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Wednesday, January 18, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Jane Fonda to Headline Planned Parenthood “Love-A-Thon” To Protest Trump Inauguration


The Women’s March Should Welcome Pro-Life Women, Not Shun Them


Doctors Told Reality Star Jennifer Snowden to Abort Because Her Baby Might be Brain Dead, She Chose Life


Abortion Clinic Puts Up Controversial Billboard Saying, “I’m Grateful for My Abortion”


Pro-lifers to strengthen Hyde Amendment provisions under Trump


Planned Parenthood Abortionist is Now Out of a Job. You’ll Love the Reason Why


N.Y. Assembly Members To Strengthen Abortion Protections


Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Asks Judge to Force Texas to Fund It


Bill Would Let Women Sue Doctors Who Perform Their Abortions (Iowa)


Iowa Bill Would Allow Women to Sue The Abortionist for Emotional Grief After an Abortion


Fake News, Fake Science and Why Doctors Lie About Abortion


Planned Parenthood Thanks Obama for Promoting Abortion: “Thank You Mr. President”


Chile one vote away from legalizing abortion


ABC Promotes Pro-Abortion “Women’s March,” Ignores How It Kicked Out Pro-Life Groups


A Congressman Just Proposed A Bill That Would Ban Abortions After 6 Weeks


Lena Dunham Creates Cartoon Celebrating Racist Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger


What a Trump presidency will mean for abortion access


Planned Parenthood CEO: If You Want to “Prevent” Abortions, You Should “Triple” Our Budget


SF anti-abortion rally, Women’s March seek peaceful coexistence


Susan B. Anthony Would Never Have Joined the Pro-Abortion “Women’s March.” She Was Pro-Life


The Child Who Wasn’t: Pro-Choice Men And Abortion Grief


Woman: I Was Raped at 18 and Became Pregnant, My Son is Now 11 and Nothing Like the Rapist


 New Hampshire to debate repeal of ‘bubble zone’ law after court tosses out pro-life challenge


Anti-abortion student group sues CSU


Catholic teachers’ union leader endorses pro-abortion Women’s March protesting Trump


Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Says: “Please Do Not Bring Your Children With You”


Women's March Waffles on Sex-Worker Rights, Disinvites Women Who Oppose Abortion


“Women’s March” Throws Out Pregnancy Center Providing Abortion Alternatives to Women


Abortion rate in U.S. drops to lowest level since Roe v. Wade decision in 1974, survey finds


100,000 People Are Alive Today Because Northern Ireland Didn’t Legalize Abortion


Anti-abortion report challenges law reform in Northern Ireland




Trump should update military policy in Afghanistan


In Afghanistan, Trump will inherit a costly stalemate and few solutions




Bomb blast kills at least 25 in Mali military camp


Gambia parliament extends Jammeh's term


Libyan’s Rendition Case Against Britain Can Proceed, Court Rules


The Gambia: President declares state of emergency before opponent is sworn in


Obama Lifts Sudan Sanctions  (While President Bashir perpetrates Jihad.)




Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter says he carried out the attack for the Islamic State




ACLU Official Mocks Elderly White People, Tells Them They Have 'Five Years Left'




Capital Hill Review Wednesday, January 18, 2017




Brandeis hires anti-Semitic Muslim prof with al-Qaeda links



Articles In Arab Press Warn About Possible Assassination Of U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump



Cambodia says China not behind scrapped US military drill


Cambodian PM Hits Opposition Chief With New Defamation Suit


In Bhutan, Happiness Index as Gauge for Social Ills





Terminally Ill Woman: The Debate Over Legalizing Assisted Suicide Scares Me


Physician Aid in Dying Gains Acceptance in the U.S.




ASX extends losses on banks sell-off


Australian dollar breaks intraday support as commodities slide


Australian GDP forecast trimmed to 2.4pc


More than half of young Australians do unpaid work




Why the auto industry’s big investments may have everything and nothing to do with Trump  




Black History (aka Demonize White America) Month




How the Law Could Punish You for Trying to Stay Warm


Anti-Business Policies Are the Real Reason Companies Leave





TSX falls as energy stocks slip, Cameco falls


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


784 Patients Have Been Euthanized in Canada in Just Six Months


Trudeau grilled in Quebec after answering English town hall questions in French  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Shark Tank Investor Kevin O’Leary to Run for Conservative Leader in Canada


