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Friday, January 27, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 




Anti-abortion marchers say there is hope to overturn Roe v. Wade decision


VP Mike Pence to March for Life: After Defunding Intl Planned Parenthood, “Life is Winning Again in America!”


VP Pledges to End Taxpayer-Funded Abortion


President Donald Trump Tweets March for Life: “You Have My Full Support!


Anti-abortion marchers celebrate a new era under Trump


Roe v. Wade Is A ‘Jealous God’ That Demands Blood And Generates Rage


Trump Tweets Praise, Pence Addresses Anti-Abortion March


Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway Tells March for Life: President Donald Trump “Stands With You”


'I'm A Mother, A Wife, And A Catholic': Kellyanne Conway Addresses March For Life


Speaker Paul Ryan to March for Life: We Must Defund Planned Parenthood and Protect Unborn Children


March for Life highlights gains by abortion opponents in D.C.


ABC Censors Trump Slamming Media for Not Covering March for Life From Transcript of Interview


March for Life in the Trump era: A collection of photos from the day


Marking a new era committed to protecting our most vulnerable


Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Signs Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs


Poll: Voters favor Roe, oppose cutting Planned Parenthood funds


White House shows strongest support yet for March for Life


Marco Rubio on the March for Life: “I Will Never Apologize for Standing”Against Abortion (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio(R)


Marching for Life, 2017


Magic Johnson’s Girlfriend Says He Tried to Get Her to Abort Their Son 35 Years Ago


President Donald Trump Slams Mainstream Media for Not Covering March for Life


Abortion Activist Claims Heartbeats of Unborn Babies are “Imaginary” and They’re Not Really Alive


Hundreds of thousands ready to march in D.C. with new hope for pro-life gains under Trump


Why a Delay of Obamacare Repeal Threatens Pro-Life Goals


Pro-life events draw evangelicals to D.C.


Vice President Mike Pence to Address March for Life


Chilis Cancels Planned Parenthood Fundraiser After Pro-Life People Complain


Clinics for World’s Vulnerable Brace for Trump’s Anti-Abortion Cuts


Shock: Whoopi Goldberg Says the “Women’s March” Was Wrong to Ban Pro-Life Women


Mr. Trump’s ‘Gag Rule’ Will Harm Global Health


Caught Denying Women Prenatal Care, Planned Parenthood Lies and Claims “We’ve Never Said” They Do


Republican gains boost morale for March for Life


President Trump Bashes Media: “March for Life Will Have 600,000 People and You Won’t Even Read About It”


Pro-lifers rejoice: 'It's a very encouraging time' under Trump


Pro-Abortion Whoopi Goldberg: Quit Using the Term Pro-Life “Because Nobody is Not for Life”


Senator served demand to retract slander(US Senator of Connecticut Blumenthal (D) publicly accused pro-life group of advocating execution of abortionists.)


Arkansas Legislature Passes Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb


Conservatives See Hope in Abortion Fight


Sheryl Sandberg slams Trump's anti-abortion action: 'It'll hurt more people'


Actress Ali Larter Was a Planned Parenthood Customer, Now She’s “Excited” to Promote the Abortion Biz


Planned Parenthood Took Her $600 and Started the Abortion, But Something Changed Her Mind


Alliance of Pro-Life Groups Demands “Mainstream Media” Fairly Cover the March for Life


Doctors Told Me to Abort My Disabled Baby But He Has Brought Me Unintended Joy


Denmark May Join New Global Abortion Fund After Trump Defunds International Planned Parenthood


Premature Baby Saved Whose Feet Were Just the Size of a Penny  (London, England)


16 Babies Were Killed in Abortions in Northern Ireland Last Year Even Though Abortion is Prohibited


British Taxpayers Forced to Spend £680 for Each Baby Killed in an Abortion




Afghanistan seeks more women to join its army




Islamic Shariah Government In Nigeria Abruptly Seizes, Demolishes Two Churches In Front Of Their Congregations


Witnesses say dozens killed in al-Shabaab attack on Kenyan troops


Al-Shabab, Kenya Claim Dozens of Deaths in Somalia Attack




Avocados Get Caught in the Trump-Mexico Crossfire



Travelers With Nut Allergies Clash With Airlines


Hijab-wearing Muslim Delta airline employee attacked by passenger who told her President Trump 'will get rid of all of you'




The airport is embarking on a two-year renovation and reconfiguration project.  




Engineer involved in deadly Philly crash sues Amtrak




Asia questions Trump’s plan for Mexican exports tax


Who’s top rooster in the South China Sea?




