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Thursday, February 9, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Still Hasn’t Produced an Annual Report. Here’s Why That’s a Problem.


Scientist Confirms: An Unborn Baby is a Human Being From the Moment of Conception


Pro-life protests set at hundreds of abortion businesses


Planned Parenthood Scrubs “Prenatal Care” From Website After Caught Denying It to Women


Pizza Parties for Abortion Quotas


New Senator Luther Strange Replacing Jeff Sessions is Pro-Life: Unborn Babies “The Most Vulnerable of All”


Arkansas doctors could be sued over banned abortion method


Planned Parenthood Supporters Get Tattoos to Show Their Support for Abortion


New Jersey archdiocese promises to clamp down on pro-life priest after media hit job


Groups unite to protect abortion, birth control access  (Texas)


Amazing New 20-Week MRI Scan Shows Unborn Baby Wiggling and Swallowing in Vivid Detail


In Colorado, they’re considering bill to give women the right to know chemical abortions can be reversed


Amendment would require abortion pill reporting (Indiana)


Indiana bill pushes disputed abortion ‘reversal’ option


Bevin bounces baby while signing abortion bills (Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin (R)


Kentucky Governor Signs Pro-Life Bill Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks


Pennsylvania Senate OKs 20-Week Abortion Ban; Veto Awaits


Eight countries sign up to counter Trump's global anti-abortion move


Illinois Democrats push back against Trump on abortion


Willie J. Parker Changed His Mind About Abortion


This Doctor Wrote A Memoir About The Joy of Doing Abortions. Now The New York Times Is Fawning Over Him.


Steve Bannon Wanted Mel Gibson for His Movie About Nazis, Abortion, ‘Mutants’


Oklahoma abortion law wants women to get the father's written consent




Islamic State threatens more attacks in Afghanistan as US hits militants in eastern province




A New African Union Finally Exits the Cold War


South African lawmakers brawl during protest of Zuma speech


Kenya Court Blocks Closing of World's Biggest Refugee Camp


Former Prime Minister Is Elected President of Struggling Somalia




California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers


Garlic farm to pay workers $15 an hour, fending off labor shortage




Winter Weather Grounds, Delays Flights Across US




Huge homeless camp stands in way of key LAX modernization project




ADL Criticizes Israel, Fails to Criticize Terror Murder of Jews




‘Nazis Rule’ Scrawled in Jewish Student’s Dorm Room at U of Minn




Company to Resume Work to Finish Dakota Access Pipeline




In Duterte’s footsteps, Hun Sen launches drug war  (Cambodia's new war on drugs aims to blunt a spike in addiction and trafficking, but critics see a publicity stunt ahead of crucial provincial elections.)


Bangladesh: Hindu vendor arrested for “insulting Islam” on Facebook




AGL energises ASX in late push higher


Australian Dollar Slides Against Majors


Man dies in explosion on Carnival Australia cruise ship


Australian vet nurse spends 30 minutes massaging tennis ball out of snake that mistook it for food and swallowed it 


Australian man trapped for five hours with nose just above mud after digger fell into dam used 'yoga pose' to survive




Boeing Is the Front-Runner for $13.8 Billion Singapore Air Order




Macedonia Blasts U.S. Congressman's Claim It's 'Not A Country,' Should Be Divided




Breaking The Bureaucracy: How To Roll Back The Administrative State




Border security means that entering is privilege, not a right


Before the Wall: Life Along the U.S.-Mexico Border




Top ATF Official Advocates Reducing Gun Regulations in Internal Memo


Feds Rule Texas Mosque Fire Arson 




New York indices break records, TSX falls short


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Canadian Federal employees must take and pass ‘gender equality’ test, or else …


Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump to meet Monday in Washington  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Quebec man arrested in alleged threats against mosques, two mayors


Canada’s green electricity bailouts make the Bombardier giveaway look like peanuts


Border town holds emergency meeting on influx of asylum seekers


Canadian's home expansion enrages London neighbours


Hate taxes? Blame Germany. How Canada’s government got so darned big in 150 years


Cupid, a puppy born without front legs, gets prosthetics


How the Toronto police have kept unfounded rates low


Liberal MP's anti-Islamophobia motion set for debate next week


Asking Canadians to delay their CPP benefits? Good luck


Palin for Ambassador to Canada? You betcha!


