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Saturday, February 11, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




Anti-abortion activists, counter-protesters rally around US


…Planned Parenthood Supporter Accused of Shoving Wet Maxi Pad in Pro-Life Activist’s Mouth Arrested


#ProtestPP: Nationwide Protests Against Government Funding of Planned Parenthood Underway


Disgusting Teen Vogue Article: “11 Thoughtful Gifts Your Friend Who Had an Abortion Would Appreciate”


The untold story of America’s ‘abortion king’ – and one woman’s mission to share his pro-life conversion


Lawmakers OK bill telling women abortion can be halted (Utah)


Anti-abortion rally set for Saturday at Planned Parenthood office (Oregon)


Opponents want Ohio to ban commonly used abortion procedure


Florida Bill Would Allow Women Who Get Abortions to Sue Doctors a Decade Later


What Neil Gorsuch Means In the Battle Over Abortion Rights


Bill protecting women against discrimination for having an abortion passes in St. Louis City Hall  (Missouri)


Was I Supposed to Regret My Abortion? Because I Don't


Health centers sue Rauner over abortion-notification law (Illinois)


North Carolina Just Introduced a Bill That Could Dissuade Women From Ever Taking the Abortion Pill


Wisconsin State Employees Could Soon Be Without Abortion Coverage


Will Jeff Sessions protect abortion clinics? Providers worry anti-choice AG will make their jobs more dangerous


The number of abortion clinics in the US has plunged in the last decade — here's how many are in each state


50 years ago, Colorado became the first state to liberalize its abortion laws


House committee kills 3 abortion bills, including one that would have made practitioners felons (Colorado)




11 civilians reportedly killed in Afghanistan airstrike, NATO-led mission says ‘no evidence’




Libyan mayors say Europe's migration crisis should not be dumped on them


Angola's president orders inquiry into stadium stampede that killed 17


New Somali President Wants His Country Off Immigration Ban


Declared dead, girl stuns doctors by getting up (Fourteen-year-old attacked, mutilated by Muslims in Africa.)


African Nations Increasingly Silence Internet to Stem Protests




JetBlue joins American in scaling back service to Cuba




Islamic State fighter is first Australian stripped of citizenship: report


Heatwave continues with record temperatures expected




 A Federalist Solution to the Federal Bureaucracy




My Advice To Trudeau on Meeting Trump- Expect the Unexpected (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Losing Hope in U.S., Migrants Make Icy Crossing to Canada


Over 10,000 sexual-assault cases to be reviewed, police vow


Windsor public school board forbids student trips to U.S. because of ‘unsafe’ political climate


Victim's family disappointed about release of man who killed Greyhound bus passenger


U.S. doctor says Canada is playing down risks of pesticide tainted-pot


Canada Today: An Isolated Lake and a Welcome Mat for Refugees


As Trudeau gets ready to meet Trump, a look at how past PMs have handled unpopular U.S. presidents


Your rights at the U.S. border: Three perspectives


Crossing to Canada through the woods: Syrian family takes risk in -15C weather


Cdn billionaire's H.K. disappearance a mystery


Protesters denounce Trudeau’s broken promise on electoral reform


How one Muslim man snuck across the U.S. border into Canada


Canada’s secret slavery shame: It was once legal and widespread despite our reputation as beacon of freedom





Report: Flynn aide forced out of National Security Council after CIA denies security clearance


US spy agencies hired psychics to help with Iran hostage crisis




Donald Trump's U-turn on Taiwan shows he is learning, says Chinese media


What Trump Reaffirming the ‘One China’ Policy Means


The pivot to China  (China Sino-US relations)


China gets an early win off Trump, but many battles remain


 Analysis: After Trump's sweet talk with China, conflicts remain




North Korea 'conducts missile test'





Why Democrats can’t just obstruct their way back into power


In the Trump era, congressional town halls are packed with protesters


Fired-up conservatives pressure GOP leaders to deliver on tax reform





Don't Reform The CFPB — Shut It Down




Little Caesars founder and Detroit team owner Mike Ilitch dies




Trump, Congress urged to impeach judges fighting immigration orders


Trump attacks on judges raise safety concerns


Trump travel ban opponents look to score win in Virginia


Here's How Trump Can Completely Remake The Federal Court System


It's 'coup d'etat' by 9th Circuit


The 9th Circuit makes the right call on Trump’s travel ban


9th  Circuit Judge Wants Another Vote over Trump Travel Ban Decision


The 9th Circuit ruling is the most hopeful sign yet


New York man admits plotting to help ISIS


Illegal Voting Gets Texas Woman Jail, and Deportation


Man who thought roommate was a zombie pleads guilty to murder


Column: With billions at stake, a federal judge just nullified the GOP's most cynical attack on Obamacare




Sex offender who was released from prison in November is charged with kidnapping and murdering Ohio State student - two days after her naked body was found near a public park


Nashville Officer Fatally Shoots Man After Traffic Stop


Woman leads troopers on 24-mile, high-speed chase in Wisconsin 


Mom run over, killed while mourning relative


This con man lied his way into Princeton. Decades later, he was found squatting in a mountain shack.


