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Monday, January 23, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Trump Spokesman on Defunding Intl Planned Parenthood: “It’s No Secret He’s a Pro-Life President”


The latest battlefront in the abortion wars: Regulations to bury or cremate fetuses


West Virginia Abortion Clinic Closes, Now There’s Just One Abortion Center Left


Planned Parenthood wins 1st round of TX funding fight


'Pro-choice?' Heart-breaking truth behind abortion


President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order to Defund International Planned Parenthood


New Study Reveals Concrete Effects of Texas’ Repealed Anti-Abortion Law


Pro-Life Groups Praise President Donald Trump Signing Order Defunding International Planned Parenthood


AAP affirms adolescents’ rights to confidential care when seeking abortion: policy


Abortion Activists Smash Pro-Life Sign, Hit Boy and His Dad With a Stick


Trump is wrong on abortion and Roe v. Wade: Column


“Women’s March” Leaders Lie and Say Pro-Life Women Were Welcome Even After Kicking Them Out


Michael Moore to Women’s March: ‘Join Planned Parenthood, join the ACLU, join NARAL’


Lena Dunham's Creepy 'Love Letter' Video to Planned Parenthood


Pro-Life Feminist: We Were Never Given Any Explanation Why the “Women’s March” Kicked Us Out


New urgency at Capitol over abortion measures (New York)


Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Office With Upside Down Cross and “F— Trump” Message


Kentucky’s New Fetal Pain Law, Like Most Abortion Restrictions, Is Based on Junk Science


Alveda King on the “Women’s March:” “Who Represented Those Little Girls Being Aborted?”


Trump prepares for busy Monday, pledges NAFTA changes, other executive orders


Students for Life Crashes Pro-Abortion Women’s March With Massive “Abortion Betrays Women” Banner


Republican gains bring fresh hope as abortion foes rally


New Poll: Majority of Americans Want Bans on Late-Term Abortions and Abortion Funding


Thousands take to Paris streets to march against abortion


50,000 Pro-Life People Flood the Streets of Paris to March Against Abortion




Taliban hint at opening with Trump as they seek departure of foreign troops from Afghanistan




‘Gambia Is Back Again,’ but Its New Leader Is Still in Senegal


Gambia’s ex-president left the country with luxury cars, millions of dollars


7 Questions for Gambia’s New President, Adama Barrow




United Airlines Lifts Halt That Grounded U.S. Domestic Flights


Computer outage grounds United Airlines domestic flights


Watch woman kicked off plane  for berating Trump supporter




 The ACLU's Trump hysteria





The Anti-Semite Who Organized the 'Women's March on Washington'




Trump Has Nothing to Offer Asia Except Threats (The President's all-sticks, no-carrots approach is scaring away allies and empowering America's enemies.)


Subtle Textbook Changes Raise Alarm in Bangladesh



Brambles leads ASX slump


Aussie dollar boosted by US caution around Donald Trump


Melbourne median house price soars, nudges $800,000


Actor shot dead while filming Australian music video


Bourke Street: Police had 'several chances' to intercept car, but were directed not to, union says


Australia must brace for Trumpnomics




Obama’s national monument designations were lawful, not land grabs




Trump's Wall vs. the Devil's Lottery


Protests prompt closure at U.S.-Mexico border for third weekend in a row





Trump’s tough trade talk spooks markets while oil’s decline drags on TSX


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Trudeau’s Trump tactics seem to be working — so far: Paul Wells  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canada-U.S. trade in balance, things will go well: Trump adviser


'You do not lock a dog in cage for three months': Woman who spent 6 months in solitary sues federal government


Later school start times give students better chance of success: McGill study


Boy, 17, stabbed inside Etobicoke high school


Assisted dying no financial burden to health system: report


Canada Signals Possible U.S. Trade Deal That Excludes Mexico


Keystone pipeline approval could tilt U.S. trade balance against Canada


Mom who gave her ill son herbal products before he died faces verdict


Owners of Toronto’s illegal pot shops not reporting violent robberies


Calgary mother who treated son’s strep infection with oil of oregano criminally negligent in his death


Canada sacrifices NAFTA to save itself. Welcome to the new world order


Gangs less involved in cannabis compared with other drugs: Statscan




Obscenity- and violent rhetoric-laced ‘women’s march’ was a bleeping disaster for the left


Kellyanne: Did You Notice Hillary and Obama Attended the Inauguration And Not the March?


