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Thursday, January 12, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Iowa Legislature Will Defund Planned Parenthood, Redirect Funds to Non-Abortion Groups


Kellyanne Conway, Who Managed Trump to Win, Will Speak at Anti-Abortion March


Judge Allows Pro-Lifers to Fight City of Chicago’s Attempt to Deny Their Free Speech


How abortion chain Planned Parenthood masquerades as a health care provider


 Actress Patricia Heaton Will Headline Pro-Life Rally: “We Must Offer Women Hope” Not Abortion


Abortion survivor to speak at West Coast’s Walk for Life


Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life: Abortion is the “Defining Moral Issue of Our Time”


Planned Parenthood CEO Threatens Speaker Ryan on Defunding: “We’re Not Going Without a Fight”  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Religious Leaders Bless Opening of New Planed Parenthood Abortion Clinic, Call It “Sacred Work”


New group fights back against abortion ban (Indiana)


Forbes Reporter Claims Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Kill Women, Blocks LifeNews When Shown Truth


A woman claims she was denied an abortion while in jail. Now she’s suing for $1.5 million.


Senate Passes Budget Resolution That’s a Precursor to Defunding Planned Parenthood


Breaking: DC radio station pulls ad exposing Planned Parenthood abortion business


Idaho legislator would charge women, doctors with murder for abortion


Actor Michael Ian Black: “Aborted Babies are A LOT Cheaper Than Babies Carried to Term”


Fight looms at Iowa Capitol over tighter abortion restrictions


“Shady Outfit” Behind False Attacks on Donald Trump Also Works for Planned Parenthood


Here's why abortion will remain a hot issue in Ohio in 2017


Pope Criticizes Woman Who Aborted Her Baby to Save Her Looks: “My Appearance is Important”


Appeals court upholds abortion clinic buffer zones (New Hampshire)


Restaurant Serves “Golden Showers” Burger to Mock Trump and Fund Planned Parenthood


Abortion policy is stuck in the dark ages


Senate Passes Budget Resolution That’s a Precursor to Defunding Planned Parenthood


Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Blasts AG Who Won’t Defend Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks: “Do Your Job”


I Went To Planned Parenthood And All I Got Was An Abortion


Abortion Advocates Call for Population Control in the UK, Tell Brits “Stop Having Children”


State Bill Would Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy


Abby Johnson Plans to Infiltrate Planned Parenthood’s Anti-Trump March


Warning: Abortion’s Deadly DIY Past Could Soon Become Its Future


Iowa Governor Terry Branstad Wants Legislature to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Group forms over hotly controversial topic of abortion (Indiana)


Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions: Roe v. Wade “One of the Worst Supreme Court Decisions”


Roe’s Legacy: Proliferation of “Back-Alley” Abortion Clinics


Kentucky Governor Signs Pro-Life Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks


New 20-week abortion bans in Ohio and Kentucky raise ire from pro-choice groups and tough choices for women


MSNBC Host Tells Planned Parenthood CEO: “These Airwaves Are Your Airwaves”


Utah Lawmaker abandons bill to avoid abortion fight


NFL Player Ben Watson: “Abortion Will Not End Until Men Stand Up” for Women and Children


Three Out of Four Jesuit-Educated Congressmen Vote for Abortion


Pro-Life Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway to Speak at the 43rd,Annual March for Life


Obama Admin ‘Funded Illegal Abortions in Africa’ Says African Cardinal in Farewell


Did Diane Feinstein Lie About Putting Women in Prison for Illegal Abortions?  (US Senator of California Dianne Feinstein (D)


Feinstein’s Weird Abortion Remark


Woman Who Tried to Kill Her 24-Week-Old Unborn Baby With a Coat Hanger Released From Jail


Woman Accused of Coat-Hanger Abortion Pleads Guilty to Felony


Dead or Alive? Abortion Clinic Patient Taken to Ambulance Wrapped in Sheet Like a Mummy


Report: Oklahoma Named the Most Pro-Life State, Washington Most Pro-Abortion


Actress Tracee Ellis Ross Wants to Donate Her Golden Globes Jewelry to Planned Parenthood


ACLU Sues to Stop Pro-Life Law Allowing Women to See Ultrasound Before Abortion


Abortions banned in Russian city for 1 day in memory of biblical ‘massacre of innocents’


Canadian judge bars anti-abortion bus ads - to prevent an 'uncomfortable environment'


You’ll be Shocked by How Many Violations Health Inspectors Found at a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic


Pope cites woman who had abortion to save looks in criticism of world’s beauty obsession


UN: Gendercide abortion means Armenia is heading towards “demographic crisis”




Taliban Terrorists Buying American Weapons From U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Afghan Soldiers


Trump Admin Inherits Continued Insecurity, Corruption in Afghanistan


Report: Afghanistan 'on the brink of ruin' ahead of more US troops being deployed


