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Monday, January 30, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 





Black Pastor: “People Cry for Harambe, But They Have no Love for Babies Killed Every Day” in Abortions


Here’s A Primer On Pro-Life Responses To Common Counter-Arguments


People Magazine Reported More on Pro-Abortion “Women’s March” Than President Trump Inauguration


Rep. Meadows: 'It's Imperative' Trump Name Pro-Life Justice--And 'He W


Vice-President Mike Pence Invites Pro-Life Leaders to the White House, Obama Had Abortion Activists


Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Energized by Pro-Life Administration


Abortion Clinic Closes After Attempting to Evade State Laws, 3rd Abortion Clinic Shut Down in 2017


Pro-life events draw evangelicals to D.C.


Interview: How the left ‘brainwashes’ kids to accept its sexual ideology - and how parents can fight back


'Life is winning,' VP Pence says at March for Life


Congressman to March for Life: Trump presidency ‘is the turning point for the right-to-life movement’


Gosnell, Game Changer

‘It was my first time back in the White House in eight years’: pro-life leader describes meeting with VP Pence


4 False Memes Abortion Supporters Pushed About The March For Life


Roe v. Wade play in DC as landmark abortion case in the news


Study suggests reasoning for early, late abortion procedures


Candlelight Vigil Honors Lives Lost Through Abortion (Wisconsin)


Photos: 600 attend Little Rock abortion-rights rally


Trump's executive order on abortion funding a step too far


Students Voice Anti-Abortion Sentiments at March for Life in D.C.


Abortion in Pakistan: struggling to support a woman's right to choose


Nurse Fired Three Times Because She Wouldn’t Help Kill Babies in Abortions Files Lawsuit  (Stockholm, Sweden)


Never mind America, access to abortion is a 'nightmare' for many Australians


Netherlands Will Use $10 Million to Pay for Abortions After Trump Defunds Intl Planned Parenthood


Abortion in Pakistan: struggling to support a woman's right to choose




Under Taliban Siege, a Doctor’s Trial by Fire


Afghanistan, NATO on watch for use of drones by militants




90 Muslims Surround, Attack Church During Services And Beat Dozens Of Christians, Rape 15 Women And Kidnap The Pastor And Nobody Knows Where He Is Now  (Uganda)


Czech Aid Worker, Sudanese Pastor and Darfur Christian Sentenced to Prison in Sudan


Kenyan couple hailed online for frugal $1 wedding




About 150 flights canceled after Delta grounds U.S. flights


Trump blames Delta for nationwide detainments




California Today: Airports a Flashpoint in Immigration Protests


How Trump created chaos at the airport with his unfair and inhumane order


When Muslims got blocked at American airports, U.S. veterans rushed to help


Disorder at Airports as Travelers Are Detained Without Lawyers


Protesters block traffic at LAX as thousands rally against Trump travel ban


Croatian woman is 'detained at LAX and set to be deported' even though the Eastern European country is not among the seven listed in Trump's immigration ban




Alt-right leader Richard Spencer prompts anger with tweet asking why there are mosques in 'one of North America's most beautiful places' after Quebec City attack on worshippers




Outrage over Trump's immigrant ban helps ACLU raise more money online in one weekend than in all of 2016




Trump calls to Arab leaders a positive sign


Arab States Angry Over Trump Travel Ban



New Urban Agenda looks at how to house people flooding into cities


Avalanches Kill At Least Seven In Tajikistan




Trump concerns plague ASX


Australian Dollar Stuck, But Not Stricken


New teachers fail to meet literacy and numeracy test


How a Melbourne poker amateur turned $130 into $1 million


'Terrible news': Melbourne High student in US visa knockback


Qantas offers refunds to Australians affected by Trump's 'Muslim ban'


Australia Says Trump Will Honor One-Time Deal to Accept Refugees




Ford objects to Trump travel ban order  (AVIPP COIMMENTARY: American should boycott Ford.)


VW tops Toyota as world's biggest carmaker




Bosnia Indicts Bosnian-Serb Woman On War-Crimes Charges




How Government Planning Holds Back Our Greatest Potential


Bureaucracy Freeze or Bureaucracy Frozen? (It’s too early to tell what if any effect a 90-day freeze on federal hiring might have.)





