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Monday, January 9, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closes 5th Clinic After Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton


Nike a major supporter of abortion, LGBT


“Pro-Life Democrat” Bob Casey Says He Will Oppose Efforts to De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Bill formulated by Sarasota lawmakers would restrict abortion in Florida


Future Abortionist Says: I Cried When Donald Trump Defeated Hillary Clinton


Abortion, guns, red light cameras tops ‘hot button’ issues for Iowa Legislature


Washington Post Falsely Claims There’s “No Evidence” Planned Parenthood Sold Aborted Baby Parts


Kentucky lawmakers approve right-to-work law, abortion restrictions


21 Restaurants Will Sell Cookies to Raise Money for Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


Kentucky bill would require ultrasound before abortion


38-Year-Old Woman Dies After Having an Abortion


The Abortion Clinic Said They’d Throw Her Baby in the Trash… That’s When She Changed Her Mind


Judge bans anti-abortion ads on public buses due to concerns about psychological harm


Finley’s Parents are Grateful Abortion Pill Reversal Saved Their Little Girl


Pro-aborts launch all-out effort to sabotage confirmation of Trump’s pro-life Attorney General


Couple With Down Syndrome Get Married in Magical Wedding Ceremony


“Fake News” Label Not Working, So Abortion Activists Call Pro-Life Views “Lies” and “Hoaxes”


‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ star: ‘Every scientist ever’ knows life begins at conception


Kentucky Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Women to See Ultrasound of Baby Before Abortion


Judge gives Texas abortion clinics longer reprieve from giving aborted babies proper burial


The Abortion Clinic Said They’d Throw Her Baby in the Trash… That’s When She Changed Her Mind


Your Doctor Can Now Refuse To Treat You If You've Had An Abortion


Liberal Pro-Life Writer Nat Henthoff Passes Away, Lost Key Writing Gigs Because He Opposed Abortion


Ireland Reconsiders Its Constitutional Ban on Abortion




Top militant leader Qari Saifullah Akhtar killed in Afghanistan




Can African Union Save South Sudan from Genocide?




The moment the Florida airport gunman started shooting


In Fort Lauderdale Shooting, Rumors Sowed More Chaos


Numerous red flags arose in months leading to Fort Lauderdale airport shooting


Man risked life to protect a mom during Florida airport shooting


Experts Hesitate to Link Florida Airport Attack to PTSD




Trump could make Obama’s pivot to Asia a reality



Australian stocks hit a 19-month high as Asian markets rise


The Australian dollar is rising again


Australia minister stands aside over trips




Toyota Sees $2 Billion-a-Year U.S. Spend After Trump Attack




Toronto stock market pulled lower by falling oil prices


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Trudeau to shuffle cabinet ahead of Trump inauguration (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


A Muslim Murder Spree in Canada’s Capital


Whole Foods’ Canadian expansion plans slow


'Someone is going to freeze to death': Winter not deterring asylum seekers crossing into Manitoba on foot


Canadian firms upbeat about post-election U.S. growth: Survey


Justin Trudeau's out of touch with the 99 per cent


Toronto serial rapist to be released from prison amid warnings he’s a risk to reoffend


Ontario agrees to fund supervised injection sites in Toronto


Marineland charged with six new counts of animal cruelty




China Reports 3 Alleged Assailants Killed in Far Northwest




Kim Jong Un isn’t the first tyrant to play Trump, and he won’t be the last  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


North Korea, Rebuking Trump, Says It Can Test Long-Range Missile ‘Anytime’




The right way to start replacing ObamaCare


Alluring aroma of pork: Republicans poised to restart earmark factory in Congress


Safeguarding the interests of the American consumer


The GOP doesn't want to hurt ‘real America.’ By repealing Obamacare, it will.




At Charleston Trial, Tearful Testimony Is Testing Defense


A man with a machete killed their parents. Then it was their turn to speak in court.




Man Whose Mother Abandoned Him in a Dumpster as a Newborn: “I Forgive You”


Chicago torture could eventually lead to race war, says author


Father-of-three arrested after the mother of his children was found beaten and burned to death in the middle of a field




California's top court to decide whether planned speed-up in executions is legal




Hillary Clinton made a rare appearance at a Broadway show — and got 3 standing ovations


Manhattan Democrats let their chief be a lobbyist, too?


