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Wednesday, September 26, 2018





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Abandoned Newborn Baby Found Hanging From Bag on Fence Next to Garbage


Senator Hirono (D-Hawaii) Has It Backwards  (Women like Hirono who back the sexual exploitation of women through legalized abortion are actually traitors to their sex.)


HHS Cuts Ties with Aborted Baby Organ Supplier


Planned Parenthood Forces Hyatt Hotel to Cancel Screening of New Kermit “Gosnell” Movie


Jim Jordan, Mike Lee blast GOP for funding Planned Parenthood; pro-life leaders demand veto


Married dad accused in murder of pregnant mistress who refused abortion


Cecile Richards, Who Covered Up Statutory Rape at Planned Parenthood, Defends Christine Ford


Normalizing Abortion


Pro-Abortion Groups Spending Millions on Election, Pro-Life Organizations Work to Respond


No, Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford isn't linked to abortion pill  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


The Government Is Still Trying to Block Undocumented Pregnant Minors from Getting Abortions


FDA is Spending Over $100 Million on Research Using Body Parts From Aborted Babies


Court to review case of woman convicted in abortion case


Trump Admin Fights ACLU Demand for Right to Abortion for Illegal Immigrants


Complications related to induced abortion: a combined retrospective and longitudinal follow-up study


Trump admin will continue almost $100 million of experiments on aborted babies, funded by taxpayers


Pro-life leaders welcome UK decision to reject abortion clinic buffer zones


Irish GP who defended life on TV: Gov’t is trying to force all doctors to participate in abortion




CIA helicopter that landed in Afghanistan after 9/11 joins 'best museum you'll never see'


UN says 21 Afghan civilians killed in separate airstrikes





Muslims Attack And Stone Three Random Christians To Death In Kenya In Act Of Vengeance For Dead Islamic Terrorists




Breastfeeding mom claims flight attendant told her to stop before takeoff




Arab States Call For Global Campaign Against Terrorism





When suicide is made easier, life gets harder for all of us




Australian Market Advances


Australian dollar firm for Fed meeting, NZD lifted by positive data


Australia: The South Pacific Frontline in the Battle against Foreign Interference


Dolphins seen glowing in Australian waters


Australia has no climate-change policy — again





Report Finds $3.1 Trillion in Savings for Taxpayers





Energy and financial sectors help lift TSX, U.S. stocks also head higher


Donald Trump dumps on Canada, says he rejected NAFTA meeting with Justin Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Ontario government to halt $15 minimum wage hike set to kick in next year


PM says he is open to reconsidering Suu Kyi’s honorary citizenship


Ontario won’t set limit on number of private marijuana stores


Ontario government to allow cannabis smoking wherever tobacco smoking is permitted


The Canadian military will allow beards in a bid to improve morale and attract young recruits


The Road to Hell, a Progressive Church and a Girl’s Murder  (A Syrian refugee, good intentions and a 13-year-old girl’s murder.)




Report: Drug ODs Have Grown Exponentially Since 1980s




U.S.-China Military Tensions Start to Rise as Trade War Deepens


China Military Cuts Off Talks, Recalls Admiral Over Sanctions


The Long March of the Chinese Navy




It took 13 years, two trials and an army of accusers to convict Bill Cosby of one sexual assault


Bill Cosby laughs before going into custody




Man deported 6 times charged in California homeless killings


Stolen milk leads to deadly shootout with cops outside Walmart: report


Woman accused of helping boyfriend dismember her pal describes horrific scene





Keith Ellison Accuser Claims He’s Running A Smear Campaign Against Her  (Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison)




As Prosecutor, Illinois Dem Brendan Kelly Let Child Sex Abuser Walk Free


Democrats Have a Gang Rape Fantasy




Trump Will Flip Rosenstein    (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Rod Rosenstein will probably survive until after the midterms, officials say (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


If Rosenstein's going to leave, he should demand to be fired


The GOP's spin on the Russia probe doesn't add up




Stocks reverse gains to close lower as the Fed raises interest rates a third time in 2018


