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Saturday, February 4, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Pediatricians' group blasted for bad advice on abortion


Arkansas passes law letting rapists sue victims who want an abortion


Michael Savage Is Wrong on Abortion


Sierra Club executive: Abortion helps the environment


Anti-abortion bills divide state GOP (Connecticut)


Health clinics already hit by 'catastrophic' global gag rule on abortion


How Trump's "Gag Rule" On Abortion Funds Will Lead To More Abortions


 A New Arkansas Abortion Law Basically Bans Second Trimester Abortions


Abortion reversal? Two Colorado lawmakers say it’s possible


Pa. abortion bill to receive speedy vote - but no public input


This Is Why People Get Second-Trimester Abortions


Abortion Activists Traveling Across Pro-Life Ireland to Hand Out Dangerous Abortion Drugs




UN Drops Sanctions Against Notorious Afghan Warlord




Woman who saved Nigeria 'witch' boy recreates photo on first schoolday


The cave squeaker returns: Rare frog seen after decades




Airlines start boarding passengers previously barred by Trump ban




Demonstrators Protest Trump’s Travel Ban in D.C., LAX


Now We Know: Those 'Spontaneous' Anti-Trump Airport Protests Weren't Spontaneous At All





Personal Health




Sariev, Former Kyrgyz Prime Minister, To Run For President




Trump's refugee order triggers protests across Australia


'Incentives' lure Chinese giant to open Victoria HQ


Australia sticking to refugee deal despite Trump's criticism


Donald Trump’s diplomatic fumble with Australia


Why the Trump phone call could be a very good thing for us Australians





Migrants Struggle Through The Night In Frozen Belgrade




ATF Permanently Relocating More Agents to Violence-Plagued Chicago


First on CNN: ATF seeking sharp increase of agents in Chicago




Tensions around immigration high for the 1st  full Conservative leadership debate


Child porn made with runaways at 'crack shack


Thousands gather across the country to protest against Islamophobia


Car hits lightpost, destroys fence, slams into Alberta home


Loblaw recalls President's Choice baby food due to botulism risk


Conservative leadership debate kicks off


Snowstorm slams B.C. South Coast, thousands without power


The country is waiting for a big and timely push to move Canada beyond a 'middle power'


What happened the night of the Quebec mosque attack


Justin Trudeau, Facing Pressure to Oppose Donald Trump, Opts to Get Along (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Ontario man sues Cineplex, alleges staff didn’t help as he choked on popcorn




Fatal Overdoses From Fentanyl Sold as Cocaine Detailed in Harrowing CDC Report


Flu spreads across 40 states




Trump’s pick for CIA No. 2 prompts Dem fears




'Christian' activists head to mosques to resist Trump




Chinese industry wants 'win-win' end to U.S. anti-dumping duties on washing machines


How Trump Can Win With China (Beijing has been seriously outmaneuvering Washington for years. Trump is off to a lousy start, but here’s how he can turn it around.)


 China Gains on U.S. in Arms Race Over Artificial Intelligence




Détente No Help to Cubans





Corporate Executives Play Politics At Their Company's Peril




BuzzFeed sued over publication of Trump dossier, report says


Drug lord El Chapo denied spousal visits   (Lawyers for Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman say he is on 23-hour lockdown.)


Father of woman, 19, 'strangled and thrown off a 50ft bridge by her two male classmates - including one who took her to PROM' - comes face to face with the pair in court


Federal judge sides with White House on refugee issue


'Muslim ban' injunction is a judicial coup against President Trump


Federal judge in Seattle temporarily halts Trump’s immigration order nationwide


Lawyers for drug lord "El Chapo" complain about jail conditions


State lawmaker proposes race-based judicial selections


Parents sue college over daughter's suicide


'Clock boy' gets clock cleaned in free-speech victory  ('We couldn’t be more excited to stand up against such frivolous use of our court system.')


