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Wednesday, February 8, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Pro-Life Groups React to Sheryl Sandberg’s $1 Million Donation to Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Hosts Valentine’s Day “Love Letter Party” to Thank Senators Supporting Abortion


Cecile Richards Urges Women To Boast About Their Abortions


Gosnell: The Bible Confirms I Was Doing the Lord's Work


Abortionist Kermit Gosnell: The Bible Confirms I Was Doing the Lord’s Work


Utah House OKs bill barring remote abortion pill dispensing


18-Year-Old Defends Aborting Her Own Baby: “I Didn’t Want to Be a Mother” (AVIPP COMMENTARY: There is the option of adoption.)


Video Exposes Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Quotas


Abortion Activist Hates Ultrasound Photos Because They “Advance the Idea a Fetus is a Person”


Tennessee anti-abortion groups at crossroads on restrictions


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Threatens to Veto Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions


Pizza parties for Planned Parenthoods that meet abortion quotas


Virginia House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


Pennsylvania Senate could vote on abortion bill as early as Wednesday


Illinois Bill Would Make Taxpayers Fund Abortions Through All 9 Months of Pregnancy


A New Oklahoma Abortion Bill Would Require Women to Get Permission for Abortions


Bill sparks font fight over info provided before abortion  (Kansas)


Why Have Teen Abortion Rates Plummeted?


New law lets husbands sue to stop wives having abortion


Joyce Carol Oates' New Novel Begins With An Abortion Doctor's Murder


Meet 12 beautiful babies saved from abortion in 2016


Mike Pence Saying Legal Abortion for Rape Victims ‘Will Lead to Women Trying to Get Raped’ Is Fake News (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Biggest UK abortion provider to turn away Irish women




Aerospace sector can make America great again




6 Red Cross workers killed in Afghanistan




Somali lawmakers vote in presidential election


Troops stop pair of teen female suicide bombers  (Nigeria)


Joyous Africans Take to the Rails, With China’s Help


Somalia's Al Shabaab Kill Four in Hotel Attack in Puntland Region: Official




ACLU Creates 'Dash Button' That Allows Dems To Donate Whenever They Think About Trump





No One Is Vetting Syrian Refugees for Signs of Anti-Semitism




Moderate Arab nations must lead in the Trump era



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: ‘Significant Environmental Damage’ Possible from Dakota Pipeline Protest Camps


Trump administration to approve final permit for Dakota Access pipeline, allowing project completion




Donald Trump Rattles the Asian Order



'That's my food money': Students take welfare hit


Welcome to hell on Earth: Heatwave builds across eastern Australia


Indonesia says it accepts Australia's apology, vow of 'strict punishment'


Trump Was Right to Reject Australia's 'Dumb' Refugee Deal


Australia: Islamic conference flyer covers women’s faces, organizers blame “Islamophobia”


Australia's mail chief made $4.3 million last year




Will Trump short-circuit the electric car market?


Ford makes the already big Expedition even bigger for 2018




Boy Scouts Welcome First Transgender Member




Border security means that entering is privilege, not a right




TSX gains as miners benefit from higher commodity prices


Justin Trudeau travels to Europe next week to mark EU's ratification of CETA deal (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Alberta solar industry stuck in limbo


How Canada can trump ‘America first’


Canadian ministers in Washington to forge relations with Trump administration


Bombardier aid unnecessary 'corporate bailout,' Opposition says


'We leave those jobs for women': Men not adapting to changing job market


OPP to review 4,000 sexual-assault cases in wake of investigation


Avalanche closes Trans-Canada Highway near B.C.-Alberta border


Ottawa warns Trump team of retaliation if border tariffs imposed


Big cities home to big share of 35 million Canadians


Why is Trump quiet on the Quebec massacre? He’s got other things to tweet, aide says


Fertility rate continues to put onus on immigration: StatsCan


Toronto woman, 85, loses $600,000, including her home, in lottery scam


Average Canadian withdrew $17,213 early from RRSPs last year, BMO poll suggests


Award-winning Canadian author Richard B. Wright dead at 79


Wild bison roam Canada's oldest park for first time in 100 years


New baboon queen takes her throne at Toronto Zoo after brutal battle


Despite deep overall disapproval of Trump, Canadians like what he's doing on economy, security




CIA Chief to Visit Turkey, Discuss Security: Officials  (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo)




Melissa McCarthy on SNL shows the power comedians have under a Trump presidency




China to dominate global economy by 2050: PwC report


China, US should steer clear of conflict as ‘neither can afford it’ – Chinese FM


Hollywood’s Growth in China Hits a Snag


Chinese state media rips Trump travel ban


‘Irrational’ Coal Plants May Hamper China’s Climate Change Efforts


Tomb of ancient Chinese general, princess unearthed


 China Halts Construction at Major Lotte Project Amid THAAD Tension





North Korea Plans to Continue Satellite Launches Despite UN Objections


Kim Jong Un’s brother goes on secret mission to Eric Clapton concert  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)





Draining the Swamp Requires Congressional Term Limits


GOP boxed in replacing disliked coverage mandate


Earmarks Are the Freddy Krueger of D.C.


