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Sunday, January 8, 2017






In Today’s Issue: 





Defunding Planned Parenthood hurts the healthcare system


Killing 2 birds (Obamacare, Planned Parenthood) with 1 bill


Texas Bill Would Criminalize Dismemberment Abortions


Quote of the day: ‘Waste, abuse, potential fraud’ found in abortion industry audits


Planned Parenthood defunding threat fires up Minnesota abortion debate


Abortion, guns, red light cameras tops ‘hot button’ issues for Iowa Legislature


Controversial abortion bills pass Kentucky legislature


Abortion, guns, red light cameras tops ‘hot button’ issues for Iowa Legislature


Labor, abortion bills get final approval from Kentucky legislature


Abortion foes seek ban after 12 weeks




Taliban Shrugs at US Plans to Send More Troops to Afghanistan




Ivory Coast mutineers free minister


Ivory Coast President Says Government Reaches Deal With Soldiers to End Uprising


In Zimbabwe, a First Lady Exerts Her Power


Drone crashes into a packed Boeing 737 passenger jet tearing holes in the plane's nose as it comes into land at an airport in Mozambique 




Video shows moment Fort Lauderdale airport gunman opened fire


Esteban Santiago: The 'War against Boys' Goes Toxic  (The Fort Lauderdale airport shooter is another sign of our tragically failed policy with young American men.)


Anchorage police investigated Fla. airport shooting suspect


Who gave this guy his gun back ... twice?


Before Florida Shooting, Suspect’s Problems Multiplied



'Tree man' of Bangladesh 'cured' after 16 operations



Minister apologises for trip, agrees to repay expenses


Shark bites shark in half


Christians rescued from Middle East Muslim terror (Hundreds moving to Australia under Barnabas Fund program.)




Fiat Chrysler announces $1 billion investment in U.S. manufacturing, 2,000 new jobs


Automakers, suppliers team up to share costs of self-driving cars


Volkswagen recalls 136,000 vehicles for anti-lock brake fix




Nothing but the Truth  (Our entire federal government, has turned its back on truth and we are going to have to be most diligent in returning it to its proper place.)


Eyeing the new boss, federal workers prepare for deep cuts under Trump




Fentanyl crisis moving east and leaders in Toronto hope to stop the epidemic’s spread


Private island getaway could be Trudeau's tipping point: Paul Wells  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Health Canada probes weight-loss company selling DIY pregnancy hormone injections


Ottawa to pay for funeral of N.S. family killed in murder-suicide


'Worried about this one': Canadian anti-ISIL fighter documented his time in Syria


Hundreds attend memorial for Alaa Al-Muhandis, Milton woman killed in Istanbul attack


Canadian war-zone doctors saving ISIL jihadists at hospital near the front lines in Iraq


Torontonians ride subway without pants


With a key Arctic research project set to close in 2018, the Trudeau government ponders next steps




Muslim Persecution of Christians  (Muslim attacks on Christian churches are on the rise all around the world -- including in America.)





In Xi's golden footsteps (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


Angry parents in Beijing force government action over smog


Shanghai suspends sales of commercial office projects


Trump Tweets, China Retreats


Outrage After China, in Reversal, Offers to Remove IUDs




US-Cuba trade numbers hard to follow




World’s youngest head of state celebrates birthday  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Just Another Sunday? North Korea Low Key on Kim's Birthday


2017: The Year of the North Korea Crisis?




Tom DeLay calls for 'revolution for the Constitution'




Federal prosecutors file charges against Santiago, he could face the death penalty




She was angry she kept losing. So this woman threatened to kill lottery officials, police say.


