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Tuesday, February 20, 2018





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Planned Parenthood Posts Racist Tweet Opposing Pro-Life Judicial Nominee Just Because He’s White


State Sen. Foreman to 'Safe Sex' Lobbyists: 'Abortion Is Murder ... What You Guys Do Stinks'


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas declares that the Supreme Court loves to defend abortion, but not the Second Amendment


New Jersey Forces Taxpayers To Fund Planned Parenthood


New Jersey Passes Bill Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Report: New York Attorney General’s Office Teamed With Woman Using Fake Facebook Profile To Target Pro-Life Advocates


New York Attorney General’s Office Runs Fake Facebook Profile to Spy on Pro-Life Advocates


Abortion centers sue to reverse Ohio’s new ban on aborting babies with Down Syndrome


Gerber baby spotlights Down syndrome abortion fight


YouTube Censors Video Exposing Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Agenda Hours After Its Release


Abortion bill on Isle of Man raises multiple concerns, critics say


Senator Kamala Harris Protests “Slaughter” of Babies in School Shooting, But Supports Abortion


Kansas legislative committees vote to expand Medicaid, boost telemedicine without abortion


Frustrated That 45 Years Later We Still Haven’t Banned Abortions? Then Consider This


Jury Convicts Pro-Lifers Of Trespassing At Michigan Abortion Clinic


Car With 15-Year-Old Scheduled for Abortion Pulls Up to Pro-Lifers, Then the Driver Said Something Shocking


Nonprofit launches ad campaign amid abortion clinic appeal (A Texas-based nonprofit has put up several ads in northern Indiana in response to efforts opposing its proposed abortion clinic.)


South Carolina Committee Passes Bill to Define Unborn Baby as a Person and Ban Abortions


State senator rebuffs Planned Parenthood activists: ‘Abortion is murder’

Trump's budget is an unmitigated disaster for abortion rights and reproductive health


Abortion Clinic Launches Billboards Saying “Women Need Abortions Without Shame or Stigma”


Anti-Choice Protesters Bullied, ‘Buttonholed’ Abortion Patients at New York Clinic


Poll Shows Public Opposes Scotland Government’s Plans to Promote Dangerous Abortion Pill


Good luck explaining your abortion vote high-fives to your constituents, senators


I Want To Tell You What It’s Like To Get An Abortion At 17 Weeks, Because It Matters


Conservatives are only ‘pro life’ when it comes to abortion


Kansas GOP Leaders Support Abortion Amendment Effort


CSUN may soon offer the abortion pill (California could become the first state to require every public university to provide medical abortion, more commonly known as the abortion pill, within their healthcare centers mandated under legislation.)


Argentine Women Demand Legalization of Abortion at Congress


On day one, new Irish bishop comes out strong for the unborn




IS-run terror camps used to recruit Afghan youth, says CIS Anti-Terrorism Center chief


Deadly bombings leave Afghan street cleaners a gruesome task




Kenya prevents two opposition activists from traveling abroad




Why are foreign banks fleeing Vietnam?




Here’s the Sinister Way Euthanasia Activists Get People to Support Assisted Suicide



ASX ends flat after late surge


Australian Dollar Rises; Wages in Focus as Interest Rate Parity Looms


Trumponomics and the surprisingly strong Australian dollar


What happened when this Melbourne school banned mobile phones


Second man charged after gunfire rocks suburbia


Australia's deputy PM loses support of state branch over affair


Australia: Ex-Muslim forced to wear niqab for years says “I hate the niqab”




Scientists Make Human-Animal Hybrids That are Part Animal and Part Human Being




Babies Born to Unmarried Women: Miss. 53.2%; La. 52%; N.M. 51.1%... 




