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Wednesday, February 1, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Woman Writes: “I Had an Abortion Last Week Just Because I Wanted To”


Reformers' pro-life views recounted


Whoopi Goldberg: Defunding Planned Parenthood Makes America “Not Much Different Than the Taliban”


Pro-Life Activists Praise Gorsuch Nomination


Nancy Pelosi Throws a Fit Over Neil Gorsuch: “He’s Hostile to Women” Because He Opposes Abortion  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California )


Governor: ‘Put abortion rights in New York constitution’


Planned Parenthood Slams Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch: He’ll Overturn Roe v. Wade


Anti-abortion groups applaud Gorsuch


Pro-Abortion Members of Congress Introduce Bill to Force Americans to Pay For Abortions


Ultrasound? Sure, says Planned Parenthood, if you pay for abortion


Planned Parenthood was founded to ‘destroy the African-American community’: black leader


Abortion is the wrong test for the next Supreme Court justice


Trump's Supreme Court Pick Anti-Abortion Leanings


Groups That Oppose Abortion See Opportunity Under Trump


House panel endorses 3 abortion related bills (Wyoming)


Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Lobbying Against ‘Extreme’ Abortion Bill (Tennessee)


Abortion argument continues in Richmond (Virginia)


South Africa: Women and girls risk unsafe abortions after being denied legal services




Afghanistan ready to talk unconditionally with Taliban


Afghan Government Control Shrank, Troop Deaths Soared Last Year: Report


U.S. Airstrikes Hit Taliban After Attack on an Afghan Army Post


Afghan woman's ears cut off by husband




Muslim Mob Rapes 15 Christian Women in ‘Revenge Attack’ for Conversions (Uganda)


Fears for jailed activists as Cameroon cracks down on anglophone minority




North Dakota lawmakers say Army will proceed with Dakota Access approval


Army Corps ordered to issue final Dakota Access pipeline permit, two lawmakers say




How the U.S. used Sovietstyle land reforms to counter communism in Asia


Mystery Cargo: Suspicions Of Smuggling Swirl Around Airline Tragedy In Kyrgyzstan


Trump Presidency Could Offer Opportunity to World’s Autocrats


Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh to Be Relocated to Remote Island





Gorsuch wrote the book on assisted suicide. Here’s what he said. (“The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia” is a deep, highly cerebral overview of the ethical and legal debate surrounding the practices.)



ASX gains as Fortescue hits six-year high


Aussie dollar steady as Trump eyed


Uni students 'paying people to write essays' on sharing-economy site


Unions urge Premier to return trains, trams to government 


A woman is likely to head ACTU for the first time  (Australian Council of Trade Unions)


Sydney siege gunman's girlfriend jailed


Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull reveals his ‘substantial’ pre-election contribution to the Liberal Party




 Growing wave of federal workers is pushing back against Trump


Trump's Plan To Cut Regulations Will Face A Surprising Foe





Boy Scouts' transgender policy 'sad,' 'predicted'


Conservatives Alienated by Boy Scouts’ Shift on Transgender Policy




TSX, Dow Jones finish flat as metals, materials give Canadian markets a bump


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Trump tax proposal could push Bank of Canada toward quantitative easing


Trudeau government abandons promise of electoral reform  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Arrest made after hate crimes spike following Quebec mosque attack


Canadian wingsuit legend Graham Dickinson found dead


As Canada Transforms, an Anti-Immigrant Fringe Stirs


Kevin O’Leary on how he would govern Canada


Quebec City mosque posts video of blood-stained scene of shooting


The Quebec City Mosque Victims: Professor, Butcher, Computer Technician


Kellie Leitch says her supporters aren't racist for backing values test


Tories criticize Trudeau over letter to Fox News about tweet




CIA: Syria 10% Christian; Congress: Targeted for Genocide; State: 99% of Refugees Muslim; Kaine: Trump’s Refugee Policy Biased in Favor of Christians


Trump to Add CIA Director to National Security Council Amid Backlash  (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo)




Pew Survey: Third of US believes 'true Americans' are Christian


Christian leaders praise Trump's Supreme Court pick




Jon Stewart slams Trump's first days in the White House:




Chinas second aircraft carrier takes shape - report


How China Sees the U.S. Navy's Sea Hunter Drone


Ancient Porcelain Arts Thrive Again in a Chinese River Town


Trump Aide’s Deal With Chinese Firm Raises Fear of Tangled Interests


Zookeeper is viciously attacked by a ZEBRA just three days after a man is killed by a tiger at another Chinese animal park