Kunduz Attack in November Killed 33 Civilians, U.S. Military Says


Taliban releases video of American, Australian hostages


Young Symbol of Afghan Resilience Joins List of Lost Leaders




Nigeria trims ties with Taiwan as it courts China


Scientists Map Vast Peat Swamps, a Storehouse of Carbon, in Central Africa


African worm disease from dirty water nearly eradicated, says Jimmy Carter


Morocco Bans Sale of Burqas, Merchants Tell Media




Produce industry releases plan for ending abusive Mexican farm labor conditions




Fort Lauderdale airport shooting's fifth victim identified, authorities say




Anti-Semitic Note Promises ‘Mayhem’




‘We’ll Grow Again’: Bangladesh Cafe Attacked by Terrorists Reopens


Vo Quy, Father of Environmental Conservation in Vietnam, Dies at 87




Terminally Ill Mom: Medicare Offered Me $1.20 for Assisted Suicide Drugs, Refused Me for a Clinical Trial


Breaking: Congressmen introduce bill to block DC assisted suicide




Australia stocks lower at close of trade; S&P/ASX 200 down 0.08%


Dollar lifts as Donald Trump sceptics drive down greenback


Turnbull government slammed in human rights report


Hundreds of workers have pay slashed 30 per cent


Woman 'drugged and raped' in Sydney pizza shop by man and 3 teens


230,000 sent debt letters but for millions there is some good news





Detroit Auto Show feels the 'Trump Effect'


Honda adds more than 750,000 vehicles to ongoing air bag recall


Fiat Chrysler Announces $1 Billion Investment in U.S., Creating 2,000 Jobs


Ford Says Beams Were Up on Aborted Mexico Plant Trump Jeered




Ex - Kosovo Premier Freed Pending French Extradition Decision 




Obama Has Little To Show For His Lavish Spending On Roads, Green Energy And E-Cars




Cartels, smugglers exploit border wall fears ahead of Trump presidency




Stock markets move lower as traders take profits a day after Trump presser


Trudeau took the Aga Khan's private helicopter to island vacation (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Trudeau faces tough questions at cross-country tour town halls


How trans activists are unethically influencing autistic children to change genders


Is Canada setting itself up for a pipeline glut?


29-year-old becomes Canada's youngest female cabinet minister


7 things you wanted to know about the Aga Khan controversy, but were afraid to ask


Taxpayers' dollars helped send teachers to Hawaii during work-to-rule




Wasteful Spending by Other Names




Pompeo's mission: Make CIA 'world's premier espionage service'


Trump’s CIA pick enters the fray


Trump’s C.I.A. Pick Faces Balancing Act


The CIA disgrace




China launches new electronic reconnaissance ship


The calm before the storm for China inflation


China Plays Down Talk by Trump Choice for Diplomat


Chinese students can borrow from ‘score bank’ to pass exams


Chinese Professor Fired for Anti-Mao Remarks


 In Defiant Move, China Sends Aircraft Carrier Near Taiwan


China, Fanning Patriotism, Adds 6 Years to War with Japan in History Books




Can Donald Trump and Raúl Castro Make a Good Deal? (Cuban dictator Raul Castro)


So much for Obama's 'new chapter' with Cuba




The GOP Must Be Practical When Replacing the ACA


Obamacare: The dirty little secret of "repeal and replace"


Congress Urges Trump to Move U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem


Seven Questions About Health Reform


Some Republicans Try to Head Off a Health Care Calamity


Introducing a ‘better way’


Conservatives fear GOP may lose its nerve on Obamacare




The 8 constitutional religious activities of inauguration


In Alexandria, a dispute over free speech — at council meetings




U.S. judge orders Volkswagen executive detained


Officers’ Lawsuit Against Marilyn Mosby in Freddie Gray Case Allowed to Proceed


America Rising Files FOIA to Target ‘Politicized’ Ethics Office


Texas Judge Rejects ‘Clock Boy’s’ Defamation Lawsuit Against Conservative Pundits 


Gov't lawsuit disputes "extravagant" claims of memory supplement


Liberal 9th 'Circus' Court makes breathtaking ruling on Bible




Hate-Crime Legislation Is a Good Idea That Went Bad


Police probe possible hate crime after woman claims she was sexually assaulted


Tips For Hate Crime Hoaxers  (A few things fake victims might want to try.)