TSX Ends Negative


Hijab hailed in Canadian mall in ICNA-hosted outreach


Outbursts disrupt packed courtroom at Cormier trial as Crown closes its case


Toddler's leg crushed by escalator at Vancouver airport


Judge strikes down mandatory minimum sentence for Indigenous woman in drug trafficking case


Housing crunch could drain Toronto talent pool


Juror diagnosed with PTSD launches $100K lawsuit against 2 governments


York Region police issue clarification after officer tells students ‘doobies make boobies’


Not always illegal to yell FHRITP at female reporters, judge rules dismissing case


Doctor who denied sex abuse by saying his belly was too big loses licence


'We are unable to conduct safe obstetric care': Pregnant women urged to leave town to deliver


Jennifer Wells: Treatment of Sears Canada pensioners a ‘travesty’ that demands action


Ontario tables bill to fight Buy American protectionism


Canadians borrowing against their houses at the fastest pace in years, data shows


Wholesale sales fell unexpectedly in December, Statistics Canada says


Trudeau announces Canadian-Indian investment deal worth $1 billion (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Former Ontario Tory leader Patrick Brown discussed $375,000 deal with future PC candidate


The world is wondering whether Trudeau just got snubbed in India


Canada steel, aluminum industry hopes for exemption to U.S. crackdown on imports




Trump, Republicans push low-cost ObamaCare alternatives as Dems fume


Beginning to find sense on gun control




Thousands Protest Bahar’s Comparison of Christianity to Mental Illness


In Mocking Christians, Bully Bigot Joy Behar Claims She Was Only Joking




Munich did nothing to appease Cold War 2.0 fears




The Naked And The Dead: Chinese Government Cracks Down On Stripping At Funerals


The Chinese Century?


China Plans New Duty-Free Zone Along N.Korean Border


Is China really threatening the US with nuclear weapons?




North Korea making progress on new nuclear reactor: report


North Korea and Kim Jong Un: Meet the known key players in the regime




Still Lacking Evidence Of Collusion, Democrats Move The Goalposts


NRCC Outraises DCCC in Record-Breaking January


What's next for DACA recipients as deadline approaches?


Dreamers' nightmare? Congress in deadlock




The Story of a Patriot Who Fought the Con-Con in South Dakota





Smucker's Announces $1000 Employee Bonuses, $20M Added to Employee Pensions


Albertsons, Rite Aid deal creates US supermarket and healthcare giant




How the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Could Derail Trump’s Agenda


Pennsylvania court issues new congressional map


Few states let courts take guns from people deemed a threat


Were Arrests Made to Solve Crimes, or to Get Extra Pay? (A federal trial in Brooklyn is set for four officers who face accusations that they made a false arrest to increase their income, a practice known as collars for dollars. The implications could be far-reaching.)




Fail: Student Had AR-15 In State With Assault Weapon Ban; Had Grenades, C-4 Land Mine Detonator


88-Year-Old Korean War Vet Uses His Bare Hands To Fight Off Five-Man Gang Attacking Woman


Fact Check: Have Over 1,600 ‘Mass Shootings’ Occurred Since Sandy Hook?


Sick trolls attack dad of Florida shooting victim over Trump 2020 shirt


Did the Progressive 'Broward County Solution' Cost 17 Student Lives?


Guns didn't raise red flag for shooter's host family


Deputy prays at bedside of teen injured in school shooting


There Is Only One Sure Way to Stop School Shootings


MS-13 thug accused of brandishing AK-47 at passing cars


Seventh-grader shoots self at Ohio middle school; no one else hurt


Army awards heroism medals to JROTC cadets killed in Florida school shooting


Florida school hopes to resume classes Feb. 27


Video shows high school gunman fighting with students


‘Selfless service’: JROTC remembers three members slain in high school shooting


School shooting suspect had access to 10 firearms


The lives we’ve lost in mass shootings — again


Russian Bots Moved Quickly to Exploit the Florida Shooting


5th  child shot in Jacksonville in 2 weeks


Bodies of twin babies found inside suitcase in ditch


School Shootings Put Teachers in New Role as Human Shields


Copycat school shooting threats sweep across the country as 14-year-old boy 'promises round three on Florida' and dozens of other kids are arrested nationwide




Carnival to probe "all aspects" of cruise ship brawl




Prager U Video: Ami Presents: Communist Manifesto or Democratic Party Platform?


Hacker doubles down: It WAS Seth Rich who took DNC files




How will Democrats handle their blue-collar blues?


Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders under fire as Russian indictments reopen old wounds for Democrats


Calif. lawmaker who led #MeToo push faces new sexual harassment accusation




Departing DOJ Official: Department Couldn't 'Continue to Sit Idly by' During Attacks on Free Speech


The Russian Collusion Investigation as Therapy


Chasing Windmills with Deadly Consequences  (The rot and stench at the FBI and DOJ goes far beyond what they did do to what they didn’t do.)


