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Tuesday, February 7, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Caught Implementing Abortion Quotas, Using Pizza Parties to Motivate Employees


Roe v. Wade: An Embarassment to Rule of Law and Integrity of SCOTUS


Organizers of Pro-Abortion “Women’s March” Planning a “Day Without Women” National Strike


Catholic youth turn brutal attack during March for Life trip into an amazing display of faith, forgiveness


Arizona Abortions Drop for 4th Year in a Row as More Babies Saved From Abortion


Watch: Former Girl Scouts leader finds organization’s ‘money trail’ to abortion


Repulsive: Planned Parenthood Had Quotas For Abortions


Planned Parenthood CEO Claims Abortion Biz is “Non-Partisan.” It Spent $30 Million for Hillary Clinton


What Pro-Abortion Gorsuch-Opponents Really Want


This proposed law would protect doctors who object to abortion


Pope Francis: “Let Us Pray For the Babies in Danger of Being Aborted”


Obamacare, Abortion and the Ease of Extremism


Republicans move to protect pro-life conscience rights


Two vulnerable Senate Dems in anti-abortion crosshairs


Reading Between the Lines for Gorsuch's Views on Abortion


Woman Who Had Abortion: Aborting My Baby Didn’t Bother Me But the Stigma Surrounding Abortion Did


Pro-Life, and Pro-Refugee


Hawaii is Attempting to Pass a Law to Force Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions


At 16, My Mom Flew to Japan Alone to Have an Abortion


Minnesota: Taxpayers Forced to Pay for 77,000 Abortions, a New Bill Would Stop That


‘It was just horrific:’ Audrey Hepburn’s co-star almost died in a botched abortion, tells her story in new memoir


Woman Arrested After Shoving Her Bloody Pad Into Pro-Life Advocate’s Mouth


Bill to further limit abortions in Pa. passes Senate committee


Dilbert creator in rant over pro-life arguments


Pennsylvania Senate Committee Votes to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs


Pro-life group vows fight after Planned Parenthood gets them evicted from their own offices


15-Year-Old Disney Star Rowan Blanchard is a Huge Advocate for Abortion


Historically Low Abortion Rates Demonstrate Pro-Life Success


Pastor Says Church Leaders Should be Free to Counsel Women to Have Abortions


Texas legislator’s fight for total abortion ban lands him in police protection after death threats


President Ronald Reagan: “No Cause More Important Than the Right to Life of All Human Beings”


Abortion divides two families in Oates' 'American Martyrs'


Pro-Life Senators Introduce Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


U.S. pediatricians: Minors have ‘right’ to abortion, don’t have to tell mom or dad


Writer: If We Called Unborn Babies “Fetal Refugees” Would Liberals Oppose Abortion?


115,000 People Have Shared This Story Of A Late-Term Abortion


This Woman Received Rape Threats for Not Supporting the Pro-Abortion “Women’s March”


We need abortion to reach a ‘sustainable population’: top environmental activist


Irish Citizens Assembly Reviewing Pro-Life Eighth Amendment Stacked With Abortion Activists


Are 100,000 Abortions in Canada Not Enough? Justin Trudeau Wants $600 Million to Fund More (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


European Nations are Using Abortion to Create a “Down Syndrome Free” World




Emotional custody battle for South Carolina adoptive family




Why is Trump White House ignoring Afghanistan?


The Threat America Is Neglecting in Afghanistan


Blast in Kabul kills 'at least' 20 outside Supreme Court


Left-Behind Explosives Taking Deadlier Toll on Afghan Children, U.N. Says




Fueled by Bribes, Somalia’s Election Is Seen as Milestone of Corruption


Witnesses: Soldiers Open Fire in Ivory Coast Town


Tunis Greets an Ottoman-Era History Long Banished by Its Dictators




Crack in an Antarctic Ice Shelf Grew 17 Miles in Two Months




Amazon German site promotes sale of anti-Semitic book




Arab World Split Over President Trump's Executive Order Suspending Entry Of Citizens From Arab And Islamic Countries Into The U.S.




US Army intends to give Dakota Access pipeline the green light




Getting organized on Asia’s drug trade


Turning the Tide Against Cholera (Two centuries ago, a global pandemic rose from the swamps of Bangladesh. Now researchers there may have found the tools to stop it.)




