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Sunday, March 1 , 2015 

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Monday, February 2, 2015


Senate to Vote on Department of Homeland Security Act

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Capital Hill Review January 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Shows preview: GOP leaders under spotlight after last-minute deal

Friday, February 27, 2015


As His Girlfriend Was Inside Preparing for an Abortion, Boyfriend Rushes in to Save His Baby

The other part of Christie's ‘record' on abortion rights (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)

Pro-Life Groups Re-Launch Girl Scout Cookie Boycott After Group Honors Pro-Abortion Politician

West Virginia lawmakers pass 20-week abortion ban

Fetal pain abortion bill heads to Governor (West Virginia)

Abortion Clinic's Desperate 911 Call: “She's Bleeding Really Heavy and We Can't Stop It”

Campaign aims to roll back abortion restrictions

‘The Drop Box' Movie Director: Embracing Mothers in Need is the Way to End Abortion

Abortion Bills Rile Protesters at Capitol (Idaho)

Mom Was Told She Should Abort Her Baby With Down Syndrome, Her Response Was Perfect

Sex, contraception, or abortion? Explaining class gaps in unintended childbearing

Not One Democrat Sponsors New Senate Bill to Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortion  (US Senate)

Arkansas ban on pro-life signs on public property is unconstitutional: Thomas More Society

Arkansas Governor Signs Telemedicine Abortion Ban

GOP chairman: My party is pro-life and pro-family

Wasserman Schultz: Helms Amendment Has Become ‘A Total Ban on Funding for Abortion' (Democratic National Committee Chairman US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz)

Abortion foes: Hold California accountable

Ben Carson: Ridiculous How Abortion Activists Call Pro-Life People “Anti-Woman”

Franklin Graham: America's Morality is Crumbling Thanks in Part to Obama's Abortion Extremism

Minnesota Committee Passes Bill to Help Save Newborns From Infanticide

Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Signs Bill Banning Webcam Abortions

The Secret Shame of Abortion in the Church

Nurse who assisted in abortions now pro-life, opposes abortion

The Left is fanatical about abortion. Here, at last, is the proof (United Kingdom)

Kenya Ambassador Stands Up for Pro-Life Values, Tells UN to Respect Children Before Birth

Taliban poised to make gains in Afghanistan

A pioneer on a risky road: The life of Afghanistan's first female taxi driver

Liberia's President Urges U.S. to Continue Ebola Aid

Fatality Rate Is Falling in West African Ebola Clinics

Why is Libya falling apart?

U.S. Push for Abstinence in Africa Is Seen as Failure Against H.I.V.

Ebola battle far from over, Sirleaf says (Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf wants Americans to know she's grateful for the help so far but her country's battle with the deadly Ebola epidemic is far from over.)

Teen kidnapped at birth found at same school as biological sister (A newborn was kidnapped from a Cape Town hospital in 1997 but her parents never gave up hope and now, 17 years later, they have found her.)

 Libya PM threatens new air strikes with Egypt against IS

Robert Mugabe says he's still in charge of Zimbabwe

The big melt: Antarctica's retreating ice may re-shape Earth

New film depicts Jewish students' growing insecurity on campus

Campus Jewish Groups Stand with SJP Anti-Semites  (The UCLA Jewish community's disturbing support for a university hate group.)

Canadian Leaders Rush to Condemn Anti-Semitic Vandalism in Montreal

Harassment of Jews on the rise worldwide, study finds

Atheist US blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

US Blogger Hacked to Death With Cleavers By Jihadists in Bangladesh (Photos)

Hopes of 6000 dashed (The Australian share market posted another weekly rise, but the race to 6000 was futile with weak local economic data and some savage reaction to the reporting season holding the market's gains in check.)

$A calm ahead of rates storm

Is this Abbott's end?   (Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott)

Revealed: the gay pay gap

Australian Jewish News turns 120, concerns over community safety remain

Please call home, mother tells fugitive teacher

Australian Border Force calls in reinforcements

Our seafood labelling is 'embarrassing'

Resale Prices Tumble on Electric Cars

Automakers hire rocket firm to probe air bag problems

Teacher denies influencing Canadian teens headed to Syria

Canada court denies woman hearing until she removed hijab

Canadian court keeps oath to Queen

Middle East experts: It is a religious war ('They are attacking Christians, their goal is to eliminate Christianity.')

