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Wednesday, January 25, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic CEO Retires, Says Killing Babies “is Just No Fun Anymore”


Planned Parenthood on Defunding of Foreign Abortion Groups: ‘Access to Abortion is an American Value’


Atlantic Fake News: Fetal Heartbeats ‘Imaginary’


Trump Spokesman: White House Staff Will Attend the March for Life


Planned Parenthood touts importance of prenatal care, doesn’t offer any


Chilis Restaurants in Two States Giving 15% of Your Meal Purchase to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


‘Greatest genocide in history’: Groundbreaking report finds 1 billion abortions in past 100 years


Pro-life activists debunk Planned Parenthood’s claim to offer prenatal care: Video


Trump didn’t just re-enact old ban on funding International Planned Parenthood – It’s now much stronger


CUNY Queens College Faces Lawsuit After Denying Pro-Life Student Group Official Status


Anti-Abortion Group Releases Video Targeting Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood VP Claims “Women Will Die” Because Trump Defunded Its International Group


Abortion lobby isn't 'pro-choice'


Networks Cover Pro-Abortion Women’s March 129 Times More Than March for Life


Planned Parenthood Caught Denying Women Prenatal Care: 92 of 97 Abortion Clinics Turned Them Away


CNN Host Falsely Claims Trump Cutting International Planned Parenthood Funds Was Anti-Contraception


House Passes Bill to Permanently Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions


Kermit Gosnell, Convicted of Murder for Snipping Babies’ Necks in Abortions, Claims He’ll be Released


Making permanent a lifesaving law  (By US Representative of New Jersey Chris Smith (R); Forty years ago, Congress enacted the Hyde Amendment — a law that continues to this day to proscribe federal Medicaid funds from being used to subsidize abortion in most circumstances.)


Kansas Gov Sam Brownback: “Kansas is the Leading Pro-Life State in America and We Will Stay That Way”


House Passes Bill to Permanently Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions


President Donald Trump Defunds UNFPA, Which Promotes Abortions Worldwide


What to Know About Trump Reinstatement of Mexico City Policy Affecting Overseas Abortions


Undercover video shows Planned Parenthoods nationwide deny women prenatal care


President Donald Trump Will Sign Bill Permanently Banning Taxpayer Funding of Abortions


Silence on Abortion Equals Death


Cecile Richards Claimed “Folks Depend on Planned Parenthood for Prenatal Care.” She Lied


Texas lawmaker proposes criminalizing abortion to make women ‘personally responsible’ for sex


Arkansas House Passes Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb


March for Life: Hope for abortion policy change energizes Michiganders


Abortion Activists Try to Shout Down Pro-Life Speaker But Pro-Lifers Drown Them Out With Prayers


A Nationwide Ban On Abortions After A Month And A Half Was Introduced In Congress


New Report: 1 Billion Babies Have Been Killed in Abortions Worldwide Over the Last 100 Years


Abortion Science: Heartbeats Are Imaginary, Unborn Babies Aren’t Alive, And Ultrasounds Are Just Tools Of The Patriarchy


Planned Parenthood Injures Woman in Botched Abortion, Put in Ambulance Under “Healthcare Happens” Sign


Dem on photo of Trump abortion order: ‘Where are the women?’


Pro-Abortion “Women’s March” Participants Say Women Can’t be Pro-Life on Abortion


Alveda King on the “Women’s March:” “Who Represented Those Little Girls Being Aborted?”


A Millennial’s Perspective on Abortion and Roe v. Wade: “One-Third of My Generation is Gone”


Ontario Catholic teachers’ union leaders make their presence known at pro-abortion Toronto women’s march  (Canada)


Trump’s revival of the antiabortion ‘gag rule’ could have a big impact in Africa


Irish Abortion Activists Will Strike if Government Doesn’t Allow Vote on Overturning Pro-Life 8th Amendment


Jewish organizations lament Trump severing foreign aid over abortions




Report: Trump Told Afghanistan President He Would Mull Troop Increase


Taliban Tell Trump: 'It's Time to Leave Afghanistan'


Afghanistan Orders Arrest of Vice President’s Guards in Rape and Torture Case




Morocco ‘categorically’ denies Spanish lawyer was banned entry


EU hikes support for Libya coast guard to stop migrants


Muslim Terrorists Are Now Using Mothers Carrying Babies As Suicide Bombers In Nigeria


Christianity Is So Hated In Somalia That If You Say You Are A Christian The Muslims Will Behead You On The Spot


Mogadishu attack: At least 10 killed after explosion outside hotel


 Al Qaeda-linked group claims deadly hotel attack


Sudan Plays Obama for a Fool (Cessation of sanctions against Sudan shines a bright light on Obama’s hypocrisy and tendency to get played by tyrannical African leaders. )


Somalia: Gunmen Storm Hotel in Capital After Car Bomb


Rwanda economy recovering two decades after genocide




American Air Drops Seat-Back Video Screens on New Boeing Max




Virginia to Debate Landmark Anti-Semitism Bill


Top EU lawmaker urges vigilance amid rise in anti-Semitism


Anti-Semitism seen on the rise in Poland




Kyrgyzstan Detains Two Alleged Terrorists With Fake U.S. Dollars




Miners lead the charge as bulls return to the ASX


Australian Dollar Slides Thanks to CPI Miss





Auto executives in Canada and U.S. plot cross-border response to Trump’s NAFTA threats