Reddit users raise $160K for Facebook hate-crime victim


The politicization of hate crime legislation


Cops: Mother struck girl found dead and concealed in family restaurant


Police are increasingly unwilling to conduct stops in wake of racial clashes


Mother allegedly locked boy in bathroom for 2 years


Cops: Fla. man aided murder suspect before cop shooting


Dennis Prager: Disturbing Lessons From The Chicago Beating


Wheelchair-bound woman smokes ‘blunt’ on subway, ruckus ensues


White and Black Police Officers Are Sharply Divided About Race, Pew Finds




Giuliani to head up cybersecurity advisory group for Trump


U.S. warns of flaw that could allow hackers to take control of heart devices




Texas carries out nation's first execution in 2017


Anguish, Rage and Mercy as Roof Is Sentenced to Death 




‘I Think It Was Russia,’ Trump Says About D.N.C. Hacking





Anthony Weiner hoping Huma will call off divorce (Former US Representative of New York Anthony (the exposer) Weiner)


Hillary back under the spotlight


New York Secures the Most Affordable Housing Units in 27 Years  (The Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio administration built or preserved about 22,000 housing units in New York City in 2016, the most since 1989, but advocates say the need is still great.)


Hillary Clinton: Diplomacy now 'more vital and urgent than ever'




…Deportations Hit 10-Year Low


On His Way Out, Obama Moves To Make National Elections Less Secure


Trump's DHS nominee unites Democrats, immigration hawks




Carson Defends His Qualifications to Be Housing Chief


Five questions for Ben Carson




Home of slain civil rights leader to be declared national landmark




Inspector general to review DOJ, FBI handling of Clinton case


Takata to pay $1 billion to settle U.S. air bag probe: sources


Will Baltimore’s Police Reform Agreement Survive Under Sessions as A.G.?


And Not a Shot Is Fired: Baltimore City Council Assents to Federal Consent Decree Over Its Police Department


Is Jeff Sessions Ready to Ban Internet Gambling by DOJ Fiat?


Feds, Baltimore reach policing pact in wake of controversial death


Volkswagen faces reforms, oversight for three years under U.S. settlement


The High Stakes of Jeff Sessions’s Confirmation  (US Attorney General nominee Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions(R)


Jeff Sessions pledges to recuse self from Clinton probe as attorney general


An Attack on Sessions’s Granddaughter Exposes the Left’s Remarkable Intolerance


The Myth of Jeff Sessions’s Racist Crusade against Voting Rights



Transportation pick Chao sails through Senate hearing





Wall St. falls before earnings and on U.S. policy uncertainty


U.S. Stocks Slip With Dollar as Commodities Rally: Markets Wrap


Nasdaq snaps 7-day win streak as stocks cool before earning season


Dollar loses altitude, Asia shares at 11-week top


Yen Gains, Japan Stocks Drop After Trump Comments: Markets Wrap


Gold rings up fresh 7-week high, but loses grip on $1,200 level


Robert J. Samuelson: What's Up With Macy's And Sears?


Dollar falls, but ends well off its lows of the session


Donald Trump’s Bogus Jobs Number


Emerging-Market Currencies Climb as Lira Rebounds From Lows


10-year Treasury yield touches 6-week low


Why Economists Can’t Seem to Get It Right


Sorry, coffee fans, prepare to pay more for your java


Best sign Trump rally is fading? Stocks are getting crushed by gold in 2017


Weekly Jobless Claims Rise Less Than Expected


Dollar, bonds and more:‘Trump trades’ are unraveling—fast


New red flag for housing market?


Will stocks sell off after Trump takes the oath? Here’s what history shows




Trump Derangement Syndrome Comes to a School Near You


MIT freshman tries to save lives with "future of firearms"


Maine College to Unveil Rare Photo of Lincoln's Inauguration


By Taking Down DeVos, Unions And Democrats Hope To Kill School Reform


History Jobs Flat  (Teaching jobs for historians are down, but data suggest their opportunities outside the professoriate are on the rise.)


Protests 101: College civics classes focus more on demonstrations than citizenship


Georgia Tech’s Model Expands  (Three years after its low-cost MOOC-inspired master’s degree program in computer science launched, the institute announces a new program in analytics priced at less than $10,000.)


Georgetown professor says whites should keep ‘individual reparations account’


Bathroom Politics  (As Texas debates bill that would require regulation of how transgender people use facilities in public higher education, most system leaders aren't saying much.)


The United Church of Christ and the Bullying of a Black College


Is the Worst Over at CCSF?  (City College of San Francisco is struggling with money woes, dwindling enrollment and a long-running accreditation crisis, but many in the state say the college is changing for the better.)


Should Biomedical Graduate Schools Ignore the GRE?


How to Slam-Dunk a Revision  (Peer review can sting, write Joya Misra and Jennifer Lundquist, but continued revision is the lifeblood of scholarship.)


The hilarious hoax that should have taught the academy a lesson


Colleges Should Abandon Early Admissions (The disadvantage they confer on low-income students is a fatal flaw, argues Harold O Levy.)


Seeking Perfection (Study of the most prominent Portuguese scientists looks for traits they share.)




Egypt's entrepreneurs





The Electoral College: The Best Way to Pick a Presiden




Cities say Clinton, Trump and Sanders campaigns owe money for event security


The Real Reason Trump Won: Part 2 of 4

Lost in cyberspace 
(Russia's hacking of the Democratic National Committee was mischievous. Did it change the outcome of the 2016 elections? No evidence suggests that and the intelligence community isn't claiming that.)


