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Thursday, January 5, 2017





In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood CEO Promises More Abortions: “We’ve Been Here 100 Years, We’re Not Going Anywhere”


6 Alarming Findings in House Panel’s Planned Parenthood Probe


Investigative panel urges defunding of PPFA


David Daleiden: Now That We Know Planned Parenthood Broke the Law, Put Them in Prison


Paul Ryan: GOP will defund Planned Parenthood (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Speaker Paul Ryan Promises: We Will Pass a Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood


Babies Were Born Alive And Left to Die After Abortions at a University Hospital


56% of Americans in Top Battleground States Want to Defund Planned Parenthood


Is Obama Creating 'Abortion Mandate' With Sex Discrimination Law?


Planned Parenthood Executive: “It Doesn’t Bother Me” That We Sold an Aborted Baby’s Brain


Nurse who helped with late-term abortion haunted by ‘sweet little face’


Democrats Trash Pro-Life Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions: “He Opposes the Rights of Women”


Who says abortions don't harm women's mental health? New research reveals the horrible truth


Congressional Investigation: 15 Planned Parenthood and Abortion Clinics Illegally Sold Baby Parts


Scarlet Letter Of Shame: “A” For Abortion


Pro-Abortion Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer Vows to Block Pro-Life Supreme Court Nominee


How the GOP could basically outlaw abortion — even in blue states


Court Rules City Can Censor Pro-Life Bus Ads: “They’d Create a Hostile and Uncomfortable Environment”


Kentucky Lawmakers Advance Measures To Limit Abortions


Exposed: Planned Parenthood guilty of $13 million in abuse of taxpayer funds, other illegal activity, says report


We Don’t Want to Just “Chip Away” at Abortion, We Want to End It


Abortion under fire in Kentucky


Kentucky House Committee Passes Bill Allowing Women to See Ultrasound Of Baby Before Abortion


Michigan Democrat Who Fought GOP Abortion Restrictions Enters Gubernatorial Race


New low: FOX uses kids to promote Planned Parenthood, homosexuality, transgenderism in obscene


Scientology Documentary Accuses Group of Forcing Abortions — and Several Lawsuits Back That Up...


Planned Parenthood CEO: 115th  Congress is ‘the most dangerous moment in Planned Parenthood’s history’


The Scariest Abortion Restrictions To Watch For In 2017


Ohio lawmakers won’t override veto of pro-life bill banning abortions after heartbeat. Pro-lifers dismayed.


Degrassi: Next Class Telling 'Very Important' Abortion Story in Season 3


Judge rules doctors can refuse trans patients and women who have had abortions


'Late-stage' abortion issue to be considered (Scotland)


Alberta judge bans pro-life bus ads because they’re not ‘safe and welcoming’   (Canada)


Why is the Ontario Government Hiding Abortion Statistics?   (Canada)




Wife of American Man Missing in Afghanistan Says He Was Abducted





Christian Woman in Eastern Uganda Coerced into Taking Poison


Police break up protest in northern Morocco


Nigerian girl kidnapped by Boko Haram found with baby


‘Chinese FDI helps to stabilize Africa’: Brookings fellow David Dollar


Accused of Looting Millions, Son of African Leader Stalls Trial


Hymn of Peace by Nigerian Leaders Strikes Some as Off Key




Sisters kicked off flight miss seeing their dying dad


Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky?




Cuomo Plans $10 Billion Makeover of Kennedy Airport (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)




A Psychoanalysis of Obama-Kerry Postmodern Jew-Hating  (How narcissists become anti-Semites.)




2017 will be another bad year for the Arab world




ASX pushes higher on blue chip demand


$A advances as greenback tumbles


$A advance seen temporary


Why drownings are spiking in Australia


Australia hopeful on Indonesia tensions  




Trump: Toyota faces big tax if it builds Corolla cars for U.S. in Mexico


Exclusive: Nissan halts joint development of luxury cars with Daimler - sources


GM's China vehicle sales rise 7.1 percent year-on-year in 2016


Toyota, Honda say no immediate plans to curb Mexico production


U.S. December auto sales surprisingly strong, 2016 sets new high


Ford expands Alexa use, heating up auto personal assistant battle


The American auto industry does not need Trump to stage-manage it




MyPillow inventor speaks out after getting F rating




Good Government Solution: Get Rid of Whole Departments


Beef Magazine blasts Obama's crony regulations




Sheriff offers to have prison inmates help build Trump's Mexico wall




Loonie surges against U.S. dollar as TSX pushes higher for third day


TSX On Verge Of All-Time High, Gold Stocks Surge -- Canadian Commentary


Negotiations underway to recover body of Canadian man killed fighting Daesh


Hired gun in a lab coat: How medical experts help car insurers fight accident claims


Ottawa projects decades of deficits as federal finances worsen


Bulgaria and India are buying new fighter jets — and unlike Canada, it won’t take them 10 years


Walmart strikes deal with Visa to settle credit card fee dispute


Trudeau has been anointed the global standard-bearer for 'progressivism.' That's just bizarre (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


B.C. reaches agreement with teachers to deal with fallout from court case


Average GTA home price jumped 20% in 2016


Military police investigating alleged case of voyeurism at Toronto Canadian Forces facility


Canadian woman arrested in Turkey for ‘insulting’ president: lawyer


The best loonie forecaster in the world says Canadian dollar will beat all its G10 peers this year


Toronto proposes ending daycare occupancy grant


How the UN is trying to sneak its unCanadian 'values' into Canadian schools


Poll finds 21 per cent of Canadians have received shocking wireless bills


'I will fix it,' ex-soldier said before N.S....




