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Saturday, November 28, 2015

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting: 3 dead, suspect captured 

3 Are Dead and Suspect Is Held in Shooting at Colorado Clinic

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Abortions Decline to Historic Low: CDC Report Shows 31,000 Babies Saved From Abortions

Report: US Abortions Continue to Decline, Down 4 Pct in 2012

House panel allocated $300,000 to investigate abortion providers

Abortion Activist Threatens Student's Life After Writing Pro-Life Column, Ohio State Ignores It

The Supremes take up abortion rights, again: Column

Dad demands abortion after surrogate learns she's having triplets

Birth Father Demands Surrogate Have Abortion After Learning She's Pregnant With Triplets

Frank Pavone: Anti-Choice Activists Must 'Exploit The Stigma Of Abortion'

Abortionist Talks About Her Job Killing Babies for a Living: “I Have No Regrets, It's Rewarding”

Missouri down to 1 abortion clinic after Columbia stops them

Missouri Down to One Abortion Clinic After Planned Parenthood Stops Abortions in Columbia

Planned Parenthood Sues Texas in Dispute Over Funding for Clinics

Liberals Applaud ABC TV Show “Scandal” for Showing Abortion During Playing of “Silent Night”

Norman Lear: Why Olivia Pope's Abortion on Scandal was ‘Frank and Bold'

Planned Parenthood Kills 897 Babies in Abortions Every Single Day

Anyone Who Opposes Abortion for Rape Survivors Should Watch This Jessica Jones Scene

Planned Parenthood and Abortion Clinics Want to Force Maine to Pay for Abortions

Abortion supporters slam new budget by Rhode Island's Democrat governor

Gilbert Anti-Abortion Textbook Sticker Decision Didn't Violate Arizona Law

Abortion workers reveal disturbing facts about abortion industry

Media applaud ‘awesome' abortion scene set to ‘Silent Night' in ABC's ‘Scandal'

Ben Carson Goes on an Anti-Women's Rights Rampage (GOP Presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson)

Video: Expert says China will continue forced abortions, sterilizations

UN tells Poland to allow abortion-on-demand - in the name of ‘children's rights

Irish children's minister joins call for nation to abandon pro-life constitution

Taliban captures Afghan troops and foreigners

Afghan forces launch bid to rescue 18 captured by Taliban

Somali pirates seize Iran fishing boat with 15 crew

ISIS Behind Terror Attack on Tunisia's Presidential Guard

Tunisia declares state of emergency after terrorist attack in heart of capital

Nigeria's oil will impede efforts to squash Boko Haram

In Africa, pope urges Kenyans to make peace

Ebola Returns to Liberia: Two Dead, Hundreds Under Surveillance

Italian pundit calls to ban Hebrew in synagogues

The danger of ignoring religious bigotry

Shares dragged lower by big banks

Dollar falls from one month high

Shark drones to patrol Australian coast

Two people killed in an out of control bushfire north of Adelaide

'Free range' egg fight intensifies

Reef a great barrier against underwater landslides and tsunamis

Privacy fears over 'Instagram for doctors'

School maintenance and construction outsourced

Class action as schools become movie studios

Electric cars and the coal that runs them

 GM, law firm can keep ignition switch documents secret: U.S. judge

TSX closes lower as commodities weaken

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

Canada's $39B shipbuilding strategy in need of repair, ministers told

Using medical marijuana now OK in public places in Ontario

Ontario Catholic priest stole more than $180,000 from his church to fund lavish lifestyle, Crown alleges

Ex-hostage says there may be Canadian al-Qaeda link

Paris terror attacks strain Quebec's pacifist tradition

Thieves steal truck full of cheese and roll it outside Toronto. They were caught trying to hail a cab, police say

Quebec to welcome 3,650 Syrian refugees this year and next

Toronto officer who shot, killed teen takes stand for first time

Ontario premier says it's time the province started analyzing policies through a ‘race lens'

Mississauga aims to prevent LRT from pushing out poor

Aboriginals six times more likely to be homicide victims: Statscan

Toronto math tutor, fiancée charged with gang sexual assault after alleged attack against young student

Manitoba posts highest homicide rate in Canada for 8th consecutive year

Rising mortgage rates could put damper on housing market

After pocketing $400,000 in pay, suspended Windsor police officer fired for smuggling alcohol

Mortgage rates inch higher from record summer lows

China declares Miss World Canada contestant 'persona non grata'

RCMP national security investigators looking for two 'suspicious' men seen at Toronto's Rogers Centre

Queen says it's 'extraordinary' to meet 2nd Prime Minister Trudeau

Ontario introduces country's first concussion bill to protect young athletes

Canada's new skeptic-in-chief resists being trampled by the carbon crush and adding to tax burden

Canada isn't cranking out enough of the right kind of graduates, CIBC CEO says

Trudeau says refugee plan had to change after Paris attack  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)

Canadian teachers among top paid worldwide, study finds

Ontario is $298 billion in debt — that's $21,000 for every Ontarian. Time to get real, Mr. Sousa

Trudeau is discriminating against single, straight male refugees  

CDC: 75.5% of Syphilis Cases in 2014 Among Gay Men 'Where Sex of Sex Partner Was Known'

Meeting in El Salvador on Cuban migrants ends in squabbling

Communist Party USA: 'Did You Know One of Marx's First Jobs Was as a Newspaper Reporter?'

