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Friday, February 10, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Little Sisters of the Poor: Confirming Neil Gorsuch Would Protect Us From Obama’s Abortion Mandate


Shocking Video Shows How Abortions Kill More Black People Than Every Other Cause Combined


Woman Compares Aborting Her Baby to Food Poisoning and Complains Food Poisoning Was Worse


Abortion, immigration, race relations fuel Twin Cities protests set for Saturday (Minnesota)


Planned Parenthood Clinic Named for Margaret Sanger Hurts 2 Women in 3 Weeks in Botched Abortions


If you regret having abortion, proposed law would let you sue the doctor years later (Florida)


Woman’s Agony Over Past Abortions: “If I Didn’t Sweep Them Under the Rug I Couldn’t Life With Myself”


Other Countries Aim To Fill Aid Shortfall Caused By U.S. Abortion Rule


New Congressional Bill Would Protect Doctors and Nurses Who Refuse to Assist Abortions


Ohio Right to Life seeks to ban most abortions after 13 weeks


Top Restaurants Will Sell Cookies to Raise Money for Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


Illinois House panel backs abortion protection


Action Needed to Stop Bill Making St. Louis, Missouri a “Sanctuary City” for Abortion


Congress will attempt to revoke Obama's funding protections for abortion providers


“You Carried Me.” How God Saved Me From a Botched Abortion


Colorado House panel rejects “abortion reversal” pill bill; two others expected to follow


5 Reasons Why We Must Defund Planned Parenthood


Lawmakers mull their strategies as another abortion battle looms (Texas)


ACLU to Challenge ‘Unconstitutional’ Arkansas Abortion Law


Legislative committee passes two abortion bills  (Wyoming)


Anti-abortion hearings continue long into the night at Capitol  (Colorado)


Satanic Temple Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Pro-Abortion Fundraiser


Satanic Temple Celebrates Valentine’s Day With “Hugs and Kisses for Satan” Fundraiser for Abortion


DNA From Pre-Teen’s Late-Term Abortion Matches Milwaukee Suspect


German doctor re-ignites debate after banning abortions in clinic



Bill Frist: The Case for Keeping America’s AIDS Relief Plan




Firefighter adopts baby girl he delivered on emergency call


Adoption agency's closure leaves prospective parents hanging




Afghan Defense Ministry backs calls to bring in more foreign troops





Stampede at Angolan stadium kills 17, injures scores


A Bilingual Cameroon Teeters After English Speakers Protest Treatment




Trump keeps his eye on the jobs ball





Capital Hill Review Friday, February 3, 2017




Antarctic expedition to hunt for "missing" meteorites




Hateful Threats Against a Jewish Blogger




Trump bumps ASX through 5700 to cap solid week


Is the Australian dollar overvalued?


Australian Dollar Surges as China Trade Smashes Forecasts


The unappetising truth behind your $5 pizza


Another Australian sentenced to death. Where is the outrage?


Stricken cruise ship towed to Melbourne for repairs


Soap factory ablaze in Melbourne's north




 Ford to invest $1 billion in autonomous vehicle tech firm Argo AI




Serbia Court Rejects Montenegro Request To Extradite Suspect In Alleged Coup Attempt





Branded as enemies: Anti-Trump business boycotts create confusion for consumers




Construction resumes on Dakota pipeline despite tribe's challenge




TSX closes at all-time high, Wall Street shatters more records on Trump’s promise of a ‘phenomenal’ tax plan


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Quebec imam prays: “O Allah, destroy the accursed Jews…O Allah, kill them one by one”


What a Donald Trump Presidency Means for Canada


Many Somalis in Minnesota 'willing to take the risk' to sneak into Canada


Police open investigation into allegations ex-Vice Canada editor recruited drug mules


Mayor Tory disappointed Toronto police won't march in Pride parade


Two Canadian CF-18s were on approach to land at Florida airport that hasn’t existed since 2010


Lawyer: Repeal of NAFTA Wouldn't Curb Special Visa Privileges for Canadians


'It was my choice to make:' Over boos from crowd, Trudeau says electoral reform scuttled for national unity  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Electricity prices spur renewed push to have Hydro One $100,000-plus salaries on the ‘sunshine list’


5th Canadian denied entry to U.S. after facing questions about Moroccan roots, Muslim faith


An invitation to U.S. tech companies: Make Canada your second choice


Bus beheader Vince Li gets absolute discharge


Trudeau agrees with Trump in some areas




Unrest roils Dominica after reports reveal government’s collusion with China, Iran




Is Central Banking a Capitalist or Communist Concept?