50-plus lawsuits filed against Trump refugee order


Virginia woman wins $1m payout after catching horrific bacterial infection that left her covered in boils from pedicure at nail salon


Teacher who bedded students won’t have to register as sex offender




Stunner: Allegedly Muslim Student Faked Vile Hate Crime To Get People To Pay Attention To Him


Police say girl, 4, died after being kicked by mom for not brushing teeth


President Trump's likeness found on seized heroin envelopes


Why Chicago’s Crime Problem Is Growing


11 Arrested After Protesting Conservative Speaker at NYU


Five DUIs, deported twice, but still in Colorado


Minnesota man admits fatally stabbing pregnant wife


Human remains found in a shallow grave may be of Texas student, 22, who went missing in October after going on a date with her boyfriend




California sex offender who kidnapped and murdered four women is sentenced to death




Former VP Mondale endorses Ellison in DNC race




Clinton's new book: I won't run again, I promise


De Blasio: Fox News paved way for Trump  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Malia Obama parties into the early morning in NYC


Back to reality: Obamas settle into DC life


Chelsea Clinton’s dig at Kellyanne Conway sparks Twitter feud




Information on animal welfare disappears from USDA website




Department of Homeland Security suspends flagging travelers under executive order




Bureau of Indian Affairs sending agents to help clear Dakota Access protesters from site





DOJ seeking emergency stay of federal judge's 'outrageous order'




Labor Nominee’s Fight for Owners Got an Early Start




Scrap Metal Pots an Unrecognized Source of Lead Poisoning




How Trump Can Create A Bull Market


U.S. Starts 2017 With Job Surge, but Pay Gains Are Weak


January's Jobs Jump: The Trump Economy Begins


Want to reduce inequality? Try the Black Death.


A Poison Pill for the Recovery




The Millennials' Psychosis: What U.C. Berkeley Showed Us


598 colleges have ‘concerns’ on Trump travel ban


Judge rules girl, 12, must be allowed to attend class after she was expelled when her parents sued Catholic school for not letting her play on boys' basketball team 


New York Changes How It Tests for Lead in Schools’ Water, and Finds More Metal




Energy Prices


Dakota Access Pipeline to Start Pumping Crude in June


Don't Take the Oil: Time to Ditch the Carter Doctrine  (Middle Eastern oil is no longer a vital national interest.)




One hummingbird nest halts massive renovation of California bridge




Separatists In Eastern Ukraine Say Top Commander Killed In Car Bombing


 Smuggling migrants into Europe now a major funding source for the Islamic State


‘Everything is destroyed’: A deadly surge of violence strikes eastern Ukraine




As Trump Weighs Thaw With Putin, EU Set to Renew Its Blacklist  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Report: Romania government may back down on misconduct law


Sweden wants to ban gender segregated school classes


European Police Now Patrolling Border Between Greece, Macedonia





FCC Halts Internet Access Subsidies For the Poor


FCC suspends probes of telecommunications firms


A Sea Change At The FCC


FCC removes nine companies from Lifeline program





Trump Isn’t Repeating Obama’s Middle East Mistakes

Trump Has Already Blown It
(The President could have started a foreign-policy revolution. Instead, he triggered a foreign-policy revolt.)




France’s Le Pen launches campaign with anti-EU message


Louvre machete suspect Egyptian who posted 'support for Isil minutes before attack'


Is this the ‘Egyptian’ Louvre attacker?


250,000 homes without power as storm hits SW France


Students Accuse Top Paris University of Pandering to the Kremlin


France's far-right ups attacks on scandal-hit Fillon


French student takes steps to block Breitbart's move to France


Police launch terror probe after machete attack on soldiers at Louvre


France's far-right ups attacks on scandal-hit Fillon


Louvre to reopen 24 hours after machete attack




German magazine sparks furor with image of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty


Merkel says Europe's future could be two-speed  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Ready to be more active in world affairs, says president


German liner rescues six from sinking Tongan boat


Beware of Anti-Semitism in Germany



Google Warns of New Rivals in Corporate Computing, Digital Assistants, Hardware




GOP governor to Trump: Fix your immigration policy


Trump’s election is the last, best hope to re-Reaganize the GOP




No one wants to save the O'care mandate


Obamacare Sign-Ups Dipped at End Amid Trump Attacks


Our National Problems Require An Entrepreneurial Approach, Not A Bureaucratic One




Iranian baby will travel to Oregon for life-saving surgery, hospital says


'Universal Coverage' Puts Lives In Danger





Time for Deplorables to Boycott Hollywood  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: So true!)




