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Friday, January 6, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Watch How the Liberal Media are Nothing More Than a PR Firm for Planned Parenthood


5 Reasons Planned Parenthood Must Be Defunded ASAP


Pro-Abortion Billionaire George Soros Launches Campaign to Topple Pro-Life Laws in Catholic Countries


Ky. bills to protect unborn babies progress


Planned Parenthood CEO Caught Making Bogus Claim That Defunding Abortion Biz Killed Women


The Truth about Planned Parenthood

Patricia Heaton: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman, We are For Women at Every Stage


Virginia Governor Promises to Veto 20-Week Abortion Ban


GOP Passes Anti-Abortion, ‘Right-To-Work’ Bills In Flurry Of Votes (Kentucky)


Kentucky Senate Passes Bill to Ban Late-term Abortions After 20 Weeks


Commentary: The Kentucky GOP is fast-tracking abortion restrictions that likely won’t fare well in court


Pregnant After Rape, I Scheduled an Abortion. I Changed My Mind When My Mom Prayed


Republicans look to punish Planned Parenthood — without any evidence


Nancy Pelosi, allies prep for war over Obamacare, Planned Parenthood (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Pro-Life Organization Asks Pro-Abortion Groups to Join Their “Women’s March.” Here’s What Happened


Abortion ban, anti-union bills are nearly law (Kentucky)


Abortion Activists Trash New Trump Health Advisor Because She’s Pro-Life


The fight to defund Planned Parenthood has very little to do with abortions


House Select Panel: Push for Revenue Makes Abortion Practices More Gruesome


GOP to defund Planned Parenthood in ObamaCare repeal


A Wave of Anti-Abortion Laws Is About to Hit This State


Trump's New Health Care Policy Staffer Thinks Birth Control Causes Abortions


To Protect Abortion Rights, Progressives Need to Think Big


Senator Perry Files Bill Prohibiting Dismemberment Abortions (Texas)


Planned Parenthood Republicans seek to pull plug in Obamacare fight


Abortion bill could see action during lame-duck session   (Illinois)




Teenage refugee finds family through adoption




Gunmen Kill 13 Miners In Northern Afghanistan


Despite Ban, Invasive Virginity Tests Remain Prevalent in Afghanistan





Power struggle risks tipping Libya deeper into crisis


Nigerian Christians Declare National Day Of Mourning For Its Persecuted By Muslim Terrorists


Ghana Is Leading the Way For Democracy in Africa


Parents must play role in care of Nigeria's freed Chibok girls: campaigners


I Was in the Motorcade That Struck and Killed 6-Year-Old Toussaint Birwe


Central African Republic: No charges sought over abuse claims against French troops


Africa Live: Gunfire in two Ivory Coast cities, Kenya doctors refuse pay offer





Delta cargo boss accused of regularly masturbating at work



Photo Evidence Reveals Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Is A Muslim Terrorist


Police Hunt Second Shooter at Florida Airport: At Least 5 Dead


Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Suspect in custody, 9 injured


Three shot dead and nine wounded at Florida airport: Panic in Ft Lauderdale as gunman opens fire in baggage claim




Giant Antarctic iceberg set to break away




Jeremy Stone, Who Influenced Arms Control During Cold War, Dies at 81




Muslim Gangs Are Kidnapping Christian Children, Forcibly Converting Them To Islam, And Then Peddling Them Out Of The Islamic Schools (Bangladesh)


'Mastermind' of Bangladesh cafe siege shot dead by police in pre-dawn raid 



ASX hits new highs as strong start to the year continues


Australian Dollar Advances Against Majors


Live snakes sent in the mail stun Australian postal workers


What international students really think about studying in Sydney


Viral Australia advert declared 'obscene'


Malek Fahd: Islamic Council refuses to hand over land to school


Sydney Uni pair beat Oxford and Yale teams to win global debating contest




What's Really Going On with Trump and Ford


Toyota shares drop after Trump Mexico plant tweet


As Trump attacks, Nissan at bigger risk than Toyota


We contribute billions to US economy, Toyota tells Trump




Airbus reached A350 delivery target in 2016: sources


Boeing nears $10.1 billion order from India's Spicejet: Bloomberg





Americans Still See Big Government as Top Threat


Wikileaks' Assange: Governments 'hate transparency. They loathe it'





Miners lead TSX retreat; index still up 1.4 pct on week


Most actively traded companies on the TSX


Justin Trudeau spent vacation on Aga Khan's island in Bahamas (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


When Justin Trudeau corners you at Tim Hortons, you know the Liberals are in trouble