Trump Is Squeezing Detroit at the Worst Possible Time


Toyota's 'Made in America' Strategy Isn't Enough to Shield It From Trump


Hyundai Motor's Profit Tumbles 39 Percent on Weak Car Sales


Trump talks to U.S. automakers, pushes for new American plants



Boeing 787 Dreamliner Turns Into Rainmaker, and Shares Soar




Kosovar, Serbian Leaders Agree To Further Talks On Normalizing Ties




Obama’s overspending iceberg




Report: Trump’s Border Wall Would Cost At Least $15 Billion


For Texans, the wall is complicated


The President will start building Mexico border wall TODAY - and is set to BAN people from Syria and six other 'dangerous' Muslim countries from entering America by signing executive orders




TSX ends the day just shy of its record close


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Trudeau challenged on oil sands at rowdy Calgary town hall  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Ontario premier bombarded by homophobic, sexist abuse on social media


Half of Canada will be immigrants, or children of, by 2036: Statscan


Private donor steps in to help Wapekeka First Nation after Health Canada refused


B.C.’s pipeline demands set a dangerous precedent


How Canada became the world's newest tax haven


Trudeau loves Quebec more than the ROC and sometimes he forgets to pretend otherwise


Job seekers with Asian names get fewer interviews, study finds


B.C. councillor sues her daughter for trying to stop election by revealing sex abuse by stepfather


Finance Canada drops massive hint on budget date


On the day before his funeral, school robocalled dead Edmonton student’s house to report him absent


Awful Study Says Euthanizing More Patients Will Save the Government Money


Toronto doctors did the unthinkable to buy a dying patient time for a transplant — they removed her lungs


Canada May Face Era of Pipeline Abundance After Keystone Move


‘Dumb bitches’: Head of Windsor minor hockey under fire for comment about Canadian women marchers




Why were protesters wearing hijabs?


After the Women’s March




CIA Dir. Pompeo: 'Jesus Christ Our Savior Is Truly the Only Solution For Our World'


Trump Admin May Pave Way for CIA to Reopen ‘Black Site’ Prisons


Trump and the Intelligence Community Deserve a Do-Over


The Shocking Affront of Donald Trump’s C.I.A. Stunt




Kyle Bass Calls Trump ‘Gasoline’ on Smoldering Fire in China  


China foreign minister wants dialogue with U.S. to manage disputes


Don’t Fall for China’s Global Baloney


China says it will not back down on South China Sea


China Won’t Run From a Fight With Trump (The new US President says he’s ready to stand up to China in its own backyard — but Beijing won’t take that lying down.)


Trump's 'America First' lets China play world leader


Trump Injects High Risk Into Relations With China


China hits back at US over South China Sea 'takeover' claims


A Chinese Nuclear Site, Hidden in a Mountain, Is Reborn as a Tourist Draw


Lego copycats fool China boss




North Korea ready to test ICBM 'any time,' official says


Defector: North Korea is turning against Kim Jong Un  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Kim Jong Un wants to meet Trump, will never give up nukes, says defector  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)




Congress Should Learn From Obama’s Last-Minute UN Spending Binge


Republicans are repealing the repeal of Obamacare


Conservative group launches $2.6 million ad campaign for Obamacare repeal


Congressional plan would take U.S. out of U.N.




CBO Report Shows Why Action Needed Now to Avoid Budget Crisis


Obama's Parting Gift: Trillion-Dollar Deficits As Far As The Eye Can See


Debt spike, sluggish growth predicted by Congressional Budget Office




Kraft Heinz Is Giving Workers a Day Off in Super Bowl Stunt




Suspect in Officer's Killing Curses Judge, Again


NYC firefighter says in lawsuit he was sexually assaulted on the job


Case dropped against man jailed 25 years in NYC tourist slaying


Lawmakers Plot Push to Break up the Most Liberal Federal Court


Man sentenced in celeb photo hacking


Judge certifies class in lawsuit challenging PACER fees


Emotional 14-year-old girl is comforted by a therapy dog in court as she's questioned by the father and son who 'chained her up in a basement and sexually assaulted her'


Rapper who was jailed for anti-cop rap song tries to get his conviction overturned on appeal as he argues it is protected by the First Amendment


Plea Offer Made to Man Who Fired Shots Inside DC Pizzeria


Hate crime charge in fatal attack on gay man lured to lake




Former gang member executed in Michigan halfway house after Obama commutes his sentence


Let’s Empower the Police to Protect Our Communities and Themselves


Passerby finds slain woman's body in pool of blood on road


Man shot dead after dropping off son at Detroit school


Trump Threatens to 'Send in the Feds' Because of Chicago 'Carnage'


Erratic driver in police chase turns out to be boy, 10


Florida man stabbed dog because it was barking, police say


Criminals use high-tech tactics to steal cars




DNC Readies ‘War Room’ to Launch ‘Constant Campaign’ Against Trump


Anti-Semitic Keith Ellison Touts Endorsement of Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson




Hillary eyes gig as TV host as a way to set the stage for… her 2020 run?


Obama Job Approval Ratings Most Politically Polarized by Far


Report: Clintons Just Won’t Go Away. Here’s What They’re Planning Next.


Democrats vie for chance to take on Trump as California governor


Democrats Must Be Racist


Minn. Governor Mark Dayton says he has prostate cancer


Why de Blasio’s budgets mean trouble tomorrow  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)




Agriculture Dept. lifts gag order: report




Dow ends above 20,000 for first time, marking second-fastest milestone run in history


Wall Street rises, Dow closes above 20,000 milestone


Dow Tops 20,000 as Earnings Feed Rally, Bonds Fall: Markets Wrap


More Businesses Expressing Intent to Hire This Year


Treasury yields build on largest daily gain in 6 weeks


Bill Gates could become world’s first trillionaire


Gold ends at a nearly 2-week low as U.S. stock indexes trade in record territory


Dow makes history: cracks 20,000 barrier!