Did Latino voters actually turn out for Trump in the election? Not really





Oil up a second day on signs of output cut, weaker dollar and China demand growth


Energy Prices


Protest becomes an occupation as pipeline foes stay put


Natural-gas prices may have already hit bottom for the winter season




EPA accuses Fiat Chrysler of excess diesel emissions




Ukraine interfered with 2016 election to help Hillary - coordinated with DNC operative


Saakashvili's Party Splits In Georgia, Ex-President Blamed


Mass murderer says he's been "very damaged" by prison isolation  (Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik told a court Thursday that his isolation in prison had deeply damaged him and caused him to be even more radicalized.)


Ukraine Bans Broadcasts Of Independent Russian TV Station Dozhd


Norway Becomes First Country to Start Switching Off FM Radio


Iceland Forms Coalition Government After Months of Talks




Drug makers, auto stocks yank European stocks lower for first time in 3 days


Robots in the EU: Electronic Persons…With built-in kill switches


Soros group to stay in Hungary despite Trump-inspired crackdown


Belgium Arrests Man With Charges Related to Paris Attacks


Brother and Sister Charged With Hacking Prominent Italians


Malta Takes the Reins of a Frayed and Anxious European Union




FBI Chief Under Fire Again With Justice Department Investigation




Tillerson’s foreign policy: Russia first


Russia policy requires long view




French far-right candidate Le Pen spotted at Trump Tower


France Orders Release On Bail Of Former Kosovo PM




Fewer Migrants Entered Germany in 2016, and Rejections Increased


German foreign minister 'perplexed' by Trump's Nazi claim


German army to take part in 'sex seminar'


Trump pledge sends German pharma firms' stocks down


Germany to return new asylum seekers to Greece from March


German Man Declares ‘We Are Sick Of Immigrants And We Are Going To Teach You A Lesson’




Ending The Climate Of Endangerment


Climate Change Deniers: Even Exxon’s CEO Has Abandoned You


Time to Grill Rex Tillerson on Climate Change





Wintry Blast in Greece Imperils Refugees in Crowded Camps





Medical Experts Concerned After Trump Meets With Vaccine Skeptic


A Fix for Gender Bias in Health Care? Check.




Meryl Streep behaves as if elected to office




An inside look at the International LGBT Leaders Conference and what really goes on




Hong Kong’s No. 2 official resigns, to seek top post




Rep. Chaffetz 'Wholeheartedly' Backs DOJ on FBI's Clinton Email Probe (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)


House Dems Seek to Slow Obamacare Repeal


House Majority Leader: Create Growth by Reforming Taxes, Regulations, Health Care


National Reciprocity Bill Will Apply to Non-Resident Gun Carry Permits


Fla. lawmaker taken from Capitol on stretcher


GOP rep: Sessions attacks part of ‘war on whites’    (US Attorney General nominee Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions(R)


House chairman urges Obama to stop Gitmo transfers, cites terrorists’ return to battlefield


Transition team blocking Mattis from testifying in the House




Amazon drops Indian flag doormats after visa threat


Despite note ban, Nov factory output grows 5.7%




Trump attorney Cohen on intelligence dossier: 'I've never been to Prague and I've never been to Russia'


How a secret and unsubstantiated dossier made it into the public domain


Intelligence report predicts dire future


Trump says Russia report is ‘fake,’ warns intel community against leaks


Trump drop-kicks the ‘intelligence’ fake news




Iranian Activists, Academics Apologize For Iran's Syria Policy


IranAir Takes Delivery of First Airbus Jet Post-Sanctions


How Team Trump should handle the failing Iran deal


Iran Shiite Militias Endangering Future of Iraq




Iraq poised to retake University of Mosul from ISIS


Obama pal does business with Saddam's nuke scientist (The late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein)




Bishops hail 'Migration Week' while flooding U.S. cities with Muslims




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Thursday, January 12, 2017)


Damascus airbase said bombed by Israeli planes


IDF official: Hamas is to blame for Gaza power outages  (Israel Defense Forces)


Trump’s Pentagon chief: The capital of Israel is Tel Aviv


US Jerusalem embassy: only foundations


In landmark decision, High Court rules for women’s Western Wall prayer


Jerusalem is undividable


Israeli embassy official resigns amid scandal


Is Europe’s jihadist problem generating empathy toward Israel?


