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Friday, February 3, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Congressmen: Planned Parenthood ‘is an abortion enterprise,’ new videos prove it


Abortion Activist Katie Couric’s Warped Science: A “Female Fetus” Can “Feel” Male


Pro-Life Lawmakers: Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Get Another ‘Dime of Taxpayer Dollars’


Gosnell: The Serial Killer & His Establishment Accomplices


GOP committed to abortion ban in Obamacare replacement


Actress Kate Walsh Claims “Women Will Die” if the Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz is Defunded


Now it's Congress vs. abortionists in $500M fight


After 50 Weeks of Prayer, Pro-Life Advocate Believes Neil Gorsuch Will be God’s Champion on SCOTUS


What If I Can’t Afford an Abortion?  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: There is adoption.)


Planned Parenthood: 'Many of Our Patients Are Republicans'


Liberal Newspaper Claims the Bible is Silent on Abortion. But It’s Wrong


This New Law In Arkansas Says Men Can Block Their Wives' Abortions


Abortionist Says It’s Time to “Make Abortion Great Again”


I Traveled 491 Miles To Receive The Abortion Procedure I Needed


This Catholic University is Hosting the “Vagina Monologues” and Donating Proceeds to Planned Parenthood


I Mean It When I Say ‘Make Abortion Great Again’


New York Governor vows to force insurers to provide free abortion, contraception


Abortion, 'sanctuary' cities on GOP agenda


Abortion and the One Question the Left Won’t Answer


Iowa Senate passes bill to stop Medicaid funds from going to Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Ad Proves Waiting Periods Save Lives


Personhood Rally aims to end abortion in Montana


Abortions dropped in Arizona in 2015, continuing four-year decline


Hawaii Democrat ‘Pushing Back’ Against Trump by Bolstering Abortion Access


South Dakota Lawmakers Introduce Ban On Abortion Procedure


GOP lawmaker says committee won't take up abortion bills that have 'no chance' (Virginia)


To Find Out Whether Outlawing Abortion Hurts Mothers, Look At Data From Chile




Police: Taliban Kill Eight Afghan Security Forces




Is Africa the Next Big Economic Success Story?


The heart of Africa’s new medical school


Somalia famine fears prompt UN call for 'immediate and massive' reaction


Muslims raid church meeting, rape women, snatch pastor (Uganda)




Trump travel ban: Former Norway PM held at Washington airport over 2014 visit to Iran  


Iranian man barred from entering U.S. lands at LAX; first to return after court order




Capital Hill Review Friday, February 3, 2017




'Watching with bated breath': Massive iceberg set to break off Antarctic ice shelf




Anarchists Respond to Trump’s Inauguration, by Any Means Necessary




How to get cash into Asian infrastructure the ADBI way




Man Charged After Killing Wife in Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia Advocates Raise Money to Defend Him


Assisted Suicide and Organ Harvesting: A Ghoulish—But Not Surprising—Proposal




Tough week for ASX as Trump scares and earnings disappoint


Australian Dollar US Dollar Exchange Rate Surges This Week on Australian Trade Surplus


Imam married 34-year-old to 'fragile' child of just 14, court told


Trump says 'fake news media' lied about Turnbull call


College that graduated just 12 per cent of students wins lucrative training contract


Terror expert: 'If terrorists kill us, will left still howl about rudeness?' (Aussies sending 1,300 unwanted Muslim refugees to US.)


What the U.S.-Australia refugee deal that Trump trashed is all about


United States to Australia: Get Lost


Australia’s Refugees Are Not America’s Problem




Report: Obama Administration Issued Over $890 Billion in Regulations





Hail the Gender-Fluid Scouts?