Congressional Ban on Earmarks Hasn’t Stopped Pork-Barrel Spending


Trump’s success depends on Congress


Democrats escalate anti-Trump offensive




In corporate America, uncertainty overtakes early optimism about Trump


A Concerned Citizen’s Plea to America’s Business Leader




Muslim in Pennsylvania Who Wanted to Buy Yazidi Girl Pleads Guilty


Border agent is found not guilty in death of immigrant who was decapitated - but convicted of aiding drug cartel




Teen chokes mother to death during spat about his meds, cops say


Son under investigation after dad with dementia found overseas


Police body cameras on the rise, but how effective are they?


A gun-crime tool that works


New Jewish-Muslim coalition urges action against hate crimes


‘He’s not waking up or anything’: A child’s tearful 911 call after his dad’s apparent overdose


Obama Pardons Gang Drug Dealer.... Who Gets Murdered


Eric Garner's mother arrested in Trump Tower protest


Shocking video inside Sunset Boulevard Jack in the Box where police shot dead knifeman 'who stabbed three in horror daylight attack'  




Donald Trump names Ronald Vitiello to head Border Patrol




Missouri man executed for murder of mother, 2 children





Donald Trump cites DNC hack in launch of cybersecurity efforts


DNC boots candidate from chairman’s race for criticizing Ellison’s Islamic faith




It’s Escalating: Defiance and Calls for Violence among Democrats


Obama Prepares To Divide Trump’s America


Hillary Clinton to give Wellesley College commencement address


Biden Foundation established to push for equal rights (Former Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr)


Democrat Castro: Impeach Trump over Refugee Order


Democrats are becoming the party of secession


Doubting Democrats’ newfound ‘passion’ on refugees


De Blasio again dodges the truth on charters (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


De Blasio: Trump's order is first step toward Muslim ban


Democrats running Tea Party playbook against Trump




Homeland Security says 721 people denied entry under ban, while Trump claims 109


Homeland Security counters White House, acknowledges problems with rollout of extreme vetting




Picking and choosing: Fired AG defended Obama’s unlawful immigration amnesty


Travel order and firing of acting Atty. Gen. Sally Yates roils Justice Department


Jeff Sessions isn't the attorney general we need (US Attorney General nominee US Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions (R); AVIPP COMMENTARY: Sessions is exactly what is needed at the Department of Justice too bring back the rule of law not personal opinions in the enforcement of the law.)


‘No Macarena for Trump’? A Response From Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)




Special agent who helped capture El Chapo gets book deal




Stock market closes higher on Fed statement, Apple rally


Dollar, Stocks Little Changed on Mixed Fed Signal: Markets Wrap


S&P 500 down for fifth session, Apple spike lifts Nasdaq


Most Asian markets gain following positive China data


Global shares mostly higher on strong manufacturing data


U.S. small business borrowing rose slightly in December


Dollar gives up ground after Fed statement


Savaged dollar steadies ahead of Fed, stocks rise


The January Barometer points to another winning year for stocks


Are Temporary Jobs the New Norm?


U.S. factory, private payrolls data point to firming economy


Trump seems determined to punish the U.S. dollar


Gold prices edge up after Fed holds steady on rates


What Trump did to gold, oil and other commodities in January




Rashid Khalidi Worries that Jews Will ‘Infest’ the Trump Administration


Amherst Student Expelled for Sexual Misconduct Can’t Defend Himself—It Would ‘Impose Psychological Trauma’ on Accuser


Brown Accused of Sexism for Gym Dress Code That’s Exactly the Same for Men as for Women


Ex-education secretary talks Betsy DeVos, plagiarism charges


University of San Francisco in uproar, persecutes former student for Snapchat “Allah akbar” emoji


Betsy McCaughey: What Everyone Missed In Trump’s Executive Order On Refugees


Fragile Status  (Two students from Libya consider the executive order banning entry to the US for them and their compatriots.)


In Hillsdale College, a ‘Shining City on a Hill’ for Conservatives


‘Cowardly and Cruel’ (Macalester president issues some of the harshest words yet from a higher ed leader on Donald Trump's immigration ban).


How today’s academia risks outraging tomorrow’s historians


Rejecting Bigotry Is Core to Our Mission  (Colleges and universities must be open to concerns and points of view from across the ideological spectrum, writes Michael Roth.)