Exclusive - 'They were not raised like that': Grandmother of two black sisters who helped torture a white special needs teen apologizes to the victim as judge denies them bail, saying they're a 'danger to society'


Officials: Off-duty officer drops gun, prompting theater evacuation


Katie Hopkins: If I was the mother of the special needs teen who was tortured on Facebook live I wouldn't want your prayers, I wouldn't want your cash, I wouldn't want your apologies... I'd just want my son back, whole


Crime and Gratitude in New York


Husband 'beat wife to death, shot their three children and torched their Oregon home before killing himself in horror murder suicide'


Montel Williams says teens who 'beat a special needs man on Facebook live' deserve life in prison and no parole: TV personality believes thugs can no longer be trusted in society after their 'cold blooded torture'


Calls for NYPD Captain to be fired after he belittles rise in date rape and says that only 'true stranger rape' is concerning to the authorities


Texas mother LAUGHS in her mugshot as she is charged with mutilating and killing her five-year-old daughter in case police say is the 'worst they have ever seen'




Longtime Clinton confidante weighs in on NYC mayoral run rumors


Making (Me and) America Sick Again  (The present administration has been able to keep the opposition off balance by throwing so many balls into the air at once. Now they’re about to see how it works on them.)


Report: Clinton mulls run for New York City mayor


Rumors of Hillary Clinton’s Comeback




5 Big Questions Facing the U.S. Economy in 2017




The NYPD’s success — and the failure of NYC’s schools


Cuomo Tuition Plan Stands to Help Students Make ‘the Last Mile’   (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Seizing a Second Chance to Graduate From High School




Rising toll from attack targeting Christians casts pall on Coptic Christmas


Screams of Egyptian orphans heard in video




In rural California town where Trump won, Latino minority says goodwill prevails as always


Enough with the 'weird tricks' to overturn the election


10 most damning findings from report on Russian election interference


‘What’s the Big Deal?’ Trump Voters Ask of Hacking




Westchester County Reacts to Possible Indian Point Shutdown





Chesapeake Bay is healthier than before, but still gets C- in new report 




Volunteer Medics Demand Ukraine Provide Frontline Ambulances




Belgian police stopped Paris jihad murderer before attack, found jihad booklet on him, let him go


Mário Soares Dies at 92; Guided Portugal’s Shift to Democracy


Czech government pushing constitutional change to let citizens use guns against Islamic jihadis




'What's the beef?': Texas police officer claims he was refused service at Wendy's, begins Twitter banter with the fast food chain 




New policies coming to America could take weight off Fed: Powell




French military to boost defenses against cyber attacks: minister




Fake ‘Fake News’: Media’s Dishonest Attack on Breitbart’s ‘Allahu Akbar’ Church Fire Story


German Vice Chancellor: “Salafist mosques must be banned, communities dissolved, and preachers expelled”




As Donald Trump Denies Climate Change, These Kids Die of It




Trump takes victory lap after supporter wins Ohio GOP chair




 Price's nomination disrupts labor reform




Emotional HBO documentary on Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds reveals deep bruising on Reynolds' face after fall as film captures unbreakable, eccentric mother and daughter bond




Wary of China, India offers Akash missile systems to Vietnam


India sex slave trade thrives with impunity


‘I Thought I Was Impervious to Scams’: Readers Denounce India’s Phone Swindlers


Indian troops face UN probe for 'cholera' in Haiti




Intolerance a challenge for Indonesia's moderate Muslims




The Intelligence Community versus Donald Trump


U.S. intelligence report doesn't say whether Russian hacking helped elect Donald Trump


Six questions about the Russia hacking report


Five reasons intel community believes Russia interfered in election




The Major Potential Impact of Corporate Tax Overhaul




Influential former Iran leader Rafsanjani dies age 82


Iran's radical regime reveals 'suicide drone'




ISIS claims 2 suicide bombings in Baghdad; 16 people killed


Suicide attack victim explodes inside Baghdad morgue fridge


Iraq: Suicide Bombing in Baghdad Kills at Least 6 People


Car Bomb in Eastern Baghdad Kills 12, Wounds Dozens-Police and Medics


Iraq says deal reached over Bashiqa, Turkey says issue will be solved


The face of raw courage: Brave Yazidi teenager was kidnapped by jihadis and sold into sexual slavery before being injured in an explosion as she made a daring dash for freedom  




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Sunday, January 8, 2017)


Abbas aide: Moving American embassy a 'declaration of war' (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Top PA imam: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem a ‘declaration of war’ on Islam


Israeli forces detain 5 relatives of Palestinian killed carrying out deadly truck attack


Netanyahu says truck-ramming terrorist was IS supporter (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat: Don’t Let Terror Rule Our Lives


