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Wednesday, January 17, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




President Donald Trump Will Address March for Life, 1st President to Speak Via Live Video Feed


Three in Four Americans Support ‘Significant’ Restrictions on Abortion


President Trump Will Protect Doctors Who Don’t Want To Do Abortions


‘Roe v. Wade’s days are numbered’: Former abortion manager to largest-ever Chicago March for Life


Abortion Clinic Offers Discounts on 22-Week Abortions for Members of the Military


Pregnant immigrant teen seeking abortion is released from government custody


Worst Serial Killer in History Murdered 138 People. Planned Parenthood Killed 321,384 Babies Last Year


Planned Parenthood taps into sex-change ‘therapy’ for minors as new revenue source


Abortion Activists Want to Defeat This Democrat Congressman Just Because He’s Pro-Life


Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood From Dumping Aborted Babies in Landfills


Republicans decry timing of attorney general’s bill to expand abortion access (Maine)


New Women’s March T-Shirts Celebrate Killing Babies in Abortions


Abortion rights, race at center of City Hall fight on hospital subsidy (Illinois)


22 States Tell Supreme Court: Don’t Let California Force Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion


‘Red Clocks’ imagines a world where abortion is outlawed. And it feels eerily real.


Women Hurt by Abortion Speak Out Against Roe v. Wade: “The Abortion Was Humiliating and Dehumanizing”


Vatican attempts to explain giving high honor to adamant abortion supporter


British City May Vote to Ban Pro-Life Prayer Vigils Outside Local Abortion Clinic



 AIDS research pioneer dies at 91




A new U.S. air blitz in Afghanistan won’t stop for winter. But will it stop the Taliban?


Afghan province awards Trump bravery medal after tough talk on Pakistan 





What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right


Nigeria: Student arrested for converting from Islam to Christianity





The time has come to privatize JFK Airport


Newborn abandoned on changing table in airport restroom





ADL: U.S. white supremacists murdered more in 2017 than domestic Islamists 



Saudi Journalist: Boycotting American Products May Boomerang On Arabs



Miners slug ASX


Australian dollar hits US80c, Dow Jones breaks above 26,000 record


New test for the STI superbug that you've probably never heard of


'I actually don't care': Australians not spooked by bitcoin's 50% drop





TSX closes 27 points higher, dollar slips; Dow soars past 26,000


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Man charged after female reporter taunted sexually during broadcast


Canada: State-funded CBC calls for the shaming of big families, says country should bring in more migrants instead


2 Cdns kidnapped in Nigeria: Global Affairs Canada


Big banks move to match Bank of Canada's rate hike


Bonokoski: Trudeau Liberals play it ‘stupid’ with country’s economy  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Canadian professor recently released from French prison calls for public inquiry into his extradition to France


Discussions afoot about reworking Canada's 'progressive trade agenda'


B.C. judge rules indefinite solitary confinement unconstitutional


Trudeau defends Canada's no-vote on Jerusalem: 'We are less interested in grousing and playing politics'


Indefinite solitary confinement in Canadian prisons ruled unconstitutional by B.C. court


Opposition stands with government on NAFTA, Conservative leader Scheer tells Washington


  Bank of Canada raises rate, but NAFTA clouds economy’s outlook


Loblaws in $400M tax fight with CRA over claims it set up bogus offshore bank


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne shuffles cabinet ahead of June election


Confidential industry documents show morning sickness drug Diclectin doesn't work, Toronto doctor says


Canadian dollar recovers after initial losses following Bank of Canada interest rate hike





After Irma, Barbuda islanders fear a cherished Caribbean lifestyle may vanish 





Ex-CIA Officer Suspected of Compromising Chinese Informants Is Arrested




Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Palestinian territories are among most dangerous places on earth for Christians