Ole Miss student, 21, HEADBUTTS a cop, breaking his nose, as he is taken into a cell for 'robbing a store clerk while high on new drug gravel'


Parents allegedly solicited teen daughter’s friends for sex


Chicago Officer Who Shot Teenager and Bystander Will Not Be Charged




Ohio postpones eight executions amid row


Dylann Roof's Lawyers Look to Have Death Penalty Tossed




The Democrats Best Friend, Amazon, Invites Democrats To Shoplift!


How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency


They're Back: States' Rights and Secession Democrats


Obama Hires Help for Speaking Gigs, Book Deals


Democratic Party Sugar High


Hillary and Kellyanne get into it on Twitter


De Blasio and Stringer Trade Barbs Over Police Body Camera Deal  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)




School-door assault on DeVos is a new low for the left (Education Secretary Betsy DeVos)


Reaction in New York to Betsy DeVos? A Lot of Shrugs


DC police investigating if DeVos was assaulted during protest




Are malls secretly hoping Sears goes bankrupt?




Georgetown prof Jonathan Brown justifies slavery and the rape of female slaves


Yale Will Drop John Calhoun’s Name From College


Study: Liberal-to-conservative faculty ratio in academia will blow your mind


District tells teacher: Put faith 'into folder hidden in desk'


4 arrested at Yale protest over Calhoun College


Campus Politics in the Age of Trump


University Incubators May Lead to Lower-Quality Innovation, New Study Shows


Graduation Rate in New York State Hits a New High: 79.4%


Do liberals care about fascist-style violence in Berkeley?




Meet the mayor who's scheming to force more than 100 people out of their homes




Energy Prices


Cash in the wind: New York's wind-power giveaway


Trump is turning America into a Global Energy Champion




EU Diplomat 'Reassured' About U.S. Commitment To Iran Deal


Poll: Europeans Favor Halt to Immigration From Mainly Muslim Countries


Hungary: 'New low' over treatment of asylum seekers


Italian Judge Breaks Up Families as Way to Break Up the Mob




It’s Time to Define Fascism





An Anti-Consumer Agenda at the F.C.C.





FEC commissioner asks Trump for voter fraud evidence





Trump Gets Chance to Reshape Fed as 3rd  Official Quits




Trump Foreign Policy Quickly Loses Its Sharp Edge




Cars set alight in Paris suburb during anti-police protest (Photos)


French jihadist Kassim targeted in Mosul strike: Pentagon


Jean-Marie Le Pen charged over apparent anti-Semitic pun


France's Hollywood presidential candidate is gaining ground


French court rules it's OK to 'publicly promote infidelity'


France, Without a Struggle, Is at a Loss


French Farmer Who Aided Migrants Is Given Suspended Fine





German firm refuses key component for US grenade launcher over 1868 international law


Not enough societal upheaval yet: Merkel wants 12,000,000 more Muslim migrants (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


German cops hunt knife-carrying Muslim migrant “sex pest who said victim was asking for it”


Angela Merkel offers cash handouts worth millions for migrants to return home in an embarrassing U-turn   (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Germany brings back 300 tons of gold it had been keeping in an underground vault in New York since the Cold War 




Trump brings big change to climate policies



Oracle reopens legal battle with Google




State G.O.P. Leaders Move Swiftly Under One-Party Rule


Reverse Tea Party? Republican officials facing more protests across country




Obamacare Co-Op’s Premiums to Increase As Much as 40 Percent


Court Ruling That Feds Owe Obamacare Insurer Could Leave Gov't On Hook For Billions


The stealth Republican force behind ACA repeal


If Obamacare Is Out, Where’s Trumpcare?


Price sworn in as HHS secretary


Without Health Law, Addicts May Lose Most


Price can chart a path to Obamacare repeal and replace




Republicans dismiss growing protests at home


Hispanic Caucus leaders ask to meet with ICE director over raids


House Democrats celebrate court ruling against Trump, question timing of immigration raids


Federal officials, Trump attorneys wrangle over president’s D.C. hotel lease (House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz joins Democrats in questioning the arrangement in which Trump is the landlord and tenant.)