Hunter Harrison steps down as CP Rail CEO earlier than planned


Bell Canada raising prices on home internet, TV in February


Hamilton woman who faked cancer gets 2 years for fraud


B.C.'s deadliest year: More than 900 fatal overdoses in 2016


Order of Canada medal up for sale for $25,000


Group that kidnapped Canadians claim responsibility for Mali bombing


Toronto police officer who lost gun now faces drunk driving charge


Fort McMurray wildfire’s financial impact is now sitting at nearly $8.9 billion, new study shows


Pride Toronto members vote to support Black Lives Matter demands


Kelly Ellard, B.C. woman convicted of killing 14-year-old girl in 1997, denied parole


About 1,400 immigrants a year ordered removed from Canada for residency non-compliance


Ontario’s painful coal phase-out didn’t help reduce pollution — and Queen’s Park knew it wouldn’t


Toronto doctor's sex abuse penalty ‘clearly unfit,’ court rules


Chris Christie says his wife refused to move to Washington for a Trump post




Washington’s chance to reform the status quo




Will John Brennan’s controversial CIA modernization survive Trump?




China praises Obama as ‘most pacifist’ U.S. president, hails ‘failure’ of Asia Pivot


China manufactures a ballpoint pen all by itself, finally


Losses widen in China’s hot spot real estate markets


China-UK train a loaded symbol of Xi's ambitions (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


China Offers To Help Seek Resolution Of Ukraine Crisis


Foreign business skeptical of China's promised opening


China opposes Taiwanese attendance at inauguration


U.S. lobby says China protectionism fueling foreign business pessimism


China’s Chief Justice Rejects an Independent Judiciary, and Reformers Wince


U.S.-Trained Official May Shape China’s Response to Trump on Trade


China’s Xi Takes on Trump in Rebuttal Against Protectionism   (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)




The Republican Health-Care Debate

Pressure mounts on GOP for post-Obamacare plan following CBO report


GOP targets landmark Endangered Species Act for big changes


A 12-step freedom agenda for the new Congress


What Democrats must avoid in fighting back against Trump




Cuomo doubles down on his failed corporate-welfare agenda (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




Wife of Pulse Nightclub Gunman Pleads Not Guilty


San Francisco sued by car-theft victim for allegedly violating its sanctuary city ordinance


Ex-aide for Costa Mesa congressman pleads guilty to embezzling more than $300,000


‘We have to kill him’: Party murder suspect butchered man, fearing prison, lawyer says


Jury convicts LAPD officer of destroying evidence and sending 'harmful' messages to teen


'Apprentice' contestant who accused Trump of inappropriate touching files defamation suit


Federal court affirms limits on Inauguration Day protests




Texas police detective shot dead


Stolen Calif. hospital laptop may have medical info on some 3,600 kids


Injecting Drugs, Under a Watchful Eye


Man wanted in shooting death of Orlando police officer in custody


Rhode Island sisters taken in 1985 found alive


Pit bulls attack kids on way to school, killing one





Virginia man to be executed tonight for murdering family of four after governor refuses to spare his life




Philly mayor: 'I'd take George W. back in a minute'


Anti-Trump hysteria builds ahead of inauguration (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio leads '100 days of action' as Dem lawmakers boycott.)


A mayor denies it’s his voice on tapes calling blacks ‘chimps’ and n-word. His colleagues say ‘resign.’


Former homeland security head Janet Napolitano hospitalized with cancer




Commerce nominee Ross declares he is pro-trade, pro-union


Commerce Pick to Divest at Least 80 Holdings





Interior secretary nominee says overhaul of national parks should be part of Trump infrastructure plan





Trump will allow U.S. attorneys to stay past Friday


The ‘Russia Hacked the Election’ Narrative Battle Continues—Are Republicans Paying Attention?





Elaine Chao Could Collect Millions From Wells Fargo For Taking Govt. Job




Dow logs 4-session losing streak; Nasdaq, S&P 500 end up


S&P 500 edges up as Yellen boosts financials


U.S. dollar strengthens after Yellen comments


Sterling basks in glow of May's Brexit speech; stocks slip (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Japan Stocks Fall as Anxiety Remains, Won Climbs: Markets Wrap


The Treasury market is in the middle of an epic tug of war


Trump’s presidency could give investors a bumpy ride


Treasuries Tumble, Dollar Rallies on Yellen Talk: Markets Wrap


How the ‘Trump rally’ stacks up to other postelection stock-market gains


Long-dated Treasury yields rise most in 6 weeks amid signs of rising inflation


This gold play’s breakout looks enticing as Trump swats at the dollar


Gold boosted by Greek anxiety, but still set for weekly drop




Community College Sued After Campus Police Arrest Students for Handing Out Constitutions


Betsy DeVos Hearing Highlights the Need for Less Government Control in Education


The ‘Scary Christian’ School-Choice Panic Is upon Us


War on Betsy DeVos shows the left hates giving educational hope to poor kids


How Dare Betsy DeVos Give American Families an Educational Choice

Safe Spaces for Fascists 
(Campus free speech was replaced with fascism.)