Analyst: Trump, Congress should investigate all foreign efforts to subvert U.S. policy




Man charged with killing 2 U.S. missionaries escapes





Trump wants to shake up the CIA




“Now Is Time to Behead Unbelievers”   (The jihad on churches -- including those in America and Europe.)




Communist China Moves Against Trump, Asserts Control Over Strategic Ports


China’s high-speed trains turn into ‘smoggy gold’


Beijing says its carrier group performs ‘scientific research & weapons tests’


China, U.S. should maintain proper direction of relations: minister


President Xi’s Great Chinese Soccer Dream


Apple pulls New York Times app in China


Chinese City Official Shoots 2 Others and Kills Himself, State Media Says




Nuclear, missile tests show 'qualitative' improvement in N.Korea capabilities -US


Dangerous games


Analysis: New Year message from Kim Jong-un: Same old, same old  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Kim Jong Un after 5 years: How has life changed in North Korea?




Chickens and wafflers: 6 of the worst Republican Obamacare wimps


Congress majority Christian, but less Protestant


The true political risk to Republicans is leaving Obama Care on the books


Repeal Obamacare. Do not replace.


'Repeal and Replace' Obamacare -- With the Free Market  (Time to get health care right once and for all.)


The Parliamentary Tactic That Could Obliterate Obamacare


The 4-Step Plan to Repeal Obamacare


A Bipartisan Reason to Save Obamacare


Obamacare wars are in full force


GOP launches long-promised repeal of Obamacare with no full plan to replace it


GOP seeks to avoid its own midterm healthcare debacle


'Audit the Fed' bill gets new push under Trump





Equifax and TransUnion fined $23 million for misrepresenting credit products





Why Was Carrier Considering Moving to Mexico in the First Place?


What Government 'Help' Looks Like on the Front Lines  (A day in the (miserable) life of my small California company, thanks to our helpful friends in Washington and Sacramento.)




Church shooting: Woman says she learned in a dream mom was dead


Texas teen tackled by cop at pool party files federal lawsuit


VW must face U.S. investor lawsuit in emissions scandal


‘I Am Not Sorry’ for Massacre, Dylann Roof Said in Journal


Arkansas Judge Resigns After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct


Prison Ordered to Provide Hepatitis C Drug to Black Panther Cop Killer


Leaders of Chicago gang Hobos - an  'all-star team' of criminals - convicted after deadly 2016




Reuters conveniently leaves out that Chicago attackers yelled ‘F*** Trump, f*** white people’


Anti-White Hate Crime? Video Shows Black Teens Torturing Mentally Disabled White Kid


Pistol-Packing Texas Grandma Chases Off Armed Home Invader


How Much Does The Public Know About The Heroin And Opioid Epidemic?


Chicago Police Downplays Torture: Kids Make “Stupid Decisions”


Chicago PD reluctant to call racist, filmed, torture a hate crime - goes with ‘kids make stupid decision


Hate crime charges filed in Chicago beating streamed on Facebook Live


RI Prison Escapee Believed to Be Bank Robbery Suspect


Ohio State Student, Concealed-Carry Advocate Shot Dead Near Campus


Flagstaff officer resigns after being caught on camera punching woman


One suspect injured, one at large after shootout with NYPD


The Great Hijab Cover-Up  (Has there been one documented hate crime since the election?)


The Chicago carnage


Wisconsin man arrested for allegedly locking woman in wooden box


Special-needs man tortured while attackers stream it on Facebook


Four held over US live-streamed attack   (Four people are held in Chicago over a Facebook Live video of an attack on man with special needs.)


Shocking moment Chicago teen gang - including two girls - 'kidnap and torture' special-needs man while streaming entire ordeal live on Facebook and screaming racist and anti-Trump remarks 


Chicago torture: Cops question 4 after man held hostage on ‘F- Trump!’ Facebook video


New York Police Urged to Fix Inequities in Deployment of Investigators


D.C. mayor releases police body camera footage of Christmas Day shooting


The NYPD delivers New York’s safest year yet


When the drug crisis hits home


1st  Female Oakland Police Chief Vows to Mend


Walker finds two guns in a violin case along Potomac River in Washington D.C. - leading cops to locate even more weapons nearby




Flashback: China Hacked Obama, McCain Campaigns in 2008


The Murky World of Cyber Spying


What's inside? Obama gets report on Russia hacking, as Republicans spar on claims


Task Force Urges Trump to Develop Better Cyber Deterrent


Trump and Assange, an Unlikely Pair, Sow Hacking Doubts


After Assange claim, evidence of Russia-WikiLeaks connection will be critical




Indiana mayor announces for DNC chair


DNC Chair Candidate Forum to Be Held at Anti-Israel Restaurant


The Man Who Most Deserves to Be DNC Chairman  (US Representative of Minnesota Keith Ellison's remarkable ties to Jew-haters, racists, and Islamic supremacists.)




