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Wednesday, April 1, 2015 

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Senate to Vote on US Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch

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University of Hawaii Recruits 14-Year-Olds for Grisly Late-Term Abortion Experiments

Facts & Figures: Millennials More Accepting of Homosexuality Than of Abortion

Arizona Becomes First State to Tell Women Abortion Pill Can be Reversed

Arizona gov. signs controversial abortion bill

‘Outrage': Thousands of patient records found unsecured at notorious abortionist's former clinic

Woman sentenced to 20 years for feticide  (Purvi Patel is the first woman convicted under Indiana's feticide law.)

Longer abortion wait clears the Legislature (Arkansas)

New restrictions on abortion could pass in state legislature (Florida)

Many Religious Freedom Law Opponents Would Force Participation in Abortion

Majority in survey say anti-abortion 'heartbeat bill' should never have been passed in Ohio House

House Democrats Target Alternatives to Abortion Program

Catholic schools are essential vehicles for the pro-life movement: pro-life leaders (Canada)

Dundee University in Scotland Censors Two Pro-Life Student Groups

Feminists in uproar over fears Quebec bill will reduce abortions: gvmt denies  (Canada)

All 2016 GOP Likely Contenders Support Abortion Pain Bill

Indiana Races to Fight H.I.V. Surge Tied to Drug Abuse (The worst outbreak in Indiana's history, which stems largely from the intravenous use of the prescription painkiller Opana, has prompted a whirlwind response effort.)

Former U.S. congressman: Obama refused to help Nigeria stop Boko Haram over its stance against gay ‘marriage'

Libya calls for global task force to create anti-terrorism charter

Nigeria's Presidential Race Stretches to Another Day

In Kenya, religious coexistence feels pressure of stronger Muslim identity

Share the Pork, Be President for Life (African voters won't tolerate the strongmen of the past, but they'll bend the rules for leaders who bring prosperity.)

Former dictator prevails in Nigerian presidential race

Obama-Backed Muslim Ex-Dictator “Wins” Nigerian Election

Ancient Libyan treasures now in ISIS' sights

Muslims Ambush 25 People, Burn Them To Death And Behead Them Alive With Chainsaws  (Nigeria)

In Atlanta, a Quest to Keep Its Airport the World's Busiest

Antarctica reaches room temperature as it experiences its warmest day ever

Video: The Jewish Voices on Campus (Students push back against anti-Semitism: )

Campus activists unite against anti-Semitism in Europe

In Vietnam, Rampant Wildlife Smuggling Prompts Little Concern (Several species, valued as food, medicine or pets, may become extinct in a country where punishment is light or nonexistent.)

Bangladesh Killings Send Chilling Message to Secular Bloggers

Video Brittany Maynard Recorded Before She Killed Herself Pushes Assisted Suicide in California

ASX seals best first quarter in decades  (Australian stocks recorded their best start to the year in decades as record low interest rates and high dividends make equities an irresistible proposition for investors.)

$A drops as RBA rate cut chance increases

Grandpa bound and gagged, nan, boy slain  ('Horrific scene' in Melbourne's west after the discovery of two bodies amid suggestions of romantic relationship gone awry.)

Top firms' tax moves a $25b hit (900 companies claim enough deductions, exemptions to wipe out two-thirds of the federal budget deficit.)

Ship emissions rile nearby residents  (Residents at Port Melbourne's Beacon Cove, are concerned they are being badly affected by fumes.)

Abuse victims linked to church fires

Australia not among rich nations releasing post-2020 emission goals on time

Emissions 'step up' after carbon price ends

Coca-Cola accused of 'greenwashing' with sugar-reduced Coke Life

Lincoln Continental, the car of presidents, is returning

Downsize the Federal Government

Toronto-based filmmaker Mostafa Azizi arrested in Iran

Liberals Want the Right to Persecute Christians  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: And Christians standby and do nothing!)

New Daily Show Host Not a Fan of Israel, Jews

The new ‘Daily Show' host is controversial. He's also an odd pick for a show about politics.

New ‘Daily Show' host sparks backlash with offensive tweets  (South African comedian Trevor Noah has issued series of jokes over the years at the expense of Jews, Israel, women .)

Foreign Investors Are Cashing Out of China

U.S. allies rush to join China's new bank as deadline looms (AVIPP COMENTARY: Fools!)

Iran nuclear talks: Can China keep negotiations on track? (+video)

The Price of Damming Tibet's Rivers  (China's control over the region's waterways hurts countries downstream.)

China Appears to Attack GitHub by Diverting Web Traffic

China's mini-submarine ‘making neighbors nervous'

China's Finance Minister Raises a Proposal to Tackle Local Debt

Chinese Outlets Say Security Official in Graft Case Had 6 Mistresses

Murders of Mistresses Often Linked to Officials in China

Alarm over China's sea intentions (Powerful US naval officer fires warning over building of 'Great Wall' of fake islands.)

China Pledges 'Radical' Moves To Open Capital Account In 2015 (Beijing wants the renminbi to become a reserve currency this year.)