Jamaica Wants Economic Cooperation With Israel


Trump secretary of state pick: Two-state solution must remain the ‘aspiration’


Palestinian Embassy to be opened in Vatican city for the first time


Cop accused of killing Palestinian teen agrees to plea deal


Netanyahu to Norwegian FM: Paris Conference Pushes Peace Backwards  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu not attending Trump inauguration


French ambassador refutes PM Netanyahu's take on Paris conference


US intelligence warns Israel: Be careful sharing info with Trump


South African parties tussle over senior politician’s Israel trip


US Court Orders Iran, Syria to Pay $178M Compensation For Death of Baby in 2014 Jerusalem Terror Attack


Netanyahu’s son Yair to be questioned by police


New evidence against Islamic Movement leader on suspicions of unlawful association


Israel increases demolition orders in Jabal al-Mukabbir in wake of truck attack


Chaos, clashes in Gaza, as residents protest power cuts


Bennett urges students to postpone IDF draft for 1 year’s Torah study


(Even More Horrific) Anti-Israel UNSC Resolution Expected


Acclaimed Israeli singer Meir Banai dies aged 55


Israeli military court extends detention of 2 Palestinian children


India sells Israel on Ayurveda as an alternative alternative medicine


Pres. Rivlin: Challenges Are Opportunities to Show We Can Live Together (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Netanyahu derides Paris confab as rigged, ‘last gasp of the past’


Better, stronger and ever more precise: Artillery Corps soldiers compete in annual contest


Jpost poll: Yair Lapid leads pack to replace Netanyahu, Bennett second


Israeli forces seal Salfit-area village, preventing residents from going in or out


Jpost Poll: 65% of Israelis say Obama pro-Palestinian, Trump only 3%


Interview: Top Netanyahu aide: World won’t boycott our high-tech for Palestinians


Israel Police Recommend Indicting Sheikh Ra’ed Salah on Incitement


Abbas to hold bilateral talks in Paris ‘in coming weeks’  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


A Look Back at the First Disastrous 'Two-State Solution'


Obama: “Unfettered support for Israel” hurts “prospects for peace”


Obama Advances Arafat’s Agenda (The late former “Palestinian” Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat)


Obama, Israel, and Palestine: It’s the Ideology, Stupid!


Obama’s Enabling of Palestinian Terror


Old Espionage Ruse, With a Modern Twist: Israelis Say Hamas Used Online Seduction


Pro-Israel evangelicals are escaping AIPAC's shadow




Aoun against any weapons used inside Lebanon  (The Lebanese president told Al Arabiya News Channel that his country was against internal armed conflict.)




WSJ reports George Soros lost nearly $1 billion in market after Trump victory


Obama calls on supporters to renew fight for liberal values in farewell address


Why liberal elites are so resentful of middle America




Tillerson: I never lobbied against Russia sanctions




NY Times writer who urged journalists to abandon objectivity to defeat Trump now says media needs ‘n


Who Was Behind CNN’s “Fake News” on Trump?


Wow! Look who’s attacking Buzzfeed for publishing ‘fake news’


Why the Buzzfeed debacle damaged journalism and handed Trump a gift


Fake News Media Go To War With Trump


Spicer: 'Rude, inappropriate' CNN reporter owes Trump an apology


Publish and be damned


Trump labels CNN as ‘fake news’ in fiery press conference tirade


It’s open war between the media and Donald Trump


Trump goes nuclear on 'fake news' giants in media


John Dickerson: Trump is creating a new relationship with the press -- and delegitimizing them


Donald Trump Refuses Question From CNN Reporter: “I’m Not Giving You a Question, You’re Fake News”


Michelle Malkin: On Fire — The Racist Anti-Racists At MTV News


Donald Trump gets zero honeymoon with the press, major media attack now underway


The Real Story About Fake News Is Partisanship


L. Brent Bozell: Fawning Farewells? Not For Republicans


Network ratings plunge when Megyn Kelly appears (Minute-by-minute viewership takes 'major dive.')


Buzzfeed’s Trump report takes ‘fake news’ to a new level


Anderson Cooper clashes with Conway over reporting on Russia




Mexican President Again Says Country Will Not Pay for Trump's Border Wall


Mexican Drivers Flood to California for ‘Gasolinazo’ Relief





Microsoft workers forced to watch child abuse sue for PTSD




Kuwaiti Writer: The Recent Passing Of The International Religious Freedom Act In The U.S. Indicates That The World Has Had Enough Of Muslim Religious Extremism




Mattis Pledges to Build ‘Strongest Alliances Possible’


Nominee For Pentagon Chief Says Russia A 'Strategic Competitor,' Must Be Confronted


US Troops in Poland, 1st Deployment at Russia's Doorstep


F-35 Program Delayed Again, Costing At Least $500 Million


Trump's VA pick draws mixed reactions


Navy sailor invokes Hillary Clinton defense in bid for clemency over classified photos


Trump taps current VA official David Shulkin to lead troubled agency


Navy to upgrade combat awards for 4 Marines, 1 sailor


After years on the streets, homeless vets in D.C. finally have a permanent place to call home