Wall Street rally fizzles, U.S. dollar rises, after Fed rate hike


Asian shares advance as Chinese stocks extend recovery


Asian Stocks Mixed; Treasuries Steady Before Fed: Markets Wrap


Gold ends at 3-week low, but edges up in electronic trade after Fed rate increase


In a U.S. manufacturing hub, no illusions about tariffs and jobs


Bitcoin below $6,000? It’s only a matter of time, warns one analyst


Pay No Attention To That 'Unexpected' Good Economic News Over There




Feminism in the Schools


Free College Goes Mainstream


College president apologizes for beer bong tailgating video


Free-College Realities


Austin Beutner: LAUSD's teacher contract offer creates a pathway to prevent a strike  (California)


Google Curriculum, College Credit


Two L.A. schools compete for students on the same campus as charter schools boom and attendance drops  (California)


Duke Bans the Box


Pushing the Boundaries of Learning With AI




Egyptian Writer Laments Extinction Of Egypt's Jewish Community, Extends New Year Greetings To Egypt's Few Remaining Jews


Coptic Christians Deprived of Home Worship Hall in Egypt




Latest Election Polls


Are You Ready For Election Day 2018?




Energy Prices




LNG in Europe Prompts Opportunities for U.S., Challenges for Russia


Newly crowned Miss Ukraine yanked of title after pageant officials discover she is a divorced mom




European stock index posts modest gain as investors train an eye on the U.S. Fed


Ex-Czech president calls for revolution to save sovereignty of European countries from EU




FBI Arrests Chinese National Charged as Beijing Spy


FBI offers $10K reward in hunt for missing boy with autism


A shocking number of US murders went unsolved last year





As Debt Rises, the Government Will Soon Spend More on Interest Than on the Military




Powell Sees Bright Moment for Economy With More Fed Hikes Ahead (Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell)


Trump Slams Fed Hours After Powell Lifts Interest Rates


Powell: 'Our uniquely expensive healthcare' system will catch up with us




Macron Says He’d Welcome U.K. Back to EU If Voters Change Their Minds  (French President Emmanuel Macron)




'The wounds still hurt today' despite progress: 28 years of German unity


Once “Enemies,” Now Best Friends- President Erdogan Backs Merkel In Upcoming Elections (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


German Chancellor Merkel to receive honorary doctorate during Israel visit




Climate change is destroying national parks at an alarming rate, study finds




Republican senator accused of sending sexual messages and photos to grad student   (Texas)




Accused of Sexual Harassment Won’t Comment on Kavanaugh  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


House Judiciary Committee reportedly set to subpoena McCabe memos  (Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)




The Shameful Politicization of Hurricanes 


Florence was 2nd wettest storm in 50 years




Illegals on the Double


Trump's anti-immigration 'public charge' proposal solves a problem that doesn't exist




Toxic foam on India's Yamuna River


India raises import tariffs on 19 items in bid to stem rupee slide


India's top court imposes curbs on biometric identity system


India's Government Has Not Told Refiners to Halt Iranian Oil Imports: Source




Rouhani says Iran will stay in Syria, wants to avoid conflict with US  (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


How The U.S.-Iran War-of-words Could Play Out


Islamic State threatens Iran with more attacks





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, September 26, 2018)


Trump: I prefer two states, one state is OK too, as long as there’s a deal


OY! Trump Now Favors a Two-State Solution, Seeks Mideast Peace Before End of First Term


Gazans protest US Trump's speech, decisions


PM Netanyahu Meets with US President Donald Trump in New York  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


At warm meeting, Trump jolts Netanyahu by explicitly backing two-state solution


Trump to unveil Middle East peace plan within four months


Netanyahu: Trump gave me guarantees about freedom of Israeli operations in Syria


New Eichmann Film Puts the Lie to Hannah Arendt’s “Banality of Evil”


Netanyahu hails ties with Austria after meeting with Kurz


Israel bans 5 Palestinians, including woman, from Al-Aqsa


Corbyn says UK will immediately recognize Palestinian state if he’s elected


Fatah TV host anticipates taking Israelis hostage to "release our captives"