Air Canada unveils new look for aircraft, uniforms


Air Canada unveils new retro look, with black on planes and uniforms


Medication protocols not followed at nursing home where Elizabeth Wettlaufer worked


How refuge seekers are slipping across the Canadian border under 'cover of darkness'


WTO complaint over Bombardier threatens Canada-Brazil relations


Former soldier, single mother evicted in wait for military pension


Top Mountie orders review of recent sexual-assault cases




After a $5.25B expansion, ships are scraping by Panama Canal’s malfunctioning lock doors




CIA That Funded the 'Moderate Muslim Brotherhood' Narrative Opposed to the Group's Terror Designation




China invited British PM to attend summit on new Silk Road


China commends Trump for letter on building a ‘constructive relationship’


Time to Put China's Rocketeers on Notice


The growing dilemma of China's middle class


China’s Naval Shipbuilding Sets Sail


In Letter to China, Trump Says He Wants ‘Constructive Relationship’




Ex-NK diplomat says new nuke talks would be ‘great fraud’


N. Korea’s child slavery problem is even worse than imagined




Congress Wants New Sanctions on Venezuela for Ties to Iran-Backed Terrorists


Hispanic lawmakers want Peña Nieto to address Congress


Congress, make oversight great again


Congress takes aim at California law mandating retirement savings plans for low-income workers


Earmarks will not solve Washington's problems


Conservatives grow impatient over Obamacare, demand repeal this spring to appease voters


What are Republicans doing about Obamacare? Absolutely nothing.




Hundreds of Employees at Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Agency Make More Than Most Elected Officials




Is corporate America worried about being in Trump's crosshairs?




9th Circuit rules against reinstating travel ban


Judge Who Will Rule on Trump Travel Order Won ACLU ‘LGBT Award’


Over 200 Inauguration Day Rioters Indicted


Will the Ninth Circuit Punt — for Now — on Trump’s Travel Ban?


Here are the judges who will rule on Trump's travel ban


Tribe goes to court to stall Dakota pipeline


Village ordered to repay $3 million from traffic cam speeding tickets


Woman accused of kidnapping baby in 1998 enters plea


A Maniac Is Running Our Foreign Policy! (It's Not Trump)  (How Judge James Robart epitomizes our national immigration dilemma.)


Stunning Court Decision Approves Passover Punishment  (Defense team vows to take case all the way to Supreme Court.)


Judge blocks $54 billion Anthem-Cigna health insurance merger


Ariz. man gets 30 years for Islamic State-inspired attack


Mom pleads guilty in son's beating death over birthday cake


Grandson of John Gotti gets eight YEARS behind bars and is forced to forfeit $250k in cash for his role in $1.6million drug ring




GOP do not back down! Mobs, Riots, Protests are not first Amendment rights, they are crimes


NYPD cops are using illegal license plate covers to thwart traffic cameras


Man jailed for marrying mother and her daughter


Tattoo-covered sex offender apprehended after search  (Virginia)


Accused accomplice in killing spree facing slew of charges


12-year-old boy wakes from coma, back home after school hallway beating


Terrifying CCTV captures the moment a mother, 27, tried to hand her toddler to a McDonald's drive thru worker as 'she battled the child's father who had kidnapped and beat her'




Illegal immigrants tie up phones venting about border agents




Days before inauguration, hackers breached D.C. traffic and security cameras




Mississippi considers firing squad, gas chamber as execution methods





Leftist Anarchy, Not Trumpian Fascism, Is the Real Threat to Democracy





In race to run the Democratic Party, common sense has already lost




Watch Barack Obama And Bill Clinton Call For Muslim Ban


Democrats Quickly Build Massive Network to Combat Voter ID Laws


Chelsea Clinton's hubby flubs badly – out of a job  ($25 million hedge fund loses 90 percent of value in bad bet.)


Texas Democrats Angered by Trump’s Remark on Destroying Senator’s Career


Rahm Emanuel tells Democrats: ‘It ain’t gonna happen in 2018’ (Mayor of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel)


The Left protests moderate speaker at Democratic event


Fact Check: Obama Is Not Good at Kite Surfing, Any Sport




DeVos is not as conservative on social issues as you think   (Education Secretary Betsy DeVos)


Trump On Course To Dismantle Department Of Education


The Comforts of the Betsy DeVos War (Education Secretary Betsy DeVos)


Do your homework, Ms. DeVos


DeVos strikes perfect note


Teachers Unions DeVostated




Jeh Johnson Hyped Denying Visa-Free Travel to Those Who Visited NYT’s '7 Muslim Countries’   (Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson)





Last-Minute Lawyer Faulted for ‘Poor Job’ Defending Trump’s Immigration Order


Sessions Confirmed As AG. Here Are The 5 Worst Lies Democrats Used Against Him.