Chinese military exercises in South China Sea raise concerns

Militant attacks abroad a diplomatic quandary for China's Xi (Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping)

China's Earliest Monthly Economic Indicators Flash Warning Sign

China Security: China Uses Paris Attacks to Promote Persecution of Uyghurs

China's teapot oil refineries set to export fuel for the first time: sources

How China's Stock Market Experiment Backfired

China orders telecoms to cut service for users who evade Great Firewall

Behind a Chinese Cloning Factory, a Shady Cast

Chinese producers ask state to buy surplus

N. Korea slams South's live-fire drill

Expert: Congress risking security to protect privacy (Contends Americans just days away from vulnerability spike.)

Obstacles imperil budget deal

How Walmart Keeps an Eye on Its Massive Workforce

Instead of 'diversity' training, try common sense

Suit challenging University of Michigan gun policy dismissed

Appeals court says drone memos can stay secret

Video shows 'extraordinary moment' a teen confronts a police officer by staring him down after protests erupted in Chicago

Before ditching baby in Nativity scene, mom shops at the dollar store

Healthy Newborn Found Abandoned in Nativity Scene at a Queens Church

Chicago Deserves Riots Over The Laquan McDonald Shooting And Coverup

Protests across Chicago as video shows white cop killing black teen by shooting him SIXTEEN TIMES as he lay on the ground

CHICAGO ERUPTS! Laquan McDonald Protesters ATTACK POLICE, Toss BOTTLES, Steal Police Bikes (Video)

Chicago Laquan McDonald video reveals false police account – but still leaves gaps

Unrest in Chicago after police officer charged with murder in shooting of black teenager

Three men in custody in shooting of Black Lives Matter protesters

Student in critical condition after stabbing in Baltimore high school

Oklahoma links cattle thefts to use of methamphetamine

Man fatally stabbed after dispute over $10, pizza slice, D.C. police say

Man charged with leaving fake bomb at Virginia mosque

Heroin, Survivor of War on Drugs, Returns With New Face

Philadelphia Traffic Stop Ends in Bloodshed, Burning Bus

Trump a Liar? The Real Story about Deceit in Racial Crime Numbers (GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump)

Secretive polygamous town getting first library in decades

Five charged in $600M Calif. healthcare fraud

2nd  San Fran Incident:Gun stolen from fed official reportedly tied to murder

Flash-Mobbery: Youths Loot DC Diesel Store of $13,000 in Booty

Cops find 110 pounds of cocaine in US Border Patrol agent's car

Card skimmers in overdrive at gas stations

Missouri Supreme court rules to dismiss death row inmate's murder convictions

DNC offers holiday guide for dealing with Republican relatives

What Woodrow Wilson Cost My Grandfather  (My grandfather lost his prestigious job after President Wilson segregated the government.)

ISIS Calls Out “Fornicator” Bill Clinton in Latest Online Video “No Respite” (Former US President Bill Clinton)

Wall Street ends flat ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

U.S. stocks end unchanged in pre-holiday session

Asia stocks stumble on geopolitical tensions, oil retreats

Asia Stocks Slip as Syria Angst Buoys Gold; Ringgit Jumps on Oil

U.S. data points to moderate fourth-quarter growth

Treasury yields inch lower amid flood of data

Up next for Tysons? Another year of staggering growth

Gold ends lower as U.S. data maintains rate-hike expectations

Revision shows faster U.S. economic growth rate in summer

Are Emerging Markets Prepared for ECB, Fed Moves?

The Terrorist Propaganda Campaign on Boston Campuses  (Terrorist infiltration of our campuses is real. And prestigious universities are supporting and funding it.)

Cruz, Rubio sign pledge against federal role in Common Core (US Senator of Texas and GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R)/ US Senator of Florida and GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R)

Stephen Moore: College Kids Thankless At Thanksgiving

The Intifada Comes To Austin  (The hateful disruption of a professor's lecture and its litigious aftermath may signify a new kind of “uprising” on the American campus.)

Discount Much? (How high is too high a discount to offer students? Nearly 10 percent of colleges have rates of 60 percent or more. For some it appears to be a sign of distress, yet others see a strategy.)

'Snapping': How left is driving Americans mad (Journalist exposes multiple ways today's colleges teach 'young people to be mentally ill.' )

Trigger Happy: Students Get ‘Counseling' after Seeing Confederate Flag on Laptop

The Missing Low-Income Students (Study finds notable drop in proportion of recent high school graduates from bottom 20 percent of family incomes who are enrolling in college.)

America's thin-skinned college students

Collateral Damage (After a controversial humor magazine was denounced by University of California at San Diego administrators, the student government voted to stop funding all student media.)

Ohio State law school under microsope for reaction to pro-life column

Another Department Departure (Jamienne Studley, the No 2 higher ed official at the Education Department, will leave this month after a frenetic two and a half years.)

Someone finally looked into the physics of chocolate fountains

What's the real story behind Clock Boy's $15M lawsuit?

Teacher: A student told me I ‘couldn't understand because I was a white lady.' Here's what I did then.

Princeton students fight back against absurd political correctness

Measuring Competency (Southern New Hampshire University's College for America releases a promising early snapshot of the general-education learning and skills of students who are enrolled in a new form of competency-based education.)