Azaria pulls out of Jerusalem mayoral race, backs Elkin


Israel seals off Nablus village as settlers celebrate Sukkot


IDF appoints panel to assess ombudsman’s claims army not ready for war   (Israel Defense Forces)


Former Palestinian Authority Minister Nabil 'Amr Urges President 'Abbas To Meet With President Trump  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Trump’s UN speech was the worst thing for Israel


In video - Hundreds of Israeli settlers take to Al-Aqsa for Sukkot


Trump muddles two-state message hours after delivering it


Netanyahu refuses to attend UNESCO antisemitism forum


Iran's Rouhani at U.N. dismisses U.S. sanctions as 'psychological warfare'


Netanyahu presses Trump for 'security control' in two-state outcome


Trump endorses two states for Israel, Palestinians




Study: TV News Is Rigged Against Brett Kavanaugh  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Anchor silent as CNN guest expert compares Cosby, Kavanaugh cases


Bill Clinton Apologist George Stephanopoulos Now Demands Women Be Believed




Iran has no role in the Arab world other than to get out: Saudi FM


Saudi Arabia plans to build ‘Riviera of the Middle East’ near Eilat


S-300s in, Patriots out: US to withdraw missiles from 3 Middle East countries – report





Iranian Militant Threatens to Open ‘Gates of Hell’ on U.S. Military


Mattis: Jury is out on women succeeding in combat jobs    (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


A military family, divided: After deportation, a Marine veteran’s wife searches for a future


Watchdog finds deficiencies in care for vet who committed suicide in Minneapolis VA parking lot


Remains of 64 South Korean soldiers to be repatriated this week


Marine who fought in brutal Vietnam Battle of Hue will receive Medal of Honor next month


2nd ID soldier dies at Camp Humphreys; cause under investigation


WWII code breaker buried in Nebraska with UK military honors




Pakistan court issues arrest warrant for journalist amid press crackdown


Pakistani Sodomites Lure Man To Remote Location, Tie A Rope Around His Neck And Shove Sand In His Mouth While Sodomizing Him, Then Murder Him And Leave His Body To Be Eaten By Animals





Steven Spielberg Donates to Soros-Funded PAC in Florida




40 years after Jonestown massacre, ex-members describe Jim Jones as a 'real monster'




How to make Russia back off in the Middle East


Russia's Reactions To The Russian Plane Crash In The Mediterranean


Russia’s Su-57 jet gets hypersonic missile that can shoot down enemy aircraft ‘300km away’


9K Terror Suspects Wanted in Russia and Former Soviet States, Official Says


Russian Military Analyst Felgenhauer: Modern Russia's Excessive Militarization Can Hardly Be Explained By Rational Defense Considerations





NRA, Gun-Rights Groups to Oppose Washington Gun-Control Initiative




Kavanaugh, to investigators, rejects newly revealed anonymous 1998 assault claim (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


For Kavanaugh high school pal, memory is now drawing a blank


Ford spoke of sexual assault allegation years ago: Affidavits


Woman Claims Brett Kavanaugh Attended Teen Gang Rape Parties, But Her Story Has Massive Holes 


Grassley Staffers Receive Horrific Death, Rape Threats Over Kavanaugh Hearing  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


If Julie Swetnik’s Kavanaugh Claims are True, She Attended Rape Parties and Never Reported the Rapes


These Two Senators Could Give The Democrats Heartburn In Their Fight To Axe Kavanaugh


Kavanaugh Attorney on Julie Swetnick: “He’s Never Met Her.” Witnesses Say Swetnick’s Claims are False


Kavanaugh Accuser Deborah Ramirez Refuses to Testify Before Senate Committee


New allegations against Kavanaugh submitted to Senate committee (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Third Kavanaugh accuser comes forward saying she was victim of a ‘gang’ rape


Poll Finds More Americans Believe Ford Than Kavanaugh Despite No Evidence, No Witnesses  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


2nd  Kavanaugh accuser certain about alleged encounter, her lawyer says


Grassley to Feinstein: Senate Democrats Hid Both Kavanaugh Allegations From Senate Judiciary Committee, Public(US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)/ US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)/ Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