Video: Anti-Trump Protester Sets Trump Supporter’s Hair on Fire


Soros's Women’s March of Hate  (The Left’s rage unleashed on the streets of Washington.)


Beginning of a Movement  (Tens of thousands of students and academics join Women’s March on Washington.)


Why millions gathered to say ‘no’ to Trump




Behind Trump's "uncomfortable" CIA visit


Sources say Trump's CIA visit made relations with intel community worse


Donald Trump 'should be ashamed' of speech to CIA


CIA blogs about 'flying saucers'


Reince Priebus: Ex-CIA chief John Brennan is ‘bitter’ he wasn’t retained by Donald Trump




SNL Writer Suspended Indefinitely For Viciously Targeting 10-Year-Old Barron Trump




US says will prevent China taking over territory in international waters


Beyond borders: technology, rather than geography, makes China a global problem


Xi to head new commission for military-civilian development  (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


China sets up US$14.6 billion internet investment fund: Xinhua


China Slams Western Democracy as Flawed


'Your only right is to obey' Lawyer describes torture in China's secret jails


China birth rate up after one-child rule change




Preventing another Pearl Harbor  (North Korea regularly threatens to turn the United States and neighboring states into “a sea of fire,” and reportedly has the capability now to launch nuclear weapons at targets in South Korea and Japan.)





A Look at 4 of the GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Plans


The end of Obamacare: Repeal and replace faces Capitol hurdles


Obscure rule about to take center stage in regulation rollbacks


Clock ticking on Trump's promise to kill environmental regs


Lawmakers fortify against onslaught of cyberthreats




Trump’s Truth-Telling about ‘American Carnage’


Police stop armed men patrolling Texas neighborhood after viral arrest


Woman slashed Trump sign in Florida because it 'ruined her chill,' cops say


Good Samaritan shot dead in San Antonio mall; 2nd  suspect caught


Homeless man accused of trying to blow up Boston police cruiser


‘I thought it was a bomb’: Reckless driver plows over teen


One killed, 5 hospitalized in San Antonio mall robbery 'gone really, really bad'




Retiring Border Chief Calls Trump's Wall a Waste of Time, Money




Obama missed a chance to help end capital punishment




Brock Conference Organizers Embody Dems’ Big Money Problem


Clintons Begin Planning Return to Politics


The Hate That Hates ‘Hate’  (Democrats have incited a climate of violent intolerance.)


Size, enthusiasm of Saturday’s marches stir hope in Democrats


End of Biden Vice Presidency Dims Eight-Year Spotlight on Delaware


Once a Leading Foe of Tobacco, New York Lags Under de Blasio  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


David Horowitz: Democratic Party Is Marching Off The Cliff




Trump gets offered help to 'drain the swamp' (DHS whistleblower: 'I know where the valves are.')





Sessions Says He Won’t Recuse Himself on Any Trump Conflicts (US Attorney General nominee US Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions (R)




Wall Street dips on Trump protectionism, Qualcomm drag


U.S. Stocks, Dollar Retreat as Trump Targets Trade: Markets Wrap


Stock market closes lower as Trump uncertainty rattles investors


Dollar slips after Trump's protectionist address, Asia shares resilient


Asian markets mixed following Donald Trump's protectionist inauguration speech


Dollar Declines, Gold Gains With Industrial Metals: Markets Wrap


Treasury yields notch largest decline in more than 2 weeks


Foxconn CEO says investment for display plant in U.S. would exceed $7 billion


Gold ends near 10-week high in Trump era as dollar wobbles


Pain Is Coming for Emerging Market Bonds


Dollar withers as President Trump’s early policy focus spooks


A Big Showdown Is Looming in the Treasury Market


Mexican Peso Leads Emerging-Market Gains as Dollar Dips on Trump


‘Godfather’ of chart analysis says Trump rally has another 5% pop left




Philadelphia Teachers Kick Off BLM Week of Action Despite Backlash


How Do We Ensure Education for All?


