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Wednesday, February 14, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




President Donald Trump’s Proposed Budget Defunds Planned Parenthood


Uber Abortions: Volunteers Drive Women to Other States for Late-Term Abortions


Incredibly Moving Sculpture Shows the Pain Women Face After Abortion


Sick Planned Parenthood Valentine’s Day Prank Asks People to Show “Love” for Abortion


Abortion Perverts the Beauty of God’s Creation and a Woman’s Motherhood


Catholic School Graduates Defend Student Under Fire for Promote Planned Parenthood


Pregnancy Centers Would be Forced to Promote Abortion if This Law is Allowed to Stand


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Wants to Silence Pro-Life People. Here’s How


Pro-lifers ask for meeting with FBI director over agents’ texts trashing March for Life


New UN Document Pushes Planned Parenthood’s Abortion and Sex-Ed Agenda on 5-Year-Olds


Planned Parenthood Goes to Court to Fight for the Right to Abort Babies Just Because They’re Black




Taliban appeals to American people to 'rationally' rethink war effort





South Africa's Jacob Zuma resigns after pressure from party


Bipartisan group reaches deal on immigration, fulfilling some Trump demands


Maldives: School fires employee for wearing niqab


Morgan Tsvangirai, Longtime Foe of Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Dies at 65


Nigeria: Muslim leader cites Qur’an verse to threaten violence over hijab ban


Authorities in Sudan Demolish Church Building in Khartoum




Malaysia: Muslim beats his 9-year-old daughter to death for making mistakes while reciting Qur’an





ASX runs out of puff ahead of US inflation data


Australian dollar jumps on back of US inflation data


Politician’s Affair Puts Spotlight on Australia’s Crony Culture




TSX boosted by gold and oil prices as Canadian dollar also rises


Government Health Authority Orders Hospice to Euthanize Patients


Mom of 4 and sex-ed foe officially enters Ontario PC Party race with ‘overwhelming’ support


Trudeau government to create new legal framework for Indigenous people


Over 5,000 elementary school kids suspended in Toronto for out-of-date immunization records




Puerto Rico suspends $133M post-hurricane




Parents Have Second Child So Their Baby Could Save Her Older Sister’s Life With Her Umbilical Cord Blood




'Loyal' LL Bean customer sues company for changing legendary returns policy


In minutes, Florida jury convicts man, 61, of abduction, rape, murder of 8-year-old girl




Revealed: Expelled gunman in gas mask and armed with smoke grenades 'SET OFF fire alarm so he could draw students into halls for maximum devastation' before shooting dead 17 and injuring 50 


17 killed in shooting at high school in Parkland, Florida, authorities say


'Our school's getting shot up, I'm scared': How terrified students sent video, texts and pictures while they huddled under their desks during Florida high school massacre 


Parkland was just listed as one of the safest cities in the country

What we know about the Florida high school shooting suspect


Florida school shooting suspect was ex-student who may have been flagged as threat


At least 17 dead in Florida school shooting, law enforcement says


Amid massacre, a story of courage: Reports say football coach stepped in front of bullets


Backlash erupts after Handler blames Republicans for Florida school shooting


Parkland high school shooting: At least 17 killed, suspect in custody, Florida sheriff says


As bullets flew at school, one student kept the world updated on Twitter


What we know so far about the Florida school shooting suspect


Worse than Columbine: This is one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history


Students describe hiding in classrooms, closets during shooting


17 dead, 15 wounded after expelled student shoots up Stoneman Douglas High in Broward

More Cops Means Less Crime, Analysis Shows


Heidi Todd missing: Search continues for SC girl after officials say mom beaten in home


Woman Who Didn’t Want to Be a Mother Leaves Her Newborn Baby in the Toilet





Muslim Brotherhood-linked Rep. Ellison claims meeting with Farrakhan and Rouhani “not an endorsement”  (Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison)


DNC Refused To Comply With Dossier-Related Subpoena, So BuzzFeed Sued




Dow ends up 250 points as stock market marks longest win streak in about 5 weeks


Bonds plunge, global stocks surge on spike in U.S. CPI data


U.S. CPI Tops Estimates as Apparel Costs Jump Most in 30 Years


Hedge Funds Are Dumping Facebook and Google


Which markets are closed on Presidents Day?


10-year Treasury yield tops 2.90% as inflation data stokes rate-hike concerns


Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein: ‘The odds of a bad outcome have gone up’


Here’s why the U.S. dollar is nobody’s Valentine


Dollar erases inflation-fueled gains as momentum wears off




Catholic school fires first grade teacher after her lesbian ‘wedding’


California High School Bans National Anthem From Rallies Due to ‘Racially Insensitive’ Lyrics


College suspends Christian philosopher for expressing ‘aversion’ to homosexuality on Facebook


Race and IQ: A High School Science Fair Project Ignites a Storm




Egyptian Political Researcher: Egypt Needs Military Bases Outside Its Borders, To Defend Its Security


'Mothering A Muslim' – An Inquiry Into Anti-Muslim Bullying In India's Elite Schools





Democrats plan on Taking U.S. from HildaBeast to GilliBeast in 2020 Election




Oil rebounds to end sharply higher after smaller-than-expected inventory rise


Energy Prices






EPA chief has unusual waiver to fly in first or business class




European stocks close higher after U.S. inflation heats up


Dutch schools avoid trips to cities targeted by jihad terrorism


Italy: Muslim migrant rapes woman on “multiethnic” street in Rome


Sweden becomes new base for “international radical Islamic extremist networks”




Doctors Euthanized Healthy 29-Year-Old Woman Because She Had Mental Health Issues  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)