Dem rep: Trump has ‘underestimated’ Americans 




77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since court blocked Trump ban come from the 7 countries on Trump’s list


Immigrant (Illegal aliens) communities fearful after hundreds arrested in what feds call routine 'surge'  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: It is about time they are fearful.  The rule of law must be observed in America.  There is a legal process that must be followed too be a resident in the US.)


How the 31-year-old behind Trump’s travel ban forged his conservative identity in liberal Southern California


Weeding Out Terrorist Immigrants Isn’t Enough


The Consequences of Trump’s Bungled Immigration Order


'We're going to see more': Sanctuary cities cave in face of Trump's funding threats


Immigrants on Edge at Reports of Raids


No Link Between Immigration and Increased Crime, Four Decades of Evidence Finds


In Silicon Valley, curbs on immigration could lead to a brain drain. Canada stands to benefit.


Federal agencies weigh how to satisfy Trump's demand for 'extreme vetting'


Sheriffs dismiss Dem sanctuary city point


Protests erupt in NYC over immigration enforcement raids



Democrats, advocates question ICE enforcement raids after hundreds of arrests (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Democrats against this should be voted out of office.)


ICE Rounds Up 44 Criminal Aliens in Texas Capital


Hundreds arrested in immigration enforcement raids in at least six states


ICE says L.A. immigration arrests were planned long in advance, not tied to new crackdown




India's interceptor missile test a hit; two-layered shield possible


India's PM Modi faces biggest electoral test since gaining power


4 of 5 sterilised women have 3 or more kids, suggests survey


Trump taking a "fresh look" at F-16 deal with India


India’s currency crisis spawns an unlikely magnate


Much more gender discrimination in US than India: Minister


Why PM Modi is wrong when he says the timing of demonetisation was right




Indonesia’s Aceh province lashes 339 people with cane in 2016 for violations of Sharia


Thousands Gathered at Jakarta Mosque Urged to Vote for Muslim Governor





Trump's Infrastructure Plan? It's Not The Stimulus You Think It Is


Here's How Trump Can Make Air Travel Great Again




Amazon warns of penalties after disclosing business ties to Iran, report says


Iran's Apologists Still Pushing to Appease Tehran’s Mullahs





Rockets hit Baghdad’s Green Zone after protests turn violent


French militant Rachid Kassim ‘killed in Mosul’


Blasts Kill At Least 10, Wound 33 In Iraq


Iraqi archbishop hopes Trump will aid persecuted Christians




Muslim Groups Reject Federal Grant to Fight Extremism


From the Mouth of Muhammad: 'Allah Will Wed Me to the Virgin Mary'




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, February 11, 2017)


US Vetoes UN Appointment of PA Bigwig Because the PA Is Not a Country


Egypt-Israel relations have quietly reached a high point


Posters call on Netanyahu: Return from U.S. with sovereignty


Weapons, Ammo, Equipment and Uniforms Found in Hebron Village


Israeli settlers, soldiers reportedly assault Palestinian shepherds in Jordan Valley


Report: Police to Recommend Netanyahu’s Indictment (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Texas moving closer to passing anti-BDS bill


As Trump criticizes settlements, Netanyahu prepares for their first summit


Bennett: If Trump and Netanyahu discuss Palestinian state the 'earth will shake'  (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


'Those who doubt Israel is ours can leave'


PM’s testimony in gifts probe said to clash with police evidence


Israeli police detain Palestinian girl in Hebron for alleged knife possession


Over 33,000 Israelis have taken German citizenship since 2000


IDF soldiers with disabilities celebrate Tu Bishvat


Liberman: All the ‘Palestinians’ in Israel should go live under Abbas (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman/“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


PLO: US objection to Fayyad's appointment to UN post 'blatant discrimination'


Seriously wounded soldier returns to scene of attack


Israeli forces detain 7 Palestinians, seize weapons near Hebron


Hamas releases video tribute to killed rocket engineer


Hamas 'ready for a new war in Israel by summer'


When foreign govs meddle in Israeli politics




Abe, Trump to discuss post-TPP trade framework  (Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe)




Jordanian pilot had no idea ISIS was about to burn him alive




Homosexuality ruled not a crime in Lebanon, but persecution continues




CNN Resurrects 'Fake News' Dossier Without Proving Trump Connection


Media return from failed soul-searching


Reporters fall for fake, racist Trump campaign ads


Fake news: Misinformation is 'killing people's minds', says Apple boss


Charlie Rose recovering after successful heart surgery




Mexico fights back: Officials are 'purposely backing up American courts with immigration cases to antagonize Trump'


Graphic: Mexican Marines Rain Gunfire on Cartel Boss


Mexican Government Rejects Findings of Misconduct in Missing Students Case




Assiri: Saleh will be tried under Yemen’s laws


Saudi forces arrest 7 terror suspects in Jeddah raids




Service Held for Navy SEAL Killed in Yemen Raid


Most Navy F/A-18s grounded


Special Forces soldier dies in accident in Niger


I serve my country as a transgender woman. I know we can overcome our divisions.


