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Sunday, February 4, 2018







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Abortion Is a Focus of Early Action in State Legislative Sessions


50 years after Humanae Vitae, the pill and abortion still stir ferment


Abortion is a focus of early action in legislative sessions (Iowa)


Medicaid-funded abortion bill -- matched only by one state -- up for public hearing


A Memo in Response to “The Abortion Memo”


Not only in Ireland is there a fight to be won on abortion


Abortion-Rights Activists Proved David Brooks Exactly Right


Mississippi pushes abortion ban at 15 weeks, earliest in United States


"Abortion Reversal" Is A Dangerous Myth — Why Is It Still Spreading?


Ireland Should Learn from America’s Mistake on Abortion




‘Fab Five’ siblings’ adoption story went viral. Now they’re close to a happy ending




Police arrest 3 men over flogging of woman in Afghanistan


Most Afghans Can’t Read, but Their Book Trade Is Booming


The big picture: Afghanistan’s largest state school for girls, Herat, 2009





Kenya: Muslim students stab, beat Christian students for refusing to convert to Islam


Uganda: Convert from Islam to Christianity says “The Muslims are trying to kill me”


Child abductions rise amid South Sudan's civil war




Federal officials focus on why railroad switch was set in the wrong position in SC Amtrak crash that killed 2


2 Amtrak workers killed, 116 hurt in South Carolina crash



Tesla Tapped by Australia Anew in Virtual Power Plant Plan




Canada: Two Muslims convicted of forcing 15-year-old girl and two other women into prostitution


Why Doug Ford Has a Great Shot to Win the Ontario PC Leadership


Rescued Yazidi boy finally meets with Trudeau: ‘It was not the meeting we were looking for (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Number of migrant caregivers becoming permanent residents plummets after federal changes


Canada: Muslims In Calgary website features Holocaust denial article written by KKK leader David Duke


Missing brother of Kim Cattrall is dead, actress confirms online


Ontario nurses walk away from contract talks


Canada: Two Muslim former University of Manitoba students wanted for jihad terror activities


Caroline Mulroney to officially join Ontario PC leadership race: sources


Police charge men with defrauding northern Ontario town of $800,000




16 new reports of child deaths from flu since last week




 Evangelical Vote Enthusiasm Surges as Same-Sex Marriage Emerges as Key Issue in Costa Rican Elections




Christianity is Right about Sex and Marriage




SNL’s Hillary Clinton helps console Melania Trump over her Stormy Daniels humiliation




China accuses US of 'Cold War mentality' over nuclear policy


Trump threatens tariffs on China for refusing to help deportations




Ex-Cuba Prisoner Gross Criticizes US Plan to Foster Internet on Island





Fractured GOP struggles with immigration strategy


Capitol Hill reacts to release of GOP memo




The 'Constitutional Crisis' the Fourth Estate Birthed




Indiana man sues after being ticketed for giving state trooper 'the finger'


Oregon: Muslim inmate sues state over failure to provide halal meals


Women suing Monster Energy speak out


Ex-Virginia Tech student to go on trial in girl's killing




Man with sledgehammer pounds parked Dallas police cars


North Carolina father, biological daughter charged with incest after having baby together


Chicago police teaming up with feds once more to fight shocking rise in violent carjackings


Utah man with concealed weapon helps stop violent attack on cop


Missouri student arrested for taking knives to class, told police he researched school shootings


Florida man arrested after threatening to kidnap Lana Del Rey


Women accused of burning 5-year-old girl in voodoo ritual


L.A. has seen a huge increase in homeless arrests, mostly for minor offenses





Hacking threats loom over 2018 Olympics





Party fundraising hits wall as GOP sits flush ahead of midterm elections


Nunes: 'Clear evidence' of collusion with Russia ('It just happens to be with the Clinton campaign and the DNC')




It was Hillary Clinton Who Birthed The Russian Conspiracy Theory


Is this a 'radical' picture of Obama?


The Democrats' Defense of the Indefensible  (The most confounding aspect of the response to "the memo" is the Left's hysteria over its release to the public. )


Obama’s 'Cultural Terrorism' Left Trust Deficit Aboard




Trump’s excellent welfare-reform opportunity




Memo on FBI surveillance of Trump campaign turns up heat on Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein


Every corrupt politician now has a get-out-of-jail-free card


GOP memo fallout: How is the Justice Department responding?