Shock claim about FBI's Michael Flynn interview raises questions





Rise in U.S. inflation puts spotlight on Fed's Powell  




France: Muslim policewoman turned to jihad by colleagues arrested after stealing firearms






Critics wary as Google's Chrome begins an ad crackdown




Dem congressional candidate busted trying to hawk stolen ring


House Votes to Require SEC Subpoena for Traders' Source Code





In Modi’s India, journalists face bullying, criminal cases and worse (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)




The FBI, CIA and NSA say American citizens shouldn't use Huawei phones





What Iran Is Really Up To in Syria






Wikipedia deletes article on Minnesota jihad arsonist: “No source indicating that Hassan is a Muslim”






Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Wednesday, February 14, 2018)


Iran-Backed Terror Group Claims Half-a-Million Missiles Aimed at Israel


Netanyahu, Defiant and Confident, Vows Not to Resign (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


When you are a king (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


State legal sources: Police don’t have proof to back all claims against PM


Fatah: Suicide bomber is "the giant" who "blew himself up inside a Zionist bus"


Putting annexation row behind them, Netanyahu, Trump set March meet


Israeli settlers raid Nablus-area village in middle of the night, attack Palestinian home


Tax breaks, visas, et al: The 6 frauds for which police want Netanyahu charged


Syria claims it 'repelled' Israeli surveillance planes


National Library of Israel shares interfaith love with Islamic art exhibit in NY


Report: Israeli attacks on Gaza fishermen cause death, injuries, and property damage


Top Fatah official yells at Israeli police officer to ‘shut up, go to hell’


Another rift between Hamas and Fatah


PA urges world to blackball MKs who back law on West Bank (Judea and Samaria) colleges


Palestinian trio tries to smuggle pipe bombs into West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  military court


Article In Egyptian Government Daily: Trump's Announcement About Jerusalem Is Another Phase In The Implementation Of 'The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion'


Israel may host summit including Polish PM, seemingly won’t cut ties


Israeli forces demolish Palestinian shop in East Jerusalem neighborhood


Lapid: Netanyahu Can’t Continue to Serve as Prime Minister (Yesh Atid chairman, MK Yair Lapid)


Analysis: What would Netanyahu’s Case 1000 trial look like?


Israeli forces detain 13 Palestinians, 4 former prisoners, in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) raids


Israel said to fear Assad chemical weapons spillover into Golan Heights  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Jerusalem, Israel’s Capital, Is a Peaceful City


Most Israelis consider Netanyahu corrupt, but he is still climbing in the polls


Shifts In Iran's Strategy Against Israel – From Using Proxies To Direct Action: Iran-Operated Iranian Drone Enters Israeli Airspace


U.N. calls on Israel to free Ahed Tamimi





US set to boost aid to Jordan despite Trump threats of cuts





Internal conversation paints triggered New York Times staffers as ‘parodies of hypersensitive liberal journalists’


Why is CNN always on at airports? Tucker Carlson explains




Saudi Imam Abdulwahab Al-Omari Prays For Allah To Hasten Annihilation Of Jews, Conversion Of Christians To Islam On Judgment Day





US ignores China 'at our peril,' and lags on missile tech, Pacific commander warns


Flu kills 6-year-old, military dad is flown home from Germany to say goodbye




NSA shooting: Officer injured at Fort Meade security gate, three in custody




Pakistan begins seizing charities linked to Mumbai attacks mastermind


'Forty Diseases Of The Jews' – Pakistan Army-Backed Jihadi Commander Maulana Masood Azhar's Book Says: 'Jews Are The Cancer Seeping Into All Of Humanity'




Lawmakers Turn to GROW to Avoid Pension Crisis





Fox News Poll: Lawmakers guarding US elections, GOP confidence in FBI down


Tom Steyer Is Almost Single-Handedly Bankrolling ‘Immigrant Voters Win PAC’




California: Prison counselor converts to Islam, goes to Syria to join the jihad




Russia In The World – Russia In Latin America





Trump Backs Grassley Immigration Bill  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


'Let's talk about Pocahontas': Warren addresses Native American heritage claims, slams Trump


How Republicans Got Schumer to End Obstruction of Rail Nominee  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Trump suggests 25 cent gas tax increase, senator says


Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) Has Not Vowed to Decline Corporate PAC Donations




U.S. Strikes Killed Scores of Russia Fighters in Syria, Sources Say


Up to 200 Russian advisers killed in last week’s clash with US forces in Syria





Christian parents lose custody of daughter after refusing to support her ‘transition’ to male





Turkish TV host to secular newspaper editors: “I wish there was Sharia in this country, then they would hang you all”





FTSE 100 overcomes U.S. inflation ‘shock’ and ends higher


UK Tells Charities: No More Cash If You Don’t Come Clean on Abuse




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


President Trump on shooting: Nobody ‘should ever feel unsafe in an American school’


Pence on Porter scandal: 'White House could have handled this better'  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Riding an Untamed Horse: Priebus Opens Up on Serving Trump  (Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus)


Trump's lawyer admits he paid a porn star. Legal questions remain.


Exclusive - Doomed White House romance is over! Hope Hicks and disgraced Rob Porter have SPLIT, say friends, after wife-beating scandal that forced him to resign as Trump's staff secretary


White House officials: Rob Porter situation is a "mess"


Third Trump aide resigns after his security clearance was denied over a few marijuana joints - but an Obama deputy chief of staff was approved despite using weed 500 TIMES


With White House Under Fire, Trump Says He Is 'Totally Opposed To Domestic Violence'




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