Assisted suicide: N.M., Hawaii bills push envelope


Emails Needed Supporting Bill to Combat Assisted Suicide in Oklahoma




Miners lead ASX fightback from 2017 lows


Australian Dollar Rises Against Majors


Alliances crumble as Australian right wing goes to war


Father of seven’s three-year court battle results in smashing victory for free speech in Australia


'I like Australia': Refugees beg UNHCR to decide their fate




GM's US workers to get $12,000 bonus




Better Business Bureau says no 'lavish spending' by Wounded Warrior Project




China Fun, Done (Suffocating regulations force another popular New York City business to close its doors.)





Married couple split due to differing views on Donald Trump





George Soros Poster Boy for Needed Campaign Finance Reform




Wall Street edges higher as Nasdaq hits record, TSX up as Fed hike talk boosts banks


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Canada’s Trudeau sets up “war room” to monitor not jihad terrorists, but Donald Trump (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Toronto: BLM protestors claim Quebec Muslims were murdered “because Islam challenges white supremacy violence”


Canadians not so ‘exceptional’ when it comes to immigration and refugee views, new study finds


Chrystia Freeland to meet Rex Tillerson, Paul Ryan in Washington (Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland)


Sask. teacher accused of having sleepovers with a student and organizing a strip basketball practice


Ottawa calls for overhaul of how sexual-assault cases are handled


'This is right off the scale': Border town seeks help after spike in refugees


Undramatic it may be, but a calm response to Trump's foreign policy is right for Canada


My year as a refugee: A 13-year-old girl in a foreign land


About 80,000 denied eligibility for Newfoundland first nation band


'We're very much aware of the impatience': MMIW commissioners reassure families at 1st press conference


Canada sees first back-to-back trade surpluses since 2014


Some school buses cancelled, air travel alerts issued as GTA braces for freezing rain


Canadian man who strangled high school sweetheart in Ohio gets life in prison after guilty plea




Missing Columbia University grad found dead in Panama




Irwin Corey, the king of comedic confusion, is dead at 102




Chinese Transplant Doctor Accused of Ordering Executions to Speak at Vatican


China tests its new super-accurate missile during war games


China may still be using executed prisoners' organs, official admits


China: The Real Winner of the 2016 Election


Panic over, already! US$2.9982 tln still buys a lot of US companies


 China Reserves Edge Below $3 Trillion as Yuan Pressure Increases


Donald Trump’s Tweets About a Judge Find a Critic in an Unlikely Place: China


Debate Flares Over China’s Inclusion at Vatican Organ Trafficking Meeting


Task Force Urges Better U.S. Engagement With China


How Trump could put U.S.-China relations on the right track





Congress Job Approval Jumps to 28%, Highest Since 2009


Republican Lawmakers Yet to Deliver Early Wins for Trump


Congress Moves to Cut Immigration to U.S. By Half


Republicans fear for their safety as Obamacare protests grow


Krauthammer Explains Why Failing To Repeal Obamacare Is 'A Catastrophe'


Congress has the power to obtain and release Trump’s tax returns




The Trump travel ban: How to keep track of the legal battle


Conservatives Build Case To Impeach Judge Robard


Parents of teen fatally beaten by church group sentenced


Travel-ban judge makes decision based on whopping lie (One mainstream-media outlet exposes serious gaffe.)


Appeals court sets Tuesday hearing to rule on Trump's travel ban


Can you tamper with a juror if there's no jury?


California joins 15 other states going to court to challenge Trump's immigration orders


Judicial Overreach on National Security




Drug Dealer Whose Sentence Obama Commuted Is Back in Jail


Virginia City Fearful It’s Becoming Like Chicago (Richmond)


Search intensifies for pair after killing spree on Gulf Coast


New York Today: Documenting Hate Crimes


Contract for N.Y.P.D. Body Cameras Is Under Investigation, Sources Say


About 20 Rabbis Arrested During Protest Over Trump Travel Ban


CAIR’s California Classic  (The art of the hate-crime hoax.)




Eric Holder endorses Tom Perez in DNC chair race


Perez Gains on Ellison in DNC Race  (Two radical leftists who could help keep Democrats out of power for generations.)





Tom Brokaw to Democratic Party: ‘Rage Is Not a Policy’


Hillary: Strong women did stand up and voted for Trump


How weak is the Democrat bench? Try ‘President Al Franken’ weak


Clinton’s Top Lawyer Joins Soros-Funded Super PAC to Fight Voting Laws


Hillary Clinton says 'future is female' in new video


How Attorneys General Became Democrats’ Bulwark Against Trump


Breakaway Democrats in New York Feel Trump Backlash


De Blasio’s dubious plan for paying his lawyers (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Barack Obam-AIR! New images show former president kite-surfing and horsing around with billionaire buddy Richard Branson




DHS Secretary Kelly: 'The Threat is Real'; 'Thousands of Fighters' Available to Infiltrate