A debate over a mascot, a racially charged threat and another college cancels classes (Western Washington University officials and law enforcement explore whether debate over the school mascot, a Viking, and whether it was offensive to people who aren't white, triggered threats.)

The Case Against Woodrow Wilson at Princeton  (The honor that Princeton bestowed on an unrepentant racist decades ago should be rescinded. )

Thought Terminated: Kafka at Kansas University (The university's essence has been reversed.  No longer a haven of philosophical detachment and open discussion, it is now the foremost exemplar of the mob mentality.)

New college application will help students in financial need

Why Kids Can't Read (The biggest challenge we have in education is to make people take responsibility for what they are allowing.)

Yet another way that poor countries will suffer the most from climate change

New President Faces Backlash (Faculty and student leaders alike criticize leader of Minnesota's Rochester Community and Technical College over issues of spending, hiring and communication.)

Harvard Plans Divisive Anti-America Conference (Another splenetic conference where the participants can express their self-righteous indignation at the so-called oppressive status quo.)

Notre Dame priest-professor forced to back off project promoting authentic Catholic education

At Princeton, a push-back against campus crybullies

White Student Union Facebook groups start springing up across the country in response to the Black Lives Matter protests on campuses

How Washington created some of the worst schools

Students Hold Walkout Protest for Black Lives Matter – Scream and Curse at Police Sent to Direct Traffic (Video)

Exclusive: School District Assigns Islamic State Recruiting Homework to Teach ‘Critical Thinking'

17 Muslim Brotherhood Members Arrested for Deadly Alexandria Flood – Dumped Cement in Sewers

Explosives uncovered in Cairo parcels headed for US

Egypt, Israel rebuff bid to trim Sinai peacekeeping force

Election 2016 Presidential Polls

Poll: Clinton maintains her lead in Iowa  (Former US Secretary of State and Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

 Michael Barone: Which Party Will Emerge From Its Gathering Storm?

 Can Jeb Bush rise again? Look to Florida for clues.  (Former Governor of Florida and GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush(R)

Now Trump faces eligibility challenge (GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump; You won't believe who's behind conniving effort.)

Hillary Clinton's anti-Wall Street pitch wearing thin with skeptical liberals (Former US Secretary of State and Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

Hillary vows not to utter the hurtful phrase 'illegal immigrants' anymore

Hillary Clinton And The Death Of Truth: Illegal Aliens Are Indeed "Illegal" and “Aliens”

Biden leaves town, advises O'Malley before Thanksgiving (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr/ Former Governor of Maryland Democrat Presidential candidate Martin O'Malley (D)

Leaked Sanders memo attacks O'Malley on immigration

Donald Trump touts his ability to predict world events, including terrorism

Christie looks to rally with tough terror talk (Governor of New Jersey and GOP Presidential candidate Chris Christie (R)

Ben Carson's Book Tour Draws Campaign Finance Complaint (GOP Presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson)

Bush to Obama: 'Unleash the military' (Former Governor of Florida and GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush(R)

Too Late for Carson to Catch up on Homework

Black activist beaten at Trump rally mulls hate crime charges

Trump: Bin Laden would not have been killed without waterboarding

Columnist compares Trump to Hitler

New Kasich ad: If Trump becomes president, ‘you better hope there's someone left to help you' (Governor of Ohio GOP Presidential candidate John Kasich (R)

Memo to presidential campaign advisers

Trump to announce endorsement of 100 black religious leaders

Bush: Trump trying to 'prey on people's fears' (Former Governor of Florida and GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush(R)/ GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump)

Sanders refuses to fade away in Iowa (US Senator of Vermont Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)

Dem ads steer away from national security

 Rosie O'Donnell: Trump's campaign is a 'nightmare'

The campaign's 21 craziest quotes

Oil futures end higher as rig count drops

Energy Prices

Introducing the New OPEC Member That Likes Lower Oil Prices

Ukraine closes its airspace to Russia

Europe needs a unified police force to prevent terror strikes

Swiss women to be fined for wearing burqas

Crimea launches sabotage case against organizers of blackout

Crimea cuts off relations with Turkish business

Ukraine stops buying natural gas from Russia, closes airspace

European stocks rally on expectations for more ECB easing

Children return to school in Brussels under armed guard

Terror Threat Puts Belgium's Squabbles in Harsh Light

Suspend ISIS-Infested Belgium From Visa Waiver Program

Belgian spy chief says he warned on budget cuts as jihadi threat grew

Terrorism Response Puts Belgium in a Harsh Light

ECB Warns Asia Risks Rising as Fed Liftoff Tests Stability

Euro notches 7-month low on talk ECB could widen purchases

Thugs hurling stones, cars set on fire and refugee children aged five escorted to school by POLICE: Inside the once tranquil Swedish village at war with migrants housed in emergency center

Hungary detains group heading to capital with explosives, finds bomb lab

Prague Cancels Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Out of Fears of Terrorism (Video)

Debt Under Obama Up $8,000,000,000,000

Survey says Uncle Sam flunks government

Fed gives largest U.S. banks extra year for debt rule calculation

Chains refuse to carry genetically-modified salmon

David Ignatius: Mideast Crises Bring Out Best In Obama, Worst In Trump (President Barack Obama/GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump)