Andrew Klavan: Good News, Beheaded Christians

China removes top U.S. tech firms from government purchasing list

China's Space Weapons Threaten U.S. Satellites

China suspends ivory carving imports, but move won't stop poaching

China imposes one-year ivory ban on eve of Prince William visit

China Rebuffs U.S. Request to Halt S. China Sea Island Work

China's investment law reformed- but still grey

China's Long Road to Dominance

Chinese diplomat lectures West on Russia's ‘real security concerns' over Ukraine

In China, Suspicions Cloud Trade Dispute Involving Tech Companies

Reality sinks in for many Cubans on eve of talks with US

Chabad emissaries face shut doors in Havana

Cuba's Spot on U.S. Terror List Gums Up Restoration of Relations

Korea poses 'serious' nuclear threat, US says

Cash-strapped North Korea steps up mining output

North Korea's Nuclear Expansion

Senate OKs Homeland Security funds; House holds off

Scarlet letters for the Bibi boycotters (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Congress launches Medal of Honor campaign for ‘American Sniper' Chris Kyle

Homeland Security/Amnesty Showdown Testing GOP Nerve

Homeland Security deal: Will Boehner follow McConnell's lead? (+video)  (Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio)/Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)

Fawwaz guilty of US embassy attacks  (A former aide of Osama Bin Laden has been found guilty of plotting the al-Qaeda bombing of US embassies in east Africa in 1998 that killed 224 people.)

Judge turns hate crimes case into vision of a 'new Mississippi'

Cheating husband found guilty of getting lover to shoot dead his wife as they walked their young son - as it's revealed he'd spent $4,500 on black magic spells to get rid of her

'American Sniper' trial: Why US juries often reject the insanity plea (+video)

Man who beat wife to death with a frying pan announces to the court: 'We lost a great woman' before being sentenced to 30 years

Congress' Obamacare self-exemption OK, judge rules

Boston Marathon Bomber Lawyers Complain Jury is Too White

Exxon Mobil Settles a $9 Billion Environment Case in New Jersey for $250 Million

Shocking moment Texas mother puts a gun to the head of a 14-year-old girl who was fighting her daughter over a boy

'Gang member who killed Vegas mom in road rage attack' wants to test her body for gunshot residue to try and prove he fired back in self defense

Los Angeles police hunt 21-year-old driver after 'planned' midnight street race in souped-up cars left two spectators dead

Holder, Sharpton Agree: More Crimes Should Be Considered Racist

Nine People Dead in Southern Missouri Shooting Spree

Vandalism in Arizona Shut Down Internet, Cellphone, Telephone Service Across State

Cyber attacks top US threat list  (A US intelligence assessment of security threats faced by the country highlights cyber attacks from foreign governments and criminals.)

Wall Street regulator warns of ‘Armageddon-type' cyberattack on U.S. banks

Georgia postpones first execution of female prisoner for 70 years because of the bad weather

Emails prove Hillary 'terror' lie in Benghazi (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton claimed 'response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet.')

New York black Democratic senator: “White people don't eat the way we do'

Chen Guangcheng: Hilary Clinton “Gave In” to China, Sold Out My Freedom to Chinese  (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton)

Clinton takes fire from Democrats as Libya chaos creates terrorist safe haven (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton)

Clinton Foundation's money ‘problems' problematic for Hillary (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton)

Former Clinton PR Advisor, Conservative PR Leader Condemn New Israel Fund

Rahm's Runoff (Mayor of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel; Chicago's problems run deeper than many in the city want to acknowledge.)

Coast Guard mismanages millions in bridge construction projects

DHS Secretary Fails to Cite Any Law Authorizing Obama to Give Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens (Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson)

Pathetic. Holder Plays Race Card In Exit Interview – Urges Kids to Read Malcolm X (US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr)

Obama U.S. Attorney: Anti-Muslim Backlash More Dangerous Than ISIS

Finally Cleared, Zimmerman Should Sue the DOJ

U.S. stocks end lower, but manage solid monthly gains

Asian Stocks Head for Biggest Monthly Gain Since September 2013

Oil's drop chills Asian stocks, inflation data boosts dollar

10-year yield nabs its largest monthly gain in nearly 2 years

Welcome To Houston, Texas: Still America's Economic Miracle

Gold may take a shine to $1,700 an oz. by 2016

Emerging Markets-Turkey under pressure but stocks head for weekly gains

GDP expanded 2.2 points, down from forecasts

Jobs report may test market's complacency

Qatar emir committed to 'stability' in Egypt despite row

Wisconsin, Workers and the 2016 Election

Conservatives and 'Gaffes' (How should Republicans like Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker respond when rabidly liberal reporters label their plain speaking as "gaffes?")