CIA Chief, Turkish Prime Minister Discuss Closer Antiterror Cooperation




Big payday after state fires pastor for Christian beliefs  (Georgia)




China January exports, imports easily beat expectations


Trump tells Chinese president US will honor 'one China' policy  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: This is very foolish.  The world must standup to Communist China’s hegemonic agenda.)


 President Xi Jinping of China, Stung by Trump’s Taiwan Call, Is Said to Shun Talks  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping; AVIPP COMMENTARY: Americans and the free world should boycott the goods of Communist China.)


Drunk man sets fireworks shop alight in China




New alarms sounded over North Korea's EMP potential


Fact or fiction? Twitter account channels North Korean rhetoric




With Trump and GOP in Power, New Push to Stop FATCA Horror Show


Inside the protest movement that has Republicans reeling


Hill GOP backs Trump on leaks investigation


Dems set optimistic goals after 2016


In Congress, Republicans are quiet and meek as mice




Draining The CFPB's Swamp





Businesses desperately seek PR strategies for the Age of Trump


Member of ExxonMobil advisory panel sends scathing resignation letter


How much damage will the Under Armour CEO's Trump comments cause his company?


American’s CEO Says He Missed Trump Event for Work, Not Politics




Court Ruling Against Trump’s Executive Order Shows the Worst of Judicial Activism


Just how radical was the Ninth Circuit’s nullification of law?


Why is Anyone Going along with the 9th  Circuit COA’s Illegal Ruling?


… Judge Napolitano: 9th  Circuit Court Ruling Is ‘Intellectually Dishonest’ …


Suspects in Chicago live-streamed attack enter pleas


Ninth Circuit Would Allow 9/11 Hijacker to Sue to Come to USA…


The Ninth Circuit Just Issued a Dangerous Ruling against Donald Trump’s Immigration Order


Conway says court ruling on Trump travel ban 'does not affect the merits at all'


Appeals court blocks Trump’s travel ban. At least one part of the government is still functioning properly  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: This branch of government is acting unconstitutionally and ruling by judicial fiat.)


Appeals Court: Trump executive order threatened rights of illegal immigrants


How a federal appeals court just ended Trump’s 18-month winning streak


Left-wing group's attack on Alabama judge backfires (Appeals court supports review of claim state procedure violates US Constitution.)




Convicted, Released Illegals Committed 121 Murders During Obama Years


A daughter's lifelong hunt for father's killer brings answers, but no justice


Influx of Police in New York’s Most Violent Borough


Michigan mother, 19, 'sexually abused her three-month-old son and created child porn'


Victim told police an Oklahoma football player punched her because she rejected his advances


Shocking moment 18-year-old serial offender is shot dead a fraction of a second after pointing his gun at a cop


New Hampshire woman barricades herself in her apartment and sparks armed standoff with police after boyfriend said spaghetti dinner was 'OK'





The Lord’s Day, Meet Darwin Day… and Shudder




Report: Hillary blames loss on Obama more than Comey, Putin. Still no mention of blaming herself


Joe Biden, Wife Sign With Hollywood Talent Agency  (Former Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr)


These Five Quotes From This Week’s Democratic Retreat Show Dems Are Still Struggling to Come Together


With UFT endorsement, de Blasio just raised a red flag for Preet Bharara (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Can the mayor make a habit of not dodging the press? (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Democrats Are Losing Their War With Trump


Hillary Clinton takes to Twitter to gloat over court's immigration ruling


Chelsea Clinton Tweets Out Fake News





The USDA removed animal welfare reports from its site. A show horse lawsuit may be why.




DeVos Opponents Think About Homeschooling Instead. Good for Them!