White Is the Word  (Arizona lawmakers' failed proposed ban on “divisive” college courses signals new criticism of white studies. Similar courses -- though common -- have become controversial elsewhere. Those who teach them say the classes are being distorted.)


Mich. teacher won't let students watch Trump inauguration speech


No More 'Beall's List'  (Librarian removes controversial list of "predatory" journals and publishers, reportedly in response to "threats and politics.")


DeVos won't take salary, will pay taxes


Walking Papers at Morehouse  (Students protest process and experts decry high turnover at HBCUs as trustees decide not to renew contract of president.)


One quote to quell liberal fears over public education


Pro-Palestinian Group Banned on Political Grounds  (Fordham refuses to recognize Students for Justice in “Palestine” chapter as an official club, citing its political agenda and the risk of polarization.)


Allowing concealed weapons on college campuses is a silly, and dangerous, idea


The Makings of a President?  (Scott McLemee reviews Robert E Denton Jr’s scholarship on the American Presidency, which highlights how immediately coping with the lack of any guidebook is one of the most urgent demands of the office.)




Egypt: Four Christians slaughtered over the course of 10 days




28 foreign leaders who influenced election – for Hillary




Trump Announces 2020 Campaign Slogan




Oil marks 1-week low on concerns over climbing U.S. shale output


Energy Prices


OPEC Claims That U.S. Shale Producers Won’t Threaten Its Efforts to Raise Crude Oil Prices


Roundheads Against King Corn: Why the Renewable Fuel Standard Deserves To Die




EPA’s Top Priority Should Be to Eliminate Bogus Global Warming Models


EPA nominee faces tough questions over ties to oil execs, previous lawsuits


In Break With Trump, EPA Pick Says Climate Change Isn't Hoax


Conservatives Must Rally Behind Scott Pruitt for EPA




Three-person baby for infertile couple  (Ukraine)




European stocks finish modestly higher as earnings come into focus


Rome metro evacuated as 5.3-magnitude earthquake rocks Italy


'True friend and lover of Israel' elected EU president.


Austria: Teen Muslima invents story of being called “terrorist” and pushed onto train tracks


The Rise and Fall of European Meritocracy




The $20 trillion question Republicans MUST answer




Yellen Says Economy Near Goals, Warranting Gradual Rate Hikes  (Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen)





Never Trump Hits the Unemployment Line


Barack Obama Was a Foreign-Policy Failure


Obama’s Foreign-Policy Legacy: The Limits of American Restraint




Tourists Flee ‘Nightmare’ Paris Amid Rising Theft, Assaults, Terror


Teen gets 3-month suspended sentence for slapping ex-French PM




Merkel welcomes May's Brexit 'clarity', vows European unity (German Chancellor Angela Merkel/British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Achtung! Islam 'makes Germany unsafe for females'


Germany’s democracy is in danger, says President


Kerry scolds Trump for “inappropriate” criticism of Merkel’s Muslim migrant policies


Court rejects Muslim teacher's discrimination case over headscarf


Germany: Muslim translators deliberately misinterpreting Christians to get them deported




Climate-change-fight cost: $100,000,000,000,000



Former President Bush moved to intensive care as wife Barbara also hospitalized


George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Houston (Former President George HW Bush)


Former President George H.W. Bush, 92, is taken to hospital in Texas but his aides insist he is 'fine' and will be home in two days


Just how much money has Donald Trump's secretary of Education choice given to Republicans?


Paul J. Massey Jr. Takes Lead in New York’s Mayoral Fund-Raising Race




Disabled Refugees 'Overlooked' in Greece-Human Rights Watch





U.S. Confirms 10 More Guantanamo Prisoners Sent To Oman




Price suggests states will lead on ObamaCare replacement, wants access for 'everybody'


Report: 300,000 Small Business Jobs Lost Due to Obamacare


Obamacare Tax Woes for Non-taxpayers


Will TrumpCare Be Worse Than ObamaCare?


 18 Million May Lose Insurance After Repeal, Study Finds





Many Chicago-Area Trauma Patients Under-Treated


If you take dietary supplements for colds or flu, maybe you should reconsider


More than 1 in 5 ER patients socked by surprise medical bills


Second death in California likely linked to meningitis




Copyright Vultures Are At It Again!  (Hollywood media moguls are intent on preserving a dying business model. Worse yet, they expect technology companies to provide the technical expertise to protect their quasi-monopoly.)