Asia Stocks Extend Global Rally on Growth Optimism: Markets Wrap


Asian stocks at three-month highs on U.S. cues, dollar rebounds for now


Americans Are Flipping Houses Like It’s 2006


How Team Trump Sees Unemployment and Why it Matters




Fordham University Rejects SJP  (SJP’s goals “clearly conflict with…the mission and values of the University.”)


Harvard Endowment Will Outsource Most Management, Cut Jobs


Lawmaker Channels Trump’s ‘Power to the People’ Message to Reform Education


In a ‘what do I do now’ moment, Jewish college students work to build cross-cultural bridges


Education Department report finds billions spent under Obama had 'no impact' on achievement


NJ teacher who performed sex acts on students blames her strict Muslim upbringing


Bible course in public elementary school under fire


Instead of Coddling, Universities Should Let Students Grow Up


Couple with 'no training' reaches international students


Rise of the Trump Snowflakes: Principal And Teacher Suspended Over Trump Parody Skit [Video]


College Students Meet to Have Sex, But a Poorly-Timed Touch Gets the Male in Trouble with Title IX


Creating Affordable Pathways  (The University of Kentucky, as the state’s flagship institution, has a moral responsibility to provide access to students of limited means, write Eli Capilouto and Tim Tracy, and thus is radically shifting the ratio of merit to need-based aid to do so.)


Private Colleges Suggest New York’s Free Tuition Plan Limits Choices


Provosts in the Middle  (Annual survey provides chief academic officers’ views on diversifying the faculty and curriculum, using student evaluations of professors, preserving the liberal arts, assessing learning, preparing students for careers … and more.)


The emptiness behind NYC’s rising high-school-graduation rates


Higher Ed and the Wall (Some college leaders are concerned about the symbolic impact of Trump’s proposed wall on collaborations and exchange, even as many wait to see what, if any, practical effects it might have.)


Empowering families must remain the root of school choice


Protecting Student Privacy, or Reputation?  (State judge says University of Kentucky need not release records related to sexual assault allegations against a former professor. University officials say student privacy wins out; critics call Kentucky's argument a "smokescreen.")


College Student Confuses Covered Lab Equipment With KKK Rally




Six Years After Egyptian Revolution, Many Disillusioned





Study Claims Up To 2.8 Million Non-Citizens Voted In 2008




Trump calls for 'major investigation' into voter fraud


Huckabee pushes back on Trump's debunked voter fraud claim


Trump Sticks to His Voting Fraud Story. Here Are the Facts.




Americans Split on Whether US Will Be Better Off in 2020




Oil futures settle lower as data reveal 3rd -weekly rise in U.S. supplies


Energy Prices


Hundreds gather near Trump Tower to protest pipeline executive orders


Trump-Protesting Professors Reveal They're More Concerned with Pushing Politics than Teaching Students


US Energy Takes a Major Step Forward


Politicians, Celebrities Slam Trump's Pipeline Orders


Trump revives oil pipeline projects, demands U.S. steel used


Majority of Promised Oil Pipeline Jobs to Be Temporary


Here's who benefits from Keystone, Dakota pipelines


Trump’s Executive Orders Clear the Way for Energy Development


California utilities propose a $1-billion electric vehicle push


Trump’s infrastructure ambitions are no excuse for reviving the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines




Love Canal Down the Memory Hole




EPA Contract Freeze Leave States Confused


Police: 7 Protesters on DC Crane Associated With Greenpeace


Communication Chill (As EPA freezes grants, agencies issue internal guidance to employees on outside communications, stirring fears of political interference in science.)


Trump admin tells EPA to take down its climate change webpage: report


Restrictions on EPA communications worry environmentalists


New administration orders EPA media blackout, contract freeze




Ukraine unveils super powerful heavy combat drone


Jolted by populist surge, European Jews raise new fears of an old threat





Banks propel European stocks to 1-year high after Dow hits 20,000


Italy's Growing Refugee Problem


Why Does the EU Get Such a Bad Rap?


Council of Europe decries rising attacks against media


‘Trumponomics’ Will Not Be Allowed to ‘Contaminate’ Europe, Commissioners Warn


Death toll climbs to 23 in Italy avalanche


Bulgaria's new interim PM promises stability ahead of elections


Dutch Leader Takes Trump-Like Turn in Face of Hard-Right Challenge


Helicopter Carrying Injured Skier Crashes in Italy, Killing 6




US-Russian Businessman Said to Be Source of Key Trump Dossier Claims






New FCC Chairman a Win for Free Speech, Free Enterprise




Watch out for showdown between Trump and Fed head Yellen   (Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen)




Linda Sarsour’s Muslim Identity Politics Epitomize Feminism’s Hypocrisy


Will Men Ever Pull a Lysistrata on Feminists?




Salmon price surges as parasites plague fish farms




There Is A Huge Rise In Muslims Terrorizing Christians And Attacking Churches Across France- Europe Is On The Edge Of A Massive And Horrible Persecution Of Christians


Trump fans 'go online disguised as French' to help Le Pen's election hopes


French train leaves with baby after mum hops off for cigarette


Who is Penelope Fillon, the Welsh woman at the centre of a political scandal in France?