Out of Power, State Democrats Frustrated With National Committee


How the Democrats Became the Anti-Israel Party


The Democrats’ Successor to Hillary


The turning point for the Dems' demise


Unexpected Candidacy Upends Virginia Democrats’ Plans for Key Governor Race


WikiLeaks offers $30,000 bounty for evidence of Obama officials destroying records


Hillary Clinton Urged to Run for New York Mayor




Trump Sows Dismay in Rural America With Late Agriculture Choice





Trump's Commerce pick, billionaire Wilbur Ross, got a DUI in the Hamptons in 1991, serves as a director of 48 companies - and was elected to the Private Equity Hall of Fame





Ex-Sessions staffer, commentator clash on air over racism charges  (US Attorney General nominee Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions(R)


Sessions Is No Racist: Take Black Democrats’ Word for It




Why Does Disney Hate Boys So Much? All Their Male Characters Are Losers




Nasdaq ends at record; S&P 500, Dow close lower as financials tumble


Nasdaq reaches record high, Macy's stirs retail fear


Nasdaq bucks stocks’ losing trend to close at record high on strength of Amazon’s 3% gain


Dollar Routed, Stocks Drop and Bonds Jump


Asian stocks rise for 8th day on PMIs; yuan soars ahead of inauguration


Yuan Extends Gains, Hong Kong Lifts Asian Stocks: Markets Wrap


Dollar tumbles to one-month low as Treasury yields keep falling


Macy’s plans to cut more than 10,000 jobs after a disappointing holiday season


Macy's plunge: 'Cutting 10,000 jobs' since dissing Trump


Prices Are Rising Across the Globe. That's a Good Thing, Right?


Gold settles at 5-week high amid doubts about Fed’s pace of rate hikes


Sears and Kmart closing 150 stores


Emerging-Market Currencies, Stocks Advance With Commodities


Will surging Chinese yuan wreck the dollar rally?


Trump's economic policies 'cut both ways'


The Strong Dollar Could Bash the Economy—and It’s Just Getting Started


World stocks hit 1-1/2 year high after strong China data


Washington-Area Snow May Affect Release of U.S. Jobs, Trade Data




Closing Out a College (Whether colleges file for bankruptcy or wind down in other ways, closing is a complex, costly affair -- and the process doesn’t assure any support for professors or employees who may have worked without pay.)


The Campus War Against Israel and the Jews


What Happens if Free Tuition Comes to Campus?  (Presidents of public institutions in New York say they welcome Governor Cuomo's plan and could find ways to enroll many more. But they still have questions.)


DeVos Has Opportunity To Improve Education For All Children


The Shrinking Mega-Journal  (The world's largest scholarly journal, PLOS ONE, is seeing fewer and fewer researchers publish their work in it as the open-access publishing market evolves.)


 Northwestern University flies Black Lives Matter flag


Are You Scared of Your Students?  (A professor wonders whether the classroom has become an unsafe space for the faculty.)


Denying due process for campus sex assault cases


When Colleges Rely on Adjuncts, Where Does the Money Go?  (Study suggests the funds institutions gain aren’t going to instruction.)


Getting to “E Pluribus Unum”  (Colleges should establish a national exchange program that gives students the opportunity to get to know people in other parts of the country and in different settings, writes David J Smith.)




Egyptian Writers Argue Over Mosques' Calls To Prayer Using Loudspeakers


Egypt releases leading revolution figure





Democratic lawmakers considering challenge to Trump’s Electoral College victory




The Left’s Selective Outrage Over Alleged Voter Fraud


Wikileaks' Assange: Democrats lost the election because 'they didn't pick the strongest candidate'


Julian Assange is still scum — and Wikileaks didn’t elect Trump


Losing big: Liberal billionaire spent $87 million on Democrats in election


Stop trying to hush up the truth about election hacking


Spicer: Will Clinton be 'punished' for election tactics?