Middle school worksheet paints Sharia law in positive light, parents claim


Sharia at University of Kansas: Women’s-only lunchroom for Muslimas


South Carolina high school student faces jail time over paper airplane incident


Why college loans are the worst debt


Push for Language Proficiency (Pitt’s arts and sciences faculty is divided over a proposal to eliminate a high school study exemption from foreign language requirement. Some say high school seat time is poor measure of proficiency, while others fear forcing too many students into language courses.)


Trump education pick blames staff for Twitter mistake


Shooting Outside Campus Talk  (Violence at University of Washington appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos followed protests that prevented a speech at UC Davis -- as tensions grow over Breitbart writer known for insults against feminists, minority groups and others.)


Obama’s final education lesson: over-spending fixes nothing


America’s Great Working-Class Colleges


Why schools have stopped teaching American history


Barely Two R’s Are Taught at School That Led Tribe to Sue U.S.




Egypt extends participation in Arab coaltion




Oil ends lower as output cuts fail to ease worry about rising U.S. production


Energy Prices


Oil Producers Claim Progress in Curbing the World’s Daily Supply


Trump Can Immediately Repeal These Obama Energy Policies




Estonia Supports Russian Sanctions, Visa-Free Travel For Ukrainians


Switzerland: Muslim migrant sexually assaults woman in train station


Iceland Low-crime nation gripped by rare murder case as woman's body is found


Why Europe was alarmed by Trump’s inaugural address





European stocks end lower for 3rd session, reacting to Trump’s address


Why Does the EU Get Such a Bad Rap?


Sweden: Muslim migrants gang-rape woman, broadcast it live on Facebook


Romania Thousands march against prison pardons


Italy avalanche Rescuers refuse to give up hope of finding survivors


Dutch PM Rutte: 'If you don't like it here, then leave'




McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Push No Longer Fueling Growth




Trump’s $10 trillion stimulus plan




Trump gives special shout-out to James Comey (FBI Director James Comey)






Big changes coming to FCC under new chairman Ajit Pai




French Presidential Candidate Says Russia Sanctions 'Ineffective'


In France, once powerful Socialists stand little chance of winning election


Paris pollution prompts first vehicle ban under new sticker system


In Pictures: Paris freezes over




Germany arrests 'accomplice' of Austrian terror suspect


German police arrest man on suspicion of planning attack


Dresden bans protest against anti-Islam movement over snowball fight fears


Germany: Muslima slits policewoman’s throat, “frustrated” she couldn’t join Islamic State


Germany: Muslim migrant murders elderly Catholic because she was “unbeliever”


Why are more German teens doing drugs at school?


Germany's train service just trolled Trump super hard




Ex-President George HW Bush Moved Out of ICU


Giuliani: Media doesn't like Trump and is against him  (Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani)


Giuliani: 500,000 Women Who Marched Against Trump Didn't Even Know What They Were Protesting


Getting With the Program (College Republicans split over Trump, but many are now coming around and pledging to support the new President.)