Protesters initially block DeVos from entering DC school


Education tyranny: What the opposition to DeVos says about liberals


By Getting Rid Of Education Department, Trump Can Fulfill Reagan's Wish




Exclusive - Trump border 'wall' to cost $21.6 billion, take 3.5 years to build: internal report





Shouldn't the DOJ Know About Terrorists From Countries Covered by Trump's Travel Ban?


Sessions' claim about violent crime contradicted by FBI data   (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Conway's husband just got a big boost to be solicitor general




Puzder's business has one of the best labor records in industry




Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq book records, log 3rd  straight weekly gain


Wall Street hits records again, boosted by Trump economy hopes


Stocks Rise to Records as Oil Gains, Bonds Slip: Markets Wrap


Innovation Key to Job Growth in America


Immigrants' impact on the U.S. economy, graphed


Treasury yields post a weekly decline as worries about geopolitics weigh


Asian Stocks Rally, Bonds Drop on Trump Tax Pledge: Markets Wrap


Asian shares probe 18-month highs, cheered by Trump's tax cut talk


Dollar edges higher after Abe-Trump meeting produces no fireworks


Why Whole Foods is struggling


Gold settles lower, but posts a more than 1% weekly gain


Emerging Market Assets Plunged After Trump Won. This Year They've Been On a Massive




Investigative Report: Colleges Are Now Giant Psychiatric Facilities


UT Students Trumped By Political Correctness


'Progressive' College Plans Anti-Bias Workshop Aimed At Infants


K-12: Unequal resources? No, unequal reading.


Enablers, but for Boot Camps (Ed-tech companies are seeing a new market of program management developing as colleges get into the coding boot camp business.)


Students Who Enjoy or Take Pride in Math Have Better Long-Term Math Achievement


Collective Bargaining in the Crosshairs  (Iowa lawmakers push bill to severely restrict collective bargaining by employees in higher education.)


Harsh Parenting Predicts Low Educational Attainment Through Increasing Peer Problems


‘Fictional Higher Education’ (Editors discuss their new essay collection on the portrayal of colleges, students and academics -- across genres and eras.)


Math Learned Best When Children Move


A Cash Crisis and Collapse  (Saint Joseph's will suspend operations, saying it lacks funds to continue without an overhaul. Many faculty members, students and alumni question how things got so dire.)


Naps May Help Preschoolers Learn, Study Finds


Movements That Move the Teaching of History


Radicalizing for Vandalism with Campus Identity Politics


A Hitler Valentine’s Day card was handed out on a Michigan campus. University officials want to know why.


Chicago schools CEO under fire for blaming financial woes on 'Trump-like' governor


Integration Works. Can It Survive the Trump Era?


Trump's travel ban hurt our education system


Loyola Marymount University is opening a new Silicon Beach-focused Playa Vista campus




Widening Crackdown, Egypt Shutters Group That Treats Torture Victims




Oil up for the session, but barely registers a gain for the week


Energy Prices


Lack of Competition Is Leading to a Costly Electricity Glut in California


Pipeline burning after blast is “just a big blow torch”




Scientists zero in on cause of vast seabird die-off


What the hell happened to this alligator?




Environmental Law — A Good Place To Start For Trump To Make America Great Again




European stocks end at 2-week high, boosted by Chinese data, earnings


EU Negotiator: Don’t Worry, Trump Won’t Dump Iran Deal


Mogherini warns US not to ‘interfere’ in European politics


US troops march through Latvian town, woo border guards with arms & equipment (Videos)


Mysterious outage plunges city of Brussels into darkness


Romanian justice minister resigns after angry anti-corruption protests




McDonald's is testing a snow crab sandwich




FBI probes what Michael Flynn said to the Russian ambassador





Top Federal Reserve official resigns as bank deregulation looms




Trump admin delays protection for "endangered" bees




Dozens of new cancer drugs do little to improve survival




In First Meeting, Top EU, U.S. Diplomats Discuss Russia, Iran, Ukraine




Four arrested in France for planning attack: sources


France's Bumbling Search for a Candidate to Stop Le Pen


France retains crown as world's top tourist destination


'French first': This is what a 'President Marine Le Pen' has in mind for France


French farmer vows to keep helping migrants despite €3,000 fine


Paris suburbs: Locals blame 'aggressive' cops as tensions simmer




Only 1 of Germany’s 8 Airbus A400M military planes ready for use – air force


How German guns often end up in child soldiers' hands


E-Mobility Gets Existential for German Carmakers


2 Arrested in Central Germany on Suspicion of Plotting Attack


Germany: Muslim migrant screams “Allah” as he slashes man’s face with knife on bus