Trump thanks Japan for hosting US military bases


US Army reveals smart sight that could give EVERY soldier the aim of a supersniper


Trump called Bergdahl a 'dirty, rotten traitor,' now a judge has to decide if it matters


Black women celebrate new Army regulation lifting the ban on dreadlocks


Lawmakers attempt action on 24 VA facilities in limbo


Leonard Perroots, General Who Defused Nuclear Crisis With Soviets, Dies at 83




OMG, NASA’s unprecedented study of Greenland’s melting, is starting to share data




America’s So-Called National Security Adviser




Michael Flynn: Democrats call for adviser's dismissal after reported Russia talks




 650 whales stranded on New Zealand coast




US would like to maintain close ties with Pakistan: US lawmakers


Aman-17 naval exercise kicked off in Karachi


Kabul endorsed US call for additional troops in Afghanistan




Nighttime Philippines Quake Kills at Least 6, Damages Runway




Calvin Klein show delivers political message at Fashion Week





Cheese recalled over possible contamination




Restaurant bans judge for allegedly using racial slur




Rush: 1 way Trump can conquer 'bogus' media




Report: Russia considers sending Edward Snowden back to U.S. to 'curry favor' with President Trump


Garry Kasparov criticizes Trump's "moral relativism" on Russia


Vladimir Putin calls snap air drill involving 45,000 troops  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




Trump-McCain feud takes new turn  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Gorsuch completes Senate questionnaire  (Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's nominee to serve on the Supreme Court, submitted his completed questionnaire Friday night to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will consider his nomination for the high court.)


Sanders hit by 'technical issue' after joking CNN is 'fake news' (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Trump insults Warren and claims voter fraud again (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Marco Rubio: Why the Senate is dying   (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio  (R)


Al Franken and Saturday Night Liberalism  (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Chelsea Clinton says she won’t run for Senate


Report: Trump taunts Dems for letting 'Pocahontas' Warren become 'face of your party'




Brazil's bribery scandal widens to Latin America and beyond


Peru offers reward for capture of former president 




China expels 32 South Korea missionaries amid missile defense tension


Trump says defending S. Korea from N. Korean nuclear, missile threats 'very very high priority'




How to see the closest comet in decades tonight




2 NFL stars pull out of Israel government publicity trip


How much could the Rams and Chargers make in their new stadium? We ran the numbers


Knicks owner says Oakley is banned from Madison Square Garden, ‘may have problem with alcohol’


Piling on: More New England Patriots skipping White House visit


Madison Square Garden chairman bans Charles Oakley after scuffle


Girl trying to play basketball on boys' team not giving in to bullies


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





Oroville Dam operators forced to use emergency spillway amid rising waters; officials say public safe  (California)


States find new ways to troll Trump


The Time Has Come for 51 (Twenty-one conservative-dominated California counties seek to break away and form the State of Jefferson.  Can it happen? )


Gov. Jerry Brown asks President Trump for a disaster declaration after winter storms  (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)




Rex Tillerson and Trump clash over State Department deputy (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)




Exclusive: Internal poll says Dems can sway voters against Gorsuch


Confusion as Priebus says maybe Trump will go to Supreme Court




Syria’s Assad Sends Signals to Trump in Interview (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Syrian government hangs up to 13,000 in 'horrifying' executions, but world is unlikely to do anything




Why same-sex marriage may soon become a reality in Taiwan


Taiwanese wounded in HK fire attack




Report: 72 convicted of terrorism from 'Trump 7' mostly Muslim countries


The Islamic State’s latest recruits — young, lonely children — often slip under the radar




Feds drop request to rein in ban on Obama transgender policy


First transgender doll coming to market is based on Jazz Jennings


Are gender feminists and transgender activists undermining science?