‘New era of justice’: AG Sessions Vows to Tackle Cartels, Illegal Immigration


Justice Department Bureaucrats Tanking Trump’s Immigration Order?


Jeff Sessions Heads to the Department of Justice (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Police organizations can't wait for Attorney General Jeff Sessions





Labor Sec'y Nominee Addresses Conflicts of Interest




Stock market rallies to records as Trump teases tax-policy announcement


Trump tax talk lifts Wall Street to record high


Major U.S. stock indexes end at records as Trump signals ‘phenomenal’ tax news coming


Dollar rallies against yen ahead of Trump meeting with Japan P.M.


Asian stocks tread water on U.S. cues, Europe concerns


Asian Bonds Gain While Chinese Shares Extend Rally: Markets Wrap


Gold isn’t done climbing, says ‘Precious Metals Investing for Dummies’ author


Jobless claims running at 44-year low


Treasury yields halt longest series of declines since June


U.S. jobless claims near 43-year low; wholesale inventories surge


Gold prices settle lower to end 5-session climb




“Aren’t You Tired of Writing Your Stupid Articles?” Georgetown Prof Jonathan Brown Expels Critic From Lecture


Racist emails sent to Mich. students were forged, university says


Poll of High Schoolers: No, Free Speech Shouldn't Protect 'Offensive' or 'Bullying' Comments


Parents: Tell Trump you oppose U.N. takeovers (Homeschoolers say three treaties 'can end up harming the same people they're trying to help.')


Thomas Sowell: Education At A Crossroads, Part II


New York Closes Schools After Winter Storm Warning


A Call to Punish Tardy Journal Editors  (Paper argues that those who can't meet deadlines for evaluating submissions should be removed from their positions.)


American Universities Must Take a Stand


‘Being Black, Being Male on Campus’  (Through the voices of 40 individuals, new book examines what it’s like to be a black man on a college campus today.)


Chicago Public Schools Send Students Home With Politically Biased Letter


Harsh parenting may do more harm than good for children's education


Grad Schools Remain a Global Draw  (Report from the Council of Graduate Schools shows international graduate student applications and enrollments continue to grow, but the rate is slower than in recent years.)


Why we need school choice: Bullying


Tears of Professor Clown (Satirical academic social media accounts go serious to protest Donald Trump.)


High school student, 14, is found dead behind bleachers at Catholic school in 'possible alcohol poisoning' 


Cruelty at the Border (Whatever the results of legal challenges, the executive order barring travel to the US from certain Muslim nations will drive foreign scholars and students to think more favorably about other -- more welcoming -- places, argues Robert Quinn.)




Oil books a 2nd day of gains on signs of U.S. gasoline demand


Energy Prices


Global day of protest against decision on Dakota pipeline


How a Law Designed to Promote Fairness Is Hiking Gas Prices in Wisconsin





Congress Plans to Make the EPA Great Again




Russia’s gradual swallowing of Ukraine


Assassins Are Killing Ukraine’s Rebel Chiefs, but on Whose Orders?




European stocks end at 2-week high as SocGen, Total march higher


Poland wants US or European nuclear umbrella: Kaczynski


European public shocks elites in huge 10-country poll by rejecting further Muslim immigration


Austria Prepares To Send Troops To Its Borders, Joins All Of Eastern Europe In Shutting Down Balkan Route For Muslim Arrivals


In Romania, Corruption’s Tentacles Grip Daily Life


Feeling ‘Pressure All the Time’ on Europe’s Treadmill of Temporary Work




Trump slams 'out of whack' FAA in meeting with airlines





Former Federal Reserve Staffer Says Economists at Central Bank Don’t Know How Economy Works




Goldman hedge fund folding London operations, shifting staff to U.S.: sources




Just say no to drug ads on TV  (It's been 20 years since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permitted the advertising of prescription drugs on television. It was a dumb decision in 1997, and it's dumber after two decades, with just one other nation, New Zealand, in agreement.)