German court upholds ban on poem insulting Erdoğan  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Germany calls Trump’s demands for sharing of NATO burden ‘fair’





Congress Investigates Federal Climate Study After Whistleblower Exposes Fake Science


Establishment Politicians Using ‘Carbon Tax’ to Foil Trump  


Why Are Republicans Pushing Brand New Taxes?




Google Warns Journalists of 'State-Sponsored Hackers'


Ditch humans or cooperate? Google’s DeepMind tests ultimate AI choice with game theory  




With Pence gone, fellow Republicans undo his work in Indiana (Vice-President Mike Pence)





Greece hopeful of imminent EU debt deal despite German warning





Trump Finalizes Executive Order to Put ISIS Detainees in Guantánamo




How Tom Price Can Begin to Unravel Obamacare From Inside the Agency That Implemented It


Millions sign up for Obamacare despite its problems


More Americans Prefer Lower Premiums Over Obamacare’s Preexisting Condition Protections


Republicans in Idaho tried to design a better plan than Obamacare — and failed


HHS nominee Tom Price is member of group that opposes mandatory vaccinations, Medicare




Mom issues warning to parents after cold turns serious for newborn 


Ohio clinic accused of false Alzheimer's diagnoses 


Officials investigate man's death in ER waiting room


Revealed: How speed, ice, ecstasy and other party drugs age the heart at an alarming rate




Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson distances himself from Under Armour CEO's pro-Trump remark  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Americans should boycott the products he endorses and his movies.)




Fire on crowded Hong Kong subway injures at least 17 people




Congressman’s Bill Would Do More to Curtail Sanctuary Cities Than Trump’s Executive Order


Sacramento Bee Fishwives Troll Rep. Tom McClintock. Again


Chaffetz faces harsh grilling at packed town hall  (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)


Chicago Officer Acquitted of Wrongdoing Charges Filed by Rep. Rush (D-Illinois)


Paul Ryan’s Border Adjustment Tax vs. Donald Trump’s Targeted Tariffs  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


My congressman, Ted Lieu (D-California), is a partisan hack


Top congressional Republican, Democrat call for ethics review of Kellyanne Conway (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)


Top Dem Cummings Says Conway Violated Ethics Rules, Despite His Own Ethics History (US Representative of Maryland Elijah Cummings (D)


Calif. congressman to deny funding for sanctuaries in his district


Former Dem Rep. Corrine Brown’s (D-Florida)  Top Aide Pleads Guilty to Fraud


Republican plan would ease Wall Street rules, as party embraces deregulation


House Ethics Dem calls on Chaffetz to probe Trump (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)


Rep. Brat: Tax reform must be priority No. 1  (US Representative of Virginia David Brat)




New Poll Shows Support For Trump’s Travel Ban is Increasing


Trump Opens Border For Christian Refugees, But Left Ignores


Protesters hit streets after claims of stepped-up immigration raids


The Real Significance of the Temporary Immigration Ban?


Immigration arrests in L.A. spark fear and outrage, but officials say they are routine


Where do America's undocumented immigrants live?


Statewide survey finds Californians favor state and local action when it comes to immigration policies


Trump shows some interest in a dead immigration bill — the one Republicans killed


L.A., Orange counties are home to 1 million immigrants who are in the country illegally, analysis shows


Soros plans endless, orchestrated anti-deportation protests


NYC and LA home to nearly 1 in 5 immigrants living illegally in U.S.


The travel moratorium: A hopeless disaster




ICE Agent Hospitalized After Assault by ‘Criminal Alien’


Watch: ICE Agents Lasso Illegals in Texas


Mother deported in Arizona immigration case that sparked protests




Christian in India Dies after Tribal Villagers Immerse Him, Wife in Cold Pond, Son Says


‘Man who killed girlfriend, parents set up US-style house to lure women’


India's Aurobindo eyes U.S. plant amid Trump push on jobs


After Lockheed, Saab offers to set up advanced jet production hub in India




Twelve killed in Bali village landslide in Indonesia





Who pays for Trump’s US$1 trillion infrastructure plan?