Exclusive: House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs Committee Members Compromised By Rogue IT Staff


GOP rep escorted by police after town hall (US Representative of California Tom McClintock)


No, the GOP Did Not Just Repeal the Background Check System or Give Guns to the Mentally Ill


Pelosi loses in 2-1 vote upholding ban of embattled student artwork (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)




US agencies, airlines dash to respond to judge's immigration ruling; Trump decries 'terrible' decision


140 Somali Refugees Coming to US, Sent Back


Demonstrators take to the streets to protest Trump travel ban




India State Polls Test Modi Popularity After Currency Chaos (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Punjab’s Heroin Problem Bursts Into the Open as an Election Issue


NSG ignored plea to rescue two guards trapped during Pathankot terror attack, says air force officer


Only 19 per cent specialist doctors in India's health centres


Delhi: HIV-positive man held for having ‘oral sex’ with 5-year-old boy




America's Biggest Asphalt Plant Is Shutting When the Country Needs It Most




Stop Foreign Government Attacks On American Intellectual Property



Trump's visa ban puts a crimp on U.S. intel




Iran Carries Out New Missile Tests After Trump Imposes Sanctions


Iran: If enemies do wrong, missiles will come down on them


US: ‘Iran is biggest state sponsor of terrorism’


Iran To Test Missile, Radar Systems, One Day After New U.S. Sanctions


Defiant Iran in missile exercise after sanctions




Americans See a Rift With Iraqi Soldiers After Travel Ban





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Saturday, February 4, 2017)


Israeli Arabs and Jews protest house demolitions


Thousands rally in Tel Aviv against 'racist' Israeli state and home demolitions


Likud MK slams Bennett, Netanyahu (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


Livni: Outpost legalization bill will land IDF troops in ICC (Hatnuah Chairwoman Tzipi Livni)


Israeli Scientists Invent Fast, Accurate Test to Diagnose Malaria in Less than 4 Minutes


Trump is doing everything he said he would — except on Israel


Palestinian injured after Israeli settlers raid village, throw stones


Emboldened by Amona evacuation, Palestinian mayor sets sights on Ofra


Rabbi Shteinman suffering from weakness and fever


When towering rivals Rabin and Nasser met for lunch – in Rabin’s own words


Israel continues construction on separation wall in Hebron


Egypt said pressing Hamas to open negotiations over Israeli captives


Turkish Energy Delegation Meeting Delek, Noble Energy Reps in Jerusalem to Discuss Gas Pipeline


1972 CIA document analyzes Ashkenazi-Sephardic tensions in Israel


Public security minister: ‘Hooligans’ of Amona will be arrested


Palestinian forces disperse rally in Hebron, detain 25


Thousands rally for cannabis legalization


MK Isaac Herzog Home from Hospital (Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog)


Bank throws 50,000 euro in the garbage


Israel and the Auto Industry: A soon-to-be love story?


Trump’s Israel policy is evolving in somewhat surprising ways




Japan spokesman: Trump criticism of currency policy off base




Jordan warplanes strike IS targets in southern Syria




A Love of Hate: The Addiction of the New American Left


How the Left targets my organization with fake news




Tancredo: The Disgusting Media Double Standard Between Obama and Trump


CNN: Democrats Face Their Powerlessness


NY Times: Trump still closely tied to business holdings


 Media suddenly worried about collateral civilian deaths after 8 years of Obama drone attacks


Journalists, Please — the World Has Enough Activists


Defeated Media Elite Alienate Many With Anti-Trump Coverage




Qatar to fly barred nationals after US travel ban stayed


Yemen Is the First Battleground in Trump’s Confrontation With Iran (The administration has its sights set on checkmating Tehran’s ambitions across the region. Iran’s proxies in Yemen are in the crosshairs.)