France’s first centre for deradicalization stands empty five months after opening


Flamanville fiasco: The story of France's nuclear calamity


French police conclude 'anal rape' of suspect with cop's truncheon was an accident


The Man for France? (Though damaged by a recent scandal, François Fillon represents the nation’s best hope for new presidential leadership.)


French Court Holds Hearing On Extradition Case Of Former Kosovar Prime Minister


Paris spending $22,000,000 to build wall around Eiffel Tower to stop jihad terror attacks


More arrests in riots over black man's alleged rape by cops


For Roma in France, Education Is an Elusive Path to Integration


'No nuclear risk' after explosion at France's Flamanville nuclear site near Channel Islands




Merkel to spend billions on foreign aid despite facing $87,000,000,000 Muslim migrant bill  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Merkel's Conservatives Divided as Campaign Begins


Germany Slams Ukrainian Lawmaker For Defacing Berlin Wall Remnant


Germany Arrests Suspected Member of Afghanistan's Taliban


Will Pax Germania replace Pax Americana?




Inconvenient Truth: Shultz and Baker's Disastrously Mistimed Carbon Tax


This Republican Carbon Tax Proposal Is Anything but Conservative


A Conservative Case for Climate Action




GOP State Lawmakers Push for Restrictions on Voting


Utah’s attorney general -- a rising GOP star -- is now facing corruption charges




Trump is stocking his Cabinet with the ethically challenged. Case in point: Tom Price




Officials investigate man's death in ER waiting room


Are short-term health insurance plans poised for a comeback?





Will Hollywood Give ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ The Awards Its Audience Is Clamoring For?


Hollywood talent agency UTA cancels Oscar party, will hold refugee rally instead




Gays in the Era of Trump



House Democrats Compromise American Intelligence Secrets Again


Black Caucus members storm floor to protest Sessions


Ryan says he can work with Bannon (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Republicans, Staff Fear Violence Against Them As Opposition to Obamacare Repeal Intensifies


Ryan would block Trump effort to lift Russia sanctions


House Democrats Cast 4,775 Votes to Repeal, Modify, Delay, or Defund Obamacare


Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) May Be in More Hot Water After Meeting With Syria’s Assad (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)




How highly skilled women are ignored in migration debate


Enough Iraqi Refugee Terrorists and Rapists  (An immigration policy that puts America first.)


Crowdfunding Helps Rescue Refugees Upended by Travel Ban


ISIS fighters call Trump’s travel order a ‘blessed ban’


Skewing the polls on immigration


A fact-free debate on immigration order



Protests erupt outside Phoenix ICE office after arrest of illegal immigrant




Pakistan claims India building secret nuclear city, New Delhi says it’s baseless


India formally protests to China on Masood Azhar


Muzaffarnagar riots: Three years on, no conviction in gangrape cases


No restriction on migration to Gulf countries: Govt


74 missing defence personnel believed to be in Pak custody: Govt


Lockheed says US may take 'fresh look' at its India F-16 plan


US defence secretary Mattis calls Parrikar


Murder accused says cops electrocuted his genitals, cops deny charge




10 tax deductions you don't need to be wealthy to claim




Iran's Rouhani says military power 'purely defensive' (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


5 dead, 9 hurt in Iran underground gas explosion


US may sanction Iran over Yemen, Hezbollah and Iraq


How Deep Was the Obama-Iran Relationship?


Our Cuban Missile Crisis Moment


Burn an American Flag? Some Iranians Are Saying No


Iran hostages could be left stranded


Iranians Once Shrugged Off Trump’s Bluster. Now They’re Worried.


Cables reveal Chinese connection to Iran's ballistic missiles


Iran's latest missile launch is the third since Trump won




Sunni Insurgency Threatens to Take Hold in Iraq Amid ISIS Defeats




Analysis: What to know about apostasy laws worldwide


Pity the Children of the Islamic World


German-born soccer star chooses his Muslim faith over his athletic career





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Thursday, February 9, 2017)


'I punched the terrorist twice and floored him'


Tourism Ministry Cites Rise in Tourist Entries in January, Increase in Turkish Presence at IMTM


PA TV criticizes Palestinian newspaper for using term “Wailing Wall” and not "Al-Buraq Wall" - as instructed by PA Ministry of Information


Leket Israel Launches Tu B’Shevat Project, Sayeret Tapuz


Trump to meet with Sheldon Adelson ahead of Netanyahu visit  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