Hill GOP quakes at Trump's budget-busting wish list


Exclusive: Saudi Cash Is Sending Veterans On LUXURY Trips To Washington To Oppose 9/11 Law

A Muslim Brotherhood Security Breach in Congress


Delaying ObamaCare Repeal Is Not An Option


Left to Dems: Fight Trump's picks harder




NJ firm accused of scamming 9/11 heroes, NFL concussion victims




IBM employees' anti-Trump petition is growing




Judges Block NC Law Limiting Governor's Powers


Judicial Engagement v. Judicial Restraint (What should conservatives prefer?)


The full case for why courts have no jurisdiction over Trump's immigration order


Muslim Cop Sues NYPD, Cites Years of Abuse


Teen Accused of Virginia Girl's Slaying Wants Trial Moved


Clinic falsely told dozens they had Alzheimer's, suits say


Trump Travel Ban Provokes Harsh Questions by U.S. Appeals Court


Cameras let the public see the travel ban battle. They belong in more courtrooms.


Feds, states face off in court over Trump’s travel ban




NY City jogger's confessed killer hated white people


Tesla driver in double fatal crash was intoxicated, Indianapolis police say


NYPD further curbs stop-and-frisk -- even after strategy leads to murder suspect


Gun-Toting Good Samaritan Receives Commendation for Saving Arizona Police Officer


UC Berkeley police defend 'hands-off' approach to riot over speaker


Drifters admit killing tourist, yoga teacher in crime spree


Male suspect in 3 Gulf Coast slayings found dead, female suspect arrested


Caught on tape: Armed suspects attempt to invade N.M. home


US police have already killed more than 100 people this year


Eighteen dead in three days from opioid overdoses in Cleveland area


Baby boy left in hot car in Florida has died


Oklahoma husband kills his wife and two young children in apparent triple murder suicide




2 tons of weed found camouflaged as limes





O'Malley endorses Buttigieg to lead DNC 


Classmate: Keith Ellison Said Jews Want to ‘Oppress Minorities All Over the World’





CBS Poll: 66% of Democrats Consider Christianity as Violent as Islam


John F. Kennedy's nephew launches bid for Illinois governor


Poll: More Democrats Think Muslims Worse Off in US Than Christians Are In Islamic World


Mrs. Clinton Is Not the Future

Hillary's Son-In-Law Forced To Shut Down Failing Hedge Fund


Seven Democrats to watch in Washington


Chelsea Clinton Outraged Republicans See ISIS as Greater Threat Than White Terrorists


Joe Biden has a new job (Former Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr )


De Blasio May Be Interviewed by Federal Prosecutors on Friendly Turf  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)




Why Do We Have a Department of Education? Jimmy Carter's Debt to a Teachers Union.


DeVos Vows to Be 'Tireless Advocate for All Students'  (Education Secretary Betsy DeVos)


GOP lawmaker proposes abolishing Department of Education


The DeVos Agenda  (After winning confirmation with the vice president's tie-breaking vote, new education secretary is expected to shift away from Obama policies on for-profit higher education, regulation and dealing with sexual assault on campus.)


Prominent Liberals Are Losing Their Minds Over the DeVos Confirmation. These Quotes Prove It.




DHS Secretary: Putting Saudi Arabia on the List Would Indicate 'This Is About Religion'


DHS Secretary: Border Officers Prefer Wall They Can See Through


Homeland Security bringing market-ready cybersecurity projects to vaunted RSA conference


Southwest border is ‘gaping wound’ in homeland security, DHS chief says





Sportscaster Craig James: Jeff Sessions Should Investigate NCAA’s Transgender Threats


DOJ: Foreign nationals don't have constitutional rights





Why the stall on Puzder, Donald Trump’s labor secretary pick?