Even Uber critics have to hate de Blasio’s latest regulation push  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)





Trump, Sessions plan to restrict highly skilled foreign workers, which could be a boon for India (US Attorney General nominee Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions(R)


What Are You Hiding, Jeff Sessions? Jeff Sessions shunned, slandered by longtime Senate Democrat collaborators


Jeff Sessions, the Grim Reaper of Alabama




Parents Keep Twins With Down Syndrome After Adoptive Parents Back Out




Nasdaq closes at record even as ‘Trump rally’ takes a breather


Treasuries Climb With Gold While U.S. Stocks Drop: Markets Wrap


Nasdaq notches new all-time high; S&P 500, Dow retreat


Asian stocks bounce on U.S. cues though dlr gains may clip wings


Offshore Yuan Slips, Aussie Stocks Rally, Oil Down: Markets Wrap


L.A. is the bad jobs capital of the U.S.


Job ‘jawboning’ is better politics than economics


Gold prices settle at highest level in nearly 6 weeks


Downtown Los Angeles hasn't seen this much construction since the 1920s


Treasurys rebound after Friday’s selloff


Emerging-Market Currencies,


The dollar rally has about run its course, by these measures


Stock-market bulls could get scorched by ‘Icarus trade’ in 2017




Swimming Against the Current  (Samuel J Abrams’s research demonstrates that, far from being a beleaguered and miserable minority, conservative professors are, in fact, quite happy in the academy.)


Forget charter schools and vouchers — here are five business ideas school reformers should adopt


Making the Case for Liberal Arts Colleges  (Study finds positive impact on graduates’ life experiences, including leadership, civic-mindedness … and financial success.)


MLA Rejects Israel Boycott (Vote by Delegate Assembly was 113-79. Body approves another measure, calling on association to refrain from the boycott.)


Historians in the Age of Trump (Scholars debate what his election means, whether efforts to band together as a discipline to oppose him were wrong and what the future may hold for their field.)


The Price Women Pay for Co-Authorship (Study of economics faculty members finds that men get credit where women do not.)


Visa Denied (Georgetown graduate student who studies migrant labor issues is denied visa to study at university's campus in Qatar, raising academic freedom concerns.)


New Center on Race and Equity  (The University of Southern California will bring the University of Pennsylvania's Shaun Harper to campus, as well as several of Penn's initiatives, with big plans for a nationwide campus climate survey.)




Mystery grows: Just what are these 100-ton, granite boxes in Egypt?




'Trust Me' Doesn’t Cut it on Russian Hacking  (This one-sided report smells like a political hatchet job.)




Oil ends at 3-week low as U.S. rig-count rise stokes fear of output climb


Energy Prices




European stocks end lower after downbeat updates from Lufthansa, others


Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman dies aged 91


Five Star Movement's founder calls for vote on quitting Farage bloc  (The founder of Italy’s populist Five Star Movement (M5S) has asked members to vote on splitting from a Eurosceptic bloc of MEPs co-chaired by Nigel Farage.)




McDonald’s to Sign Deal Monday on China Franchise Sale: Sources




F.B.I. Arrests Volkswagen Executive on Conspiracy Charges in Emissions Scandal




The Fed and FTC strike a blow for competition




France blocks 24,000 cyber attacks amid fears that Russia may try to influence French presidential election  


Paris Mayor unveils plan ​to restrict traffic and pedestrianise city centre




Germany’s Brandenburg Gate Lit Up With Flag of Israel for Victims of Terror


German bishop claims Catholic Church could start giving Communion to some Protestants imminently


‘Trump effect’ chases Germans from nationalist far right to mainstream



Google shows improved self-driving system in Chrysler Pacifica




 Obamacare Is Killing Rural Hospitals and Their Patients  





Meryl Streep raises the bar for celebrity political statements, but to what end?


Debbie Reynolds and the Less-Than-Bouncy Life of the Real Singing Nun


Meryl Streep denounces Trump, defends ‘vilified’ Hollywood actors at Golden Globes  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: True Americans would boycott Hollywood.)