China Wants a Massive Solar-Powered Space Laser

No hidden meaning behind Chinese foreign minister's departure from Lausanne — source

 $3,600 Meals Powered Corrupt Officials at China's State Grid

PLA Air Force conducted drills over western Pacific

4 things to know about ‘China's World Bank'

Undercover in North Korea: American woman who posed as teacher reveals how even rogue state's brightest students didn't know where the Pyramids are

Republicans take aim at union ‘official time' for federal employees

Marijuana Bill Gains Cosponsors in House and Senate

CBO formalizes new conflict of interest rules  (The Congressional Budget Office's advisers recently have come under scrutiny.)

Obama Creates Anti-Bank Rumor Mill For Shakedown Groups

26 Americans to sue Hamas for rocket fire at Ben Gurion Airport

'I let Aaron cheat on me': Hernandez's tearful fiancee tells murder trial how she 'compromised' over his adultery . . . and 'does not remember' throwing out mystery box on day after murder

North Dakota man pleads guilty in illegal immigration case (One of two people accused of recruiting workers living in the country illegally to help at a vegetable processing plant in North Dakota pleaded guilty Monday to a federal felony charge.)

'Two shots to the head is what I want': Convicted child molester sentenced to an additional 40 years in prison after trying to hire hit man to murder pregnant prosecutor

Defense Lawyers Rest Case in Trial of Boston Marathon Bomber Dzkokhar Tsarnaev

Four Journalists Sue Ferguson Police for ‘False Arrest' & Tight Plastic Handcuffs

Bill Would Allow Murder Charges in Cases Like Woman Cutting Unborn Baby Out of Her Mother (Colorado)

'Help,' pleads white man beaten over Michael Brown question  (Victim hopes to eliminate Saint Louis Metrolink from commute.)

Police arrest mom, 35, after she 'locked herself in Manhattan restaurant bathroom and smothered her two-year-old son to death'

For the Police, Quality Over Quantity (Should the New York Police Department staff up even though crime is at historic lows? Maybe the answer is: It doesn't matter that much.)

Harvey Weinstein questioned by police over claim that he groped 22-year-old model at movie theater

The Beating of Floyd Dent  (Another horrifically violent incident furthers the perception that the police are more likely to use force against blacks.)

Veterinary student, 27, shot dead in murder-suicide at home she shared with 'platonic' friend who let her stay for free rent in return for cooking

'Coast Guard killer FILMED himself murdering lesbian officer he was obsessed with after writing 250-page essay on why she had to die'

Ex-federal agents charged with bitcoin theft

Escaped prisoner apprehended in D.C. after hours-long manhunt

Report: China hijacking computers worldwide to suppress information

US sales of execution drugs discouraged

U.S. appeals court overturns death sentence of California man

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Spirit of Israel Alive in Democratic Party  (Democratic National Committee Chairman US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz)

How do you solve a problem like the Clintons?

Hillary Clinton email release delayed as lawyers sort through them  (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton)

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago's Rough-Edged Mayor, Tries the Sandpaper (Mayor of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel)

Bernie Sanders endorses Rahm challenger (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)/ Mayor of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel)

Leaked e-mails reveal Hillary's henchman Sid Blumenthal illegally lobbied for Putin ally (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

The Latest Bombshell from Mrs. Clinton's Lawyer
Surprise: Hillary Clinton Lied About Using Only One Device For Email

Experts say portions of Hillary's e-mails are recoverable  (Depending on what kind of server she used, Clinton's e-mails may not be gone forever.)

Documents show Hillary Clinton used iPad, BlackBerry

More Taxpayer $$$ to Another ‘Green' Obama Backer

Report: More Than 2,000 Illegal Immigrant Children Are Arriving Each Month in 2015

Prosecutors Scrutinize Minority Borrowers' Auto Loans  (Government officials say auto sellers are singling out minority borrowers and extending them the costliest car loans, which could exacerbate the economic distress in some neighborhoods.)

Holder announces new limits on civil asset forfeitures (US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr)

Dow drops 200 points Tuesday, finishing lower for the quarter

Asia up on Wall St. rally and China hopes, euro sags on Greece (Asian stocks rose across the board on Tuesday after a rally on Wall Street and steps by Communist China to shore up its economy boosted risk appetite, while Greek debt worries again haunted the sagging euro.)

Gold marks second straight monthly loss

Not hard at work but hardly working

Consumer spending barely rises in Feburary. Shoppers are saving instead. (+video)

Muzzling the marketplace of ideas

Stronger Dollar in a Weak Global Economy (The world is still far too reliant on the United States, which itself has not yet fully recovered from the financial crisis.)
Finding jobs tough for older unemployed workers

US economy expected to pick up pace

Home Price Growth Steadies, Slows In Jan., S&P/Case-Shiller Says

10-year Treasury yields decline for fifth straight quarter

Rising Seas Bring Heavy Burden to Florida Coastal Economy. Can It Adapt?