DHS Secretary Kelly: Border Patrol Needs Additional Physical Barriers


Lawmakers will grill Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Trump's travel ban  (Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly)




BLM agent’s Burning Man freebies may upset Bundy case





For Attorney General Sessions, ‘draining the swamp’ could start at the Justice Department


Justice Dept. lawyers say Trump has power to block foreign visitors




Labor nominee employed undocumented immigrant




Wall Street edges up as Nasdaq sets record high


Nasdaq logs a record, but stocks post measured gain as energy slumps


Reflation Trades Stall as Bonds Rise, Stocks Mixed: Markets Wrap


Global stocks mixed after Wall Street decline, dollar gains


Japan’s Nikkei drops as risk aversion boosts yen


The New Face of American Unemployment


Ending Poverty Through Jobs — Not Cash


Private money-like products gain traction amid mistrust of government


Dollar strengthens against euro, yen


Gold up a 4th session to hold ground at three-month high


Why the end of the post-election rally might finally be at hand


Treasury yields retreat as traders focus on geopolitics




What to expect on student debt from Betsy DeVos, the most divisive Secretary of Education in recent memory


DeVos Critics’ Hypocrisy on Public Schools


To Thwart Fascism, Leftist Students Start Self-Defense ‘Fight Club,’ Which Actually Sounds Awesome


Snowflakes at Santa Clara U say conservative group would make them feel 'unsafe'


Campus Capitalist Group: We Were Denied Official Status Over Concerns We Make People Feel ‘Unsafe’


Ohio State University course highlights how Muslims helped build America


Help not called for hours after student's fatal fall


College and University Giving Rises 1.7% (Total contributions climbed to $41 billion in 2016 even though gifts from individuals dropped.)


Carmen Fariña shouldn’t wait to quit  (New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña is reportedly planning to retire by year’s end. How about right now? After all, her proudest achievement, boosting city high-school graduation rates to 72 percent, turns...)


Recommendation Rescinded (If a high school senior displays a swastika at his school, should colleges be told? A teacher is being punished for doing just that.)


To fight cyberbullying, ban cellphones from school  (Two years ago, when Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio (D) and Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña lifted the ban on cellphones in New York City public schools, they also instituted what they called a...)


Family Ties (Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos has family and likely financial connections to The College Fix, a conservative news site that often criticizes liberal bias in higher education.)


Middle-schooler beat up for wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hat


Professors Fast to Protest Trump Ban  (Clemson professors fast to pressure university to condemn Trump executive order barring entry from seven Muslim-majority countries.)


DeVos wants ‘choice’ for special needs kids. In Asia, we saw what that can mean.


Duquesne Press to Close  (The 90-year-old university press will close its doors this year after Duquesne decided to cut its funding.)


Apple's 'spaceship' campus is nearly ready: Stunning footage reveal the firm's incredible attention to detail


Thomas Sowell: Education At A Crossroads


Hilarious yearbook messages left by students before graduation show high school taught them a thing or two about humor


A New Era of Student Unrest?


High school student, 15, was 'expelled when she told staff a star athlete, 18, forced her to perform oral sex and was criticized for attracting unwanted sexual attention' 




Egypt backs Trump claim that media did not cover terror attacks




Oil finishes at lowest level in almost 3 weeks


Energy Prices


Offshore Wind Moves Into Energy’s Mainstream


Global oil glut disappearing faster than expected


Sanitation Crews Search for Dead Bodies Amid Piles of Pipeline Protester Trash




The new gold rush: Loggers see money growing on millions of dead trees (Workers are coming from across the country to cut California’s drought-stricken forests, offering a silver lining to what has been an ecological tragedy.)




EPA Employees Join Street Protests Against Trump’s EPA Pick


Hundreds of current, former EPA employees urge Senate to reject Pruitt




Black Sea water turns green near Sevastopol




European stocks close slightly higher; BNP Paribas down 4.7%


Poll: Clear Majority of Europeans Want Total Ban on Muslim Immigration


EU Seeks Cash Limits in Push for Orwellian “Cashless Society”


Muslim Migrant Anally Rapes Teenager, Gets Only Two Months Jail (Sweden)


Poland wants more nuclear arms


EU to Britain: Pay Up Before Leaving


Romania President: We Are in a Crisis


Romanian President Blasts Government Over Crisis


Hearing ‘America First,’ European Nations Jockey to Be Second




Oregon bill would let doctors starve, dehydrate mentally ill patients




Euthanasia drug found in dog food prompts recall




What Does Trump Really Think about U.S. Alliances?




