-race Joan of Arc hit by torrent of racist abuse


Macron eyes action against Chinese buyers of French farmland (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Emmanuel Macron Wants YOU for the French Army


Paris bounces back as visitor numbers hit record high




Germany: Mass protests spreading against Merkel and Muslim migration (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Pensioner rearrested after stabbing three refugees in 'politically motivated' attack


Germany’s bishops approve Communion for Protestant spouses




NLRB Memo: James Damore Manifesto Was 'Sexual Harassment' and Google Was Right to Fire Him


Former Googler: I was fired for comments on 'white male privilege'




Backing Down to the Parkland Kids Won’t Save the GOP


Florida G.O.P. Faces Growing Pressure to Act on Gun Control





Trump Releases Obamacare Hostages





YouTube star who claims veganism healed her breast cancer dies from disease


Healthcare Spending to Reach $5.7 Trillion by 2026





‘Parks and Rec’ Cast, Crew Accuse NRA of Promoting ‘Pro-Slaughter Agenda’


Black Panther, White Suckers


George Clooney’s Publicist Set Up Media Interviews With Parkland Shooting Kids




Dem congressional wannabe calls rival 'crusty old Marine'


Woman in affair that brought down ex-GOP Rep. Murphy announces House run


Al Jazeera Spy Operation on U.S. Jews Sparks Congressional Investigation


Former MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Announces Bid for Congress in New York


GOP congresswoman: Many mass murderers ‘end up being Democrats’




Immigrants Group Sues Trump for Ending Refugee Program


Balancing Justice and Mercy: Seven Ideas to Fix the Illegal Alien Problem in America



ICE director hits back at California Dems: 'I'm enforcing laws that they enacted'





China Encroaches on India’s Sphere of Influence




Indonesia mobilizes to combat health-damaging forest fires





Don't Expect President Trump to Invade Iran


Senior Iranian Official Mohsen Rezai Threatens To Annihilate Tel Aviv If Israel Takes The 'Smallest Step' Against Iran


Iran’s Intensifying War with Israel




Islam Must Be Stopped


Infidel Women: Islam’s “Spoils of War”




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Thursday, February 22, 2018)


Palestinian prisoners’ internal court: Snitches get killed


"Palestine is My Valentine," PA Security Forces spokesman erases all of Israel


IDF, US troops get ready for drill to simulate massive missile attack on Israel  (Israel Defense Forces)


Graham: Iran should be held accountable for Lebanon's attacks on Israel   (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Palestinian man dies in Israeli custody, family blames severe beating during arrest


Police seeking to question Netanyahu in Bezeq, submarine probes — report (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israel as a Partisan Issue (The Democrats have ceded Israel to the GOP for future political gain.)


Interior minister questioned for 8th time in corruption probe


Palestinian Journalist Syndicate condemns Israeli detention of reporter during protest


Palestinian tries to attack soldiers, dies after he is shot at, beaten


‘Torture of Detainees, Children Pervasive in Israel’ Says Amnesty Intl Report


New appointments push Supreme Court to the right


Justice Minister continues Supreme Court reform with two new picks


Israeli soldiers, settlers raid Palestinian town to perform religious rituals


Israel appoints first female ultra-Orthodox judge


Watch: Two US Congressmen Detained on Temple Mount for Picking Up Olive Branch


Qatari envoy calls for emergency aid to Gaza


Did archaeologists just uncover biblical prophet's seal?


African asylum seekers hope love of Israel can win them stay of deportation  


U.N.: Hamas could lose control of Gaza to ‘radicals’


Israeli military investigating Palestinian's death in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  confrontation


Palestinian farmers evacuate lands as Israeli forces open fire in southern Gaza


Antisemitic Fatah op-ed: Shakespeare`s Shylock was an accurate description of the Jews


Watch: Arab protesters hurl eggs at US delegation in Ramallah


PA police rescue US delegation egged by protesters in Ramallah


A Former Peace Negotiator Muses on Trump and the Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process


Election talk mounts as Bibi cuts lonely figure (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu vs. the Left’s Deep State


Abbas threatens U.S. with 'terrorists' (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)





Japan spots another suspicious transfer to North Korean tanker on East China Sea




Left: Trump move to ban bump stocks, expand background checks is terrible because NRA supports it





Malaysia: Publisher on trial for publishing Irshad Manji book that says “God is love,” which is “un-Islamic”




Media Stacking the Deck for Gun Control Following Florida Shooting


CBS Taps Margaret Brennan to Host ‘Face the Nation’


American Media Fails the Public, Conservative Critics Argue


NBC News Op-Ed: Efforts to Colonize Mars Driven by ‘Male Entitlement,’ ‘Patriarchy’