Dollar index sees strongest quarter since 2008

Witnesses, Who Say Police Killed Activist, Are to Be Charged in Egypt

Muslim groups attack Egyptian Copts over church honoring Christians killed by ISIS

A Crowd Of Muslims Barge Into A Church Built In Dedication To The 21 Copts Beheaded By ISIS And Threaten The Families Of The 21 Copts, And Say, ‘We Will Kill You!' They Then Burn The Whole Church Down

US releases military aid to Egypt, cites national security

#4855 - Former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood MP Muhammad Al-Saghir: I Support the Saudi-Led Operation in Yemen

Ted Cruz channels Reagan: Media go bonkers, again (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R); 'A medieval flashback who empowers rapists')

Rand Paul to launch 2016 bid with rallies in Kentucky, early primary states (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)

Soros cash poured into O'Malley's state projects (Former Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley (D) poised to challenge former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

Marco Rubio is a much better fundraiser than you think he is (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)

Iowa Democrats antsy for elusive Hillary Clinton to hit campaign trail (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

Scott Walker: From Eagle Scout to Commander In Chief? (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)

They're ready for Hillary, but is Hillary ready?

Rewarding failure: Democrats' eagerness to back Hillary (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

When considering 2016 candidates, the biggest litmus tests for GOP voters: ISIS and abortion

Sanders will run, if he can 'do it well' (US Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (I-Socialist)

2016 Republican hopefuls rush to defense of Indiana religious freedom law

Hillary Agonistes (Hillary is not going to run for president. Oh, she may put her name up. But run, as in the sense of actually campaigning, that's another story altogether. )

Big announcement may launch Marco Rubio's presidential run (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)

Elizabeth Warren on Clinton: 'We need to give her a chance' (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)/Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

O'Malley offers softer sell in New Hampshire (Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley (D)

GOP pollster: Indiana 'religious freedom' law won't matter to 2016 voters

Jeb Bush: Go to war if needed to uphold NATO (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Swing State Poll: Most Voters Don't Think Hillary Clinton Is ‘Honest and Trustworthy'

Oil settles lower as Iran nuclear talks linger

Energy Prices

‘Expert' Anti-Fracking Report Written by Activist

Iran's return to oil market will be ‘long and arduous'

Kiev to toughen sanctions against Russian citizens — Poroshenko (Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko)

Ukraine's imports of Russian gas up almost 50%

Germany's DAX logs best quarter in more than a decade

Costa Concordia was carrying a huge shipment of Mafia drugs when it capsized in deadly shipwreck off Italian coast

Leading curator calls for a time limit on returning art looted by the Nazis  (History can be laid to rest, says Viennese museum director.)

Children left screaming and in tears after priest at Polish religious camp carries out mass exorcism in bid to 'banish the devil'

Sweden Sells Its Soul To The God Of Mamon, Reverses Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Abuses In Order To Please The Savage Saudi Muslim Arabs

Ten Years Ago Today, Terri Schiavo Lived Her Last Day. Then She Was Starved to Death

When the God-fearing condone Godless tyranny (Exclusive: Diana Lynne sees American's death
as harbinger of 'United States of Atheism')

Terri Schiavo's inconvenient life

Inside the Beltway: Terri Schiavo, Jeb Bush 10 years later (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Where were you when the battle raged? Remembering my time with Terri Schiavo's family 10 years ago today

McMuffins for dinner? McDonald to test serving breakfast menu all-day 

Feds refusing to comply in McDonald's case

Ex-FBI agent sentenced to 10 years in Afghan kickback scheme

The High Cost of Calling the Imprisoned (The Federal Communications Commission is investigating prison phone service that costs as much as $1.22 per minute compared with regular rates of 4 cents per minute.)

Group files FEC complaints against Bush, other potential candidates

Fed test: Raising rates without provoking a 'tantrum'

Michigan entrepreneur claiming idea for Heinz Dip & Squeeze

It could be worse (Our Mideast strategy is inconsistent but wise.)

France preparing draft for UN resolution on Palestine

3 arrested in connection with Paris killings

Airline admits it knew of co-pilot's depression in '09

Video 'shows crash final moments'   (German tabloid Bild and French magazine Paris match revealed on Tuesday that their reporters had seen video from inside Germanwings flight 4U9525 in the final moments before the plane crashed.)

Alps crash: Lubitz 'had treatment for suicidal tendencies'

Lufthansa cancels 60th  jubilee celebration

Role of Illness in Germanwings Crash Raises Worry About Stigma

Stuttgart worst city for traffic jams

Three generations of same Spanish family all killed in Germanwings French Alps crash - and they were all called Emma

Merkel urges Germans: Give Greece a chance (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

Storm Niklas kills at least three, stops trains

Arsonists hit pro-refugee art project

Lufthansa insurers set aside $300 million over Alps crash

Climate Change Threatens to Kill Off More Aspen Forests by 2050s, Scientists Say

Obama pledges to cut emissions by 28 percent

Lifting the covers on ‘Obamoogle'

Google maps for the human BODY: Researchers unveil interactive images that let them zoom to cellular level 

Currently in Power – The Google Administration

Santorum Speech Receives Mixed Reactions from GW Students Over Gay Rights (Former US Senator of Pennsylvania and former GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum)

With Athens lurching from one crisis to the next, and a eurozone exit still very much in the air, a seven-point plan to fix Greece

Economic war against Russia 'dead-end policy' – Greek PM

 Your tax dollars fund top health-insurance broker (Champion for Obamacare reaps windfall in public-private alliance.)