Bill Maher puts Hollywood ‘bubble’ on notice: ‘We’re the losers now’




Obama Appoints his Own Goebbels to Holocaust Memorial Board




US congresswoman makes secret visit to Syria  (US Representative of Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard (D)


 60 House Dems to Skip Inauguration


Top Aide to Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) Again Skirts Ethics Rules


House Majority Leader on Manning Clemency: "Wrong Signal at the Worst Possible Time"  (House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California)


Ex-Black Panther: 'John Lewis  (D-Georgia) is an illegitimate congressman'


Congressman: GOP has 9 Obamacare replacement plans


Trump should shrug off John Lewis’ cookie-cutter insults


Dem Congresswoman Decides Not to Attend Trump Inauguration Based on Twitter Poll


Paul Ryan: Manning commutation 'outrageous' (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


John Lewis (D-Georgia) is Just Another Democrat Career Hack


1/4 of House Dems Won't Attend Presidential Inauguration


More Than 50 House Dems to Skip Inauguration


Republicans are waging an ethics war — but it’s the wrong one




Thousands protest over bullfighting ban


 China appreciates Modi's remarks, but sticks to stand on Azhar, NSG  (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Japan reiterates commitment to Chabahar port


India: Imam blames rape of girls on their clothing, for getting “young blood excited”




Indonesia can do business with 'pragmatic' Trump, says minister




Pence tells U.S. mayors to expect an infrastructure spending boost




Intelligence report predicts dire future




Tax cheats beware, whistleblowers are telling the IRS




Serbia to discuss new deal with IMF, prime minister says




Iran’s Zarif sees possibility to work with KSA over Syria, Yemen  (Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif)


Iranians size up Trump with cautious curiosity


Iranian bodybuilder jailed over selfies deemed 'nudes'


Iran Against U.S. Presence At Syria Peace Talks In Astana


Trump urged to get tough on Iranian rights





Islamic State burns mother and four children for leaving the caliphate


Iraqi troops advance in northeastern Mosul: military


Capturing Mosul Solidified Islamic State. Losing It Could Break It.





Boston: Support for Al Qaeda jihadis preached at New England’s largest mosque


Not moderate; not radical: simply Islam


Whatever Happened To ... Virginia Beach's first mosque?




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Wednesday, January 18, 2017)


In final remarks, Obama says chance for two-state solution passing by


Stoning Attacks Damage Israeli Bus, Private Cars


Trump’s UN envoy pick says settlements could ‘hinder peace’


Palestinian, Israeli leadership react to deadly police raid of Bedouin village


Analysis: Trump cast his long shadow over a tepid Paris conference


Egypt Demands Hamas Hand Over Terror Suspects


Likud MK Ayoub Kara to become Israel’s first Druze minister


Talal Abu Ghazaleh, Prominent Jordanian Businessman And Former Chair Of Numerous UN Committees And Task Forces On BBC Arabic TV: MEMRI Considers Me Antisemitic 'Because I Want To Cleanse Palestine Of The Jews'


Air force gets first Arrow 3 missile defense battery


Gazans are fed up with Hamas


NGO: Israeli shooting of Palestinian teen in Tuqu 'extrajudicial killing'


Shin Bet ‘still investigating’ if Umm al-Hiran driver had IS ties


President Rivlin to be admitted for pacemaker transplant


Obama warns: Moving the embassy could be explosive


Hundreds across country protest ‘bloodshed, home demolitions’


 Aerial footage shows terrorist ramming into policemen


Israeli police accused of cover-up over killing during Negev demolition raid


Burying cop, police chief accuses Arab leaders of inciting violence


ISIS Teams With Hamas, Starts Media Center in Gaza


Car-ramming highlights radicalism’s inroads among Negev Bedouin


Israeli settlers damage olive trees near Ramallah-area village


Syrian oppositionist says Palestinians are ‘living in paradise’


Operation Survival: ‘Local Event to Address Issue That’s Become a National Epidemic’


Knesset remembers Argentine prosecutor Nisman amid hopes for breakthrough


Israel faces Bedouin population time bomb


Gaza Jihadi on Paris Summit: Only Our Guns Will Dictate the Future


Israel Deploys ‘Star Wars’ Missile Killer System


Video of Fatally Wounded Teenager Sparks Palestinian Rage


Arab Israeli and policeman killed in suspected car ramming attack in southern Israel


Haley Supports Moving US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem




Japan Hotel Chain Under Fire Over Denial of Rape of Nanking




The Trump lobbying purge that wasn’t




Malaysian MP files suit linking PM to $970m from wealth fund




Journalists Warned to Prepare For Ferguson-Style Riots During Trump Inauguration


Fake News from CNN: Left Attacks Trump’s HHS Pick over ‘Questionable Stock Purchase’… That Would Earn Him $300


CNN President: Donald Trump Wants To ‘Delegitimize Journalism’ 


Media cling to polling that's far 'from reality'


When it comes to the press, Trump and de Blasio look a lot alike


The Washington Post Takes Anti-Trump Bias To A New Level


Trump transition team asks CNN to retract story on Tom Price's stocks


Fake News: Trump Did Not Mock Disabled Reporter And Other Lies From The Left


Are you kidding me, NPR?




