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Thursday, February 8, 2018






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President Trump is “On Track to Become the Most Pro-Life President Ever”


Planned Parenthood Refuses to Stop Killing Babies in Abortions to Get Millions of Dollars for Women’s Health


New York Times Writer Anna Quindlen and “Hamilton” Creator Will Head Panel to Find Cecile Richards’ Replacement


Nancy Pelosi Quotes “Welcome the Children” Bible Verse But Supports Killing Children in Abortions (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Disgraced FBI Agent Lisa Page Also Trashed Pro-Lifers: I “Hate Those People”


Neonatologist: Yes Unborn Babies Feel Pain, Ask Any Nurse Who a Premature Baby Slapped When Drawing His Blood


Dana Loesch: Pay for Military Parade By Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding


Abortion Clinic Caught Not Cleaning Its Equipment Sends Woman to Hospital After Botched Abortion (Virginia)


Iowa Senate Panel Passes Bill to Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins


ACLU Sues to Force Maine Taxpayers to Fund Abortions


Poll Shows Even in Liberal Oregon 70% of People Oppose Late-Term Abortion


Irish Examiner Runs Fake Poll Claiming Doctors Support Legalizing Abortion


The Fusion GPS-baby body parts connection


University of Notre Dame Bans Abortion Pills From Its Employee Health Care Plans


Few Groups Reject Abortion-Restricted U.S. Global Health Funds


Abortion fights loom in states


Iowa Bill Would Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins


US says abortion gag rule cost only 4 organizations funding


Man Tried to Kill His Girlfriend’s Unborn Baby By Spiking Her Drink With the Abortion Pill


 Planned Parenthood refused to stop committing abortions to get U.S. aid money: gov’t report


Ohio strikes a blow against abortion clinics


Arizona lawmakers want to make doctors ask women why they want abortion


Missouri House Passes Pro-Life Bill Requiring Parental Notification Before a Teen’s Abortion


Only 1 Abortion Bill Filed in Time for Arizona Legislature


Crime Scene Unit Spotted at Florida Abortion Clinic Under Investigation For Selling Aborted Baby Parts


Northwest Indiana anti-abortion activist charged with death threats to Chicago-area clinics


Writer Says Abortion Needed to Combat the “Horror of Down Syndrome Babies”


New pro-life film shows how abortion destroys the special bond a mother has with her baby


Even Reaching Out, Kansas Governor Hits Hard on Abortion


Priest Says 14 Catholic Senators Who Voted Against Late-Term Abortion Ban Should be Excommunicated


Abortion Restrictions Upheld in Ohio


Pope Francis: More People Need to Join Pro-Life Efforts to Stop Abortion


India has killed 63 million of its daughters through sex-selection abortion


Parents Sue British Government Over Two Child Limit on Benefits That Encourages Abortions




'He just asked me if he could live with me... I told him I had been feeling the same': Teacher, 26, tells how she adopted troublesome student, 14, and his brother despite him nearly making her quit




U.S. targets Chinese Uighur militants as well as Taliban fighters in Afghanistan





Space Technology Could Change the Balance of Power in Africa




Spirit Airlines accused of forcing woman to flush 'support hamster' down toilet


Passenger incident forces Alaska Airlines flight back to airport




The major issue plaguing accident-prone Amtrak





Utah House Passes Bill Banning Assisted Suicide


We Should Affirm the Dignity of Elderly and Disabled People Instead of Killing Them in Assisted Suicide



ASX posts mild gains


Australian dollar drops below US78c to 2018 low


Pay students to do their maths homework, and everybody wins





Dow Jones plunges 1,000 points into correction territory, TSX drops


Alleged ISIS operative 'Jihadi Jack' begs Canada to let him come here


Jewish Orgs Outraged After McGill Says Removal of Jewish Student From Government Not Motivated by Anti-Semitism


Vote targeting Jewish student politician was not anti-Semitic: McGill report


Salesforce will invest $2.5B in its Canadian business over 5 years


Canada: “Discrimination against any or all religions should be addressed, without some form of priority for Islam”