'It's a fake cyber war': Claims that Russia tried to influence election are 'crazy' says Guccifer, the Romanian hacker who first exposed Hillary's private email address




Oil prices end at 1-week high to extend advance


Energy Prices


Why oil investors may suffer the ‘black swan’ potential of Elon Musk in 2017


Fire Reported on Gulf of Mexico Oil Platform


U.S. may become a net energy exporter in less than a decade





The Anti-Pipeline Anti-Environmentalists




Here's Trump's How-To Manual For Rooting Out The Rot At The EPA





European stocks inch higher as euro climbs


Brussels Notebook: Elections Aren't Only Things Keeping NATO, EU Folks Up At Night


European breakdown? Why the continent’s stocks are actually set for a solid 2017


Austria: Muslims commit wave of sex assaults on New Year’s Eve


Italy: Muslim sets fire to church Nativity scene


Romania Chooses Left-Leaning Government


Austrian police searching for group of men 'of foreign appearance' over New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Innsbruck




Fearful 81-Year-Old Woman Gets Tattoo Saying “Don’t Euthanize Me”  (Calgary, Canada )




Yikes: FBI Denied Obama's Iran Deal Messenger and Top Advisor Ben Rhodes a Security Clearance in 2008



Report: FBI had private company examine DNC's hacked servers






Obama renominates FCC Democrat in his final two weeks




Fed’s Williams Sees Three-Hike 2017 Outlook as ‘Very Reasonable’




Now we know Barack Obama’s foreign policy wasn’t principled, it was malicious




Charlie Hebdo feels a target two years after attack


 'Leave euro but keep link', Le Pen urges


With after-work email ban, France reaches peak socialism




How police knew of Amri's terror plans, but still couldn't stop him


Why Did Germany Fail to Stop Terrorist?


German economists press ECB to raise interest rates


Activists slam German EU man's new job after 'racist' remarks


German court shuts down hopes for a breakaway Bavaria


No Breitbart, a Muslim mob didn't set fire to Germany's oldest church


Stormy Weather Causes Flooding Along German Baltic Coast


Police hunt suspects who beat up firefighters at New Year


Germany Walk like a penguin to avoid slipping on ice, German doctors advise





Fresh doubt over global warming 'pause'





Why the U.S. may bar Google from government contracts

Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Google From US Contracts




GOP must act on the national epidemic of absent fathers




Grocery Stores Aren't Meeting Millennials' Needs




Obama Freed 75 Percent of Gitmo Terrorists


Reports: US to transfer 4 Gitmo detainees to Saudi Arabia




Dems call for ethics probe of HHS pick




GM malaria vaccine 'milestone'


Dementia rates 'higher near busy roads'




The Hollywood ‘Stop Trump’ crew gets angry


Hollywood gets super-secret training on how to bash Trump



Trump’s DC Hotel Tagged With $5 Million in Unpaid Worker Liens




House overwhelmingly condemns UN's anti-Israel resolution


Paul Ryan: Russia Didn’t Put the Server in Hillary Clinton’s Basement  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


REINS Act Will Check Executive Overreach, Restore Constitutional Balance


National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill in 115th  Congress


A General Joins the House’s Conservative Ranks as New Congress Convenes


Trey Gowdy Unloads On Clueless Liberal Who Thinks The 2nd Amendment... (US Representative of South Carolina Trey Gowdy (R)


Republican Study Committee Introduces Plan to Replace Obamacare


GOP congresswoman's Obamacare poll has surprising result


House Dem Pushed Muni Bond-Friendly Legislation, Then Invested Herself


Putting An End To Obama's Economy-Destroying Regulatory Siege


It begins: House fires up process for Obama rules rollback


McCarthy: Federal agencies 'cannot be controlled by the people' (House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California)


Dems renew demand for slavery reparations




Conditions That Form More Hurricanes Also Protect U.S., Study Finds




India test fires Agni-IV ballistic missile


Farmer suicides up 42% between 2014 & 2015


Why most rapes go unreported in India


Cops arrest 4 for Bengaluru molestation


No evidence of New Year’s Eve mass molestations, says Bengaluru police chief


Pakistan releases 218 more Indian fishermen from jail as ‘goodwill gesture’


India’s rupee demonetization policy creates cash crunch


Mayawati releases first list of 100 candidates for UP poll


Meeting the needs of India’s mega-rich


Congress, SP likely to announce UP alliance early next week


41 Indian sailors in ‘sinking ships’ send SOS from UAE


Pak should have privileges as India in nuclear development: Chinese state media





Indonesia Halts Military Ties to Australia Over Material It Deems Offensive




Trump Plans Changes for Intelligence Agencies


Trump planning intel community shake-up, report says




'The internet will shut down for 24 hours in 2017 causing financial markets to crash'


Internet providers are pushing for a repeal of Obama-era privacy rules




How Trump Should Dismantle the Iran Nuclear Deal


Why Iran blocked a smartphone game


Iran Says Turkey's Syria Truce Violation Claims 'Unconstructive'





Mosul: Iraqi forces gaining momentum


Iraqi Rescue Center For Yazidi Women Enslaved By Islamic State Closed


Iraqi general says 70 percent of east Mosul retaken from Islamic State


U.S., European weapons used to commit war crimes in Iraq: Amnesty


Car Bomb Strikes Baghdad Market, Killing at Least 9




Mosques in America: Religious liberty vs. national security


Has Janet Jackson secretly become a Muslim? As the once raunchy star has her first baby at 50 there's good reason to believe rumors that she's converted to the religion of Qatari multi-millionaire husband