What Puzder’s nomination tells us about where Trump wants to take the country





Wall Street closes little changed; banks weigh on Dow


Nasdaq ekes out gains for new record, Dow hobbled by financials


Treasuries Gain With Gold, U.S. Stocks Erase Drop: Markets Wrap


Asia shares down, euro pressured on Trump, European political woes


Energy Companies Lead Asian Stock Decline Amid Oil Price Slump


Japan's Sharp may begin construction on $7 bln U.S. plant before June 30: source


Gold settles higher, extends rally to a fifth day in a row


New York Tries to Revive Garment Industry, Outside the Garment District


Dollar hunts for direction as European political instability draws focus


The Trump rally could be on its last leg


10-year government-bond yield falls to 3-week low


The Big Reason Whites Are Richer Than Blacks in America


Nordstrom recovers from Trump’s ‘Terrible!’ tweet in just 4 minutes




College Warns Against Recording In Class After Prof's Anti-Trump Rant Goes Viral


Violent leftist militia at U of Central Florida to assault Trump supporters


Campus Capitalist Group: We Were Denied Official Status Over Concerns We Make People Feel ‘Unsafe’

Berkeley Student Paper Publishes Essays Defending Violence…


Chicago schools sent parents letter trashing governor


Prof: 'People Are Going To Die' Because Of Trump


For Democrats, public education is a strange hill to die on


The Prestige Gap (Study suggests that men are overrepresented in elite PhD programs, especially in those fields heavy on math skills, making for segregation by discipline and prestige.)


Teachers May Be Cause of 'Obesity Penalty' on Girls' Grades


‘Your Next-Door Iranian’  (Iranian scholars and students in the US reflect on Trump’s executive order -- temporarily suspended by federal court -- barring travel from their country.)


San Francisco community college to offer free tuition for city residents


Incubation's Unintended Consequences  (New study indicates business incubators can have adverse impacts on research and innovation.)


Merriam-Webster Adds ‘Safe Space,’ ‘Microaggression’ to Dictionary


Credit Cards a Costly Option  (Colleges increasingly accept credit cards as a form of tuition payment, but many experts wonder why.)


West Virginia public schools sued over Bible classes


Harvard Incurs Losses of $2 Billion Despite $1.2 Billion Fundraising Gain


Questions linger after student's death at Penn State frat


Milo at Berkeley  (Identity politics and the progressive assault on campus free speech.)


Columbia University's ties to slavery should be taught, students say


What you need to know about Betsy DeVos


'Snowflakes' pose real threat, author warns


Why DeVos Won Her Battle To Head The Education Department


Vanity Fair film critic: Betsy DeVos policies will 'kill children'


If Republicans won't take a stand on someone as incompetent as Betsy DeVos, what will they take a stand on?


Elementary school, high school students face taunts for supporting Trump


For-Profit Law School Faces Crisis After Losing Federal Loans


Keep the partisan politics out of California's school textbooks


Trump effect: Now leftists want to homeschool kids ('The education system was screwed before, but now ...')


Betsy DeVos Teaches the Value of Ignorance


Lawsuit targets key funding source for teacher unions


Principal fired after rewarding staff with trip to ‘sleazy sex spa’


The Comforts of the Betsy DeVos War


Congrats to the chess champs of Edward R. Morrow High


Michigan 4th grader suspended for Snapchat post threatening teacher


Mike Pence swears in billionaire Betsy DeVos hours after his own historic casting vote to get her confirmed in face of Republican rebellion




‘We’re very poor,’ says Sisi: How did Egyptians react?  (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)




Pro-Trump outside groups ready to shell out cash for 2018




Oil shakes off rise in inventories to end higher


Energy Prices 




Penn. bald eagle spotted with leg trap clamped to talon




New round of fighting in Ukraine will test the limits of Trump and Putin's friendship (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Norwegian army acquiring new air defense missile system


Europeans Reject Muslim Immigration In HUGE Numbers


Separatist Commander 'Givi' Killed In Eastern Ukraine




Oil shares decline but European market pulls out a win at the close


“Swedish Spring”: Citizens Demand National Conversation on Migrant Crimes After Top Cop Goes Public


EU faces crisis as IMF warns 'explosive' Greek debts are threat to future of eurozone despite years of austerity


Trump's likely EU ambassador challenges group's 'anti-Americanism'


Tzvetan Todorov, Literary Theorist and Historian of Evil, Dies at 77


Belgium arrests 11 in raids targeting returning Syria fighters




Is ‘The Founder’ Of McDonald’s The Man Who Sold Out The Family For Billions?