France Gives Refugee Status To 60 From Dismantled Calais Camp


Politician pays wife half a million euros: So what? This is France


Jihadists 'stashed thousands of euros' among graves at famous Paris cemetery


French presidential frontrunner Fillon 'paid his British wife €500k as aide'


Marine Le Pen turned away from migrant camp in France


French President Hollande visits Colombia rebels




Germany calls bankers to Frankfurt


Could Brexit turn the UK into a tax haven? Germany's not worried


Germany to drop laws on insulting foreign leaders


German Newspaper Publisher: Murder Trump to Get Him Out of Office


Germany busts alleged far-right plot to attack Jews, refugees


Trump policies could give impulse to global economy: German deputy finance minister


EU, US officials slam German ruling that synagogue arson not anti-Semitic


German business morale weakens in January, views mixed on Trump impact


The Holocaust’s Unlearned Lessons  (How German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mistakes are empowering anti-Semites.)


German court jails high-ranking PKK figure for three years


Researchers uncover vast numbers of unknown Nazi killing fields




Al Gore’s Latest Climate-change Lie


South, southeast face Europe's most adverse climate change impact: agency




Google, Take Down Your #KILLALLMEN YouTube


Google Bans 200 Publishers After Fake News Policy Update


Google Extra-terrestrial? UFO spotter shows 'amazing evidence' of his alien abduction




Newt Gingrich: Dems Have 'Big Vested Interest' in Allowing Voter Fraud  (Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich)


Lawmaker under fire for mocking Women's March protesters


South Carolina lawmaker accused of beating wife resigns


What Republicans Have to Learn From the Women’s March


Help us, GOP. You’re our only hope.




Tom Price’s Heated Hearing Is Unlikely to Derail His Nomination


Tom Price is Exhibit A for congressional ethics reform


More Chronically Ill Patients Have Health Insurance After ACA, Study Finds




Conjoined twins attached at the spine separated after undergoing complex 21-hour operation


At Least 80 Sick in Massive Mumps Outbreak in Spokane, Washington


How Virginia's Hospital Licensing Laws Led to an Infant's Death


Four cancer myths busted


I Still Don't Prescribe Heroin  (America does have an opioid "epidemic."  Government forcing doctors to prescribe the addict's fix won't solve the problem.)


Aetna, Humana to consider all options after court blocks merger


Dying from cancer: Could your location determine your fate?


Early family deaths may create "grief gap" for blacks


A Report Raises Concerns About New Hepatitis C Drugs




Mary Tyler Moore, Star of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' Dies at 80


Mary Tyler Moore Dead at 80


How Hollywood movies define US policies




Philadelphia Mayor Wants To Force 'Racist' Gay Businessowners Into 'Implicit Bias' Training




Terrex: Hong Kong to return Singapore army vehicles




Pelosi: Trump’s insecurity fueling fraud investigation  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


GOP chairman offers ‘creative’ ways to pay for border wall with Mexico  (US Representative of Texas Michael McCaul (R)


Pelosi: Reopening 'black sites’ would endanger American lives


House Dems demand voter fraud cases from state officials


GOP rep rips Trump for threatening to 'send in the Feds'


Rep. Collins (R-NY): I have no evidence of Trump's voter fraud claims


Wasserman Schultz: Trump has 'penchant for lying'  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz)


Rep. Collins: Trump 'has all the cards' in negotiations with Mexico


House Homeland Security Committee Chairman McCaul: Team Trump will make America strong again   (US Representative of Texas Michael McCaul (R)


Slowing the regulatory onslaught  (As one of its first official acts in 2017, the US House of Representatives passed the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2017, also called the REINS Act. The bill, passed on January 5, would require Congress to approve all new major regulations, which it defines as any regulation imposing $100 million or more in costs on the economy.)


Ryan: "No evidence" for Trump's unverified illegal ballots claim  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Protecting email privacy  (Last week, US Representatives Kevin Yoder, Kansas Republican, and Jared Polis, Colorado Democrat, reintroduced the Email Privacy Act, a bill that will protect Americans’ privacy rights from bureaucratic overreach by updating the grossly outdated 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).)





The Best Revenge on Trump? A 4.0, College ‘Dreamers’ Say


Anti-immigration groups are pushing Trump to stick to campaign pledge to deport Dreamers


Soros And MasterCard Join Forces To Profit From Immigration


Is Trump backing off immigration promises?




Christian in India Suffers Hemorrhage from Hypertension after Bullying, Sources Say


India turns to AI as cyber warfare threats grow


Officer dead as avalanche hits army unit in Kashmir’s Ganderbal


Indian techie sells company to Cisco for $3.7bn


India, UAE in a ‘comprehensive strategic partnership’, sign 13 security, trade pacts


Indian IT Industry Could Slow if Trump Gets Tough on Visas


Trump invites Indian PM to White House  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


In Its Third Month, India’s Cash Shortage Begins to Bite


Pressure Builds for Modi to Overhaul Indian Campaign Finance




The true, correct story of what happened at Trump’s inauguration


Activists planning to disrupt inauguration were infiltrated by conservative group




Victor Davis Hanson: No Surprise That Intelligence Agencies Are Politicized




Woman floated as hardline candidate for Iranian presidency



What Is Iran’s Policy-Making Mechanism? (The regime in Iran has been eager to portray an image of a government mending fences with the international community.)