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing   (Thursday, January 5, 2017)


Hanan Ashrawi rejects Kerry's speech because he didn't give PA rights in Israel  (US Secretary of State John F Kerry)


Abbas to Israelis: Peace will ultimately come through dialogue, not UN (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Hunting Down a Terrorist in Haifa, City of Unity


Suspect in deadly Haifa shooting turns himself in


Netanyahu supports pardon for Israeli soldier convicted of manslaughter  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


‘Billionaire gave Netanyahus cigars, champagne worth hundreds of thousands’


Arab Fugitives Captured, Money Cache Seized by Israeli Security Forces


IDF: Incitement against army chief, judges must stop (Israel Defense Forces)


'A Suffering Widow's Plea: We Must Reach Our Goal


Top justice: Threats to Azaria judges imperil the rule of law


Avian Flu Detected Among Water Fowl at Ramat Gan National Park


Breaking ranks, minister and Likud MK oppose pardon for convicted soldier


Gaza fishermen announce 2 day protest in wake of missing fisherman


Man who threatened Azaria judges released to house arrest


Police Sappers Called to Haganah Museum in Tel Aviv


IDF spokesperson promoted to general, named manpower chief


Kerry laments failed peace process in exit memo


Hasidim arrested after illegal visit to West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  holy site


Israeli Envoys to Turkey Confirm They’re Safe After Terror Attack in Izmir


Rivlin pays condolence call to Istanbul attack victim’s family (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)


Israeli settlers raid Palestinian village to pray at holy site, spark clashes


In exit memo, Kerry lauds Iran deal, laments no two-state solution


Haifa Terror Suspect Surrenders to Police


France says no plans for UN resolution after peace confab


Israel indicts MK Basel Ghattas for smuggling phones to Palestinian prisoners


US official: Kerry’s speech signaled several ‘gains’ for Israel


Israeli Arab MK Basel Ghattas Indicted on Abuse of Diplomatic Immunity, Use of Property for Terror


6 Israeli startups that want to change your everyday life


Jordan says moving US Embassy to Jerusalem is 'red line'


Arab man stabbed in Ashdod in suspected racist attack


Gaza fisherman lost at sea after collision with IDF ship


Obama’s Next Attack on Israel


Why the sudden hatred of Israel? (US Secretary of State John Kerry, echoing other policymakers in the Obama administration, blasted Israel last week in a 70-minute rant about its supposedly self-destructive policies.)


Top archaeologist almost booted for saying 2 forbidden words


Could an Embassy in Jerusalem Bring Us Closer to Peace?


Israeli Arrested for Threatening Convicted Soldier's Judges




Bluefin Tuna Goes for $632,000 at Auction in Tokyo




Broken: The Sickening, Stale, and Worn Out Narratives of the Left


How liberalism was transformed




Florida Hazy on Grass


Skelton: Marijuana is legal in California. Now politicians and pot pushers need to help keep it out of kids' hands




ABC, NBC Skip Reporting on Video Showing Anti-Trump Activists Kidnapping, Torturing Disabled Man


CNN Panelist Blames Trump For Racist Torture of Mentally Disabled Man


Watch: CNN’s Don Lemon Says Torture of Special Needs Teen isn't ‘Evil’


The fall of Megyn Kelly Marks the Failure of Fox News Coup


It’s Happening: Tucker Carlson To Take Over Megyn Kelly’s Prime Time Slot


MSNBC Hires Greta Van Susteren for Evening Show


Media mock Trump's transition progress


Matt Lauer kept in dark about NBC’s Megyn Kelly hire


L. Brent Bozell: Can Speculation Be Defined As News?


U.S. newspaper still hiding sex offender's identity as Somali 'refugee'


Spicer: Trump’s tweets ‘drive the news’


Why did CNN air a documentary about the band Chicago produced by band members?




Tragedy for 80 migrants trying to reach Italy’s coast




Mexicans Are the Nafta Winners? It’s News to Them


Mexico’s New Foreign Minister Was Advocate of Visit by Donald Trump


Mexico Angry protests erupt across country after 20% hike in petrol prices




Saudi Arabia bans poultry products from 6 countries


Qatar Airways changes Airbus order


Apple confirms $1 bln investment in Saudi-backed fund




B-52 Bomber Loses Engine During Training Flight


Sikhs to be allowed to wear beards, turbans in Army uniform


Latest Phoenix VA Whistleblower Alleges Retaliation


U.S. Navy to deploy advanced early warning aircraft to Japan


In farewell to military, Obama urges America to uphold its values


Obama pledges ‘seamless’ transfer of military power to Trump


Marines’ first women in the infantry to join Camp Lejeune battalion


Marine Corps assigns first female infantry to battalion ahead of Trump’s inauguration


Federal, military courts proceed cautiously in Ronald Gray death penalty case


PLA's hacking hotel  (US military intelligence has identified a headquarters for a Chinese military hacking unit -- inside two Beijing hotels.)