Painting stolen by Nazis returned to Jewish owner’s heirs


FBI Investigating Identities of Violent UC Berkeley Rioters






Under new Trump chairman, FCC means business




Deregulation supporter named head of FTC consumer protection bureau




Seattle becomes the first city to sever ties with Wells Fargo in protest of Dakota Access pipeline




Condition of hospitalized suspect in Louvre attack worsens


Frenchman sues Uber for €45m after glitch lets his wife track him


France: Anti-Christian attacks rise 245 percent


Calais: Five hotel managers arrested for 'smuggling Albanians to Britain'


Riots grip Paris suburbs after teen allegedly sodomized by cop


Nicolas Sarkozy Ordered to Stand Trial Over Campaign Finances  (French President Francois Hollande)





Merkel calls for EU to maintain good relations with Washington  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


'The Trump Approach Will Never Be Our Approach' (Martin Schulz, the former president of European Parliament, is now running against Angela Merkel for the German Chancellery.)


'Like a war zone': A Local reader's journey from hell through Frankfurt


German Cardinal: It’s ‘very clear’ the Pope backs our stance on Communion for ‘remarried’


Mother gets 4 years' prison for forcing daughter into prostitution


Study: Nearly All of Berlin’s Left-Wing Protesters Live With Parents


Mother gets 4 years' prison for forcing daughter into prostitution


German Automakers Step Up to Silicon Valley Challenge


Drunk driving teacher busted after pupil crashes car into house


Two asylum seekers charged with abusing girls in swimming pool




Brutally honest Girl Scout is country’s best seller




Republican elders urge Trump's White House to adopt carbon tax


Old-Guard Republicans to Push Carbon Tax at White House Meeting




No, Soros isn't bankrolling these GOP candidates. Knock it off.




Clintons Cut Ties To Haiti Day Before Child Trafficking Bust




Kentucky, Arkansas Post Largest Drops in Uninsured Rates


Business Owner Says Obamacare Prevented New Hiring as Health Care Costs Increased 51 Percent


More than a third of Americans unsure if Obamacare and ACA are the same: Poll 




Iranian infant arrives in Portland for life-saving surgery




Celebrities weigh in on Betsy DeVos confirmation: 'This is murdering' our school system


Richard Hatch of 'Battleship Galactica' dies


One Day At A Time actress Mackenzie Phillips, 57, reveals that members of her own family still blame HER for exposing her 10-year incestuous relationship with her father





Dems to study election 'autopsy' in Baltimore


House looks to rebuild as military warns of shortfalls


America’s Horatio at the bridge (US Representative of Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard (D)




Harvard Economist: 42 Percent of Immigrant Households on Public Assistance


Immigration Rulings Continue Democrats’ Strategy to Collect Votes


Ideological Vetting Aims at Closing Known Security Loop Holes


Poll: 55% of Voters Support Trump’s Refugee Resettlement Freeze


The problem with the order is against permanent residents


Experts: Issue of standing threatens challenge to travel ban


Trump’s travel ban had stopped this Syrian family’s journey. Tonight, they arrived in the U.S.


California sheriffs back Sessions on illegals




No quarrel with India if it leaves Kashmir, Hafiz Saeed says from house arrest


Does India have a problem with false rape claims?


Muslims are Hindus by nationality, they are Muslims by faith only: Mohan Bhagwat


Governor purposely delaying swearing-in, alleges Sasikala


Tesla’s electric cars could be cruising down Indian streets this summer, Elon Musk says


Steve Bannon’s War on India’s High-Tech Economy (The Trump administration's protectionism isn't just focused on foreign manufacturers, but competition from foreign services.)




Trump may need Japanese, Chinese help to rebuild American infrastructure




US reportedly weighs blacklisting Islamic Revolutionary Guards


Looks like Team Trump just made Iran blink





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, February 8, 2017)


Iron Dome Intercepts Barrage of Missiles Fired at Eilat  (Video)


Rockets fired towards Eilat


Newly approved settler homes financed by Trump’s Israel envoy pick – report


IDF Soldiers Seize Homemade Arms, Capture Terror Suspects  (Israel Defense Forces)


The Israeli government’s psychological wall


PMW report prompts Wiesenthal Center's condemnation of German-Palestinian sports agreement


IDF retaliates after Syrian mortar lands in Golan Heights


Palestinian Authority Threatens to Withdraw Security Cooperation With Israel


Is Trump preparing an ambush?