Barbara Bush recovers from bronchitis but remains in hospital to stay by George H.W. Bush's side as he battle pneumonia




Greeks, Turks see glimmer of hope in Cyprus reconciliation




Fixing healthcare the free-market way


The end of Obamacare: 'Replace' is the key word for health industry


Trump’s Obamacare Order Is Bigger Than You Think


Presidential Post-Voting Pyromania: How to Stop It


Trump injects uncertainty into fragile health insurance markets




Cervical Cancer Taking Deadlier Toll in U.S. Than Had Been Thought




Protesters go after Scott Baio in Washington, DC




Putting patients back in control of healthcare (By US Representative of Texas Kevin Brady (R)


How much money is your vote worth? Here's what California House candidates spent in 2016


Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas): Fighting the 'fourth branch of government'




Trump’s Immigration Plan


California lawmakers will consider measure to shield immigrants from deportation in minor drug cases


Cubans Blocked at U.S. Border Place Hopes in Trump




Fans of Bull-Taming Sport Attack Police Station in India


60% of vehicles on Indian roads don’t have insurance


1 dies as crowd goes berserk after SRK arrives at Vadodara station


Foreign secretary S Jaishankar gets one-year extension




Indonesian authorities detain 17 nationals returning from Syria


Islamic State finds easy recruits in prisons of Indonesia




Democrats take a fresh shot at creating an infrastructure bank




Jesse Jackson Praises Trump’s Inauguration Speech


Mall attendance at the Trump inauguration


The True Meaning in Trump's Inauguration Speech


Reaction to Trump Inauguration Similar to 2005, 2013 Inaugurations


Scarborough: Missed opportunities in Trump’s inauguration speech




Talk Persists Of Hard-Line Woman To Challenge Rohani In Iran Vote (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


Iran Says Too Early To Evaluate Trump




U.S.-backed forces brace for ISIS' last stand in Iraq


Iraqi forces seek US help to clean up suspected weapons lab at Mosul University




A Clash of Civilizations in Colorado


'Deception employed' to build new Islamic Center


An Islamofascist Assault on Free Speech


The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America’s Ominous Post-Election Statement




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Monday, January 23, 2017)


After 8 years of ‘enormous pressure,’ Netanyahu cheers Trump’s ‘change of approach’ (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Fatah parades in "suicide belts" and raises knives at Ramallah rally


November’s wildfires are long extinguished, but where are all the arsonists?


Israeli Army Issues New Social Media Guidelines


Cops said to be probing two more cases against Netanyahu


IDF Soldier Lightly Wounded from Tire Bomb  (Israel Defense Forces)


Analysis: Why the US-Israel reset may take longer than some might have hoped


US Sent $221M to Palestinians in Obama's Last Hours


PM: We want Arab citizens to integrate into Israeli society


NGO Monitor Reports: European Union Funding Dozens of BDS Groups


Opposition MKs, Bennett urge release of damning Gaza war report


Israel to return body of slain Palestinian math teacher to Umm al-Hiran


Jewish Home MK seeks to roll back 2005 settlement withdrawal


No Decision Made on Location of US Embassy in Israel, Says White House


Senior Palestinian official: Moving US embassy ‘a declaration of war’ on Muslims


Report: Israel continues 'policy of reprisal' against Palestinians in Jabal al-Mukabbir


Jerusalem mayor says he’s in talks with US about embassy move


Amona Residents Meet to Discuss Court Freeze of Relocation Deal


Netanyahu promises unfettered construction in East Jerusalem


Protests continue as rights groups demand probe into deadly Umm al-Hiran raid


Cabinet delays vote to annex Ma’ale Adumim until Trump, PM meet


High Court Orders Release of Terrorist Suspect’s Body to Umm al-Hiran Family


Giuliani: Trump likes Netanyahu ‘very much’


UNRWA: 'Don't forget over half a million Palestinians from Syria'


France condemns new Jewish East Jerusalem homes


Amona residents threaten to resume struggle


Top Hamas leader in Gaza visits Egypt in first trip since 2013


Appointed Air Force Commander heckled over fate of Israeli captive Abera Mengistu


In call with Netanyahu, Trump vows to ‘closely consult’ on tackling Iran threat


Two new MKs appointed as ministers


IDF opens inquiry into killing of Palestinian protester last week


Milchan warns MK Amsalem to recant on corruption insinuations or be sued


As anti-Semitic tides rise, Diaspora turns to Israel for help


IDF forces arrest Palestinian Molotov cocktail suspects


Netanyahu under fire for 2014 Gaza war


Why moving U.S. embassy in Israel would be a big deal


Trump Should Demand Palestinians Choose Peace or Terror


Free Birth Control and Palestine


Israeli leader accepts invitation from Trump to visit U.S.