ASX tops 5700 on Trump's first week


Australian dollar dips against the greenback


Australia's gas dreams face major delays


'A huge, huge thing': Students strive to keep up in selective schools


Austrian Coalition Talks Make Slow Progress, Weekend Plans Cleared


Australians scientists make lung cancer breakthrough




GM axing 625 jobs at Ontario plant, shifting some production to Mexico


"Best Bet" autos feature Teslas, GMs and Hyundais




New regs for Monday: Baby products, efficiency, education




How is ‘The Wall’ really that big a deal?


Build a wall? Not so simple




The close: TSX falls as lower oil prices weigh on energy shares


Trudeau must be willing to walk away from Trump’s NAFTA: Walkom (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


GM Canada's move to shift production to Mexico is 'NAFTA at its ugliest': Union


HMV Canada closing stores nationwide


How easy is it for Americans to move to Canada?


Road-toll veto hampers Toronto’s ability to tackle gridlock, says city’s chief planner


Trump’s energy enacting his radical program a stark contrast to Trudeau’s laid-back pace


Air Miles quietly devalues some points, shocks collectors


Wynne's spineless attempts to save her job drown out Toronto's courage on road tolls


Two dead, thousands without power in New Brunswick after ice storm


Trudeau’s Boy Scout view on global warming out of step in Donald Trump’s world


Canada Beckons International Students With a Path to Citizenship


OPP officer who texted naked picture of inmate previously ignored sexual assault complaint


A Toronto man is killed in a British town and his grieving family wants answers


Fifteen years in prison for Quebec man who fathered three children with his daughter


Conservatives, NDP say Liberal fundraising changes only cosmetic


Keystone XL pipeline: A 'Canada First' energy plan?


Bitter over tolling veto, mayor says Toronto being treated like child


Canadian father, 79, who raped two of his daughters for decades and impregnated one of them THREE TIMES says he was born out of incest and that his mother is also his sister


McDonald’s new nut policy draws swift backlash


Former Toronto Symphony CEO is 'broke' but spending $20K per month on credit cards


Woman charged with mischief related to Mississauga Amber Alert




Women’s March on Washington - Useful Idiots Unite


Friday’s Metro ridership higher than during Trump’s inauguration as demonstrators flood D.C.


Women's March speaker a kidnapper, murderer




Seinfeld under fire for 'Black Lives' joke




Women’s Marchers, Unite! (Communist comrades came through, big time -- at the Washington rally.)




Hard times ahead for China's economy, says Alibaba's Jack Ma


Update of China’s Anti-Falun Gong Legal Policy Shows Campaign Continues


China 'prepares possible military conflict with US'


 Why Team Trump has China worried


Chinese Lunar New Year Feast Begins With Drums and Dumplings


China’s Answer to Tesla Is Hopeful Entrant to Global Car Market




Alarming, provocative move by North Korea




Republicans Are Excited About This Idea Being Floated by Legal Experts


McConnell, Ryan Say Congress Will Pay for Trump's $12B Border Wall (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)/ Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


GOP leaders speak out against torture after Trump comments




Lawmaker: Trump's vote fraud claim hurts US Constitution




A Tale of Two Coups: Moscow 1991 and Washington 2016




Teachout says emoluments suit could result in more financial disclosure for Trump


Alaskan Veteran Is Indicted in Fort Lauderdale Airport Rampage




Chicago's Violence Is So Bad That Bystanders Are Learning How To Save Lives


DA: Man yells about Trump, attacks Muslim worker at JFK


What is a 'violent crime'? For California's new parole law, the definition is murky— and it matters


Police arrest two teens for planning mass school shooting


Beware new "can you hear me" scam


Drugged-out couple arrested after passing out with babies in car


New Footage Released in the Controversial Police Takedown in Fort Worth


Five 1980s killings linked in major cold case development


Cops: Man killed neighbor after her dog ran in his yard


Skeletal remains ID'd as missing Fort Campbell soldier


Arrests in case of man seen dead on police reality show


Ex-foster kids: Abuse routine in dismembered teen's home


North Carolina police warn drivers after woman gets tricked by dummy in road


Police chief makes extraordinary admission in 1940 lynching




US Border Patrol Chief Out After Trump's Immigration Executive Order




Chinese Government Engaged in ‘Holistic’ Cyber Effort to Infiltrate U.S. Industries




'I hope y'all find peace in this': Killer who murdered two Subway workers weeks after being fired by sandwich chain in 2002 is executed in Texas




'An Enemy Within' – Keith Ellison exposed (New documentary reveals anti-American radical poised to take over DNC.)




