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Wednesday, June 27, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Planned Parenthood Panicked After Justice Anthony Kennedy Retires: “Right to Abortion is on the Line”


Pro-Life Leader Lila Rose Issues Bold Statement On Abortion Following Kennedy Retirement


Liberal Media Freaks Out After Justice Kennedy Retires: “Better Get Your Abortions Now”


How a New SCOTUS Ruling on Abortion Could Permanently Alter Economic Regulation


Abortionist Will Only Go to Prison for One Year After Killing Woman in Botched 26-Week Abortion


Why The Supreme Court’s Ruling Will Protect All Pregnancy Centers From Forcibly Promoting Abortion


California Committee Passes Bill Mandating Free Abortions at All College and University Campuses


SCOTUS Deals Another Blow to Big Abortion


This Woman Died in a Brutally Botched 26-Week Abortion, Abortionist Will Barely be Held Accountable


Supreme Court rules law requiring pro-life centers to promote abortion is illegal


Horror Story of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Set for Release in 750 Theaters


Americans' 'great victory' in free speech fight over abortion


Nancy Pelosi: Pregnancy Centers Should be Forced to Promote Abortions, Pro-Lifers “Deceive Women”  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Our research on abortion laws shows they are not based on facts and can even harm women


Joe Scarborough Claims VP Mike Pence Doesn’t Follow Bible, Ignores Biblical Admonition to Protect Life


U.S. bishop encourages married couples to be open to life, reject contraception


Counseling ban in bull's-eye after Supremes affirm speech rights


Abortion Activists Slam Pregnancy Centers: They’re “Fake Clinics” That “Lie to Women”


Abortion Proposal Could Also Impact Oregon State Employees


NY doctor sentenced to prison in fatal abortion


Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Announces His Retirement


Trump Launches Full-Scale Attack on Abortion Access




In Afghanistan, the Taliban’s anti-Daesh squad gains a reputation for ruthlessness


Afghanistan: Less Important Than Porn Stars


In TV news, Afghanistan has become the ‘forgotten war,’ overlooked and underplayed, study finds




Slaughter of More than 200 People in Plateau State, Nigeria Shocks Christians


How McKinsey & Company Lost Its Way in South Africa





Agriculture industry in the dark on Trump's plan to protect farmers from trade war




Shirtless man arrested after leaping onto wing of aircraft, hammering on windows


JetBlue plane loses communication on JFK Airport tarmac, triggering security scare


Why some cancer rates are higher in flight attendants




Donny Deutsch, Michael Hayden and the Moral Collapse of American Jewish Institutions




Anti-Semitism After Charlottesville




U.S.-Arab Relations Untouched By President Trump’s Travel Ban




Australian shares steady; New Zealand stocks tread water


Australian Dollar Weakens Despite strong Chinese Industrial Profits


Australia buys high-tech drones to monitor South China Sea, Pacific


Australian police acknowledge 27 deaths as probable hate crimes


UN set to review Australia’s record on women’s rights – and may find it wanting




 Automakers warn U.S. tariffs will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, hike prices




A smart way to trim the fat from the federal government




TSX dips from broad losses across sectors


Canada slammed for ‘culture of secrecy’ over immigration detention


B.C. casinos ‘laundromats’ for proceeds of organized crime: report


UofT approves student leave of absence policy that has drawn criticism


 Bonokoski: Justin Trudeau avoids kicking the immigration hornet’s nest (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


Watch:As U.S. tariffs hit mills in Canada, Alabama makes steel for new Canadian naval vessels


Hamilton man found not guilty in shooting death of Indigenous man


Andrew Coyne: Trudeau has to say something about groping accusation. And yet what can he say?


Call Girl Killer indicted in new murder charges


Watch:Canada’s dairy industry is stumbling block to NAFTA deal, not Trump or Mexico: top U.S. trade official 




Did MS-13 Bury Murdered Boy in Shadow of US Capitol?