3 dead after gunmen attack state prosecutors’ office in Cancun


Mexican governor: Kids given water instead of chemo at state-run hospitals





Saudi Demands For Women To Be Allowed To Drive Continue; Columnist: This Ban Is Aimed At Perpetuating Men's Control Of Women


Saudi Arabia sees China rise as stabilising


Syria against Saudi Arabia, Qatar taking part at Astana talks




Convict's release raises questions of pro-LGBT bias  (The commutation of a former US soldier's espionage sentence has caused some to ask whether the reduced prison term is related to the inmate's transgender identity.  The commutation also prompted Douglas Carver, the North American Mission Board's executive director of chaplaincy, to underscore the need for US military chaplains "to engage all people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of their gender identity.")


7 Things You Need To Know About Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning


America's First Step toward Reclaiming Naval Power


Gangs of US Navy "Killer" Boats Will Roam the Seas


Pentagon Head Clashed Fiercely With Obama Over Manning Release


Trump Pressed to Review Troop Caps in Iraq, Afghanistan


USA to create its own Armata tank in 15 years only


Moms blame military housing in S.C. for children's leukemia


Ash Carter's initial focus on reform was sidetracked by operational, fiscal strains  (Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter)


Fort Hood soldier found dead, latest in a string of deaths at Texas base 




Maine Gov. LePage calls on NAACP to “apologize to the white people"




NASA Report: 2016 Warmest Year on Record


The IRON meteorite on Mars: Curiosity finds mystery rock that could have come from the core of an asteroid




Trump’s National Security Team Is Missing In Action




Trump’s Challenge of NATO Riles Globalists


Trump advisor clarifies ‘obsolete NATO’ remarks (A campaign advisor to Donald Trump clarified the US President-elect’s recent remarks about NATO and the EU.)


A top NATO general echoes Trump, calling aspects of alliance 'obsolete'


Would Trump Really Kill Off NATO?


Russia Gains When Donald Trump Trashes NATO




Pakistan forces kill new leader of banned sectarian militant group


Pakistan will not free doctor who helped US find Osama bin Laden


Pakistan student: 'I was tortured by hardline Islamists'


Pakistan ambassador to U.S. pushes for F-16 sale


Relationship with Pakistan extraordinarily complicated: US


Missing Pakistani activists' families decry blasphemy allegations


Pakistani forces kill leader of banned sectarian militant group




 China's sea militarisation 'very troubling': Philippine defence chief


Why the Philippines is moving into Russia’s arms





Political Correctness as a Tool of the Liberal Inquisition




Hamas-linked CAIR demands that Trump drop Franklin Graham from inauguration lineup


Trump Is Looking Into Slashing The Federal Workforce


Setting himself on fire doesn’t work out too well for protester outside Trump’s D.C. hotel


Progressives Destroyed Normalcy And Now They’re Shocked Trump Isn’t Normal


Dems dodging Trump inauguration absentees long before the Big Day


We Are the Last Defense Against Trump


Elon Musk and Donald Trump: Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows


Mar-a-Lago too pricey to be used as winter White House — until now


Trump’s Personnel Challenge (Ensuring the loyalty of his appointees is no small task—but there is a roadmap.)


Violence Planned for Trump Inauguration Exposed


No One Loves the 45th  President Like Donald Trump


Trump Readying Executive Orders


Tape shows Trump contradicting himself (again) on Putin meeting


Snoop Dogg Blasts ‘Uncle Tom’ Black Artists for Performing At Trump’s Inauguration1962


Anti-Trump Activists Scale Back Inauguration Protest Plans


DeVos: 'Yes,' Trump's leaked tape comments describe sexual assault


Trump set to take office without most of his Cabinet  (Republicans are on track to take longer to fill out his team than for any administration since George H.W. Bush in 1989.)


Man burned after setting fire outside Trump hotel in D.C.