Gay man who was mocked by juror on radio has charges stayed


Canadians will eventually warm up to Trump. Until then, stop treating him like a monster


That's Pretty Bad, Eh? Canadian Government Quietly Releases Document Predicting Dark Future


2016 was Toronto's deadliest year for pedestrians


The Canadian who spent C$1.5m to rescue more than 200 Syrian refugees


2 suspects surrender in Pizza Pizza shooting death


RCMP confirms Nova Scotia family killed in murder-suicide


The optimist's guide to Justin Trudeau's endless — yet poetic — deficit spending


U.S. ambassador to Canada submits his resignation


Parti Quebecois launches alternative campaign to counter Canada 150


Ethics watchdog won’t explain error regarding $200,000 donated to Trudeau Foundation


Mississauga firefighter overcomes severe injuries, returns to work


Toronto-area school board reverses decision on Muslim prayers


Demystifying the legendary ghost story at U of T’s University College




The Women’s March on Washington is becoming a joke




Heartburn drugs may raise risk of stomach infections: study





U.S. Intel Report Identifies Russians Who Gave Emails to WikiLeaks


North Carolina man set to plead guilty in hacking of CIA Director John Brennan




Morning Star News’ Top 10 Persecution Stories of 2016




Bill Perry is terrified. Why aren’t you?




Conan O'Brien's “Conan” shifting to a weekly show




 Data to show China in sound position but risks abound


Exclusive: China's ZTE to slash about 3,000 jobs - sources


What if Bush had taken a tougher line with China in 2001?


China central bank urges rational investment in bitcoin


China Ready to Step Up Scrutiny of U.S. Firms If Trump Starts Feud: Sources


Yuan Pares Record Rally as Goldman Says Now’s the Time to Sell


China Lays Out $360 Billion Plan for Renewable Energy


A Poem Praises Smog, and Why Not? It’s From Cancer’s Perspective




Allies agree to increase pressure on N.Korea


U.S., allies warn of "new level of threat" from North Korea


US Sees 'Qualitative Improvement' in North Korea's Weapons Capabilities


Cold War relic, present day threat




US Congress certifies Trump’s election as president


If the GOP repeals ONLY ‘most’ of Obamacare, they're nuts


The GOP Does Have A Plan To Replace Obamacare. That’s What Scares Democrats Most


Real Healthcare Reform


How to Repeal Obamacare


The GOP can now enact real health care reform


Government by faculty lounge subject to repeal


Trump asks Congress — not Mexico — to pay for border wall


Congress looks to start building a Mexican border wall within months


GOP hard-liners might accept $1 trillion budget gap to end Obamacare


The G.O.P. Health Care Hoax


Make Obamacare great again — call it Trumpcare


The Health Care Plan Trump Voters Really Want


Why Obamacare must be repealed





Stanley Black & Decker Announce Opening of New U.S. Plant After Trump White House Win




Ex-teacher who admitted sex with student learns fate


Dylann Roof complains it’s ‘not fair’ to listen to victims’ families


Man admits he used phone to record sex with women


Appeal: Judge trashed rules to attack Sheriff Joe




The #BlackLivesMatter torture film


Family of Chicago-area man tortured in Facebook Live video speaks out


Naked woman who stole deputy's truck leads police on wild chase


A look at black-on-white torture in Chicago


The #BlackLivesMatter Torture Film  (When a quartet of black assailants torture a mentally disabled white man on tape, our leftist betters wave us away.  "Nothing to see here." )


Some Hate Crimes Are More Equal Than Others


Millions under a mattress: US agents find $20m in cash after fraud raid


With Rise of Body Cameras, New Tests of Transparency and Trust


RI Prison Escapee Captured in Massachusetts


Chicago Assault Tests a Tense Nation’s Views on Race


Man Tries to Burglarize Spy Shop Selling Surveillance...


New York Police Shoot Man Wearing Ballistics Vest


Study: Hiring black officers won’t quickly curb police shootings of citizens


The reaction to a viral Facebook video of a hate crime tells us something about postelection America


Man shot by cops is scion of powerful New York family


Heroin overdoses in Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks — including teenage boy — prompt crackdown; 17 arrested


'His father had been touching him down there': The Menendez Brothers' cousin breaks her silence to claim the boys WERE being molested before they murdered their parents





The ‘Price’ of Doing Business





Intel report says US identifies go-betweens who gave emails to WikiLeaks


We know what Russia did. But what we really need to understand is why.