Shock: 31% Of Americans Believe Civil War On Horizon




Donald Trump does Xi Xinping a favor by taking the blame for China’s bear market (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)


How JFK Would Have Confronted a Rapidly Rising China


Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un Keep Meeting—Here's Why (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping/  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)




Chinese Tourists Pour into N.Korea





Embattled FBI agent meets with Congress behind closed doors in 11-hour marathon


How Democrats' Amnesty Push May Destroy All Prospects of a 'Blue Wave' in November


A Two Step Approach that Begins to Solve the Current Immigration Crisis


Schumer and Pelosi’s pathetic plea to stop promoting harassment




G.E. to Spin Off Health Care Division in Major Reshaping




Benghazi terrorist sent to 22 years in prison


Man accused of driving into crowd in Charlottesville, charged with hate crimes


Former DC Prison Guards Win 4-Year Concealed Carry Case Against District


California judge orders border authorities to reunite families within 30 days  


Manafort Trial to Go Forward, but With a Warning for Mueller (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)




Woman Kills Her Newborn Child By Drowning the Baby in a Bathtub


Houston: Muslim migrant hired hitman to murder cop, wanted murder to happen after Ramadan


Maine: Muslim brothers defrauded government of $1,400,000, distributed cash to Muslim community


Man arrested after sprinkling cocaine on officer's head, police say


Police: Teens ran over elderly woman before 'dining and dashing' at local Denny's


Officer's killing of unarmed teen 'intentional act,' prosecutor says as charges filed


 7-year-old boy tortured during home invasion


Authorities ID body found at Giants star Janoris Jenkins’ home


Firefighter shot dead while 'doing what all first responders are called to do — help those in need'


Eighth suspect arrested in innocent Bronx teen’s murder


Bronx teen’s murder proves we need an NYPD gang database




Dozens of illegal immigrants abandoned by smugglers in Arizona: Border Patrol




Times Change, but the Ideas in Declaration of Independence Endure




DHS staff urged to lock doors, windows





Sessions: Trump’s Critics Are Radical, Open-Borders Snobs (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)


Breaking Disney wins antitrust approval to purchase most of Fox


Contempt, impeachment in play for Rod Rosenstein as Congress-Justice Department showdown escalates  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein)


Mueller might be close to ending Russia probe  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)




Stocks end decisively lower as major tech and internet names sell off; indexes close at lowest level of June


Wall Street tumbles on renewed U.S.-China trade jitters


U.S. Stocks Slide as Trade Angst Grows; Oil Climbs: Markets Wrap


The Dow and S&P 500 blow their biggest intraday gain since February


Asia shares hobbled by trade fears, oil extends gains


Asia Stocks Drift on Trade Woes; Oil Extends Rally: Markets Wrap


Dollar nears best quarter since 2016, as U.S. softens some China trade measures


Thanks To Tax Cuts, Companies' Overseas Profits Now Flooding Back To U.S.


Gold marks third straight decline and another 6-month low


This Inverted Market Curve Is Already Causing Investors Pain


Here’s why stock-market investors are so worried about the U.S.-China trade skirmish


Consumer Confidence Still High Despite Drop in June


Why one proxy for the health of the U.S. economy just logged its worst losing streak ever




School District Adopts New Sex-Ed Pushing Graphic Sex on Kids Without Parents’ Permission


Hands-on learning is a necessary part of college, but here's what it doesn't teach


From Community College to a Selective University


Student-peer organization helps erase stigma tied to mental-health issues: Study


The Graduate Training Trade-Off 'Myth'


Stop shielding high-schoolers from sensitive speech


The 'Confusing' Case of UNC's Title IX Violations


A More Nuanced View of Law on Campus Speech




Henry McMaster Wins Gubernatorial Primary Day After Trump Holds Rally for Him(South Carolina)


Former NAACP leader wins primary in bid to become Maryland's first Black governor


Ben Jealous defeats Rushern Baker, wins Democratic nomination for Maryland governor


California lead paint liability initiative heads to ballot




U.S. oil prices settle at highest since 2014 as crude supplies notch biggest weekly drop of the year


Energy Prices





Europe stocks rebound to close higher as Trump softens stance on China trade


Sweden: Three Muslim migrants jailed for arson attack on synagogue


Video from the Netherlands: Muslims scream “Allahu akbar” to celebrate Erdogan’s victory (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Trouble for EU: New rotating president Austria adopts hardline approach to immigration


Right Rising in Sweden as Muslim Migration and Nanny State Sink Culture


Sweden Almost Built Nuclear Submarines (And It Would Have Been a Disaster)


Record amount of snow may last the whole summer in northern Sweden




The federal government is going backward in managing its budget




FBI Has 130 Cryptocurrency-Related Investigations, Agent Says




French imam predicts Israel's demise in sermon


France sees huge rise in number of times police resort to using their guns




Germany's migration row escalates ahead of EU summit




Remember Nuclear Winter?