Chuck Norris meets Prime Minister  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


More Road Terror, Stoning Attacks, Smashed Windshields


German trust in Israel 'deeply shaken' by new settlement law


Court Orders Closure of Haifa Ammonia Tank — At Least, Temporarily


Thousands of housing units allocated to haredim near Kiryat Gat


PA has more diplomatic missions around the world


Security Hole at the Western Wall


Report: German submarine affair to be changed to criminal investigation


Palestinian towns petition Israeli Supreme Court to strike down 'Regularization law'


Hebrew University Archaeologists Find 12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave


Belgian ambassador summoned after his PM meets with radical NGO


IAI Successfully Completes Israeli-French Satellite Environmental Testing before Summer Launch


Settlement law draws global condemnation


Palestinian Authority Columnists: Trump Won Democratic Elections – Like Hitler And Hamas Did


100-year-old Bedouin woman left homeless as Israel continues Negev demolitions


Rights groups ask Israel court to block law legalizing West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  land grab


Netanyahu: Israel seeks support of African states at UN


Right group warns Israel could lead up to 'wide-scale' military offensive in Gaza


Turkey, Palestine sign culture agreement


Hamas confirms it rejected Israeli prisoner exchange offer


Israel probing pharma giant suspected of bribing officials


Tank shell from Syria lands in Golan


The true significance of Israel’s settlement legalization law


Israeli forces violently detain Palestinian boy in broad daylight, 16 others in night raids


Lieberman moves to cancel draft agreement with  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Israeli draft-dodgers battle police


Trump Should Reject the Failed “Peace Process”


Lawsuits loom for new Israeli law called "last nail in the coffin of the two-state solution"




Incredibly high radiation levels discovered at crippled Fukushima plant


Will Japan Be the U.S.’s New ‘Special Relationship?’

New-to-Japan stealth fighters make first flights around Okinawa




Muslim Brotherhood protests Jordan’s removal of Qur’an’s jihad verses from curriculum




Is Lebanon’s crisis due to elections or to the regime?




Liberals Now Getting a Taste of How the Obama Years Felt for Conservatives


A General Theory of Leftist Politics


No Law But Liberalism




Records show how Air Force nominee skirted lobbying restrictions




Mainstream media aka Fakers Inc. ignoring Democrat Meltdown


Law Enforcement Applauds Trump’s Attack on ’Dishonest Media’


Scarborough Mocks Senate Dems for Suggesting Jeff Sessions Is a Bigot


Charlie Rose to undergo heart surgery


CNN Compares Terrorism to ‘Lightning Strike’ Before Cutting to ‘Breaking’ Terror Attack


Headlines about Devos still focused on wealth and bears


Trump proven right: Media spinning terror stories


The Tapper-Conway interview you need to see


Joe Scarborough: Trump’s dangerous lie about Russia




Medicare Could Overpay Medicare Advantage Plans by $200 Billion Over Ten Years


The Problem With Trump’s Drug Pricing Plan Isn’t 340B




Qatar sets sights on US energy market


Famine looms in Yemen as UN appeals for aid


US Commander: Mosul and Raqqa Should Be Retaken in 6 Months


Yemen Denies NY Times Report of Halt to US Ground Operations


Trump ready to approve weapons packages to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain that Obama blocked


After Flawed Raid, Yemen Forbids U.S. Ground Missions




New US Missile Hits Target in Space


Army Preps for Urban Warfare in MegaCities: “Mass Migration, Disaster and Inner-City Turmoil”


In reiterating support for Japanese claim, Mattis shifts maritime dispute focus   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Here's How Trump's Pentagon Could Take On ISIS


Exclusive: Iranian Boat Had Guns Pointed at U.S. Ship, Commander Says


Department of Defense looks to rent space in Trump Tower


Marine veteran uses art to cope, lands residency at Gettysburg


Trump’s Mix of Politics and Military Is Faulted




 Minimum Wage and Discrimination




Trump Admin Eyes Opportunity to Squash Iran, China, N. Korea Missile Threats




Soccer ball that survived Challenger finally makes it to space




As the planet warms, doubters launch a new attack on a famous climate change study




Michael Flynn: Trump is like the chariot driver in ‘Ben-Hur’





Sources: Ex-George W. Bush administration climate aide to be environment adviser on NSC





Is NATO obsolete?