White privilege essay contest sparks outrage in Connecticut suburb


Campus Fallout From the Trump Order  (Harvard medical students don't want fund-raiser at Mar-a-Lago. Old Dominion professor apologizes for email criticizing those who skip protests. Digital pedagogy group considers adding Canadian location for meeting. Wheaton of Massachusetts creates scholarship for refugees. )


Column: A $471,000 charter school exec, and another case of gutter politics in LAUSD school board race


On the Fence About DeVos  (In committee vote on nomination of Betsy DeVos for education secretary, two Republican senators withhold full endorsement of the Michigan school choice activist, signaling possible trouble for her on the Senate floor.)


Liberty University president to head Trump task force reforming higher education


Which Professors Earn More?  (Analysis of political scientists illustrates role of gender, PhD pedigree, negotiations, institution type and more. Study is bad news for women who teach undergraduates.)


Four Texas State University fraternities are suspended for 'alcohol violations' after sorority member was dragged 500ft to her death under a party bus




Furor as Egypt officials use state funds for flashy cars




President Trump says it's illegal to be registered to vote in two states — but he's wrong


Poll: One-quarter believe Trump's voter fraud claims




Oil rallies to 3-week high as U.S. output slips


Energy Prices


Filling up with natural gas




Democratic Boycott Stalls Action on Trump EPA Nominee Pruitt 




Donald Trump’s Far-Right Feedback Loop Is Shaking Europe to Its Core


Ukraine Says Russia Fired On Military Transport Plane Over Black Sea


An outburst of violence in Ukraine may be Trump’s first test with Putin (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)




Pops for Volvo, Roche help propel European stocks to higher close


Dutch will hand count ballots due to hacking fears


German and EU taxpayers will pay nearly $46,000,000,000 to deal with problems caused by Muslim migrants


Austria: Muslim migrants scream “Allahu akbar” as they fire plastic pellets at train passengers


Sweden: State-owned company launches campaign to replace standard Swedish with “migrant-inclusive accent”


Lech Walesa Denounces Report Labeling Him a Communist Informer (An official report including a handwriting analysis charges that Mr Walesa, a Nobel laureate, was a paid informer in Poland the 1970s.)


Czech Government Suspects Foreign Power in Hacking of Its Email


European Parliament member slams likely U.S. ambassador


Romania’s government decriminalizes official misconduct


Trump Threatens Europe’s Stability, a Top Leader Warns





Fed holds interest rates steady, remains upbeat on economy




Trump's FDA Chief Could Revolutionize Biotech




Iran could provide Trump with first big foreign policy test




French Court Rejects Palestinian Demands


Migrants make return to Calais in new hope of making it to UK


Le Pen refuses to repay 'misused EU cash'





Meet the Man Who Will Challenge Merkel  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Angela Merkel Has a Playbook for Bullies Like Trump 


Berlin to fit suspected jihadists with ankle bracelets


Tunisian held in German terror raids


After Knut, meet Fritz, the polar bear melting German hearts


German soldiers accused of 'sadistic sexual rituals' and humiliation


Tunisian terror suspect 'had already committed attack in Tunis'


Watch: Police dog pushes woman onto train tracks in Nuremberg





Tom Steyer Drops Climate Focus, ‘Crowdsources the Resistance’ Instead




Bush 43 Won’t Comment Publicly on Trump’s Immigration Order  (Former President George W Bush)


The spectacular week that was


Woman who sneaked into GOP retreat is said to have posed as lawmaker’s wife




Totally Paralyzed Patients Use a Computer to Tell Doctors Their Thoughts, They Say They’re Happy


Hawaii Leads US States in Well-Being for Record Sixth Time


Tens of thousands told to boil water after tests in Pittsburgh


Why My Stepsons’ Father Killed Himself  (The government has made it almost impossible to prescribe desperately needed painkillers.) 




Frank Pellegrino Sr. of "The Sopranos" is dead at 72


Trump travel ban is 'scary' for Hollywood, which relies on a global talent pool


George Takei: Trump should resign after refugee order





Holocaust museum urges lawmakers to protect all refugees





Trump steps up on LGBT rights




Democrat Congressman compares Trump immigration order to Japanese internment camps


Nancy Pelosi Caught on Hot Mic to Dem Rep Carson: ‘Tell Them You’re A Muslim’  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Mother Whose Son Was Murdered By Illegal Alien Confronts Pelosi Over Sanctuary Cities


Nancy Pelosi Was Asked About Neil Gorsuch -- She Said A Lot Of Words But Made Zero Sense


Pelosi asked at town hall which of her kids is 'expendable' (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Smith (D-Washington): Trump hiring freeze hurts military maintainers around the country


Pelosi: Gorsuch a 'very hostile appointment'


‘Please press 1′ to leave a message about Donald Trump, says House Oversight voice mail


Democrat wants 3.2 percent pay hike for federal workers




Refugees and the Right to Immigrate


Jenna Bush Hager Uses Dad's Post-9/11 Words Over Trump Immigration Order


Aliens Guaranteed Entry Into the U.S.?  (Trump’s executive order on immigration and the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.)