Mueller Charges Oligarch German Khan's Son-in-Law in Russia Probe


Lawyer charged with lying in US probe of Russia election role


What Robert Mueller & the Russians He Indicted Share in Common (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


Mueller threatening new charges against Paul Manafort in bid to deplete ‘resources,’ attorney says Mueller reportedly crossing Trump ‘red line,’ investigating Kushner’s business dealings




Trump again seeks to end funding for earthquake early warning system




U.S. Stocks Fall With Treasuries, Dollar Climbs


Walmart's stock exacts more than 70-point toll from Dow industrials in late trade


Dow snaps 6-day win streak as Walmart suffers worst point drop on record


Dow, S&P snap winning streak as Walmart weighs


Gold marks steepest daily drop in 1 1/2 years as dollar gathers steam


Asian stocks slip after European surge fades, dollar edges up


Asian Stocks Fall; Dollar Rises With Bond Yields: Markets Wrap


The Economy Is Booming


2-year Treasury yield extends breathless climb to 9-year high after debt auction




Students’ Anti-Gun Views


Hypocrisy, Inc. (Teachers’ union leaders grandstand about evil corporations while drawing fat salaries.)


Forgiveness, Sin, Civility and Sexual Harassment


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Thinks Some College Title IX Trials Are Unfair to the Accused


Mediating Sexual Assault


Shock: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Comes To Defense Of College Students Accused Of Sexual Assault


America’s IR Schools Are Broken


Should Names of Campus Buildings Reflect Student Demographics?


The Best International Relations Schools in the World


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says Colleges Treat Sexual Misconduct Allegations Unfairly


Experts: Universities Need to be Transparent About Money Received from Confucius Institutes


Colorado state rep, Columbine survivor, pushes to end gun-free zones in schools


Idaho senator shouts at students lobbying for birth control


Penn State students raise more than $10M in dance marathon


Harvard Law professor wants ‘Children’s Crusade’ for gun control, lower voting age


Confronting school shootings


A not-so-radical first step for stopping school shootings


New York University professor calls out 'MAGA maggots who are feasting on the corpses of murdered schoolchildren' for verbally attacking survivors of the Florida high school shooting massacre




Former DHS Secretary: Hackers Could Delete Registered Voters




The Myth That Won't Die: Trump Won Because Putin Wanted Him To


How Russian Trolls Deceived Americans in 2016 Election


Russia Backed Trump. But Was It the Difference?





The political playbook for 2018: Get mad, then get elected




Trump vs. Oprah: The Matchup We Deserve?




U.S. oil benchmark narrows gap with Brent crude


Energy Prices


How a U.S. coal deal warmed Ukraine's ties with Trump




Security Officials Recommended Pruitt Fly First Class (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)




Ukrainian president signs Donbass reintegration law


Europe’s Future Nightmare: The ‘Baby Muhammad’ Jihad


Graft and Crooked Deals Fuel Ukraine’s New War Machine


In laws, rhetoric and acts of violence, Europe is rewriting dark chapters of its past




European stocks revived as euro drops, but HSBC, BHP Billiton updates disappoint


Orban appeals to “patriotic alliance” to fight Soros and save Europe from Islamization




Fatal Bureau of Investigation


A Day at the FBI National Urgent Tipster Emergency Hot-Line Call Center




The Feminist Delusion of Toxic Masculinity




France arrests three linked to Barcelona terror attacks


France no longer EU's 'worst' for international students: report


Alsace: 83 percent of Alsatians back return of their historical region




German War Planes Grounded By Eco-Gas 


Underequipped German army ever less ready for battle, damning report concludes


Nobel laureate who donated prize to rebuild Dresden synagogue and church dies




The world’s efforts to slow climate change aren’t working





Kentucky Gov. Bevin: We Have to Look at What Has Changed in Society; It Isn't the Gun


Pennsylvania GOP slams election-map 'power grab' as 'judicial activism,' will challenge


Republican state senator charged with extorting sex from a page   (Rhode Island)


Don’t blame ‘Washington.’ Blame the GOP.