FM frequency changes coming to AFN Kaiserslautern, Wiesbaden


Member of U.S. Army honor guard passes out during Barack Obama's farewell ceremony as president says goodbye to the armed services




Fashion Designer: $15 Minimum Wage Forcing Me to Leave California




Clapper: Trump rhetoric on intel agencies alarming U.S. allies  (Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper)


Intel Chief Fires Back at Trump in Feud Over Russian Election Meddling (James Clapper answers the president-elect, reiterating Russia’s interference in the election.)


Ex-Senator Leading Candidate for DNI


Clapper Gently Chides Congress for 'Micromanaging' Intelligence Office




NASA testing SLS for transonic behavior


NASA plans asteroid missions to explore space oddities




US sends elite commandos to the border of Russia to defend nervous Baltic states while NATO beefs up its defenses




Pakistan: Foe of blasphemy law accused of “hate speech” for opposing blasphemy law


Kashmir ‘an integral part’ of Pakistan, says Sharif      (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)


Pakistan China Trade: Warship Designed To Secure Lucrative Shipping Route


The Spooks of Pakistan


Pakistan in uproar over allegations judge and his wife tortured a 10-year-old girl working as their maid


SC barred govt,PTI from holding media talks on Panamagate case


Pakistan launches app for women to report harassment




Philippines kills leader of Islamic State-linked militant group in clash  


Philippine President 'Open To Joint Military Drills' With Russia


Philippines says South China Sea ruling not on agenda at ASEAN summit


Philippines Jailbreak Frees More Than 150 Inmates, Prompting Manhunt


Philippines’ former president urges Trump to mend relations




Has Political Correctness Gone off the Rails in America?




Liberals and conservatives have one thing in common: Zero interest in opposing views


How WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange went from pariah to paragon in the eyes of some conservatives




Marvin Hier 'proud' to be Trump's inauguration rabbi


Trump’s Twitter feed traumatizes Washington


Trump: 'Time for Republicans & Democrats to Get Together' on Health Care Plan


Trump Tells Confidant He Remains Opposed to AT&T Deal


Celebrities Call for ‘Month of Resistance’ to Fight ‘Fascist’ Trump…


Trump to meet with rival Graydon Carter on Friday


…Celebs to Host Progressive ‘Love-a-Thon’ During Trump Inauguration


Donald Trump Won’t Unite Us, And That’s Great News


Chicano Marxists Prepare for Battle With Trump Administration


Trump deposed in lawsuit against chef José Andrés


Historically black college makes decision on inauguration march


Key Trump surrogates once led fight vs. WikiLeaks and Assange


Brexit campaigner Farage to attend Trump inauguration


Why Trump picks Russia over China


The disruptor Cabinet


Trump’s criticism of intelligence on Russia divides Republicans


Why Omarosa became a 'Trumplican'


Robert J. Samuelson: Trump's Great Guessing Game


The intellectual argument for the Trump presidency


Trump probably won’t let Obama go quietly


Mike Pence: Trump's chief mediator and translator


Left tries to find common ground with Trump


Trump blames Democrats for being hacked and says they were 'careless'


Trump boasts sales of inauguration performer Jackie Evancho's album 'skyrocketed' after she was announced for line-up 





Brothers serving life sentences for 1989 murders of their wealthy Beverly Hills parents reveal how they have married their pen pals and are 'at peace' with the crime




Sister Frances Ann Carr, One of the Last Three Shakers, Dies at 89




Bolton On Conservatives' Sudden Love For Putin: 'I Don't Understand It'  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Update: Russian Airline Denies Its Plane Nearly Collided With NATO Jet


Inside Russia's New Foreign Policy Master Plan


A Nixon Strategy to Break the Russia-China Axis


Russia: A Look at the Bear Obama Is Poking


The Sorry Record of ‘Putin’s Poodle’  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin; Russia’s new role as the Middle East’s new powerbroker leaves the United States out in the cold.)


What if Trump is playing Russia like he played the media?


The left and right are having a meltdown over Russia


How the USSR’s effort to destroy Islam created a generation of radicals 


US intercepts show Russian officials celebrating Trump win -Wash Post




Radio Bursts Traced to Faraway Galaxy, but Caller Is Probably ‘Ordinary Physics’





Donald Trump and the Gun Law Revolution





Everything You Need to Know About Trump's SEC Chair Pick




Sen. Graham: 'I'm Ready to Throw a Rock' at Russia   (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)


Trump: Schumer’s The ‘Head Clown’    (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Ted Cruz: Trump’s Cabinet Conservative ‘All Stars’ (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)


McCain Drops WICKED One-Liner On McCaskill For Dragging Politics Into Intel Hearing   (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)/ US Senator of Missouri Claire McCaskill (D)


Transition to Trump: Chuck Schumer takes over as leader of Democrat obstructionists 


Democrats' plan: Put Trump on trial through his nominees


Top US Intelligence Officials to Testify on Russian Hacking


Filibuster This: Democrats Pay A Huge Price For Gutting The Senate's Supermajority Rule


Schumer: I work out with Sessions, but I won't vote for him (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)/US Attorney General nominee Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions (R)


Why Republicans Shouldn’t Weaken the Filibuster


GOP wins first Obamacare fight in Senate budget vote


Senate sets Obamacare repeal vote next week


Confirmation crush hits peak Wednesday




What Mark Zuckerberg should learn about America




Fraudsters Used Dead People’s Social Security Numbers for $29 Million in Wages




China admits to retaliation against THAAD deployment


Economically Active Population Shrinks


Sign of book industry's collapse?