China’s dam frenzy 




‘Very possible’ that N. Korea crisis can’t be resolved peacefully – Trump


Donald Trump is prepared to deploy troops for attack on North Korea


Nations to Consider More North Korea Sanctions


The only way to ‘negotiate’ a North Korean solution






America Illegals First: Democrats Block 2018 Budget, Gain Another Month to Push Amnesty





With CFPB Reform, Trump Can Make American Finance Great Again





Apple commits to contribute over $350 billion into US economy over the next five years


Apple Gives Employees $2,500 Bonuses After New Tax Law





Illegal immigrant charged in the killings of two cops wishes he 'had killed more of the mother-------'




Intense shootout between Baltimore police, robbery suspects caught on video


Aunts of 13 captive siblings reveal decades of concerns


First Somali Police Officer In Maine Arrested At Concert


Murder suspect stabbed UPenn student Blaze Bernstein multiple times: Prosecutors


Maine: Muslim police officer put on leave, charged with five misdemeanors, including assault and battery


Security footage shows arrest of couple accused of torturing children


New charges could be coming in Las Vegas massacre, police attorney says




US border patrol routinely sabotages water left for migrants, report says




Dems flip Wisconsin state Senate seat


Bill Clinton’s ‘Scandalous’ past revisited by Fox as part of new historic series  (Former US President Bill Clinton)





Sanctuary City Politicians May Be Prosecuted


DHS chief takes heat over Trump furor




Florida Isn’t the Only State That Will Be Hurt by Offshore Drilling





Bannon will do interview with Robert Mueller's team, avoiding grand jury for now (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


'It's Just Unbelievable': Jeff Sessions Lays Down The Law With Tucker (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Sessions: 'We should be like Canada' in how we take in immigrants  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Are Republicans right about the Russia probe?




Dow soars 300 points, ends above 26,000 for first time


U.S. Stocks Surge; Dow Climbs Over 300 Points


Dow ends above 26,000 for first time on earnings optimism


Treasury yields rise after Fed’s Beige Book signals inflation buildup


2018 Comes In like a Lion


Dollar claws back ground lost after Fed’s Beige Book


Asian Stocks Retreat From Highs, Dollar Dips Again: Markets Wrap


Asian shares dip as commodities ease, bitcoin licks wounds


Could China’s yuan replace the dollar as a reserve currency?


Gold back at 4-month high, gaining for 5th day




Duke University and the Heroic Emile Zola of America


Unprepared and Confused (A new study says students don't feel confident they can find a job or succeed when they land one.)


Queer Student Counseling  (A new report says that college students who grapple with their gender identity or sexual orientation often are in counseling the longest, but the top focus of counseling centers is anxiety and depression.)


Anarchist college group calls for 'Law Enforcement Incineration Day'


One (small) step toward firing bad-apple teachers


Teacher put on leave after 'lynch' warning to black student (Reportedly told teen if he didn't get back to work, white peers would 'form an angry mob.')


Semi crashes into side of elementary school




Egypt: Muslims murder Christian for having cross tattoo, vow to “kill more Copts”





New Poll: Oprah's 2020 Chances Just Went Way Down




Oil prices end higher on bets for a ninth straight weekly drop for U.S. crude supplies


Energy Prices


Trump’s decision on China tariffs to signal direction for trade deficits, solar industry


Inside America's first solar-powered town






European stocks close with losses, weighed down by dives for Burberry, Skanska


Hezbollah Suspects Being Tried in Absentia Over Deadly 2012 Burgas Airport Terror Attack  (Two suspects linked to the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist organization are being tried by a Bulgarian court in absentia in connection with the deadly July 2012 terror attack on an Israeli tour bus outside Burgas Airport.) 