James Carville Was Right ... That The Democrats Are Toast, and Trump is Kicking Rump


The Democrats Retreat From Reality


Why is the mayor so indifferent to the deaths of at-risk kids?  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Contract to Defend de Blasio and Aides to Cost City $11.6 Million




US Business Spending Rises for 3rd Month, Boosting Factories




How President Trump Can Halt Obama's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Program




Finicum family, Bureau of Land Management still tangling a year after fatal standoff




Court Checks Overreach by Obama Justice Department in Mail Fraud Case


Should Trump DoJ Federalize Chicago Gun Prosecutions?




Labor Secretary nominee's company underpays workers, group says




Scaremongering Tells Time on Doomsday Clock


The Famed 'Doomsday Clock' Is More Like A Liberal Angst Meter


Doomsday Clock Moves Closer to Apocalypse




U.S. Stocks Slip, Treasuries Climb as Oil Drops: Markets Wrap


Wall Street slips after soft GDP data, earnings


Dow ends landmark week with a whimper


Trump better get used to the high $US


Dollar rises, but disappointing economic data limit gains


Nevada Climbs From Last Place to First in Job Creation


Two things are happening in the stock market for the first time since 1900


Why a Trump trade war is a danger to the S&P 500


Top Deutsche Bank Economist: Trump Presidency Pushes Odds of Recession Back 5 Months


U.S. economy expanded 1.9 percent in fourth quarter, 2016 GDP rises 1.6 percent


The economy slowed in Q4, growing 1.9%


Asia shares steady, dollar and oil hold onto gains


Yen Extends Slump on BOJ Move; Japanese Shares Gain: Market Wrap


The Dow’s Donny Downers  (Right or wrong, the public intellectual always delivers.)


Treasury yields fall after weaker-than-expected fourth quarter GDP


Beer, snacks and cars: How a 20% Mexico tariff could cost U.S. shoppers


Starbucks' reports disappointing sales but blames long lines caused by its new mobile ordering service


Gold’s 4th -straight drop sends metal down 1.4% for the week


These are the largest employers in the U.S. — state by state




K-12: Drain This Swamp


Academia’s “New Civics” vs. Traditional American Civics  (Political ideology replaces civics education.)


A Pall Descends on Our Campuses


Jobs Broker for Aviation Training (New nonprofit is intermediary between aviation employers and partner colleges, with tailored academic programs that could send graduates across state lines for well-paying jobs.)


Getting Schoolchildren Active in Class to Build Lifelong Healthy Habits


Coping With Zero in Arizona (Since losing all state funding two years ago, two large Arizona community colleges struggle with declining enrollments and budget cuts.)


'DIE!' Teacher goes berserk, fires toy gun at Trump


British Prime Minister Seeks ‘Credible Alternative’ to Universities  (Plan would boost technical education, seeking to reduce regional disparities in economic opportunity.)


California student forced to urinate in bucket after being denied toilet break wins payout


Study: Teaching and Research Not Tied (Two Northwestern University researchers found that skilled scholars do not come at the expense of quality instructors, or vice versa.)


Research shows young girls are less likely to think of women as ‘really, really smart’


‘Regaining Public Trust’  (Educators deliberate how to promote liberal education and push back on attacks on academe -- in part by being more open about areas in which higher education has been weak.)


L.A. school transportation employees fired or pressured to resign for alleged drinking and drug use


Make America First in Higher Ed: Open the Door




Do NonCitizens Vote in U.S. Elections? (ODU study: Noncitizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.)


Voting Fraud Inquiry? The Investigators Got Burned Last Time




Trump argument bolstered: Clinton received 800,000 votes from noncitizens, study finds


Illegals Did Vote In November, And Trump Is Right To Investigate


Trump doubles down on claim '3 million votes were illegal' as Pence promises Republican lawmakers 'a full evaluation' 




Oil books biggest one-day loss in over a week


Energy Prices


Iowa Investigates Oil Pipeline Leak


Tribal Leader Asks Trump to Reconsider Pipeline


A New Opening, but Obstacles Remain for Keystone Pipeline




The just war on the EPA




Banned in Russia, Goebbles’ Diaries to be Published in Ukraine


Ukraine Jails Brazilian For 13 Years Over Conflict In East


Hard times Sales of luxury Swiss watches drop 10%




European stocks close lower as bank rally loses steam


Merkel, Hollande call for European unity in face of big challenges (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)/ French President Francois Hollande)