Breaking: Pro-family, sex-ed foe and mother of 4 runs for Ontario Conservative leadership


Ont. teacher accused of sex with student made 'learning fun'


Three Canadian solar panel companies sue U.S. over tariffs


Ont. teacher accused of sex with student made 'learning fun'


Toronto police find more remains linked to Bruce McArthur Ottawa teacher spared jail, sorry for having sex with student


Liberals unveil overhaul of environmental legislation for major resource projects


Carbon tax in crosshairs of Ontario PC leadership contenders, but can party platform survive without it?




Puerto Ricans grab machetes, shovels to restore power themselves




Betsy McCaughey: CDC Should Put America First 


Fewer Americans are getting herpes




North Carolina Rapped for Forced Resignation of Christian Magistrate




A New Era for China's Central Bank


China Exports Remain Robust in January as Imports Surge


Here’s the latest sign that China is loosening its grip on the yuan




North Korea military parade ahead of Winter Olympics




Silver lining in a bad budget deal: ObamaCare death panel gone


No Border Wall Funding in Budget Deal


Facing Shutdown, Congress Set to Vote on Sweeping Budget Deal


Poll: Dems Losing Ground on Jobs, Economy, Immigration


Congress set to vote on budget deal that would add $500 billion in spending


Release the Memo That Really Matters  (What’s the legal basis for military action absent congressional authority? Let’s have an open debate.)


Republicans are doing a complete reversal on the deficit





Go Figure: Tax Revenues Climbed $18 Billion In First Month Of GOP Tax Cuts




Will Mick Mulvaney be the end of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as we know it?




Charges filed in drunk driving death of NFL player


Airlines sue over Washington state sick leave law


Minnesota woman, 19, who allegedly told students to 'join the jihad' is indicted




Death of an NFL Dreamer


Texas church service stabbing leaves several wounded, man in custody


Former dominatrix loses her police officer job


Vegas police seek gunman they say killed 2 homeless men


Teacher: It’s unconstitutional to prohibit sex with students


Officer shot dead outside Dallas, suspect in custody after standoff




Surprise! Another DNC link to spying on Trump team





Democrats Want to Turn America into Russia


Uranium One informant makes Clinton allegations in testimony




One year after taking the helm, DeVos hails shrinking the Education Dept. (Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos)




Attempted Illegal Entries on Mexican Border Drop in January 



DHS cyber chief: Russia 'successfully penetrated' some state voter rolls




Carter Page: Agent 000 (The truth comes out about the great Russia collusion hoax.)


‘Delegitimizing’ Mueller? Don’t Blame the Nunes Memo  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller/US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)


Holder: 'Technical' case of obstruction of justice could be made against Trump (Former US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr)


Trump staffers who've met with Mueller


Sessions: Administration is working to stop opioid crisis (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Ex-AG Holder signals possible run for office, trashes Nunes memo


Tea parties didn't deserve apology from IRS, Holder claims




Wall Street plummets; S&P, Dow confirm correction


S&P 500, Dow close in correction territory as stocks suffer bloodbath


Stocks Enter Correction With Rate-Hike Fears Returning


U.S. jobless claims drop to near 45-year low


The stock market is plunging: Here’s what advisers say you should do


Haven currencies rally as stock selloff picks up steam


U.S. stocks selloff: Will machines make it worse?


Volatility shock wave has wiped $5.2 trillion from global markets, sent five sectors into correction territory


Gold settles higher after longest streak of losses since December


Stocks Mixed in Asia; Treasury Yields Fluctuate: Markets Wrap


Asian shares flirt with six-week low as U.S. yields creep up


Stocks' Bumpy Ride Resumes as Bond Jitters Linger: Markets Wrap


Wall Street fades in choppy trade after week's wild start


How trading at the speed of light exacerbates market drops


What Trucking Can Tell Us About The Future Of Work


Inflation Is Worrying Stock Investors. Should It Be?