Imaginary Health Care Horrors (The Affordable Care Act is costing taxpayers much less than expected, but that hasn't deterred the prophets of disaster.)

Amazing: Doctors Create Micro-Pacemaker to Treat Unborn Baby With Heart Blockage

UnitedHealth bulks up for prescription drug cost battle

Caring for Alzheimer's: How Three Couples Cope

DON'T measure kids' medicines with spoons, parents warned: Using cups or syringes 'could prevent tens of thousands of accidental overdoses'

Unearthed blueprints reveal secret network of tunnels that linked the Playboy Mansion to the homes of Hollywood stars before it was closed up in 1989

Revealed: How a staggering 40 percent of Millennials in the US believe still that homosexual relationships are 'immoral' 

The political war over gay culture is over, and the gays won

Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Florida) pushes zero-based budgeting for federal government

House Provision Offers Doctors More Protection Against Malpractice Suits

Why 17 Republicans voted against 2016 House budget

Juan Williams: Boehner, Israel and race (Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio)

Juan Williams: Boehner's Trip to Israel is Racist  (Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio)

Did you forget to join the fine Pelosi trip to five Asian countries? (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)

Congresswoman defends DC gun laws (Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) accuses US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R) of "bullying" District residents.)

Benghazi panel summons Clinton

Tammy Duckworth (D-Illinois), Top Democrat Recruit, Demands Hillary Testify

Immigration activists disillusioned with Obama, Democrats as amnesty afterglow fades

'7 Indian cities see growth in number of super-rich'

Gujarat assembly passes anti-terror bill rejected by two presidents

Naval ship evacuates first batch of Indians from Yemen

India to set up its own mini N-fusion reactor

India's positioning satellite aims to serve South Asia

Hope trickles into India's 'arsenic zone'

Near miss for Etihad, Emirates flights in Mumbai airspace, regulator begins probe

Tobacco warnings put on hold, BJP lawmaker wants research on cancer link

Accuracy in the Information Age

Obama's infrastructure drive stuck in neutral

IRS plan to require tax forms for wins of $600  (Casino operators in South Mississippi are coming out against an IRS proposal that would require players to file tax forms any time they win $600 or more on slot machines, keno or bingo.)

IRS says it's OK if you fail to say you have insurance on return

Experts: Iran Housing Nuke Materials in North Korea, Syria

Why Allying With Iran Helps ISIS  (Iran is using ISIS to take over Iraq.)

Iran Is Shaking Down Desperate-Seeming United States

When even ‘trust but verify' won't do

Does Obama Think It's OK For Iran To Have Nuclear Weapons?

Iran Targets Ex-President's Son in Selective Corruption Probe

Iran Matters Most (America cannot stop the Sunni-Shia schism in the Middle East or its violence. It's a time for fierce realism.)

‘Tricky Issues' Remain as Deadline Nears in Nuclear Talks With Iran

Poll shows 2-1 support for Iran deal  (But few think the Iranians are serious.)

Iran nuclear talks at stalemate: diplomats warn of 'significant differences'

Diplomats to continue Iran nuclear talks into Wednesday

Deadline extended in marathon nuclear talks with Iran

Tehran vs The Awakening Sunni Arab Camp: Significance And Implications

Khamenei sends Iranian navy to Bab el-Mandeb Straits. Iran arms store for Hamas bombed in Libya

Iraqi forces drive Islamic State militants out of the heart of Tikrit

Sickening images show blindfolded and bound couple being brutally stoned to death for 'fornication' by ISIS militants in Iraq

Islamic State's Grip on City Appears Firmer Than Iraqis Acknowledge

Iraq premier: Troops in center of Islamic State-held Tikrit

Battle of Tikrit's lessons for Obama

Iraq's former leader still looms large months after his ouster

Why Is Obama Importing Muslims Who Mutilate Little Girls?

Netanyahu: Deal will leave Iran ‘less than a year' from bomb (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Gaza in ruins: why money, cement, and leadership are scarce

Iran militia chief: Destroying Israel is ‘nonnegotiable'

Fighting Hamas with foliage along Gaza border 
Palestinian Discontent With Abbas Is Growing
(“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

Plan approved for construction of 2,200 Arab homes in East Jerusalem

74% of the Population of Obama's Future State Support Terrorism  (Obama is planning to ram a “Palestinian” terror state through the UN.)

Israel's drive toward self-destruction

Obama wants to turn America against Israel (Barack Obama wants to fundamentally transform something besides America.)

Passing Judgment on Israel

Support for Palestinian state hits two-decade low in U.S.