TSX and Dow give up recent gains as Trump rally runs out of steam


Deadly attack at Toronto's George Brown College


Canada Denies Residency to 13-Year-Old With Down Syndrome: He’d be a “Burden” to the Health System


Ont. teacher had sex with 13-year-old girl, court hear


Trump’s orders lead to terror act in Canada


Imam talks of fear after Quebec attack


Only 1 suspect in deadly Quebec mosque shooting, police say


Canada Prime Minister President Donald Trump’s Latest Immigration Saboteur


Robbers tried to escape Toronto pot store by shooting locked door, police say


Daily Beast blames ‘white supremacists’ for Quebec mosque shooting, then retracts


How does Trump’s immigration ban affect you? A Canadian guide


‘Mostly Arabs’ among Quebec mosque victims


'This horror was based on intolerance': Quebec premier, Muslims denounce deadly mosque attack


Canada's proposed opioid guidelines don't address prevention: sources


Sorry, Ontario college admins. No big, Liberal-friendly union, no raises from a cash-strapped government


Quebec mosque mass murderers: Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir


Quebec City mosque attack suspect identified as Alexandre Bissonnette


The Trump presidency will cost Canadians


University professor and grocer among victims in mosque attack


Less than 50 hours of sunlight in Toronto for January


Police arrest two students - one 'of Moroccan origin' - over the murder of six people shot dead in a Quebec City mosque carnage a day after Canadian PM condemned Trump immigration ban 


Canada is not the Donald Trump opposition party


Quebec mosque shooting suspect Alexandre Bissonnette faces six counts of murder


One of the two suspects in Quebec mosque shooting is “of Moroccan origin”


My Canadian sanctuary: What the mosque means to me


Quebec Mosque Shooting Kills at Least 6, and 2 Suspects Are Arrested


Lack of TV news coverage of Quebec City shooting a huge broadcast failure


Six Killed in Canada Mosque Shooting; Trudeau Calls It Terror  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canada: Gunmen screaming “Allahu akbar” open fire in mosque, murdering multiple people




Women’s March Celebrates World’s Top Torturers of Women




The CIA has a second sacred wall. Trump disrespects that one every day.




The Death of TPP: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to China





Sound the retreat! Here are the members of the GOP surrender caucus attacking Trump’s immigration order


Blockbuster Audio: RINOs Carp About Obamacare Repeal


Republicans miss own deadline to begin repeal of Obamacare


GOP-led Congress starting to worry about its role in the Trump era




Fort Lauderdale airport shooting suspect enters plea


Obama-Appointed Judge vs. Trump’s Immigration Changes  (George Soros groups try to block Trump’s time-limited executive order to protect US security.)


The judge who halted refugee deportations — to save a Syrian (AVIPP COMMENTARY: This judge should be impeached.)


'You distorted the word of God': Judge rebukes men who used Bible as defense in rape trial


Patriotic Customs Officials Defy Illegal Obama Judge Order




2 bodies found in 2 weeks in search for missing woman


Cops: Stranger threw N.J. girl, 5, on train tracks


Alleged member of fetish-themed child predator sex ring arrested


Triple homicide probe launched after bodies found in N.J. home


NYPD stepping up patrols after 6 killed at mosque in Canada


After Months of Care and Hope, a Woman Shot in Chicago Dies





HE'S BAAAACK: Obama SLAMS Trump Over Immigration/Refugee Executive Order


De Blasio: Drunk driving by illegal alien could be 'a very minor offense'  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Flashback: Democrats Tried To Block Thousands Of Vietnam War Refugees, Including Orphans


Democrats don’t need this money-sucking hatchet man


Lawlessness is Obama's real legacy




Trump's Executive Order Requires DHS to Report on 'Honor Killings,' 'Gender-Based Violence'