Hugh Laurie takes aim at Republicans during Golden Globes speech


Jimmy Fallon roasts Trump in 'Golden Globes' monologue




Trump Advisers to Meet With Paul Ryan on Tax Reform, Obamacare  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Congressman Lou Barletta’s Bill To Defund Sanctuary Cities


Net neutrality critic in driver's seat on GOP tech policy  (US Representative of Tennessee  Marsha Blackburn (R)


Holman Rule will help improve civil service


Rep. Sam Johnson gets outpouring of praise after announcing retirement


House Intelligence Committee chair: Russia report leak was a 'political rollout'


Ex-congressman Fattah appeals to delay prison




To Fight Smog, How About Rooftop Bus Gardens?  (A contest in India taps the homegrown art of jugaad — making use of whatever is available — for solutions to Delhi’s oppressive air pollution.)




Trump appears to offer olive branch to intel community



With US consent, Russia to give Iran huge shipment of natural uranium


Rafsanjani and Reform in Iran  (The death of an illusion.)


Iran’s former president, who was set to a key role in selecting next supreme leader, dies


Death of Iran’s Rafsanjani Removes Influential Voice Against Hard-liners


Iran's newest fighters are sidewalk vendors, 'ready to struggle to our last drop of blood'


World Reacts to Death of Former Iranian Leader Rafsanjani




How to tell if your neighborhood mosque is radical




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Monday, January 9, 2017)


Terrorist Attack Foiled By Border Guard Police Near Hebron


Terrorist Attack Kills Four IDF Soldiers As Palestinians Celebrate  (Israel Defense Forces)


Democrats silent as Israel-bashers get louder


Thinking Along With John Kerry: From ‘A’ to ‘B’ (When US Secretary of State John F Kerry states that if the US were to moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem the Middle East would explode.)


4 Die as Palestinian Rams Truck Into Israeli Soldiers in Jerusalem


Democrats defy Obama with show of support for Israel


Benjamin Netanyahu Sought Deal With Hostile Newspaper, TV Report Says  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Muslim Car Jihad Continues With 4 Soldiers Dead, 15 Wounded in Israel (Video)


Benjamin Netanyahu under pressure as investigation details leak


Our moon may have formed from multiple small ones, Israeli research shows


Incriminating PMW Report calls on FIFA to show Jibril Rajoub the red card


Obama, in TV interview, dismisses idea he betrayed Israel at UN


Israel Hits All-Time Record for Incoming Tourism


Obama: Bibi's allegations 'don't match up with the facts'   (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Netanyahu orders ministers to attend funerals after all skip out on terror victims


Israeli court extends the remand of slain attacker's family members


Cameras, toy airplanes smuggled into Gaza in TV sets


Netanyahu Skips Knesset Session, Cancels Trip to Davos World Economic Forum


'Voting against settlements is actually voting against Judaism'


EU Belatedly Condemns Terror Attack, ‘As Well As Any Praise or Incitement for Terrorist Acts’


Abbas sends letter urging Trump not to move US embassy to Jerusalem  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Abbas urges world leaders to prevent US Embassy move to Jerusalem


Serving faithfully: US religious girls in the IDF  (Israel Defense Forces)


Suicide was top cause of death for IDF soldiers in 2016


Likud to Herzog: You have some nerve


PM’s bid for deal with media nemesis could deepen his legal woes


Winter wonderland: Snow falls in the Galilee for first time


Israel ramps up security, says truck-ramming ‘new type of attack’


Israeli court sentences 15-year-old Palestinian girl to 18 months in prison


Jerusalem terrorist reportedly angered by plan to move US Embassy


UN's Palestinian aid agency urges Trump to revive MidEast


New York Times taps new Jerusalem bureau chief


Gazans protest against Hamas amid electricity shortages


 Officer who shot car-ramming terrorist: 'I wasn't the only one who


Demands for extreme punishment of slain Palestinian attacker's family continue


 Lieberman: Azaria verdict had no influence on response to J'lem (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)


With big gains in N. Sinai, ISIS drives south


Arrests extended of Jerusalem truck terrorist's brothers


Following January 8, 2017 Truck-Ramming Attack In Jerusalem: Silence On Part Of PA; Expressions Of Joy By Hamas And On Social Media