New and Old Faces in Israel's 20th  Knesset Are Officially Sworn In [Video]
Over 20 detained in Jerusalem in last 2 days

Palestine to officially join ICC on Wednesday

As Palestinians join ICC Wednesday, will war crimes complaints quickly follow?

113 Orphaned Bar Mitzva Boys Participate in Group Celebration in Jerusalem

 High Court demands decision on murder of Palestinian minor

Attack on Yemeni Refugees Makes Israel Look Like the Girl Scouts

Israel's Top Ally in Africa Loses in Elections

Israel to deport African refugees to 3rd -party countries

Asylum seekers face expulsion to other countries

Watch: Historic Practice Passover Sacrifice Held in Jerusalem

Obama to dial back Israel critique after Jewish Dems push back — report

As MKs swear in, Rivlin urges Knesset to serve all Israelis (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)

Release of PA taxes said held up over electric bill dispute

Barkat Creates a 'New Arab Neighborhood' in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Land Day event low on turnout, high on rage   (Ten minutes after calling for suicide attacks, “Palestinian” crowd is handily dispersed by Israeli police.)

IDF scenario pictures mass casualties in third Lebanon war  (Israel Defense Forces)

Hacker Group ‘Anonymous' Threatens ‘Electronic Holocaust' on Israel

On Eve of Possible Deal, Israel Shows Off Latest Sub

Soros-Owned Restaurant Sued for Wage Violations

Washington Post: America Needs Less Democracy, More Tyranny

How Mike Pence blamed the media for the Indiana religious freedom controversy (Governor of Indiana Mike Pence (R)

How Barack Obama changed the American news media

Reporters openly side against Indiana law

MSNBC Host On Indiana RFRA: 'Smear The Queer' Doesn't Work Anymore

Ratings: CNN's Far-Left Move Costs MSNBC Nearly Half Its Audience

Does ANYONE Know What Happened To Chris Hayes?

Bill O'Reilly Rips Secular Mainstream Media After Hateful Attacks on “Killing Jesus” (Video)

Pay for Performance Extends to Health Care in New York State Experiment (In a state-federal partnership, 25 groups are part of a trial that would eventually reward health care providers if the conditions of their Medicaid patients improve.)

'They've decided that cannabis may help their kid': Whoopi Goldberg advocates use of pediatric medical marijuana

As U.S. and Iran Seek Deal, Saudis Make Own Moves

Saudi oil infrastructure at risk as Mid-East conflagration spreads

More Intervention In The Mideast Isn't Needed

Prospect of Iran nuclear deal pushes Saudi Arabia and Israel into an unlikely alliance

Skilled Saudi pilots outwit Houthi defenses

Dozens Are Reported Killed as Saudi-Led Strike Hits Camp for Displaced Yemeni Civilians

Yemen op not a proxy war between Kingdom and Iran

Yemen's Houthi rebels get boost from country's ousted dictator (Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh never really gave up power, and he has sided with the rebels.)

Yemen death toll climbs as strikes hit hard

Yemen nears 'total collapse' as Mideast powers trade blame

Yemen intervention threatens protracted war

Failure To Boost Defense Spending Is Bad Sign For GOP

Obama backs overhaul of military retirement, health coverage

U.S. military developing technology to launch drones from ocean floor

Study: Commissary price hikes to offset funding cuts could backfire

Pentagon peril: Private sector jobs, unfit civilians threaten U.S. military recruiting

VA inspector general: Hawaii manager manipulated benefit data

VA fails to drug test majority of hires in 2013: report

USAREUR commander faces Russia — and the cameras

World War II veteran finally receives POW medal

One of last three remaining World War II Doolittle Raiders who flew daring mission over Japan just four months after Pearl Harbor dies, aged 95

CNN: Iranian Aircraft Flies Close to Navy Helicopter in Persian Gulf

The Army puts on a heavy metal tour of Eastern Europe for Mr Putin: US armor mobbed by delighted citizens waving Stars and Stripes as it rolls across former Warsaw Pact countries

US plans military operations inside USA in response to statement from Chechnya Parliament speaker

Secretary Of Defense Ashton Carter: ‘Hesitant to Say We Are Winning' Fight Against ISIS

Movement to Increase McDonald's Minimum Wage Broadens Its Tactics

L.A. County supervisors expected to call for a minimum wage study

Myanmar government, rebel groups sign draft cease-fire deal

Driver Killed as Stolen Car Enters N.S.A. Campus

The 10 foods that HALVE the risk of Alzheimer's and the 5 that harm the brain: Stock up on berries, salad and wine - but avoid cheese, pastries and sweets

Eat spinach to stay sharp: Two helpings a day knocks 11 YEARS off your brain age

Researchers find garlic can slow down ageing and protect the brain from disease

This Vitamin Protects You From Diabetes (And Chances Are, You're Deficient)

Pakistan officials arrive in Saudi to discuss Yemen mission

Pakistan's top defense delegation leaves for Saudi Arabia over Yemen crisis

PTI leader's convoy attacked in Karachi's Azizabad, FIR registered

PTI asked Govt to deploy army troops in NA-246 by-election

A plague of suicide in Balochistan

Joint military exercise of Saudi Infantry and Pakistani Special Forces kicked off

Govt endorses summary to get 8 submarines from China, defence committee told

Peace committee leader killed in Tank

Nepra announces cut in power tariff rates

Stock market plunges by 1,031 points

Pakistan to call upon OIC meeting

Yemen conflict: Neutrality no longer an option for Pakistan?