Opposition Grows to Federal Elections Takeover




Free Market Coalition Endorses Puzder for Labor Secretary




Immigration ban ends Donald Trump’s stock-market honeymoon


Wall Street falls the most this year as Trump honeymoon sours


U.S. Stocks Fall the Most Since the Presidential Election


Shares in Asia mixed on uncertainty over US immigration flap


Asian shares down as Trump immigration policy raises concerns


Short-term Treasury yields end flat as Trump enacts travel ban


American working class more conservative than rest of world


Gold marks first gain in 5 sessions as Dow sinks below 20,000


Democratic states combat Trump on women's health


Dollar slumps as Trump travel ban hits so-called risk assets


Emerging Markets Drop as Trump Travel Ban Curbs Risk Appetite


U.S. consumer spending, housing data bolster economic outlook


Trump's Attack on Germany and the Global Economy


Wall Street’s ‘fear index’ jumps the most in 3 months as Trump spooks market


What Donald Trump's U.S. economy could look like


There's a Huge Gap Between American Economic Hopes and Reality


The fate of the stock market could rest on Tom Brady’s shoulders




Path to a new life takes these minority high school graduates back to preschool


Stranded and Stuck (Students and scholars are among those affected by a sweeping executive order banning entry into the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority nations.)


Is Higher Education Still Possible?


Confronting the Trump Effect on Our Campuses


Why evangelicals are speaking out against Betsy DeVos


Forceful Response  (The Trump administration’s entry ban triggered wide condemnation from colleges, associations, faculty groups and others in higher education.)


School Shootings Rise When Economy Struggles: Study


Rift in Women’s Studies  Over Transgender Issues  (Popular online discussion group sees resignations and call for boycott over comments some see as bigotry toward trans scholars.)


Ohio could ban schools from expelling youngest students


A Call for 'Confident Pluralism' on Campuses  (At annual conference in divided nation’s capital, speakers urge presidents of Christian colleges to join (and lead) efforts to embrace, and work through, fundamental differences.)


Lead in schools: 14 percent of NY water outlets test positive


Teaching Students Soft Skills  (Reinhardt University launches program to train students in soft skills such as conflict management and strategic listening -- while preserving liberal arts mission.)


More non-Catholic students are enrolling in St. Louis area Catholic schools


The college loan system's fatal flaw




Telling People They Can’t Say ‘This Is Why Trump Won’ Is Why Trump Won


Quinnipiac: Most Voters Think Russia Meddled in Election




Oil ends at lowest level in over a week with U.S. output set to grow


Energy Prices


Coal to the rescue




Another Obama Failure: He Wasn't Able Slow The Rising Sea Levels


‘Jughead’ the deer is finally freed from his plastic prison 



Anxious Ukraine Risks Escalation In 'Creeping Offensive'


Seven Ukrainian Soldiers Reported Killed Ahead Of Poroshenko's Berlin Visit  (Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko)


Ukraine conflict: Deadly flare-up in east




European stocks end with biggest drop in 2 months after Trump’s immigration order


Soros-funded NGOs aiming to bring down Hungarian govt – foreign minister to RT


Polish City to Give Tom Hanks the Car That Put It on the Auto Map


European Leaders Reject Trump’s Refugee Ban as Violating Principles


Donald Trump's refugee ban will make the world 'less secure,' warns Italian minister 


Turkey, Hungary and Romania drive 23% rise in ECHR applications




Doctor Euthanizes Patient With Dementia, Secretly Put Lethal Drugs in Her Coffee




Gingrich warns U.S. of 'very dangerous' Obama directive (Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich(R)




Goldman Sachs CEO: We don't support Trump's immigration order




Standing Up to China Is Not 'Extremism'—It's Smart Foreign Policy




Fillon and British wife Penelope grilled by police over fake job claims


France's far right National Front says it could copy Trump's travel ban


France tells dual citizens of seven Muslim countries to forget travelling to US


Will French citizens be next in line for a Trump travel ban?