When it comes to challenging Trump on Russia hacking, Democrats should lead from behind


Rudy Giuliani: Hacking the 'Biggest Menace' to US, World  (Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani(R)




More Hillary Clinton emails surface - and show how anti-gay Sharia law ruler The Sultan of Brunei treated Bill 'like part of his family'


Clinton vs. de Blasio for New York Mayor? Unlikely Idea Has People Talking (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)


Va. gubernatorial race takes an unexpected turn as Perriello jumps in


De Blasio’s sad addiction to cheap ego-boosters


'Enemies Within' – Hillary's links to Muslim Brotherhood revealed





Volkswagen, Justice Dept. nearing $3 billion deal to resolve diesel allegations


Former Senate Judiciary Committee Chief Counsel: Democrat Campaign Against Sessions ‘All a Big Charade’   (US Attorney General nominee Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions(R)


The Sessions Smear 


Senator Jeff Sessions: A Great Choice to Run USDOJ 


Former DOJ lawyer says Sessions was right to prosecute controversial voter fraud case 


Jeff Sessions: An attorney general who’s all in for prosecutors


How Sessions lost in '86 confirmation battle  




Beef-jerky plant employee fired over severed thumb incident





Dow misses 20,000 milestone by about a nickel


Boosted by Apple, Wall Street parties like it's 19,999


S&P 500, Nasdaq end at records after solid jobs report


Wall Street Is Starting to Get Nervous About All the Money Pouring Into U.S. Stocks


Manufacturing Jobs Declined by 45,000 in 2016; Government Jobs Increased by 183,000--Now Outnumber Manufacturing by 9,948,000


Obama’s Legacy: New Jobs Went to Janitors, Bartenders and Nurses


White Unemployment, 4.3% -- Black Unemployment, 7.8% -- Asian Unemployment, 2.6%


U.S. job growth slows, but wages rebound strongly


Record 95,102,000 Americans Not Participating in Labor Force


A record 75 straight months of job growth under Obama (AVIPP COMMENTARY: More media lies!)


US Adds 156K Jobs; Jobless Rate Up to 4.7%


Dollar jumps after jobs report, erasing the week’s losses


Asian shares rise as U.S. interest rates ease, China steps up yuan defense


Asian markets mixed as automakers come under pressure after Donald Trump's warning to Toyota


U.S. retail mall vacancies flat in fourth quarter: Reis


Where Trump Sees Economic ‘Disaster,’ Experts See Something More Complex


Goldman’s Bet on Emerging Currencies Is BRICS Without the ‘C’


End of the Obama economy is here


Sears, Other Retailers Reel From Gales Of 'Creative Destruction'


Tax guru: Trump plan is key to reviving U.S. economy


How Emerging Markets Will Fare Under Trump


The 'January effect' for stock markets is fading: Goldman


Gold ends lower after jobs report, but scores second straight weekly gain


11 jobs that pay at least $100K at top U.S. employers


J.C. Penney holiday sales drop 0.8 percent, shares slide


U.S. employment growth seen strong in December, wages up




Jew-Hate at Middle Tennessee State University  (Officials turn a blind eye toward blatant anti-Semitism.)


A Word of Caution to the Trump Administration on School Choice


Be Wary of the Details  (While well intentioned, it’s apparent that the New York State tuition-free public college plan will not accomplish its desired goals, writes Robert Samuels. )


A Promising Proposal for Free Tuition


Supermajority Requirement in the Minority (Stanford faces criticism for policies requiring a supermajority or unanimous vote when deciding responsibility in sexual misconduct cases. Few other institutions have a similar process.)


Could New York's free college tuition plan spread across U.S.?


Is Collaboration Worth It?  (Historians push for more teamwork even as many feel it won’t help them earn tenure.)


Ex-principal admits to stealing nude pics from students’ phones


Call to Action on Languages, 10 Years Later (In 2007 the Modern Language Association issued a report calling for major reforms in the teaching of foreign languages. What's happened since?)


The trouble with ‘desegregating’ New York’s schools


‘Classics, the Culture Wars and Beyond’  (Author discusses his new book on the battles over the discipline and its future.)


Campuses are breaking apart into ‘safe spaces’


Crossing the Gulf of the Two Cultures  (As we in the humanities defend ourselves, we should not engage in the corollary of denouncing the sciences as unimportant.) 