It’s time to retire the tainted term ‘fake news’


Trump accuses ‘Meet the Press’ of cutting Conway’s interview


Remembering quintessential New Yorker Nat Hentoff


Russian Hackers Find Ready Bullhorns in the Media




American Is Arrested in Shooting of U.S. Diplomat in Guadalajara


Peña Nieto Faces Unrest in Mexico as Gas Prices Climb and Trump Ascends





US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ships — report


U.S. Bombed Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia in 2016


Restoring America’s Defenses: A Memo to the President-Elect


US Defense secretary: North Korea’s weapons capabilities a 'serious threat'   (Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter)


Poland-bound US tanks roll east in military signal to Russia


Mattis urged Iran strike over U.S. troops deaths in Iraq (General James Mattis’s falling-out with the Obama administration over Iran offers perspective into how he will lead the world’s largest military and the advice he will bring during sensitive Situation Room debates.)


US soldier, part of anti-Islamic State push, dies in Jordan




Could eating FIVE times a day be the key to losing weight? The 'easiest' weight loss plan on the block is the 5:5:5 diet... so what is it and could it help you?




Pakistan fires its first submarine-based nuclear cruise missile


Activists Who Criticized Government Vanish in Pakistan


US Commander Visits Pakistan Region Deemed 'Epicenter' of Global Terrorism


Pakistan counts transgender people in national census for first time




Why a strong patent system is vital




Civil rights leader Innis, who moved from liberalism to libertarianism, dies at 82




Trump Names Son-in-Law Kushner as Senior Adviser


Trump goes on the defence after Meryl Streep's awards speech


Question: What’s a Good Question?  (What would you ask President-elect Trump at his press conference on Wednesday?)


Kellyanne Conway: Voters didn’t need WikiLeaks to dislike Hillary Clinton


No Macarena for Trump  (America’s bad music scene involves a lot more than who’ll deign to perform at the Inauguration.)


As presidential advisers, Trump confidants could face tangle of conflicts


Clearing out dysfunctional institutions


Trump has the habits of a showman, not a manager. Get ready for chaos


Trump musters a heartland army for his inauguration


Priebus: 'No reason' to delay confirmation hearings for background checks


Trump: Investigate how NBC got info on Russia hack


Donald Trump's businesses 'owe $1.8bn to 150 different institutions'




Ex-Ivy League professor who admitted bludgeoning his wife to death as she wrapped Christmas gifts is FREED from prison after only ten years




Russian Pro-Kremlin Intellectual Fyodor Lukyanov: 'The Model Of An Open And Comprehensive World Order, With The United States... At The Helm, Is Becoming A Thing Of The Past'


'Reminiscent of a witch hunt': Russia slams U.S. intelligence report


Russia wanted payback, not a President Trump


Russia’s government-owned news operation actively backed Trump, worked with WikiLeaks





Top 2 reasons mental-health testing for guns is insane


How gun control hurts women






Cabinet Hearings Will Begin Tuesday, Republicans Insist


Senate readies for blizzard of confirmation battles


Graham to Republicans celebrating Dem hacks: 'You're not a patriot'  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Democrats now willing to tweak Obamacare as Senate moves toward repeal


Gingrich: Schumer and Trump will be able to work together (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Warren, Dems push bill to force Trump to shed conflicts of interest (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Trump is Sanders' weapon against GOP entitlement reform (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)




With Nearly 100 Dead in Prison Riots, Brazil’s Government Faces Crisis




Samsung execs quizzed over S Korea scandal




The Hate Group That Tracks Down 'Hate Groups'  (The despicable Southern Poverty Law Center.)





Rodgers Carves Up the Giants, and the Packers Advance


Not-so-instant replay: All four NFL divisional games are rematches


College Football’s Top Teams Are Built on Crippling Debt


NFL Scoreboard Wild Card Playoffs


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick to make 'election announcement'


California braces for flooding, avalanches as Sierra gets slammed with rain and snow


Powerful storm causes widespread flooding in Northern California, evacuations in Sonoma County and neighboring Nevada





ExxonMobil and Iran did business under secretary of State nominee Tillerson (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Not a suitable selection for secretary of State!)