A Town Called Amona, Camped Out in Jerusalem


Israeli Home Demolitions Up in East Jerusalem


Hamas ‘Mourns’ Dead Terrorists in Attack on Gaza Tunnel


Irish FM: 'Ireland constantly considers recognizing a Palestinian state’


'MK crossed line in criticizing Regulation Law, must apologize'


IMF Report: Israel Enjoying Solid Economic Growth, Low Unemployment


UK House of Commons condemns Israeli settlement activity


6 injured, 1 Palestinian teen detained in reported shooting, stabbing attack in Petah Tikva


Israel apologizes over questioning of American activist


Haredi MK Eichler Calls Supreme Court ‘Evil Empire’


Israeli man indicted for trying to cross into Gaza


'Eilat back to normal' following rocket attack


Military police suspected of forging soldier's


New Israel Fund VP Questioned at Ben Gurion over NGO Support


Israeli Arab beaten by passersby who mistook him


Turkey asks Israel to ease security warnings for tourists


A day with wounded Syrian kids hospitalized in Israel Dozens of childre


Israel to Protest After Belgian PM Meets With Anti-Israel NGOs During State Visit


Turfed out Amona residents choose new outpost to call home


Watch: IDF soldier attacked in Bnei Brak  (Israel Defense Forces)


Trump team weighs engaging Arabs allies to push Mideast peace — report


Reports: Israel approves construction of 1,162 settlement units in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Police said to probe if British-Israeli billionaire also gave gifts to PM


Sudanese Cleric: Islamic Shari'a Permits Normalizing Relations With Israel


Settler group says 421,000 Israelis now living in West Bank (Judea and Samaria )


Israeli court sentences Palestinian mother to year in prison


Netanyahu beware: Cheerleading for Trump risks Israel’s vital bipartisan US ties


Palestinian Authority Columnists: Trump Won Democratic Elections – Like Hitler And Hamas Did


2 Palestinians said killed in strike near Gaza-Egypt border


Report: Violations against press freedoms in Palestine declining, but still persisting


As Trump era begins, what does Israel actually want in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) ?


Isis claims it attacked Israeli port of Eilat with rockets


Israel’s new settlement law is an affront to democracy




Abe aims to start Cabinet-level talks with US: official (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


Why Trump might play nice with Japan’s Abe


Court dismisses Okinawa residents' suit over Kadena aircraft noise




Everything The Women’s March Movement Wants You To Believe About It Is A Lie


Gad Saad On Hysteria And 'Collective Munchausen' Around Donald Trump (Pinpointing the psychological pathology of the anti-Trump Left.)


Sharpton Posts Picture of Himself Reading Upside-Down Book, Brags About It




The Death of Marxism Revisited




Breaking: Virginia Senate passes bill to prohibit govt discrimination of natural marriage supporters




The Media's Self-Defeating Outrage over Trump and Russia


CNN: Public Should Worry More About Lightning Than Islamic Terror


Bill Kristol goes off the deep end  (The editor of the Weekly Standard said the white working class in the US has become "lazy, decadent," and "spoiled." AVIPP COMMENTARY: Americans are like Bill Kristol.  He inherited the Weekly Standard from his father Irving Kristol the founder and editor of the Weekly Standard .)


WaPo reporter swoons over 'natural' athlete Obama 


Jake Tapper defends CNN Trump coverage: 'Our coverage follows his lead'


Vogue accused of photoshopping cover to make plus-sized model look thinner


Major media remain in denial




El Salvador children’s TV show host accused of smuggling drugs for Mexican cartel




Bahrain kills three fugitives fleeing for Iran by sea




U.S. general calls for review of relationship with Pakistan


What Is the U.S. Military Doing in Yemen? Is It Worth the Cost?


Critiquing Trump’s First War on Terror Raid? That’s ‘Emboldening the Enemy.’


Gen. John Nicholson Sees 'Stalemate' in Afghanistan


U.S. Dependent on China for Military-Grade Rare Earth Minerals


U.S. commander tells Congress: More troops needed in Afghanistan


Army beefs up Europe forces with arrival of aviation brigade


Officials warn White House on terrorist designation for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards  (The Pentagon has raised concerns that such a move could upset a tenuous arrangement in Iraq that has Shiite fighters avoiding clashes with US forces.)