Egyptian Writers Argue Over Mosques' Calls To Prayer Using Loudspeakers  




Hack had no impact on election results: Trump


‘The biggest loser’: Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer spent $88 million on Democrats in 2016





Oil futures stretch gains to a 4th consecutive week


Energy Prices


Will OPEC Deliver Its Output Cut Deal? Here’s How We’ll Know


Trump must establish an export-centric energy strategy


Wisconsin Tribe Wants Pipeline Moved From Its Reservation


‘Overwhelmed’ Massachusetts Nuclear Power Plant Spikes with Radiation 




Where the Buffalo Zone (An innovative zoning code overhaul could help revive the western New York city and is already inspiring copycats.)


How one company eliminated food waste: The ‘landfill can no longer be an option.’


Good news for Chesapeake Bay, nation's largest estuary





European stocks pare losses after U.S. jobs report


EU Boss: Citizens Should Not Get to Vote on Important Issues


Report details how police failed to stop ISIS cell before Paris, Brussels attacks


Euro zone economy starts year in chipper mood, Germany outlook bright


As the E.U.’s Language Roster Swells, So Does the Burden




FBI Hate Crime Statistics: Anti-Black Hate Crimes Dropped Dramatically


FBI: Roof Displaying Racist Symbols Even During Trial


FBI Says Democrats Refused Access to Hacked E-Mail Servers


Congress wants to know why the FBI ‘denied or was going to deny’ a security clearance for Ben Rhodes




In sign of more hawkish Fed, Evans nods to three rate hikes


Are the Fed's Trumpflation fears misplaced??




Financial innovation in the US likely to remain on hold




The Face Of Treason: French Farmer Arrested And On Trial For Directly Aiding Untold Numbers Of Muslims To Illegally Cross Into France


Le Pen to push for ‘Frexit’ if EU refuses to cede powers


Charlie Hebdo journalist quits, says paper has gone soft on Islamists


Frenchman Who Smuggled Migrants Is a Hero to Some





Germany Arrests Pakistani Man Allegedly Spying for Iran. Guess Who He Was Targeting?


'I'm an American and I was racially profiled in Berlin 23 times'


Berlin jihad murderer was on terror watchlist, used 14 different aliases


Germany Balances Liberty and Security in Face of Terror


Germany says can't figure out Trump's foreign policy goals


Three seriously injured in bus crash at Frankfurt airport


German retail sales rose less sharply in 2016 than in previous year


Five arrests made after arson at refugee home


 Country sued for damages of 'forgotten genocide' in Namibia


East German landlords 'stop renting to politicians, fearing attacks'


Police seize 100kg of explosives from teen 'plotting right-wing attack'


Poll shows majority of Germans feel safe despite Berlin attack


US tank brigade arrives in Germany for eastern deployment


Fake news warning in Germany after Muslim ‘mob’ story


Nazis’ descendants sing ‘Hatikva’ to Holocaust survivors




'The Day After Tomorrow' could become a reality: Climate change could cause ocean currents to COLLAPSE plunging the Northern hemisphere into an ice age, warn scientists




Former Los Angeles Rams star: I'm running for California governor




For Greece and Turkey, an Old Rivalry Flares


Greece’s Most-Wanted Terrorist Is Arrested in Athens Suburb




What does the future hold for Guantanamo?




Feds Ask Colorado's Obamacare Exchange to Return $9.7M


 Another ObamaCare Promise Bites The Dust





Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher's emotional memorial held at their next-door homes





Pelosi Rebukes Media For Reporting on Hacked DNC Emails: ‘You Were Accomplices’   (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


GOP congressman takes down colleague's sponsored 'art' depicting police as pigs


Nancy Pelosi: Intel briefing on hacking a "stunning disclosure"   


Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Illinois) Paid Family Over $100K From Campaign Funds in 2016


House GOP, Trump team hatch border wall plan


Conservatives jittery over O'care repeal


GOP brass to House Republicans — Don't make us call dad!


GOP House passes bill to undo last-minute Obama regulations


Exclusive: The 13 House Reps. keeping the GOP from caving on Obamacare


GOP won't promise ObamaCare fix will cover all




New Sheriff Who Defeated Arpaio (With Help of Soros) Calls Illegal Aliens “Guests”


Immigration hawks seek reinforcements




India to launch 103 satellites in record single mission


GDP growth expected to slip to 3-year low of 7.1%


India sees economy losing momentum; economists warn of deeper slowdown


Pakistan hands over dossier on ‘India’s interference’ to UN chief


Indian actor Om Puri dies aged 66


After China snub, India examining ‘all options’ to get Masood Azhar banned




Indonesia backs down in Australia military row





GOP leaders slow-walk Trump's infrastructure plan


System glitch leaves Metro’s nerve center unable to control its tracks, snarling morning commute (DC)