Security cabinet orders arrests, closure of Jerusalem terrorist’s village


White House condemns Jerusalem attack


The tensions that fuel terror attacks haven’t gone away


IDF Releases Names of Officer, Cadets Killed in Jerusalem Terror Attack


Jerusalem terrorist’s sister says family ‘thankful’ for his ‘martyrdom’


Truck terror in Jerusalem: 4 soldiers killed, 15 hurt


Newspaper editor ‘had no idea’ his publisher was cooking up deal with Netanyahu


Confirmed: 3 IDF Cadets, 1 Officer Killed, 17 Injured in Jerusalem Terror Ramming Attack


IDF investigation: Some cadets fired at the terrorist  (Israel Defense Forces)


Initial IDF probe says soldiers shot at terrorist, countering earlier report of hesitation


PA religious leaders threaten religious war over Jerusalem


US, EU lead international condemnation of Jerusalem attack


Congress rebuffs Obama and Kerry for abandoning American Policy on Israel


Father of terrorist reportedly arrested as Hamas hails ‘heroic’ attack


Palestinian shot dead after driving truck into Israeli soldiers, killing 4


President, opposition head send condolences to families of terror attack victims


Terrorist Relatives Arrested, Israel Security Cabinet Approves Additional Measures


Deputy FM: Terror attack is Palestinian response to Paris peace conference


Israeli settler group takes over Palestinian building in East Jerusalem neighborhood


PA and Hamas dispute leads to electricity shortage in Gaza


Funerals for Murdered IDF Officers Set for Monday


Israel sorry for embassy employee plot to ‘bring down’ UK lawmakers


Video: PA officers push back Israeli army jeep from entering Qalqiliya


Police arrest 7 at impromptu Jerusalem rally for Hebron shooter


Massive Stone Throwing Near Hussan Bypass


TV report: Hebron shooter to be offered reduced jail term if he drops appeal


Analysis: Ramming terror method adopted by ISIS returns in Jerusalem attack


Top American academic group rejects BDS bid


Cadet from Jerusalem attack: We fought for our friends


4 Killed, at Least a Dozen Wounded In Jerusalem Truck Attack, Officials Say


Hamas calls for escalation after Israeli soldiers killed in Jerusalem


Modern Language Association Moves to Reject Academic Boycott of Israel


Meet the Hollywood producer at the center of a scandal shaking the Israeli government




I made my son cannabis cookies. They changed his life.




Media on a quest to downplay race in Chicago kidnapping and torture


17 questions for Trump's presser


What Is 'White Hispanic'? Fort Lauderdale Shooter Esteban Santiago’s Ethnicity Sets Twitter Abuzz




Agents catch man who shot U.S. consular official in Mexico


Protesters temporarily close Mexican border crossing at San Ysidro over gas prices


U.S. official in Mexico shot in chest, in stable condition


Suspect Sought in Shooting of US Consular Officer




Watch: Saudi hero in deadly ISIS shootout


Plotter behind Prophet’s Mosque attack killed




Trump, Navy Planning Biggest Fleet Expansion Since Cold War


The Year of the American Commando


Blind Army major saluted in bittersweet ending to a career spent overcoming obstacles


U.S. military aid is fueling big ambitions for Syria’s leftist Kurdish militia


Ex-SEAL: Battlefield medical techniques needed for civilian shootings


Vietnam: The War That Killed Trust


Soldiers across Fort Bragg train for short-notice deployments




When James Clapper got away with perjury  (Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper; (How much should we trust the director of national intelligence, really?)




'Hidden Figures' honors  brilliance of NASA women




Delicious way to a diabetes-free future: Six quick and easy meals which include sensational suppers and lip-smacking lunches




Former Pakistan army chief Raheel Sharif to lead 'Muslim Nato'


Pakistan army chief sells China investment deal in remote Baluchistan


Pakistan: Muslims accuse Christian of blasphemy, claiming he tore up pages of Qur’an





Trump 'accepts' findings that Russia tried to meddle in U.S. election, incoming chief of staff says


Matronly Michael Moore Matriarch of the “Big Women’s March” on Washington


Trump drops longtime inauguration announcer


Michael Moore Calls for ‘100 Days of Resistance’ Against Trump Presidency


Priebus: Trump Doesn’t Want to ‘Meddle with Medicare or Social Security’


Brooks: Trump Doesn’t Believe In US WWII Policy ‘That Believed In Democratic, Global World’


Trump's Asia stance likely to further increase tensions


Trump gives Kasich a black eye  (The election is over, but President-Elect Donald Trump is still rolling up victories in Ohio.)