Postal employee receives jail time for disability scam that lasted nearly seven years

Apple's Rotten Reaction To Indiana's Religious Freedom Law (Propaganda: The overreaction by politicians and advocacy groups to Indiana's religious freedom law is distressing enough. Worse is the fact that big companies are now amplifying the disinformation campaign. Apple CEO Tim Cook wasn't the only business executive to condemn Indiana's law, but ... )

Indiana law has homosexuals 'foaming at the mouth'

Indiana Legislators Say They'll Clarify Beliefs Law (Legislative leaders joined Governor of Indiana Mike Pence (R) in saying they planned to amend the law to make it clear that it did not allow discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians.)

Indiana religious freedom act criticized by officials in states with similar laws

Indiana law: Does freedom of religion mean freedom to discriminate? (+video)

Church dating to Pilgrims damaged in fire

Eroding Freedom in the Name of Freedom (The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was adopted to protect vulnerable religious minorities, but it has been transformed, critics say, into a law that allows some groups to discriminate.)

The Reason Wilco Isn't Boycotting Other RFRA States

Indiana's big ‘sin': Left goes nuts over new law

Can't I Support Gays and Religious Freedom? (Reactions to an old/new Indiana law border on the insane.)

Indiana governor wants changes to clarify religious objections law

Hey, Kick Those Christians Again! (A predictable consequence of same-sex “marriage's” expected triumph.)

Selective Outrage over Religious Freedom (If a Muslim female wears a hijab to school, this is a constitutionally protected right. Why are bakers and photographers not afforded the same constitutional protections?)

Pence: Ind. will ‘fix' religious freedom bill (Governor of Indiana Mike Pence (R)

Full text of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's news conference on RFRA

3 factors that make Indiana's religion law different from other states'

Mike Pence prepares to cave

Connecticut governor: Mike Pence is a 'bigot'

Russia Again Flight Tests New ICBM to Treaty-Violating Range

Russian History Receives a Makeover That Starts With Ivan the Terrible

Russia's Muslims proclaim Islamic State as enemy of Islam

Activists decry Russians' increasing sympathy for Stalin

Russian Rokot carrier rocket with three Gonets satellites launched

Inquiry Into Death of Litvinenko, a Putin Critic, Nears Conclusion

Russia's economy will stagnate in coming 5 years — ex-minister

Russia to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in two weeks

Russian army to have more than 350,000 contract servicemen by year end

Russia — perhaps more restrained and less powerful than you think?

Iran ready to continue nuclear talks 'until deal reached,' Russia says chances 'high'

Russia's losses from Crimea integration estimated at $150-200 bln — ex-finance minister

Putin to head to US for major UN event – report

No, Secret Service agents don't think jokes at their expense are funny

Exclusive: Jeff Sessions Hits Intel over Anti-American Worker H-1B Increase Push (US Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions (R)

Amid Inquiry, Menendez Finds Well of Support Among Jewish Leaders (US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)

Rubio backs religious freedom law  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio  (R)

Warren: Schumer has fought 'on the front lines' with me (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)/ US Senator of New York Charles Schumer (D)

Murray backs Schumer for leader (US Senator of Washington Patty Murray (D)

Iran deal a big test for Schumer (US Senator of New York Charles Schumer (D)

Elizabeth Warren plays Ted Cruz role with House Democrats (US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D) met with House Democrats earlier this week to push back on Obama's trade agenda.)

Senator to probe Google meetings at White House (US Senator of Utah Mike Lee (R)

IRS chief: Cruz tax plan not viable (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)

Revived Questions about Huma Abedin  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R) ups the pressure on Hillary Clinton's Islamist operative.)

Two lawmakers with disabilities facing off in Senate race

Harry Reid: “I Lied About Romney, But He Didn't Win, Did He?”  (Senate Minority Leader Harry (Criminal) Reid (D-Nevada)

Harry Reid's appalling defense of his attack on Mitt Romney's tax record (Senate Minority Leader Harry (Criminal) Reid (D-Nevada)

Senators warn Obama against rescinding UN veto (Israel)

Cruz MIA at Armed Services hearings (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)

Teenager Faces Charges After Mocking Singapore's Founding Father on YouTube

South Korea Picks Contractor to Develop New Jet Fighter

Too much democracy (The US envies what Lee Kwan Yew achieved.)

Weeping for Argentina  (The country's dysfunctionality goes much deeper than the woeful presidency of Cristina Kirchner.)