'We will be coming, we will come to crush your country': Homegrown French ISIS fighters issue warning to François Hollande with chilling threat of new attacks on France  (French President Francois Hollande)

Hunt for new Paris suspect: Police release picture of 'dangerous and probably armed' 30-year-old who was seen with Europe's most wanted man two days before massacre

Islamic State's Paris attackers as inept as they were skilled killers

France's far right reaps political gains as fears of terrorism grow

Two Paris Attackers Planned Another Assault, Prosecutor Says

Paris Muslims claim terror attacks were work of 'magical shape-shifting Jews'

France's Ambassador ‘Knows How to Throw an Elbow'

Paris, ISIS, and the Externalization of Evil (The conclusions France and the West have drawn from the Paris massacre are not only wrong, but likely to guarantee more of the same.)

Manuel Valls The French PM taking a hard line against terror

French President Hollande's Resolve Against Terror Boosts Political Prospects

Man Spotted With Paris Attack Suspect Traveled to Syria

‘Israeli Intelligence Prevented Massive Terror Attack in Germany'

Israeli intel led Germany to call off soccer match -- reports

Merkel tries to hit tough-but-fair note on refugees (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

Germany will step up fight against ISIS, Chancellor Merkel says

German police hunt Paris terrorist in Hannover area

West Germany's Former Chancellor Predicted Europe Would Have an Assimilation Problem

5 ways German schools trump the US and UK

Woman sleeps with scorpion for 3 months

North Germans are the happiest, survey finds

German Mali troops to free France for Isis fight

German teacher fined for painting over swastikas

Lufthansa air crews call off strike

German asylum law is 'magnet for refugees'

Peruvian farmer sues German energy giant

Standoff over government climate study provokes national uproar by scientists

Climate change makes past five-year period the warmest on record, says WMO

U.S. carbon emissions rose in 2014

New study adds to debunking of global warming 'pause'

No, George Bush Is Not to Blame for the Paris Attacks (Former President George W Bush)

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani DEFENDS white Chicago cop charged with murder after shooting black teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times (Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani)

Athens Blast Hurts None but Fuels Fears of Domestic Terrorism

Guantánamo Bay US activists to launch protest along camp's perimeter

 Rise in Early Cervical Cancer Detection Is Linked to Affordable Care Act

Betsy McCaughey: Obama Is Bailing Out Big Insurers With Your Money

How Obamacare Could Limit Insurance Options for Americans in These 34 States

Challengers vow to publish Anne Frank diaries as foundation moves to keep control of copyright

Jack Ma of Alibaba in Talks to Buy Hong Kong Newspaper

Mystery of missing Hong Kong executives worries investors

Scientists lash out over subpoenas on climate study (US Representative of Texas Lamar Smith (R) has accused NOAA scientists of altering data and rushing publication of a groundbreaking study, a confrontation that researchers say threatens scientific freedom.)

Poll Finds Only Obama and Rich Liberal Democrats Want US to Take in More Muslim Syrian Refugees

Coming soon: 680k immigrants from Muslim nations

Nearly 5K minors crossed US border in October 2015, almost doubling last year

Number of Unaccompanied Kids Crossing Border Has Doubled in Last Year

Phyllis Schlafly: Tell Public Officials To Just Say No To Syrian Refugees

Obama administration released illegal immigrant children to criminals' homes

Hillary Clinton apologizes for saying ‘illegal immigrants' (Former US Secretary of State and Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

Sanders promises broader protections against deportation for undocumented immigrants (US Senator of Vermont Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)

Muslim Immigration Now vs. Jewish Immigration Then (In the opinion of some, we must let in all Muslims now to atone for our refusal to admit Jewish refugees from Nazism then.)

India test fires ship-based nuclear-capable missile

Indian army killed three militants

Winter session of Parliament: PM Modi may lead intolerance debate

Today India is as vulnerable as Mumbai was on 26/11

Arsenic contamination on the rise: 1 lakh dead, 3 lakh suffering

Pakistan govt keen to delay trial of LeT operatives?

Centre ‘optimistic' about passing GST as Congress willing to talk

Racist ISIS Tricks Inferior Indian Recruits into Suicide Bombings, Cleaning Camps – Denies Them Jihadi Brides

Indonesia raises airports security level

Paris attacks a wake-up call for US intelligence?


IRS auditors target wealthy taxpayers to get best return on investment



YouTube Kids App Faces New Complaints Over Ads for Junk Food


Hague court begins hearing into South China Sea row

Iran fears American sex bombs

Missing Iranian diplomat found dead in Saudi

Iran nuclear deal to enter into force early January: deputy FM

ISIS used tunnels to hide under besieged Iraq city

Video: “Moderate Muslims” Support Stoning Women For Adultery, Executing Gays

A harvest of anti-Muslim hatred

Football tournament at Palestinian school named after 13-year-old who stabbed two Israelis

Netanyahu said to rebuff IDF pitch to arm PA, free prisoners (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/ Israel Defense Forces)

Still Blaming Israel First (Old habits die hard, even after the attacks in Paris.)