Mattis in Tokyo:  China accuses US of putting stability of Asia Pacific at risk   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Jaws of death: New movie lays bare the agony of US sailors who were victims of the worst shark attack in history after their ship was sunk by Japanese torpedoes and their bodies were picked off over five days


U.S. Defense Chief Won't Boost Middle East Forces Over Iran Concerns  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


F-35 performing well against 'complex' threats


Pentagon releases terror training video it uncovered in fatal Yemen raid as proof of operation's success... but it's quickly revealed to be DECADE-OLD Al-Qaeda footage already online


U.S. releases -- then removes -- video seized in deadly Yemen raid


Soldiers scout hybrid enemy in German countryside


Al-Qaeda says Trump has ignited ‘the flame of jihad’ with Yemen raid


Navy decommissions 'legendary' carrier that shaped history


Lockheed Martin, Pentagon announce F-35 contract deal that shaves $728 million in costs


U.S. Not Weighing Middle East Troop Hikes Over Iran Concerns: Mattis  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


American soldiers on reassurance mission bring life to small Polish town


China Lashes Out at Mattis Remarks on East China Sea Islands


A special warfare unit was spotted flying a Trump flag in public. Now the Navy is investigating.


Pentagon releases video seized in SEAL raid in Yemen, then pulls it from website


Trump’s Army Secretary nominee withdrawing: report




Astronaut throws football '564,644 yards'   (NASA releases a video of the ISS crew preparing to watch the Super Bowl from 250 miles above Earth.)




NSA deputy director resigning this spring




Apocalypse island: Tech billionaires are building boltholes in New Zealand because they fear social collapse or nuclear war. So what do they know that we don't? 





For Montenegro, On The Brink Of Joining NATO, The Stakes Are High




Trump travel ban, other pressures lead Pakistan to rein in Islamist militants


Analysis: Here’s Why Pakistan Finally Arrested Hafiz Saeed


Pakistan thanks India for returning boy to mother




Documentary examines life inside America's supermax prisons




Limbaugh: Media's stories about fake news were fake




Lugansk militia commander killed in car blast - news agency

Russia concerned over growing IS influence in Afghanistan - Foreign Ministry

Russia to announce ban on import of poultry from EU countries suffering from bird flu


Clinton campaign chief: Don’t reduce Russian sanctions




Gun Sales Dip in January as Trump Takes Office


Florida’s Gun-Free Businesses May Soon Be Held Liable for Violence on Their Premises




Secret Service: Reports of top-level resignations 'absolutely false'


Secret Service takes action against agent who posted about Trump





VP warns Dems against filibuster of Supreme Court pick


Sanders praises ruling to halt Trump immigration ban  (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)


Filibuster or bust: Progressives demand Dems block Supreme Court nominee


Pressure on senators watching the midterms


Union-lackey Democrats fight to stop DeVos


Senate Republicans aim to gut debit-card safeguards


Anti-DeVos calls flood Congress


Gillibrand Takes On Trump. The Left Cheers (US Senator of New York Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Why I Won’t Vote for Betsy DeVos  (US Senator of New Hampshire Maggie Hassan (D)


Chuck Grassley wants to have Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court by Easter  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Schumer calls immigration ban halt 'a victory for the Constitution'  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)




A conservative social worker! (Is that even possible?)  (The field of social work is openly, brazenly, and almost uniformly a left-listing ship.)




Teen arrested for carrying out more than 30 murders, authorities say  (Police in Colombia have arrested a 17-year-old accused of carrying out more than 30 murders.)




Bird flu confirmed at Han River jetty


Beijing hoping Seoul will slow down on missile shield, diplomat says


4 killed in Dongtan shopping mall fire


People take to streets demanding president's immediate resignation




9 Syrian Officials Are Accused of Torture in Spanish Court




Baylor Rocked by Waves of Ugly Allegations


Drones to be used in Super Bowl halftime show: report


How Will Politics Impact Super Bowl LI?


Super Bowl host takes different approach to big game's security


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard




Another Big Company Departs California — Will Last One To Leave Shut The Lights?


California lawmakers accused of acting like 'claim-jumpers'


 Bag-Fee for New York City Is Delayed by State Legislature




State Department Reverses Visa Ban, Allows Travelers with Visas into U.S.