Peru PM, government to resign after censure vote

S. Korean Church Identifies N. Korean Detainee as a Pastor

New team to combat cyberattacks

Six out of 10 young women in Seoul drink alcohol

Household debt growth gains speed

Earthlike 'Star Wars' Tatooines May Be Common

Nick Saban ‘not sorry' for giving Jonathan Taylor a chance

In Boston Olympic Bid Vote, More Is at Stake Than Games

Inside Iron Mike's lost mansion: Haunting pictures of derelict Tyson home when he was the 'baddest man on the planet'

Headgear Rule for Girls' Lacrosse Ignites Outcry

Nearing another 50-goal season, Ovechkin continues shattering records

Kentucky will be tested, but not broken on way to perfect finish

USC's Pat Haden, ‘proud father of gay son,' will skip CFP meeting in Indiana

Chris Mullin Is Set to Lead St. John's Again, but This Time as a Rookie Coach

Dodgers cut Dustin McGowan, add Freddy Garcia, Elliot Johnson

NL Central preview: Adding Jon Lester gives Cubs chance at division crown

Jameis Winston's pro day has some highlights and lowlights [Video]

Why Chris Mullin channeling Phil Jackson can lose him everything

Gabby Douglas returns to spotlight with reality TV show

Patriots owner Robert Kraft takes stand at Aaron Hernandez trial

UCLA's Jim Mora talks about Adrian Klemm, Tom Bradley

Father Stays on Sideline as Georgia State's R.J. Hunter Enters the N.B.A. Draft

Competition for starting quarterback job begins at UCLA

AL Central preview: Expect a season-long fight for the division

The cautionary tale of A.J. Burnett, and the cost of Yanks' last title

UConn Women Trail at Halftime but Surge to Another Final Four

Good news for Yankees: AL East has parity of ugly contenders

Maryland 58, Tennessee 48: Maryland Again Advances at Tennessee's Expense 

Charles Barkley: Final Four shouldn't be in Indiana

N.C.A.A. Steps Up Pressure Over New Indiana Law (The president of the NCAA expressed concern about the ability to conduct the association's affairs and tournaments in an environment that reflects its values.)

For Washington Nationals, panic on Half Street or bumps in the road?

Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello Ignite the Rangers' Line

Wizards clinch second straight playoff berth

With Travis Trice in Control, Michigan State Keeps Calm and Moves On  (The Spartans head to the Final Four on the back of a skinny guard who has gone from unheralded recruit to superstar and been a picture of poise in the NCAA tournament.)

U-Md. women in Final Four

N.C.A.A. Final Four Preview: Kentucky Heads a Familiar Four (All four of this year's surviving teams have already made Final Four appearances in this decade.)

Jayson Werth swings in a game; Reed Johnson, Matt den Dekker join the Nationals

Mets Owner Fred Wilpon Is Making Good on His Promise to Be More Engaged With the Team

In Carolina, Capitals meet their last opponent not fighting for the playoffs

Bronx Son of Yankees Fans Rekindles Father's Dream With the Mets

J.J. Redick has been the Clippers unsung hero

MLB Scoreboard

NHL Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard

NCAA Women's Basketball Scoreboard

Church van crashes into Florida canal, killing 8

Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill to Shield Police Names

Both parties in New Mexico and elsewhere see bad problems in good-intentioned civil forfeiture laws

Cuomo Gets Timely New York Budget but Pays Price (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)

Mysterious fireballs above Michigan. Video

John Kerry flashback: Give Iran nuclear fuel (US Secretary of State John Kerry; Insisted US should trust Tehran as Carter had done with Communist North Korea.)

Agents of the Enemy  (Is John Kerry representing America or Iran?)

Hot Air? Kerry accused of distorting role in climate hearings

In death row case, Supreme Court looks for narrow ruling

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Challenge to IPAB  (Independent Payment Advisory Board sets reimbursement rates for Medicare.)

Tearing down the graves: Now ISIS turn their savagery on the dead by pulling down monuments and smashing tombs in Syrian cemetery 

An Anxious Wait in Syrian City Held by Insurgents

ISIL attacks Syrian village, kills scores

All-Female ISIS Brigade Terrorizes Syrian Women With Something Called 'The Biter'

Taipei, Beijing hold trade in goods talks

Mayor Ko says ‘one China' comments out of context  (Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said that comments he made that appeared to support the “one China”...)

Taiwan manufacturing hits all-time high in 2014

Taiwan shares rise 0.67%

Ma touts domestic submarine program (President Ma Ying-jeou)


Foreigners Are Attacking ... American TV!

‘Emergency alert' sparks panic among TV viewers across US

How big a threat are the world's jihadi groups?

'Thank you for being brave': Scientology dissenters Lisa Marie Presley and Leah Remini lead celebrity applause for documentary that reveals John Travolta is being BLACKMAILED by the secretive religion

ISIL's new model of resistance

Thai junta to lift martial law but retain powers

Thai flights banned in three countries   (Thailand's junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha has invoked the powers of a dictator to address a poor airline safety rating in the nation.)

Thai junta leader seeks sweeping new power to replace martial law

China suspends rollout of controversial cyber rules (The decision came after Treasury Secretary Jack Lew met with Communist Chinese officials.)