Presidency Already Warps Israeli-Palestinian Politics


Trump speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Everything you need to know about Donald Trump's pledge to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem




Japan enters uncharted waters as emperor's abdication pondered


Abenomics Still Lives  (Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe)


Japan Inc believes Abe, Trump don't want to see excessive yen weakness: Reuters poll  (Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe)


Japanese Panel Signals Support for One-Time Law to Let Emperor Abdicate




Media, late-night pile on Conway as 'attention-hungry'


Furey: Media bias against Donald Trump will worsen


Hannity’s Advice for Trump: ‘Keep Your Promises…and You Will Be a Great President’


Paid Insert in Wall Street Journal Carries Chinese Propaganda


CNN Analyst Reveals The Truth About The Women's March


Donald Trump's honeymoon with the media may be the shortest in history


The Media Needs to Stop Pretending that Counting Crowds is an Exact Science


Why BuzzFeed News Published the Dossier


When the Media Tells a Lie, It's a "Mistake"





Trump’s Health Plan Would Convert Medicaid to Block Grants, Aide Says




Mexican Cartel Stockpiling Grenade Launchers at Texas Border


El Chapo's last moments in Mexico are caught on camera: CCTV shows drug lord being taken from his cell to face extradition to the US 





Saudi Arabia congratulates Trump, keen on enhancing ties with US


Saudi Columnists On Trump Inauguration: When Will We Adopt The Practice Of A Smooth Democratic Transfer Of Power?


Saudi inflation plunge aids government in fight to tame deficit


Glad to See Obama Go, Gulf Arabs Expect Trump to Counter Iran


Discovering Feminist Students in the Middle East


The case for war on Saudi Arabia


Russia’s expanded influence may limit Trump’s sway in Middle East


Renewed Fighting and Drone Strikes in Yemen Kill About 75


Yemen Suspected US drone strikes kill three al-Qaida suspects, officials say




Dear Allies: The Free Ride Is Over


B-52 bomber drops unarmed nuclear cruise missiles in demo


Pentagon Denies Russian Claims About Coordinated Strikes In Syria


Trump aims for 'unquestioned' US military dominance


U.S. Navy expecting USS Gerald R. Ford delivery in April


The Islamic State Took 31 Major Hits Saturday


From the Front Line: Sharia Compliance in the US Military


Supporters guard veterans memorial after city pulls cross


Manpower shortage threatens Donald Trump’s hopes to rebuild military


Navy struggles to balance maintenance needs, operational requirement


On target (at last): Army picks new pistol before John Mattis takes charge at Pentagon


Extend our nation's oldest defense force




Burma Army Admits Detaining Two Catholic Church Leaders


Myanmar asks for ‘time and space’ to solve Rohingya crisis




A Smithsonian Gift Shop Sells Anti-Trump and Pro-Hillary Paper Dolls



 Feds probe Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia: report




Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize




Fugitive in Credit-Card Case Who Fled to Pakistan Arrested


Seven arrested after Parachinar blast


Pak handed over Sepoy Chandu Babulal Chohan to an Indian Army


First consignment of locomotives from USA reached Karachi port


Terrorists will fail in their attempt to regain lost relevance: Qamar Bajwa




'Political Uncertainty Has Doubled the Around World'


Seattle gives residents $100 to donate to local politicians




Sierra Nevada brewery announces 36-state recall of select beers


Samsung cites two separate battery issues for its Note 7 recall woes




The Real Russia-China Connection That Should Worry America


Finland Offers to Organize Meeting Between Trump and Putin  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Unattainable Utopia: How Alexei Kudrin Plans to Reform Russia's Economy (Op-Ed)