Air Force chief: A-10s to keep flying until at least 2021


Military brass sound alarm about 'insidious decline' in readiness


Soldier welcomes Afghan translator to US with bear hug




The Coming Minimum-Wage Tsunami Will Wash Away Millions Of Minority Jobs





The NAACP Opposes Sessions for AG–After Once Giving Him an Award for ‘Excellence’




Chips, not fried: NASA develops technology able to survive +450C on Venus


Trump advisers' space plan: To moon, Mars and beyond




Report: NATO considers new Naples intel center for terrorism fight




37 countries to take part in Navel exercise: Pakistan Fleet Commander


I never lied,never ever made any false promises: Nawaz Sharif  (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)




Fire Tears Through Manila Slum, Leaving 15,000 Homeless




'Nationalism' isn't new to conservatism



Serious concern as Islamic terrorists released from prison


Mich. woman says she was forced to give birth on jail floor


Jailhouse death called "shark feeding frenzy;" 12 charged




Triumph of the Cross: Minnesota city’s council members vote to restore veterans’ memorial




NATO buildup in E. Europe threat to Russian security, increases risk of incidents – Moscow


Famine in 1920s Soviet Union Allegedly Forced Peasants to Eat Human Flesh


Russia ready to restore cooperation on Afghanistan with US, NATO — diplomat


Kremlin Criticizes Sanctions After U.S. Senators Submit Legislation


Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov returns home


Kremlin: No Ukraine 'Deal' With US Possible


Russian diplomat says NATO invents phantom threats in Black Sea area


U.S. launches TV network as alternative to Russian propaganda


How Russia became the leader of the global Christian right


Putin’s Most Potent Foe Is Barred From Presidential Race (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Putin, Erdogan agree to boost military coordination during operations against IS in Syria

Majority in Russia See Domestic Violence as Serious Problem


Russian Draft Proposal For A New Syrian Constitution




Common method of cooking rice 'leaves traces of arsenic in food'


The immigrant maps of America: Genome study of over 770,000 people reveals the ancestral origins of each part of the country





'Disgrace to the Black Race': Sen. Tim Scott Illustrates How Liberals Show Tolerance    (US Senator of South Carolina Tim Scott (R)


Say wut? Elizabeth Warren was pro-school choice before she wanted to be a politician     (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Sen. Tim Scott: ‘True Violation of Rule 19’ Were the Remarks Originally Stated by Sen. Kennedy


Republicans Should Make Elizabeth Warren The Voice Of Democrats


Republicans push bill to split up ‘nutty 9th Circuit’


Schumer calls on Puzder to withdraw nomination (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Price nears Senate confirmation as HHS secretary


Rubio: Nasty Things Were Written About Kerry And Clinton–No One Used Past Remarks To Smear Their Nominations  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


Bipartisan group of senators demand Yemen briefing


Cory Booker Turns on His One-Time Ally, Betsy DeVos   (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


GOP senators to Trump: Putin is not your friend (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

Trump hits Blumenthal for Gorsuch comment claims, Vietnam 'lie' (US Senator of Connecticut Richard Blumenthal (D)


Left Freaks Out Over Manchin Vote to Confirm Attorney General Sessions (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Sasse: Gorsuch criticized Trump's 'so-called judge' comment (US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse(R)


Democrats scrap all-nighters after DeVos, Sessions votes


Blumenthal defends his report on Gorsuch after Trump attack


Democrats’ empty anti-Trump stunts have made the Senate a circus


Alabama AG succeeds Sessions' in the Senate


Senate Confirms Jeff Sessions as Attorney General


Spicer demands apology from McCain, critics of Yemen raid (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer/ US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Graham: Senate silencing of Warren was 'long overdue' (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Ted Cruz: ‘Angry’ Elizabeth Warren ‘lashing out at the American people’ (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)/ US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Here’s the History Behind the Senate Rule Invoked to Shut Down Elizabeth Warren


Senate advances Price nomination for HHS


Sessions Wins Confirmation as Warren Steals the Spotlight


Elizabeth Warren blasts Jeff Sessions as purveyor of ‘racial hatred’


McConnell Is Very Happy With Trump Presidency, So Far (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Alabama attorney general favored to succeed Sessions


Elizabeth Warren Was Told to Be Quiet. Women Can Relate.


Sessions resigns from Senate to be AG: 'This is a special honor'


Dem Who Lied About Vietnam Service Calls for Extreme Vetting of Gorsuch  (US Senator of Connecticut Richard Blumenthal (D) lied about combat for years.)




Savings: The Socialism Antidote




Twitter advertising revenue falls, shares drop more than 10 percent (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Americans should boycott social media so this occurs with other social media sites.)