Kavanaugh's lawyer defends him over 'Renate' references in high school yearbook: report


Ford, Kavanaugh seek to bolster cases with new documents


Fact-checker shuts down Cruz rival's denial he left the scene of DUI crash  (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)/ Democrat candidate for Texas Beto O’Rourke)


Belief Outweighs Truth in the Kavanaugh Hearings


Dem Senator Opposed to Dark Money Benefits From Group Spending $1.3 Million Against GOP Challenger  (US Senator of Montana Jon Tester (D)


A Judicial Confirmation Hearing Is Not a Trial


Kavanaugh Accuser Deborah Ramirez Refuses to Testify Before Senate Committee


GOP seizes on '91 clip of Biden dismissing calls for FBI to probe then SCOTUS nominee Thomas


Senate Judiciary Committee Will Hold Friday Vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination


Woman says Kavanaugh was present while she was "gang raped" during high school


Leftist Sliming Rising


GOP sets up Friday committee vote on Kavanaugh  (Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh)


A Mormon women’s group wants to suspend Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation proceedings, pending an investigation.


Democrats’ ‘investigation’ calls are just code for delay


Rachel Mitchell will question Judge Kavanaugh’s first accuser. Here’s what we know about her.


Kavanaugh vs. Kavanaugh: Supreme Court nominee has offered conflicting accounts of his teenage drinking


Schumer's bid to stop airline seat-shrinking(Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Conservatives rally in effort to push Kavanaugh nomination across the finish line


Eight big problems for Christine Blasey Ford’s story


Kavanaugh’s ‘choir boy’ image on Fox interview rankles former classmates




Instagram has a drug problem. Its algorithms make it worse.




S. Korean president urges UN not to leave N. Korea behind


Next USFK Chief Casts Doubt on Inter-Korean Military Deal


US rate hike to have limited impact on Korea: official


Seoul city to provide 5,000 public housing per year


FTA revision fails to reassure carmakers


[Hydrogen Korea] Car from the future: Nexo excels but faces hydrogen indifference





New football startup unveils team names, logos in bid to tackle NFL


Shocking Video: Huge brawl breaks out in bleachers at MLB game; fan heard shouting racial slurs


MLB Scoreboard




Severe weather moving into Northeast





Pompeo says messages from Kim Jong Un "consistent" with "intent on denuclearizing"  (US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo/Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Pompeo to visit North Korea next month to set up summit


'Trump-Kim summit likely after October': Pompeo  




Parents blindsided by daughter's suicide hope her story helps save others





Leading Terror 'Expert' Claims Jihadis are 'Ignorant About Islam'





Report: Global trade war would hurt US the most




Turkey’s strongman rule imperils gains from an economic boom  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey Sponsors And Is Now Opening One Of The Largest Mosques In Europe


Turkey’s Erdogan says he cannot release the American pastor held on terror charges





Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary: Kick Out ‘Sickening Individuals’ with ‘Despicable Hatred’ of Jews


Queen Elizabeth’s cousin holds first same-sex royal ‘wedding’


Tea’d off: Younger Brits thumb nose at traditional English beverage




Watch President Trump Chair U.N. Security Council Meeting  


UN High Commissioner For Human Rights Tells The World That ‘All Countries Must Rewrite Their Laws To Accept Homosexuality’


Trump Delivers Powerful UN General Assembly Speech to Disrespectful Audience


U.N. Speech: Can New 'Trump Doctrine' Remake The World?


President Trump Addresses the United Nations (laughter)




Vatican Betrays Chinese Underground Church with “Provisional Agreement”


Pope says youth are 'scandalized' by Catholic Church's 'monstrous' abuse crisis





Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump's Real Job Approval Could Be as High as 60 Percent


How many Americans actually back Trump?


'I believe nuclear deal with North Korea possible': Trump


Trump slams China for trying to meddle in upcoming midterms


Trump shows 'extraordinary' letter from NK leader


How Trump is sticking it to the globalists


Why it was up to Trump to call bull on Kavanaugh allegations


Trump Unleashes on Kavanaugh Accuser as Key Republican Wavers



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