Benoît Hamon Wins French Socialist Party’s Presidential Nomination


Miss France Crowned Miss Universe in Philippines


Brussels suspect Abrini formally investigated over Paris attacks




MGM National Harbor pushes Maryland gambling revenue to new heights




Merkel: Fight Against Terror Does Not Justify Suspicion Against Muslims  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel; AVIPP COMMENTARY: Chancellor Merkel is very ignorant.  The ban is not against Muslims.  It is a ban from regions that are terrorist hotspots. )


Germany overtakes China as world's richest exporter


Green party demands travel ban for Trump to Germany


Germany warns of 'catastrophic' conditions for migrants in Libya


Turkey urges Berlin to reject soldiers' asylum bids


Drone crashes into car on Autobahn outside Munich


German Consumer Group Files Data Suit Against WhatsApp


German Inflation Up Again; Set to Fuel Criticism of Stimulus


Brunhilde Pomsel, Goebbels’s Secretary and Witness to Nazis’ Fall, Dies at 106


Angela Merkel’s take on how to make a country great (again)  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Germany: Six teenagers found dead after garden party


Angela Merkel German leader 'explains' Geneva refugee convention to Trump   (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Germany is in chaos because of Merkel’s refugee program that has put her nation at risk for terrorism.)




The story behind the man honored in today's Google Doodle

Exclusive: Google creates $4 million crisis fund for immigration cause  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: It is time for American too stop using Google.)




Poll: Republicans maintain advantage in state party affiliation




Greece :Nation has three weeks to deal with 'potentially disastrous' debt, says IMF





Insurers Confident They Can Transition Away From Obamacare Into Replacement Plan


 For Some, the Affordable Care Act Is a Lifesaver. For Others, a Burden.


Americans 'not going to see any relief' from Obamacare in 2017




Millionaire Idiot Attacks Trump, Embarrasses Self at SAG Awards


At SAG Awards, criticism of Trump’s immigration policy nearly upstages the trophies




Facing criticism, Trump administration has no regrets about leaving out Jews in Holocaust statement




Maxine Waters: ‘Trump Thinks He’s a Dictator’  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Democrats prepare bill to overturn Trump immigration order


Rep. John Lewis and Top Aide Hit With Ethics Complaint  (Group claims House Dem and his chief of staff violated rules on outside employment.)


House Democrats demand meeting with DHS chief over Trump ban


Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) Pays Company Owned by Chief of Staff’s Wife With Campaign Funds


House Republicans consider little-used act to repeal gun rules for Social Security recipients


How Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) became Assad’s mouthpiece in Washington (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


House Democrat: 'American terrorists' are the real threat  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Only a fool would vote for a Marxist Democrat.)




Trump's travel ban 'makes no sense' without Pakistan and S. Arabia


No, Trump’s Immigration Order Isn’t Racist Or Reminiscent Of The Holocaust


Trump's Order Suspending Refugee Program: Racism or Balanced National Security?


Poll Shows Only 33% Oppose Trump's Temporary Ban


Trump's Unwise Travel Ban


Donald Trump Better Watch Out!


Reject the rhetoric: There is no Muslim ban!


Trump's heartland voters shrug off global uproar over immigration ban


16 attorneys general to fight Trump travel ban


Pan-Islamic body: US ban emboldens extremists


Early wins against Trump immigration order may not last


Sanctuary’ NYC Released Criminal Illegal Alien


Md. police chief responds after cop questions woman's citizenship


What does the Bible really say about taking in Syrian refugees?


All travelers detained under Trump ban have been released


Trump administration issues waiver to let green card holders avoid travel ban


How Trump’s Rush to Enact an Immigration Ban Unleashed Global Chaos


In Michigan, families torn apart by visa ban are at odds with Trump supporters


Islamic State finds success infiltrating its terrorists into refugee flows to West


Starbucks will hire 10,000 refugees, starting in U.S.  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Americans should be hired first and Americans should boycott Starbuck.)


Protests of Immigration Ban Continue


Koch network slams Trump immigrant ban


Refugees Entering the U.S. Already Face a Rigorous Vetting Process


L.A.'s Iranian American community reacts to President Trump's travel ban


Not in their job descriptions: Why many local police officers say they're not eager to help Trump enforce immigration laws  (California)


Trump to prioritize Christian refugees, reversing Obama policy




Why the World Needs to Watch the India-Pakistan Nuclear Standoff


Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed under house arrest in Pakistan


India readies budget to soothe voters after Modi cash crunch


5 soldiers rescued after being trapped under snow in Macchil die




Fate uncertain for refugees in Indonesia awaiting US transfer




Iran tests ballistic missile in defiance of UN resolution, US officials say   (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Iran needs sanction too be renewed against them.)