On Mosul’s Front Lines: Advances in Battle, but Peril Abounds


'Kill zone' protects troops from terrorists in Mosul


Battle Advances, but Peril Abounds on Mosul’s Front Lines





Saudi Writer To Muslims In The West: Integrate Into Local Societies And Work Against Terrorism


Imam at Trump’s prayer service recited Qur’anic condemnation of Jews and Christians




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Wednesday, January 25, 2017)


Breaking NYT Report: Trump Admin Prepares Exec Order to End Funding for UN Agencies Giving Full Membership to PA, PLO


Spectacular stalagmite cave discovered in Galilee


Sara Netanyahu Telephones American Counterpart, First Lady Melania Trump  (Wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Police said likely to recommend indicting PM in gifts probe


Drive-by shooting attack in Binyamin region


PM faces down MKs over criminal probes, rebuffs resignation calls


Israel and US Successfully Complete David’s Sling Test Series


Herzog slams PM over graft probes: Hand in your keys and quit (Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog)


Israel to accept 100 children from Syria


Netanyahu may face breach of trust charge, but not bribery — report


Drive-by Arab Shooter Stopped at IDF Pillbox Near Aboud (Israel Defense Forces)


New settlement homes are just a ‘taste,’ Netanyahu tells MKs


Outrage: Germany to Observe Holocaust Remembrance Day while Funding Anti-Israel NGO


Arab League says Israel showing ‘contempt’ with settlement plans


The Council of Europe Condemns Israel over Gaza – But Who Is The Council of Europe?


Hamas court in Gaza convicts members of Abbas’s Fatah movement (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


IDF Tanks Retaliate for Gaza Gunfire; Israeli Soldiers Also Fired Upon in North


Minister nixes residency for family of Jerusalem truck terrorist


Jerusalem Terrorist Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Stoning Death of Alexander Levlovich


MK blasts European report alleging ‘systematic’ Israeli killings in Gaza


Incoming Israeli Economy Minister Says It’s Important to Safeguard Industry, Attract Investors


Over $100,000 raised to free Israeli imprisoned in Arab country


Giuliani Visits Israel, Netanyahu; Coy About Bearing A Message


Ya’alon grilled by police over purchase of German subs — report (Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon)


Return of the Crusades? European Bishops Demand ‘Action after Fifty Years of Occupation in the Holy Land’


How the Security Cabinet should really work


Bennett: State Auditor’s Harsh Gaza War Report an Opportune Earthquake  (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)


Germany condemns Israel's plans for 2,500 units in West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


China and Israel Celebrate 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations


Four Israelis indicted for attacking Palestinians


White House Reaction to Israel Approval of New Housing in Judea & Samaria: ‘We’ll Continue to Discuss That’


Fake News: Trump Caved to Arab Pressure on Jerusalem Embassy Move


Knesset Committee Holds Heated Debate on Harassment of Haredi IDF Soldiers


Liberman: Serious Mistakes in Sgt. Azaria’s Trial  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Fatah already planning terror campaign to prevent US embassy move


Trump and May must circumvent Security Council Resolution 2334


Random shots: Palestinians are a made up people, with no language, culture, homeland, or history


Palestinian sources deny report US assured PA it won’t move embassy


Hamas procures NKorean laser-guided missiles


In rare move, Australia criticizes settlement expansion


Israel forges ahead on new housing in disputed suburbs


Army will go ‘full force’ in future wars, collapsing EU shouldn’t lecture – Israeli defense chief   (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


Bailing Out the Palestinian Authority


Israel Approves 2,500 West Bank (Judea and Samaria) Settlement Homes


Old U.S. enemy threatens 'war' if Trump moves embassy


Obama Sends $221 Million To Terrorist-Funding Palestinian Authority


What does Israel want from America?


Obama’s sneaky last slap at Israel


Why are taxpayer dollars helping American terrorists meet with Palestinian radicals? 




Japan Says It Intercepted Three Russian Warplanes Near Its Borders


Japan gets first sumo champion in 19 years 




Following Harsh Anti-Gulf Sermon By Leading Jordanian Cleric, Jordan Attempts To Mitigate Sermon's Impact In The Gulf




Lebanon claims to expose 5-strong Israeli spy cell




Democracy Alliance: Soros Billionaires Club for Revolution


David Brock Thinks Liberals Will Pay for His ‘Twitter-Like’ Website


The Tea Party of the Left




ABC’s ‘Nightline’ Issues Correction After Misrepresenting Fleischer to Make Him Seem More Critical of Spicer


Trump’s First Cable News Interview as President Goes to Hannity


Shocking! Media Caught Faking Trump Crowd Size


Liberal NY Times columnist: Trump ‘was obviously mentally ill the moment he took office’


Flashback: WaPo Publishes Study That Claims Millions of Illegal Aliens Vote


Michael Moore boycotts news outlets that refuse to call Trump a liar


Trump Versus the Media, Round One


Why The Press Needs To Stop Comparing Everything To Watergate


New York Times Calls Trump Claim That Millions of Illegals Voted a “Lie”


State Department Airhead Marie Harf Joins Fox News


Tucker Carlson has DOUBLED Megyn Kelly's ratings in his first week taking over Fox's coveted talk show time slot


The Question the Times Should Have Asked ‘Writer’ Barack Obama


Guess which cable network Trump congratulated




"Pot moms" share passions and anxieties about their profession




Mexico's President 'Considering' Scrapping US Trip: AP


Survey: Most Mexico-Bound Cash Remittances Sent by Undocumented Workers


Mexican delegation to WH: 'Mexico First'




Saudi Arabia sees ‘impressive’ figures in Trump cabinet


Kuwait executes member of royal family


KSA, France in talks to boost ties  (Saudi Arabia)


Deposed Yemeni president’s son in fraud allegations


King Salman inducts high-tech fighter jets into RSAF  (Saudi Arabia)


The hard facts Team Trump should face on the Middle East


Saudi Interior Ministry reveals identities of Jeddah suicide bombers 




Days Into Trump Admin, Corrupt Employees Are Already Being Fired At The VA


Iowa senator urges buddy system at Air Force base to combat sexual assault


Trump’s Pentagon expected to curb military ties with China


Pentagon Chief Weighing Options for Trump to Defeat Islamic State


General Mattis Unleashed Hell On ISIS On His First Day On The Job. ...