IDF reportedly suggests giving more arms to PA among gestures to ease tensions

Inspired by ‘Indiana Jones,' Israeli Kid Discovers 2,500-Year-Old Artifact

Palestinians ‘disappointed' after Kerry fails to produce breakthrough (US Secretary of State John F Kerry )

Iran to defend Palestinians 'in every possible way', vows Khamenei

Kerry: Israeli-Palestinian conflict may ‘spin out of control'

Businessmen Want Rabbinic Boycott of Palestinian Authority Food Items

Octogenarian crowned Israel's ‘Miss Holocaust Survivor'

IDF to Bar PA Arab Motorists from Gush Etzion Roads (Israel Defense Forces)

Shots fired near Qalandiya crossing north of Jerusalem

Kerry condemns Palestinian attacks as 'acts of 'terrorism'

IDF asks state to arm PA Security Forces

Pig foot hung at Arad synagogue; ultra-Orthodox blame mayor

Light Rail Guard Prevents Stabbing Attack at Jerusalem Bus Station

Entering Knesset, environmental crusader warns Israel is lagging on clean energy

Arab undercover agent helps catch Jaffa rioters

11-year-old: 'I bought scissors and looked for Jews to stab'

Palestinian boy, 11, who stabbed train guard in the head: ‘I wanted to die a martyr'

Israeli soldier seriously injured in Hebron-area stabbing attack

Arab ‘Gold Rush' in Jerusalem

Kerry in Ramallah: US committed to Palestinian statehood

Palestinian teen shot in clashes 2 weeks ago dies from wounds

Father of Ziv Mizrahi: Even with a knife in his heart, he shot the terrorist

Knesset bill to jail minors on terror charges passes 1st vote

Hamas settles fight over discovered gold treasure by confiscating it

Palestinian shot after stabbing Israeli soldier dies from injuries

2 Palestinian men arrested in east Jerusalem for incitement via Facebook

Part 2: Palestinian youth revolt - Any role for political parties?

The Arab-Muslim IDF soldier with a 'long live Israel' tattoo

'Israel' removed from Jordan's census forms

Unreal. Trump Golf Course Posts Memorial to Civil War – Liberals Whine

U.S. Inquiry Finds Agency Chief Violated Rules  (A government report found that the Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, which employed a registered federal lobbyist as its executive director, violated federal rules.)

Reporter Who Forced Release of Laquan McDonald Video Is Barred From News Event (Brandon Smith, whose lawsuit forced the Chicago police to release the video of the fatal shooting of Mr McDonald, was blocked from entering a news conference about the release.)

Suspended CNN Reporter Conspired With Clinton Campaign to Smear Rand Paul  (Former US Secretary of State and Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)/ US Senator of Kentucky and GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul (R)

Press downplays CNN's State coordination

Wash Post: Want to Stop Islamic Terrorism? Be Nicer to Muslims.

N.Y. bills for costs of care after alleged cases of abuse

Mexico Series of femicides cast a dark shadow over 'sunshine state'

Flooding brings Qatar to near standstill

What Saudi Arabia is (and isn't) doing in the fight against the Islamic State

Cultural figures and rights groups call for release of poet facing execution in Saudi Arabia

Gulf braces for austerity as oil income slump bites

Rains cause flooding northwest of Saudi Arabias capital

KSA ‘fighting off' attacks on integrity (Saudi Arabia)

The temptation of expanding U.S. military involvement

VA doesn't have 'legal authority' to require executives to return $400K

A military witch hunt that almost succeeded

Army whistleblower: Pentagon retaliated for leaking info about $43M Afghan gas station

Crash Kills 4 on Helicopter at Fort Hood

Gen. John Campbell: U.S. Attack on Afghan Field Hospital 'Was a Tragic Mistake'

Kunduz hospital attack US military took 17 minutes to act on MSF warnings

Bombed MSF Kunduz hospital was on US no-strike list before attack

Crew confusion led to deadly US strike on Afghanistan hospital

1943: A Bloody Thanksgiving in the Pacific

US signs off on $607 billion defense policy

U.S. troops suspended over strike on Afghan hospital

The U.S. Air Campaign in Syria Is Suspiciously Impressive at Not Killing Civilians (The Pentagon says it has killed 20,000 suspected Islamic State fighters, with only two cases of collateral damage. Something doesn't add up.)

US military fighter jet crashes in New Mexico, pilot safe

 F-16 fighter jet crashes on training mission; pilot safe

VA updates list of Navy ships presumptive for Agent Orange exposure

West Point bans cadet pillow fight after 30 injured

Air Force commander: Russian S-400 missiles 'complicate' Syria airstrikes

 Commander: U.S. dropping more bombs on Islamic State than ever before

Unit leaders tasked with getting Marines in 23 MOSs to re-enlist

Global Warming: NASA Finally Admits Antarctica Has Been COOLING for Past Six Years

Blue Origin: While NASA Reaches Out To Muslims, Private Sector Conquers Space

NOAA: Record 121 Months Since Last Major Hurricane Hit U.S.

Russia Has Serially Violated NATO Airspace: Time to Push Back
NATO faces Mideast crisis after Turkey downs Russian jet

Turkey-Russia Confrontation Risks World War Or Impotent NATO

Security leaders: NATO, Russia need to talk

Palpable fear: 'Mother of all hacks' exploding exponentially (Americans' stolen data, fingerprints 'extremely valuable.')