TSX gains as banks rise, jobs data send Wall Street higher


TSX Gains with Banks


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Gay-activist pastor accused of sexually abusing a teen set free by judge


Ontario man sues Cineplex, alleges staff didn’t help as he choked on popcorn


B.C. couple guilty of taking teen girl into U.S. to become child bride of polygamous church prophet


Liberal fears of proportional representation and a referendum killed Trudeau's reform promise


Don’t cry for NAFTA, it’s less important to Canada than you might think


Unfounded: Police dismiss 1 in 5 sexual assault claims as baseless, Globe investigation reveals


'Here to share the pain': Thousands join families of mosque attack victims at Quebec City funeral


London, Ont. parents arranged online for two people to sexually abuse their child, police say


Hudson’s Bay makes takeover approach to Macy’s: report


'If you take enough of it, it can kill you': Green tea extract linked to liver damage


Home prices up 22% in January compared to last year: Toronto Real Estate Board


Ex-mint employee gets 30 months for hiding stolen gold in rectum


Ex Timmies worker accused in theft of 'roll up the win' cups


Canada is a progressive immigration policy dream — unless you have a disability




Veterans take to Capitol Hill to protest immigration ban





New CIA deputy director ran a waterboarding prison in Thailand





“Kill Christians”: The Real Refugee Protest Agenda


Sharia law may be coming to America. But it’s Christians who are bringing it.




ABC orders comedy pilot starring Carol Burnett




China keeps pampering N. Korea


Clip of Trump’s granddaughter singing spreads on Chinese web




N. Korea demands ethnic Chinese pledge allegiance to Kim's family


N. Korea leader sacks chief of spy agency


North Korean Leader’s Top Enforcer Is Now the One Getting Purged




Hill Republicans revolt over Trump's plans to build border wall


How Congress Is Reclaiming Constitutional Authority and Saving Jobs


Congress proposes Johnson Amendment overhaul


GOP Unwisely Embraces Obamacare 'Repair'  (An ill-advised strategy from pollster Frank Luntz.)


Hello? People Swamp Congress With Calls in Era of Trump


Congress Scraps Obama Rules on Coal Mining, Guns


Lazarus: Looking for a really good Obamacare replacement? Here it is


Trump agenda off to slow start in Congress


Congressional IT contractors under investigation





Nordstrom plans to drop Ivanka Trump's fashion line




Federal judge lets Virginia challenge Trump's vetting order


Let Survivors of 9/11 Victims Have Their Day in Court


Melania Trump's Daily Mail lawsuit over escort claim suffers setback


Federal judge halts enforcement of Trump immigration ban


Mexican Drug Lord 'El Chapo' to Appear in US Court


‘Homegirl in a hijab’ returns  (What to make of Linda Sarsour of Brooklyn, lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against President Trump’s immigration order and the new, seemingly ubiquitous symbol of the hard left-radical Islam alliance?)




Shocking moment two men viciously attacked a Trump supporter while he walked to class in Berkeley less than 24 hours after riots forced a lockdown at the elite school


11 Arrested After Protesting Conservative Speaker at NYU


Prosecutors: Teen was strangled, body thrown off bridge


Kids tell teachers their father stabbed mother to death


Pa. teacher facing charges she had sex with girl, 16


2 men arrested after sex act on store display




Border Patrol Finds Child Porn on Illegal Immigrant’s Phone




Hillary Clinton and the law


Bill de Blasio’s only successful because he pays off the unions (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Soul-Searching at Clinton Foundation in Trump Era


Khan: Gold Star dad to political animal?




Deal will allow mass slaughter of Yellowstone bison




Enemy to get 'named' under Trump's DHS





Acting Attorney General fired by Trump nominated for courage award


Justice Department releases memo on legal review of Trump executive order on immigration


Trump's Justice Department may crack down on thriving pot industry, but is it too big to jail?


Justice Dept. Reverses Policy That Sped Up Deportations




Dow reclaims close over 20,000; Nasdaq notches record


U.S. Stocks Jump on Bank Rise; Dollar Slips on Jobs: Market Wrap


Banks, jobs data send Wall Street higher


Stock rally masks heightened risk in late leg of market cycle


Asia Stocks Fall Ahead of U.S. Jobs Data as China Reopens Lower


Asian markets slump as China increases short-term interest rates


U.S. job growth beats expectations in January, wages soft


Trump's first employment report adds 227K jobs


Japan reportedly setting up package for Trump to create 700,000 US jobs


The underperforming Obama economy


Dollar turns lower as January jobs report details disappoint


Payrolls in U.S. Increase 227,000 While Growth in Wages Weakens


Gold ends higher, books best weekly gain in seven months


94,366,000 Americans Not in Labor Force as Participation Rate Ticks Up in January


The path won’t be straight, but gold’s bullish trajectory is set


U.S. Gained 5,000 Manufacturing Jobs in January, Lost 10,000 Government Jobs


Treasury yields turn lower after subdued January wage growth




FreedomProject Academy: Accomplishments, Ambitions, and Opportunities


Brave LSU Student Stood Up To Leftists in Public. What Happened Next Is Disturbing.