Jeb: 'We Should Give Them a Path to Legal Status' (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Pro-Amnesty, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Abortion Donors Fueling Jeb Bush's Fundraising (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

One GOP Hopeful Won't Sign 'No Tax Hike' Pledge: Jeb Bush (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Hillary Clinton And The Influence Of Foreign Money (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

Cruz strongly signals presidential bid (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)

Walker: I took on unions, I can take on ISIS  (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R);  AVIPP COMMENTARY: A very foolish man. This is no joking matter.  Fighting unions and Islamofascist terrorists is very different.)

Sean Hannity vows to grill Jeb Bush on Common Core, immigration  (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Jeb Bush: Hawk or dove? Americans are undecided (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Why Won't Scott Walker Believe in Obama?  (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)

Jeb's Conservative Pitch (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Rick Perry: ‘Mr. President, If You Don't Secure the Border, Texas Will'  (Former Governor of Texas Rick Perry (R);  AVIPP COMMENTARY: More foolish talk.  If this was the case why did Perry not secure the border when he was governor?)

Trump: 'I'm the only one who can beat' Hillary  (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

Jeb Bush: 'I'm not backing down' from immigration stance (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

2016 GOP hopefuls flex muscles at CPAC

Brent, WTI crude end seven-month losing streak

Energy Prices

Tanking up on safety

Oil Sails From Russia to Asia Faster on Smaller Ships

Killing Keystone

Ukraine 'starts weapons withdrawal'

With Ukraine cease-fire at stake, eyes turn to Mariupol (+video)

European stocks waver, but on track for monthly rise

Romania gets serious about ending its notorious corruption (+video)

First human head transplant could happen by 2017, says Italian surgeon

Third alleged accomplice in Copenhagen shootings arrested

Italian bonds just marked an important milestone

Ex-Im worker accused in bilking scheme

Clean-living cop rushed to hospital after burning his throat on McDonald's ice tea that was laced with heavy duty cleaning chemical

3 arrested in N.Y., Florida in plot to join Islamic State

FCC Commish: New Regs Will Have ‘Severe' Tax Impacts

Duke Economist Tells CPAC the FCC's ‘Net Neutering' Decision Will Stifle Internet Driven Economic Growth

Government Takeover of the Internet Begins

The Internet Is Too Important To Let The FCC Wreck It

Republicans Pledge to Fight FCC on Obama-Backed Net Neutrality

Strict rules for US web providers

Net neutrality's stunning reversal of fortune: Is it John Oliver's doing?

Split FCC approves ‘net neutrality' plan; dissenters decry Obama ‘power grab'

A Title II Internet

Comrades for Net Neutrality
The ISPs Should Blame Themselves for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality to Face Lawsuits, Congressional Investigations

Why does the Federal Reserve fear a real audit?

Not So Random: Here's What Paris Terrorist Asked His Victims Before He Shot Them Dead

Germany's Central Council Of Jews Warns Against Wearing Yarmulkes

Germany: Nurse Guilty in Clinic Deaths

To fight homegrown jihadis, Germany takes lesson from battle with neo-Nazis

Greek violence ahead of debt vote

Mein Kampf Returns to Germany

Germany's Bundestag okays Greece's bailout extension

Climate scientist being investigated by Congress for not believing in global warming enough

First Direct Observation of Carbon Dioxide's Increasing Greenhouse Effect at Earth's Surface

Tom Schweich, Missouri auditor and Republican gubernatorial candidate, dead of ‘apparent suicide'

Idaho Republicans ponder ‘Judeo-Christian' declaration for state

America's Future Depends upon Which Republican Wins Still Unfinished Year After Feds Issued Dire Warning

Study: ObamaCare premiums could triple if court tosses subsidies

HHS pays Obamacare insurers $3 billion that Congress never authorized

A plan to repeal ObamaCare – root and branch

GOP states that resisted Obamacare revisit stance

Big Insurer Tightens Rules on Hysterectomies

Drinking Several Cups Of Coffee A Day May Keep MS Away

Managing Your Pain: How to Use Prescription Drugs Without Becoming Addicted

Hollywood conservatives, Duck Commander fight the PC police - and win

The Hoax of Black Victimization at the Oscars

Leonard Nimoy dies at 83

House Republicans put off No Child Left Behind vote

House GOP hopes to pass stopgap DHS funding before midnight shutdown

Boehner invites Afghan president to address Congress  (Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio)

Rep. King: There May Be Ways to Defund Iran Deal  (US Representative of New York Peter T King (R)

Scalise says he'll go to Selma 'next year'  (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R- Louisiana)

Boehner stays silent on DHS bill   (Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio)

Disgruntled right wing keeps Boehner coup talk alive  (Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio)

House Republican urges subpoena of ObamaCare data  (US Representative of North Carolina Mark Meadows (R)wants to see enrollment data.)