Is Frexit next? Why France is starting to really freak out investors


Moving forward: Fillon 'relaunches' campaign after expenses scandal


Sarkozy 'to be put on trial' over campaign fraud allegations  (Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy)


François Fillon Blames ‘Media Lynching’ for His Campaign Crisis




Germany: Muslim disrupts church funeral, “I come in name of Prophet, to proclaim message of Allah to infidels”


German Regions Refuse To Deport Afghan Migrants


Merkel Urges Putin To Help End Violence In Eastern Ukraine  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel/(Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Yes, Trump, these German attacks were covered - quite extensively


Police arrest Syrian Isis suspect accused of rape


Hundreds more German troops arrive in Lithuania amid Russia fears


1,000s to strike at Berlin airports, causing cancellations and delays


50,000 women in Germany have suffered genital mutilation: report


Secret services: no proof Russia meddling in German affairs


How a Refugee’s Selfie With Merkel Led to a Facebook Lawsuit (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Social Democrat threatens Merkel’s stronghold in Germany elections


For Germany, Trump Poses a Problem With No Clear Solution




Trump vs. Globalists  (Why globalists detest a populist President who puts Americans first.)




If Global Warming Is Real, Why Do Its Believers Keep Cheating?




Records: Soros Fund Execs Funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016


Trump supporters not welcome at elite Republican club




Military should screen for gambling disorder, GAO says




Greece: Debt costs rise sharply as worries grow over IMF role




Dems blame Trump for lower O'care signups


Replacing Obamacare should begin with the states


Tom Price, Dr. Personal Enrichment




4 Children Reported Dead in NYC Due to Flu


What you need to know about updated vaccine guidelines


Report: Your Hospital Stay Pays Healthcare CEOs Up to $56 a Night


130-pound tumor removed from man who’d been told it was just fat


A young boy, a devastating brain tumor and parents who ‘will do anything’





Schwarzenegger says of Trump that he wanted to "smash his face into a table"




Remembering the Holocaust, forgetting the Jews, again  (There was something familiar about the Trump White House’s statement marking International Day in Commemoration of Victims of the Holocaust on January 27.)




Vermont Leads States in LGBT Identification


Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show: No Trump bashing but still promotes LGBT agenda




Using Stealth, and Drones, to Document a Fading Hong Kong




Democratic Leaders Pelosi And Waters Showing Their Age (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)/ US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Watch: Democratic Congresswoman Laments Russia’s Push Into…Korea  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Chaffetz has no idea why Trump wants to see him  (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)


Website Wars: Conservative Group Snatches Domains From Dems


Nancy Pelosi Says She Can’t Work With ‘President Bush’ (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ted Deutch Stand with Radical Muslims Against Trump (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)




With Eyes in the Sky, Flight Attendants Fight Human Trafficking




Trump: ‘Sanctuary State’ California ‘Out of Control’…


Sorry: Trump’s immigration order is totally legal


Is President Trump’s executive order constitutional?


Trump’s H1-B Visa Crackdown Threatens Cutting-Edge U.S. Medicine


Trump's travel ban: A clash of conflicting laws


Mothers and Daughters Divided by Refugee Ban Encounter the Guilt of Good Fortune


An Uncertain Wait Ends for U.S.-Bound Refugees Stuck in Jordan


Kerry and Albright Ask Courts to Keep Blocking Trump’s Travel Ban


Waiting for New Lives: 2 Refugees’ Long Journeys to the U.S.


Bush immigration official: Law is on Trump's side


The law backs a president's power on immigration. Here's where the travel ban differs


Tech titans, colleges fight to allow foreign workers and students into U.S.




India signed a number of emergency arms deals


A Trump-Modi Relationship Could Change the Trade World  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Nepalese criminal's arrest nails ISI role in derailment of trains in India


Air pollution choking India, UP home to 5 most polluted cities in the country


Doctors find live cockroach inside woman’s skull


Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi over earthquake remark


India takes up with Beijing issue of China blocking US ban move on Masood Azhar




As Trump Vows Building Splurge, Famed Traffic Choke Point Offers Warning


Cutting the red tape on infrastructure spending




Another Travel Ban: This One From IRS, for Back Taxes


Report: Cash-Flow Tax System Would Improve Simplicity, Income Inequality, Economic Growth


Is that sermon political?