Dollar index extends gains as lawmakers agree to 2-year budget deal




Conservative Group at U. Chicago School of Law Under Fire for Immigration Event


Mila Kunis Pressured Harvard’s All-Male Comedic Theater Troupe Into Accepting Female Performers


'Customized Learning' Means Every Student Learns Something Different


UCF suspends frat after mom says son was forced to drink


Professor reprimanded over selfie with severed heads


Conservative Group at U. Chicago School of Law Under Fire for Immigration Event




George W. Bush says Russia meddled in 2016 US election


Hillary Now Blames Obama's 'Bitter Clingers' For Her Loss




Conservative vets group plans multimillion-dollar campaign for 2018 mid-terms, starting with Tammy Baldwin


Poll: Newsom and Villaraigosa virtually tied in the governor's race while California's Senate race isn't even close





Poll: Nearly half of Iowans wouldn’t vote for Trump in 2020


Oprah: I’m Not Running for Public Office


Incendiary rhetoric boosts Cory Booker in 2020 Democrats’ race to far left




Oil stretches losing streak to a fifth session


Energy Prices


Oil World Turns Upside Down as U.S. Sells Oil in Middle East




Norwegian Communist leader nominates Hamas-inspired BDS movement for 2018 Nobel Peace Prize




European stocks slammed by oil plunge, Wall Street weakness


Complicity of Poles in the deaths of Jews is highly underestimated, scholars say


European stocks end with gains, halting 7-day skid


Sweden: Dental hygienist proves child “refugees” are actually adults, gets fired




Doctors Declared Her Brain Dead, But She is Still Alive. Now a Court Will Decide Her Fate




Chemical found in McDonald's fries promotes hair growth in lab mice




Feds Scrambled to Redact Information Showing Top Secret Spy Abuse  (Newly unearthed info confirms Nunes memo on FBI spying.)


Philandering FBI Agents Blow Obama’s Cover on ObamaGate


Cody Shearer’s Role in Hillary’s Dirty Dossier


FBI Used Ex-British Spy as Main Source for Spying Warrants After Suspending Its Relationship With Him


New Strzok-Page texts call into question Obama's 2016 statement on FBI probes


Publishers move up date for Comey memoir (Former FBI Director James Comey)


Memo: FBI Used Tainted Steele Dossier, Paid For By Hillary Clinton, As Reason To Spy On Trump


FBI says no evidence of attack on dead Border Patrol agent


There’s still no ‘there’ there in the Russia probe


No, Republicans aren’t waging a war on G-men




FedEx truck skids on ice in terrifying video




Feminist Web Site Urges Not Having Kids Because Climate Change


Pro-Abortion Feminists Ignore Female Genital Mutilation Threatening 68 Million Women




Opioid "alternative" kratom actually contains opioids, FDA says




Northern France and Paris region braced for up to 10cm more snow on Friday


Will a Franco-British Agreement be a Little Late this Year?  (The outcome of the Brexit negotiations between Britain and France is unpredictable, but the Entente Cordiale is still alive.)


Uber wins French case despite EU court ruling


France: Muslim “reformer” Tariq Ramadan is refused bail on rape charges


'This gives us hope': What the Brexit court ruling means for Brits in France


France: Knife-wielding Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” threatens to kill people, hospitalized for dementia


France: Hijabbed Muslim singer retools Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with Islamic proselytizing lyrics


Islamic State threatens to invade Paris in “near future,” destroy Eiffel Tower




A swift fall for Steve Wynn, who spent decades shaping the modern-day Las Vegas Strip


Without Steve Wynn, Casino Empire Risks More Than Its Name




Here's why it is becoming ever harder to create stable German governments


Public sector unions demand six percent pay increase


Video from Germany: Muslim migrants march through Berlin Metro station screaming “Allahu akbar”


Man found guilty of racial hatred jailed for running neo-Nazi website


Over 2,000 Germans march against mass migration in city experiencing wave of Muslim migrant crime





Prager U Video: Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change?