The Dem Congressmen Boycotting Netanyahu are the Same Old Hamas Supporters  (US Representative of Washington Jim McDermott (D)/Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Pelosi Slams 'Toxic Anti-Immigrant' House Republicans  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)

DPS REPORT: Illegal Aliens with Terror Ties Entering Through Texas

Trump: Exec Amnesty Will Make Illegal Immigration ‘Worse than It's Ever Been'

U.S. looks to aid Syrian refugees amid security concerns

Are Muslims 10% of Immigrants to US?

Indian PM riles China

13-Year-Old Girl Sold Into Slavery, Forced to Conceive Children and Deliver Babies for Sale

GM corn trial in final stage in India: Monsanto

US pushes India on defense pacts

India placed orders worth Rs 83,858cr for arms

Union budget 2015: As FM Jaitley lays it all out, the keyword will be optimism

Jaitley to present Modi govt's first full-year Budget tomorrow, tax sops

Woman from Sikkim raped in Delhi; AIIMS doctor, four others arrested

Net Neutrality Is About Regulating Speech

YouTube is losing money even though it has more than 1 billion viewers

Facebook launches new suicide alert system to allow users to report their at-risk friends

Iran cleric vows to 'raise flag of Islam on White House' to avenge Israeli attack

Deterring an Iranian Nuclear Breakout

Reducing Iran's Number of Centrifuges Makes a Bomb More Likely

Iran test-fires ‘new strategic weapon' to battle ‘Great Satan' US

'US will be able to detect Iranian sprint to nuclear bomb,' ex-Obama aide says

Converting the Ayatollahs

New Islamic State video shows militants smashing ancient Iraq artifacts

Islamic State 'smashes Iraq statues'

‘I am Charlie' —- Brown Variety  (When will the West stop falling for radical Islam's same bait-and-switch?)

Austria Bans Foreign Funding of Mosques, Forces Imams to Speak German

And still the slaughter goes on: ISIS murders 'spies' in Iraq  

Islamic School Principal Accused of Molesting Young Girls Says He Was Fighting Demons w/Koran

Iraq statue-smashing video sparks outrage, heritage fears

Muslim day at Oklahoma Capitol hit by anti-Islamic protests

Whose war is it?  (Muslims must lead the battle against radicalism.)

All of Israel is "Palestine" according to Abbas' National Security Forces (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

Jews Who Embrace Their Enemies  (The failure to resist terrorism only perpetuates it.)

Netanyahu is coming to Washington next week because Obama left him no choice  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/ US President Barack Obama)

Arsonists Attacks Christian Seminary in Jerusalem

Anti-Israel BDS Jobs Available In Chicago & Los Angeles  (A lucrative career awaits in the Israel hatred industry.)

Israeli doctors try to save Christian baby who fled Islamic State

Obama Brings his Gun to the Fight with Israel (US President Barack Obama)

Despite ban, Israeli products still abound in Ramallah stores

Congressman Harassed on Temple Mount by Crowd Shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar'

Video>>> US Lawmaker Harassed at Temple Mount By Muslim Women Shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

Summer warmth surprises Israel

Arab League condemns Israel attacks on mosque, church

Israel-PA resolve electricity and water disputes

IAF suspended training flights after series of mishaps (Israeli Air Force)

CAMERA Prompts NY Times Correction, Raises Question, on Netanyahu Speech

For terror-hit US families, vindication and tears after legal victory against PA

Billboard campaign launched in Ireland to recognize Palestine

Tel Aviv Marathon halted due to heat

Shin Bet busts two West Bank (Judea and Samaria) terror cells

Pioneering former MK dies at 61

Jordan, Israel Sign Historic Red Sea-Dead Sea Rescue Deal

Italian parliament recognizes Palestinian state

Israeli Election Still Up For Grabs

Israeli forces destroy protest camp for 10th  time

Kerry to Talk with Iran at Same Time Netanyahu to Warn Congress (US Secretary of State John F Kerry/Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Israeli forces suppress West Bank (Judea and Samaria) demos