Poll: Less than one-third think Trump's immigration order will make them safer


Massive number of 'high-risk travelers' banned from flights to U.S. last year


Obama vetting procedures allowed Iraqi terrorists into U.S.


The Trump Administration, Love It or Leave It


World leaders, Muslim nations condemn Trump’s extreme vetting; European nationalists cheer


Faith leaders pan Trump order protecting religious minorities from genocide


How Populism Stumbles  (Trump’s refugee mess may be a sign of things to come.)


When it comes to callousness on Syrian refugees, Obama trumps Trump


15,000 Somalis 'heartbroken' by Trump refugee ban


How Trump Has Taken Away Our Homes


Unable to Enter U.S., and Still Stranded Abroad


Strife Over Immigrants: Can California Foretell Nation’s Future?


California father, 12-year-old daughter stuck in Africa following Trump travel ban, lawyer says




India-Russia discuss defence cooperation, cross border terrorism in high level talks


Dangerous Fruit: Mystery of Deadly Outbreaks in India Is Solved


Surgical strikes: How Indian soldiers targeted Pak bunkers


India’s great Trump hope


7 killed, over 30 injured as under-construction building collapses in Kanpur


What Trump's push to limit overseas workers means for India's army of high-tech migrant labor


7 Odisha policemen killed, 5 injured in Maoist landmine blast




African Union backs mass ICC withdrawal




US, Western allies launch war games near Iran waters


Picture Shows Iran Airport Using American Flag as Welcome Mat


It's Time To Talk About The Iran Nuclear Deal




Islamic State attack drones pose threat to Iraqi troops, general says




Muhammad and Forced Conversions to Islam


U.S. Muslims urged: Don't cooperate at border


If We Don’t Let Muslims into America, They’ll Kill Us  (Our immigration policy should not be a hostage crisis.)




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Wednesday, February 1, 2017)


Final fight over Amona synagogue looms as evacuation nears end


Supreme Court rejects Amona relocation plan


MK likens Amona outpost evacuation to ‘brutal rape’


13 Israeli settlers arrested, 24 officers injured as Amona evacuation breaks into clashes


Bennett: Amona evacuation will lead to West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  annexation (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


Regavim Responds to Israel HIgh Court Decision


Bad decisions produced Amona shambles


Ten Police Officers Injured in Clashes with Amona Residents


Netanyahu announces plans for new illegal settlement to host Amona outpost residents  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


PM compensates Amona settlers with first new West Bank settlement in 25 years


At Last: Knesset Plenum Begins 3-Day Debate on ‘Settlement Regulation’ Bill


Accepting Palestinian petition, High Court rejects Amona compromise


Scattered Violent Clashes As Israel Evacuates Amona Outpost in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


Bennett implores PM to prevent destruction of Amona farmland


Canadian School Rescind Boycott of Israeli Applicants over ‘Illegal Settlement Activity’


Palestinians rejoice as Amona outpost evacuated


PA initiates 'urgent discussion' over Israel's illegal settlement construction


Six weeks after UN vote, Israel buries the hatchet with Kiev


Police Arab Bus Raid Reveals Stashed Assault Rifle


EU warns new settlements risk making two-state solution ‘impossible’


Palestinian Columnist In Response To UN Secretary-General's Statements On Jerusalem's Jewish Connection: The Jews Have No Connection To Jerusalem Or Palestine At Large


DC think tank ranks Israel 45th  most free country in world


Israel Aerospace Industries Introduces Jamming-Resistant GPS System


Ex-US envoy voices support for ‘carefully’ moving embassy to Jerusalem


Israel greenlights 3,000 new settler homes hours after 'Legalization bill' approved


Knesset speaker goes to Washington to push for embassy move


Prominent Saudi Journalist: West Jerusalem Is Part Of Israel; Moving The U.S. Embassy There As Part Of Overall Peace Agreement Could Herald The End Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Trump says ‘chance’ he’ll move embassy, but admits there are ‘two sides’


Who will be the next leader of Hamas?