Trump administration has no plan to ban Pakistani citizens: US officials


Pakistan handed four IS militant to Afghanistan


More than 39,000 Pakistanis deported from KSA in four months




Duterte Gives ‘Rotten’ Officers Choice: Go to Terrorist Hotbed or Go Home (President Rodrigo Duterte)




Man arrested on suspicion of revenge porn after circulating nude photos of woman, police say




Distinctive looking sex offender released from federal prison in Virginia is missing


Tennessee prison visitors get surprising security stamp on hands




Religious freedom can be restored




Cardinal Dolan, Fuming Over Archdiocese’s ‘Rich’ Image, Vacations at Mansion




Amnesty Warns Russian Law On Domestic Violence Puts Women At Greater Risk


Russia will use Iran's airbase to fight terrorists if necessary, envoy says


Trump calls courts 'so political' ahead of travel ban verdict


Estonian intelligence service says armed conflict between NATO, Russia unlikely


S-400 air defense systems mobilized near Moscow in snap exercise


N.Korean Defector in Russia Faces Being Sent Home


Deputy minister: Moscow will work with new US Administration over diplomatic properties 


Top Putin Critic Found Guilty of Embezzlement  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Deputy minister: Moscow will work with new US Administration over diplomatic properties

When Teddy Met Yuri
  (Bork smearer the late US Senator of Massachusetts Edward Kennedy (D) sought Soviet help against Ronald Reagan.)





Open-carry advocates walked into a police station with a loaded rifle. Officers were not amused.




Trump facing historic delays in confirmation push


Warren's Speech Goes Viral After GOP Tries to Silence Her  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Warren Falsely Claims That Republicans 'Silenced Mrs. King's Voice on the Senate Floor'   (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Did Chuck Schumer think we'd just forget about 2013? (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Senate Republicans boost Elizabeth Warren’s run for the 2020 Dem nomination


The RAISE Act: A Good Start on Immigration


Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders: Who Won the CNN Health Care Showdown?   (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)/ US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


U.S. Senators Want Veto Power Over White House On Russia Sanctions


Alabama governor leaning toward ‘Big Luther’ Strange to replace Sessions (US Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions (R)


Jeff Sessions on Track for Confirmation Wednesday


I Watched Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Debate Obamacare  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)/ US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


GOP senator on Warren: People need to be called out


Dems rally around Warren after senator silenced at Sessions nomination debate  (US Senator of Virginia Mark Warner (D)


Carly Fiorina on running for Va. Senate in 2018: 'I'm certainly looking at that opportunity'


Santorum: Senate rebuking Warren not a big deal  (Former US Senator of Pennsylvania Rick Santorum (R)


McConnell sees 'high level of satisfaction' with Trump (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Warren violates arcane rule with Coretta Scott King quote sparking Senate dustup (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


GOP votes to silence Sen. Warren for attacks on AG nominee Jeff Sessions


Senate committee approves Shulkin's nomination for VA secretary


The Democratic party has lost its mind — and its soul


GOP breaks attempted filibuster on Jeff Sessions, sets up final Wednesday vote


Rupert Cornwell: DeVos confirmation is historic - but it's also a sign of how toxic politics have become


Booker: Warren vote 'tantamount to censure'  (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


A gang of 11 could end the madness of Supreme Court confirmations


Warren on rare Senate rebuke: 'I've been red carded'


It’s time to kill the ‘fake filibuster’


Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Debate Health Care: Live Analysis  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)/ US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Will it be Carly Fiorina vs. Tim Kaine in 2018? (US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D)




Leaked Docs: Brock Conspires with Facebook, Google to Shut Down Conservative Media


Twitter suspends comic strip for lampooning the Left’s appeasement of Islamic law





Can Oil Rescue Guyana from the Brink of Calamity?


Corruption Scandal Ensnares Leaders of Peru and Colombia


The panic is over at Zika’s epicenter. But for many, the challenge has just begun. (The virus has retreated almost as fast as it hit in Recife, Brazil, the epicenter of the outbreak.)


2nd  Colombian Rebel Group Steps Up to the Table for Peace Talks




Park Backs out of Questioning by Independent Counsel (President Park Geun-hye)


Why did F-15K fighter jets make emergency takeoff?


Hyundai Delays Launch of Eco Car in China


Opposition tenses on impeachment trial delay


N. Korea threatens pre-emptive strike against S. Korea ahead of big anniversary


40% of Men to Be Obese by 2020


Hankook Tire, Kumho Tire expand US presence


Tillerson Vows 'Steadfast' U.S. Commitment to S.Korea   (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


US senator's gaffe: Russia 'invading' Korea [Video]


Egg Prices Stabilize After Bird Flu Spike


S. Korea, Indonesia to open joint office for KF-X project


S. Korea's cigarette exports hit record high




Mystery ‘space capsule’ found on the side of the road




'Hopefully she turns a corner': Tom Brady says prognosis of mom's cancer battle is good... and hopes Super Bowl win provides 'healing energy'