Christian convert from Iran converting Muslims in Sweden


Trump Admin Attempting to Resolve Deportation Threat to 100 Iranian Christians in Vienna



Danish inventor is charged with killing and dismembering reporter Kim Wall on his submarine





FAA Investigates Why JFK Airport Was Crippled by Snowstorm




Report: FBI Agent Shared Russia Probe Information With Christopher Steele




FTC investigating Broadcom for antitrust practices





Recall of French baby milk products extended to 83 countries





Merkel rebukes Austrian chancellor over refugees on first visit to Berlin  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Poland seeks to calm row with Germany over WWII war reparations


Berlin court rules AfD politician can be called a Holocaust denier




Scott Walker Sounds Alarm Over State Senate Defeat: ‘Wake Up Call for Republicans in Wisconsin’   (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)




After Four Years of Obamacare Implementation, Uninsured Rate Hits 12.2%





Baby Who Had Experimental Surgery to Fix Spina Bifida While Still in the Womb is Born Healthy


Why the 'Tide pod challenge' is dangerous, potentially deadly


Girl in hospital bed with sick grandfather in viral photo dies


CVS Pharmacy promises to end touchups of its beauty images


Plastic surgeon showed up drunk to operate at Kentucky hospital, reports say


10-year-old boy dies of complications from the flu





House conservatives demand vote on tough border bill to avoid shutdown


House Intel Committee Prepared To Release Fusion GPS Testimony -- They Just Need To Vote On It


Lawmakers vow to force answers from Bannon in Russia probe after he defies subpoena


House Panel Subpoenas Steve Bannon


House GOP Looks to Sweeten Spending Deal for Conservatives


Lawmakers see shutdown’s odds rising


WH directed Bannon to avoid answering panel's questions in Russia probe, Schiff says  (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D)


House passes tariff-relief bill


G.O.P. Weighs Child Health Plan as Lure to Avert Shutdown





Immigrants Rush to Renew While DACA Window Is Open


Nightmare for Dreamers



Obama’s ICE didn’t follow procedure for checking illegal immigrants’ ties to terrorism


Detroit father deported after 30 years in U.S.





Israel-India guided missile deal back on track: Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)





Measles outbreak kills 58 children in Indonesia's Papua




The Popular Uprising In Iran 2017-2018: Lessons Learned By The Regime


Iran tortures and kills protesters; West mostly silent as 8,000 citizens arrested





Iraqi Forces Readying for Potential Terrorist Activity During National Elections





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing    (Wednesday, January 17, 2018)


Terrorist eliminated in an operation in Jenin


Abbas and his advisor lash out at Trump and US ambassadors,  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Trump: Embassy won't move to Jerusalem within a year


Abbas’ ultimatum to Trump: Choose between a Palestinian Jerusalem or war


Obama saw Israel as the problem - Trump sees it as the solution


Israeli settlers puncture tires, spray racist graffiti on Palestinian vehicles


UNRWA: U.S. Aid Cut ‘Worst Financial Crisis’ In Agency’s History


Israeli forces detain 21 Palestinians in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) , East Jerusalem raids


Why does the Jewish leadership in the US not respect Israel?


Knesset Committee Chair: Home Front Unprepared for Next War


The Abbas-Netanyahu irony (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


In Modi’s home state, cheering crowds for Netanyahu flaunt India-Israel romance


Israeli bulldozers level lands in southern Gaza


Police said set to recommend indictments for PM confidants in submarines scandal


Samaria resident extradited for Arab taxi driver's death


Brazil extradites Israeli convicted in 2004 killing of Palestinian


Report: Defense Ministry Working on Plan to Legalize 70 Outposts in Judea and Samaria


In rare gesture, Jerusalem expresses sympathy for Iraqi terror victims


British Labour Party drops candidate linking Holocaust to Gaza


Defense minister to keep deputy in dark on outpost legalization after leak


Clashes erupt in Qalqiliya-area town as Israeli settlers raid the area


Israel said to hit Hezbollah weapons depot near Damascus


UN agency launches global appeal for Palestinian aid


With no vice PM, who'll be greeting Pence at the airport?  (Vice-President Mike Pence)


Glick: Palestinian Leader’s Anti-American Rant Gives Trump Cause to Cut Funding


'A death sentence': Palestinians slam US decision to cut aid as UN pleads for new donors