Turkish leftists take prosecutor hostage

Istanbul prosecutor held hostage by gunmen from far-left group in courthouse office

Istanbul police chief: 2 gunmen killed, prosecutor seriously wounded as hostage situation ends

Massive power blackouts hit Turkish cities

Security forces end hostage drama at Istanbul courthouse, killing two, rescuing prosecutor injured

Turkish PM Davutoğlu suggests 'pro-freedom' presidential system

Turkish gov't vows to hike pensions following main opposition CHP's promise of bonus wages

Turkish army denounces ‘illegal copying' of state secrets

Turkey's 2.9 pct growth in 2014 fails to meet target

Turkey dismisses claims of support for fall of Syria's Idlib

US-led training for Syrian rebels to start in May: Turkish minister

15 detained over student clashes in Ankara

Turkey's largest party today is the ‘Erdoğan-must-be-stopped party': Author (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)

Turkey's economic confidence index falls 15.4 pct in month

Shocking: Muslims Are Now Declaring Erdogan As God (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)

AFL-CIO Mobilizes For Executive Amnesty

NLRB Rolls Out Ambush Elections Regs at SEIU HQ

FTSE tanks, but marks best quarter since Dec. 2013

Anjem Choudary tells young Muslims not to vote as it is a 'sin' under Islamic law  (But campaigners say voting is a civic obligation - and the best way to tackle Islamophobia .)

Haroon Aswat pleads guilty to US terror charges (British terror suspect Haroon Aswat has pleaded guilty in New York to charges of plotting to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon.)

Dirty Scots dentist told to repay £175k NHS grant

Note To Prince Charles: Capitalism Best System Ever Tried

Scotland's film and TV sector ‘needs urgent aid'

Veterans' mental health: Referrals rise by 26%

Intelligence agencies in 'technology arms race'

E-cigarettes: Many teenagers trying them, survey concludes

Invisible spray to keep cyclists safe on roads

UK couple found shot dead in Spain

Traffic jams on the rise as city gridlocks worsen

Tories will give Britain a job 'for everyone who wants one' by 2020, says Cameron  (British Prime Minister David Cameron)

Anglo-Saxon cow bile and garlic potion kills MRSA

Free the internet from commercial interests, says Martha Lane Fox

Public concerned about web snooping, says survey

A Ukip candidate has a predictably sensible solution to radicalisation

British soldier found dead on Miami street

Cyclist repeatedly stabbed in unprovoked west London attack

Labour faces backlash from some of Britain's biggest companies over advert

British airports ready for record-breaking numbers set to travel this Easter

Queen's staff could 'strike' for the first time

Met Office issues yellow warnings as UK expects 70mph winds

British man, his wife and two children - including a baby - found stabbed to death in Gibraltar

Major British Parties Struggle to Fend Off Challenges as Campaigns Begin

Borneo man faces death penalty for murder of British medical students

British journalist loses his conspiracy case against the Irish police

MI6 chief says service is in 'technology arms race' with terrorists and criminals

Anglican church must divest fossil fuels to cope with climate crisis, bishops say

Man dies trying to save brother who was on London tube track

Over a $1 billion pledged to Syria crisis

UN alarmed over civilian casualties in Yemen

End of an era: Century-old bakery rolls out Passover matzos for the last time in its Lower East Side factory before move to new factory

A Trial Partnership for 2 Jewish Cultural Institutions in New York (The Museum of Jewish Heritage, trying to attract more visitors, and the National Yiddish Theater-Folksbiene, seeking a permanent home, could undergo a full-blown merger by 2017, officials say.)

Americans unhappy with Obama's treatment of Israel, supportive of Iran deal

Jeremy Konyndyk: Responding to humanitarian crises worldwide (Konyndyk is director of the Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance at the USAID.)

Vatican defends appointment of Chilean bishop accused of sex-abuse cover-up

Obama surrendered leverage in Iran nuke talks by easing sanctions, critics say

Why White House cannot afford to ignore Yemen civil war (+video)

White House denies reports of Iran balking on nuclear shipments

Obama returns to his father's Kenyan homeland for first time since becoming President

Obama to travel to Kenya for entrepreneurship summit

Rabbi warns Obama against appeasing Iran

White House unveils $478B highway bill

Obama Praises Edward Kennedy, and Mourns the Loss of Collegiality

Obama regrets not speaking up for Terri Schiavo

Obama's Passport Data Leaked in Australian Email Blunder

Obama faces enormous stakes as Iran talks go down to wire

The Mistake that Will Haunt Obama's Legacy Abroad

Former GOP governor: Obama 'inciting' birthers with Kenya trip

Obama's Chicago Presidency

White House: Indiana religious freedom law is broader than federal

Is the controversial Indiana law ‘the same' as a law backed by Obama?

Anonymous sends video message to Barack Hussein Obama

Obama vetoes GOP bill on union election rules

WH: Hillary Acting As ‘Private Citizen' In Benghazi Investigation



Saturday, March 28, 2015

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