U.S. Intel Report Says Putin Led ‘Cyber-Enabled Disclosure Operation’ to Help Elect Trump, Discredit Clinton


Why Trump and US intel clash over Russia


Fallout from Trump questioning intelligence community


9 Things You Need To Know About The Intelligence Community’s Russian Hacking Report


Agents and Agencies


Why Trump is wrong to target the US intelligence community


Trump hurts himself and the nation by trashing the intelligence community


Russia hacking:  Joe Biden attacks Trump for 'mindless' dismissal of agencies' intelligence  (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr)




IRS prioritized Obamacare over taxpayer customer service, IG report says


Can Trump Fulfill The Tax-Reform Promise?




Why Iran Wants So Many Ballistic Missiles


Rohani Corruption Spat Could Herald Rough-And-Tumble Iranian Presidential Campaign   (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


Quake rattles southern Iran, four Afghan laborers killed: TV


Moderate Quake Kills 4 People in Rural Area in Southern Iran




Iraqi forces advance against Islamic State in Mosul night raid: spokesman


Islamic State Militants Kill Four Soldiers Near Iraq's Tikrit: Army, Police Sources





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Friday, January 6, 2017)


PM Netanyahu Thanks Congress for Its Vote Against UN’s Anti-Israel Resolution  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Israel cuts UN funding following 'anti-settlement' resolution


Second probe against PM ‘publicly damaging, but may not lead to indictment’


Second Netanyahu Police Interrogation Touches Gifts and Mystery Charge


Israel returns bodies of 2 slain Palestinians to families in Hebron


Israeli satellite spots launchers for Russian nuclear-capable missiles in Syria


Netanyahu's lawyer: I was and still am calm 


Fête or fight? In upcoming jubilee, deputy FM aims to redefine Six Day War


Israeli forces suppress weekly Bilin, Kafr Qaddum protests


Amona residents: Government not keeping terms of agreement


Abbas slams US attempts at moving American embassy to Jerusalem  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


French supermarket apologizes for ‘made in Israeli settlements’ labels


Abbas warns Trump: Don't move the embassy


Hamas willing to negotiate Israelis’ release, if 60 prisoners freed — report


Man arrested on suspicion of running shaming database for Haredi soldiers


Following 8 months house arrest, Palestinian woman sentenced to prison for 'incitement'


10 Jewish-American Players Slated to Represent Israel in Baseball Tournament


The most dangerous man in the Middle East?   (Yehudah Glick has a reputation as a radical redheaded rabblerouser, but since entering the Knesset he has confounded his critics with an often progressive agenda.)


Why Israel's Settlement Construction Must Be Stopped


A Two-State Solution – Built on Nothing More than Hope.


How 'greater Israel' has reached a crucial juncture


The Two-State Solution is a Zombie


Scorched Israel  (Obama sets a diplomatic fire to the Jewish State as he departs the Oval Office.)


Benjamin Netanyahu Is Questioned a Second Time on Corruption Suspicions (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


The IDF’s new social contract





Abe Wants to Be the Last Free Trade Samurai   (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)


Japan Insurance firm replaces office staff with artificial intelligence


Japan defends Toyota after Trump broadside over Mexican plant


Japan’s ‘Genderless’ Blur Conventions


Japan Recalls Envoy to SKorea Over 'Comfort-Woman' Statue




Jordan to Charge 12 in Online Abuse of Turkey Attack Victims




Malaysia says search for missing MH370 to end in two weeks




N.Y. Times Aids Communist-socialist-feminist-LGBT-anarchist Plans for Inauguration Day Mayhem


Washington Post: People voted for Trump because they miss when America was more white


Trump slams media on border wall: Mexico will pay us back


The Washington Post Needs To Come Clean About Its Russian Hacking Story Fiasco


The Last Gasps of the Legacy Media


News commentators defend Facebook hate-crime video


Hate Crimes and Media Double Standards


Megyn Kelly could be in line to replace Savannah at ‘Today’


Media blasted for excusing Chicago 'depravity'





Mexico gasoline protests Four dead and hundreds arrested during mass looting


For Mexican Leaders, a Turbulent Start to the New Year


Mexicans ransack stores, block roads amid anger over steep gas-price hikes




Saudi-backed fund hits $100 bln mark ahead of schedule


You won’t believe this extreme Saudi drifting video


Women Defy Saudi Restrictions in Video, Striking a Nerve




How Trump Should Get Ready for America's Messy Missions Abroad


Defense Dept. orders upgraded underwater drones


America's Military Has a Big Problem: It's Dead Broke


US air strikes in Syria kill Al-Qaeda militants: Pentagon


It's past time to kill the F-35


Mr. President, Cancel the F-35


The Case for a Big Defense Buildup


Sangin, Bloody Sangin, and Wretched Afghanistan


Pentagon approves $128 billion nuclear submarine project as Obama leaves office


More than 1,200 homeless veterans living on Los Angeles streets still need housing