Fake Atomic Scientists for Iranian Doomsday Against Trump


Iran fire: Tehran funeral for firemen draws thousands




Iraqi Region Is Evicting Families of ISIS Members




A Muslim Reformer Speaks Out About His Battle Against Islamism And PC


Trump vs. ‘the Soft Islamic Conquest of the West’  (The West is importing a time bomb with refugee resettlement programs, and paying for it.)


Mom Targeted by Anti-Muslim Fliers Gets Support From Her Ohio Community


3 'triggers' for Islamic uprising under Trump presidency (Airport protests just the start of 'chaos' planned by Muslim Brotherhood.)


In Face of Trump’s Order, Some Muslim Nations Are Conspicuously Silent





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Monday, January 30, 2017)


Abbas to Africa: Put Palestinian plight ahead of forging ties with Israel  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Netanyahu Presses Ahead With Controversial “Settlement Regulation Bill”  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


No conclusive proof what hit Arab Knesset leader at protest, probe finds


Israeli PM Netanyahu to Visit US Pres. Trump Feb 15


Israel fears citizens who fled Muslim lands may be banned by US


Arab Lawyers Union to file court order against new demolition orders in Umm al-Hiran


At Bedouin village, a breakdown in talks led to demolitions and deaths


Rivlin to try to resolve tensions with Mexico  (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Mossad spook to replace Amos Gilad in powerful defense post


Israeli prosecutors file charges against former Palestinian MK


Arab Israeli man charged with terrorist shootings in Haifa


PLO Outraged at UN Secretary-General Over Jerusalem ‘Bias’


In West Bank (Judea and Samaria) raids, IDF shutters gun workshop, ‘inciting’ printer


US VP Pence, Jordan’s King Abdullah Discuss ‘How to Best Make Progress’ on Israel-PA Deal


2 Palestinians die 'of natural causes' at Gaza-Egypt border crossing


Rights groups provide jihad with free services


Likud Members Also Want Naftali Bennett In Their Party  (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


Palestinian youth shot, injured near Tulkarem-area checkpoint


Stoning Attacks Growing More Serious


Rivlin grants 151 pardons out of 1,948 submitted


Palestinian Authority urges quick ICC ruling on settlements


Saudi condemns Israeli settlements ahead of Knesset vote


Palestinians Condemn UN Chief for Tying Temple Mount to Judaism


“God, grant us Martyrdom... a million grooms and brides... have written the marriage contract in blood” in Fatah TV music video


Trump-Putin deal on Syria bears on Israel security


Fatah proud of suicide terrorist: Her pure body exploded into pieces in the Zionists’ faces


Israel's Netanyahu applauds Trump's plan for wall; Mexico not pleased  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu Says U.S. Embassy ‘Needs to Be’ in Jerusalem


Israeli legislator sees Trump in biblical terms




Japan acts as US trade pressure grows


Japan pays enough for US military bases, Nikkei poll says




The Limits of Liberal Open-Mindedness


Shutting Down the Liberal Leech  (Have you ever noticed how liberals always think that everyone else's money is theirs?)


Trump, Refugees and the American Left  (I am a refugee as well as a WWII survivor and displaced war orphan, and I want today’s refugees to undergo the same kind of screening and vetting that my wave of applicants did.)


Leftists Determined to Stop Trump from Defending America


Video: The Truth About Trump's 'Muslim Ban'  (Unveiling the Left's lies and double standards.)




The Marxist cult of destiny, 2016




Media hysteria designed to sow fear and division


Media Didn't Want to Report Accurately on Hillary to Avoid Sexism


NBC wants to be ‘the next Fox News,’ insiders say


Media ignore Democrats' full flip-flop on border wall


'I hope you're not around for long': Joe Scarborough goes after 'disgrace' Stephen Miller, blaming the president's senior advisor for weekend immigration chaos




Mexico earmarks $50-million to back migrants in U.S.


Do the math: Use Mexican drug cash to pay for the wall




Saudi king agrees to support and finance ‘safe zones’ for refugees in Syria and Yemen


In Call With Saudi King, Trump Pledges to ‘Rigorously’ Enforce Iran Deal


Saudi Public Investment Fund to be world leader


WaPo's David Ignatius SHOCKS 'Morning Joe' -- Middle East Doesn't Care If Trump's 'Anti-Muslim' Because...