Resentment Grows Over Who Gets Health Care Aid





George and Amal Clooney donate $500k to march against guns in the US


Michael Moore Took Part in Anti-Trump Rally Authorities Allege Was Organized by Russians


Looks like the only person fooled by Russian ‘meddling’ was Michael Moore - here he is vocally parti




Polish deputy minister urges opening of ‘Polocaust’ museum




Nunes' New Approach To Demand Answers On The Dossier  (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)


Conservatives Want Ryan Out if Amnesty Passes House   (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Six Words From A Town Hall Heckler Stopped Pelosi Dead In Her Tracks  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Nunes Demands Answers From 11 Current and Former Government Officials on Steele Dossier


Top Armed Services Dem hits Trump on military budget




U.S. is separating immigrant families to discourage others, activists say


When the radical agenda meets immigration




Police: Angry mob killed suspects in murder of girl in India




Paying for the nation’s infrastructure needs




Walmart's Online Sales Growth Lags as It Confronts Challenges




Iran: Trump Administration Violating Nuclear Deal


Iran’s  Schemes And Isreal’s Reaction


Under Islamic repression, 'Christianity has ignited like a flame'




Iraqi Archbishop: Muslim “slow-motion genocide” of Christians began 1400 years ago




Cleveland: Imam admits Muhammad married 9-year-old girl, justifies the marriage




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Tuesday, February 20, 2018)


Holocaust had ‘Jewish perpetrators’ too, Polish prime minister tells Israeli media


Netanyahu: Abbas Continues to Run Away from Peace (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Netanyahu confidant inks deal to become state’s witness in Case 4000


Abbas at Security Council calls for a peace conference mid-2018 to recognize Palestine


Chief justice gives police testimony on alleged bribe offer by Netanyahu aide


'We'd consider bringing in other countries to peace talks'  (State Department responds to Abbas: US would consider involvement of other countries in peace talks if it believes it would be helpful.)


Haley to Abbas at UN Security Council: Negotiators Ready, But We Will Not Chase You’ (video)  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


Haley to Abbas: US wants a peace deal but will not ‘chase after you’


Lebanese Journalist: 100 Years After Balfour Declaration, The Arabs Have Failed Where Israel Has Excelled


Netanyahu puts Gaza terror groups on notice after bomb attack


Hamas leaders in disarray, split over mixed signals from Tehran


State asks court for 3-month delay in razing illegal outpost


Palestinian UN diplomat caught on tape glorifying children's rock throwing


After donating organs, soldier killed in crash remembered as giver


Iran slams Sweden for naturalizing ‘Mossad spy’ sentenced to death


Full Transcript: Abbas Urges UN Security Council to Recognize ‘State of Palestine,’ Hand Over Jerusalem


Man dies in gas explosion in Jerusalem; 3 hurt


Shocking: IDF Accused of Coordinating Settlers’ Expulsion with their Arab Neighbors  (Israel Defense Forces)


Snubbed by EU, Israeli cartoons slamming Iran to be displayed in Brussels


Bill will empower police to seize mosque loudspeakers – report


More than 6 mil cubic meters of water stolen in Judea, Samaria


Iran threatens to ‘level Tel Aviv,’ kill Netanyahu if Israel attacks


How Israel and Pakistan Can Avoid a Nuclear Showdown


 How the IDF is preparing for multi-front war


Drug traffickers who impersonated IDF patrols arrested near Egypt


To prevent a war, Israel must create Syria-Iran rift


Linked to Netanyahu probe, Lapid forced to explain his friendship with Milchan 


Exclusive: Trump team briefs Security Council on Mideast peace plan




Evangelicals’ newfound political clout in Latin America unnerves politicians, Catholic Church




No, America: Lebanon is not your friend




Leftist Writer Thinks Black People Should Do This To Whites Who 'Speak Out Of Turn'


We Can’t Have A Debate About Guns If Liberals Keep Lying About Them




CNN talk trash in on-site hunt for Russian trolls


NY Daily News rips Trump for golfing amid funerals for Florida shooting victims


Fox News launching digital streaming service for ‘superfans’


Shepard Smith goes after Trump for not condemning Russia in tweetstorm




Pharma Thinks It Owns Medicare




85 Houthi militants killed and over 100 wounded in past 48 hours


The Dangers of Ignoring Yemen




In Estonia, US Fighter Pilots Train for Next War With ‘One Hand Tied Behind Their Backs’


Mattis: Service Members Need to be Deployable or Find Another Job  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Engine fire forces US F-16 to dump fuel tanks over Japanese lake – reports


Soldier says destiny brought her to serve at Camp Casey, South Korea


Olympians past and present celebrate troops, families at Yongsan Garrison in Seoul


Veterans groups rally behind David Shulkin


Fort Bragg soldiers featured in next episode of National Geographic show 'Chain of Command'




A Realist National Security Strategy




If America Is First, Is NATO Second?