Osprey aerial-refueling drills resume after crash on Okinawa


History is made as military welcomes first women infantry marines


Mother of soldier hospitalized in Philadelphia says he was beaten for Army jacket


Cyber researcher discovers breach of data from employees working with special operations


Disappearance of 2 soldiers casts light on gaps in military, civilian investigations


Marine drill instructors accused of using a 'dungeon' on recruits and drinking on the job


Congressman proposes easing gun restrictions for military spouses




Russia meddled in U.S. election, Clapper says, rejecting Trump’s view (Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper)


Trump Turns to Popular Senator to Fill Unpopular Job


Intel chiefs call for tougher fight against Russia




Pakistan Needs a Dose of Trump’s Madman Diplomacy                                 


Int'l community must grill India for Kashmiri people: Nawaz Sharif  (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)


Judge, wife accused of torturing 10-year-old girl maid


SC proposed calling members of the Nawaz Sharif family




California Cities Facing Growing Pension Costs in New Year




Top Philippine militant who pledged allegiance to IS killed in firefight


Duterte hopes Russia will become Philippines' ally and protector (President Rodrigo Duterte)




How Political Correctness Points A Society Towards Tyranny And War




Millions Of Americans Don’t Side With Either Political Party, And That’s A Good Thing


Independent Political ID in U.S. Lowest in Six Years


Sensing Gains Ahead Under Trump, the Kochs Court Minorities




How Trump Can Play Nice With Russia, Without Selling Out America 


Trump to order anti-hacking plan within 90 days of taking office


Donald Trump on Russia hacking allegations: 'This is a political witch hunt'


Pence says Trump will take aggressive action to combat cyber hacking


'Celebrity' Warfare: Arnold Fires Back At Trump Over Ratings Tweet  


Trump to order anti-hacking plan within 90 days of taking office


Trump Continues Search for VA Secretary


Trump Demands Congressional Probe of 'Top Secret' Leak to NBC


Donald Trump Has the Keys to the Most Invasive Surveillance State in History


Establishment GOP Seizes Most Important Job In Trump White House


Chelsea Handler to Lead Anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’ at Sundance Film Fest


Transition to Trump: How Mike Pence is already paying dividends for Trump world


Donald Trump Blows Up On Arnold Schwarzenegger After 'Apprentice' Ratings Sink


Where Not to Eat in DC During the Inauguration


Donald Trump versus the black knights of the left


Unite, Even Forgive, but Never Forget  (While Donald Trump's supporters should forgive their wayward rank-and-file GOP brethren who chose to withhold their support, we must never forget those who engaged in outright acts of treachery that jeopardized our cause and our nation's future. )


Two weeks before inauguration, Trump recalls Clinton's canceled Election Night fireworks


Trump 'Prepared to Listen and Understand' Intel on Russia, Spokesman Says


New pro-Trump political group readies for launch


Progressives Really Are Deranged  (And it's only getting worse with Donald Trump.)


Trump restores power of Israeli ambassador


Unable to Win Elections, Liberals Seek to Delegitimize Trump


Ex-CIA director Woolsey quits Trump transition team


Trump Said ‘Torture Works.’ An Echo Is Feared Worldwide.


Trump is good. Assange helped Trump. Therefore, Assange is good?


Why Rural America Voted for Trump


Donald Trump and the art of messaging


Last-ditch regulatory mischief


Trump keeps tweeting criticism of intel community


The Anti-Inauguration


Twitter Pulpit: Trump already breaking mold of the presidency


Reality Politics, Starring Donald Trump


Why Trump’s inner circle is wearing this pizza-shaped pin


Trump's mean tweets spur Dem derision


Black College Band to Parade for Trump, Despite Outcry


No, this survey doesn't show Republicans think celebrities should be 'obligated' to perform at Trump's inauguration




Charles Manson had OVER 100 behavioral violations in prison before he was hospitalized: Serial killer spat at guards, made voodoo dolls and had saw blades in the soles of his shoes




Intel report: Putin directly ordered effort to influence election  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin) 


Hatred fuels Putin's power 


Heavy military vehicles of Baltic Fleet remove damaged Airbus A321 from Kaliningrad airport


