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America's Climate Security Act (S.2191)

The Senate will begin debate on June 2, 2008, on the America's Climate Security Act, (S.2191) [To view visit :  Full Text of Legislation] a 494 page bill that establishes a federal cap-and -trade system to reduce emissions allegedly associated with global warming. The legislation is sponsored by U.S. Senator of Connecticut Joseph I. Lieberman and U.S. Senator of Virginia John W.  Warner.

Economic Impact

The measure would require the U.S. to reduce emissions 18 percent below 2005 levels by 2020 and nearly 70 percent by mid-century. Thus carbon dioxide emissions from coal, oil and natural gas would be restricted and would increase the cost of energy by reducing their supply.

The impact would be substantial on the American economy since 85 percent is dependent on fossil fuels. For the targets to be met in the bill the cost of energy must go up. Significant economic burdens on consumers have been predicted should the bill be enacted by studies conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Environmental Protection Agency, Charles River Associates, and the National Association of Manufacturers. And according to an analysis conducted by the Heritage Foundation cumulative Gross Domestic Product (GDP) losses could reach $4.8 trillion by 2030.

The measure would result in net job losses into the hundreds of thousands, and could possibly approach one million. The manufacturing sector would be hit specially hard with the possibility of over one million jobs lost by 2022 and two million by 2027. And by 2015 the losses in household incomes could reach $1026 annually. Furthermore, by 2030, annual household energy cost increases could reach $1,000.  And from 2008 levels a 29 percent increase in the cost of gasoline.

Environmental Impact

The America's Climate Security Act (S.2191) reduces the threat by a minute amount even if one would assume the worst case scenario of global warming. The measure would reduce emissions only in the United States of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Furthermore, as the world's largest emitter, Communist China has overtaken the U.S. and its emissions growth is several times larger than that of the U.S., India and other fast developing nations on a similar trajectory. Therefore, inconsequential would be the unilateral impact of the measure on global emissions. And, the best case scenario to reduce the earth's future temperature would be one or two tenths of a degree Celsius which would be too insignificant to even verify.

Essentially adopting the European Union's approach to cap-and -trade system is the America's Climate Security Act (S.2191).  However, since initiating it in 2005 this program has encountered substantial difficulties. For example, most European Union nations are not on track to meet their targets and compared to those in the U.S. many nations are seeing their emissions rising faster. And plagued by accusations of fraud and unfairness is the program.

Global Cooling, not Global Warming, has been occurring

The Earth has been getting cooler since 1998 despite the predictions of all the major climate models.  And global surface temperatures may not increase over the next decade according to new and hopefully improved climate model indicated a report published on May 1, 2008, in the prestigious peer review journal Nature

In both scope and duration the Earth's warming from 1915 to 1940 was just about as strong as the 1975 to 1998 warming which occurred too early to be blamed on anthropogenic (man-made)-emitted carbon dioxide. The Greenhouse Theory, occurring during the first big surge of man made greenhouse emissions, was defied by the cooling from 1940 to 1975.  And even though human carbon dioxide emissions have continued to increase the climate has stubbornly refused to warm since 1998.

Final Analysis

The America's Climate Security Act (S.2191) is just another attack on the personal freedoms of Americans.  The measure increases the size and scope of the already out of control bureaucratic regulatory maze of the federal government.  It also stealth fully increases the tax burden to the American worker. Substantial hardships for the economy overall, for jobs and for energy costs will be created by the America's Climate Security Act (S.2191).  Any reasonable cost benefit analysis is not met by the measure. The last thing America needs is legislation that produces at best minimal to no environmental benefits at a time of economic uncertainty and escalating energy costs.

 What Can You Do?  

Urge your senators to NOT SUPPORT  the America's Climate Security Act (S.2191).

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Capitol Hill Switchboard Numbers: 202-225-3121 or 202-224-3121 (Those numbers will direct you to the Capitol Hill operator. Ask for your senator's office.)

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