Warning: Google forming alliance with 'Deep State'




HHS watchdog to examine conditions at shelters for migrant children




How the US pressured Poland into softening its law on Holocaust speech 


Poland Backs Down on Holocaust Law, Moves to End Jail Terms





US archbishop hosts conference put on by pro-homosexual priests who want to remake Church


Drag queen-for-children agenda invades Small Town, USA




House Rejects Immigration Bill After GOP Fails to Reach Agreement


Reporter Files Assault Charges Against Maxine Waters Following Encounter  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Paul Ryan’s Amnesty Bill Fails — Far Fewer Votes than Goodlatte’s(Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


Republicans Could Have Shut Democrats Out of a Key House Race Entirely. Here’s How They Failed To.


William Timmons wins South Carolina primary runoff election to replace Trey Gowdy in Congress


A year ago, she was a bartender. Now she's heading to Congress


Doug Schoen: Progressive Dems win by copying Trump, but at their peril(AVIPP COMMENTARY: This is the face of the Democrat Party-socialism!)


Joe Crowley, Pelosi’s Top Challenger for Dem Leadership, Is Defeated by Socialist in Primary


High-ranking House Democrat considered candidate for speaker loses to newcomer in New York


GOP leaders refuse to admit defeat on ‘compromise’ immigration bill


Democratic candidates revolt against Pelosi in House races across the country  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)


Victory by Ocasio-Cortez Could Have National Impact


Waters facing possible ethics, Secret Service probes  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Victory Means




Bordering on Insanity



The Winner of Last Night’s Big Primary… Wants to Abolish ICE!


Portland ICE Occupiers Gear Up for Confrontation with Police after Eviction Notices Served




No waiver on Iran business, US tells India




Iran Reopens Nuclear Uranium Enrichment Plant




Honor Killing and Islam


To many Muslims, ruling feels like end of an American dream




Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, June 27, 2018)


Trump's new deal for the Middle East


Progressive Democrat who accused Israel of Gaza ‘massacre’ upsets NY incumbent


Up to 35 Hamas rockets fired from Gaza – not 12 as the IDF claimed. Balloons set 25 fires (Israel Defense Forces)


IDF opens fire to stop two apparent infiltration attempts along Gaza fence 


Abbas receives Prince William, confirms Palestinian commitment to peace (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)


Hungary’s controversial Orban to make first trip to Israel next month


UK Prince Accepts Abbas’ Lies, Declines to Meet Jerusalem Mayor in Israel’s Eternal Capital


Israeli envoy: We should delay UNESCO exit


As Syrian Troops Advance Towards Southern Border, Israel Watches Intensely


Wounded Gaza Terrorist Carries Grenades, Explosives into Barzilai Hospital ER


140 Palestinian administrative detainees held in Israeli Ofer detention center


In Revisiting Draft Bill, Israeli Government Risks Drawing Ultra-orthodox Ire


Israeli Knesset bill to deduct funds to Palestinian Authority approved


Israel demolishes Palestinian Bedouin village for 130th  time


Israel shooting itself in the foot with bill barring filming of soldiers


Move Over, Lady: Israel-bound Airlines Can Be Sued For $18,000


First artistic depiction of sex, found near Bethlehem, to join UK LGBTQ exhibit


Up to 35 Hamas rockets fired from Gaza – not 12 as the IDF claimed. Balloons set 25 fires (Israel Defense Forces)


The Iranian Spy Who Helped Create Two Terror States Inside Israel


My Attendance at a "Rally for Palestine"




Leftist Hypocrisy Just Keeps on Comin'


Liberal who booted Sarah Sanders has caused problems for restaurateurs across the country   (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Hate Plus Harassment Equals Violence(The deadly endgame of the left’s anti-Trump “protest” campaign.)