Hamas Stops Palestinian Authority Novelist from Going to Casablanca Book Fair

Gaza counts cost of failed reconstruction promises

Poll: Jewish Home Stuck at 11 Seats, Labor Top

Zionist Union gains slight edge over Likud in Friday polls

Why Bibi's Speech Matters  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Ex-Mossad chief: PM taking ‘intolerable' risks with Israeli security (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

US-Israel diplomatic meltdown

AIPAC: We never opposed Netanyahu's Congress speech (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Criminal sanctions for haredi draft dodgers should end, says Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Bolton: ‘Obama Has the Worst Relationship with Israel' Since 1948  (Former US Ambassador of the UN John Bolton)

Finding Gaza Unbearable, Artist Creates Her Own World in One Room

Japan's shares at fresh 15-year high

As Abe pushes for more robust military, Japanese push back  (Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe)

Japan police arrest teenager for 'Islamic State-inspired' killing

Fukishima leak unreported

Japanese volcanic island grows to 11 times its original size - and ain't stopping

Japan's premier, Poland's president urge to settle Ukraine conflict diplomatically

Old Lebanese synagogue now a home for destitute

DC joins states legalizing marijuana: How it's different in the nation's capital (+video)

Deal with pot advocates lighted way to D.C. law

Secret Marijuana Farm Beneath Brooklyn Cherry Factory Leaves Many Mysteries

Al Sharpton moving? Talk turns to MSNBC host losing prime nightly spot

James O'Keefe Admits Approaching Al Sharpton: “There's Video of His Reaction”

Georgia lawmaker says she wants to slap Fox host

Jill Abramson, ex-New York Times editor, nabs $1M book deal

WaPo's Karen Tumulty Denies Racial Motive In Attack On Jeb Bush's Hispanic Wife (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Disgusting! Post-Dispatch Links Tom Schweich's Death to White Supremacist Mass Murderer

Utah: Governor Spars Over Medicare Expansion

Parents in march for Mexico students

Mexico arrests fugitive leader of Knights Templar cartel

Mexico AG slammed on students steps down

Mexico to replace embattled attorney general

Rebels Accuse Saudis of Fueling Unrest to Divide Yemen

UAE reopens Yemen embassy in Aden

Saudi Journalist Calls For Laws Against Animal Abuse: 'Anyone Who Kills Animals Will End Up Killing People' 

Saudi-UK talks spotlight ME crises

 3 women risk torture in secret UAE detention over ‘I miss my brother' tweet – Amnesty  

Saudi Arabia moves mission to Aden

250,000 children suffer from ADHD (Saudi Arabia)

Fatwa On Qatari Government Website: Execution By Burning Is Permitted Under Certain Circumstances 

For Yemen's Arab Spring activists, hope plummets as chaos deepens

POW/MIA groups ask Congress to investigate JPAC reorganization

What's it like for women soldiers in Ranger training? A glimpse inside.

Experts on Islamic State worry US is discounting fight for Mosul (US commanders pressing for an attack on Mosul as early as this spring may be underestimating the importance of the city to its Islamic State occupiers, who are likely to put up a huge fight to retain their control, experts say.)

Germany will again recognize expired US state driver's licenses

Intel chief skeptical of timeline for Mosul mission to oust Islamic State (Senior intelligence officials appear to be distancing themselves from a tentative timeline that a military officer established last week for invading Mosul, Iraq.)

Lawmakers puzzled as to why few veterans going outside VA for care

Pentagon Shops in Silicon Valley for Game Changers

Camp Pendleton Marines training for large-scale deployment

Feds Spend $12,500 Translating Spanish Novel on ‘Heterosexual Privilege'

Clapper: Half the world's stable countries ‘at risk of instability'  (Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper)

Turkish ‘permissiveness' is aiding IS jihadists, US spy chief says

Nasa satellite measures remarkable 1,600 mile journey of dust from Sahara to jungle

NATO chief tells Russia to get arms out of Ukraine

For First Time, Proposed Federal Dietary Guidelines Include ‘Sustainability'

Former Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Aslam Beg: 'America Is Not Just Any Other Country, But It Is A Superpower That Has Made The World A Dangerous Land'   (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Pakistan is just one example of a nation that has made the world dangerous for harboring terrorists.)