Political Fight Underway Over Trump Pick for Navy Secretary


Donald Trump's defence chief eyes debut trip to Japan and South Korea next week  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Trump faces massive challenge in cleaning up 'toxic' VA


Report: Army tanks, other ground combat weapons in danger of falling behind


Pardon me: Navy sailor in jail for submarine photos pleads for mercy from Trump


Federal hiring freeze could hurt job-seeking veterans




Sea level rise will hit these U.S. communities hardest




Badlands National Park tweets on climate change deleted; messages defied Trump policy


A National Park Sent, and Later Deleted, Tweets About Climate Change




Backed up: New Zealand's public toilets not coping with tourist influx




Trump’s OMB Pick Shares Vision on Social Security, Regulation


Mulvaney vows to give Trump straight talk on entitlements




Police Rescue 24 People From Organ Trafficking Gang in Pakistan


South China Sea Disputes Will Soon Catch Up With Pakistan's Red Hot Stock Market


Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law Exalts Killer, Threatens Bloggers


Pakistan Is the Crisis Flying Under the Radar


Pakistan Conducts Third Missile Test This Month Amid Arms Race With India




Duterte's drug war encourages lawlessness in Philippines   (President Rodrigo Duterte)




Trump acolytes mount campaigns of their own  (Loyalists are looking to replicate his success with bids for Congress, governor and mayor. But copying a singular figure isn't easy.)




USPS should support American small business growth




Trump Can Lower Drug Costs: Here’s How




Ikea recalls chair amid reports of collapse and injuries




Talk radio provides outlet for Christian worldview





Bob Evans sells its restaurants to PE firm for $565M


DC waitress overwhelmed by message, tip left by Trump supporters




Putin urges Russian car owners to go green  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


CEO assures BP has no problems with oil production cuts following OPEC deal


Gorbachev fails to save Pizza Hut from bankruptcy


Report of widespread sexual abuse in 'exclusive' Moscow school checked by investigators


Roscosmos calls off all Proton-M rocket engines


Russian strategic bombers wipe out terrorist targets in Syria


Russian Foreign Minister Slams Drug Substitution Therapy Amid Country's HIV Epidemic


Russian Navy to receive amphibious assault ship Ivan Gren in autumn


An Unlikely Solution to Russia and Japan's Island Stalemate


King of Jordan notes Russia’s role in resolving Syrian crisis


Harry Potter Is Real and He Lives in Russia


Lavrov warns West will have to pay dearly for stoking revolutions in Middle East (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Russia’s Lavrov to meet Syrian opposition in Moscow


Moscow Pivots From Combatant to Peacemaker in Syria (Op-Ed)


Russia: We want to normalize relations with US, Europe


Kremlin hails Syria talks in Astana as a success, says more possible


Top Russian Cyber-Security Agent to Face Treason Charges


70mn cyberattacks, mostly foreign, targeted Russia’s critical infrastructure in 2016 – FSB


Russia Falls Again in World Corruption Index


Russian Police Investigate Alleged Substitution Scam at Rocket Engine Factory


A dispute over St. Petersburg’s grand Orthodox cathedral stirs up Russia’s anti-Semitic conspiracies


Putin, Jordan’s Abdullah talk Syrian peace push




Scientists are planning their own march on Washington


Science Trial finds combination of pancreatic cancer drugs extends survival




Secret Service agent under investigation for social media post


Outrage at woman Secret Service agent and Clinton supporter who said she would NOT risk her life to protect President Trump


Secret Service agent may face disciplinary action after suggesting she would not ‘take a bullet’ for Trump


Secret Service agent: I won't 'take bullet' for Trump




Gentle questions at Senate confirmation for Linda McMahon after wrestler Triple H shows up


Feinstein Invokes Saturday's March As Reason to Delay Sessions Confirmation Vote  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)/ US Attorney General nominee senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions)


2 Judges on Trump’s Short List Received Unanimous Senate Approval


The Time Elizabeth Warren Used Loophole to Avoid Disclosing $1.3M Line of Credit  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Dem senators ask AT&T and Time Warner to show merger's public benefit


Rand Paul unveils ObamaCare replacement  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Moron Alert (D-California): Kamala Harris Says Transportation Is a Human Right


What DeVos Should Have Said  (When US Senator of Washington Patty Murray (D) demanded she promise not "to privatize public schools," DeVos replied, "Not all schools are working for the students.")


McCain: 'Leaning against' voting for Trump's budget pick  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


GOP pans Democrats’ $1T infrastructure package


Manchin to support Tillerson for State Department post  (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Democrats delay vote on Sessions nomination  


Democrat Attacks on Tom Price Expose Their Own Destruction of Medical Device Industry


Trump’s HHS pick spars with Democrats over stock trading, Obamacare


U.S. Senate Confirms Pro-Life UN Ambassador Nominee Nikki Haley


Schumer emerges as new champion to left (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Now Ted Cruz is praising Mitch McConnell's leadership (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


McCain kicks off debate in Senate over military buildup


Cruz: GOP should do ‘whatever it takes’ to confirm Trump Supreme Court pick  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Senate Dems to Propose $1T Infrastructure Plan


Chuck Schumer’s promises are worthless


Warren supports Carson for HUD secretary  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)




Zuckerberg says he is not planning presidential bid




The Proud Child Laborers (Bolivia)


What a hero! The moment a dog saved his floundering friend from raging river rapids... or did he just want to steal his stick? 