American Jewish day schools say ‘ahlan’ to Arabic


Texas high schoolers accused of giving Nazi salute, shouting ‘Heil Hitler’ during class photo shoot


‘Daddy’ Should Drain the Academic Swamp


Berkeley Prof Suggests Rioters At Milo Event Were Right-Wingers


On the Wrong Side of History  (Boycotting historians denounce blacklists just as they call for blacklisting Israeli academics.)


Could Trump Cut Berkeley's Funds?


Horowitz on Lou Dobbs: Who’s to Blame for Violent Berkeley Protests?


Could Trump yank UC Berkeley funding over Breitbart editor incident?


Oppose terror? You're a 'Nazi' (Battle of Berkeley example of left's fondness for violence, author says.)


Growing Plans (As many Northeastern colleges fear enrollment declines, Lehigh University charts ambitious growth plan including 1,000 additional undergraduates, 100 more faculty members and a new college of health.)


Berkeley rioters betray university’s historical commitment to free speech


New Baseline for Accessibility  (Disability rights experts say an update to the Rehabilitation Act creates new expectations for accessibility standards in higher education.)


Museum gift valued at more than $100 million has Picasso, Van Gogh works


Controversial Speech in a Polarized Climate


He’s only 7, but this Maryland boy ‘could be the next Einstein’


Santa Monica schools warn of possible norovirus outbreak linked to Yosemite field trip


Shift in Chinese Ph.D. Education  (Soviet model is increasingly being replaced with American model, study finds.)


UC would lose $9 billion for research, healthcare, education if Trump cut federal funds


Burning down Berkeley’s love of free speech


How Violence Undermined the Berkeley Protest


Creating a Safe Space for California Dreamers




Clinton Team Blames Obama More Than Putin, Comey for Election Loss




Oil prices up on production cuts, as U.S. imposes sanctions on Iran


Energy Prices


Why the oil market doesn’t care much about new U.S. sanctions on Iran




Rallying bank shares propel European stocks to 1-week closing high


Sick whale on Norway beach had 30 plastic bags in its stomach: zoologists


'Our Tanks Are Ready': Ukraine Braces For Escalation In Eastern War


Civilians killed in 'dangerous deterioration' in Ukraine conflict


Kyiv Raises Death Toll As 'Escalation' In Eastern Fighting Continues     (Ukraine)


Artillery salvos shake eastern Ukraine on fifth day of escalated fighting





Historian: European Civil War Within 30 Years


Swedish deputy Prime Minister appears to troll Donald Trump by 'copying' his controversial executive order photo


Geert Wilders: Trump Has Already Done More Than Europe Ever Has To Curb Mass Migration


EU Tries to Allay Rights' Fears Over Plan to Block Migrants





FCC's in quite the privacy predicament




Foreign policy elites wrong again as Trump’s immigration pause wins backing from Middle East nations


Trump Veers Toward Pillars of Obama’s Foreign Policy




Le Pen defends Trump in interview with Israeli TV: ‘Patriotism is never racism’


François Hollande leads attacks on Donald Trump at EU summit   (French President Francois Hollande)


Louvre terror leaves Paris fearing new blow to tourism


Red alert for western France as storm winds set to reach 160 km/hr


Hollande tells Donald Trump to butt out and leave the EU alone


Louvre knife attack: Soldier shoots assailant near Paris museum


Soldier shoots armed attacker outside Paris museum


Attack at Louvre: Assailant wielding machete, shouting ‘Allahu akhbar’ stopped by soldier


Machete-wielding man slumps to the ground after being shot in the stomach at the Louvre museum as he attacked French soldiers while screaming 'Allahu Akbar' 


Fillon Scandal Indicts, Foremost, France’s Political Elite




Why the White House seems a little jealous of Germany (While global trade accelerated job losses in the United States, it helped retain German jobs against the forces of rising automation, according to a study.)