Lashing out over Trump is nothing new for liberals




Women accused of poisoning NKorean scion arrive for trial




Watch: MSNBC's Matthews Says Conflict Over Trump's SCOTUS Nominee Will Be 'Like Spanish Civil War'


Ministry of Truth: California Bills Would Create Fake News Advisory Commission


NYT details conditions of Obama-era family detention center, says it's 'no place for human beings'


George Will Is Down and Out


CNN, MSNBC cast Trump voters as Nazis, rapists




More Than A Hundred Politicians Have Been Killed Ahead Of Mexico's Elections





How the Gulf states can get Europe to abandon Iran


Syrian crisis enters ‘unprecedented’ stage, says Saudi Arabia


Aid agencies warn cholera and catastrophe loom in Yemen


Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt turn to top UN court in airspace feud with Qatar




Army makes massive Bradley buy - up to 473 vehicles to prep for major power war


Trump Administration Weighing Underground Military Force


SpaceX's new rocket scores big satellite launch contract


Mattis to Meet Senior Chinese Military, Political Leaders  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Maintaining military readiness in Korea


World War II lieutenant’s widow accepts Medal of Honor from Trump


Soldiers to shoot more, stay longer in infantry school


Sailor died by suicide on Virginia base, Navy officials say




Joe Jackson, musical family patriarch, dead at 89




The shock troops who expelled the Rohingya from Myanmar




Pakistan: Three Muslim seminarians gang-rape five-year-old boy


Pak Embassy in Egypt organises launch of Jordanian authors book on Kashmir




If Conservatives Set Aside Civility To Fight The Left’s Rude Provocation, We Will All Lose


Conservatism, Inc. Indulges Its Own


Politics Can’t Fill the Holes in Our Souls




'Little House on the Prairie': Now it's 'racist'




Russian Ambassador To Lebanon: Iran's Presence In Syria Is Legitimate; U.S. Supports Terrorists In Syria


Trump, Putin to meet; John Bolton holds news conference (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/ US National Security Adviser John Bolton)


Trump to meet Putin regardless of ‘noise’ at home as it’s in US national interest – Bolton


Study Shows 17 Percent of Russian Men Won't Live to Retirement


Russian UN envoy says surprised at UN overlooking US’ violation of resolution on Iran

US interests first: Pompeo pits EU against Russia as Bolton arranges Trump-Putin summit


Economic Development Ministry worsens forecast for Russia’s GDP growth in 2018 




Mob Violence and Gun Ownership





Schumer demands Congress use 'Biden Rule' in choosing Kennedy replacement  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


What It Takes for the Senate to Solve Our Disastrous Debt Crisis


Senate GOP plans to confirm court pick at lightning speed


Start the Clock: McConnell Sets a Timeline For Justice Kennedy's Replacement  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Soros-Backed ‘United We Dream’ Behind Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao Ambush  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)/ Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao)


Tammy Baldwin’s (D-Wisconsin) Campaign Fueled by Out-of-State Donors


Romney cruises in Utah Senate primary runoff, in latest Trump-backed win


Elaine Chao confronts protesters converging on Mitch McConnell(Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao/ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


Maggie Hassan defends one-week suspension for intern who yelled ‘f– you’ at Trump, rips president


Chelsea Manning's campaign to unseat Dem Maryland senator comes up short


Senator Mike Lee on Potential SCOTUS Nomination: I Mean, I'm Not Going to Say No (US Senator of Utah Mike Lee (R)




Facebook Purge Begins: 10,000 'Bad Actors' Removed for Community Standards Violations


Eric Holder's Law Firm Launches Investigation into Facebook's Anti-Conservative Bias  (Former US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr)


Outside the Red Hen, fire and ire on social media come to life




Korean Businesses Most Pessimistic in OECD


Seoul to crack down on use of disposable cups in cafes, restaurants


Korea's childbirths continue to decline in April


USFK command dismisses concern over end to allies’ regular training exercise


Major porn site operator arrested, 3 still on loose




National Review columnist defends the Spanish Inquisition


Spanish PM meets with flip-flopping Merkel to find EU-wide solution for migrant crisis(German Chancellor Angela Merkel)