What worries Ben Rhodes about Trump


Transition to Trump: Poll numbers won’t stop Trump from making America great again


Singer Jennifer Holliday Backs Out of Inauguration After Intense Backlash ('I was receiving death threats from black people.')


United We Fall  (The nation is now hopelessly divided and will remain so. Unless Trump recognizes this unpalatable reality, much of his decision-making and hard work will go for nought.)


President-Elect Trump, Back in Washington, Resembles Candidate Trump


Trump Gores a Sacred Cow, and Liberals Lament  (Inauguration Day 2016 will mark perhaps the greatest political and cultural shift in American history.)


Black college raises $600K for Trump inauguration appearance


Exclusive: Trump Operative Roger Stone Survives Assassination Attempt


Trump on Dems boycotting inauguration: 'I hope they give me their tickets'


Video: 'Throat-punching,' 'blockades' to disrupt Trump inaugural


Redskins owner attends exclusive Trump inaugural celebration


Shock video: Some Americans want martial law to stop Trump


Biologist names moth with ‘yellowish-white scales’ on head after Trump


Trump’s threat to the liberal ‘deep state’


Melania Trump 'will wear Ralph Lauren at her husband's inauguration': Designer is frontrunner for her outfit 


Mike Pence poses 'biggest threat to women in a generation'


The Promise Can Trump really make America great again?


Donald flies in to DC on his private jet to join a stunning Kellyanne Conway and Jon Voight at glamorous pre-inauguration dinner


Trump haters, take a deep breath: he's not in office yet


Sponsors of Anarchy  (The violence and mayhem that lies ahead this weekend.)


Trump: 'I don't like tweeting'


No, this is not Donald Trump's official inaugural poem


Amongst the Demonstrators


Stephen Miller Gets the Los Angeles Times Treatment  (Liberalism’s war on Trump.)


Trump: 'I don't like tweeting'


 Trump, Lincoln, and the Man Who Held the President-Elect’s Hat


Trump, Pence inaugural balls deemed 'most affordable in recent history'


Foreign diplomats toast Trump with wine that has special meaning


Lobster, Angus beef on Trump's post-inaugural lunch menu


Record protest crowds expected to greet Trump at his inauguration


Trump's new world disorder


Reince Priebus Emerges as a Potential Tamer of Trump


Trump says Europe is in trouble. He has a point.


'Fox & Friends' Wednesday: Ainsley Earhardt Interviews the President-Elect


Dear Trump: Defending democracy is no vice


Trump Lashes Out at Foes, and Approval Polls That Follow


Donald Trump waits in his tower — accessible yet isolated




Interracial couple gets harassed on date night




Samantha Power on Putin: Murderer of journalists not a good partner (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Edward Snowden given leave to remain in Russia for 'a couple more years'


Analyst believes removal of sanctions can be political bargaining chip with Russia


Russian opposition warning for Trump  (Russia’s main opposition leader Alexey Navalny says Mr Trump's attitude towards Mr Putin is "strange.")


Russian Eurobonds may be floated in spring 2017 — finance minister


Moscow refuses to gift Snowden to USA for Trump's inauguration


Putin, Merkel, Hollande agree to give fresh impetus to Normandy Four activities


Russia 'Ready to Discuss' Scrapping U.S. Adoption Ban


Ministry reports US spy agencies' latest attempt to recruit Russian worker was on Jan 14


UK, Germany, & France ‘grossly interfered’ in US election – Russian FM


Austria’s president-elect says he is ready to maintain good relations with Russia


America Must Rethink Its Assumptions about Russia


Putin briefs Merkel, Hollande on steps to implement Syrian ceasefire

Trump’s ‘bromance’ with Putin poses a major risk for U.S. corporations




Dancing with the devil: Inside the Los Angeles Satanic Temple's biggest EVER 'black mass' with blood-letting, demonic cats, tattoos... and 'destruction rituals'




Gorillas, monkeys and lemurs among primates facing extinction, report says


Babies remember birth language




Success of Las Vegas SHOT Show a Harbinger for Gun Industry Growth?