Exclusive: Iran pulls missile from launchpad after apparent prep for launch, US officials say


Analysis: Iran feeling US policy shift after Obama


Rouhani: ‘Win-win’ nuke deal a model for resolving disputes


Khamenei Pledges Trump Response on Iran Revolution Anniversary

Trump vows to turn empowered Iran's dreams into nightmares


Iran’s Supreme Leader Sarcastically Thanks Trump for Showing America’s ‘Real Face’


Hey, Team Trump: Tell America what’s in the Iran deal


Blacklist Iran's Revolutionary Guards





Losing Ground, ISIS Terrorists in Mosul Coerce Population With Death Threats





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Tuesday, February 7, 2017)


Infiltration Attempt from Gaza as Bennett Warns of Looming Conflict  (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


Poll: Most Israelis oppose annexing parts of West Bank (Judea and Samaria )


Attorney General to oppose Regulation Law in Supreme Court


High Court orders demolition of 17 outpost homes, leaves others


Windshield Smashed in Stoning Attack


AG considering testifying against outpost law — report


Israeli settlers assault Palestinian photojournalist near Ramallah


Arab Terrorist Cell Indicted in Judea Military Court


Israel’s inaction in Syria may open Golan to Iran


PM Netanyahu Tells Belgian PM Charles Michel That Israel Protects Europe From Terror (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


White House: Outpost law will be ‘topic of discussion’ between Trump and Netanyahu


Palestinian family 'violently assaulted' by masked Israeli police in Jerusalem raid


The true significance of Israel’s settlement legalization law


El Al Pilots Ignore Court Order, Flights Still Grounded


Abbas: Settlement expansion ‘an assault against our people’ (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Dozens arrested in demonstrations against AWOL fugitive arrest


MK thanks Trump after Knesset legalizes West Bank (Judea and Samaria) outposts


Muslim world slams ‘provocative,’ ‘unacceptable’ outpost law


Israeli forces raid Palestinian refugee camp, seize security footage and computers


PM: Israel protecting Europe from even worse refugee crisis


SodaStream is Proud to Say ‘Made in Israel’


Wiesenthal Center urges Germany to stop funding Palestinian sports


Live Nation buys Israeli company, to bring singers to Israel


Listing terror attacks, why doesn’t White House want to report on Israel?


EU Postpones Summit With Israel Over Land Normalization Law


In historic first, Israel legalizes West Bank (Judea and Samaria) outposts with sweeping new legislation


EU postpones diplomatic summit with Israel in opposition to Israeli settlement expansion


Minister says court shouldn’t be able to overturn outpost law


Haifa U. Iran Expert: Trump’s Comments on Iran a Step in the Right Direction


After Gaza flare-up, ministers hear war drums as army seeks return to calm


Germany signs sports agreement with terror promoting PA official Rajoub


In first since rapprochement, Turkish minister visits Israel


Bomb Thrown at Rachel’s Tomb Compound


Netanyahu and Trump: a relationship based on flattery and groveling


The door is closing on Palestine


Tzipi Livni Calls 60 MKs Who Passed Regulation Act ‘Extremist Minority’


Elite Hamas fighters defecting to Islamic State


Liberman, Lavrov to Meet in Munich For Talks  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Netanyhau said to deny he knew movie mogul bought champagne for his wife


Settlements law spells trouble for Jordan


IDF Destroys 6 Hamas Targets in Retaliation for Gaza Attacks on Southern Israelis  (Israel Defense Forces)


Just What Is the Israel-Palestine Two-State Solution?


Israel targeted under law passed to help 9/11 families sue Saudis


Israel Passes Provocative Law to Retroactively Legalize Settlements


Trump policy on Israel is evolving in somewhat surprising ways


UN: Israeli Settlement Law Crosses 'Thick Red Line'


Trump administration won't condemn Israeli settlement bill




Soros War Chest Funding Legal Battle Against Trump Administration


Leftist Rationality  (Anti-Trump demonstrations are far from irrational. The opposite is more likely.)




Professionals have become the city’s new potheads




MSNBC reporter asks if Trump will go down Putin's 'dangerous path' (and start killing opponents) (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Kaaty Tur:  Trump like Putin will target and may kill journalists


Piers Morgan is finally right about something: CNN ‘stinks’


Journalists call out White House claims on terror reporting


Winston Churchill, Anti-German Hate Group Leader  (What if the media treated our enemies this way in the 1930s?)