German miniature world attraction builds a wall around its US display in response to Donald Trump's call for barrier with Mexico and travel ban 


Turkish Officers Seek Asylum in Germany


Lufthansa starts flying people on Trump travel ban into Boston


Trump's top EU pick warns German media of 'seismic shift' in ties


Two men in Berlin accused of hundreds of child sex abuse acts


German public trust in USA plummets to record low: study


Watch: This is how Germany 'introduced' Trump to the country


Thousands of crimes against refugees recorded in 2016: report


Report: Germans Buying Illegal Guns to Protect Themselves From Migrant Attacks


German researchers claim discovery of Nazi sub off Azores




Google cozies to Trump but calls for his impeachment




Polls Show Personal Experience With Obamacare Increases Opposition


How Obamacare repeal could impact women's health 




Celebs’ constant Trump bashing ruining awards season




Where 500 children ‘disappeared’ from Nazi clutches, a new Dutch Shoah museum emerges




Homosexual legal group assails Gorsuch as ‘dangerous’ for defending Hobby Lobby


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner worked to sink LGBT order  (Members of the religious right with ties to the Trump administration say they have been led to believe that some changes will still be coming.)


As concerns mount over LGBT rights, study shows lack of protections




Nancy Pelosi says Steve Bannon is a white supremacist (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Democrats Now Targeting Their Own


Ryan gives $3.4 million to NRCC in January (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


House members push for focus on Obamacare repeal


Michael Savage: Pelosi incited Berkeley rioters (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


'He's what is making America less safe': Nancy Pelosi blasts Steve Bannon as a white supremacist in astonishing House tirade  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)




Precedent for Trump’s Muslim ban exists from nearly a century ago


Undocumented Aliens May Be Safe in Sanctuary Cities, Thanks to Conservative Justices


Report: Sanctuary Cities Received $27 Billion From Feds Each Year   (AVIPP COMMENTARY: President Trump could use this money to pay for the border wall.)


U.S. Officials Postpone Interviews With Asylum Seekers Held in Australian Camps


Trump Inherits Immigration Turmoil


On immigration, Trump should mean business


Austin has become the first battleground in the fight over ‘sanctuary cities’


Immigration Order Protesters Caused 'Only Disruption'


AMA, Other Medical Groups Say Trump's Order Could Significantly Affect System


Here's Something For Schumer To Cry About: Polls Show Public Backs Trump's Travel Ban  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


The immigration conundrum


Yemenis Close Bodegas and Rally to Protest Trump’s Ban


Conway cites nonexistent terror attack to justify Trump’s travel ban


Angelina Jolie: Refugee Policy Should Be Based on Facts, Not Fear


Poll: More than half disapprove of Trump's immigration order



Lame-Duck Obama Administration Hid Sharp Decline in Immigration Deportations




Pastor in India Assaulted by Hindu Extremists


India's school for grannies - where older women reclaim their dignity


Apple to start making iPhones in India, says state government


Chennai oil spill: Probe will nail the guilty, says shipping minister Gadkari


Christian charity set to withdraw from India after funding blocked


Pakistan blames India for slow pace of 26/11 Mumbai attacks trial


Transgender model from Nepal has big moment on Indian catwalk


Pune: TCS employee commits suicide in his flat at Hinjewadi IT park




Regulatory standoff could close Indonesia’s golden mine




Iran fires back after Trump says nation is "playing with fire"


Trump Must Pressure Iran


Iran puts USA Wrestling in half-nelson after Trump's visa ban


How Trump can keep Iran in check


Putting Iran on Notice


An eye for an eye: Iranian woman will be blinded as punishment for throwing acid in another woman's face, leaving the victim sightless


Iranian Foreign Minister 'Unmoved by Threats' From U.S




US-led coalition trains Mosul police, envisions Daesh-free Iraq


Iraq Archbishop Wonders Where Protesters Were When Christians Were Dying




Leaving Islam in North America


Useful Idiots No More  (The Trump administration pulls the plug on official Islamophilia.)