Gisele Bundchen urged husband Tom Brady to retire after Super Bowl comeback


Houston Police Still Searching for Missing Brady Jersey


David Price ‘confesses’ to stealing Tom Brady’s jersey


It’s Not the Same Game: Donald Trump and the Atlanta Falcons


Dennis Prager: Audi's Super Bowl Ad Crossed The Line


Super Bowl hero James White enjoys a day at Disney World after historic victory but reveals he LOST the game-winning football - and he won't be getting a car this year despite Tom Brady promising him one


Let's all thank the Super Bowl for giving us a break from politics


Ma**holes rejoice! Hundreds of thousands of Patriots fans turn out in Boston for Super Bowl championship parade starring Tom Brady and teammates - stripping off in the snow, downing alcohol and taking hits at Roger Goodell


Shanahan Demoted for Insane Play Calling


Two New England Patriots players will refuse Donald Trump's invitation to White House after Super Bowl victory


Budweiser boycott launched over Super Bowl commercial


John Kruk: The worst part about working for ESPN


Phil Jackson Lets His Lips Loose as Knicks’ Ship Keeps Sinking


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




At least 5 hurt in tightrope plunge at Florida circus


3 Dead, 1 Missing Following Explosion in Louisiana


Northeast Braces for Heavy Snowfall


Purged: Virginia City Removes Nearly 100-Year-Old Statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee


Tornadoes leave trail of devastation in Louisiana


Valentine's Dance in Oklahoma Cancelled Due to Ordinance Banning Dancing Within 500 Feet of a Church


Californians foot $25G bill for 40 hours of Holder's anti-Trump time


Freezing rain causes massive pileup on Boston-area highway


At Least 4 Tornadoes Reported in Louisiana


California governor, Trump ratchet up war of words  (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)


'Atmospheric river' slams California again as state decides whether to keep drought restrictions


Woman dies after getting arm stuck in donation box  (Pennsylvania)


Oakland fire chief goes on leave two months after deadly Ghost Ship warehouse fire


Irate mom claims day care worker breastfed her baby  (North Carolina)


Heavy rain, mudslides in Northern California wash away homes


Mother-of-three, 34, dies while sliding on a homemade zip line with her boyfriend when a tree holding it in place uprooted and fell on top of them in the remote Oregon wilderness




US issues travel warning for N. Korea


100 Syrian Refugees Rush into Country After Seattle Judge Halts Trump Executive Order




Grand Theft Judiciary? The Senate, the President, and the Supreme Court




Syria rejects Amnesty’s report of mass hangings as ‘untrue’


Russia to give Syrian army high-precision weapons


UN ‘must act’ on Syria slaughterhouse claims


Fierce clashes resume in al-Bab as Turkey moves into city


Safe Zones in Syria


They survived torture in a Syrian prison




Taiwan to upgrade indigenous missile capabilities


China mulling more conditions for invasion: report


Taiwan’s plan to reduce reliance on China runs into headwinds


CDC expands avian flu monitoring and response


Taiwan eyes closer cooperation with Indonesia


Taiwan stocks edge higher on Trump financial deregulation order


Taiwan seeks stronger ties with Malaysia in ‘New Southbound Policy’




Philadelphia Goes Over the Tax Cliff




Rumors swirl about Tamron Hall joining ‘Live’





As public spending is pumped up, capital flees from Thailand





Why Trump Should Pursue Closer Trade Relations With Argentina


How Trump Can Make Trade with China Work for America





Trump Reiterates U.S. Support for Turkey in Call With Erdogan: White House (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Trump, Erdogan ‘agree Syria cooperation, CIA chief visit’


ISIL militant scouted Turkish Parliament for possible attack, indictment states


Police raid drug gang who observed police operation with ‘drones’ in Istanbul


Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate launches probe into imam campaigning for ‘yes’


The life of Ottoman special agent Eşref Bey


330 more academics expelled with state of emergency decree, stirring debate in Turkey


New CIA chief pays first visit abroad to Turkey


Turkish government kicks off pilot plan to offer financial support to grandmothers


German FM invites jailed Turkish opposition leader to convention


Austrian parliament says Turkish hackers claim cyber-attack


World Bank signs $400 mln finance deal with Turkey’s BOTAŞ for TANAP


Police seize rocket launcher in anti-PKK operation in Turkey’s southeast


Court issues arrest warrant for Istanbul deputy police chief over ‘drug trafficking’