Intelligence Community Claims on Trump




Groups want Trump to close loophole allowing illegal immigrants to abuse tax credits




Trump to Iran's Rouhani: Better be careful (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


Iran's Bluster Is Just Fear of Trump -- and Revolution


Iranians Protest Trump With ‘Death to America’ Chants


Analysis: Iran’s big business and IRGC commanders




The Islamic State chops off children’s hands for refusing to execute prisoners


President Trump Phones Iraqi PM About Travel Ban


On the Ground in Mosul, Where Life Is Slowly Returning





Hamas-Linked CAIR Holds Event with Hezbollah Imam


Muslim society in the U.S. has transformed since 9/11. Trump could change it back.


Muhammad’s Sexual Fantasies of Virgin Mary





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, February 10, 2017)


Erdan: Trump's statement 'very important'   (Public security minister welcomes Trump statement saying that Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria are not an impediment to peace.)


Trump-Netanyahu Meeting Set To Expose Obama’s Collusion On Resolution 2334 (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


France condemns Petah Tikva attack  (France strongly condemns terrorist attack in Petah Tikva, rocket fire on Eilat.)


Palestinian succumbs to gunshot wounds inflicted 3 months ago by Israeli forces


Trump to Israeli paper: Settlements are ‘not a good thing for peace’


Despite Dual Citizenship Comment, Le Pen Still Pro-Israel


Police said weighing whether to accuse PM of accepting bribe


As the world keeps silent in light of Syria massacre, Israel must act


Israeli forces detain 3 Palestinians overnight in connection with Petah Tikva shooting


Israel permanently downgrades its ties to New Zealand, Senegal


UN set to defer report on companies with Israeli


Attempted Ramming Attack in Mount Hebron


Analysts: Islamic State rocket attack on Eilat was PR, not a sign of things to come


East Jerusalem teen tells Ma'an about medical negligence he faced in Israeli prisons


Body found in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  nature reserve, police suspect foul play


The 2 State Solution is DEAD!


IDF seizes work permits of family of suspected Petah Tikva terrorist  (Israel Defense Forces)


Analysis: Uneasy neighbors   (Israel is keeping a watchful eye as Hamas and Egypt make a last-ditch attempt to improve relations.)


Israeli settlers occupy Palestinian-owned properties in Silwan


Palestinian writer afraid to go home amid uproar over novel


Report: Jewish Population Growth Rate in Judea, Samaria, Double Israel’s National Average


Trump Back In Neutral: Warns Israel On Settlements


Trump May Turn to Arab Allies on Palestinian Deal 




Why Shinzo Abe Is Banking on a Bromance with Trump   (Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe)


Trump meets Abe: A $268 billion relationship under strain


The Abe-Trump summit: how will it go down?


A worried Japan seeks Trump's assurances on Washington visit




Anti-Hizbullah Shi'ite Lebanese Journalist: The Recent Clashes Between South Lebanon Residents And UNIFIL Forces Are A Message From Iran To The U.S.




The Claws Out For Ivanka Trump Show Liberal Love For Women Is A Sham





Volunteers needed for 1st clinical trial of smoked marijuana for PTSD symptoms




The Donald Trump Effect Is Reviving The Media He Claims To Target


NYTimes Lobbies for Muslim Brotherhood


Discrepancy in NYT editions prompts Trump rebuke


CNN host apologizes for N-word comment


Media miss major policy shift in Trump's immigration order


Hillary Clinton was 'replaced on Vogue cover by Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner after election loss' as fashion bible reveals it will cover Melania Trump moving forward




Deported woman back in Mexico complains: I felt like 'Chapo' Guzman


Mexico warns citizens after US deportation of undocumented mother


Foreign minister: Mexico is open to renegotiating NAFTA


Monarch butterfly numbers drop in Mexico, reversing recovery




Saudi-led coalition intensifies strikes on Yemeni port, UN worried civilians may get trapped




America's Nuclear Weapons Future Remains Unclear


Pentagon's robot satellite repair system sued by aerospace company


Former Pentagon chief Perry: 'Tragic mistake' not to extend arms treaty with Russia