The Mainstream Media's Pointless Fixation on Trump and Putin (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


CNN’s excuse for banning Conway doesn’t add up


Oops! Early-edition of The Boston Globe in Florida shows a wrong call in the Super Bowl with a dramatic photo of Brady 'losing'




Contaminated medical pot may have killed cancer patient




Trump Sinks Drug Stocks Again on Medicare Drug Price Negotiation




A Fox Guarding The Southern Border





Dubai hosts record 14.9 million visitors in 2016


Anti-Trump Cartoons In Qatari Press – During His Election Campaign, Following His Win And Since His Inauguration


Trump Risks Deeper Entanglement in Yemen's Murky War




America Has Too Many Military Bases


Pentagon says no dialogue with Russia on joining forces in Syria


In Japan island defense, Mattis shifts China dispute focus   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Exclusive — War Games on a Knife’s Edge: U.S., International Fleet Test Weapons as Tensions with Iran Intensify


Navy’s Depleted Aircraft Will Take Years to Rebuild After Obama-Era Defense Cuts


Trump vows to defeat ISIS, rebuild military with ‘beautiful new equipment’


Take off in an F-18 and balance from a 100-foot cliff in 'VRtually There'


Pentagon details plan for $30 billion budget boost


Trump tells U.S. troops ‘justice will prevail’ in fight against Islamic terrorists


Transgender veteran settles lawsuit over denied haircut


US soldiers in Poland take spotlight in Super Bowl ad




Minimum Wage and Discrimination




Army’s New Missile Defense Software Did The Last Thing You’d Want It To


Navy successfully tests new missile-defense system in Hawaii




Monk arrested over massive hoard of meth pills




Climate Scientists Manipulated Temperature Data to Fool Politicians and Public, Claims 'Whistleblower'


A Top Climate Scientist Blows the Whistle on Shoddy Climate Science


NOAA agrees to review scientist’s claim that data manipulated to discredit warming ‘pause’




New Zealand leader: 'Polite' disagreement over refugees




Lithuanian President Says NATO Deployment Sends 'Clear Message' Of Unity




10 new ways Trump can approach US-Pak


Christian, 70, Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan as 106 Muslims Are Acquitted


Kashmir Solidarity Day observed across Pakistan


Five year-old boy returned from India


Pakistan wants India to bring its civilian nuclear programme under IAEA


Defence of Pakistan is in strong hands: Nawaz Sharif  (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)




Authoritarianism Is Not Confined To One Political Party


Exporting the example of the new American revolution




'Be careful what you wish for'  (At the National Prayer Breakfast last week, President Trump promised to "totally destroy" the so-called Johnson Amendment, a law that prohibits churches from endorsing or opposing political candidates at the risk of losing their tax-exempt status.)




Russia Blocks Porn Site Brazzers for 'Damaging Human Psyche'


Putin Signs Law Decriminalizing Some Domestic Violence  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Lavrov Says Trump Position On Ukraine Differs From Obama's   (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Moscow’s $170-Million Syrian Cruise (The Russian military has spent about $168 million to deploy its only aircraft carrier to Syria. Was it worth it?)


Russia’s military hardware exports yield $15 bln for state coffers — PM  (Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev)


Russian anthem causes international scandal in Sweden


Putin signs law on ratification of Turkish Stream agreement


Those behind recent violence in Ukraine don't want US-Russian relations to improve - Churkin to RT


Putin Critic, Who Said He Was Poisoned in 2015, Falls Into Coma


Russia’s envoy sees no signs of NATO’s changing its eastward expansion plans


Kremlin Asks Fox News to Apologize to Putin After O’Reilly Calls Him ‘a Killer’


First look at granny strangling Russian serial killer





SEC may blunt law to disclose gap between pay of CEOs, workers





Here’s How Republicans Can Confirm Supreme Court Nominees Without The Nuclear Option


Approve the Cabinet


Mike Pence just broke a Senate tie to confirm Betsy DeVos and Dems are terrified

These Are the Two Republicans Who Voted Against DeVos


Senate confirms DeVos as secretary of education


Tim Scott (R-South Carolina)Crashes Democrats' All Night Talkathon Against DeVos


Sessions' nomination to be attorney general clears procedural hurdle


Nuke the Filibuster  (It’s time to put Senate Dems in their place.)


Democratic senator doesn't expect to defeat DeVos


Pence’s Vote on a Cabinet Nominee Would Be Historic (A Senate vote by Mike Pence to confirm Betsy DeVos as education secretary would be the first by a vice president to break a tie on a cabinet nomination.)