All Economic News Is Bad News


The Economy Is Thriving And Jobs Are Booming: Why Trump Deserves Credit


How Worried Should You Be? Traders Confront Inflation's Reality




University of Central Florida: Muslim arrested for “inappropriately touching women”


University of Central Florida: Muslim student tries to get another student expelled for refusing to wear hijab


Missouri soldier returns home early and surprises son at school


Teacher reportedly assaulted student who wouldn’t stand for Pledge of Allegiance




Egypt army denies Israel carrying out secret airstrike campaign in Sinai


Egypt: Muslims who attacked church get no jail time, Christian fined $20,383 for unlicensed church


Egypt, Israel are secretly fighting against ISIS together




Just Say No To A Gas-Tax Hike





Video from Belgium: Muslim tries to ram Jewish father and son with his car


Sweden: Major operation, armed police guarding all police stations in Muslim-dominated Malmö


Sweden: “Center-right” parties propose enrolling Muslim migrants in volunteer defense organizations


Far-right gunman in Italy rampage shows no remorse, police say


Polish president under pressure to veto Holocaust speech bill




Special agent says he's leaving FBI over political attacks against the bureau


Nunes memo raises question: Did FBI violate Woods Procedures?


At FBI, anger and fear of lasting damage amid GOP attacks


Opinion: Shocking memo reveals how Comey disgraced an honorable FBI (Former FBI Director James Comey)


FBI director sends letter to employees following FISA memo release  (FBI Director Christopher Wray)


Memo: FBI Used Tainted Steele Dossier, Paid For By Hillary Clinton, As Reason To Spy On Trump


Julian Assange Moves in With Kill Shot After Comey Mocks FISA Memo


Seven takeaways from the House memo detailing FBI’s surveillance abuses


As F.B.I. Sought Nassar, Dozens Say They Were Molested




Yellen Says Prices `High' for Stocks, Commercial Real Estate (Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen)




Angry families say nothing funny about wisecracking Paris attacks suspect


France: Two teens knock down and beat 8-year-old Jewish boy for wearing a kippa


France freezes assets of Congolese general


Thousands of Corsican nationalists march ahead of Macron visit (French President Emmanuel Macron)


Prosecutors call for rape charge for Tariq Ramadan




Merkel enters final stretch in coalition-building marathon (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


German women in fear: New anti-rape pants sell out very quickly


North Korea 'using Berlin embassy to supply nukes': spy chief


Germany uneasy as US and Russia flex nuclear muscles



Google caught sponsoring symposium for 'Islamist anti-Semites'
(Web companies 'providing a forum' for endorsers of death by stoning.)




G.O.P. Braces as Democrats Put Statehouses in Play




Greece: Muslim “refugee,” who asked for protection, arrested for possessing detonators and gas canisters


Greeks rally in Athens over Macedonia name row




Memo confirms everything Democrats tried to suppress


Holocaust denier running for Congress has no opponents in Republican primary


Rep. Trey Gowdy says GOP memo doesn't discredit Mueller probe (US Representative of South Carolina Trey Gowdy (R)


'Very possible’ GOP rep's staff ‘coordinated with the White House’ on memo: Schiff  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


Lawmaker blasts dossier which memo says led to Trump spying operation


Top Dem on Intel committee: Memo doesn't "vindicate" Trump


Read The House FISA Memo


Gowdy: Memo has no impact on Russia probe


Nunes speaks out on FISA memo fallout, moving on to 'Phase 2' of investigation (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)


Nunes: 'Clear evidence' of collusion with Russia


Nunes ‘abused’ his power on intelligence panel, former CIA director says


The GOP memo proves the ‘deep state’ is real


Epoch Times Investigation: Beyond the Memo


The Nunes Memo Should Be Just the Start 


5 takeaways from the Nunes memo


House Memo Details Use of Steele Dossier to Spy on Trump Campaign Adviser


Cuccinelli: Memo exposes shadowy function of 'super secret court'


Why ex-CIA boss, Hillary adviser wants more information than Nunes’ memo to be released


Dem leaders tell Trump not to use memo to fire Rosenstein, Mueller


Paul Ryan celebrated the tax cut with a tweet about a secretary saving $1.50 a week (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Devin Nunes tried to discredit the FBI. Instead, he proved it’s onto something.