US Commander: Islamic State truck bombs losing impact in battle for Mosul


Mattis views on women in combat takes center stage


Japan ready to maintain Marine Ospreys east of Tokyo


Mattis will tout international alliances during testimony


'Angry piece of flesh': Amputee's right leg plays key part in VA malpractice suit


Biden warns Trump administration not to invest in nuclear buildup  (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr)


Mabus: 'We have flown the wings off' Hornets, other Navy aircraft




U2 now not releasing its new album because of Donald Trump


Breaking up record cronyism





NAACP accused of anti-GOP bias at Sessions confirmation hearing




Spy chief responds to Trump claim that intel community was leaker  (Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper )


Clapper laments leaks, says U.S. intel has not verified accusations against Trump 


Intel chief speaks with Trump about dossier controversy


Trump Picks Surveillance Hawks to Head Intel Posts


Clapper: 35-page dossier didn't come from intel community




National Science Foundation swimming in waste with fish studies




Defending national security, when convenient




Nepal Removes Leader of Post-Quake Rebuilding Effort



The nutrient you didn't know you were missing





Woman’s Life Saved When Baby Who Died 74 Minutes After Birth Became the Youngest-Ever Organ Donor




Pakistan raises objections to India's missile programme: Report


Pakistani Court Stays Execution of Mentally Ill Convict


Pakistan called UN for decisive shift to accomplish sustainable peace


No direct link between PM and London property: Justice Azmat Saeed


I am prime minister of all Pakistanis and not just Muslim Pakistanis: Nawaz Sharif





Trump says pharma 'getting away with murder,' stocks slide




Philippine president Duterte warns drug-dealing mayors will be shot (President Rodrigo Duterte)


Duterte approves free contraception in mostly Catholic Philippines


Avoiding China's Wrath, Philippines Puts Off Upgrades to South China Sea Isles




It was a mad, mad day in American politics. Is it also our new normal?




Intelligence Community and Media Threaten Liberty in Maligning Trump


What the last 48 hours told us about Trump's next 4 years


Why Trump can't let go


Trump, Intel Chief at Odds on Discussion About Russia Report


Trump’s Obamacare impatience challenges GOP


Peter Thiel: I won't take a job with Trump's administration


Trump aide plagiarized thousands of words in Ph.D. dissertation


Dems struggle with how to play Trump's Russia troubles


How porous is new wall between Trump and family biz?


Trump asks public for blind trust


Trump thanks L.L. Bean heir for her support after boycott backlash


Democrats, media reel as Donald Trump shocks the DC ecosystem


In Iowa, Trump Voters Are Unfazed by Controversies


Trump can't shake his Russia problems


In the face of swirling controversies, a reminder of the challenges Trump will face


How Carly Fiorina came around on Trump, and then some


Trump ready to roll on Day One; blasts media for ‘fake news’


Trump's pick for vaccine commission endangers public health


Fact Checker: 1 Trump news conference, 15 notable claims


Ivanka: 'I will take a formal leave of absence from the Trump Organization'


How a Dossier, Explosive but Unverified, Set Off a Crisis


Obama’s moving farewell, Trump’s terrifying hello


Loud and clear: Businesses heeding Trump’s message


The Trump dossier is silly — except for one thing


Rewriting Trump’s to-do list


Some in D.C. don’t want to watch Trump’s victory lap. So they’re skipping town.


Trump Snubs Russia, Ethics Concerns in News Conference


Hunting groups look to Donald Trump Jr. as their champion in new White House


Donald Trump’s Made-for-TV Promises


Ex-British spy goes into hiding after Trump dossier released


Trump Sons Will Take 'Complete' Control of Business


Five takeaways from Trump's combative press conference


Trump, Sex and Lots of Whining


Federal ethics chief blasts 'meaningless' Trump business plan


The Trump ‘Kompromat’ Story Is Disturbing — Every Bit of It


Donald Trump: A Modern Manchurian Candidate?


Donald Trump: A Modern Manchurian Candidate?


How an Unverified but Explosive Dossier Became a Crisis for Donald Trump


Trump Won’t Divest Himself of His Business Empire


Trump Meets With Vaccine Skeptic, Medical Experts React


Donald Trump Is Just an Old Whig


The Dark Magic of Kellyanne Conway


Rewriting Trump’s to-do list


Trump’s News Conference: What You Missed


The Trump Dossier: What We Know


Trump Briefed on Claim That Russia Had Secrets on Him


Federal ethics chief calls Trump's business plans "wholly inadequate"


Trump's boldest campaign promises are getting a reality check


Former British Spy Gathered Unsubstantiated Intel on Trump, Officials Say




Pew: Religion Plummeted in USA During Obama Era




Russia Deems Kremlin-Run Media Outlets ‘Essential’ to National Security


IMF: Russia managed to avoid serious economic instability 


Russia decries "threat" as U.S. troops roll into Poland



Russia starts phased reduction of oil production


Kremlin Says Russian Hopes Putin, Trump Will 'Get Along'   (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Moscow declines to comment on Tillerson’s statements before his official endorsement


World Bank Warns Russia On Lagging Competitiveness


Russian diplomat concerned MH17 crash probe results might be censored


Russia reduces military presence in Syria, Su-25 transfer to Khmeimim is planned rotation – MoD


Russia’s Sexual Blackmail Didn’t Die With the Soviets (Whatever did or did not happen in Donald J Trump’s Moscow hotel suite in 2013, Russia has a long record of collecting compromising material on those it perceives as enemies.)