Erdoğan paves way for April vote on sweeping new powers  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


One Turkish soldier killed, one wounded in northern Syria


President Erdoğan meets UN secretary general in Turkey


Turkey’s operation in Syria to achieve goal with success of operation in al-Bab, Deputy PM says


Turkish troops enter ISIL-held town al-Bab: Report


Turkish scientist develops 'quick' DNA profiling kit




Teamsters’ President Jim Hoffa: Kellogg’s Has Turned Its Back on Working Families


Elon Musk: Tesla boss in union spat after wrongly calling worker a paid agitator


Right-to-work court case could have national impact on unions




Written warning for Labour Brexit rebels  (Frontbenchers who voted against the party's three-line whip on the Brexit Bill will not be sacked.)


Iraq war claims unit to be shut down, says UK defence secretary


UK: “Man from Hertfordshire” arrested arriving from Iraq on suspicion of jihad plotting


Officials drop plans for US president to address parliament


Children to join cyber-attack defence


Exclusive Brexit transitional deal will lock UK into EU court, says Verhofstadt   (Exclusive: EU negotiator suggests Brussels does not plan to let British Prime Minister Theresa May keep promises to leave ECJ’s jurisdiction in 2019.)


150-year-old dress lost at dry cleaners


Staff at 'outstanding' London school suspended over alleged exam cheating


Teenage boy killed in street stabbing


NHS 'pays £7.5m a year for 20 most expensive agency doctors'


Child protection opt-outs 'dangerous'


Arms sales: Boris Johnson urged UK to continue Saudi weapons exports after funeral bombing  (British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


UK’s attack submarine fleet out of operation for maintenance


Government's £60m inquiry into abuse by British troops in Iraq to be shut down 'within months'


Nicola Sturgeon urged to help get justice for Scots IRA victims  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


John Bercow 'orchestrated' row over Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, Government sources believe


Scottish ministers vow to slash child poverty by 2030


Half of GP surgeries open for under eight hours a day, Telegraph investigation reveals


British government cancels plan for Trump to address Parliament


Supermarkets urged to create plastic-free aisle in every store


UK weather: Snow in London and South East as Britain braces for sub-zero weekend


British parks are returning to a period of neglect not seen since the 1980s, MPS warn 


Midwives told to say 'partner' during antenatal classes after same-sex couple complained about the term fella


Military personnel forced by buy heaters at Argos because barracks are so cold




U.S. Blocks Palestinian Ex-Premier From Senior U.N. Post




Trump Says Refugees Are Flooding U.S. in Misleading Allusion


Melania the green goddess: First Lady shares her unexpected love of GARDENING on day-trip with Japanese PM's wife after coming under fire for skipping out on official White House tour yesterday


President Trump Weekly Address 2/10/17


Trump criticizes legal system over ban ruling


Democrat calls Trump 'the most significant test of our time' in weekly address


Trump gives update on moving embassy in Israel


Black plastic covers windows, blocking reporters' views of Trump golfing


Is this a hint Kellyanne doesn’t see four years with Trump?


Chelsea Handler "Trolls" White House With Nordstrom Bags


Trump has been sued more than 60 times since becoming president: A partial survey


How to reach Donald Trump: Go on TV


White House signals change in policy for transgender students


Exclusive: White House Has Interviewed Carl Higbie for Press Secretary

Source: White House likely to take immigration case back to lower court


Where's Melania? Japanese PM's wife tours DC solo


Trump’s two-year presidency


U.S. will ‘invest heavily’ in Japan’s security but must have ‘fair’ trading partnership: Trump


Should we pray for Trump?


Trump supporters warned it's time for self-defense


Trump talks up economic issues after difficult third week


Kellyanne Conway hires a chief of staff, a move that asserts her influence in Trump’s White House


US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier


What life is like under a tweeting president


White House abruptly removes chief cybersecurity officer


Trump to Issue Security Order While Weighing Course on Ban


President Trump, repeal and replace your order


The Ties That Blind


Trump: I won't allow immigration to be ‘turned against us’


'Bring your rump' to Chicago, Bobby Rush tells Trump


WH may replace one of Spicer's press jobs


In bid to contain fallout, Flynn talks with Pence over discussions about sanctions on Russia  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


David Usborne Conway's pitch for Ivanka shows White House puts money before morals


The Supper Bowl! The Trumps, the Japanese prime minister and his wife are joined by New England Patriots owner for dinner at Mar-a-Lago after the First Family fly to Florida on Air Force One


Trump Will ‘Look Into’ Reports That Flynn Discussed Sanctions With Russia


Solidcore founder lectures Ivanka but welcomed Michelle Obama


Trump line of home items removed from Kmart, Sears: report



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