Analysis: For Netanyahu, Trump brings friendship — and risks


Two families, die-hard protesters remain in Amona


Opposition MK wants PM to delay Trump meeting until graft probe resolved


For hardline West Bank (Judea and  Samaria)  settlers, Jared Kushner's


France ‘bitterly condemns’ latest settlement construction plan


Mattis Could Resolve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict  (US Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Terror poems for kids on PA TV


Israel Approves Another Wave of West Bank (Judea and Samaria) Settlement Construction


Israeli forces begin operation to evacuate West Bank (Judea and Samaria) outpost




Japan hits back at Trump's accusation of currency manipulation




Why The Left Will Never Stop Despairing Over Trump


The Liberals' Great Nonwhite Hope


Why Are Progressives So Angry? Trump Defeated Their Messiah


Left Fumes at Trump Pro-Religious Freedom SCOTUS Pick


The left's 'war on reality' grows bizarre ... and menacing




Karl Marx, the Racist




CNN Hires Former Trump Adviser to Be Senior Economics Analyst


Either The Russians Hacked MSNBC's Wednesday Broadcast, Or Someone In The Booth Is Gettin' Canned


Oppositional Denial and Alarm  (They didn’t expect Trump to win and it’s been downhill ever since.)


L. Brent Bozell: 2017 — The Year Conservative Protests Are News


Media very interested now in the death of one of al-Awlaki's children


Fatigued by the News? Experts Suggest How to Adjust Your Media Diet


CNN producer sues over Trump refugee order


Fox News deletes false tweet about Quebec shooter 


NYT to Dems: Don't filibuster Neil Gorsuch




More Than 10 Percent of Federal Medicaid Payments Last Year Were Improper




Mexican official threatens U.S. with 'chaos' (Will southern neighbor stop cooperating over drug cartels? AVIPP COMMENTARY: If this is the case the US should put the military on the border.)





Kurds in Middle East Hope Trump Will Change US Policy


Tens of thousands of Yemenis trapped in Red Sea fighting


Arab coalition slams Houthi attack on warship


Saudi Arabia launches Citizen’s Account portal


UAE say Donald Trump's migration ban is NOT anti-Islamic and point out that the majority of Muslims are still free to travel to the US 




Democrats ask Pentagon to explain Russian payment to President Trump's national security adviser Flynn


Air Force base: 1 killed, 1 injured in New Mexico training


US Army to test 'biodegradable' bullets


Trump's Pick to Head VA Rejects Radical Changes


US Defense Secretary Embarks on Damage Control Mission to East Asia


Can Jim Mattis fix Asia?  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Fighters in Yemen Seemed Ready for SEAL Raid: Source


Navy, Japan Coast Guard search for oil damage after USS Antietam incident


How Trump’s first counterterrorism operation turned into chaos


Trump taps executive power on military – with limits


Pentagon to Seek Budget Change to Boost Islamic State Fight


Report: Military did not distort intelligence reports on Islamic State


Mattis orders accelerated budget review to fund 'larger, more capable' military  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Rising tensions in Kosovo could serve as early test of US-Russia relations under Trump




Myanmar Arrests 4 in Fatal Shooting of Prominent Rights Lawyer





How Stressful Will a Trip to Mars Be on the Human Body?




Travel Ban and National Security


How Trump strengthens national security




Security Adviser Flynn says Iran ‘on notice’ after missile test




Backyard butchers and vigilante farmers Stock rustling on the rise in New Zealand




Exclusive: Israel to Nominate Trump for Nobel Prize




Report finds chemicals in one-third of fast food packaging


The surprising foods you should ALWAYS eat before bed if you want a good night's sleep (and the late-night snacks to avoid at all costs)




Decision to put Hafiz Saeed under house arrest is a policy decision: ISPR


Pakistan doctors trade on cheaper Indian stents


Viewpoint: Will Pakistan ever stamp out extremism?


Pakistan refuses to grant new ID cards to Bin Laden doctor's family


Pakistan lifts its ban on Indian films


Catholics dismayed by acquittal of anti-Christian mob in Pakistan




Rights Group Says Philippine Killings Are Extrajudicial


Philippine Ministry Asks Duterte to Clarify Military's Role in Drug War  (President Rodrigo Duterte)


Communist Rebels in Philippines Say They’ll End Cease-Fire




Trump misunderstands government drug price negotiations




Limbaugh eviscerates Trump for 1 'serious' mistake (Rush says Donald 'is singularly responsible.')