Dutch police reject U.S. woman's claim of racist brutality


Britain-Trump Alignment Threatens European Order


Muslim Migrants Arrested in Sweden Facebook Rape




Can YOU solve this McDonald's maths puzzle? Brainteaser that has left the internet baffled is harder than it looks




Balanced budget no longer his top priority, Trump says



 Community pitches in after natural disasters while FEMA twiddles thumbs




Feminists Have Nothing Left but the Roar




Trump Can Fix the Defects in U.S. Foreign Policy


Trump begins push to reshape U.S. role in the world with ‘America first’ theme


Trump Should Copy Richard Nixon By Separating China And Russia


Reading Tea Leaves on Mexico Policy


Trump’s foreign policy revolution




The 82 medicines the French have just been told to avoid (because they do more harm than good)


French presidential hopeful François Fillon denies claims about wife


France scraps unlimited soda refills




Germany's New Foreign Minister Says Core Values Remain Europe, Transatlantic Partnership


Germany’s winter is over, for now, says expert 


Germany Can 'man of the people' Martin Schulz oust Angela Merkel?  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Trump to hold first presidential phone call with Merkel


Berlin police trainee could lose job over starring in porn


Man arrested for recording repeated sexual abuse of 8-year-old girl


Top German presidential pick blasts Trump’s role in divided US


Holocaust remembrance day: How Germany reflects on its Nazi past


Germany's population just hit a record high - so what does this mean?


Germany to enter areas where US retreats, top envoy says


Berlin mayor to Trump: ‘Don’t build this wall!’




Researchers monitor U.S. government for scrubbing of climate change data


New York Times: Our Readers Are Too Dumb To Understand Global Warming Numbers


President Of The Environment Al Gore To Host 'Climate Change Summit' After CDC Cancels It   (Former US Vice President Al Gore (D)




India, Japan in final group for Google moon shot competition




Newt Gingrich: Margaret Thatcher is the real model for the Trump presidency  (Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich)


GOP Plots Next 200 Days at Retreat but Trump Has His Own Ideas




Americans fear losing Obamacare, but want it to change

California Today: What Might Happen if Obamacare Is Repealed


Repeal All of Obamacare? Primary Care Physicians Not in Favor, Survey Suggests


Trump administration starts the Obamacare rollback as officials scrap $5million of ads for the flagship website 




Mumps Outbreak Worsens in Washington State


Washington state mumps outbreak nears 300 cases




Mike Connors, former 'Mannix' star, dies at 91




On Holocaust remembrance day, warnings of rising xenophobia


Trump’s Holocaust day statement fails to mention Jews or anti-Semitism


Global initiatives virtually commemorate the Holocaust — in a very real way


Holocaust survivors visit Auschwitz 72 years after liberation




At Hong Kong New Year Fair, Defiance Gives Way to Resignation




Dems Believe Trump's 'Gag Orders' Violate Federal Laws Protecting Whistleblowers


Exclusive: 50 House Republicans tell Trump to fire IRS chief


Gabbard (D-Hawaii)  meeting with Assad draws disgust from fellow lawmakers  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad) 


GOP chairman to introduce pre-existing conditions bill




Not visa ban, 'extreme vetting' for Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia: President Trump


Trump Enacts New Vetting for Foreigners Entering the U.S.


With 'sanctuary cities' fight, California sees an opportunity to ensnarl Trump's agenda


Miami-Dade ends sanctuary city policy, bowing to Trump’s order


Trump's Right: Law-Breaking 'Sanctuary Cities' Must Obey The Law


Trump's Order May Mark 11M for Deportation: Experts


What Are the Implications of Trump's Immigration Crackdown? 


Vermont town may no longer receive Syrian refugees after Trump order


A nation derided for doing the right thing (Immigration, both the legal and the illegal kind, is destined to be a contentious issue in America forever. That’s the price of living in the place where everybody wants to be.)


'Money-making' refugee programs 'broken,' charges author


Trump creates name-and-shame list to embarrass sanctuary cities


1,960 refugees enter U.S. on Trump's watch (Half come from Shariah-compliant countries as administration drags its feet.)


These towns pushed for tough laws targeting undocumented immigrants. They all failed.