Why Russia May Win in Libya


Russia has potential to further upgrade MiG-31 fighter jets


 Conservative and religious Americans develop affection for Russia


Russian foreign minister says Trump and Putin see eye-to-eye on foreign affairs because they both want to defeat ISIS and avoid 'interfering in other countries'  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)


Russia Is a Terrible Ally Against Terrorism


Mystery deepens over world's biggest explosion 110 years ago in Russia as experts 'debunk proof' that blast the size of 185 Hiroshima bombs felt in the US was caused by a METERORITE


Russia to Discuss Decriminalizing Domestic Violence


President Of The Pro-Kremlin Think Tank RIAC: 'The Process Of 'Perestroika' Induced By The New Global Balance Of Power... Will Probably Stretch Far Beyond Trump's Presidency' 




The NRA wants to suppress one of guns’ most important safety features





SEC probing Yahoo over previously disclosed cyber breach: filing





Mike Pompeo confirmed to lead CIA


Senate delays Pompeo's nomination to be CIA director


Tillerson passes preliminary Senate vote to become secretary of state


Upcoming Senate Votes Put Pressure on These 12 Vulnerable Democrats


McCain: Withdrawal From TPP a Mistake, Opening for China  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Rubio to back Tillerson, effectively ensuring confirmation  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


The Filibuster in the Era of Trump


GOP Senators to Introduce Obamacare Alternative


New Poll Shows Voters Unsure About Reelecting Warren in 2018  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


MSNBC's Chuck Todd Takes On Chuck Schumer Over Holding Up Trump Appointee: It Looks 'Politically Petty (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Meet the ‘new Ted Cruz’  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Most of Trump's Cabinet picks could face weeks of delays


Rex Tillerson nomination gains steam as John McCain, Lindsey Graham signal support (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)/ US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R)


Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks delayed by Democrats, only two confirmed


Will Rubio defy Trump on his pick for secretary of state? (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


Schumer blames crowd, not his speech, for inauguration boos (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Why McCain's defense plan could backfire


Franken emerges as liberal force in hearings  (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)


Senator: Death penalty for cop-killing ambushes




Carl Icahn Declares End to 'Socialism' in US




Tweeting by Trump and the Future of the Media




Park Sues Reporter Over Blacklist   (President Park Geun-hye)


Seoul not high on Trump's priority list


Park appears to prolong impeachment trial


Mercury to plunge to minus 12 degrees Celsius in Seoul


Most Car Accidents Happen the Day Before Lunar New Year


Korean-Americans hope stronger ties with US [Video]


South Korean Minister Credits Junior Officials With Exposing Artist Blacklist


Seoul already paying enough for USFK


No. of ‘effectively unemployed’ Koreans tops 4.5m in 2016


Ban Ki-moon may end up a storm in a teacup




75 Arrested in European Crackdown on Art Trafficking




Oddsmakers pick favorite for Super Bowl LI


'A True Day Off'  (NCAA's Power Five conferences unanimously adopt new rules lessening time demands on college athletes, though some programs would like to see exemptions made for recruiting activities.)


Steelers star who caused outrage by streaming locker room celebrations on Facebook Live 'is paid a six-figure sum to market the social network' 


Roger Goodell has no choice but to go and watch Tom Brady play now in Super Bowl


Tennis player, 17, is DISQUALIFIED from the junior Australian Open because she accidentally hit a ball boy in frustration


Tom Brady leads the Patriots back to Super Bowl with 36-17 rout of Pittsburgh


Aaron Rodgers: Packers need to 'reload,' not rebuild


Falcons roll through Packers, head to Super Bowl LI


Three things to know: Patriots vs. Falcons Super Bowl LI preview


With beatdown of Packers, Falcons suddenly look like Super Bowl favorites


Patriots' X-factor? Chris Hogan steps into spotlight with record night


As Patriots advance to seventh Super Bowl this century, Tom Brady is the constant