MLB Scoreboard




1 dead, 12 injured in "very large" explosion at Texas hospital





Kennedy Calls It Quits: Longtime Swing Justice Hands Trump the Biggest Gift of His Presidency


Was Gorsuch Worth A Trump Presidency? It’s Starting To Look That Way


Podcast: What Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Means


Kennedy retiring, giving Trump opening to reshape Supreme Court


The Legacy of Justice Anthony Kennedy


No Longer Required (Already-reeling government unions absorb another blow as the Supreme Court rules their compulsory fees illegal.)


The Four Dissenting Votes In The Travel Ban Ruling Are A Dangerous Sign


'Oh, That's Not Good': Listen To Democrats Have A Meltdown Over Justice Kennedy's Retirement


Trump v. Hawaii: SCOTUS Upholds the Travel Ban


In Public-Sector Union-Fees Case, SCOTUS Strikes a Blow for Freedom


In Defense of Free Speech, Justice Kennedy Brought the Hammer


Justice Anthony Kennedy to Retire From Supreme Court


Supreme Court deals major blow to unions


Gorsuch tips scales in union case as Trump agenda triumphs in another landmark decision


In Vindicating Trump’s Travel Ban, the Supreme Court Upheld the Law


SCOTUS Deals Trump Travel Ban Victory


The Supreme Court's travel ban decision wasn't just misguided, it was hypocritical


Supreme Court’s travel-ban ruling is a smackdown to activist judges


Many religious liberty groups silent on decision




U.N.: Assad Offensive in Southwest Syria Displaces 50,000 People (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)


Syria treads carefully amid Russian airstrikes near Golan  




U.S. names career diplomat Brent Christensen as unofficial envoy to Taiwan


Century's longest lunar eclipse to be visible in Taiwan


Taiwan extends visa-free entry for Philippines, Thailand, Brunei




Up next: 1970s-style bombings, warns progressive




Trade war to intensify, make world poorer: Paul Krugman


Actually, trade deficits mean the U.S. is winning




Turkey election: Erdogan declares a win for “democracy” despite corruption, fraud, arrests (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


Turkey Faces U.S. Sanctions Over Russian Missiles


Turkey starts importing potato from war-torn Syria


Why Russia and Turkey Are Such Gold Bugs


Turkey: Release of academic must be followed by freedom for others unjustly imprisoned




Koch Brothers-Linked Group Declares New War on Unions





U.K. stocks jump as U.S.-China trade drama calms down


Brexit Is Now Law, but Globalists Refuse to Surrender


British Court Rules:”There is No Right to Assisted Suicide”


Homes evacuated as British moorland fire rages


Northern Ireland: Police chief warns of impending danger to border after Brexit, “no one in charge”


Jewish couple helps overturn ban in UK on heterosexual civil partnership


Freedom of Speech and the Case of Tommy Robinson




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Ex Fox News boss candidate for White House gig


Trump readies full-court press on border wall funding


Who’s on Trump’s short list to replace Justice Kennedy?


Why The Trump Administration Isn’t Yet Positioned To Push For An Islamic Reformation


President makes digs at Waters, Pelosi, hints at Supreme Court thinking during freewheeling rally


Trump Promises to Appoint Supreme Court Justice From List of Conservatives: “They Will Come From That List”


People Trying to Harass Restaurant That Kicked Out Sanders Get the Wrong Red Hens(White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Red Hen owner resigns from business group after booting Sarah Sanders from eatery  (White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)


Trump's 'Angel Families' weaponize their grief to demonize immigrants


Trump congratulates Romney on primary win in Senate race


Melania Trump will visit border again after jacket fiasco


Trump Boosts Two Preferred Candidates as 7 States Vote


The Left Tries To Blame Trump For Their Own Hate Mongering


Trump Threatens to Tax Harley-Davidson for Production Plans


'Sarah Sanders welcome any time,' NY restaurant's sign says


Ruling could have big implications for Trump’s Twitter account 


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