Trump's radical immigration plan


A City Built on Refugees Looks at Trump’s Plan With Fear




Pastor in India in Hiding after Police, Hindu Extremists Assault Him


Delhi's Ring Roads turn circle of deaths as city steps on the gas




That call from an unlisted number? Might be a collections rep for IRS



Western navies said planning major drill off coast of Iran


Khamenei Associate Mehdi Taeb: 'The Jews... Are The Only Ones Who Need Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Order To Rule The World – Because There Are 1.4 Billion Muslims And None Of Them Agree To Jewish Supremacy'


U.S.-Iranian Relations Could Spiral Out of Control


Conservatives step up pressure on Rowhani  (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


Report: Final Death Toll in Iran Building Collapse at 26




Popular AAFES gear finds enthusiastic following on Iraq's front lines




Christian God ‘Loves’ Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll? (An old Muslim view.)


Madeleine Albright says she's "ready to register as Muslim"  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Albright should leave America and move too an Islamic country.)


Texas Muslims Voice Concerns After Inflammatory Survey and Forum




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Friday, January 27, 2017)


Netanyahu: I intend to lead Israel for years to come   (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Milchan said to confirm he supplied Netanyahus with costly gifts for years


Shooting on Road 446


Palestinian family ‘was first to help bus crash victims, call police’


Saudi Journalist: The Palestinians' Reliance On Armed Resistance Is Political Suicide; The Palestinian Cause Is No Longer The Arabs' Primary Concern


In call, Mattis assures Liberman of ‘unwavering commitment to Israel’  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis/ Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Trump Ducks Questions on PA Money, Embassy Move


Senior PA official: Trump’s silence on settlements encourages more building


Hamas's Haniyeh returns to Gaza


IDF: Proposed US embassy move not roiling Palestinian street  (Israel Defense Forces)


PM Netanyahu at Yad Vashem: Today’s Iran Advocates New Holocaust


Hamas rewriting charter without anti-Semitism, claims official… but still rejects Israel


'My dream has been realized. Israel has been restored'


Israeli car comes under fire in West Bank (Judea and Samaria), none hurt


Egypt-Gaza Border Opens for 3 Days


Trump said set to halt funding for UN agencies, others that accept PA, PLO as members


Israel returns body of slain 18-year-old Palestinian girl to family in Hebron


Israel returns two bodies of slain Palestinian assailants


Swiss Government Hides Information on Millions for BDS-Funding Framework


Marijuana on way to being decriminalized after minister backs move


Netanyahu advances plans for settler units to house residents of homes slated for demolition


How can Israelis oppose US embassy move to Jerusalem?


Weapons Manufacturing Machines Seized Overnight in Hebron


Palestinians attempt to smuggle birds, again


Israeli forces suppress weekly Bilin march, dozens suffer tear gas inhalation


History repeats itself in conflict over land in Israel


Israel Approves Construction of 153 More Homes in Jerusalem


German Muslim students protest Holocaust remembrance, attack Israel


4 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces during clashes in Jenin refugee camp


Israel's moment of decision  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's mantra this week has been that he doesn't wish to surprise Trump with a big Israeli initiative.)


Netanyahu thinks a ‘state-minus’ is enough for the Palestinians 




Hiroshima museum unveils newly discovered images from atomic bombing




Why American Jews Are Overwhelmingly Liberal


They're Back-k-k! Leftist Crazies




Iran Lobbyists at Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Accuse Trump of Nuclear Threat


Realtors led lobbying pack last quarter, followed by US Chamber




The Science of Cannabis (A new report is honest about the benefits—and harms—of pot.)




Major newspaper editorial boards blast Trump's border 'war'


Media Botches Hit Piece on White House Press Secretary


Trump Playing Rope-a-Dope with the Media


Washington Post claims declaring Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group will put academics who study it at risk of arrest


Media ruin credibility by overreacting


Media already has verdict: There's no voter fraud


Macomb v media Voters who read little news think Trump had a great first week




Mexican FM defiant on wall payment


What does America import from Mexico? A whole lot


Melania Trump featured on Vanity Fair Mexico cover


Pressure Builds on Mexico as Migrants Strain Border Towns


Mexican Standoff  (The master dealmaker outfoxes his Mexican counterpart.)