NFL Scoreboard


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men) 




Dramatic rescues, flooding, evacs amid downpours in SoCal


In Virginia, an election all about Trump


‘Nothing was left.’ At least 18 people killed in Georgia, Mississippi amid tornadoes


Should California’s new attorney general sue Trump early and often? Absolutely not


Too much legislation dies a silent death in Virginia


Skelton: California is right to fight Trump. His idea of states' rights is clearly limited


Is Cuomo going to abandon New York taxpayers?  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Widespread flooding, mudslides, evacuations as biggest storm in years batters California




Making The U.S. State Department Great Again: Why A Trump Refit Could Be Good News


Exxon-Vietnam gas deal to test Tillerson’s diplomacy




Gun Industry Launches New Effort to Reduce Suicides




New Front-Runner Emerges In SCOTUS Contest


President Trump: Don’t Nominate Judge Pryor, Get Your First Supreme Court Pick Right


Supreme Court to take on employee contracts




Analysis: Why Is Weakened IS Suddenly So Successful Against Assad?  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Russia and Turkey hit Islamic State targets near al-Bab in Aleppo province


Astana Talks: Why Iran and Russia differ on Syria?


Astana floored by Russian pick as Assad successor  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Syrian opposition: We’ll continue to fight if Astana fails


Syria Talks May Signal Shift in Conflict Dynamics


Aleppo's Landmark Mosque Bears Scars of Syria's War





Tsai calls for dialogue with China in letter to Pope Francis  (President Tsai Ing-wen)


Consumers spend US$5.2bn on clothing


S. Korea lodges protest against Taiwan over sexual assaults


Wide support for pension reform: poll


Taiwan wants ‘new era’ of peace with China




The Rise of Robots Will Make the Tech Gender Gap Even Worse




Trump pulls U.S. out of Pacific trade deal, loosening Asia ties


Trump's withdrawal from Asia trade 'a giant gift' to China


U.S.-China Trade Is About to Change—And It Has Nothing To Do with Trump


Will Trump hop on an American Silk Road?


Trump to sign executive order to withdraw from TPP


The 45 percent tariff  President Trump’s proposed 45 percent tariff on Communist Chinese imports could leverage significant changes in trade with the Middle Kingdom, but to succeed he must address Beijing more realistically than past Presidents.) (


Hispanic leaders wary of Trump's trade plans





Record number of firearms found in carry-on bags at US airports last year (and 83% of them were LOADED)



Fighting Trump’s Treasury pick with fake news




Gülenist network a global threat, Erdoğan says in Tanzania  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey seeks to rebuild Syrian cities after clearing of ISIL


Immediate Syria solution shouldn’t be expected at Astana talks: Turkish deputy PM


British PM May to visit Turkey on Cyprus talks, ISIL


A new wave of snowfall to hit Turkey, though less intense


Turkish Health Ministry introduces BETA test to stem excessive use of antibiotics


Turkey’s new curriculum to include singers, modern era artists


Pharmacy chambers blame medical firms for drug shortages


Four released over deadly dormitory fire in Turkey’s Adana


65 ISIL militants ‘neutralized’ in northern Syria: Turkish military


Istanbul rocket attack suspect killed in clash


Turkish Central Bank committee to meet for key rate decision  




FTSE 100 closes firmly lower as pound gains ground


Muslim cleric linked to jihad massacre gets $150,000 of legal aid in fight to stay in UK


UK: Queen’s chaplain who objected to Qur’an reading in cathedral forced to resign


Theresa May and Donald Trump to hold talks on trade deal that cuts tariffs and allows workers to move between the US and UK  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Trident Theresa May knew about missile failure before renewal vote


Theresa May Is Grilled Over U.K. Missile Test Failure


Brexit Wales should keep access to single market, say party leaders


UK weather: Freezing fog causes travel chaos as hundreds of flights are cancelled at Heathrow