Kurds, Baluch and Ahwazis Deserve Self-Determination  (The Kurds, Baluchi, and Ahwazi aspirations have never received the attention the “Palestinians” have by the International community.)




Trump could reset Star Wars at full throttle toward militarization of space


Trump Takes the First Step in Restoring the US Military


Russia, China pose growing threat to US Satellites warns Hyten


It’s Time to Turn the Page on the F-35: Here’s How

US, Polish Troops Hold First Joint Training


This Marine’s Epic Response To Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech Will Wake America The Hell Up


U.S. Reviews Nuclear Strike Survival for Russia and China


Many US veterans angry that executive order keeps Iraqi interpreters out


Marine Corps to upgrade water purifiers for field operations


Could a Trump tweet 'accidentally' pardon Bowe Bergdahl?




Myanmar Ruling Party Mourns Assassination of Suu Kyi Adviser


U Ko Ni, a Prominent Muslim Lawyer in Myanmar, Is Fatally Shot




A Decade After Nepal’s Maoist Rebellion, Little Justice for Victims




Don't let detox diets deceive you




Trump administration might ban Pakistani visa


Islamabad warns against move to extend US travel ban to Pakistan


Palestinian President to arrive in Islamabad today


Pakistan acquits 112 in arson case against Christians ‎





Mylan Faces U.S. Antitrust Investigation on EpiPen Practices





Philippine police chief halts bloody drug war




Conservative Koch network could serve as potent resistance in Trump era




How a top conservative radio talker lost his audience and faith but gained a new perspective




Church leaders speak out against Donald Trump's decision to prioritize evangelical refugees as the President confirms his plan in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network




Russia: No 'Moralizing' In Putin-Trump Phone Call   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Putin’s Russia in Biggest Arctic Military Push Since Soviet Fall


Tatars Fight To Keep Head Scarves In Russian School


Powerful Chechen Clan Accused of Plotting Kadyrov Assassination


Russia Charges Crimean Tatar Official With Undermining Territorial Integrity


Russian Businesses in Venezuela Smuggling Billions for Currency Black Market


Russia's Lukoil Seeks To Expand Mideast Operations As Iran Opens


Putin and Trump may meet before July G20 summit in Hamburg


Why the West is blind to Russian propaganda today


Russian long-range bombers conduct airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria


Kremlin unveils details of Putin-Trump telephone conversation


Lavrov: Syria ‘safe zones’ possible if Damascus agrees   (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Netherlands to send Russia new request to specify radar data on MH17 crash


IPC rules to bar Russian athletes from qualifiers to 2018 Paralympics




Scientists issue dire warning about Cape Cod shark attacks


Gazing Into Danakil Depression’s Mirror, and Seeing Mars Stare Back




McConnell: 'I Think It's a Good Idea to Tighten the Vetting'  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) 


13 of Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Await Senate Approval, Leaving Agencies Without a Leader  


Senate Dems will filibuster Trump’s SCOTUS pick  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) should eliminate the filibuster.)


Top Cruz Aide Tapped for Senior Role on Trump National Security Team (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Conway: GOP Senators Need to Support Trump


Trump's team gets ready for Supreme Court fight


Trump: McCain and Graham are trying to start ‘World War III’ (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)/ US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Rob Portman says executive order needs vetting as GOP splits on refugees (US Senator of Ohio Rob Portman (R)


Republicans who oppose, support Trump refugee order


Trump blames airport chaos on 'tears of Senator Schumer'  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Why the Supreme Court fight is sure to go nuclear


Rubio, Scott 'uneasy' about Trump immigration order  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)/US Senator of South Carolina Tim Scott (R)


Dems grab spotlight at confirmation hearings




Brazil: First images of unique coral reef at mouth of Amazon


Brazilian tycoon Eike Batista held in corruption probe




Park Turns to Online Media as Noose Tightens  (President Park Geun-hye)


Trump Tells South Korea That Alliance With U.S. Is ‘Ironclad’


Trump says ‘100 percent’ with Seoul on NK


Investigators brace for Park's questioning


China tightens regulations as Korean cosmetics ride high


Korean troops' killings in Vietnam still unresolved


Acting president viewed as potential conservative presidential candidate


Koreans in US worried amid Trump ban




HuffPo demands more harassment of Tom Brady for supporting Trump


Roger Goodell can't avoid Pats any longer


Braves player, family hit in deadly crash involving stolen police car


Falcons employees all sent to big game


10 years later, what became of the high school football players tabbed as the nation’s top 100?