Is Twitter Fighting A Losing Battle Against Trolls?


If you do the crime, don't post proof on Facebook




Canadian man who was feared dead after disappearing in 2012 is found alive 6,500 miles away in the Amazon jungle after walking barefoot across two continents




Counsel cries foul over Park probe leak accusation  (President Park Geun-hye)


Park takes delaying action on investigation


Highest alert issued for foot-and-mouth disease


Trade deal benefits US more than Korea




How to see the closest comet in decades this weekend




Three New England Patriots to skip White House visit


College basketball team’s bus vanishes during game


The ‘Black Hole’ of College Sports (Baylor University’s former head football coach covered up his players’ sexual violence and other troubling behaviors for years, new court documents allege. But the university is not alone in protecting athletes from punishment.)


LeBron James and the Cavs Will Wear the Goodyear Logo Next Season


Charles Oakley, ex-New York Knicks great, speaks out after ejection, arrest


NFL offseason: Destinations up in the air for Raiders, Romo and other QBs


Heads roll on Falcons coaching staff after Super Bowl collapse


Stephen Curry dished out a clever burn while taking a stand against Donald Trump


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)





Arcane law forces small Oklahoma town to cancel Valentine's Day dance


Massive snowstorm snarls traffic, paralyzes airports in Northeast


Oakland Knew of Illegal Housing at Warehouse Before Deadly Fire


Skelton: Trump says California is 'out of control.' State lawmakers should make sure they don't prove him right


A Painstaking Mission to Save Atlanta’s Colossal Civil War Painting


2017 is right-to-work's watershed year


California goes Confederate  (More than 60 percent of California voters went for Hillary Clinton — a margin of more than 4 million votes over Donald Trump.)


Woman dies when stolen SUV crashes into home as she watched TV





State Dept. insider exposes refugee program as 'full of fraud'




14-year-old girl’s death highlights the disturbing trend of live-streamed suicides




15 questions that will, without a doubt, confirm whether Gorsuch is an originalist


Dear GOP: Gird Your Loins over the Supreme Court




Trump’s bid to keep Syrian refugees safe — at home


Fierce fighting 20km from ISIS bastion in Syria


What kind of nation awaits the war-ravaged?


Coalition Spokesman: 'Fair to Say' That Syrian Regime and Russia Are Now Attacking ISIS in Syria




Tillerson reaffirms US’ commitment to Taiwan  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Tsai vows to boost tourism industry  (President Tsai Ing-wen)


US should welcome Tsai’s ‘status quo’ commitment: report




Gov should stand up for the poor --- and kill the bag tax (New York) 




Will the iPhone 8 cost more than $1,000? 10th  Anniversary handset will be Apple's most expensive yet





Report: Hezbollah-Linked Company Exporting Millions to U.S. Despite Sanctions


Letter sent by alleged 9/11 mastermind to Obama surfaces




Trade Restrictions: Some Effects




The Data Suggests Unisex Bathrooms Are A Bonanza To Male Perverts


N.C. can only keep its sports status if it confronts controversial law  (The “bathroom bill” opposed by several civil rights groups may be jeopardizing college events central to the state’s identity.)




Russia Airstrikes Accidentally Kill 3 Turkish Soldiers in Syria, Turkish Army Says


President Erdoğan hosts renowned musician Cat Stevens  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Lists of expelled academics were prepared by their universities: Turkey’s Higher Education Board


CIA chief in Turkey for key talks


National mobilization does not mean ‘take a gun and hit the streets’: Erdoğan


We don’t call naysayers ‘terrorists’: Turkish justice minister


Police detain four ISIL suspects, foil terrorist attack in Turkey’s Gaziantep


Hundreds of fingerprints found on key documents at coup bid HQ in Turkey


EU decides against visa validation at Turkish ports for Greek islands: Report


Second Turkish soldier at PM’s dinner table killed by ISIL in Syria


Ankara, Moscow to discuss easing visa regime for Turkish businessmen


Turkey wants Iraq to take ‘concrete’ steps against PKK


Istanbul deputy police chief arrested shortly after being released over ‘drug trafficking’


New container city to be built for Syrian refugees in Turkey’s Adana




Man blames Uber for ruining his marriage




Tesla Employee Says Workers Contacted UAW About Organizing





FTSE 100 closes at 3-week high as BP advances


UK scrambles Typhoon fighter jets to escort Russian bombers

London Synagogue to Shelter Syrian Family


U.K. leader calls Trump travel ban "wrong," "divisive"  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: The US does not want to become like the UK,  a haven for Islamo-Fascist terrorists.  Soon Britain will pay the price for the failure of their leadership too address Islamic extremism.)