Choi Soon-sil's Daughter Lived in Quiet Luxury on the Lam


ONCE AGAIN, Hanwha Group chairman's son caught for drunken rampage; faces arrest


South Korea speeds up creation of Kim Jong Un 'decapitation unit'  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)


Netflix to make its first Korean original series 'Love Alarm'


SKorean Lawmaker Accuses President of Violating Constitution


Twitter diplomacy: South Korea appoints officer to monitor Donald Trump's tweets for foreign policy insights





Tom Brady pens two-page handwritten note to family of a 20-year-old who was gunned down playing Pokemon Go


Rams will interview two more coaching candidates Thursday


NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard


College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)




Massachusetts AG Busy Defending Her Unconstitutional “Enforcement Notice” on “Copycat” Assault Weapons


California’s Embarrassing Hire of a Failed Attorney General to Take on Trump


Lynx stroll past Colorado crowds in rare sightings


New York Legislature Begins Work With 2016 Battles Still Fresh


Failing the children of California


Crews search Port of Los Angeles for downed helicopter; cruise ship passenger reported crash


L.I.R.R. Crash in Brooklyn Injures More Than 100


Three sleeping firefighters narrowly escape blaze after their own Massachusetts fire station goes up in flames 




Kerry says he accepts US intelligence assessment on Russian hacking  (US Secretary of State John Kerry)


Trump to Choose Businessman William Hagerty as Next Ambassador to Japan


State Department won't help Trump plan Israel policies


Tillerson Discloses Global Assets of as Much as $400M




Supreme Court justice withdraws from case over potential conflict




What Will Assad Do Next?   (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Clashes near Damascus jeopardise fragile Syria truce


Kurds announce new training academies for women to take on Isis


Blast in Syria regime bastion kills 15


5.5 Million Without Water in Damascus for Nearly 2 Weeks


Syria: Turkey takes fight to Isis in assault on western base of al-Bab




Military ready for moves by ‘Liaoning’


US will stay committed to one-China policy Kerry  (US Secretary of State John Kerry)


Hospital to cut outpatient services on Saturdays


Fruit and veg prices up most in 11 years


More troop action for new draftees: defense ministry


Rising Tensions China Confirms Aircraft Carrier Drills Near Taiwan


Group decries low pay for alternative military service


Taiwan condemns terror attack in Istanbul


Taiwan respects US think tank’s cross-strait views


Uber vows to continue operations despite law


Expert gloomy on housing market for 2017, 2018




Philadelphians reeling over city's new sugary drink tax




Tesla Flips the Switch on the Gigafactory


The cutthroat race to build the world’s fastest elevator




Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Why Do Western Leaders Bother to Condemn Terror Attacks?


Bin Laden son on terror watch list


Step by step: How Hillary, Obama incubated ISIS (Arming of Syrian jihadists mirrored disastrous Libya policy.)


Digital technology transforming terrorism to small-scale plots




Fighting Restoration by Clinging to Remnants of the Past




Trump Trade Rep Robert Lighthizer Is Free Trade Skeptic




Texas "bathroom bill" unveiled ahead of 2017 session




Lew calls for de-weaponizing 'nihilistic' debt ceiling (Treasury Secretary Jack Lew)




Turkey jails officers for life in first coup verdict


US embassy warns citizens after İzmir attack


Deadly bomb blast, shootout near courthouse


Turkey Says U.S. Support in ISIS Offensive Insufficient


Time to boycott Turkey  (Better for Christian tourists to spend their money on Israel.)


Turks arrest dozens amid rumors of U.S. role in terror attack


38 ISIS militants ‘neutralized’ in Turkish air strikes


Turkish Official Says Istanbul Attacker Is Probably Uyghur


Turkey told U.S. support in Islamic State fight insufficient: Erdogan spokesman  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey was told not to go further than 20 kms into Syria: Erdoğan


Suspects from China’s Xinjiang detained over Istanbul nightclub attack


Two killed in car bomb attack in Turkey’s İzmir


Terror groups cannot divide our nation: President Erdoğan


Turkey expects Baghdad, Arbil to take more concrete actions against PKK


Istanbul nightclub attacker probably Uighur: Turkish government


ISIL suspect released thanks to ‘fixed residence’ in Istanbul


US: İncirlik invaluable for anti-ISIL fight


Iran hits back at Syria truce criticism from Turkey


Former President Gül denies any link to Gülen group


Turkish Lira slides to new record lows against dollar, euro


Health Ministry to extend smoke-free zones in restaurants, cafes


Courses on Atatürk should be renoved from curriculum, says Turkey’s conservative teachers union


Turkey’s agricultural sector shrank in 2016 amid plunge in exports, prices: Association


Officials warn of storms, heavy snowfall across Turkey


Turkish Conspiracy Theories See U.S. in Every Crisis




A Decisive Year? (For all the rhetoric about 2016, we won’t know its true significance for some time.)