A ‘good relationship’ with Russia shouldn’t be Trump’s priority


From Russia With Love: Goodbye Obama! – Part I


Moscow hopes those responsible for death of Russian ambassador in Turkey will be punished

From Russia With Love: Goodbye Obama! – Part II




The moon might be much older than scientists suspected





GOP senators seek to defund UN over settlements resolution


Senator John McCain 1st  to hide behind Obama’s Citizenship (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


Senate Approves Legislation Allowing Mattis to Serve as SecDef


Rand Paul to Newsmax: GOP Has 'Obamacare Replacement Bill' to Lower Insurance Rates  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)


Hassan  (D-Connecticut) ‘Very Concerned’ About Education Secretary Nominee’s Support for School Choice


A Clown Tries to Smear Jeff Sessions & David Horowitz  (US Senator of Connecticut Richard Blumenthal's (D) disgraceful display at the Senate confirmation hearings.)


Schumer Will Oppose Confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Obamacare is one step closer to repeal after Senate advances budget resolution


Trump confirmations: What to watch on Day 3


Rex Tillerson grilled on ExxonMobil conflicts, Russia sanctions, climate change at confirmation


Tillerson takes tough line on Russian hacking in tense hearing


Rocky start for Trump's State Department nominee


Rubio rebellion against Tillerson brewing  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)


First Step on Obamacare Repeal Nears Overnight Senate Vote


Booker was 'honored' to partner with Sessions last year  (US Senator of Tennessee Bob Corker (R)


Rex Tillerson doesn't rule out idea of Muslim registry


In Hearing, Tillerson Tries to Separate From Trump


Cabinet hearings’ only ‘surprise’ is Democrats’ grandstanding


Schumer predicted intelligence officials would ‘get back at’ Trump


Smearing Sessions (Trump's Attorney General pick rises above Democratic character assassinations.)


Rubio Aggressively Questions Tillerson on Russia  


Rex Tillerson is asked: ‘Is Putin a war criminal?’; Marco Rubio says answer is ‘discouraging’


Jeff Sessions Smooth-Talks the Senate  (US Attorney General nominee Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions(R)


Sessions to Senate: No Muslim Ban, Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage Settled Law


Video: Dem Senator Blumenthal Demands Sessions Disavow David Horowitz




Beleaguered Small Businesses Set For Big Rebound Under Trump




Facebook Starting Journalism Project to Improve Relationship With Media


Mudslide in Argentina triggers evacuation


In Bolivia, an Entrenched President




'Trump will not give up THAAD'


Ex-UN Chief Back in South Korea, Hints at Presidential Bid


Samsung Group Leader Is Named a Suspect in South Korean Bribery Inquiry


Taiwan Responds After China Sends Carrier to Taiwan Strait


Tablet PC Provides Paper Trail for Choi Soon-sil's Slush Funds


Samsung heir questioned over Park scandal  (President Park Geun-hye)


Key witness refuses to testify about Park-Choi ties in impeachment trial


Ban faces rocky road to S. Korean presidency



Spain Dismisses Terror and Hate Crime Case Against Puppeteers




Miami Heat plane has scary moment on icy runway in Milwaukee


Chargers Plan to Announce Move From San Diego to LA


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




 6 Children Missing in Baltimore House Fire


Bills Require Pres. Candidates to Release Tax Returns


A Drought of Sanity in California  (Rains wash away leftist lunacy.)


State watchdog agency investigating after Times report on political donations   (California; The investigation focuses on campaign donors linked to the developer of a Harbor Gateway apartment project. Several people listed as contributors said they could not remember donating or denied doing so.)