Secret Service settles race case




Trump’s UN pick Nikki Haley shows support for Israel, hard line on Russia


If Tom Price Is Corrupt, So Is Nearly Every Democrat


Senate Dem Accusing Trump Pick of Ethics Violations Benefited from Bank Bailouts


DeVos: Won’t Dismantle Public Schools as Education Secretary


Sen. Warren Waves Off Handshake Attempt From Trump Education Sec. Nominee Betsy DeVos [Video]  (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Fake News from CNN: Legal Expert Says Schumer’s Attacks on Trump’s Pick to Head HHS ‘Are Entirely About Politics’ (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Rand: ‘Somebody Should Go To Jail’ For Trump Doc Leak (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


HHS Nominee Tom Price Says All Americans Have Right to Health Care


Senator Tried To Trap Tom Price At HHS Hearing -- His Response Was Cold As Ice


Mattis Approved by Senate Armed Services Committee to Be SecDef


Betsy DeVos cites grizzlies in Wy. when asked about guns in schools


Lindsey Graham gets passed over for Russian hacking panel (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Sanders Lectures Navy SEAL Veteran: VA Isn’t Bad  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Cruz Bill Would Force Admin to Release Terror Histories of Gitmo Releases (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


Tough Questions for DeVos (Democrats on the Senate’s education panel grill Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s nominee for education secretary, who generally avoids specific answers.)


DeVos Endorses 'Choice' in Education


Sanders tangles with Trump’s Education pick over college costs  (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)


Betsy DeVos’s Education Hearing Erupts Into Partisan Debate


DeVos vows to be advocate for 'great' public schools


The time to act on Obamacare is now (By US Senator of Wyoming Mike Enzi (R)


Senate Republicans livid over Obama commuting Chelsea Manning sentence


GOP senators want to give states Obamacare choice


McCain on Chelsea Manning: 'Her dishonor will last forever' (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Betsy DeVos, Trump’s education pick, lauded as bold reformer, called unfit for job


DeVos argues for school choice, disavows conversion therapy


DeVos Seeks to End ‘One Size Fits All’ Education


Why are no senators boycotting the inauguration? National ambition is part of it.




Poll: Almost 70 Percent Of Americans Don't Like Trump's Twitter Use


Keep on tweeting, Trump


Mark Zuckerberg dismisses VR allegations




S America leaders sentenced over murders




South Korean court dismisses arrest warrant for Samsung chief


More Defections by N.Korean Diplomats 'Went Unreported'


Ban Ki-moon haunted by awkward slip-ups   (Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, second in presidential opinion polls…)




Lunar deal landed: US company secures funding in aim to be first private firm to travel to moon





Trying Again on Time Demands (At NCAA meeting, Division I and the Power Five conferences will take a second shot at legislation limiting time demands on athletes. Divisions II and III expect to adopt new rules giving “unchallengeable authority” to physicians on when athletes should play after concussions.)


'He looks like a soccer mom enjoying hunting season!' NFL star Jay Cutler is body-shamed after his wife Kristin Cavallari posts 'unflattering' shot of their Mexican vacation 


Anthony Lynn is ready to get to work as the new coach of the Los Angeles Chargers


NFL DENIES it ordered Hillary-supporter Lady Gaga not to mention Trump during her Super Bowl performance


Report: 3 Oregon football players hospitalized following intense workouts


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Study Shows Americans Flock to States With Less Burdensome Taxes


How Illinois Violates Voting RIghts


Andrew Cuomo breaks his tax pledge yet again (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Cuomo Takes a New Approach in Unveiling His 2017 State Budget Proposal


Death toll from California's winter storms continues to rise


State Senate Takes Aim at Plastic Bag Fee in New York City


A lawmaker’s mother-in-law inspired a bill to protect drivers who accidentally run over protesters




Trump’s team weighs retooling State to focus on terror




Supreme Court Hears Challenge To Deportation Power



Russian, Turkish Air Forces conduct first joint anti-ISIS op in Syria


Hope That New Syria Peace Talks Will End Fighting


Massive Move Of The Holy Spirit As Thousands Of Muslims Across Syria Are Flocking To Pray With Christian Missionaries


Emergence and rise of the Free Syrian Police


Inside rebel-held Syria, where children beg to die


ISIS targets bombed near Syria’s Al-Bab


ISIS cut off Deir ez-Zor airbase, threaten 120,000 civilians – RT reporter


Syrian government rejects Qatari, Saudi role in talks: report


Obama’s Stark Options on ISIS: Arm Syrian Kurds or Let Trump Decide


Inside war-torn Aleppo's Great Mosque





Latest avian flu outbreaks force cull of 30,000 chickens in Yunlin


Taiwan joins global anti-nuclear trend


Taiwan futures exchange embraces another record-breaking year in 2016


Taiwan begins F-16 upgrade program


Made-in-Taiwan bicycles lead the pack in China, UK and Netherlands


Taiwan Military drills carried out amid rising fears of Chinese invasion





For second week, bomb threats rock US Jewish institutions




Czech Man Accused of AIDS Offense Held in Thailand





Trump’s protectionist talk aimed at gaining NAFTA concessions





China’s Holdings of U.S. Treasuries Drop by Most Since 2011


Mnuchin Defends OneWest Record





Purges Have Weakened Once Mighty Turkish Military


Turkey gunman was ‘arrested in Iran’ before attack


Inside Reina attacker’s hideout apartment (Abdulkadir Masharipov had been staying in the house belonging to a Kyrgyz friend when was arrested during a police operation.)