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Friday, February 3, 2017)


Trump Changes US Policy on Settlements, But Will Netanyahu Pick Up the Ball?  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israeli forces shoot Palestinian teen as clashes erupt on Gaza-Israel border


Some Amona Residents Allowed to Return to Pack Up


Netanyahu’s new settlement? ‘Abandoned’ Amona evictees aren’t holding out hope


Netanyahu: 'I will speak with Trump about settlements in Washington'


Herzog hospitalized after mild stroke (Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog)


UN Watch: UNRWA Teaches AntiSemitism and Incitement


How Israel sold Russia drones to stop missiles from reaching Iran


Israel hits back at US: Settlement expansion is not the problem


New video challenges Israeli police claims around deadly Umm al-Hiran raid


White House declines to voice support for two-state solution


Judging Israel by different standards is anti-Semitism


Groups seek to fight Israel’s delegitimization with a bigger ‘big tent’


Olmert loses prison privileges after being insolent with a guard  (Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert)


DFLP condemns US statements on settlements, urges PA to withdraw recognition of Israel


On Israel-Palestine, Trump might end up another George W. Bush


Bilin, Kafr Qaddum show solidarity with Palestinian prisoners during weekly marches


Israel falls to 16th  place in US popularity survey


Danon: US statement on settlements is no Trump U-turn


The Trump way of war (The PLO is disoriented, panicked and hysterical. Speaking to Newsweek this week, Saeb Erekat, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas’s chief conduit to Israel and the Americans, complained that since President Donald Trump was sworn into office, no administration official had spoken to them.)


Trump breaks with Netanyahu, calls for halt of Israeli settlement  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)




Japan's Okinawa governor hits out at US bases during Washington visit




Progressive Rhode Island lawmaker fired from waitress job over ‘anti-male’ insults




Pregnant Women Turn to Marijuana, Perhaps Harming Infants




MSM Loses Their Minds Over Kellyanne Conway 'Bowling Green Massacre' Slip-Up


Why Is the New York Times Lying about Trump?


Media Admits: Dems Offer Nothing Except Trump Hate


Yet Another Media Meltdown Turns Out To Be Totally Wrong  (News that President Donald Trump was easing sanctions against Russia was refuted almost immediately, like so many other stories.)


The Anti-Trump Media’s Attack on Monica Crowley


Another day, another media-instigated panic over Trump


Media taken in by obvious joke involving Trump SCOTUS nominee




Bullying Mexico will only make more trouble for us




US sends Navy destroyer to Yemen


Wind and snowfall send UAE into a freeze


Construction Crane Collapses Onto Highway in Dubai




Lockheed credits Trump's involvement in deal for 90 F-35 jets


Navy investigating convoy's display of Trump campaign flag


Defense Secretary Mattis reassures Japanese on US support  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


'Actionable Intelligence' in Qaeda Material Captured by U.S. Commandos in Yemen: Official


US troops, allies work to improve battlefield medicine


The White House says a deadly raid in Yemen was long planned. Not true, says an Obama administration official.  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: More lies from the Obama administration.  Read article below.)


Botched SEAL mission planned under Obama, but left to Trump


Trump is asked to pardon Army officer convicted of Afghan murders


Smearing Trump over deadly Yemen raid is unfair


Pentagon outlines civilian jobs exempt from Trump hiring freeze


Pentagon chief warns North Korea against using nuclear weapons




Hundreds likely killed in Myanmar’s Rohingya crackdown: UN




NAACP Chapter Led By Embezzler Is Overseen By Convicted Murderer




Remembering the Astronauts of Apollo 1




Nato must defend western democracy against Russian hacking, say Fallon




Four mistakes people make when going gluten-free




American visa ban on Pakistan most likely: US sources


Hyundai to assemble cars in Pakistan in venture with textile group Nishat Mills


China to send top official to Pakistan for counter-terrorism talks




Rodrigo Duterte's drug war turning into a war on defenceless Filipinos  (President Rodrigo Duterte)


 US-China war over reefs unlikely, Philippines says





Hero prison guard saved officers' lives during hostage standoff, union says




Michael Savage cautions Trump about inner circle




Don't listen to the complainers on the religious right. We need the Johnson Amendment




Russia's City of Rebels


The ABCs of Russian Military Power: A Primer for the New Administration


Russia ‘ready’ to entirely fund Hungary nuclear plant


Is Russia Really America's Top Security Threat?