Muslims refuse to allow repairs after Judaism’s second holiest site is flooded


Abbas proves to be nothing more than a two-faced, anti-Semite (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Behind the fiery rhetoric, the Palestinian leadership is cornered and flailing





Corpse-laden boat, likely from North Korea, washes up in Japan





California Could Extend ‘Sanctuary State’ Status to Marijuana




CNN Not Predicting But Wishing a Heart Attack for the President


Meet the real Walter Cronkite ('I'm glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan,' newsman proclaimed promoting global government.)




Kentucky governor readies for Medicaid legal challenge


Why work requirements are good for Medicaid




Mexican Drug Cartels Murders Two People, Saws Their Limbs Off And Stuffs Them In Plastic Garbage Bags And Leaves Them On The Side Of The Road




UK condemns firing of ballistic missiles from Yemen into Saudi Arabia




…Pentagon: Troops Will Not Be Paid if Govt Shuts Down


Pentagon Confirms Russia Building Underwater Nuclear Drone


Navy to file homicide charges against ship commanders after deadly crashes


Army vet suing after discovering scalpel left in body for years


Harsh response to Shulkin's decision that VA won’t study medical marijuana for PTSD


Proposal Would Widen Permissible Use of Nuclear Arms


Beleaguered Colorado VA hospital sees staffing, design challenges before 2018 opening


Lowering the suicide rates of those who serve


Does the hypersonic SR-72 aircraft — 'Son of Blackbird' — already exist?


In a rarity, the Air Force temporarily deploys three kinds of bombers to the Pacific





Humana Will Increase Minimum Wage, Offer Incentive Pay Due to Tax Reform





Are US & Japan aiming their new missile defense at Russia & China?





Majority of National Park Service advisory board resigns amid protest





Pakistan: Muslims gang-rape Christian woman, escape punishment


Uncertainty grips Afghan refugees in Pakistan as repatriation deadline nears


Pakistan launches new anti-polio drive in Punjab province


Pakistan-based IT firm sold thousands of fake degrees to UK citizens


1,800 clerics issued fatwa forbidding suicide bombings


'There's no case against Hafiz Saeed sahib in Pakistan,' says its PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi




Mississippi inmate in buttocks injection killing has died




Have Web giants declared war on conservatives? (Limbaugh: 'They would never think of themselves this way, but these are pure Stalinists.')




Trump accuses Russia of helping North Korea violate sanctions


Moscow to provide tit-for-tat response if US retains restrictions against Russian media


Why Russia refuses to give refugee status to Syrians


Russia's Kaspersky Lab detects virus stealing messages from WhatsApp


Russia Television Station Declares ‘We Will Buy Any Homosexual A One-Way Ticket To California If You Emigrate And Do Not Return To Russia,’ Dozens Of Homosexuals Contact The Station And Ask For Tickets


Russia's Central Bank feels worries cryptocurrencies may have 'Viagra effect'


Russia eyeing private military companies market with new legalization bid





Wedding programs turn into devilish message





Stop The Sneak Attack On The Second Amendment






Jeff Flake rips Trump: A president 'who cannot take criticism ... is charting a very dangerous path'  (US Senator of Arizona Jeff Flake (R)


RNC Chair to Flake: ‘You’ve Gone too Far’ in Comparing Trump to Stalin


Senator says Homeland Security chief "lied under oath"   (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


Eight Senate Republicans Join Attempt to Derail Crucial Surveillance Program


Roy Blunt Sponsors Resolution Establishing Religious Freedom Day  (US Senator of Missouri Roy Blunt (R)


Senate defeats filibuster; FISA extension set for imminent passage


McCain rips Trump for attacks on press (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Congress won’t vote on Gang of Six immigration deal; Democrats’ promise put to test


Donald Trump Will Soil You. Ask Lindsey Graham. (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Cory Booker’s ‘tears of rage’ rant mocked; senator likened to Tommy Wiseau of ‘The Room’  (US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker (D)


'Tears of rage!' Watch Sen. Booker spit fire over Trump 'sh--hole' comment ('I receive enough death threats to know the reality.')