Mexican President Cancels Meeting With Trump




Houthis exploiting businesses, banks: Yemeni govt


Yemen army clashes with Houthis in Mokha




Trump: Mattis’s view on torture will override my own beliefs   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Worried about the Size of the U.S. Navy? Rearm the Coast Guard


Trump’s Pentagon Chief Orders F-35 Jet, Air Force One Review


Jailed Navy sailor's family hopeful after Trump tells Hannity he is considering pardon


Retired Army Dogs Meant for Veterans Given to Company that Tried to Sell Them to Foreign Countries


Mattis Phones German Defense Chief, Underscoring Commitment to NATO  


Norfolk is home to the world's largest naval base, and it turns 100 this year


New Pentagon policy makes job performance key for civilians to keep their jobs


Female Marines to sleep next to males in field


Air Force, airline industry working on joint solution to pilot shortage


ISIS airstrike limits in Iraq come under review; Mattis looks at Mosul  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Navy confirms fall release for ‘green cammies,’ offers other uniform updates


Patriotic teen accepted at 4 main U.S. military academies: ‘I’m honestly considering West Point’


Super Hercules' arrival will bring changes to Yokota Air Base


Facing the grave nuclear risk  (America must resume underground nuclear weapons testing as rapidly as possible. The lives of millions of Americans, and the continued existence of the United States, may depend upon it.)




Trump on Madonna: ‘Honestly, she’s disgusting’




Apollo 1 astronauts lost in tragic fire 50 years ago


‘We have a fire in the cockpit!’: The Apollo 1 disaster 50 years later




Trump pressured Park Service to find proof for his crowd size claims


Park Rangers to the Rescue




NATO says Montenegro membership to send 'clear signal'


British PM: Trump confirmed he is ‘100 percent behind NATO’


U.S. Defense Chief Assures French, German Counterparts Of NATO Commitment 




Potatoes get a bad rap. They don't deserve it


Eating your five-a-day could help prevent Alzheimer’s, study suggests




An Extremist Holding the Purse Strings




Pakistan Bans TV Host Who Said Missing Bloggers Deserve To Die


Pakistan pumps diluted heroin into Punjab, triggers fear


German publication released more documents about Maryam Nawaz ownnership of London flats


Another feat for KSE


Pakistan ready to hold dialogue with India: FO


Pakistan,Afghanistan have to go through extreme vetting process before entering US




Mylan CEO says EpiPen controversy was "a window into a broken system"





Muslim writer claims Trump’s immigration policies are “racism and Islamophobia at its most basic level”




Michael Savage: 'I'm so excited right now'




Conservative movement proposes allowing non-Jews as synagogue members




How Donald Trump Can Work with Russia and Not Give Away the House


Russia and India to develop BrahMos light cruise missile for PAK FA 5th -generation jet


Russia's new MiG-35 fighter jet to use laser weapons


Germany's new Foreign Minister declares friendship with Russia a priority


Putin and Trump Want to Team Up, but That's Not Going to Be Easy   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Tajikistan, Russia Reach Agreement In Standoff Over Flights


Russian Prosecutor General Rejects Presidential Human Rights Council's Proposal to Soften Law on ‘Foreign Agents’


Russian Duma Approves Bill To Soften Penalty For Domestic Violence


Moscow Officials Threaten to Prosecute Anyone Who Protests Russia's Courts


BP interested in joint ventures with Rosneft in Russia, overseas

Trump to speak with Putin on Saturday 


Russia restores radar field securing all-round defense against missile attacks


Thawing the permafrost with Russia


Moscow's air defense registered a dozen missile launches in 2016


Alleged hacker behind LinkedIn breach at centre of US-Russia legal tussle


Trump joins Putin's strongman club a threat to global institutions


 Lavrov meets selected Syria opposition, says Geneva talks postponed  (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)




Trump administration moves make scientists nervous. Here's what they're planning to do about it


Hydrogen turned into metal in stunning act of alchemy




Rogue Secret Service agent in legal jeopardy




Senate Still Can’t Understand Why Trump Won


Conservative group to target McCain over Mulvaney grilling  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Group of Republican Lawmakers Call for Swift Confirmation of Betsy DeVos


McCain Vows To Cement Sanctions Against Russia If Trump Tries To Lift Them  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Anti-Devos calls jam Senate phone lines


Trump would favor ‘nuclear option’ if Democrats filibuster Supreme Court pick


Indiana teachers hold sit-in to demand Young (R-Indiana) recuse himself from DeVos vote


GOP should draft Peyton Manning for Senate in 2018


Sanders applauds scientists 'fighting back' with planned DC march  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)




Plan to curb sex trafficking in Van Nuys calls for adding street lamps and trimming trees




Chile Deadly wildfire razes entire town: 'Literally like Dante's Inferno'




South Korean, U.S. Marines Tussle in Snow in What North Brands ‘Madcap’ Drill


Domestic Violence Rises Over Traditional Holidays


S. Korea set to expand imports from US


South Korea Can Keep Buddha Statue Stolen From Japan, Court Says


The Origin of Giving on Lunar New Year


Seoul Mayor Park to drop presidential bid


S. Korea completes deployment of 36 upgraded Apache choppers


Defense ministry rules out bringing major changes to conscription




Patriots Face Backlash From Clinton Supporters Over Trump Comments


Column: Hogan's emergence is crowning insult to the Bills.  


