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Friday, January 26, 2018





In Today’s Issue: 




Cecile Richards Confirms She’s Resigning as CEO of Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


U.S. Senate set to vote on bill banning abortions after 20 weeks


Cecile Richards is Quitting. Here’s the Shocking Planned Parenthood Numbers She Doesn’t Want You to See


For Proof Abortion Is Inhumane, Look No Further Than Supporters’ Defenses Of Killing Disabled People


Planned Parenthood Opposes Senate Bill Banning Abortions Up to Birth


Republicans Prepare for Upcoming Abortion Vote


He Did Abortions Until He Had Three Powerful Encounters With the Holy Spirit


How Did Abortion Become A Monopartisan Issue?


Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Display to Memorialize Aborted Babies 4 Hours After It Was Put Up


Planned Parenthood Infiltrates Over 300 Colleges and Universities With New Pro-Abortion Student Groups


Abortion Activist Claims: If You Oppose Abortion You Must Hate Poor Women


Utah Committee Passes Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome


Five Lessons for Pro-Lifers From the Pro-Abortion Women’s March


Physicians Group Wants Doctors to be Forced to Participate in Abortions


New Jersey Democrats Trying to Force State Residents to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


87 religious leaders ask Trudeau gov’t to drop summer job pro-abortion pledge


University of Vermont Medical Center to Start Killing Babies in Abortions


‘Nobody…should check the box’: Canadian Cardinal slams Trudeau’s pro-abortion pledge


Irish poll shows majority support abortion up to 12 weeks


New Poll Claims Ireland Wants to Legalize Abortion, But It’s Always Been Pro-Life




The secret struggle for Afghanistan





Controversial Fossil Hints Homo sapiens Blazed a Trail Out of Africa Earlier Than Thought


Trump dodges questions about vulgar Africa remark



ASX slides, $A shines


Australian dollar shoots to 32-month high


Doctors face ban on handing out addictive painkillers





Autos officials hopeful that industry can avoid a NAFTA disaster




TSX up modestly as Bombardier shares soar, Wall Street hits record high


Annual pace of inflation slows, consumer price index up 1.9% in December


The billionaires were found dead in their mansion. Now police say they were murdered.


At NAFTA talks, Canada hails jet case as victory for free trade


CTV reporter suspended after sexual misconduct allegations





The deadly flu epidemic sweeping the US is still spreading — here's everything you need to know





Looking for Jesus in all the wrong places




North Korea plans military parade on Olympics eve




More Questions on the Congressional Harassment Slush Fund


Feds Spent $9 on Defense for Every $1 on Healthcare 50 Years Ago




Suspect charged in series of drive-by shootings


Colorado: Convert to Islam, ISIS supporter, gets life in prison for murder of transit security guard


Nicole Finn gets 3 life sentences for starving 3 of her adopted children until 1 died





Parents Starved and Neglected Teen Son With Cerebral Palsy So Badly He Died


Tennessee teen allegedly shot in head during internet challenge, officials say





Border Patrol Crack Down Shines Light On Rising Number Of Migrant Deaths





Report: Dutch Spies Watched Russians Hack US Democrats


Journalist says Obama, Farrakhan photo suppressed at request of black lawmakers





The 10 Events You Need To Know To Understand The Almost-Firing Of Robert Mueller (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


The scandal is not that Trump tried to fire Mueller; it’s that he can’t


Mueller interviewed Facebook staffer who worked on Trump campaign, report says





Dow ends more than 220 points higher as tech, health-care stocks rally


Stocks Rise to Records on Earnings as Dollar Falls: Markets Wrap


Dollar remains in negative territory after GDP data


U.S. stocks, VIX dance in tandem in break with history


Gold prices drop for the session, but gain for the week


US Economy Grew at Solid 2.6 Percent Rate in Fourth Quarter


Why a Patriots win in Super Bowl LII could be bearish for the stock market


Frank Luntz: Public is far more concerned about the economy than it is about Russia




The Fight for School Choice Is Far from Over


Why the Academic Left Fears and Loathes Dr. Jordan Peterson





5 Things We Learned About The ‘Russia Investigation’ This Week





Bernie Sanders reportedly weighing 2020 presidential run




Oil prices end the week higher, with U.S. benchmark above $66


Energy Prices





The New Occupation of Europe


“Refugees” arriving in Europe ask for wifi first, food and shelter second





Luxury-goods shares lead Europe higher as traders shake off rising euro


Czech Republic: Imam and his relatives accused of jihad terror activity


EU Multicultural Blues





Elderly Woman Resists Being Euthanized When She Sees the Needle, So Her Family Held Her Down




Houston kidnap victim killed during FBI raid


New texts between Trump-bashing FBI lovers show Clinton never in jeopardy, say lawmakers




Exclusive: PayPal closes account of French BDS organization





Germany: Muslim teen stabs non-Muslim in the neck for looking at his mother “provocatively”


Germany: Three Muslim migrants sexually assault mother with toddler in stroller


Germany: Judge removes crucifix from courtroom in trial of Muslim who threatened a convert to Christianity


Germany: Pants sold with alarm to ward off Muslim migrant rapes





Holocaust hero honored 75 years after dramatic rescue of fellow Jews from Nazis


The inevitable politicization of International Holocaust Remembrance Day





Court orders university to reinstate Christian club booted for refusing to elect LGBT activist




Pelosi: Trump's immigration proposal is part of a 'campaign to make America white again'  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


No, Nancy Pelosi, A Thousand More Dollars In My Pocket Isn’t ‘Crumbs’





Immigration Hand-Biters and Bad Politics




China-India border tension: Satellite imagery shows Doklam plateau build-up


Republic Day outreach marks fresh start in India’s Asean ties




Iranian drama: Khamenei taking on Revolutionary Guards?