Jehovah's Witnesses Charity drops attempts to block abuse inquiry


Nicola Sturgeon: MSPs will get vote on triggering article 50  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Woman jailed for nine years for plot to let man rape daughter, seven


Pale your diet Toast that's too brown may cause cancer, say UK authorities


'Northern powerhouse' to get £556m boost amid warnings of east-west divide


N. Ireland police union condemns "terrorist" attack on cop


Cybercrime Lloyds bank accounts targeted in huge DDOS attack


Average Scot ‘has not ridden a bicycle in nine years’


Cancer Toast that's a bit too brown may be carcinogenic, say authorities


Thousands of drivers caught in mobile phone crackdown


Cheap fashion Textile firms paying UK workers £3 per hour, investigation finds




Russia Makes Play to Become U.N.’s Anti-Terror Czar


The Latest: UN Envoy Calls for Ways to Monitor Syria Truce




Pew: Divide in America deeper than ever before




The Best Economic News You Haven’t Heard




Melania Trump in the White House garden pulling up carrots? No, the first lady is already back in New York


Trump leaving Obama’s executive amnesty in place would be a colossal betrayal


Trump fulfils 'Day 1' vows with 3 executive orders in preview of agenda reset


Spicer Stands by Inaugural Audience Claim in First Briefing


47.9%: Obama Had Lower Average Approval Rating Than Nixon or Bush


NBC Has No Comment on Employee's Nasty Barron Trump Tweet


5 Legitimate Reasons Trump's Crowd Size Was Smaller Than Obama's…And It Doesn't Matter


Trump’s biggest donors consider abandoning new political arm


Trump and the Establishments


Trump's 'America First' Has Nothing to Do with Hitlerism


Open Season on Trump Kids


Trump pledges to cut taxes and regulation 'massively'


Please, Mr. President, Stay Who You Are!


Obama’s Final Whopper as President


Melania Trump: Fulfilling the first lady’s role her way


Trump struggles to shake his erratic campaign habits


Former press secretary on Sean Spicer's feud with media


Trump starts 'busy week' with manufacturers meeting


Trump’s Inaugural SGO — Turkey, Syria, Norks and More


Trump: 'Peaceful Protests Are a Hallmark of Our Democracy'


Juan Williams: Ethics cloud hangs over Trump


Trump offers condolences to Georgia storm victims


President Trump should stop choosing molehills to die on


Sean Spicer’s War With the Media Goes Back to His College Days


'Make America Great Again' more than a slogan to Trump's supporters


Fierce backlash after 'vixen' suggests assassinating Trump


Team Trump’s pointless inaugural numbers fight


Donald Trump rallies senior staffers, schedules meeting with world leaders


Kellyanne Conway: Press secretary Sean Spicer used ‘alternative facts’ about crowd size


The traditional way of reporting on a president is dead. Trump’s press secretary killed it.


Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump, takes shot at Donald


Rocky First Weekend for Trump Troubles Even His Top Aides


White House Pushes ‘Alternative Facts.’ Here Are the Facts.


Why Obama Struggled at Court, and Trump May Strain to Do Better


What the White House said about Trump's inauguration crowd and how it was wrong


The dealmaker in chief in a dangerous world


Trump gives GOP a Camelot of its own


What Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson have in common


After broken promise, WikiLeaks seeks Donald Trump's tax returns


With President Trump, has America been saved?


Did Trump's business violate its own rules on day one of presidency?


A hearty last laugh for the Donald


Liberal watchdog group to sue Trump, alleging he violated constitutional ban


A Rocky First Weekend for Trump Troubles Some Top Aides


There is no velvet cover on Trump’s presidential hammer. Get used to it.


Conway: Trump won’t release tax returns because ‘people don’t care’


Trump is refusing to ‘go native’ in Washington, DC


New White House Site: Our Job Isn't to Make Life Comfortable for Criminals


Donald Trump swears in Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon as advisers



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