$1.5 million Army drone missing from Arizona found 600 miles away


From SEALs to All-Out War: Why Rushing Into Yemen Is a Dangerous Idea


Trump left with scores of Pentagon vacancies to fill after Obama team flees


Chinese and US aircraft in 'unsafe' encounter


U.S. General Seeks Troop Buildup in Afghan ‘Stalemate’


General sees Russian meddling in Afghanistan, need for more troops to fight Taliban


Russia, Iran Supporting Taliban to ‘Undermine’ U.S. Mission in Afghanistan


Military aide demoted for misconduct at overseas clubs


Strategy launched to bring down Ebola-type threats in 60 days


Army probing death of investigator at Fort Hood, 1 of 6 deaths at the base this year


Inside a stealth bomber's mission to takeout ISIS: B-2 pilots 'flew 32-hours nonstop to Libya and dropped several thousand pounds of bombs on camps that killed scores of terrorists'


Army drone that vanished on Arizona flight found in Colorado




Huge amount of ammo stolen from national park




Former top-security NSA contractor could face 200 years in prison 'after stealing more than 500 MILLION pages of national defense information over the course of 20 years'




Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian envoy before Trump took office, officials say




New Zealanders Race to Save Whales After 400 Stranded





Is NATO Really Ready for a War?


Lithuanian President Says Baltics Seek Greater NATO Security Ahead Of Russian Exercises




Pakistani government officials deny that blasphemy laws target Christians


Trump’s defence aide lauds Pakistan’s resilience in terror fight


India is secretly constructing nuclear city in south: FO


Qamar Bajwa,US Secretary of Defence agreed on common goal of peace and stability in the region




6.7 magnitude earthquake shakes southern Philippines


Duterte: America’s closet ally (President Rodrigo Duterte)




U.S. Postal Service says it lost $200 million over holiday season




Inmates break out of jail, grab booze — and then sneak back in




Putin says he’s ready to meet Trump in Slovenian capital  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


6 Signs There’s No Such Thing as Internet Freedom in Russia


Donald Trump Gives Russia Hope—Sort Of 


Moscow Says It Has Nothing to Do With Hundreds of Tanks in Eastern Ukraine


From Russia With Love: Did Putin Put Trump in the White House?


Foreign Ministry believes US tries to accuse Russia of its failures in Afghanistan


Independent Russian Radio Station Ekho Moskvy Facing Government Closure


Kremlin says Turkey gave target for deadly Syria strikes


No Surprise Candidates in Russia's 2018 Presidential Elections - Reports


‘Russian hackers’ hysteria in US may be extremely profitable — Zakharova


Putin planning to send 100K troops to Baltic border? 


Vladimir Putin and the Return of the KGB


Russian Envoy Sees No Substantial Differences With U.S. Over Iran Deal


Frustrated Siberians Take On Russia's Justice System


Fears Of Deportation For North Korean Defector Living In Russia


'Wars not diminishing': How Putin's iconic 2007 Munich speech sounds today


Hackers get burned in deal with Russian spy agency


Putin apologizes after a Russian air strike accidentally kills three Turkish soldiers while trying to hit ISIS targets in Syria  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




Poll: Most Religious Americans Now Support Same-Sex Marriage (AVIPP COMMENTARY: How tragic that the Apostate Church is now controlling America.)





First atomic blast reveals new insights about the moon





SEC Says Trader Made $29 Million Illegally From DreamWorks Deal





Senators question Goldman Sachs on its role in Trump banking policy


Democratic Party Bracing for a Clinton-Kennedy Face Off for NY Senate Seat


MLK Jr's Niece: Elizabeth Warren Played the Race Card Against Sessions  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Nobody Knows Anything  


A Divided, Testy Senate Confirms Trump Health Secretary


Cotton fills Sessions' shoes on immigration (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)


Ted Cruz Is Right about the Democrats and Racism  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Not so fast on that Trump endorses the 'Gang of Eight' story


Al Franken and Saturday Night Liberalism   (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Elizabeth Warren Promoted New Book Right Before Senate Rule Violation, Solicited Donations Immediately After 