Last-minute reprieve for disabled man facing hanging in Pakistan

Dr Asim Hussain booked under terror charges

Oversees Pakistani can't vote in 2018 election

LeJ founding member among four killed in Lahore

Pakhtun political leadership to visit Afghanistan

Election tribunal dismisses PTI petition alleging rigging in NA-118

Office of Christian web TV gutted in mysterious fire

General Raheel Sharif decorated with Brazil's 'Order of Merit'

Nawaz calls for increasing trade among Muslim countries (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)

Report: PETA Employee Stole, Euthanized Dog

Pharma company cuts drug price after public backlash

Turing Refuses to Lower List Price of Toxoplasmosis Drug

Rand Paul super PAC launches ad buy ahead of Iowa, N.H. (US Senator of Kentucky and GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul (R)

'We say Merry Christmas and God Bless America! If this offends you, LEAVE!': Sheriff posts 'politically incorrect' sign in Georgia town

Finding balance in the politics of fear

Food pantry in Chicago feeds seniors

Prescription drug abuse plagues U.S., stymies policymakers

America has 2nd -highest rate of female incarceration

Michael Savage cheers Mafia to stop ISIS (Gambino son tells radio star: 'We need to fight this monster together.')

Rush: According To the Left, Syrian Refugees Will Commit Genocide

‘Great enthusiasm for the GOP': Republican Party has a record-breaking streak of fundraising

Putin warns Turkey: 'We will have to respond' (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

Putin eased restrictions on Iran

Putin sends missiles to Syria to deter Turkey

Putin takes his revenge: Russia unleashes heavy bombardment on region held by Turkmen rebels who chanted 'Allahu Akbar' over the dead body of pilot shot down by Turkish F-16

Russia Develops New Tactical Missiles for Iskander-M System

Russians throw rocks and eggs at Turkish Embassy in Moscow

A Tornado With Rockets: New Russian Launch Vehicles Get Guided Missiles

From Putin To Khamenei: Gift of a Koran copy with its own history

Inside the daring commando raid that rescued downed Russian airman

Putin: Turkey leader's policy of ‘deliberate Islamization' is a problem

Russian crackdown on Muslims fuels exodus to Daesh

Iran interested in all types of Russian weapons, not only S-300 system — Kremlin

Rescued Russian Pilot Says Turkey Shot His Jet Down Over Syria

Downed jet bashes Russia, Turkey economic ties

Putin's Spokesman: No Idea Why Russia's Grand Mufti Wished Israel Same Fate as Crimea

Russia's new generation frigate live fires cruise missiles in White Sea

Rescued pilot: No warning from Turkey, no airspace violation

Lavrov says no war with Turkey after 'planned provocation' (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)

Turkish FM calls Russia's Lavrov 'to express sorrow'

Turkey Downs Russian Jet, Putin Threatens Retaliation: What to Expect Next

Russian Pilot Rescued by Syrian Commando Unit

Leaders Call for Calm After Russia Says Turkey Jet Downing Was Planned

Russian businesses boycott Turkey over jet incident

Russia's State Media Goes Into Overdrive Over Downed Plane

Russia's Defense Ministry to intensify Kuril, Arctic military infrastructure development

Ten Billion Reasons Why Russia Will Balk at Curbing Turkey's Gas

Downing of Russian Su-24 looks like a planned provocation - Lavrov  (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)

Russian missile cruiser off Latakia coast, ready to destroy dangerous air targets - Defense Minister

9 quick facts about Russian Su-24 jet downed by Turkish Air Force

Russia plans to build radioactive waste storage on Arctic islands of Novaya Zemlya

Russia FM points to gross violation of Syria flight safety memorandum

Russia halts coal supplies to Ukraine over Crimea energy crisis – report

Moscow's retaliation for downed Sukhoi-24M will depend on what Ankara does next

#IstandWithRussia: Social media express solidarity with Moscow, mourn killed pilot

Gorbachev moots global convention against terrorism

Helpless Russian pilots 'were shot dead as they parachuted to the ground': Downing of jet over Syrian rebel territory risks taking the world to the brink as furious Putin accuses Turkey of 'treachery'

Senior leftist MP calls for complete halt on Russia-Turkey air traffic

From downed Russian jet, lessons for new push to destroy Islamic State

World leaders scramble to defuse 'monstrous' new crisis over Russia's downed jet: Putin's fury at 'stab in the back by terror accomplices' as top Moscow expert warns war is 'most likely'

Russian diplomat: NATO afraid of consequences if plane incident not settled

Russia's new Angara launch vehicle enters global market — ILS president

Russian party seeks ‘accountability for Armenian genocide denial'

Christian printer sued after refusing to print same-sex civil union invitations

When the gun-ignorant make gun laws (When the state of Maryland quietly killed off its 15-year, $5 million social experiment in gun control — so-called “ballistic fingerprinting” — it served up the latest example of people who know nothing about firearms making technical laws about guns. The news of this latest failure (not a single crime solved in 15 years) followed New York shutting down a similar program, and it generated from gun owners and gun …)

Trump: 'No more gun-free zones' (GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump)

Senator: Paris climate talks a recipe for slow U.S. growth

Senator reveals 12 vetted refugees who turned to terrorism after moving to the U.S. as GOP leaders attempt to shrink the budget for Obama's Syrian resettlement program

Twitter halts office blood drives over ban on gay donors

Man says he invented 'Phuc Dat Bich' hoax to fool news media and Facebook

How Brazil's Banking Golden Boy, Arrested in Rio, Built an Empire

Photos show Brazil's toxic mud from burst dam contaminating Atlantic after devastating wildlife, water

Korea to bid final farewell to former president Kim YS

`Indonesia factor' bars KF-X tech transfer   (The United States appears reluctant to share technologies for Korea's indigenous fighter jet development project due to the “Indonesia factor,” analysts said Wednesday. Indonesia maintains close defense ties with Russia and its ...)