Woman threatened online after CNN publicly confronts her for 'siding' with Russian trolls


The Media Is Lying To The Parkland Survivors


'Media love mass shootings': NRA responds after shooting


Another Misfire at the New York Times


NY Daily News cover shows Trump with NRA duct tape over his mouth


Mark Levin to Host New Show on Fox News Channel Debuting Feb. 25




Exclusive: As Trump trashes NAFTA, Mexico turns to Brazilian corn


Mexican Army Arrives in Tijuana to Quell Cartel Violence


Reports of injuries in ferry explosion in Mexico




Saudi Arabia to invest $64 billion in entertainment sector over coming decade





Three-Quarters of Young Americans Don’t Qualify for Military Service


Fate of Trump’s transgender military ban still unclear


DARPA Seeks to Expand Real-Time Radiological Threat Detection to Include Other Dangers


America Needs to Think About the Next War—Before It's Too Late


US Ready for Possible Space Wars - National Security Advisor


Star Wars: Why US, Russia, China Make a Big Deal Out of Hitting Satellites


US to Jettison Spy Planes, Satellites Due to Russian, Chinese Missiles - Reports


‘Americans leave behind scorched earth’: US refuses to clean up ‘carcinogenic’ waste at Azores base


DoD: Russian Su-57 Fighter Jets Pose No Threat to Coalition Operations in Syria


National Guard Exploited with Food Photo-Op by Terror-Related ICNA


U.S. vs. China in South China Sea


Naval Academy investigating drug use among midshipmen


Navy offers incentives to entice sailors into longer forward-deployed tours


Get ready for the era of hypersonic flight – at 5 times the speed of sound


Fort Bragg troops urged to seek help as Herschel Walker shares his own struggles




Space Council works to speed up launch approvals





Does NOAA Alter Temperature Data to Fit Global-warming Agenda?




China scare spreads to New Zealand




Slovenian army fails NATO combat readiness test




Eight Hundred Christian Families Flee For Their Lives Amid Fears Of Islamic Mob Violence After Muslims Accuse Christian Man Of ‘Blasphemy’



Pakistan silent on Saudi Arabia troop deployment


Did Trump Fail to Put Pakistan on the Terror Finance Watch List?


Pakistan's economic diplomacy consists of little more than seeking financing from multilateral lenders





Teacher Retirement Funds in 12 States Hold Gun Company Stocks





Duterte to China: ‘If you want, just make us a province’  (President Rodrigo Duterte)




Le Pen niece to US conservatives: our far-right movement stands with you


Email reveals CPAC talking points on its most controversial speakers


Tea party pushed to Trump’s shadow at CPAC


Youth demanding to be heard in U.S. political discourse




Arrest made in shooting death of postal worker in Dallas, reports say




SF’s Trans Inmates Can Now Specify Gender Identity of Deputy Conducting Search, Pronoun, Housing





Billy Graham preached Gospel truth on life, marriage, and family, in season and out


Study shows far-reaching impact of Billy Graham


Here are details for Billy Graham's funeral: A viewing at the US Capitol and a private service in NC


Billy Graham's impact praised by Baptist leaders


Teen Vogue columnist slammed for vile attack on Billy Graham


Blessings and Backlash Over Billy Graham, 1918-2018


Billy Graham’s kids and their ‘awkward’ relationship with an absent father


Pat Boone: Billy Graham tried to tell the world 'our answers reside with God'


Today’s evangelicals could learn a lot from Billy Graham


Billy Graham truly was ‘America’s pastor’





Company run by Trump associate has received $75,000 from Republican National Committee





Report: Russia Using Syria’s Civil War to Showcase Its Stealth Jet Sukhoi 57


Russian Reactions To The Mueller Indictment: If 13 Unknown Russians Could Influence The US Elections, That Is Powerful PR For Russia


Moscow brokers provisional Turkish-Syrian truce in Afrin


On Russia, Democrats Try To Rewrite History


Russia bans US diplomats from observing 2018 presidential election


Russian senator chides US for failing to mop up pro-IS factions, hurling baseless claims


Russia’s Baltic Fleet to get advanced S-400 air defense missile systems in 2018


Russians hacked the English language too? US establishment's guide to ‘spy’ language


Shooting down Su-57 from MANPADS is impossible - expert


Iraq Returns 27 Russian Children Home From Islamic State


Russia Ranks 135th   in Transparency International's World Corruption Index


Is it safe to serve in the Russian Army? 





I Bought A Military Rifle At Age Nine. That Was Normal, And There Were No Mass Shootings


NRA Stands by Opposition to Raising Gun Ownership Age


Assault Weapons Preserve the Purpose of the Second Amendment


We Don't Need a National Conversation about Guns (or Anything Else)


NRA goes on the offensive after Parkland shooting, assailing media and calling for more armed school security


Why is only one side in the gun culture war required to show respect?