State Department reverses visa ban, allows travelers with visas into U.S.: official


The State Department Goes to War on Donald Trump




Gorsuch Nomination a Moment of Validation for Reluctant Trump Voters


If you’re reading this, Justice Kennedy, please don’t retire


The left’s boogeyman vision of Gorsuch


The road to scorched-earth Supreme Court warfare




Russia Says Embassy In Damascus Hit By Shelling, But No One Hurt




Patriot missiles deployed on east coast                     


Year’s first H7N9 avian influenza case confirmed


Feature: Taiwan’s options as PLA ramps up pressure




Hate crimes Jewish community centers receive nearly 50 bomb threats in 2017 so far  


Prosecute the Rioters




Steven Mnuchin and Robo-Denial  (Steven Mnuchin's nomination for secretary of the treasury may well cause President Trump more than a little bit of damage.)





Two Turkish human smugglers arrested at port in New Jersey


Turkey’s main opposition MP resigns from parliament council after criticism on record expenses


Trump’s order ignores ISIL victims in Turkey


4 ISIL ‘emirs’ killed in Turkish airstrikes in Syria: Army


Trump’s order ignores ISIL victims in Turkey




Uber Buy Plane Fare for Drivers Stranded by Trump Ban




Thousands out in protest against PM’s ‘collusion’ with Donald Trump  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


European Union Leaders round on Trump and reject May's bridge-building


Worldwide search for teachers to address Scotland’s classroom shortage


Capita Staff were 'paid by criminals to fit electronic tags loosely'


Labour's John McDonnell promises energy prices cap


George Osborne ‘paid price’ for trying to get May sacked


Immigration Brexiters face rude awakening, says ex-minister


Staff arrested amid electronic tag tampering claims


Scotland’s weather: Warnings issued as ‘fifth of month’s rain’ expected in one day


Met Office issues UK rain and ice warnings


Airlander 10: Longest aircraft tested after crash repairs


Church of England Barrister accused of child abuse had been charged in killing of teen


Notorious yellow car vandalised in Bibury




Trump Travel Ban Disrupts Work and Meetings at the United Nations




What the feds could mean for Chicago





Imagine the Power of an Anglo Alliance  (Britain, Canada, Australia, and the United States make up a third of global GDP.  Now three of these nations have conservatives heading their respective governments.)


How Do Americans Rank U.S. Allies and Enemies?




Trump may confront hostile Venezuela 




George Foreman to Trump: 'You Just Have to Fight'


Trump just got checked and balanced


Trump Executive Order on Voter Fraud Quietly Stalled


First Trump approval rating lags behind past presidents


The Trump White House Knows Who The Rioters At Conservative Events Are


Furious Trump slams 'so-called' judge's decision to controversially halt his immigration order in morning Twitter tirade and claims 'certain Middle Eastern countries AGREE with the ban'


Trump might be more popular than you think 


World View Clash : Now fully engaged with President Donald Trump


The method to President Trump's madness


The Pain of a Donald Trump Presidency


Protests over refugee order follow Trump to Florida


Trump: New York Times 'is still lost'


President Trump's Weekly Address (Video and Transcript)


Trump Short Circuits Washington


White House fumes over travel ban court ruling


How Some US Poor Are Reacting to Trump Presidency


WH won't rule out military action against Iran after sanctions

Calls mount for Trump administration to label Muslim Brotherhood 'terrorist organization'


Eric Trump’s business trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills


WH to probe leak of Trump’s Australia, Mexico calls


Trump Moves to Roll Back Obama-Era Financial Rules


Trump’s strategy of stoking fear helped get him elected. Now it’s how he plans to govern.

Conservatives' 1 disappointment with Trump
('We were hoping this would be one of those executive orders that would go by the wayside.')


Executive order sets up battle over how to roll back Wall Street regulations


Pence to appear on four Sunday shows but skipping CNN  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Trump’s sad ‘thank you’ to African Americans


Trump: ‘My responsibility is to keep' Americans safe


Trust Records Show Trump Is Still Closely Tied to His Empire



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