Former ice queen Tonya Harding isn’t looking too hot these days


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Trump-hating flag-burners in Iowa absolutely, positively foiled


Officials announce proposal that would establish California as separate nation


Illinois Gov Clashes With Trump Over Sending National Guard Into Chicago


Why New Jersey is encouraging moms to put their newborns in a box


The ‘alternative facts’ of Andrew Cuomo  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




Trump Is Already Damaging the Ability of the State Department to Function (A wave of forced resignations of critical staff — with no replacements — is a recipe for disaster.)


Patrick Kennedy, Clinton’s Defender, Out at State Department


Three cheers for the State Department exodus


Exodus of Senior State Dept. Staff in New Admin.


Fake News: Media Lies About State Dept Officials "Fleeing" Trump




Thomas Hardiman, under consideration for Supreme Court, is a champion of gun rights


High court inquisition by committee


Antonin Scalia, part-time liberal




Trump-Putin safe zones deal ousts Iran from Syria


Extremists, rebels in heavy clashes in northwest Syria




Taiwan ATM hack Three jailed over $2.6m theft


Principal teaches about life, nature via chickens


Redeployment of US forces would Place Taiwan in danger


Agency cautions on the use of pain relief patches


Trump understands special nature of U.S.-Taiwan relations Feulner


Ex-president Ma gets green light for trip to US


Taiwan firefighters give poodles mouth-to-mouth after fire


Taiwan No.31 on Corruption Perceptions Index


Taiwan stands to lose if Trump changes ‘one China’ US experts




The Future of American Manufacturing Is High Tech, Not High Tariffs





Is US ‘terror tag’ likely for Muslim Brotherhood?


3 Questions to Keep Muslim Terrorists Out of America  (How to screen Muslim immigrants for Islamic terror.)


Trump’s freeze on immigrants and refugees plays into the hands of Islamic terror recruiters


How a Civilian Prosecution Gave the U.S. a Key Informant (A Somali who pleaded guilty to supporting terrorists was not tried before a military commission. Still, he became one of the nation’s most important informants.)




Mr. President, Tear Up This Treaty




It’s Time to Think for Yourself on Free Trade  (What economists and populists both get wrong about the international economy.)


Trump forces GOP to rethink trade policy


Trump is starting a trade war we don’t need


U.S. Edges Toward Trade War as Trump Clash With Mexico Escalates


Iowa farmer and Trump supporter worried about TPP withdrawal




Mom speaks out on fight over transgender daughter's treatment




British PM heads to Turkey after meeting with Trump


Turkey blasts Greece for releasing coup soldiers


Construction along Istanbul’s Bosporus needs new regulation: Erdoğan (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkish justice minister sends second extradition request for coup plotter soldiers


Main Opposition deputy seeks inquiry into potential terror attacks after Swedish Embassy’s security warning


11 ISIL suspects arrested over Istanbul club attack


Violence costs world economy $13.6 trillion in year: Report


Turkish army kills militants in Syria, Iraq


Two Iranians arrested over PKK membership in Turkey’s southeast


Homeless man dies at Istanbul bus stop amid latest cold snap


Turkish Health Ministry develops app to report violations in smoke-free areas


Syrian doctors, health workers in Turkey to be given special work permit: Health minister


Turkey marks Holocaust, warns against rising racist movements in Europe


Ankara cautiously optimistic about a Trump Administration


Turkish government silencing opposition ahead of poll says writers group


ISIL preparing to withdraw from al-Bab: Turkish military sources




Dem. State Senator: Union Worker Sexism to Blame for Right to Work


The Takeout: Why Trump’s Obamacare repeal plan concerns the NFL players’ union


Republican Takes Over NLRB


Unions Continue to Hemorrhage Members




FTSE 100 ends higher as Tesco soars on deal and dividend news


Will Trump Rescue Theresa May?  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


UK: Sharia court hands down sentence approving of honor killing


Theresa May praises Trump but pledges end to 'failed' foreign wars  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


British PM Theresa May says Trump brings new era of American renewal, global leadership