Kremlin comments on US decision to adjust sanctions against Russia


US explains reasons to ease sanctions against Russia


Moscow expects Reuters to clarify its complaints concerning working conditions in Russia


Russia works on massive deportation of migrants


Putin controls the world from Crimea to Morocco  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Russian FM Spokesperson Maria Zakharova Announces A Contest For Cartoons Of British FM Boris Johnson


Moscow Embassy Says U.S. Monitoring Condition Of Hospitalized Kremlin Critic


Russian Foreign Ministry Accuses Journalists of 'Lying' About Harrassment


American Business Lobby In Moscow Sees Sympathetic Ally In President Trump


Russian Woman Faces Prison for Lighting Her Cigarette With a Church Candle


New Belarus-Russian Border 'Will Damage Relations,' Says Belarusian President


Putin Swaggers Into Hungary as Europe Wonders About U.S. 


Trump admin. relaxes U.S. sanctions on Russia imposed under Obama  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Why?)





Scientists can't agree on odd octopus behavior





Gun sales slow following Trump's election


Kansas District Court Judge Throws Out State’s Second Amendment Protection Act


Trump’s win spurs new push on gun rights





Warren’s regulatory beast is under fire – and rightfully so (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


McCain: Mexico won't pay for the wall  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Sanders reopens Dem primary wounds (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Sanders: Government Should Destroy Religious Freedom In Order To Fight 'Racism, Sexism, Homophobia'


Democrats demand Mar-a-Lago list of members, visitors


'Imperative' U.S. Lead World vs. Iran Missile Tests, Senators Tell Trump


John McCain Is Overreaching on Trump’s Australia Call


Controversial Cabinet picks pass first test in Senate


'Outraged' Democrats not conceding on Gorsuch


Wanted: One Republican With Integrity, to Defeat Betsy DeVos


Repeal Obamacare? Not so fast, say two GOP senators who are now open to repairing the health-care law.


Make the G.O.P. Go Nuclear


Democrats proving powerless to stop Trump's Cabinet


Senate votes to roll back Obama-era energy rule


DeVos, Pick for Education Secretary, Is the Most Jeered


Bernie Sanders: Where President Trump and I can work together  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Trump Provokes Allies. Congress Does Damage Control.


Can the Democrats Be as Stubborn as Mitch McConnell? (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Kirsten Gillibrand and the Anti-Trump Left: 2020 Foresight?   (US Senator of New York  Kirsten Gillibrand (D)


Senate advances DeVos, sets up cliffhanger vote next week


Dems' Cabinet delays may save Obama regs




Reddit bans popular "alt-right" channel


The case for slacktivism: Your cliche Facebook post can still make a difference




Allies agree to deploy THAAD this year


ROK, US defense chiefs vow strong response to N. Korean provocations




South Pacific islands ban western junk food and go organic




If You Believe In America, You Want Tom Brady To Win The Super Bowl


Super Bowl: Players address battle with pride


Watch: Brees Says He's Not Ruling Out a Post-NFL Political Career


Athletes and Activism (At NCAA meeting, college sports leaders say institutions should support athletes' right to protest and urge colleges to communicate better with their players.)


Murder charge in ex-NFL player's "road rage" shooting


NFL player’s mom loses his Super Bowl tickets


The NFL’s awkward dance with touchdown celebrations


Tiger Woods withdraws from Dubai Desert Classic


Super Bowl QB says this gadget helped him have career-best season


Superfan heads to Super Bowl for 51st time


Is greed slowing the NFL's growth?