YouTube: Keeping Americans in the Dark on Islam





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Friday, January 26, 2018)


TV report: Israel now wants Trump to reject Palestinian ‘right of return’


John Kerry Versus Nikki Haley on How to Deal With Abbas (Former US Secretary of State John F Kerry/ US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley/ “Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Store that sells ‘P is for Palestine’ children’s book faces heat from the left


Slovenian president doubts country will recognize 'Palestine'


Mossad chose not to nab Mengele, didn’t hunt down Munich terrorists, book claims


Report: Jordanian King told Lebanese PM Arabs Must Surrender to Trump’s Minimalist Peace Plan


Israeli settlers torch Palestinian car, spray racist anti-Arab graffiti in East Jerusalem


Ramallah: If Jerusalem Is Off the Table, Peace Is Off the Table


Lebanon: Israel behind attempt on life of Hamas member


Is Israel’s International Isolation Diminishing?


Attorney general to police: No evidence of graft for indicting Netanyahu  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu Says Israel is ‘Keeping the Holy Sites, Status Quo in Jerusalem’ (video)


New Orleans rescinds BDS-backed measure following criticism


Israeli forces detain 5 Palestinians, seize weapons in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) raids


Israel agrees to sell 30 aging F-16 planes to Croatia


Obama: I gave Israel more military aid than anyone


Car torched in East Jerusalem in suspected anti-Arab hate crime


Owner Of Egyptian Daily: The Arabs Should Respond To The Trump Declaration With A 'Comprehensive Peace Offensive'


Israeli forces shoot Palestinian teenager in the neck in Nablus-area village


Israeli Peace Parliament Holds First “Public Conference”– Ejects Media


Israeli forces detain foreign activist from Hebron City


Trump Warns Palestinian Authority No More Money Without Peace Talks (video)


Former Jordanian Information Minister Following U.S. Vice President Pence's Amman Visit: Israel Will Disappear Soon; U.S. Will Lose Its Global Hegemony


Emergency crews, helicopter rescue 8 from flooded river as Israel hit by storm


Experts disagree on cause of widening partisan gap on Israel support


9 soldiers injured in mass brawl at IDF base


John Kerry Sabotages US Foreign Policy (Former Sectary of State John Kerry urges the “Palestinians” to resist Trump.)


Harassment of Messianic Jews’ Center in Israel Begins Anew




The Army's latest weapon to turn around the war in Afghanistan





U.S. and Pakistan Give Conflicting Accounts of Drone Strike 





Steve Wynn, RNC finance chairman, faces allegations of sexual misconduct





Obama vs. Trump: Who Really Colluded with Russia?


Russian FM Lavrov: According To New U.S. National Defense Strategy, 'After WWII, The U.S. And Its Allies Created A New World Order, Which Russia And China Are Undermining From Within'


The Russia threat is real -- and it matters


Lavrov To 'Kommersant': Unlike Cold War Era, Current Military Potential Buildup Not Driven By Ideological Disagreements, Russia And U.S. Both Democracies With Free Enterprise


Russia In The World – Russia On The African Continent Part I


Coming U.S. List of Oligarchs Linked to Putin Alarms Russia’s Rich





Senate Democrats Seek to Protect Mueller From Being Fired





Hillary Clinton Chose to Shield a Top Adviser Accused of Harassment in 2008




Your Social Security Number Still At Risk, Security Experts Warn





South Korea hospital fire kills at least 37 people


S. Korea’s electronics industry No. 3 by production


South Korea preparing retaliatory tariffs on US goods


Moon's Approval Ratings Plummet Over N.Korea  (President Moon Jae-in)


Most Young S.Koreans Don't Believe in Reunification




Vince McMahon Takes on Roger Goodell With a Revived XFL





California’s Soft Secession Accelerates


New York, New Jersey and Connecticut plan lawsuit challenging constitutionality of tax law





Watch: Int'l volunteers head to Syria's Afrin to fight 'fascist' Turkey





China says has goodwill toward Taiwan, but won't allow separation


China Wins Its Fight Over Flights With Rival Taiwan





US trade panel strikes down 300 percent tariffs on Canadian jets, dealing a blow to Boeing





Erdogan: Islamic education will build “new civilization for Turkey” (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


One week on, Operation Olive Branch helps Turkey seize many initiatives


On Turkey's Border with Syria, I Found People Keen for War


Turkey’s Erdogan threatens to expand offensive to other northern Syrian cities





U.K. stocks rebound from 1-month low as AstraZeneca rises after trial results





Act now on Iran and Jerusalem dispute to save peace hopes, Saudi Arabia tells UN


Haley addresses 'disgusting' rumor: Some people 'try and throw arrows' when you speak your mind (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)


UN refugee chief says Europe must prepare systems to cope with bigger migrant flows





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump enters the Davos club by charming the plutocrats


Davos elites get a dose of the Trump First message


In Davos Speech, Trump Mixes Facts With Fiction


Trump tells Piers Morgan that front-page news was 'not a big story'


Trump Won’t Supply Rope for His Hanging


Trump marks Holocaust Remembrance in statement


‘America first’ does not mean America alone: Trump


Amnesty for 1.8 Million: White House Releases Immigration Plan


Steps Trump has taken during the Russia investigation that could be troublesome


New refrigerators for Air Force One will cost you $24 million


Trump demanded Mueller be fired, but backed off after WH counsel refused: Report




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