Christian in Pakistan Arrested for ‘Blasphemy’ to Appease Islamist Throng, Sources Say


US bid to put Pakistan on terror financing watch-list falls through


Pakistan: Muslim mob calls for beheading of Christian for “blasphemy,” threatens to burn down Christian homes


Russia will continue to boost Pakistan’s counterterrorism capacity, says FM Lavrov




‘Chinese province of the Philippines?’




Marion Le Pen Is A Great Choice For CPAC




Most Americans say Trump, Congress not doing enough to stop mass shootings




Postal worker found shot to death in mail truck




L.A. County Overwhelmed With Homeless Despite Billions in Tax Measures




76 Reoffend So Far After Louisiana Mass Prison Release





Rush Limbaugh Is More Progressive on Immigration Than Anyone on Capitol Hill. Seriously.


Limbaugh: 'Russia investigation' designed to protect 1 person




Researcher Reports Soviets Created Child-Trafficking Rings in the West for Blackmail


Fighting Russian Interference In American Politics


Russia Becomes Ukraine's Biggest Trading Partner in 2017


Russia works to calm and appease Western partners whose warships enter Black Sea


Russia Reported Ready To Challenge Any U.S. Tariffs On Steel, Aluminum 


Lavrov Blames West For 'Increasing Tensions' In Balkans   (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Russian FM Lavrov: Russophobia Began With The Magnitsky Act, As The West Speculated On His Death To Legitimize Bullying Russia


Russia Admits to 'Dozens' of Casualties in Syria Clashes


Russian Military in Syria Ordered to Jam Phone Signals to Block Drones


Russia to wage war in five spaces


Dozens of Russian, CIS citizens killed & injured in recent clashes in Syria – Foreign Ministry


 Laughing? Not so much. Most Russians just wish the election-tampering story would go away


US show of force sends Russia a message in Black Sea


Stop laughing, Putin (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


'Gays for Putin' Schedule Rally in Support of Russian President  




Israel’s gun policy called validation of NRA’s argument


Is The Second Amendment Worth Dying For?


Florida survivors travel to capital to push for gun control


Top Dallas official pressuring NRA to hold convention elsewhere


Against Gun Control: The ‘I-Want-To’ Factor


Fla. school shooting spurs an urgent push for gun control




US Secret Service denies China nuclear football 'skirmish'





Exclusive: Mike Lee Says Debt Will Doom America -- Unless We Take These Actions (US Senator of Utah Mike Lee (R)


Is A Former Feinstein Staffer Running Fusion GPS’s Post-Election Steele Dossier Operation? (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Newsweek, Raw Story Fall for False Story Claiming Twitter Bots Took Down Franken (Former US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Grassley, Dems step up battle over judicial nominees  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Trump endorses Romney for Senate




Survey: Small-Business Confidence Hits Record High After GOP Tax Reform




Facebook “Intellectually Terrorizes” a Human Rights Activist




South Korea to announce joint military drill plan with U.S. before April


Bosses penalized for subordinates' overtime


Moon Vows to Act on U.S. Protectionism (President Moon Jae-in)


Korea at war with Samsung: butchering golden goose


GM chief visits Assembly as government faces dilemma


Is GM withdrawal a fixed game?