Park calls her corruption allegations preposterous, colossal lies (President Park Geun-hye)


Opposition lawmaker to apologize over Park’s nude portrait exhibition


Chief justice calls for ruling on Park’s impeachment by March 13


Senior N. Korean defector says his sons were reason he fled


Moon Jae-in hits Duterte over murder case     (Moon Jae-in, the leading presidential hopeful from the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK), has criticized the Philippine president for not taking responsible action against the abduction and murder of a Korean businessman there by local policemen.)


US protectionism may push Korea closer to China


Court to rule on Ban Ki-moon's eligibility as presidential candidate


SKorean Prosecutors Plan to Search Impeached Leader's Office




Asteroid buzzes Earth in second close shave of 2017




Police Investigation After Woman Brutally Beaten by ‘Anti Fascists’ for Wearing National Flag Bracelet




Tom Brady just doesn’t get why his friendship with Donald Trump is ‘such a big deal’


GE Deal With Boston Celtics Is Over $7 Million a Year


Study: Super Bowl spending down in 2017


Usain Bolt stripped of gold medal


NBA legend Jerry West hospitalized after health scare


Tom Brady's weird coat sparks hilarious 'Inflategate' backlash


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Sinkhole swallows yards, threatens pickup in Philly suburb


When Will Soggy California Drop Water Restrictions?


Latest Document Dump Reminder of How Abusive Wisconsin's John Doe Probe Was 


Massachusetts governor strikes contrast with Trump


In an era of political uncertainty, Gov. Jerry Brown's State of the State address sees California as a model for the nation (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)


California's stormy winter sets snowfall record for Mammoth resorts — over 20 feet in one month


Death toll climbs to at least 5 from California's stormiest winter in years


Flint's water lead levels are (finally) within federal limits, state says


Blue mists over the Great Smoky Mountains visible from space




Bureaucrats Bring 500 Refugees Into Country One Day Before Trump’s Expected Ban


State Dept. approves $525 million aerostat sale to Saudi Arabia


Trump administration removes apology for historic mass government discrimination against LGBTI employees


State Dept. reviewing decision by Kerry to send Palestinians $221M (US Secretary of State John Kerry)




14-year-old girl live-streamed suicide in Florida foster home




Trump's Supreme Court justice shortlist narrows further


Will Supreme Court Choice Divide or Unite Trump Coalition?


Conservative groups trying to derail two potential Supreme Court picks


Trump Supreme Court pick narrows to two names


As Court Picks Come Into View, So Does a Political Brawl


Gun ruling sets up potential Supreme Court battle




Syrian Peshmerga to return home after training in Iraq


Russian planes bomb Islamic State in Syria's Deir al-Zor: TASS


Iran, Russia and Turkey Agree to Enforce Syria Cease-Fire, but Don’t Explain How





Taiwan Q4 GDP up 2.58 beating forecast


Taiwan ATM hack: Three jailed over $2.6m theft


Taiwan stands to lose if Trump changes one China US experts


African allies say no to Chinese money


William Lai says no to 2020 presidential bid


UK envoy says exchanges to go on despite Brexit


Cross-strait ties worse than under Chen: Su Chi


No need for hepatitis B revaccination, CDC says


Nuclear reactor trip caused by defective water pump


Taiwan No.31 on Corruption Perceptions Index 




Illinois Hoping Citizens Drink State’s Debts Away with Statewide Soda Tax


How would a "border adjustment tax" affect Americans? 




Netflix and CBS Try to Shake Up Reality TV




Trump Draft Order Seeks Review on Terror Interrogations


Tales of ten terrorists who took advantage of the porous U.S.-Mexico border


A Terrorist’s Fan Base (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio (D) and City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito (D) can’t say enough good things about FALN thug Oscar Lopéz Rivera.)


Noor Salman, Arrested Wife of Orlando ISIS Shooter Omar Mateen, Hires Terror Atty


Black Lives Matter resentful of peaceful, favorable Women’s March against Trump




New reign takes hold in Thailand




TPP Was Doomed To Fail


The TPP is dead, but don’t bury it yet


Trump halfway to killing globalist plan


Ditching T.P.P. Won’t Solve the Trade Deficit


Trump’s TPP withdrawal proof he’s keeping his promises




Transgender movement’s new frontier: The War on Medicine


Trans Activists Attack Feminists For Displaying ‘Genital-Based Womanhood’




Trump's Treasury nominee is registered to vote in 2 states




Turkey Charges 7 Russian Citizens Over Istanbul Terror Plot


Istanbul Airport prepares for new snowfall


Turkey ready to ‘share infrastructure experience’ with Trump: Yıldırım


Prosecutors demands 61 years in jail for Istanbul man who sent bomb-laden package to his father


Turkey says four thresholds surpassed in Astana talks on Syria


ISIL ‘judge’ arrested, phone containing key data found in anus


Wanted female militant met suspect who bought car used in Istanbul bomb attacks: Report


Turkish envoy to Israel vows to improve ties


Turkey has issued over 16 million visas online since 2013


Hundreds of police trained by Turkey start work in Syria’s Jarablus


Four arrested in al-Nusra operation in Turkey’s northwest


17 ISIL militants ‘neutralized’ in north Syria: Turkish military


Turkey to announce date of constitutional referendum this week: PM Yildirim


Turkey's Erdogan plans to act rapidly on constitutional reform bill  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)




Uber's drive to be a DC powerhouse




Can Trump Win His Battle With The Unionized, Bureaucratic 'Deep State?'