Labor Group Takes Aim at Trump Winery Despite No Complaints From Workers





FTSE 100 nudges to record close after wobbly day


UK: Hundreds of “child migrants” lied about their ages, are as old as 29


Woman Stuffs Newborn in Toilet With Tissues in His Mouth, Baby Saved When Janitor Hears Crying


Norway PM says UK lacks negotiating experience, fears 'very hard Brexit'


Leaving EU will halve net migration, boost pay and help to solve housing crisis, according to study as Treasury's Brexit predictions brought into question


UK military to build 'laser weapon'


Buckingham Palace changing of guard ceremony reformed in wake of Berlin terror attack


How the Queen was almost SHOT by one of her own guards after she took 3am stroll through Buckingham Palace grounds 


'Real Housewives of ISIS' enrages TV viewers


Children 'fending for themselves online'  (Youngsters are being left to fend for themselves on the internet, says England's children's commissioner.)


All prisoners should be allowed to wear their own clothes because transgender inmates can, inspectors say 


Britain Names Tim Barrow New Top Diplomat to E.U.


One in three children send naked selfies online because parents let them 'roam free' on the internet


Migrants 'should have to learn English'


Number of over 80s expecting to bequeath more than £150,000 doubles in a decade 


Body that scrutinises Police Scotland is to be investigated itself


Severe weather warning across parts of UK as temperatures drop


Diana letter on naughty Harry to be sold


Man finds ancient medieval city on border of England and Wales


German guidebook backs Nicola Sturgeon’s independence bid   (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


'Inherent cruelty' of factory farming exposed by undercover woman


UK appoints new ambassador to the EU


Power from Scotland ‘has smaller impact on the environment’


UK fuel prices hit 18-month high


NHS groups 'paying millions to private firms that block GP referrals'


Prisoners caught using drugs rises to a seven-year peak   (Scotland)


NHS diabetes screening 'inaccurate'


Domestic violence Truss orders review to stop abusers tormenting victims in family courts


Project Fear Brexit predictions were 'flawed and partisan', new study says 


IVF pregnancy less successful with two embryos, study finds


Private degree plans a 'risk too far'


Plans to fast-track higher education startups into universities 'a risk too far'


M62 police shooting: Emotional vigil held for Yassar Yaqub as father demands answers


British car industry body warns of sales downturn as uncertainty kicks in


Why UK surgeon cannot forget this girl


Nearly 700 Scottish patients die while waiting for hospital release


Richest young people in UK also likely to inherit most wealth, study finds




Palestine - Anti-Israel Security Council Resolution 2334 Violates UN Charter


In exit memo, U.S. envoy warns U.N. retreat would be harmful


Trump and U.N. Leader Discuss ‘Cooperation’


The first step in brokering peace in the Middle East  (The dust has settled on Obama’s betrayal of Israel, with the passage on December 24 of Security Council resolution 2334, effectively repealing Resolution 242’s promise of defensible boundaries for Israel...)




Study: Where do Americans look to solve nation's woes?




Venezuelan President Names Controversial Potential Successor




Obama’s Legacy: Racially motivated kidnapping and assault broadcast live on social media


Obama: 'Tensions will be reduced' after Trump gets intel briefing


WH: Democrats Have 'The Advantage of Being Strongly Unified...Republicans Aren't'


Biden to Trump: 'Grow up, Donald. Time to be an adult'  (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr )


Obama Lists Regrets — Again: Failure to Secure Gun Control Still #1


Pressure on Obama to grant late pardons, commutations


Obama's Disastrous Legacy


Americans wonder why WH sustains agenda


Obama, keep this killer in the slammer

George F. Will: Obama Was Indeed Transformational, Unfortunately


The scandals that Valerie Jarrett overlooked


Obama Fights for Health Law as G.O.P. Vows Quick Repeal


Uniting Obama and Trump to save children


Moving truck spotted outside White House


The phrase everyone keeps forgetting to say: ‘Thanks, Obama’


Biden’s post-White House plans: Tackling cancer issues, including drug prices  (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr)


Obama to receive briefing on hacking report Thursday


Exclusive: The Obamas are set for a $40million payday - HALF to Michelle to write about her hatred of Hillary, the antics of daughters Sasha and Malia and an intimate peek at marriage to Barack




Revealed: The world's highest-paying jobs that cause the LEAST stress (so does yours make the list?) 




Verizon executive says company unsure about Yahoo deal



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