Almost 500 earthquakes hit Dardanelles in three days




Navy SEAL Governor Beats Back Unions





FTSE 100 ekes out a slight gain ahead of key Brexit vote


Scottish Parliament votes against UK pulling Brexit trigger


Brexit Bill Passed by Lower House of Parliament, Heads to Lords


UK: Muslim killer muttered “Allah, Allah, Allah,” carried book telling Muslims to “die a shahid,” terrorism ruled out


House of Commons Set to Pass Brexit Bill


 Jeremy Corbyn may be forced to sack Diane Abbott over Brexit vote


Brexit bill set for final Commons vote


Brexit debate and vote: MPs reject rebel amendment calling for parliament to have final approval on EU deal


Social care fund 'fails to free NHS beds'


Poll shows support for Scottish independence rising ahead of Brexit talks


Police pay out millions to informants


Government urged to heed ‘Scotland’s voice’ after MSPs reject Brexit


The Queen for a Free Trade Deal  (British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit-buffeted Britain offers a bridge to Trump, but Europe mulls a rampart.)


MPs urge action on green energy schemes


Teachers wearing body cameras to control students' behaviour in new trial


Dad ‘had to stuff his entrails back into his stomach when his ex-wife disemboweled him after 4 hour sex session’


Post Office to cut 150 jobs - weeks after hiring 30 'highly paid' directors says workers' union


Glasgow primary school ban parents from speaking to teachers




Trump Travel Ban Threatens to Silence Voices on Atrocities at U.N. (A Syrian doctor and nurse have borne witness to Syrian war crimes. But they can’t travel to the UN to talk about it.)


Nikki Haley doesn't want U.S. out of U.N.




Confronting This Crisis Could Unite America under Trump


Women's March Organizer to Speak Alongside Terrorist Who Helped Murder 2 Jewish College Students


Wild weather swing could see record 60 degree temperatures on Wednesday followed HOURS later by 10 inches of snow in the Tri-State are




Pope Repeats 'Bridges Not Walls' After Travel Ban





Bipartisan US Lawmakers Urge Trump to Sanction Venezuela




Gold drapes and a portrait of Andrew Jackson: A photo guide to Trump’s obsession with Oval Office optics


Plane Flies Too Close to Air Force One


Trump's Rational Response to Testimony of Obama's CIA, FBI


Trump Could Simply Ignore Court’s Order Halting Travel Ban


White House Sends Smoke Signals Urging Justice Kennedy To Resign


Obama appointee urges coup against President Trump, then lies, whines about blowback


Trump mounts public defense of immigration order, blasts ‘political’ courts


Trump’s faux-pas diplomacy


Trump blasts Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka’s clothing line


Spicer to Iran: ‘There’s a new president in town’


Trump and Bannon: Buccaneer Brothers


Vets' Groups Upset They Weren't Invited To White House VA Meeting


Trump doubles down on his tough talk on crime


White House Shuts Down Democrat Calls for Impeachment


Trump offers his own oral argument defending travel ban


John Stossel: The incredible smear machine aimed at Team Trump


Trump, judges on collision course


Trump Attacks Travel Ban Challengers, Says 'Bad High School Student' Would Understand Order


Is Trump's war on the New York Times and other media helping his agenda?


Trump sued over '1-in-2-out' regulations order


Don't buy the hype: Trump's Dodd-Frank order a whole lot of nothing


Pence to meet black GOP leaders Thursday (Vice-President Mike Pence)


MLK Jr’s daughter gives tips on opposing Trump


Stephen Miller: A Second Thoughts Warrior  (Why the Trump team is different from all others.)

Exclusive: White House eying executive order targeting 'conflict minerals' rule - sources


Terrorism list doesn't show what White House claims


Melania Trump ‘has no intention’ of profiting from public position, representatives say


White House says list of terror attacks proves media downplaying the danger


Trump makes false statement about U.S. murder rate to sheriffs’ group


Trump allowing press lengthy access to some White House meetings


Bannon called the media the ‘opposition.’ He’s right, and it’s a good thing.


An open letter to Trump: ‘My daughter’s death will not be used’


Please stop calling everything Trump does ‘unprecedented’


Ivanka Trump shares photo of her and baby son in White House


Shoker! Rediculous chocker Trump attaks and dishoners English with ever-dummer spellings.


Trump’s move to end Dodd-Frank disaster all about helping small biz


Facts show Trump’s media-terrorism coverage claims are bogus


White House Weighs Terrorist Label for Muslim Brotherhood


Trump says he sleeps 4-5 hours a night


Sean Spicer could lose his second role of communications director



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