Celebrity divas insult half of America with their Trump ‘resistance’


I knew Gov. Schwarzenegger. Mr. Trump, you’re no Gov. Schwarzenegger.


The 5 key things Trump must do to crush his critics


How Trump got his party to love Russia


Trump Finds That Attack-Dog Strategy Has Its Limits


Alec Baldwin mocks Donald Trump with Russian 'make America great again' baseball cap


Trump believes Russia will have ‘more respect’ for US


 Trump defends stance after intelligence report revelations


Kushner, Trump In-Law, Chases China Deal


In coming week, Trump and his team will face open questioning


Donald Trump's national security adviser Monica Crowley is accused of plagiarizing her 2012 book in more than 50 passages


Conway's Alberta oil sands trip canceled





Lining up for Taxpayer funded Sex Change Operations in California Penal System


Massive brawl breaks out at maximum security jail housing Chicago's most dangerous prisoners: Five are taken to hospital after inmates attack each other with weapons made from INHALERS 


Private prison industry sees boon in Trump


Charles Manson is back in prison after doctors determine he is TOO WEAK for surgery after suffering from intestinal bleeding




Russia’s RT: The Network Implicated in U.S. Election Meddling


‘I never work with douchebags’: Russian woman denies being spy


Opinion: Russian treachery is extreme and everywhere


Russia Ridicules U.S. Charge of Meddling to Help Trump





Liberals Take to the Trenches in the War on Science




Will Jay Clayton Protect Investors?




Trump's Cabinet nominees get their day before Senate, as partisan wrangling intensifies


McConnell: Trump's Russia hopes 'will be dashed pretty quickly'  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


McConnell to Dems on Cabinet picks: "Grow up"


McCain, Graham Warn Trump to Get Tougher on Russia  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)/ US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Chuck Schumer’s Supreme Court bluster  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


My three maddening, futile years inside the broken Senate confirmation process


Schumer: Trump and GOP colluding on Cabinet nominees


Senate to Push Trump’s Picks With Some Unvetted


Warren: No confirmation hearings until ethics concerns addressed (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)


Ethics office warns that Trump, GOP are rushing Cabinet confirmations


Schumer: GOP should stop trying to ‘jam through’ nominees  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Rand Paul: Trump agrees with me on ObamaCare  (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)




Martin Shkreli kicked off Twitter


How a week of Trump tweets stoked anxiety, moved markets and altered plans




The origins of the Irish potato blight? South America, a new analysis finds.


Chilean senator named presidential candidate of center-left party




US commando, S. Korean special forces to work together to kill Kim Jong-un in case of war


Monk Critical After Setting Himself on Fire Over Sex Slavery


Cheap 7-Eleven Coffee Threatens Big Franchises




Monster black holes are hidden from us among distant galaxies that are millions of light years away, say scientists  




Aaron Rodgers, like other great ones, backs up his talk


Despite first-round victory, Seahawks look too shaky to contend for a title


Texans' defense shuts down Raiders for wild-card playoff win


Did Grayson Allen try to trip another opponent?


NFL Scoreboard Wild Card Playoffs


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




NorCal storm could be biggest in the region in a decade


Deadly winter storm turns towards New England


Massive storm system moves into California; woman killed by falling tree amid heavy winds


Seventy two MILLION put under winter storm warning: Three dead, thousands without power in the South, Northeast hit by blizzards and California braces for conditions 'not seen for a decade'


Snowstorm blamed for 30-vehicle pileup on Connecticut highway, wreaks havoc across US


Snow pounds parts of East Coast, spares several big cities


Body found in L.A. ID'd as prominent music video director


Fast Food for Needy Neighborhoods, at Locol in California




Chilling proof Russia has nuclear-capable missiles in Syria: Alarming satellite image obtained by Israeli intelligence shows rockets ready to launch at coastal military base  