Marco Rubio just gave a really important speech — but almost no one paid attention  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)





Hwang refuses to extend special probe on Park   (President Park Geun-hye)


Young People to Face Toughest Job Market Ever


USFK Chief Hints at Preemptive Strikes Against N.Korean Missiles


Seoul Pays Fair Share for U.S. Troop Presence, Says Tillerson  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Uber claims Korea’s self-driving car infringes trademark


Meat price unstable following foot-and-mouth disease outbreak




SpaceX gears up for launch from historic pad




NFL warns Texas over "bathroom bill": No Super Bowl for you!  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Fans should continue to boycott the NFL.)


Odell Beckham Jr. robbed during Super Bowl weekend


Falcons assistant Steve Sarkisian speaks publicly of his battle against alcoholism


Kushner Family Bidding for Baseball’s Miami Marlins


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)





Gaping hole in spillway for Calif. dam grows


Only one in three Californians like Trump in a new statewide poll


California's second largest reservoir is damaged. These water releases just made it worse


Driver dies after his semi-truck is blown off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel by 40mph winds into the frigid waters below  (Virginia)


Ind. governor grants pardon that Pence didn't act upon   (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Eric Holder’s law firm paid $25K a month by California taxpayers to fight Trump policies: Report




Trump reportedly nixes Elliott Abrams as State Department’s top deputy


Out with Globalization, In with Tillerson  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Americans Mixed on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


State Dept. Revolts Against Trump For Securing Border


77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries


5 examples of lies, fraud, corruption in U.S. refugee program





Neil Gorsuch Is Trump’s Best Revenge for Judicial Activism


Dershowitz: Supreme Court Appeal on Ban Would Take Too Long


On immigration EO, Trump should appeal to the Supreme Court


Neil Gorsuch: The President's Home Run for the Supreme Court


Case Over Executive Order Seems Headed to Supreme Court


Liberal group targets Gorsuch over travel ban ruling




The Blackwater of Jihad (A consortium of elite, well-paid fighters from across the former Soviet Union are training jihadis in Syria. Their business model could go global.)


Syrian Arab women battle IS, social stigma


Assad Calls Report of Torture in Syrian Prison ‘Fake News’  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Assad: US troops welcome in Syria to fight ‘terrorism’


… Assad: Some Refugees ‘Definitely’ Terrorists


Assad rejects safe zones in Syria




Working class wages stagnant for average 2.3 years: survey


Italian businessman dumped North Korean nuclear waste in ocean near Taiwan


Tamsui records low of 6.7 degrees


Taiwan maintaining 'close contact' with US following Trump-Xi call: Presidential Office


Taiwan: Stocks hit over 20-month high; techs jump


Three Taiwanese, one Singaporean win science awards





The Real Tax Unfairness


Oregon legislature considers coffee tax, officials say 




Technology Intel gives Trump credit for $7bn US factory it announced under Obama





Despite Berkeley Denials, Claims Surface of Student Rioters


Dear Media: Spicer's Atlanta Terror Attack? It Happened in 2002


A terrorism label that would hurt more than help


The Myth That Designating the Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist is Illegal




The Trouble With the Trade Surpluses


The Chimera Of Two-Way Trade Deals





The TSA Had A Powerpoint On Suicide Bombers That Included Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, And Elvis Presley




$1,084,840,000,000: Taxes Set Record Through January; $7,133 Per Worker; Feds Still Run Deficit of $156,939,000,000 




Turkey Blocks Series of Terror Attacks, Seizes 24 Suicide Explosives Belts


Turkish military denies Russian claim on providing ‘mistaken’ coordinates in Syria


Turkey, Ukraine lift passport requirement in visits to boost tourism


Turkey, Russia try to avoid crisis


Police disperse demonstrators, detain five people in Ankara University


Turkey’s giant gas storage facility opens


Turkish, British top soldiers meet in Ankara


Turkey’s automotive production rises 31 pct





U.K. stocks jump to 4-week high as miners rally


Britain’s entire fleet of attack subs ‘out of service’ – media


UK manufacturing jump shows economy ended 2016 strongly despite Brexit vote


BBC doubles down on its own 'fake news'


NHS problems unacceptable, says Hunt  (In an exclusive BBC interview, the health secretary concedes NHS care is falling short in places.)