Stormy Weather: Brown’s Budget Holds Infrastructure Hostage  (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)


As State Tour Ends, Fate of Cuomo’s Agenda Lies With Restive Legislature  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Chris Christie Tackles Drug Crisis ‘Ravaging the State and Our People’    (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)


Dog saves injured owner from freezing to death in the snow


Firefighters Rescue Family Trapped by Landslide


Heavy Rain, Floods Drench California




Tillerson swats Obama, blasts ‘weak’ response to Russia’s Crimea seizure


Obama hoped to use Islamic State as leverage against Assad, John Kerry reveals (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad/ US Secretary of State John Kerry)


An urgent State Department makeover


Caroline Kennedy, an Ambassador Whose Role Transcended the Embassy




Conservatives press Trump on Supreme Court pick


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg responds to 8-year-old girl who dressed like her


Betsy McCaughey: The True Cost Of Plastic




Blighted: war’s toll on Syria’s health and healthcare


Syria regime kills six civilians in Aleppo strikes




Taiwan slams Nigeria Beijing over trade office snub


Nigeria decision part of China ‘scheme’


Missile upgrades initiated to counter carrier threat


Taiwan not bargaining chip: US ex-official


Guatemala President Expects Taiwan to Deepen Regional Ties


Taiwan sends coast guard ship to area disputed with Japan


Secretary of state pick affirms US backing of Taiwan




Trump recommits to 'major border tax' on foreign-produced U.S. products




Age of Apple is over, says Peter Thiel


Silicon Valley Takes a Right Turn




How American Charities Fund Terrorism


Obama's Phony War on ISIS


Islamic State publishes video of toddler executing prisoner on playground


'Leaderless Jihad' -- Hardening Targets to Thwart Lone Wolf Attacks




Treating Opioid Addiction: A Radical Way




I was just like the ‘trans’ 9-year-old in National Geographic. Now I know it’s pure fantasy


Backlash in Texas over "bathroom bill" begins with author




Government Collects $740 Billion in Taxes in First Quarter of 2017




Turkey’s Parliament Debates Giving Greater Powers to Erdogan (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey, Russia sign memorandum of coordinating strikes in Syria


No difference between armed terrorist and terrorist with forex: Erdoğan


Ex-Turkish PM: I was told pilot who shot down Russian jet was not linked to Gülen network


‘That referendum will take place,’ vows President Erdoğan


Erdoğan, Putin talk Syria over phone before Astana talks


US has to ‘re-engage’ with Turkey in Syria


Parliament approves three more articles amid heated brawl


Turkey’s top bosses warn of serious economic risks, urge maintenance of key institutions


Turkish Lira rebounds, emerging stocks at 2-month highs


Four Turkish soldiers detained over PKK’s Kayseri attack


PKK militant aiming to assassinate district governor killed in southeastern Turkey


Turkey to offer citizenship to foreigners who buy $1 mln in property, invest $2 mln


S&P says Turkey faces serious forex risk: Report


Turkey expects change in US policy over Syrian Kurds: Defense Minister


Turkey’s merger and acquisition volume plunges amid security concerns, economic problems


Turkey-trained Iraqi troops proving effectiveness, US says


Snow Acts as a Magical Balm in an Anxious Turkey





FTSE 100 ekes out 13th  straight day of wins


Scientists: New Fertility Technique “Raises Spectre of Embryo Farming on Unimaginable Scale”


A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma (Six months after the EU referendum, the government in Britain still has no plan for leaving the bloc. What does Brexit really mean?)


UK cathedral that read Qur’an denying divinity of Christ defends right to do so




Disunity and Impotence at the United Nations


UN envoy to Yemen meets G18 envoys


Bang-Jensen: The Forgotten Story of a Heroic UN Officer’s Murder




White supremacist group says they are postponing Mont. march




Pope yet again derides defenders of Church teaching as not like Christ


Conservative Catholic group at odds with Pope Francis


African Cardinal: If we allow Communion for adulterers, what about our polygamists?




How Venezuela’s corrupt socialists are looting the country to death




Obama Surprises Biden With Medal of Freedom

Obama in Harvard Law Review: Prayer Won’t Do It; We Need Gun Control


Report: Obama to End ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot’ Policy for Cubans


Obama Dog Continues to Terrorize


Saint Barack? (Liberals will canonize Obama, but history will likely take a dimmer view.)


His Final Farewell... til the Next Greeting


Obama to make last network TV appearance as president on "60 Minutes"


Obama’s Last Lament

The 18th Hole
(Some thoughts at the end of the Obama Presidency.)


Farewell, Radical-in-Chief  (Obama says goodbye to a nation he despises.)


Obama: If Anyone Can Show Me a Health Care Plan as Good as ObamaCare, I Will Support It  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: A very delusional man.)


Cool Exit, Fiery Entrance: Obama Cedes Stage to Trump


Farewell to Lawlessness  (Hopefully, Obama’s view of the constitution will follow him out of the Oval Office.)


Obama's Post-Racial Shell Game


Obama: ‘Not clear’ if Trump ever believed he would defeat Hillary Clinton


Assange: Obama Administration Destroying Documents in Final Days


White House says Donald Trump’s Nazi comment ‘misguided’ in intel dispute


Ode to Obama


Chelsea Manning on Obama's short list for commutation


Michelle Obama was Jimmy Fallon’s only guest and, no, they did not mom dance


Obama’s fact-challenged farewell


White House won't criticize BuzzFeed over Russia hack report




World Bank Group: Trump’s Proposed Tax Cuts Will Boost Economic Growth



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