Betsy DeVos having her 15 minutes of fame 'at the wrong time'


Betsy DeVos’s Rocky Path as Trump’s Pick for Education Secretary


House science committee probes Obama's dirty climate report


What’s really behind Democrats’ all-night anti-DeVos show


Even with unprecedented opposition, Betsy DeVos is likely to squeak through to become secretary of Education


Gorsuch's take on life and death could hurt him in Senate


Sen. Kamala Harris(D-California) joins Democratic senators in 24-hour floor session to sink DeVos' confirmation


Three things to expect from the Cruz vs. Sanders healthcare debate (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)/US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Gorsuch to meet Schumer Tuesday at high noon  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)




Twitter takes new steps to curb abuse, hate speech


How a U.S. team uses Facebook and guerrilla marketing to peel off potential ISIS recruits




Seoul backs Trump's 'peace through strength'


Joint Drills with U.S. Will Be Biggest Ever


Park behind corporate fundraising, says key official (President Park Geun-hye)


Park may end up in jail next month


Independent Counsel Mulls Extending Crony Scandal Probe


Getting jobs in US becoming impossible for Korean students


2nd  foot and mouth case confirmed


Trump advised against rushing THAAD deal


Are South Korean shipbuilders bouncing back?


'Pokemon Go' users exposed to cyber crime




Artur Mas, Catalonia Ex-Leader, Stands Trial as Thousands Protest




Big Government Couldn’t Even Stay Out of the Super Bowl


Each NHL Team Has an ‘LGBTQ-Inclusion Ambassador’ Now  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Time to boycott the NHL.)


Liberals Regret Politicizing the Super Bowl


Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey sparks investigation


What was 84 Lumber thinking with its Super Bowl ad?


How athletes can avoid -- or at least minimize -- cramps


Baylor fires assistant football coach arrested in prostitution sting


Budweiser boycott launched over Super Bowl commercial


Tom Brady and Gisele return to Boston after historic Super Bowl victory as his Patriots coach sends a not-so-subtle message to NFL commissioner who suspended the quarterback for four games


NHL Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)





23 States Under Winter Weather Alerts


Tornado reported as storms thrash Louisiana, Mississippi


Witnesses help rescue pilot, 84, from fiery plane crash


New Jersey Alters Its Bail System and Upends Legal Landscape


California dreamin’ of secession


California and Trump are going to war with each other





Why Rex Tillerson Has the Right Stuff  (US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson)


Two prominent rabbis urge liberal Jewish groups to give David Friedman a chance




A Supreme Court Deadlock on Trump’s Travel Ban? Not So Fast


Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I'd like to change the Electoral College


Support for Gorsuch Lower Than for Other Recent Court Picks


Trump: Travel Ban Could Go to Supreme Court


If Democrats defeat Neil Gorsuch, they could kick Republicans out of Wisconsin


Trump's pick for Supreme Court could miss hottest issue


Ruth Bader Ginsburg laments partisanship at Stanford talk




In Syria, The Rebels Turn On Each Other


Syrian women, children in prisoners swap


Syria’s Assad views Trump as ‘promising’ on ISIS (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


The Strategic Suicide of Aligning With Russia in Syria (Cutting a bargain with Moscow to cooperate in the fight against the Islamic State would be a disaster for US security and influence.)


The Palestinian Plight in Syria  (Where is the media's reporting on Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s destruction of the Yarmouk camp?)


Amnesty: Up to 13,000 hanged in Syria prison since 2011


ISIS Redoubt in Northern Syria Is Said to Be Nearly Encircled


Syrian and Turkish forces choke off Islamic State supply line




MND launches program to build trainer aircraft


Taiwan brushes aside Cambodia's ban of its flag


Strong demand boosts exports


Taiwan stocks edge higher on Trump financial deregulation order


Students gather for Taiwan International Science Fair’s final


Taiwan safe for tourists: S Korean representative


Groups question tests on students’ pollutant levels


Gonorrhea cases surged to record last year: CDC


More Taiwanese jobseekers favor ASEAN’s market




Why It’s Wrong To Compare Terrorist Attacks To Generic Gun Violence


What motivates female jihad-martyrdom suicide bombers?


Here’s How ISIS Is Getting Kids to Join Its Terrorist Ranks


Time to Abandon the 'Terrorist Recruitment' Delusion


File on Islamic State's 'problem' foreign fighters shows some are refusing to fight


The Evolving Threat Of Jihad In The West


The Seditious Left  (Prosecute the Berkeley rioters by enforcing federal law.)