‘Propaganda intended to incite Americans’: John McAfee to RT on ‘Russian hacking’ claims    (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)


US 'boasts' of secret operations against Russia in response to cyber attacks


Russia’s Northern Fleet to receive six Ka-27M helicopters this year


Russia's Strategic Missile Forces to switch to digital technologies by 2020


Russian Air Force Receives 5 New Fighter Jets Amid Major Military Upgrades


This Russian city says: ‘Don’t call us Siberia’


U.S. intercepts said to capture Russian officials congratulating themselves on Trump win




Breathalyzer lock laws cut drunk-driving deaths, study shows





The "spanking" debate: Views depend on what you call it





Senior Republican senator expects Trump to uphold Iran deal


GOP Shouldn’t Be Intimidated by Democrats’ Threats in Obamacare Fight

Democratic leader Schumer emerges as Trump's newest punching bag


Hitting Trump Before He’s Sworn In  (Democrats are fine with becoming “the party of no.”)


Manchin: Trump's EPA pick is 'right' for the job (US Senator of West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D)


Senate GOP Concerned About Repealing Obamacare Without Replacement


Mike Lee 'would not say no' if Trump nominated him for Supreme Court (US Senator of Utah Mike Lee (R)


Senators and Spy Chief Rebut Trump on Russia Findings


Senate Republicans hesitant about Russia sanctions


Democrats’ strategy to snarl nominations: Demand more information


Biden to Senate Dems: Give Trump's SCOTUS nominee a vote (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr )


Senate rejects effort to force 60 votes for Obamacare repeal


Busted! Senate Dems attacking Trump's HHS pick also own health-care stocks




Facebook refuses to explain why live torture video wasn't removed sooner




Uproar over Brazilian president's order of 1½ tonnes of cake for plane


Dozens more die in Brazil prison just days after decapitations


U.S. lawmakers want changes to FARC deal before approving funds  (Colombia)


Villagers sentence falsely accused woman to death by fire ants (Bolivia)




Impeachment Trial of South Korea President Called Mob Justice


Samsung estimates highest Q4 operating profit in three years


Confidante’s daughter refuses to return back home  (Chung Yoo-ra, daughter of the scandal-ridden presidential confidante Choi Soon-sil, on Friday said that she would not return back home, where she has been summoned to face intense questioning over the extensive influence-peddling scandal pivoting on her mother.)


Seoul regrets Tokyo’s suspension of talks on currency swap deal


Ban Ki-moon's inner circle taking shape for election




Ranking the NFL wild-card matchups


Brain-injury deaths in high school football players rising


$490 million plan for RFK Stadium site include sports center, market, Robert Kennedy memorial


What’s next after the Redskins’ firing of defensive coordinator Joe Barry


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Storm halts buses, strands N.Y. students in schools for hours


Partial human skull found along Florida beach


Trump, Obama set to shadowbox in Virginia governor's race


California police would have to disclose the use of more surveillance devices under this proposed law


Centuries of New York History Prepare for a Move


California braces for 'once-in-10-year' storm amid fears of flooding, avalanches, blizzards


Western states pounded by snow as winter storm eyes Southeast


Can a Law Stop Distracted Driving? California Hopes to Find Out.


People Are Bailing on Chris Christie’s New Jersey. How Is Your State Holding Up?  (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)


The perils of Cuomo’s rush to build, build, build (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




Syria:  John Kerry blames Britain for derailing Obama's plan for intervention  (US Secretary of State John Kerry)


In Break With Precedent, Obama Envoys Are Denied Extensions Past Inauguration Day




Florida officials say boy killed himself after mom sent him to his room




Russia 'starting drawdown of forces from Syria'




Teachers’ union to protest pensions


Taiwan, Australia target stronger ties


Profit Taking Expected For Taiwan Shares


India may soon send workers to Taiwan




Autonomous driving, IoT thriving at CES




2016 was deadliest year ever for suicide bombings worldwide


Parents of American journalist killed by ISIS speak to "60 Minutes"


Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri calls ISIS ‘liars’


Islamic terror cells shift from Mideast to U.S.-Mexican border


Terrorism made easy when nobody’s looking




Thai PM visits flood-battered south: six dead, transport disrupted




If Trump really knows the art of the deal, he’ll embrace free trade


The problem with tariffs




Transgender man sues Catholic hospital for refusing to perform hysterectomy


Texas Moves to Limit Transgender Bathroom Access


Virginia’s ‘Minister of Private Parts’ deserves scorn for his transgender bathroom bill





Turkish-backed forces fighting street battles in Syria's al-Bab: defense minister


Turkey assumes USA staged Istanbul night club attack


Fresh snowfall paralyzes Istanbul traffic, density at 90 percent


PM slams US embassy for recalling Turkey’s assassinated ex-PM


Ankara and Baghdad to focus on positive agenda


Number of foreign tourists visiting Istanbul plunges for first time in 16 years


Turkey ‘can end US use of base if interests hurt’  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: And Turkey can be expelled from NATO.)