With Tax Reform Done, Trump Should Set Record Straight On 'Climate Change'


As climate changes threaten giant redwoods, their salvation might be within them





How the search giant’s tracking mechanism could follow your movement




AP count: Nearly 11.8M enroll for Obama health law in 2018





Hospitals Get Reprieve From Obamacare Pay Cuts


Officials: Fake dentists treat woman who gets oral infection


Charges: Doctor used cocaine, let employee prescribe drugs


Hospital denies illegal immigrant a liver because of her status, then ends policy




San Diego bishop: Some Catholics have ‘corrosive and repugnant’ views on homosexuality


Archbishop rebukes top cardinal’s proposal for liturgical ‘blessing’ for homosexuals




How The Hospitality Industry Can Fight Human Trafficking




Confronted on CNN, Holocaust-denying GOP House candidate calls Shoah ‘poppycock’


Up Schiff’s Creek Without a Paddle (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Ryan thinks House has the votes to pass budget deal (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Waters: Pelosi’s Filibuster-Style Speech Was ‘Most Profound One Minute’ in History of Congress (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Dem Rep: ‘Many of Our Members Are Furious’ With Pelosi’s DACA Speech  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Running for Congress in New York


Exclusive — Rep. Mark Meadows on Schumer-McConnell Budget Deal: ‘The Stench of the Swamp Is Sucking in Everyone on Capitol Hill’


House Intel Republicans plan to wall off their aides from Democratic staffers


New York Jets Legend Nick Mangold Considering Political Run in New Jersey


A White Supremacist May Be The Only Republican Running For A Seat in Congress


Pelosi Marathon Speech on Immigration Breaks 1909 House Record


Right revolts on budget deal


House GOP leaders confident budget deal has support


Dem law takes aim at Trump, makes 'intimidating' journalists a federal crime




Bush: ‘Say Thank You’ to Immigrants


The 'xenophobe quiz': Who said this about immigration?



Along southwest border, illegal immigration rates dropped in January




Fiery Ordeal for Pastor, Church, Widower in Jammu and Kashmir State, India


Miffed by power grab, India snubs Maldives special envoy




California moves ahead with one delta tunnel, scaling back ambitious water delivery project


Facing surging costs for crashes, L.A. has started to overhaul some bikeways





IRS overpaid nearly $3.5 billion in Obamacare tax credits in 2017, can’t recoup money




Obama-era cash traced to Iran-backed terrorists


Can Fake News Save Iran's Mullahs?


Islamic Republic of Iran: Woman arrested for removing hijab refuses to repent despite facing 10 years in prison


Iran Issues Death Sentence for Israeli Spy, Claims U.S. Agents Also Imprisoned




Islam could have died with Muhammad


Democrat Baltimore County Executive cuts ribbon as Hamas-linked CAIR opens new Maryland office




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Thursday, February 8, 2018)


Netanyahu suggests police could implicate him in corruption probe (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


PM blocks settlement annexation bill from coming to vote


Official PA daily admits 161 Palestinians did carry out stabbing attacks during Palestinian terror wave 2015-2016


Qatar leader promises Hamas emergency aid for struggling Gaza


EU lawmakers urge U.S. to reconsider UNRWA cut


Palestinians call to blacklist, punish Arab journalists who visited Israel


Fatah claims Israel won`t hesitate to kill Abbas  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Stabbing foiled at IDF post in West Bank (Judea and Samaria), near Hebron  (Israel Defense Forces)


Who Needs An Honest Broker in the Middle East Anyway?