USA Has Run Annual Trade Deficits for 41 Straight Years


U.S. trade deficit falls as exports hit more than 1-1/2 year high




NCAA Threatens to Extend Ban on North Carolina if Trans Bathroom Bill Not Repealed




Security Fail: the Foreign Investment Process is Broken




Erdoğan blasts credit rating agencies: ‘What is the referendum to you?’  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Foreign powers performing ‘earthquake tests’ near Istanbul to destroy economy: Ankara mayor


No linkage between Turkish referendum and Cyprus talks: Turkish Cypriot President


President Erdoğan launches new ‘employment mobilization’ campaign


Turkish President Erdoğan to talk on phone with US president Trump


Three major earthquakes rock Dardanelles for second day


UN wants $3.5 bn to support Syrian refugees in Turkey


Syrian migrant children in Turkey quit schools for smuggling




Labor Leaders’ Cheap Deal With Trump




FTSE 100 ends higher even as BP slumps


Parents Win £70 Million in Wrongful Birth Lawsuits, They Wish Their Kids Were Never Born?


Politician blocks Trump address to U.K. Parliament


Donald Trump will not be allowed to address Parliament, Speaker says


Exclusive: How Theresa May poked fun at the size of Donald Trump's hands  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


The Queen for a Free Trade Deal  (British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit-buffeted Britain offers a bridge to Trump, but Europe mulls a rampart.)


Marine who killed Afghan prisoner was 'John Wayne' type, court hears


Republicans hit back at UK Commons Speaker over call to block Trump


Climate change Floods and erosion are ruining Britain’s most significant sites


Britain joins international condemnation of Israel's settlement law


Nicola Sturgeon urged to apologise for John Mason IRA claim   (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Royal Marine serving life for murdering Afghan insurgent was suffering from mental illness, appeal hears


Universal credit flaws pushing claimants towards debt and eviction


Teenager Pleads Guilty in Stabbing Death of American Tourist in London


Housing market is 'broken', government admits in white paper


Brexit: MSPs to reject UK government’s proposal to leave EU


Flight from Pakistan diverted to Stansted under RAF escort


Queen Elizabeth II’s Sapphire Jubilee Takes On Low-Key Tone


Government avoids Brexit rebellion


UK tax burden will soar to highest level for 30 years, warns IFS


Cannabis farm found at Legoland cottage




China blocked US move to get Azhar banned by UN


What's U.N.'s real 'climate change' agenda?




Government Geologist Tried To Pay His Grad School Tuition With A Taxpayer-Funded Credit Card




Trump Is Redefining Newton’s Laws of Motion


Trump and Bannon Pursue a Vision of Autocracy


Make Haste — Deliberately

Democracy at the Tipping Point 
(Some have criticized the image on the cover of this week's Der Spiegel, but the symbol it depicts is a serious one: the very real threat that President Donald Trump poses to liberal democracy.)


The Slippery Slope of Trump’s Dangerous ‘Whataboutism’ (The President’s moral relativity is an attack on our shared values, an invitation to dictators, and license to commit awful deeds.)


Ed Klein: Obama's Coming Crusade Against Trump


White House rattled by McCarthy's spoof of Spicer


Melania Trump Getting ‘Substantial Sum’ From Man Who Accused Her of Being an Escort


Trump invites sheriff to 'destroy' Texas state lawmaker who opposes asset forfeiture


In Their Own Words: Anti-Trump 'Resistance' Leaders Aim To Make America 'Ungovernable'


What Steve Bannon wants you to read


Mother of Slain Backpacker Slain Criticizes Trump


White House Releases List Of Terror Attacks It Considers Underreported By The Media


Trump: 'Haters are going crazy' over Russia double standard


Why did White House cite "underreported" attacks that were widely covered?


Trump stronger than national polls suggest


Remember, America first, Mr. President


White House says media failed in its coverage of these 78 terror attacks


Trump: 'Haters are going crazy' about my Putin relationship for no reason (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Trump to Speak With Leaders of Spain, Turkey-White House


Steve Bannon Is Not the Imaginary Hobgoblin Portrayed by the Media Elite


Trump promises 'rudiments' of new healthcare plan by December


Pure Bunk: Trump Is Merely the Latest President to Challenge a Judge


Executive order will make America safe


Trump blames ‘Obama people’ for leaking details of calls with foreign leaders


Bannon Has Ties to Traditionalists in the Vatican


Obama dished America's 'biggest problem' to Trump


Is the former White House photographer trolling Trump with photos of Obama?


Trump must stop lying or Americans will think he is nuts


Mr. Trump’s Real Fear  (Judges can now assume that if they disagree with him, they will face his wrath.)


Melania Trump: Libel kept me from cashing in as first lady


Bad moons rising: Hundreds to drop trousers for Trump


Obama accepted $30K in gifts during his last year in office


Trump tried and failed to build a wall at his Irish golf course. He hasn’t forgotten.


The grizzly truth: Trump’s competence problems are bigger than DeVos


America’s past has become a weapon for Trump’s fans and critics




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