Archbishop of Canterbury joins MPs in attack on Government's child refugee 'cap'


Nicola Sturgeon condemns ‘pathetic’ Corbyn over Brexit  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Climbdown on NHS conflict of interest rules as doctors told they will not have to declare private earnings


Indyref2: Scottish Government workers ready for new vote


Letters reveal why Jackie Kennedy turned down British aristocrat to marry Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis instead


Edinburgh school closures: ‘Luck’ that no children were killed


Brexit vote: what happens now, will House of Lords change Bill and when will Article 50 be triggered?


Diane Abbott tells Brexit minister to 'f*** off' after he attempts to kiss her in Commons bar after Article 50 vote


First British woman to fight Isil in Syria says she's willing to die for the cause


Boris Johnson, British Foreign Secretary, Drops Dual U.S. Citizenship


Members of UK Sex Grooming Gang Face Deportation to Pakistan


Twenty-two pupils taken to hospital after bus carrying schoolchildren overturns in Cumbernauld


Government backtracks on pledge to take child refugees


UK weather: Britain set for snow as temperatures plunge as low as -5 across country


45-year-old goddaughter of Prince Charles found dead at London home




Not So Fast, UN: The US Owes No 'Reparations' to Blacks




Americans Renouncing Citizenship at Record High




Terror Threat: Venezuela Has Been Selling Official Passports to Anyone Willing To Pay...In Iraq




Venezuela may have given passports to people with ties to terrorism  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: This is why Trump’s immigration moratorium is needed.)




Does the Establishment Plan to Defeat Trump Via Impeachment?


Trump Promises ‘Phenomenal’ Tax Plan


Trump: 'My Pilot Is a Smart Guy and Knows What's Going On'


Conway ‘Counseled’ Over Promoting Ivanka Trump’s Apparel Line


Why Trump Might Target Iran’s Revolutionary Guard


Mike Pence to speak at Republican Jewish Coalition confab  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump Suggests Supreme Court Nominee's Criticism of Him Misrepresented


Poll Shows Public Trusts Trump Administration More Than Media


Trump Signs a Slew of New Executive Orders: Taking on Cartels, Crime and Protecting Law Enforcement


Trump’s Push for Deregulation


Trump: McCain 'doesn't know how to win anymore'


Power breakfast at the Four Seasons: Political players, CEOs, and Ivanka


Pence hires libertarian Calabria as chief economist  


Kellyanne plugs Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on live TV (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Time for Kellyanee to resign. She is an embarrassment to the White House.)


Trump on Immigration Power: I Can Do Whatever I Want


Majority of Americans Think Trump is Truthful, Media Untruthful


Trump Defends Putin?  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Trump rips McCain for criticizing Yemen raid in which SEAL died


Dakota Access OK Came as Tribe Chief Flew to Meet Trump Team


Trump hits Blumenthal on Vietnam record, says he 'misrepresents' Gorsuch


Crazy Democrat Wants White House to Have In-House Psychiatrist


CPAC-ACU: Trump's Cabinet most conservative, surpassing Reagan


Trump Spite Leads to Defense of Idiocy


Conway: Trump still backs Gorsuch after his 'demoralizing' remark


Will the Left save Donald Trump?


Here's how Trump's gift for coining catchphrases could backfire

 Trump Hosting Japanese PM at Mar-a-Lago 'as a Gift'


After Mr. Trump’s Din, the Quiet Grandeur of the Courts


Gorsuch calls Trump comments about judges 'disheartening and demoralizing'


Melania Trump announces White House social secretary


Trump tweets a red line for North Korea


Connecting Trump’s Dots


Steve Bannon vs. Pope Francis?


Spicer cites Atlanta terror attack that never happened  (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


The president and the courts


Sean Spicer’s chilling words


Trump's Cabinet picks effective diplomats to ruffled allies


Branding in the East Wing is nothing new. Eleanor Roosevelt pitched hot dog buns.


Donald Trump, Middle-School President


Trump is trying to compare himself to Andrew Jackson. Wrong Andrew.


Trump wants a 'constructive relationship' with China



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