Key figures related to ISIL’s Reina attack in Turkey’s İzmir: Report


No doubt PKK was behind İzmir attack: Justice minister


Ceremonies held at courthouse for victims of İzmir terror attack


Turkish journalist Ahmet Şık kept in isolation, says lawyer


Majority of Turkey braces for cold snap breezing from the west


Turkey does not anticipate gas, power price hikes in 2017 despite cost increases: Minister


Turkey says 1,300 ISIL militants killed in Euphrates Shield operation


Two soldiers killed in PKK operation in Turkey’s southeast


Heavy flood in Turkey’s south damage fresh vegetable production


US consul-general in Istanbul lays flowers to Reina nightclub after attack


Turkish automotive market hits sales record in 2016


Orthodox Christmas Eve marked in Istanbul




Federal Worker Union Is Blocking Republican VA Reforms





FTSE 100 logs 9-day win streak after erasing losses on U.S. jobs report


Muslim migrant who beheaded Dutch woman admitted to UK, attacks cops with hammer


Boom: UK's economy world's strongest after Brexit


London police issue open letter to suspected burglar


Britain's productivity malaise persists into second half of 2016: ONS


BoE admits Brexit slump prediction error, amid surging UK economy


Air pollution: London breaches annual limit for 2017 in five days


Can a Satire of ISIS Possibly Be Funny? BBC Viewers Are Split


Bank of England: Chief economist admits errors in Brexit forecasting


Why Britain’s leader is desperate to work with Trump (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Jamie Oliver: Chef to close six restaurants in 'tough market' after Brexit vote


Scots school leavers being ‘locked out’ of university


Soft Brexit takes indyref 'off table'


UK wind power overtakes coal for first time


Forensic science standards 'at risk'


Nicola Sturgeon: Indyref2 could be shelved with "soft" Brexit  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Bowie diagnosis 'three months before death'


Theresa May to unveil measures to boost provision


Hospitals warn over patient numbers


Half a million older people spend every day alone, poll shows


Strike will not stop BA passenger trips


London :Teen needs surgery after stabbing by masked men in takeaway


S Korean jailed over toxic disinfectant


Police 'speak to George Michael's partner Fadi Fawaz' as officers try to work out singer's last movements


Social care crisis :MPs put May under pressure to act fast


Exclusive: Peers will not sabotage Brexit, Lord Speaker tells Theresa May ahead of Supreme Court ruling


 PM to visit president in spring, No 10 confirms


Hundreds attend funeral for 'Stud badboy' as inquest into M62 death opens


London 'must maintain EU skills access'




Linda Chavez: The Real Obstacle to Peace In The Middle East


Syria: UN warns of war crimes over disruption to water supply north of Damascus


Big list of leaders calling for U.S. to defund U.N.




Explosive surprise found by consignment shop employees


Deadly winter storms pummeling or threatening much of U.S.


SeaWorld exec responds to criticism of revamped killer whale show




Pope Francis offers Epiphany picnic to poor people at Vatican




Obama Sets Record for Federal Land and Water Seizures


Obama: ‘I Will Publicly Support Repealing Obamacare and Replacing It’ If GOP Comes Up with a Better Plan


White House says it did not leak material used in NBC report


Michelle Obama chokes up in final speech as first lady


Obama Still Doesn’t Get America


How Kissinger conspired against a sitting president


Who Has More Privilege Than Barack Obama?

Obama calls Facebook live torture video ‘hate crime’


The ‘most transparent’ president in history issues record number of ‘midnight’ regulations


Trumps decline offer of White House playset from Obamas


Ranchers spar with Obama over new national monuments in Utah and Nevada


Obama ignores facts with boastful ‘greatest hits’ list


Obama: No 'silver bullet answer' for record-high Chicago murder rate


Obama gunning for 'global terrorist' with famous name




The behavior making work even more stressful




Yahoo Finance Unleashes The Worst Typo Headline Ever. Hilarity Ensues.


Yahoo deletes Trump tweet that included racist slur



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