Police said mulling charges against billionaire in Netanyahu graft probe


Israeli forces shower Palestinian school with tear gas, sending several students to hospital


Supporting deportations, Rivlin says Israel’s own come before African migrants (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Israeli forces detain 19 Palestinians in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) raids


Rare Greek inscription and colorful 1,800-year-old mosaic uncovered at Caesarea


Israeli soldiers temporarily detain Palestinian teachers at checkpoint in Hebron


UAE donates $2 million to prevent shutdown of Gaza’s hospitals


Tiptoeing around the small matter of Netanyahu’s succession


There’s nothing wrong with a tough immigration policy


Israeli bulldozers raze lands in southern Gaza


Gaza truck drivers protest economic crisis at border crossing


Greenblatt criticizes Abbas' statement on Jerusalem's holy status


Israel reportedly halts medical cannabis export plan to avoid upsetting Trump


Hamas: PA ‘lead’ helped IDF track terrorist behind rabbi’s killing


Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Establish 'Yasser Arafat' Military Base In Gaza, Announces: No One Will Take the Weapons Of Resistance From Us, Fatah Is True To The Path Of Armed Struggle




Latin America wary of U.S. harder line against Venezuela



L. Brent Bozell: Who Are Liberals To Complain About Trump Talking Treason?




NBC News Presents Eight-Month-Old ‘Russia Hacked the Election’ Story as ‘Breaking News’


Hatred of Trump takes dangerous toll on media




US Jewish leaders to visit United Arab Emirates in coming days


Saudi Arabia: Uproar over 11-year-old girl’s dance that “has angered our religion”


Ancient temple left neglected as Yemen war threatens history





Afghanistan Now the Pentagon’s No. 1 Priority in the Middle East, South Asia


VP Mike Pence speaks to troops at Yokota Air Base


Analysis: Military parade a political tug of war?


Navy admiral: New measures in place to thwart another ‘Fat Leonard’ corruption scandal


Tammy Bruce: Liberal hysteria all the more reason for Trump's military parade


In the #MeToo era, military senior misconduct faces new scrutiny


Lawmakers rain on Trump's military parade


Army leaders: Funding will be key to modernization efforts


D.C. mayor’s office tells Trump he’ll have to pay for his own military parade


Sexual assault reports doubled at West Point


Defense Secretary Mattis’s influence grows as he checks Trump’s impulses


Air Force drops re-enlistment bonuses in 17 career fields


Trump doesn’t need a parade. He needs  Roman triumph.


Planning begins for Trump's military parade


Number of sex assaults at West Point nearly doubled last year


A military parade is great – if it truly salutes our men and women




UN Concerned About Heavy Fighting in Burma’s Kachin State




Voices in Pakistan: We can also have ties with PA and Israelis


Islamic Republic of Pakistan bans Valentine’s Day for promoting “nudity and indecency”


Pakistan using US anti-tank missiles to target Indian army bunkers on LoC




Sanofi: No proof that vaccine linked to Philippines deaths




Ex-principal uploaded child porn from girl's phone to Russian site




Uranium One informant tells lawmakers Moscow paid millions in bid to influence Clinton




A 2nd  Amendment Thought Experiment




Warner Wants Russia Probe to Delve Deeper With Tech Companies  (US Senator of Virginia Mark Warner (D)


Rubio on Warner contact with Russian lobbyist: It’s ‘had zero impact on our work’  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


Kamala Harris Paid $1.2 Million to Firm That Sparked Sanders’s Insurgency   (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)/ US Senator of California Kamala Harris (D)


Senators Urge Pentagon to Expand Scrutiny of Fitness Apps that Can Reveal Sensitive Military Sites


Senate Deal Would Avoid Shutdown With Funding Fight Turning to House


Against the Spending Bill


Joe Manchin Jointly Fundraised With Democrat Challenging Incumbent Republican  (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)

Senate headed for freewheeling debate on immigration bill


Cotton, Rubio Introduce Bill Banning Govt. Use of Chinese Telecom Devices  (US Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton (R)/US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio  (R)


Senate to vote on two-year budget Thursday


McConnell and Schumer celebrate a budget deal that denies reality (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)/ Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)





In Sweeping War on Obesity, Chile Slays Tony the Tiger





'Good chance' South Korean President will be invited to North Korea


A Korean Dilemma: Do Hockey Sticks Violate U.N. Sanctions?