House Intelligence Committee taking up Dems’ countermemo on Monday





Kansas chemistry instructor arrested by ICE while taking his daughter to school


The next time ICE rounds up workers, remember that we didn't do the same with Nazi-era war criminals




Kashmir: 4 Indian soldiers killed in latest shelling


India: Muslims slit Hindu’s throat for dating a Muslim woman




Islamic Republic of Iran arrests 29 women for appearing in public without hijab


Khamenei’s No. 2 in Lebanon, inspects Hizballah, Israeli border formations


Iran jails man over ‘nuclear espionage’ for US, Europe





Iraq issues ‘most wanted’ terror list





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Sunday, February 4, 2018)


Meet 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi, the new face of Palestinian resistance


Palestinians slam Jerusalem move to end to tax breaks on churches, UN properties


Israel ‘legalizing’ rogue settlement in response to murder: Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Police recommend welfare minister be indicted for corruption


IDF chief said to warn Gaza war likely if humanitarian crisis persists


Israeli forces kill Palestinian during manhunt for alleged killer of settler


Palestinian convicted of ‘nationalistic’ murder of pregnant Israeli lover


PLO executive committee to implement council decision to withdraw recognition of Israel


Bus pelted with rocks in south: 'It's like a terror attack'


Israel begins handing out deportation notices to African migrants


How Lebanon sees Israel’s war threats


Minister said to rap IDF for focus on female troops, gay soldiers


Israel to retroactively legalize settlement outpost in response to killing of settler


‘Imagine What Gazans Could Do With $100M Iran Gives Hamas Annually’


Israeli settlers attack Palestinians protesting in solidarity with child prisoners


‘Imagine What Gazans Could Do With $100M Iran Gives Hamas Annually’


Israeli airstrikes target sites in northern Gaza


Analysis: Israel is fighting a five-front war


Jewish schools worldwide to screen Israeli Memorial Day film on wounded soldiers


Trump's envoy: Hamas causes misery for the people of Gaza


Israel reportedly seeking to woo retail giant Walmart


Bank of Israel warns of rise in digital banking fraud


How is Israel leading the way in smart-city tech?


With all his chips in, Palestinian businessman aims to build ‘Silicon Rawabi’


Israel slams ‘shameful’ former minister who endorses German far-right party


African asylum seekers told to leave Israel within 60 days


Winter storms leave Israel’s undersea internet, phone cables exposed


Amid rising tensions, US troops in Israel for missile defense drill


Israel legalises West Bank (Judea and Samaria) outpost after settler killed


'Unveiling Jerusalem' debunks U.N. rejection of Jewish heritage


Israeli authorities knock down part of Bedouin school in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)





Victory in Election Signals Marine Base on Okinawa May Move




King Abdullah of Jordan: “Maybe there’s a lack of understanding of Islam” in Washington





Malaysia: Muslim who beat his 9-year-old daughter to death would “recite the Quran during the night”




Washington Free Beacon first hired Fusion GPS: Why?


Hannity: Mueller probe was based on a house of cards that's now crashing down (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


The Media's Free Pass for Bitter Democrats




Outside Yemen's rebel-held capital, stalemated war rages on


Thousands of ISIS Fighters Flee, Many to Battle Again





Wilson: Air Force to bolster 'high-end' fighting capabilities


New tool helps veterans seeking to upgrade military discharge


Warren Buffett on hand as Navy commissions newest warship


VA disregards request to make agency motto gender-neutral


11,000 disabled student veterans left without rent, expense money due to computer glitch


As military preps for new shutdown threat, lawmakers sound optimistic tone


Proposed senate bill aims to curb military spouse unemployment


Amphibious warship America leads flotilla back to San Diego




Charter Communications Sets $15 Minimum Wage After Tax Cuts




SpaceX readies powerful rocket for maiden flight


Meet NASA's guardian against alien invasion




Pakistan Actress Shot Dead by Gunmen for Refusing to Accompany Them to a Private Event