Sports: America’s Great Escape from Political Correctness


Why I’m rooting against the Patriots this Sunday: Their loathsome politics


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Sri Lanka moving toward a better future





New York’s Dangerous State of Mind  (If Empire State politicians don’t stop acting as if they are above the law, the price will be paid by ordinary New Yorkers.)


Florida Governor Rick Scott channels Trump to threaten ports over Cuba ties  (Governor of Florida Rick Scott (R)


Sanctuary State of California


In North Dakota, it would be legal to hit a protester with your car


Report: 70 PG County police officers allege discrimination at work




State contradicts DOJ: Fewer than 60K visas revoked




Neil Gorsuch and the Living-document Lie


No, Neil Gorsuch Didn't Have A 'Fascism Forever Club' In High School


These Quotes From the Paper Neil Gorsuch Edited in College Are Pure Gold


GOP Hits Home Run Finally Playing Hardball on Court


SCOTUS nominee broadcast rakes in more than 33 million viewers


When Supreme Court justices lacked prestige


Fighting Gorsuch is hopeless. Democrats should do it anyway.




47 ISIL militants ‘neutralized’ in northern Syria


Russian warplanes conduct airstrikes near al-Mayadeen in Syria's Deir ez-Zor


Pro-Opposition Syrian Journalist In Tweets And Posts: Russian Forces Thwarted Maher Al-Assad's Iran-Backed Coup Attempt


Russian embassy in Damascus comes under mortar shelling on February 2 and 3


Syrian Artist Says He Won't Apply for a Visa Until Trump is Gone


Report: Water pipeline to ISIL stronghold Raqqa destroyed





Cabinet reshuffle sees four new names


Animal euthanasia ban goes into effect


Feature: Taiwan battles to keep its name in global arena


Four-year economic plan approved


US scholar denies saying ‘Taiwan’s unification with China a matter of time’


Homosexual rapist sentenced to 12-year prison term


Doctor warns of pancreatitis risks from overeating




Why Tech Giants Joined The Red – Green Axis Against Trump


Exploding phone? Samsung's fine print could prevent lawsuits




Megyn Kelly expected to take top ‘Today’ spot alongside Lauer




Former Clinton Labor Secretary: Breitbart Probably Paid The Berkeley Rioters


Obama: Jihadophile


Narco-Terrorism on the U.S-Mexico Border


Man Sets Off Explosive Device at Cheesecake Factory


Mosque, cops warned feds about Denver shooting suspect




U.S. Treasury Department Announces New Sanctions Against Iran


Trump Treasury nominee Mnuchin sued in renewed fraud case





Kurdish Soccer Teams Assaulted Several Times by Muslims in Turkey


Erdoğan launches ‘yes’ campaign for charter change referendum  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Disabled woman ‘raped in Istanbul mall restroom’


The story behind heart-warming photograph of shepherd girl in Turkey’s Rize


Turkey says Greek military exercise on Aegean island breached international law


Syrian opposition prepares for Geneva talks with Turkish officials in Ankara


Turkey’s Erdoğan, Putin to meet in Moscow in March: Ambassador  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


5,000 academics alleged of depositing cash in Bank Asya on Gülen’s demand


Germany’s Merkel meets MPs from Turkish opposition CHP, HDP


Turkey sees 7 percent rise in individual armed violence in 2016


Ankara says Greece has ‘forcefully’ sent thousands of migrants back to Turkey


Germany will evaluate the asylum application of Turkish soldiers: Minister


Turkey’s loss of wetlands exceeds size of Marmara over last 60 years: Report


Turkey’s annual inflation hits 9.2 percent in first month of 2017


Turkey, Dominican Republic agree to boost tourism ties




Islamic Advocates Celebrate Uber Quitting White House Panel Over Immigration Reform


Uber CEO Kalanick quits Trump's biz-adviser council


Is this Uber's creepiest idea yet? Taxi firm patents a strange feature that looks through social media to couple up UberPool users




FTSE 100 ends at 2-week high as banks rise on hope of Dodd-Frank rollback


UK arrests 2 suspected in DC police camera hacking


Britain's High Court Blocks New Brexit Challenge


UK Could Prosecute US Journalists with New Espionage Act


UK: Muslim sex abusers in Rotherham scream “Allahu akbar” as they’re jailed for “vile” abuse of girls