Why won’t pro-lifers act against our deadly gun culture?





SEC Updates Cyber Attack Disclosure Guidance for Companies 





Sen. Graham: UN Peace Keeping Force in Lebanon a ‘Miserable Failure’  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Lisa Murkowski Ponders GOP Resistance to Climate Change (US Senator of Alaska Lisa Murkowski (R)


More Gun Control Not the Answer, Ted Cruz Insists  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Warren Neglected Harvard Native American Group As Faculty Member  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Chuck Grassley: Senate Democrats are trying to stall Trump's nominations by rewriting the history of 'blue slips'   (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) Took $120K From Lobbyists Despite Anti-Special Interest Stance





California Dem State Senator Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Allegations




Some conservative media figures complain after Twitter suspends thousands of suspected bot accounts


Facebook needs to kill its new chat app for kids





Moon reviews GM plant shutdown debacle (President Moon Jae-in)


Joint drill to complicate US-North Korea dialogue






Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Fined $600,000 for Tanking Comments


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





Trump Administration Ready to Scrap Envoy to Anti-ISIS Coalition




A Supreme Court shaped by Trump could decide gun control




Saudi Arabia, UAE call on Syria to end Ghouta aerial bombardment


Syrian Opposition Website Shows Hizbullah's Drones


Al-Qaeda Leader to Syrian Jihadists: 'Settle' Into 'Perhaps Decades'-Long Battle


Syrian conflict 101: A 2018 guide to the main factions


The Latest: Syria's Assad meets Russian envoy amid violence  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


When No Place Is Safe: Sheltering Under Siege in Syria





As China Puts Pressure on Taiwan, Signs of a U.S. Pushback


U.S. think tank describes Chinese attack plan against Taiwan


Taiwan to ban plastic straws, cups by 2030


First bitcoin robbery in Taiwan leads to four arrests


Taiwan moves up in global corruption index





Tesla Wants to Help You Charge Your Electric Car at the Office





Williams announces hiatus after Graves' disease diagnosis 




New ISIS Propaganda Calls on Fanatics to ‘Burn America’ and Attack London





Neo-Ottoman jihad aggression: Turkish coast guard vessel rams Greek patrol boat


Dutch parliament recognizes Armenian genocide, escalating row with Turkey


Refugee returns expected after Afrin operation: Turkey


Syrian Militias Enter Afrin, Dealing a Setback to Turkey




Unions Appeal Right to Work in Kentucky





FTSE 100 closes in negative territory as BAT, BAE Systems slump


Did Jeremy Corbyn Meet with Communist Spies?  (It seems that the British Labor powerhouse has a few red skeletons in his closet.)


Package sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle treated as a racist hate crime


UK MP’s endorse Muslim candidate who claimed Islamic State doesn’t exist and 9/11 was a Western plot


150 years ago, the UK’s first and only Jewish leader changed politics forever


Who you gonna blame? Five times Britain used the Russian bogeyman in just the last 3 months




Haley issues strong call to UN Security Council to get aid to Syria's Eastern Ghouta region (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Seattle Residents Complained About A 'Confederate Flag' In Their Town Square. It Was Actually The Flag Of Norway.


All-time record heat hits eastern US





Hungry Venezuelan Workers Are Collapsing. So Is the Oil Industry





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump Mulls Pulling Some Federal Agents From California


Trump calls active shooter drills 'a very negative thing'


Playboy model’s personal notes detailing alleged affair with Trump written 10 years later


Legal status of Melania Trump's parents raises questions about 'chain migration'


Trump Opens Door to National Gun Registry…


Trump suggests bonuses for armed teachers in effort to prevent shootings


Trump Vows to Push Comprehensive Background Checks and ‘Raise Age to 21’


Donald Trump's Listening Session With Mass Shooting Survivors Was Really Powerful


Time For President Trump To Convene A Bletchley Park-Type Setting To Tackle Cyber Jihad


Judicial Picks Key to Deregulation, Reining in Bureaucracy, White House Counsel Says


Trump doubles down on arming some teachers, praises NRA leadership


Trump expresses support for arming teachers in ‘listening session’


Trump promises change on gun laws following Florida mass shooting


Trump holds listening session with students on mass shootings


Did Melania Trump’s parents benefit from ‘chain migration?’


‘Fix it’: Students and parents tell Trump to address gun violence at schools


Are you serious about gun control, Mr. Trump? Prove it.


How long can Trump hold the line on guns?  


Reporters have spent 50 percent more time waiting around for White House briefings to start  




Candace Owens Video: White Guilt: a Trend that Needs to Die


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