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House Passes "Palestinian"
Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006

For Immediate Release. May 25, 2006 The “Palestinian” Anti–Terrorism Act of 2006 was passed in the House of Representatives by a 361–37 vote on Tuesday, May 23, 2006.  Except for health programs, the bill would stop funding to non–governmental groups working in the West Bank and Gaza.  For members of the Palestinian Authority, the measure denies visas.  It also reduces the dues payments of the United States (US) according to the amount of support the United Nations (UN) offers the “Palestinians.”  Furthermore, the measure bans contacts and limits the President's authority to waive aid bans to non–governmental groups working in the West Bank and Gaza because the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) is classified as a terrorist organization.   

However, once HAMAS renounces terrorism and recognizes the state of Israel, the proposed legislation would lift the contact bans.  The measure also instructs the Treasury Department to close down the Palestinian Authority missions in Washington and New York.  

“Although the House of Representatives should be praised for their current effort, one can only wonder why it took so long for such legislation to come to a vote in the House,” said President of the American Voice Institute of Public Policy Joel P. Rutkowski.  He continued, “In areas under its jurisdiction, the Palestinian Authority enabled the enormous expansion of the terrorist organizations of HAMAS, Islamic Jihad and others.  Furthermore, the “Palestinian” people have elected and support HAMAS as their governmental representative.  Contrary to what the Bush administration, the State Department, the media as well as many nations and political bodies may say, there is no difference between HAMAS and the Palestinian Authority.  Both are terrorist organizations committed to the destruction of Israel although their methods may differ.  US tax dollars should have never been appropriated to the Palestinian Authority which has never been committed to a “peace process” with Israel but its incremental destruction.”

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Joel P. Rutkowski, P.h.D.
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