Jeremy Corbyn 'sacks election coordinator' as he reshuffles shadow cabinet after wave of Labour frontbench resignations


Court challenge over child refugee effort


Trump’s EU ambassador pick was ‘head’ of non-existent Scots body


Germany warns the City over Brexit risk


Tory councillor suspended over 'completely unacceptable' racist tweet depicting Diane Abbott as ape


Private school students gain exam time


 NHS: Hospitals are in state of 'war', government adviser says


Farm subsidy delays 'raise Brexit fears'


Government urged to scrap 'unfair' tax raid on older pension savers 


Brexit 'may mean cancer drugs delay'


Archbishop and Tory MPs criticise closure of child refugee scheme


Support staff 'plugging teaching gaps'


European Commission: Independent Scotland would have to join queue for EU membership


Man arrested over 'terror fundraising'


A&E in England had worst delays ever in January, leak suggests  


'Record numbers' of dolphins detected


Up to 150 Conservative MPs will support motion to oust John Bercow as Speaker after his criticism of Donald Trump


 Members of grooming gang face deportation to Pakistan


Fat children are fuelling the NHS crisis, not the elderly, leading doctor claims 


G4S to take over welfare support for families facing deportation




UN chief says ‘determined’ for success in Cyprus talks


UN chief Guterres heads to Turkey ahead of Arab tour  (United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres)




Americans See US World Standing as Worst in a Decade


Oldest American, Adele Dunlap, dead at 114


Doorman, 59, slips and falls through glass door fatally slitting his throat while shoveling snow in Manhattan 




US Allies Worry About Joint Intel Operations Under President Trump





Venezuelans killing flamingos and anteaters to stave off hunger amid mounting food crisis




White House Rocked by Flynn’s Overtures to Russia


Trump Decides Against Supreme Court Appeal for Travel Ban


Trump Is a One-Man Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


Turley: Trump Making Same Arguments as Obama in Defense of Immigration Executive Order


Trump seizes on omission in court's travel ban ruling, plots next move


Trump vexed by challenges, scale of government


3 key Trump mistakes that led to the travel ban defeat


Trump: U.S. will be on a 'level playing field' with China


Trump Puts Religious Freedom Front and Center


Trump Calls Appeals Court Ruling Blocking His Order a 'Disgraceful Decision'


Trump vows more 'security' action next week, amid immigration court fight


 Key moments as Trump and Abe address the press  (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


White House Denies Report Trump Was Unaware Of U.S.-Russia Nuclear Pact


Time to revisit Marbury?  (Donald Trump is giving the American people a badly needed civics lesson.)


Populist Presidents and ‘Demoralized’ Judges

Is Trump Floundering, or Is Bannon Making Good on His ‘Revolution’?


Conway's gaffe track


Trump the 9th Circus


Actually, Trump has a duty to ban dangerous immigrants


The Donald v. The Judges


The Anti-Trump Resistance Movement


Donald Trump signs executive order giving police greater authority


Details of Trump-Putin call raise new White House leak concerns (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Trump rages in ALL CAPS after appeals court rules against him


Trump pledged his firm wouldn’t launch new foreign deals. Now, it may revive a Dominican resort project.


President Trump's travel ban: 4 options for what happens next


Conway: Trump 'supports me 100 percent' in ethics flap


Democrats call for Conway investigation after Ivanka Trump plug


Like Conway, Michelle Obama boasted about 'boosting' designers (Former First Lady Michelle Obama)


Kellyanne Conway accused of violating federal ethics rule


Kellyanne Conway’s White House Infomercial


In a time of tragedy, could Trump soothe the nation?


Gym founder calls out Ivanka Trump


White House says Conway ‘counseled’ after promoting Ivanka Trump’s merchandise


The Lesson of Nordstrom: Do Business With the Trumps or Else


Trump insists Judge Gorsuch’s comments were ‘misrepresented’


 Several Democrats breaking with party on Gorsuch vote, White House says


Donald Trump: The end of broken promises; the beginning of a new era


Trump Admin Releases List of Terrorist Suspect Cases From Travel Ban Countries




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