New Clinton email files detail FBI-State tussle over Benghazi message





Poll: 80% of Americans Want Supreme Court Justice Who Views Constitution Just Like Antonin Scalia




Russia-Turkey Alliance Grows in Syria, as U.S. Relations Strain




What will China say? Ted Cruz and Texas Governor Greg Abbott meet with Taiwanese president weeks after Trump's phone call angered leaders in Beijing




The case for a border adjustable tax system


Corporate taxes need reform, but this approach would do harm





Bomb Threat at Jewish Community Centers in London and America’s East Coast Cities


Islamic State using app to broadcast terror instructions, propaganda


Terrorism made easy when nobody’s looking


Parents of American killed by ISIS: Paying ransom may have saved our son




Erdoğan hopes for speedy progress in Turkey-US ties under Trump (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey’s parliament debates greater powers for Erdogan


Turkish Lira tumbles to new record low against dollar


Flights, ferry lines canceled as Istanbul struggles amid heavy snowfall


Turkey has two main demands from Trump administration to mend ties with US: FM


Turkey, Iraq to take anti-PKK measures without delay: PM


Turkey will not abandon its guarantor role in Cyprus: Minister


Angry Turkish man hurls washing machine from balcony onto parked car


Three attacked in Turkish mall after opening pro-secularism banner


No Turkish withdrawal from Bashiqa ‘until Mosul offensive is over’




FTSE 100 gains as pound slides on ‘hard Brexit’ fears


British police officers asked if they want to carry guns in wake of terror attacks


With Speech, Theresa May Prepares to Walk ‘Brexit’ Tightrope (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Brexit approach 'is not muddled at all'   (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Students could be charged more than £9,000 in tuition fees for ‘speedy courses’


 Armed police attend suspected hostage situation


Donald Trump Groping remarks 'unacceptable', says PM


Mental health care overhaul pledged by PM


Johnson Meets Trump Advisers as U.K. Builds Post-Brexit Ties   (British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson)


Ivan Rogers Ex-EU ambassador 'criticised May in Cameron talks'


'Local military heritage at risk' as MoD cuts cash to regimental museums


Labour calls for inquiry into Israeli diplomat's 'take down MPs' plot


Nicola Sturgeon: ‘I’m not bluffing about indyref2’ (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Bird flu Disease found in North Yorkshire backyard


Armed man arrested after taking hostages at a bookmakers


London tube strike Service to be severely reduced as second union walks out


Brits dominate Golden Globe TV awards


 British prime minister: Lewd Trump comment 'unacceptable'


UK spending growth 'at two-year high'


Money Nearly 3 million UK couples missing out on free tax break


Fears after killer moved to open prison


UK weather: blast from the Arctic to blow in snow to Britain


Queen makes first appearance after cold


Arctic blast heading to Scotland - with up to four inches of snow


Pupils' song tribute to teacher


University students demand philosophers such as Plato and Kant are removed from syllabus because they are white


Scottish experts investigate: Was Robert Burns bipolar?


British drivers take legal action for compensation over Volkswagen emissions scandal


'The worst conditions in memory' A&E doctors describe an extraordinary week




UN appeals for funds for Palestinians caught up in Syria war




Vatican doctrine chief criticizes four Cardinals: Pope shouldn’t be ‘forced to answer with yes or no’




President Obama’s Absurd Judicial Legacy  (Convicted killers get state-funded “sex-reassignment” surgery.)


Even more evidence Obama birth certificate 'fake'


At a Chicago housing project, pride in Obama, but a wish more had changed


Obama leaves with the world in flames


Obama: Trump has been cordial, even if they’re ‘sort of opposites’


Obama Brags of Ending Afghan War, Sends More Troops


Obama should designate a monument to Reconstruction


Idiot Celebrities Film "Farewell" Video Praising Obama


Obama says he didn't underestimate Putin but did misjudge the potency of misinformation  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Lester Holt lands interview ahead of Obama's farewell


Obama: If I'd shown up, Dems would have won more


Obama urged to take nukes off alert to stop Trump 'blowing up planet'




Yahoo to Become Altaba After Sale; Mayer Will Leave Board



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