Ignore the president. Vote on the DACA deal.





Ann Curry: Sexual Harassment ‘Pervasive’ at NBC News




Conservatives demand Twitter answers after Project Veritas videos point to political bias


Facebook Doesn’t Like What It Sees When It Looks in the Mirror




North and South Korean Teams to March as One at Olympics


Seoul to launch real-time ambulance location tracker




SPLC: Selling hate





Legendary Boston Celtic Jo Jo White dead at 71


Notre Dame kicks veteran WR, three others off football team


Did Saints coach mock Vikings before play? 


Cops: Philadelphia Eagles fan repeatedly punched police horse


Sentencing hearing begins for convicted sexual predator Larry Nassar


NBA opens investigation into Rockets-Clippers locker room incident


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard





"Likely" meteor lights up sky over Michigan


80 million under winter storm advisories from Texas to Maine 





Tillerson: Crucial to US national interest to maintain military, diplomatic presence in Syria  (US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)


State Department Touts SPLC, Open Society Foundation in Grant


Tillerson rejects 'freeze for freeze' approach in dealing with North Korea





UN mediator invites Syria, opposition to Vienna peace talks next week





Protecting the Environment Is China’s Latest Excuse to Bully Taiwanese Businesses


China sails aircraft carrier past Taiwan after leader warns of military expansion


U.S. Should Notice China Provoking Taiwan




‘Chilling’ report finds 73 percent of U.S. terrorist convicts are foreign-born





Turkey sees betrayal as US backs Syrian Kurds


Syria crisis: Why Turkey is poised to attack Kurdish enclave Afrin


Turkey says it could act in Syria unless Washington withdraws support for Kurdish force




For Uber, Third Time's the Charm on $1-per-Driver Pay Settlement





FTSE 100 ends lower for third straight day as Burberry, Pearson drop sharply


UK Appoints a Minister for Loneliness


UK: Muslim saying he was with “death squad sent by Allah” recruited children at local mosque for jihad massacres


Juncker Says Would Like Britain to Rejoin EU After Brexit (European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker)




Pope Francis hit in face by object thrown from crowd before mass in Chile (Video)



Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Fake News Nuttery: Elite Journos’ Conspiracy Theories About Trump’s Mental Health Demolished…


White House official: House intel panel broke an agreement on limiting scope of questions for Bannon


…CNN’s Gupta Diagnoses POTUS With Heart Disease On-Air


Eric Trump: 'My father sees one color, green'


What’s the Point of Labeling Trump a Racist?


White House Honors Late Civil Rights Activist to Promote Bipartisan Immigration Reform, Argue for Wall Funding


Obama Admin Alumni Praise White House Physician


Nancy Pelosi, ACLU Bash President Trump for Declaring Religious Freedom Day (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Exclusive: Trump considers big 'fine' over China intellectual property theft


A window iside Trump's morning 'executive time'


Sarah Sanders: Actually, Merit-Based Immigration System Is More Fair, Less Racist  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Trump orders CNN star Acosta to leave Oval after reporter’s newest outburst


Reporters hunt for evidence of Trump health problems in bizarre press briefing


Porn star told me she DID have year of sex with Trump and had 'corroborating evidence' says reporter who says Stormy Daniels didn't rate president highly in bed


The President is overweight and doesn't exercise much, like most Americans


Revealed: Cognitive test Trump did for his medical exam, earning a perfect score - but can YOU do it?


Trump’s Exact Word Is Still in Debate. But Does It Matter?


What Trump did was bad. What Democrats did is worse.


Two personalities Trump follows on Twitter apparently hacked




WHO: All of Sao Paulo state at risk for yellow fever


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