NFL Pro-Bowl Scoreboard


NHL All-Star Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)





McAuliffe: Restoring Voting Rights for Felons ‘Proudest Moment of My Life’  (Governor of Virginia Terry (Boondoggle) McAuliffee (D)


CA Bans State-Funded Travel To Kansas. Why? Because Christians Live There.


California Shouldn’t Secede from the U.S.


Baby boxes: N.J. promotes cardboard cribs


Conservative groups press states to overhaul voter lists, combat fraud


This Maryland prosecutor got the phone call every addict’s relative dreads


Cuomo’s latest blow to city taxpayers (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


California's extreme weather slammed Monterey Bay — and this town's iconic ship was among the victims


Mass Governor Proposes Tax to Fix Failed Health Reform




State Department Told to ‘Get With the Program’


US Diplomats Consider Filing Dissent Over Immigration Ban


$100,000 for diplomat lawn chairs in surprising place (Obama's spending instructions linger after term ends.)




Judge Neil Gorsuch: Some Cause for Concern (Donald Trump's supposed top pick for the Supreme Court will need a bit of vetting by Senate Republicans.)


Trump’s Immigration Ban Promises Constitutional Showdown


Kennedy, not Trump, will determine the Supreme Court’s future


Trump to announce Supreme Court pick Tuesday


Who's who on Trump's short list for Supreme Court


Byron York: Will Trump SCOTUS pick, fast approaching, lead to total war?




Reports In Arab Media: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Is Gravely Ill  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Hezbollah Is Winning the War in Syria


Failed Islamic State?


Syrian rebels set to leave Wadi Barada for Idlib


…Syrian FM Calls on Refugees to Return Home


Rumors circulate that Syria's President Assad has suffered a stroke after state media release a denial that he is seriously ill 




The TPP’s demise helps China trump Taiwan


Taiwan Navy reveals video of future guided-missile destroyer


Don’t bother overseas Taiwanese about the cross-strait issue minister


The China-Taiwan Dispute Is Fast Becoming A Divisive Issue In South Africa


Taiwan envoy to US reassures on ties




Elon Musk Wants Your Advice on Trump’s Immigrant Order


Next Trump Move on Immigration to Hit Closer to Home for Tech




20 “vetted” Muslim refugees who turned to jihad terrorism after being allowed into the U.S.


Get Ready for the ‘Donald Trump’s fault Terrorism Revolution’


Trump's Travel Ban Heightens Risk of Attacks in US, Homeland Security Expert Says




Serious About Trade Reform? End Subsidies to Foreign Competitors


China trade war? These U.S. companies are in the crosshairs


Economic Ignorance Is No Excuse, Sean  (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer)


Trump’s Unfashionable Tax Idea


Killing jobs is the wrong way to get tough on trade




One killed, two wounded in armed attack in Istanbul restaurant


President Erdoğan expected to hold 40 rallies during referendum campaign  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey sends new files to US as evidence for Gülen’s extradition


Turkish Lira gains against other emerging currencies for first time in 2017


Turkey holds more than 980 terror suspects in one week


Heavy sentences demanded for 11 soldiers who killed 51 during Turkey’s coup attempt


Turkey strongly condemns Quebec mosque attack


Turkey reopens embassy in Libyan capital


Turkey’s economic confidence slips around 4 pct in January


20 ISIL militants ‘neutralized’ in northern Syria: Turkish military




Union Leaders for Trump


AFSCME to hold first ever strike vote in Illinois  (The union has fought the governor's reforms every step of the way.)