Petition to Oust London Mayor Khan Approaches 75,000 Signatures


UK lawmaker accuses Jews of 'perpetual victim mentality'


UK minister accuses Russia of MH17 downing & ‘testing’ NATO, Moscow says claims ‘baseless’


London tube strikes called off


Calling IndyRef2 would be “foolish”, says Michael Gove  (Former UK Government Cabinet Minister Michael Gove)


Energy industry Npower electricity and gas price rises will add £109 to typical bill


Prince Charles issues veiled warning over Donald Trump


Brexit Fresh legal challenge blocked by high court


Scotland’s Budget: Middle class hit by SNP-Greens deal


Environment RSPB logged 200 reports of crimes against birds of prey in 2015


Iceberg lettuces and broccoli rationed as vegetable crisis hits supermarkets


Refugees UK will fund scheme to get displaced to move to Asia and Latin America


Russian hacking aims to destabilise West, Michael Fallon says  (UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon)


Manchester School in lockdown after reports of man with gun


May presses EU over defence spending   (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


GPs Doctor shortage left 4m patients without cover last year


UK Brexit Plan Seeks Close EU Ties, but Details Still Short


Tadcaster Town to be united again as flood-stricken bridge reopens


NHS Cash crisis in Kent halts non-urgent surgery until April




UN Whistleblower: UN Gave Names of Dissidents to Communist China


Obama's last money shower for the UN: some $9.2 billion


Nikki Haley Blasts Russia at UN Security Council  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)





Foreign Aid: How a Trump Cut-Off Could Help Sub-Saharan Africa




Trump’s chief advisor has ‘no doubt’ U.S. will go to war with China


Trump signs executive orders to loosen Wall Street regs


Businesses grow concerned about Trump


White House claims credit for January jobs report


Will this man take down Donald Trump?


Trump to visit US Central Command


Trump missing top deputies across federal government


Trump Responds to 'Allahu Akbar' Louvre Terror Attack: 'GET SMART U.S.'


Trump’s Mar-a-Lago getaway could cost taxpayers more than $3 million


Trump warns that Islamic State jihadis specifically targeting Jews, Christians and “peaceful Muslims”


Trump Is Right. Churches Should Be Free To Express Themselves Politically


Exposed: Insider Coup to Sabotage Trump


US Jews’ identity crisis increasing in Trump era


Donald Trump not in Situation Room for 'botched' Yemen raid


Trump’s Political Blitzkrieg


Most Americans want Barack Obama back as President, poll shows


Disney CEO Refuses to Attend White House Business Exec Forum


President Trump will Undo the Cruelties of Obama's Political Correctness


Report: Trump sends chief advisers to calm situation with Australia


Trump Short Circuits Washington


Trump Calls Out ‘Professional Anarchists’ After Berkeley Riots


Trump is keeping his promises


Trump will take executive action against Wall Street regulations, adviser says


Donald Trump plans to undo Dodd-Frank law, fiduciary rule


Trump vows to 'totally destroy' restrictions on religious institutions support of candidates


Pence: 'Any fair-minded person' would understand Trump's immigration order (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Pence: 'We are absolutely committed' to Obamacare repeal


Trump: ‘I love Australia as a country, but we had a problem’


Trump loves Harley-Davidson more than investors do


Russia sanctions: White House says easing of restriction ‘a regular course of action’


What Trump got wrong on Twitter this week


The coming test of Donald Trump


White House considering action on religious freedom that critics warn could lead to discrimination


Trump Stands Up for Free Speech


Tillerson and Mattis speak up for the right values of leadership


The Mad Scene in the Anti-Trump Opera

Sorry, President Trump. I agree with you.


Trump’s Fast Start


Trump: I won't be as 'kind' to Iran as Obama


Trump vetoed Marla Maples’ tell-all


Trump digs in on feud with Schwarzenegger


Revealed: Steve Bannon 'is obsessed with a book arguing institutions are destroyed and rebuilt every 80 years'


Melania in Absentia: New First Lady’s Role Is Unclear




Nurses send care package to preemie baby hippo



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