Governing party seeks to unmask protesters

New policy on multiracial families to focus on openness

 Last MERS patient dies

Science journal retracts 'plagiarism' paper co-authored by Korean prodigy

Satan Worshipper Steals Communion Bread From Church And Uses It For Satanic Ritual In Honor Of Pedophilia And Sodomizing Children

Sooners, Hawkeyes crash top four in CFP rankings

Former Giants linebacker dies of cancer at age 36

NHL COO John Collins departs after 7 years

Ken Johnson, pitcher who lost a no-hitter, dies at 82

Wizards' defense rests — and Pacers take full advantage

Warriors Rout Lakers and Set Record for N.B.A.'s Best Start

Handed Life's Twists, Notre Dame Quarterback Turns It Around

"Concussion" author talks football brain injuries, NFL

Redskins still an unsolved mystery

NFL: Concussion protocol failed QB

Fantasy Sports Site Closes Digital Loophole Ahead of Hearing

St. Louis Rams player shot in head

Tony Romo's return doesn't change fact Panthers are better

Mike Pettine: Johnny Manziel ‘violated the trust that we had put in him'

3 reasons Jaguars will cover against the reeling Chargers

The Harbaugh effect: Changing college football recruiting's gravitational pull

Notre Dame's playoff hopes will be snuffed out by Stanford

Buffalo's Oats juggles coaching, supporting wife's cancer fight

Brady-Manning: What we'll miss about their classic matchup

Patriots and Panthers Are 10-0, but Similarities End There

Rams' Bailey shot in head, is critical but stable

Adam Schefter says Chip Kelly and other Eagles executives ‘are sick of each other'

Sources: Lynch has surgery for sports hernia

Montreal's Message to an American Captain: Bienvenue

Pettine: Browns didn't discuss cutting Manziel

Todd Bowles too calm? Don't tell that to under-performing Jets

Hall of Famer Frank Gifford suffered from CTE

Rams Hope Case Keenum Is Cleared to Play

LaRon Landry, fresh off of 10-game suspension, gets suspended indefinitely

Freshman Standout Propels Marquette to a Title

Ex-Jet Quinton Coples claimed off waivers by Dolphins

Jim Harbaugh smashed a buckeye with a hammer at Bo Schembechler's grave

Peyton Manning out at least two more weeks with foot injury

NHL Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard

NCAA Men's Basketball Scoreboard

Texas' Abbott will be next US governor to visit Cuba (Governor of Texas Greg Abbott (R); AVIPP COMMENTARY: Why?  A GOP governor should not visit a tyrannical dictatorship that supports nacro-terrorism.)

Cuomo Reaches Deal to Keep Open Alcoa Plant in Upstate New York (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)

State Department: Iran Deal Is Not ‘Legally Binding' and Iran Didn't Sign It

Kerry urges 'calm,' 'dialogue' between Russia, Turkey (US Secretary of State John Kerry )

US Caught Giving ISIS Missile Launchers

How 17 secs stoked US-Russian discord on Syria (After the Russian-Turkish air clash, aircraft carriers from two NATO members, the US and France headed for the same waters off Syria as Russia's largest missile cruiser.)

Tech world takes on icon-smashing Islamic State with a virtual Palmyra

Syria's Turkmen rebels, the group at the center of the Russia-Turkey clash

Who Are the Turkmens of Syria?

Syria, Russia foreign ministers set Moscow talks

Heavy Russia raids at site of Syria plane crash

Heavy Russia raids in Syria area where plane downed: monitor

Ma calls for calm as IS ‘targets' Taiwan (President Ma Ying-jeou)

Taiwan shares extend losses to fall below 8400 points

U.S. dollar closes lower on Taipei forex

Manufacturing sector could rebound in Q4: TIER

Taiwan steps up security after Paris terrorist attacks

Defense ministry aware of ISIS video showing Taiwan's flag


Poster Boy for 'Islamophobia' Tries to Join ISIS  (Muslim supposedly placed unjustly on No-Fly List belonged there after all.)

Poster Boy for 'Islamophobia' Tries to Join ISIS  (Muslim supposedly placed unjustly on No-Fly List belonged there after all.)

ISIS website on the dark web is hacked and replaced with an advert for Viagra and prozac and a message telling its supporters to 'calm down' 

U.S., France will press allies to up the ante against Islamic State

Trump undermines our fight against the Islamic State (GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump)

The anti-ISIS coalition guarantees the chaos will spread

Brainwashing and the Jihadist Agenda (Why do these young people weaponize their bodies?)