Exclusive: GM offers $2.2 billion debt for equity swap in return for Seoul's support - sources


GM plans to produce two new models in South Korea: South Korea lawmaker


S. Korean official in charge of cryptocurrency crackdown found dead




Louisville to vacate 2013 basketball title as sex scandal punishment


American says he 'had nothing to lose' attempting record-setting 6-quad routine




$60M in 1st  year? Jets set to creatively pounce on Kirk Cousins


US Swimming did little as hundreds of coaches abused kids


Knicks give athletic forward chance on 10-day contract


Ex-NFLer breaks silence from jail: I’m sorry for murder I orchestrated


Ex-Redskin champions tackle football ban for kids to combat concussions


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Sexual misconduct allegations leave a swath of Los Angeles County without representation in the Capitol  (California)


Freezing temperatures expected across California could threaten Central Valley crops




Clarance Thomas accuser calls for his impeachment


Supreme Court leaves in place California's 10-day wait for gun buyers, rejects 2nd  Amendment challenge


Supreme Court to decide whether mandatory union dues violate First Amendment rights


The judges who could replace swing-vote Anthony Kennedy




Brutal violence in Syria leaves at least 200 dead


Syria: Where Chaos Theory Meets Murphy’s Law


Syrian backed forces are now in Afrin fighting the Turkish military. The proxy war between Turkey and Russia continues


Eastern Ghouta bombing undermines political process amid international silence, says Syrian opposition


Video of U.S. Attack on Russian Mercenaries in Syria (WARNING: Graphic Violence is Depicted)


The United States and Syria


Syria and Its Allies Push Deadly Assaults on 2 Fronts


More than 100 killed in Syria assault near capital


UN: Targeting of civilians in Syria’s eastern Ghouta


Iran, Embedded in Syria, Expands Its ‘Axis of Resistance’




US risks retaliation with defence talks on Taiwan, Chinese analysts warn


Group urges rights for ‘stateless kids’


Taiwan-US relations smooth and strong, envoy says


Economy to hold steady this quarter




Will Automation Kill Our Jobs?




Stop Putting Traumatized Teenagers On Television


Flood of complaints since Joy Behar mocked Pence faith




The trouble with tariffs




Podcast: Responding to the Transgender Moment


Who Are the Rich, White Men Institutionalizing Transgender Ideology?




U.S. Floods the Market With $179 Billion of Debt in Just One Day





Think There's a Deep State? Take a Look at Turkey.


US baiting Turkey in hopes of ending Ankara’s Russian dalliance


Turkish shelling narrowly misses reporter covering pro-Syrian govt deployment in Afrin (Video)




Disney World unions file complaint to get $1,000 bonus promised after corporate tax cut




FTSE 100 book slight loss as buying cools after HSBC, BHP quarterly results


Britain and Zionism: Did Margaret Thatcher betray Balfour?


Judge Rules Hospital Can Shut Off Alfie Evans’ Life Support Over His Parents’ Objections





Haley’s Fiery U.N. Speech: 'I Will Not Shut Up. Rather, I Will Speak Some Hard Truths' (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)




Leaked docs raise question of Pope’s personal role in new Vatican financial scandal




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump is helping to undermine US democracy. That's just what Russia wants


Trump Orders Ban of AR-15 ‘Bump Stocks’ After Florida Shooting


ABC Reporter Bum Rushes Sanders On Russia -- He Wasn't Ready For Her Meticulous Response  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


No, Trump Didn’t Make It Easier For People With Mental Illness To Buy Guns


Trump claims he's never met accuser who says he forcibly kissed her


Trump: ‘I Have Been Much Tougher on Russia Than Obama’


Trump dismisses aspiring pol’s claim he kissed her in lobby of iconic tower


Media pretty excited a bunch of political scientists have ranked Trump the worst president ever


Trump tweet misstates how FBI works: Feds


Trump focus on mental health after school shooting denounced


For the weary White House, Florida shooting offered a ‘reprieve’ from scandals


Trump knows that everyone has a price


Nearly all the presidents love pets, except Trump


Trump: ‘They Are Laughing Their A**es Off in Moscow’ at Discord Sown by Russia Investigation


Porter’s Charisma and Ambition Hid Flare-ups of Anger


No room next to dad? Barron Trump, 11, arrives at the airport in his OWN Secret Service vehicle, as he and his parents board Air Force One to return to D.C. after Mar-a-Lago trip


Doctors blast Trump's mental illness focus to fight violence


Relaxing getaway? Trump, Melania and Barron head back to D.C. after President filled his weekend tweeting instead of playing golf in wake of school shooting - until he finally caved today


Trump accuser keeps telling her story, hoping someone will finally listen


'It was a reprieve. We had spent eight days getting pummeled': White House official  admits the Florida school shooting 'distracted' the public from the series of scandals engulfing Trump's top team


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