Sanctuary restaurants for the gender-confused?




Russian government rules out defense spending cuts


FSB head orders to set up border zones in Russian regions neighboring Belarus


Why Russia Might Not Want a Deal with Trump


Ukraine’s An-26 plane makes dangerously close passes near Russian oil rigs in Black Sea


What Russia Expects from the Trump Administration


Russia and Japan to hold consultations on economic activity on South Kuril Islands

Russia's Orbit – Moldova's President Dodon Promotes Strategic Partnership With Russia During Visit To Moscow


Putin Heads To Budapest Amid Concerns Over EU Unity  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Shocking details as Russian spies charged with treason


A Big Tax Bill Is Keeping This Veteran Russian Pilot Grounded


Russian Youth Leader Found Guilty of 'Justifying Terrorism' With Anti-Gay Rant


Russian Bill Decriminalizing Some Domestic Violence Sent To Putin


Toward a new take on Russia


Russia stripped of 2012 relay silver




Physicist at forefront of energy-efficiency movement dies at 90




Tennessee Bill Prohibits Federal and International Gun Regs





Distorting Senator Sessions’s Questioning of Sally Yates

Senate committee advances Sessions nomination


Democratic Leadership PAC Sends Money to Wrong Nelson


Dem Accusations About Tom Price Stock Trades Unsubstantiated


Senate committee delays vote on White House budget director


Republicans vote to suspend committee rules, advance Mnuchin, Price nominations


Senate Advances Trump Nominees Price and Mnuchin Without Democrats


Cruz: Gorsuch nomination Trump's 'most important moment' so far   (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Senate to Vote on Trump's Choice for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson


Trump Supreme Court Nominee to Meet with Congress


Trump to McConnell: 'Mitch, go nuclear'  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Kaine: Democrats Have to ‘Fight in the Streets’ Against Trump  (US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D)


Nuke Them, Mitch  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Democrats vow to fight Trump’s Gorsuch nomination


The Democrats' New Opposition Strategy: Obstruction


Thousands of protesters gather outside Chuck Schumer’s apartment  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Democrats see opening in Trump's stumble on travel ban, move to block Cabinet votes


Trump Court Pick Faces Senate Split by Bitter Fights


‘Nuclear’ cloud hangs over pick of Gorsuch for Supreme Court


Trump Cabinet confirmations stalled by Democrats’ tactics


Hugh Hewitt: Democrats made confirmation easier for Trump nominees. The GOP should fix that.


Democrats delay Jeff Sessions’ AG confirmation with this trick


Democrats tell colleagues to give Neil Gorsuch a chance


The three numbers that will keep Democrats from blocking Neil Gorsuch




A big lift for small business




Colombian Farc embarks on 'final march'




U.S. Mulls Big Show of Force in Joint Exercises


Korea’s exports grow for three straight months


Korea, US military chiefs discuss contingency plans


Top aides deny Park inaction on Sewol, Choi’s meddling in state affairs (President Park Geun-hye)


Banana Milk Jelly banned from sale


Former UN Chief Ban Won't Run for South Korea Presidency




Are we living in a holographic universe? New study suggests that it's possible




Real Madrid Surrenders Its Cross




Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Says Trump Called Him Every Week After His Wife Died


Budweiser Debuts Pro-Immigration Super Bowl Ad


The press should stop pestering Tom Brady about his Trump ties


Super Bowl ads toned down by Trump's shadow?


Houston Super Bowl police officials wanted more warning, info on Trump ban


It’s not easy being Bill Belichick’s son


The ultimate Super Bowl LI preview: How do Patriots, Falcons stack up?


Patriots' Tom Brady on Trump controversies: 'I have a right to stay out of it'


Sri Lanka: Astrologer who predicted president’s death arrested


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




California Lawmakers Want ‘Third Gender Option’ for Drivers’ Licenses


Think Brexit is chaotic? Wait till California tries the same


On Alaska’s Coldest Days, a Village Draws Close for Warmth


How California can fight the extreme provocations of Donald Trump




Rex Tillerson confirmed as next secretary of state


State Dept Concerned About ‘Dramatic’ Uptick in Fighting in Ukraine


State Dept. Dissent Cable on Trump’s Ban Draws 1,000 Signatures




7 reasons Neil Gorsuch’s nomination is only the beginning of taking back the judiciary


A Great Legal Pen (Judge Gorsuch is one of the finest writers on the federal bench.)