NHS: Hospitals cancelled record number of urgent operations last year


Labour rebels challenge Jeremy Corbyn to sack them as party signals it could review support for Article 50


Anglicanism: Bishops refuse to change stance on gay marriage


Theresa May warns Donald Trump against ‘Iran’s malign influence’


IPCC investigates police officer's comments to black DJ he pulled over


Two jailed over fatal Bath truck crash


Church of England bishops reject lifting opposition to same-sex marriage


Leeds: Police investigate fatal shooting of teenager


Shadow Welsh secretary quits over Brexit


Donald Trump to publish weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants


Domestic violence: CPS accused of failing victims after woman loses eye in attack


The Queen channels the South Pacific as she visits Fiji exhibition in Norwich


Football: Cambridge man arrested in connection with historical child abuse


'Opposites attract' Theresa May signals strong relationship with Trump


Environment: Cold snap may bring unusual migrant birds to gardens


Former judge jailed over law firm fraud


Fox captured after chewing off part of man's ear and attacking girl in rampage near village's Waitrose


Politics: Fewer Britons living in EU than previously thought, study finds


Treasury takes back £384m school funding


Theresa and Trump's new era: UK Prime Minister lays wreath at Arlington cemetery as she gears up for historic White House meet with US President that could shape our post-Brexit future


MoD spending plans 'need more savings'


Prevent: Council admits racially discriminating against two boys over toy gun referral


A Soccer Hero Dips a Toe into Britain’s Roiling Politics


'I believe in the sanctity of life': Kellyanne says she'll join anti-abortion march today as she and Pence prepare to speak to massive annual rally in DC


RAF fighter jets in near miss at air base




On Holocaust Remembrance Day, UN Warns Against 'Incitement To Hatred'


UN-hosted Feb 8 Geneva talks on Syria postponed




How America Lost Its Identity


Rains Wash Away Worst Drought Conditions in South




The Papal Wrecking Ball


Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God




Billionaire buddies optimistic about a Trump-led America


Trump: Call with Mexican president 'very friendly'


The Plot to Undermine Trump


Trump won't kill speculation on lifting Russia sanctions


Trump backs Bannon: ‘The media is the opposition party’


Trump praises Brexit during Theresa May press conference


Poll: 36% approve of Trump's job performance


Trump hiring freeze already being portrayed as harming the public


Trump, Mexican Leader Talk by Phone as Tensions Rise


Why Andrew Jackson Instead of Ronald Reagan?


Can Trump Bell the Progressive Cat?  (The battle to shrink the last half-century of hypertrophied statism and leftist tyranny.)


Conway: Removing some sanctions on Russia 'under consideration'


President Trump's Executive Orders on Immigration Explained


White House Kills ObamaCare Ads


Trump Claims He 'Agreed' to Cancel Meeting with Mexican President Next Week

Trump Fires Hillary's Benghazi Fixer


White House floats import tax on Mexico to pay for border wall


Trump’s Exclusive Interrogator


Donald Trump’s Mexico Tantrum


Trump's Opening Act Is More Conservative Than Reagan


Was Trump's official @POTUS account unsecured?


Steve Bannon says the media is the ‘opposition party’


White House misspells Theresa May's name three times ahead of Trump meeting


Trump to GOP lawmakers: ‘We have to deliver’


Trump's Twitter profile sparks new concerns on hacking risk


Reality check: Many of Trump’s early vows will never actually happen


White House Sows Confusion Over Plan to Tax Imports


We ignore Trump at our peril


Niece of MLK Jr., uses uncle's words to warn anti-Trump women


Advocates warn of fight ahead if Trump pursues torture


Yet another Trump official with curiously familiar words


Trump Rallies G.O.P.: ‘We Have to Deliver’


Trump: 'Mexico has taken advantage of the U.S. for long enough'


Greatest modern president? Poll has Obama neck-and-neck with Reagan.


Trump calls ISIS fighters "sneaky, dirty rats"


Trump Week One: The return of the nation-state


Trump Advisers, Daughter Registered to Vote in 2 States


Trump needs to stop sending mixed messages on torture


Staff at Mar-a-Lago are being inundated with angry callers venting their rage against Trump 


Trump strategist Steve Bannon tells media to "keep its mouth shut"


'A disgrace': President Trump blasts SNL writer for targeting his son Barron and calls Madonna 'disgusting' for talking about blowing up the White House in interview with Sean Hannity


5 things to watch in Trump's meeting with British prime minister


Trump: Waterboarding isn't torture



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