Tsai arrives in Houston for transit stop  (President Tsai Ing-wen)


Cruz Texas governor meet with Taiwanese president in Houston


No meeting with Tsai planned, Trump official says


TAIEX forecast to hit 9500 points in 2017 new forecast


IPO funds decline 30% over past year


School lunches give 500 students diarrhea


46 arrested on cramped fishing vessel carrying Vietnamese migrants




The big takeaway from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show




Thailand floods: At least 18 dead as downpours continue




Texas’ Transgender Bill Idiocy





Turkey's collapse has been years in the making


Turkish PM Holds Talks With Iraqi Leaders Over Troop Presence


Turkey may turn into a party state if charter changes approved, warns CHP leader


I feel like I’m still in prison: Turkish novelist Aslı Erdoğan


11 PKK positions destroyed in N Iraq, says Turkish army


Two suicide bombers caught on Turkey’s border with Syria


Ankara and Baghdad to focus on positive agenda


Iran welcomes Turkey-Iraq rapprochement


Turkish company to build housing factory in Afghanistan


Turkey ‘could benefit from Trump’s economic and strategic policies’


Ankara-Baghdad-Arbil vow joint anti-PKK fight


Heavy snowfall paralyzes life in Turkey  




Queen Elizabeth makes first appearance in weeks amid worries


UK jihadi freed from Guantanamo flees to Syria to join al-Qaeda


Exclusive: Theresa May unveils plans to create 'the shared society' as reform vision is revealed (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Business leaders to warn SNP against holding indyref2 vote


Sturgeon: 'I'm not bluffing' on indyref2  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Longleat heir has son born by surrogacy after medics warned pregnancy could kill Lady Weymouth


PM vows to correct 'burning injustices'


Trident: Investigation into security lapses at site ‘was bungled’


TUC: Debt now £13,000 per UK household


SNP urged to make sex education compulsory


Missing mother and boy found safe


Investigation into security lapses at site ‘was bungled’


Body found in missing jogger search


Queen Elizabeth I’s long-lost skirt to go on display after being found on a church altar in Herefordshire


Tube reopens after person on track


Ivory trade: Prince William charity urges UK to back ban


Boys as young as nine attack and rob man


SNP accused of ‘running scared’ of ‘super ID database’ plans


As British tourists take to the seas, giant cruise ships spread pollution misery


Rail strikes set to spread across the country 


As a US doctor who recently visited a British A&E I have a message


Donald Trump looks forward to meeting Theresa May from 'very special' US ally


Book sales the week before Christmas were highest in 10 years


Britain's booming restaurant culture fuels record childhood obesity levels


Brexit: UK at risk of ‘catastrophe’, warns Canadian trade expert


Church spires to get broadband transmitters in new government drive to connect remote communities


NHS :Theresa May urged to get a grip on service as winter crisis spirals


Injured soldier sues Ministry of Defence over rogue Afghan cop's shooting spree


They Kant be serious! PC London students demand white philosophers including Plato and Descartes be dropped from university syllabus 


Right to remain: Anxious Poles in the UK ‘won’t report hate crimes’


Israel apology over UK minister 'take down'


The Queen is STILL ill: Monarch to decide in the next 24 hours if she is well enough to attend church a month after she was last seen in public 


Solid Christmas for UK supermarkets before uncertain 2017


UK eyeing customs union access, work visas for some sectors: report




Former US envoy: Defunding UN would put China in control





POTUS: Obamacare Will Survive Trump


Barack Obama: Stop Insulting Our Intelligence on Hacking


Obama needs to go quietly into the night


Demob-happy Obama heads to Florida - just 330miles from Ft. Lauderdale shooting - to attend his golf partner's wedding hours after a 4am finish at his White House farewell bash 


Which Michelle Obama Will We Get When She Leaves the White House? (First Lady Michelle Obama)


The best celeb shots from the Obamas' last White House bash


White House Red Scare


Seinfeld cast mates reunite at the Obamas' final star-studded White House bash that saw Meryl Streep, Magic Johnson and Paul McCartney tear up the dance floor until 4am


Rapper T.I. pens open letter praising Obama




Cleveland Zoo Says 32-Year-Old Gorilla Has Died


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