Seven Reasons to Beware the Southern Poverty Law Center




SpaceX’s new rocket pushes the envelope for human space travel





Carson Wentz replaces Pence as National Prayer Breakfast speaker


Murdochs Defend $3 Billion ‘Thursday Night Football’ Price Tag


NFL quarterback Russell Wilson reportedly spending off-season with new team: the Yankees


3 female Olympians pledge to donate brains for concussion research


Tony Dungy defends reporting after critics bemoan his Christian ‘nonsense’


‘Devil-may-care, we’re going to go play’: The fellowship and thrill of blind hockey


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





Chicago Weather: Storm could dump up to 1 foot of snow on area by Friday night


America's States Of (Fiscal) Siege




Two British IS fighters from notorious ‘Beatles’ group captured — US


Assad government, Russia condemn US presence in Syria as 'illegal' following airstrikes (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Free Syrian Army jihadis screaming “Allahu akbar” mutilate, desecrate body of Kurdish female fighter


Russian contractors may have been part of attack on US coalition members in Syria: CNN


U.S. strikes in Syria after "unprovoked" attack


It’s time to untangle the mess in Syria. Here’s how to do it.




Taiwan rescuers search building for 7 missing in earthquake





Minnesota: Muslim student faces jihad terror charge, other students “surprised” because school is “diverse”


Oklahoma: Muslim who attended flight school also participated in al-Qaeda jihad training camp





Walgreens adopts new ‘Transgender Inclusion’ bathroom policy nationwide 




Turkey’s Actions in Syria Harm U.S. National Security


Turkish leader declares jihad on Kurds, dispatches soldiers to “decimate” them


Turkey extends military deployment near Yemen


Turkey’s New Constitutional Crisis Could End the Rule of Law


U.S. and Turkey Head Into Tense Face-Off in Syria




U.K. stocks slump, pound rallies as BOE hints of spring rate hike


Doctors Want to Override Parents and Yank Their Disabled Son’s Life Support


 Theresa May kicks Brexit can down the road  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


UK: Man faces terrorism charge for fighting against the Islamic State


As Iranian women cast off hijab as symbol of oppression, UK Foreign Office celebrates World Hijab Day


FTSE 100 closes higher, rebounding from 10-month low


Police: Model was drugged, stuffed in suitcase to be sold as sex slave


Trump's Right: The U.K.'s Health System Is Broke And Failing


UK: May government admits “significant portion” of returned ISIS jihadis free, “no longer of security concern” (British Prime Minister Theresa May)





Exclusive: UN warned to stop giving Hezbollah free rein in Lebanon -- or face consequences



Retired cardinal hits back at Vatican over deal with China


Vatican science academy tweets New York Times story supporting population control





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump defends religious liberty at home and abroad at National Prayer Breakfast


Lack of Sleep is the Latest Ammunition for Anti-Trumpers


White House knew of aide's abuse allegations


John Kelly's credibility is at risk after defending aide accused of domestic violence (White House Chief of Staff John Kelly)


Trump's approval rating is on the rise


Kelly 'shocked' by abuse allegations against top White House aide  (White House Chief of Staff John Kelly)


Blaming Trump For Stock Market Drop And, Well...Everything


Omarosa compares 'Big Brother' to White House: 'A lot of people want to stab me in the back'


Dennis Prager: What's Wrong With Evangelicals Supporting Trump?


Anderson Cooper calls out Ron Johnson over text message ‘conspiracies’


Porter's ex-wives detail abuse allegations


Most Think Obama White House Spied On Trump Campaign, Want Special Counsel: IBD/TIPP Poll


White House staff secretary resigns amid abuse allegations


Biden pumps up Dems, takes down Trump


Trump evangelical advisor claims Jesus can protect from flu


White House applauds Senate's budget deal


Trump has offered no valid reason for revising California's desert plan


Trump’s Backward View of Immigration


White House Condemns Iran’s Decision to Return Elderly, Ill American to Prison


Trump declares newly released FBI texts “BOMBSHELLS,” though the picture they paint is murky 


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