FTSE 100 closes lower as investors assess Trump’s immigration ban


UK sends missile destroyer to Black Sea to protect Ukraine


Boris Johnson rebuffs calls for U.K. to cancel Trump visit  (British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


In Britain Doctors Can No Longer Call Women ‘Mothers’ Because It’s Not ‘Inclusive’


Iraq human rights lawyer accused of hounding British troops 'thought he was above the rules'


Coldest night of year is recorded, with Braemar shivering at -10.1C


U.K. petition against Trump state visit attracts over 1M signatures


Manchester :Residents hit back at 'demeaning' anti-homeless spikes


As an Iranian Briton, Theresa May's support for Trump makes me ask who will stand up for me  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Police officer avoids sack for mocking colleague's cosmetic surgery


Scottish independence poll: Majority oppose second referendum


Hereford: Wife and son 'dumped American man with dementia in UK car park'


In a Pro-‘Brexit’ Corner of Britain, Impatience to Be Done With It


Young people: Optimism about economy despite Brexit, says study


SNP ‘preparing to drop’ full EU membership policy


Gender laws: Inquiry launched amid fears over Brexit effect


Danish drugs giant makes big UK investment


British Airways crew announce new strike: what to do if you're affected


Work: Highly paid part-time roles on the up as employers embrace job shares


Civil servants warned office 'cake culture' could be a 'public health hazard'


NHS: Intensive care 'at its limits' because of staff shortages


Breast flash GMP police chief Rebekah Sutcliffe keeps job


Mo Farah: ‘Queen made me a knight, Donald Trump made me an alien’


Boris Johnson to face MPs on Trump's US migration ban




UN Chief Commends African Countries for Accepting Refugees





Catholics Ask Trump to Probe Soros-Obama-Clinton Conspiracy at Vatican




Elon Musk’s Trump Outreach Is Angering The Resistance


Trump Signs Executive Order Slashing Small Business Regulations


Trump’s Bid to Slash Regulations Faces Bureaucratic Roadblocks


Trump’s Order on Entry into the U.S.: Implementation Problems


The man behind Trump? Still Steve Bannon


Trump's orders on immigrants bring hypocritical and hysterical uproar


Trump downplays effects of immigration ban


Extreme Fretting Over Refugee Ban  (President Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do during the campaign -- a concept foreign to liberals.)


Trump’s Order on Refugees: Mostly Right on Substance, Wrong on Rollout

Trump signs executive order requiring that for every one new regulation, two must be revoked


Trump Visit to UK Still on Amid Outcry Over Travel Ban


Trump’s First Week Blitz


Trump stands by executive order, says ‘this is not a Muslim ban’


White House says Trump orders on ‘extreme vetting’ still in effect


Unnamed White House official on travel ban: ‘It really is a massive success story’


Bravo, Mr. President  (Meantime, the Daily Beast and Right Scoop misrepresent a CNN conversation on Trump executive order.)


Chief of Staff Reince Priebus suggests Trump could expand country list under travel ban


Reince Priebus Defends Holocaust Statement That Failed to Mention Jews


Honeymoon’s over: Ex-Obama official Susan Rice calls Trump NSC reshuffling ‘stone cold crazy’ (Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice; AVIPP COMMENTARY: This fool should remain silent.)


Trump’s dangerous move to politicize the National Security Council


The danger of Steve Bannon on the National Security Council


Green groups target Trump with guerrilla warfare campaign


Trump’s facile claim that his refugee policy is similar to Obama’s in 2011


The danger of Steve Bannon on the National Security Council


Juan Williams: No place for Hispanics in Trump White House


Guide to Trump's first 17 executive orders


Questions multiply about Bannon’s role in administration


Bannon Is Given Security Role Usually Held for Generals


Trump considers the media his enemy. We shouldn’t treat him as ours.


Shock. Outrage. Resistance. Repeat. Is this the new normal in Trump’s America?


Pence’s old tweet completely contradicts immigration ban (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Two really audacious proposals for Trump and the Republicans


The paper boy who kept crying 'Trump'


Travel ban is the clearest sign yet of Trump advisors' intent to reshape the country


Trump's cruel, illegal refugee executive order


Trump: 'Bad' people would rush into US if we gave warning on ban


Trump aide calls immigration order a 'massive success story'


Spicer: 'What happened if we didn't act and somebody was killed?'


Trump's attack plan for Obama's regulations





Donald Trump's sons could 'follow in their father's footsteps' by helping to bring pandas to Central Park Zoo



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