Erdoğan warns judges over Gülenist informants   (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Over 73,000 foreigners given work permits in 2016 in Turkey, Syrians take lion’s share


Turkey Government seeks arrest of 243 military personnel in ongoing crackdown


‘There is hope’ for Turkey-US relations under Trump


Public trust in military plunges after Turkey’s failed coup: Poll


Anti-ISIL operations in Turkey continue, police detain over 20 suspects


New York Times correspondent denied entry into Turkey


US carries out strikes near Syria’s al-Bab after Turkish criticism


Two detained a month after Karlov assassination


17 ISIL militants ‘neutralized’ in north Syria: Turkish army





FTSE 100 edges higher, but crash in Pearson shares limits gain


UK: Muslim who murdered Muslim for “disrespecting Islam” calls on followers to “eliminate” enemies of Islam


I Want, I Want, I Want  (British Prime Minister Theresa May wanted to show a friendly yet tough face to her country's European allies. But her Brexit speech showed one thing above all: The British prime minister is blind to reality. )


UK consumers to be more cautious spenders, GDP growth to slow: Poll


'Little Britain': newspapers in Europe mock UK and Theresa May over PM's Brexit speech (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


May's Brexit threat to Europe: Any punitive deal for UK would be 'calamitous act of self-harm'


Calls for Scotland to set tougher green energy targets


NHS: £88bn extra needed to fund health service in future, OBR finds


EE fined £2.7m for overcharging customers    (EE, the UK's biggest mobile phone operator, broke billing rules, says regulator Ofcom.)


Theresa May's Brexit speech is 'f*** you” to the EU, says German MEP


Deliveroo to add 300 UK tech jobs


Thomas Cook to fly almost 1,000 Britons out of the Gambia


Premier Foods predicts lower profits


Johnson: Countries 'queuing' for UK trade  (British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


Public sector pay poised to fall by thousands in real terms, TUC says


Man shot twice in legs in Belfast


UK unemployment falls to 1.6 million


Sussex University failed duty of care to assault victim, inquiry finds


Dad charged over house blaze 'murder'


Disability No guarantee of help for disabled passengers, says Southern


University 'sorry' for abuse failings


Southern Strikes suspended as two sides agree to TUC talks


UK satellite to 'transform forecasts'




Haley to question US funding of UN: report 




Dubia Cardinal: It would be ‘suicidal’ if pope taught that conscience trumps Revelation



Mass insanity: Western cultural totalitarianism puts Stalinism to shame




Obama, optimistic and ominous, sends pointed message to Trump at final press conference


Biden Breakdown: Whole World order at risk of collapse! (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr )


Obama frees Manning the traitor


Obama wouldn’t leave office without freeing America’s most notorious cop-killer, would he?


Obama defends Manning commutation amid criticism, claims justice was ‘served’


Boykin: Manning’s Actions ‘Every Bit as Egregious and Damaging as Snowden’s’


Gallup: Obama Gets a Minus 9 Percent Final Grade From the Public


Report: Assange Lawyer Says Conditions of Extradition Pledge Not Met


Obama approval hits 60% as end of term approaches (AVIPP COMMENTARY: A 60 percent approval rating for the destruction of America.)


The "organized chaos" of White House moving day


Obama: The Arrogance of Failure


Lost legacy: How Barack Obama deliberately destroyed the US-Russia relationship


White House concedes it won't close Guantanamo after all


Setting traitor Manning free is a betrayal by Obama


The Nation of Islam Factor  (Explaining the Islamic intransigence of the outgoing President.)


Obama grants clemency to Puerto Rican terrorist


Lawyer: WikiLeaks' Assange 'standing by' extradition pledge


Obama Frees Manning the Traitor (Will WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange now honor his promise to allow himself to be extradited to the US?)


Obama's treatment of Manning, Russian leaks raises questions


Comparing WikiLeaks attacks with commuting Manning sentence


Obama appoints Jarrett, Rice and Rhodes to posts


White House: Assange tweet didn't influence Manning decision


Obama scores the worst legislative record in history


Obama pardons retired Gen. James Cartwright for lying during leak probe


White House taunts Putin, Trump over allegations of undermining president-elect


Reporters have worked from the White House for over 100 years. Will Trump evict them?


Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning, soldier in WikiLeaks case


After Trump is sworn in, the White House is in line for a decorating update 



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