Touching Photo: Gorsuch Meets Scalia's Wife, Son After Being Nominated


Gorsuch's Liberal Colleagues and Students Love Him


How Trump got to yes on Gorsuch


Trump Does Scalia Justice With Gorsuch Pick


Trump Fulfills Another Promise


Full Transcript and Video: Trump Picks Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court


What makes Neil Gorsuch so appealing to conservatives


Introducing the next Antonin Scalia ...


Read Gorsuch's hilarious dissent in child burping case


Colorado federal appeals court judge is favorite of conservative legal establishment


Conservatives ecstatic over Gorsuch nomination


It’s still Justice Kennedy’s court — but for how long?


With Gorsuch, Trump got his Supreme Court pick right


Neil Gorsuch, the Nominee for a Stolen Seat


Analysis: Neil Gorsuch could lead Supreme Court to a new conservative era


The Supreme Court Meets Reality TV


Why Liberals Should Back Neil Gorsuch


How Trump kept Gorsuch’s nomination a secret


Why Democrats Should Oppose Neil Gorsuch


Conservative Gorsuch emulates Scalia minus the rough edges


Trump nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court


A Supreme Successor to Justice Scalia


Federal appeals judge seen as sharing Scalia's views


Conservative legal scholars call Trump pick Gorsuch an ideal Scalia replacement


Gorsuch Leaves No Doubt on Conservative Credentials


Solid Conservative; Not Seen as Divisive


Obama solicitor general lavishes praise on Gorsuch


Neil Gorsuch: A Worthy Heir to Scalia


Where Gorsuch Would Fit on the Court


Trump picks a Scalia-clone to fill empty Supreme Court seat


Neil Gorsuch could fall somewhere between his hero, Justice Scalia, and former boss, centrist Justice Kennedy


Neil Gorsuch upheld the rights of hated prisoners and Muslims




Syria safe zones: Why, where and at what cost?


Aleppo's online student




Taiwanese diplomat praises US as ‘natural ally’


Taiwan ranks ahead of the US in freedom report


Indonesia to seek higher pay for its domestic workers in Taiwan


Taipei offers schools subsides for adopting stray dogs cats


Ten recommendations for Taiwan-US mil relations


MOFA to consider inviting Obama to Taiwan


New home sales still stagnant: report


Wu draws fire over gay marriage ideas (Former Vice-President Wu Den-yih)


2 Taiwan schools on Times list of most international universities




Tech Companies Throwing in with Progressive Left to rid the world of Trump


How ID thieves are outsmarting "smart cards"




Whoopi Goldberg: Trump is like the Taliban


Where did the radical right come from? Television tries to make sense of it.




Crying for 'New Americans' from the Lands of Jihad


Pentagon, State Department scramble to fill in Trump’s plan to fight Islamic State


Boston Marathon bombing survivor to wed fireman who saved her




Trump shares Obama’s myopia in doing business with China


US-UK trade deal faces hurdles




Erdoğan likens 2016 coup to closure of Ottoman Parliament by occupiers in 1920 (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Panic as officer barricades self in hospital, threatens suicide


Turkey’s ruling AKP deputy to Greece: Don’t mess with us or we’ll shoot you


Germany refuses Turkish demand for access to imagery from campaign against ISIL


Turkey indirectly urges US to stop delivering arms to PYD


Syrian opposition to draw up strategy on Feb 6 in Ankara


Turkey doesn’t want ‘tension with Greece,’ but ‘won’t bow to fait accompli’


German chancellor visits Turkey, tough disagreements on agenda


Turkey, Greece in fresh rift over Aegean islets after 21 years


 Foreign Ministry chiefs of Turkey and Israel hold bilateral talks


Christians in Turkey subjected to rising hate speech: Protestant Church report


Teachers in Turkey fail to answer questions in their own fields


Turkish coup soldiers to stay in jail: Greece


Trump travel ban denies US history: Turkish deputy PM


Turkey faces largest decline in freedoms in 2016: Report


Istanbul among world’s safest metropolis except for terror threat: Governor


Turkey’s Ugly Referendum  (Democracy in the crosshairs.)