New York's Pensions Should Focus On Financial Returns — Not Politics




Rush: Mueller probing wrong people 'on purpose' ('This is entirely a Democrat-run operation! Trump was nowhere near it')




Pat Robertson To Make Full Recovery After Embolic Stroke


Televangelist Pat Robertson expected to recover after suffering stroke




An arrest in Moscow leads to a Norwegian espionage mystery


Russia: US plan to use ‘low-yield’ nukes is ‘confrontational’




'Settled Science' Just Got Blown Up




Schumer urges president to allow Democrats' 'FISA memo' to also be released (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Polls swing toward GOP, easing fears of midterm disaster


Elizabeth Warren bellows rallying cry at activist event: ‘We march in pink pussy hats!’ (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Rubio on push for paid family leave: ‘We still have to work on members of my own party’  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio  (R)


Hope for last conservative Democrat in Senate? (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Memo controversy is 'doing Putin's job,' McCain says   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Feinstein in crosshairs as Trump fan plots ouster (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)




A male backlash against #MeToo is brewing




Pence to confront North Korea’s media narrative at the Olympics: report (Vice-President Mike Pence)




NFL Includes Convicted Murderer Aaron Hernandez in Pre-Super Bowl ‘In Memoriam’ Video


Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson killed by suspected drunk driver


‘Take a Knee’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Block Light Rail Carrying Spectators to Super Bowl


ESPN writer Jemele Hill: Trump uses 'racial pornography' to 'stoke his base'


Crunching the numbers for the big game


Bitter cold in upper Midwest on Super Bowl Sunday


Todd Starnes: Veterans, bars say 'no' to the big game


I’m the Wife of a Former N.F.L. Player. Football Destroyed His Mind.


Super Bowl ratings jeopardized by anthem protests, fan outrage


How the blue-state New England Patriots became an avatar for Trump


Video of Tom Brady kissing son on the lips sparks internet outcry


Poll shows 16% of NFL fans say they won’t watch Super Bowl


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





Tillerson Presses Venezuela as Trump Aid Threat Looms Over Trip (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)



Report: Syrian civilians injured in chlorine gas attack


France, Turkey plan ‘road map’ to end Syrian war


Russia strikes back as Syrian rebels take credit for shooting down fighter jet, killing pilot





Pentagon Takes Down Nuclear Report After Labelling Taiwan as Part of China


Strong 6.1-magnitude earthquake strikes off Taiwan coast




Tech giants are the robber barons of our time





Turkey warns US troops over Syria clash risk


Turkey’s Erdogan to meet with Pope, thank him for opposing Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


In Turkey, soaring support for Syrian offensive and rising anti-Americanism



 More Islamic State jihadis now in UK than Britons in Syria fighting the Islamic State 


UK's May pressured as war continues over Brexit (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


UK allows doctors to make babies with DNA from 3 people


Sally C. Pipes: God Save The Queen's Healthcare System


Piers Morgan rages at BBC over cartoon of him kissing Trump’s butt





President Trump Super Bowl Message:‘We Proudly Stand for the National Anthem’


Republican lawmakers distance themselves from Trump on memo


Midterm clashes set to define Trump era: Analysis


How President Trump is gaining leverage on Putin (as his critics smirk) (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


 Priebus denies that Trump moved to fire Mueller last summer (Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus)


Air Force general behind 5G memo leaves White House


Trump Soars to 49% Approval Rating, Best Number Since Last June


Trump’s Black History Month proclamation implies that racism in the military is in the past. It’s not.


Trump says Democrats don’t care about illegal-immigrant ‘Dreamers’


How Trump’s Allies Fanned Controversy Into Outrage


Trump Reveals FBI and DOJ Top Officials Politicized Investigations In Favor of


White House withdraws controversial nominee to head Council on Environmental Quality


Kellyanne Conway calls out Democrats for 'hyperbolic' and 'hypocritical' reaction to memo


Trumps hosting Super Bowl watch party at golf club


The President’s Unparalleled War on Law Enforcement 



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