95% of foreign fighters who join ISIS are recruited by friends and family and radicalisation 'rarely occurs in mosques' claims Oxford University terrorism expert 

Brian Kilmeade: How America Fought Her First War Against Terrorists

Our Reaction to Terrorism is More Dangerous than the Terrorists

HRW: Thai Constitution could OK killings

Why some call Thanksgiving 'National Day of Mourning' (Left's assault on holiday 'has nothing to do with Indians.')

How to Survive Thanksgiving With Liberals

Thanksgiving — in 8 other countries

Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving … But Not to God

Former NATO Commander: ‘Turkey is Supporting ISIS'

Putin: Erdoğan Supporting Extremists, Forcing Islamization of Turkey (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)

At 9:24 a.m. Tuesday, the Turks had finally had enough: Reconstructing the final moments of the Russian jet

Turkmen Used by Ankara to Attack Syrian Government

Putin says Russians in Turkey ‘may be facing serious danger'

Turkish military releases recording of warning to Russian jet

Erdoğan says Turkey does not want escalation with Russia

Turkey's allies urge for calm after Turkey downs Russian jet

Turkey-Russia ties reel from jet shoot-down; Pilots shot by Turkmen rebels?

Turkey Downs Russian Jet, in Blow to Joint Effort on Syria

Turkey's downing of Russian warplane may have Kurdish or pipeline angles: Source

Turkey Russia jet: Marine killed in pilot rescue bid

Turkey-Russia ties reel from jet shoot-down; Pilots shot by Turkmen rebels?

‘They know how it's done': Turkey violated Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone

Learn The True Story Behind The Downing Of The Russian Jet Fighter Which Was Part Of Erdogan's Ottoman Dream And Plan To War With Russia By Sending Turkmen Terrorists Into Syria And Downing The Russian Jet

Russia is our friend, neighbor: Turkish PM

The modern making of Turkish Alevi Islam

Turkey tightens border control, Russia to deploy missiles

Russia deploys largest air defense ships near Turkish waters

New government prioritizes adoption of presidential system

More than 1,100 women killed in five years across Turkey

Four ISIL members detained in two Turkish provinces

Istanbul court arrests 16 over human smuggling into Europe

Russian jet incident planned, Turkish opposition member says

Pro-Keystone union endorses Hillary Clinton, a pipeline opponent (Former US Secretary of State and Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

Housing stocks help push FTSE 100 to highest finish in 3 weeks

Autumn Statement: George Osborne to announce massive housebuilding boost

Why teenagers ignore parents while watching television...they can't multitask

Police investigating Caroline Everest's death arrest man on suspicion of rape

GPs told to inform on patients 'who should not be behind the wheel'

Huge rise in winter deaths last year blamed on ineffective flu vaccine

Hatton Garden heist: Ringleader buried his loot in graves of two relatives, court hears

Alton Towers crash caused by human error, investigation finds

Student loans: Osborne criticised for freezing repayment threshold

Adding folic acid to bread and flour would save hundreds of babies, say health experts

UK requests observer status in legal dispute over South China Sea islands

Fire brigades buy slimmer fire engines amid huge increase in large cars

Care worker spared jail after defrauding elderly couple of their savings

Teenager obsessed with selfies killed herself after striving for 'magazine body'

UK cancels pioneering £1bn carbon capture and storage competition

Babies more likely to die if born in NHS hospitals at weekend

George Osborne unveils his 'bold plan' to tackle housing crisis

Bishops condemn CoE over cinema advert

Junior doctors strikes: Jeremy Hunt agrees to Acas talks

Jeremy Corbyn accused of using 'terror tactics' to bounce shadow cabinet into backing Syrian air strikes

Osborne scraps tax credit cuts and freezes police budget

Rare red-footed falcon is shot dead

Labour MP John McDonnell Actually Read From Chairman Mao's Little Red Book at Westminster

GOP Lawmaker: Cut Funding for UN Until It Defines Terrorism

Travel Alert or No, Many in U.S. Are Determined to Go Places for Thanksgiving (Americans are likely to see longer security lines and more careful screening during the holiday period. But airlines expect to carry more passengers than they have since 2007.)

Donations Help the S.S. United States Fend Off the Scrapyard

Why George Washington Thought the Practice of Gratitude Was Essential for the American Character

Pope Francis: Will the reforms of the 'reform pope' stick?

Pope Francis' Africa visit generates excitement, unrealistic expectations

Food Stamps Won't Buy Soda and Candy If This State Gets Its Way

Obama Might Be Preparing Americans For Terrorism Here

Barack Obama, President Oh-bummer

Obama urges steps to avoid ‘escalation' after Russian jet is downed by Turkey

Obama is dangerously nonchalant about ISIS threats

Obama's New Counter-Terrorism Guru  (The President finds an unlikely source of inspiration in his mishandling of the war on terror.)

‘What an incredible tapestry': Obama honors 17 with Medal of Freedom

Lawmaker: It's 'very sad' Obama sees climate summit as rebuke to ISIS

Rare Alliance of Libertarians and White House on Sentencing Begins to Fray

Obama's Thanksgiving Message: We'll Let You Know If There's a 'Specific Credible Threat'

Dems rise against WH climate change plan

Obama to meet with Chinese, Indian, French leaders at Paris climate talks

Obama signs defense bill but blasts Gitmo restrictions

Saturday, November 28, 2015

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