FTSE 100 ends higher, with miners rising after Chinese data


Woman Who Killed Her Newborn Baby Girl Minutes After Birth Won’t Go to Prison


Britain pardons thousands of gay men for convictions under abolished laws


British PM slams Muslim countries for banning entry by Israelis


 Liam Fox dismisses 'absurd' claim that UK will face £50 billion Brussels bill after Brexit


Business: EU will lose out from bad Brexit deal on City, says leaked report


Alan Turing Law Grants Posthumous Pardons to Gay Men in Britain  (The policy is named after the World War II codebreaker Alan Turing, who was chemically castrated after being convicted of gross indecency for having sex with a man.)


Serial child sexual abuser pleads guilty to 45 charges


Thousands 'unaware of sudden death risk'


Theresa May rejects calls to block Donald Trump's state visit in fierce exchange with Jeremy Corbyn  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Puppy farm fraud gang spared jail


Military Judges allow partial release of British marine shooting video


SNP MSP sparks anger over IRA ‘freedom fighters’ comment


Supermarket tycoon Sir Ken Morrison dies aged 85


Theresa May backs Muslim women's right to wear a hijab


Rise in gun crime in Merseyside prompts Crimestoppers appeal


Scotland’s only Labour MP to rebel over Brexit trigger


Drug dealer guilty of murdering carer who fostered more than 50 children


NHS overseas patient's £330,000 bill


Inquest Tunisia attack survivor held grandfather as he was shot


Pro-Trump petition founder 'proud'


Brexit: David Cameron asked Daily Mail owner to sack Paul Dacre  (Former British Prime Minister David Cameron)


UK fighter 'shot himself to avoid IS'


Squatting London squatters occupying £15m mansion evicted




Pakistan,Palestine called for implementing of Security Council Resolution 2334


Putting a price tag on the United Nations


Trump’s Immigration Ban Blocks Children Most in Need of Aid  (A United Nations report said children from five of the seven countries cited in the president’s order were found to have needed the most humanitarian aid.)


Iran Warns Trump Over Missile Dispute, and American U.N. Envoy Hits Back


Behind the new UN chief’s kind words for Israel


 UN chief decries discriminatory border bans in rebuke to Trump travel decree   (United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres)




Church in revolt at pope’s ‘blessing’ of Islam’s expansion in Europe


Does Pope Francis actually oppose Church teaching on contraception? This summary raises the question





Trump Goes to Dover to Meet Remains of Commando Killed in Raid


'Skype seats' provide awkward, but substantive exchanges at White House briefing


The Fight over Nationalism Is About to Get Messy


Trump Means the End of Liberal Small-Ball Governance  (President Trump doesn’t believe in small ball.)


On Trump, Conservatives Have Little Choice But To Take It Issue By Issue


Time for Bretton Woods 2.0  (Trump has an opportunity to reverse the debasement of word currencies, including the dollar.  Will he take it?)


'There is a major war brewing': Seed of populist agenda visible in Steve Bannon's past


New Poll Shows President Trump’s Approval Rating Is Closing In On 50 Percent


Trump Sends $10K Check to 24-Year-Old Campaign Volunteer


Trump blasts media at African-American "listening session"


Ohio Pastor Tells President Trump: Chicago Gang Bangers Want to Work With You To Lower The Body Count


Trump security’s use of force questioned


Trump: ‘I Don’t Watch CNN’ Because ‘I Don’t Like Watching Fake News’


Trump’s visit to Harley-Davidson cancelled because of protests


The lessons of Roosevelt's failures  (The current media and left-wing uproar over the executive order US President Donald Trump signed on Saturday is extraordinary on many levels.)


Report: Melania Trump may not move into White House at all


White House stands firm on claim that Sally Yates ‘betrayed’ Justice Department

Bannon among the so-called media sophisticates


Trump wants to talk about ‘fake tears’ over his travel ban? Let’s talk about tears.


Bannon’s past rhetoric serves as a road map for the agenda that has roiled Washington


History will record that Republicans had a chance to rein in Trump. They declined.


Steve Bannon’s own words show sharp break on security issues


Steve Bannon is Trump’s conscience. Yikes.


Trump has more than $7 million already for his 2020 campaign


For Bannon, the game has only just begun


Trump's tweet about Kate Middleton could make state visit awkward


Trump Says ‘Bad Guys’ Will Be Kept Out, Whether It’s Called a Ban or Not


Where Is Jared Kushner?


Bannon’s power puts Republicans on edge


GOP grapples with potential executive overreach — by a Republican


Trump on travel ban: 'Call it what you want'


Psychologists believe Trump is showing signs of severe mental illness




Jaguar surprises Penn. zoo staff with new twins


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