FTSE 100 ends skid to close up, but rising pound caps gain


UK: Ex-Queen’s chaplain says Qur’an in cathedral “not bridge building so much as capitulation”


Democrats Incensed at U.K. Prime Minister’s ‘Partisan’ Visit to GOP Retreat (Britain’s leader hasn’t scheduled a parallel meeting with Democrats.)


Any UK-U.S. trade deal will put Britain first: PM May


Making Britain Great Again  (The Brexit vote may have been based more on emotional than economic factors, but it is an indication of dissatisfaction with the status quo.)


Brexit: rebel Tories demand more say on Brexit as May loses supreme court fight  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Article 50 ruling: Courts should never have got involved in Brexit, says dissenting judge


Education One in 10 nursery schools in England face closure within months


Nicola Sturgeon steps up indyref2 calls after Supreme Court ruling  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Law must be tougher over dress code discrimination, say MPs  


Briton shot dead in Porsche in Thailand


Swap soap for liquid handwash in war on superbugs says NHS watchdog


 Sex painful for 'nearly one in 10 women'


Beer Prices rise amid sobering threat of Brexit-related inflation


Scotland moves away from oil with 50% renewable target by 2030


Small firms split on fears and hopes over ‘hard Brexit’ says study


More than 120 Tory MPs back calls for tougher anti-strike laws to end rail misery for commuters


GPs Charges proposed for out-of-hours appointments in England


Brexit: ‘Parliament will have final say on UK deal’


NHS hands over patient records to Home Office for immigration crackdown


MPs call for Brexit plan White Paper


G4S Firm to limit filming asylum seekers in their homes without consent


Grammars 'may ask parents for money'


Campaign issues cultural ‘call to arms’ to boost arts learning in England


'Fine firms for sexist dress rules'


Jihad in the Cathedral




Trump could cut ties with UN over its support for the PA




Majority of Americans approves of Trump's 'America First' message


America, at Last the Land of Can-Do (After eight years of desolation, the spirit that made America king of the hill is back.)


The 100 worst traffic bottlenecks on U.S. highways


Dennis Prager: America's Second Civil War


How ACS failed to save this 5-year-old boy from a house of horrors  (New York City)




U.S. agency calls for safer lithium-ion batteries after Samsung fires




What caused two mysterious 'booms' that shook the earth around San Diego on Tuesday night? USGS say it was NOT an earthquake




Knights of Malta Head Resigns Amid Spat With Pope Francis


U.S. bishop defies Vatican by requiring priests to get permission before offering traditional Mass





Trump brings God back into federal government after long absence


Seven-year-old ‘Syrian Twitter girl’ Bana writes open letter to Trump


President Trump: Construction of Border Wall Will Begin in Months


Gov. Jerry Brown Talks; President Donald Trump Does (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)


Why President Trump Should Enforce Obamacare’s Individual Mandate


Upend the 'Faux System' of White House Journalism


What to Watch Out For, Mr. President (17 tips for the new Trump administration, from heavy hitters on Obama's national security team.)


Breitbart’s influence grows inside White House


Women get IUDs because of Trump


ABC apologizes for misleading quote about Spicer


If Trump sends feds to Chicago, what would they do?


Trump economic advisor gets $100M payout from Goldman Sachs: report


Advice on immigration for Trump from key Brexit strategist


Poll: Nearly half of voters approve of Melania, Ivanka Trump


100 Days of Trump: Why Kellyanne Conway represents a major threat to liberal orthodoxy


Spicer compares 'alternative facts' to getting different weather reports


How Sean Spicer wins by losing


Journalism Prof: Boycott Kellyanne Conway


Information lockdown hits Trump’s federal agencies


Trump’s team floats tax cuts that aren’t paid for


White House issues statement after Saturday Night Live writer is suspended from show over sickening Barron Trump tweet


Obama makes healthcare plea in handoff letter to Trump


Chelsea Handler is accused of immigrant-shaming Melania for saying the First Lady - who is fluent in five languages - 'can barely speak English' 


Trump to order building of border wall, crackdown on sanctuary cities


Trump to sign executive order on border wall plans, tighter immigration enforcement


In Philly, a chance for Trump, GOP to unify


Trump’s disregard for truth threatens his ability to govern


McMullin launches anti-Trump group


Lawrence Kudlow: How Did Nearly Everyone Overlook President Trump's Optimism?


This is the kind of family whose support Trump’s success will live or die on


Trump ‘comfortable’ with win despite claim of voter fraud, White House says


Arthur Brooks: The word dignity explains why Trump is president


Trump is Nixon without the polish


Betsy McCaughey: Trump Pushes For Rapid Action On ObamaCare


Former Reid aide uses dead Syrian boy to attack Trump


Democrats propose taking Trump’s finger off nuclear trigger


The Last Shall Be First  (Trump has the elite discombobulated.)


Defending the civilized world  (In an inaugural address that was more purposeful than poetic, President Trump last Friday vowed to "unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate from the face of the Earth." I hope we can agree, across party and ideological lines, that those are worthwhile objectives.)


 A Master of Squirrels: The President and the Press


Feuds spell trouble for Trump’s first national budget


‘We the People’ Demand Mr. Trump Release His Tax Returns




Cincinnati : Premature baby hippo fights for survival in zoo



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