Govt to keep petroleum prices unchanged in March

Pakistani Officials Issue Arrest Warrants Over Refusals of Polio Vaccine

Four prisoners at the district jail Gilgit attempted to escape

FATF removes Pakistan from list of terror financers

First phase of biometric verification of the mobile SIMs ended on 26,Feb

US trial: Pakistani says he 'posed as a woman' to meet women, not plot terror

John Kerry refused to use aid as a weapon to persuade Pakistan to release Dr Shakil Afridi  (US Secretary of State John F Kerry)

Teaching our students to fire weapons is madness itself

PM fails to gather consensus for amendment over Senate polls

Child raped by 65-year-old man in Akora Khattak

Pakistan's support to LeT will likely be an irritant: US Intelligence Director

Dollar breaks Rs102 barrier

CPAC, An Idea Whose Time Has Gone (Is conservatism now nothing more than a political hustle? AVIPP COMMENTARY: How true.)

CPAC 2015 - Latest news from the Conservative Political Action Conference

Grading the CPAC Speakers, From Walker to Christie

Cruz, Walker fire up conservatives at CPAC, lay foundations for 2016 bids (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)/ Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)

Rivals Find Fortunes Reversed at CPAC

Rand Paul tells CPAC he plans to propose the 'largest tax cut in American history' (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)

Palin Bashes Obama and `Naive' State Department at CPAC

Rubio tells CPAC: 'I have a debt to America that I'll never be able to repay' (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio  (R)

Jindal pounds Common Core in CPAC speech (Urges repeal of national school standards along with Obamacare.)

Rivals Christie and Walker Find Fortunes Reversed as CPAC Opens

Is Ben Carson the Most Popular Man at CPAC?

At CPAC, Pushing Republican Hopefuls to Dive Into Policy Specifics

CPAC attendees plan to walk out on Jeb Bush

Phyllis Schlafly: 'I will see you all there' (Conservative icon honored, vows return of traditional values.)

Gary Johnson decries marijuana prohibition at CPAC  (Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson forcefully defended marijuana legalization Thursday afternoon at the Conservative Political Action Conference.)

Carly Fiorina at CPAC: 'Mrs. Clinton, please name an accomplishment'

Bozell to CPAC: ‘Cultural Fascism Has Arrived in America'

Priebus on 2016 Debates: "Conservative Media Will Have a Voice" (Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus)

Russia confirms will attend gas talks with EU, Ukraine

Russia has no reasons to doubt that Fidel Casto is alive — deputy foreign minister

Moscow confirms India considering free trade zone with Eurasian Economic Union

Moscow works on sound measures in response to US sanctions — Russian diplomat

‘Opposition is necessary...but we wouldn't vote for them,' most Russians hold

Russia interested in lifting anti-Iranian sanctions — Russian diplomat

Senior MP urges review of statute of limitation in pedophilia cases

Moscow has no second thoughts about normalization of US-Cuban relations — diplomat

Bakers, florists should be able to opt out of gay weddings, poll finds

Discovery of black hole as massive as 12bn suns could change everything we know about how the universe began...

Senate passes bill to avert midnight shutdown of DHS

Senate passes 'clean' Homeland Security bill

Sasse thinks he's solved GOP's O'care dilemma (US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse(R)

Cuccinelli rips Republicans: 'They don't have any backbone!' (Senate Conservatives Fund President Ken Cuccinelli calls Senate Republicans' decision to push Homeland Security funding that includes money for President Obama's amnesty a “total surrender” that proves GOP leaders “really don't have any backbone.”)

Senate on track to avoid shutdown

Inhofe hurls snowball on Senate floor  ("It's just from outside here. So it's very, very cold out," said US Senator of Oklahoma James Inhofe (R)

Exclusive: Sen. Jeff Sessions to Rebut Jeb Bush's Amnesty Support During Surprise CPAC Meet-and-Greet (US Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions (R)/Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Loretta Lynch passes key Senate hurdle. Set to be next attorney general?

AG nominee clears Senate panel

Social Security's Rosy Forecast Keeps Fix Off Agenda

Argentine president case dismissed  (A federal judge in Argentina dismisses accusations that President Cristina Fernandez had covered up alleged Iranian involvement in 1994 a bomb attack.)

Brazil homicide division to investigate summary executions

NIS head named Park's new chief of staff (President Park Geun-hye)

Restart of aging nuclear reactor sparks controversy

Four killed in Hwaseong shooting

First pictures of the biggest aircraft in history: Microsoft co-founder provides glimpse of his proposed megaplane that will launch rockets into orbit

Spain arrests eight nationals for fighting with pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine

Why Won't the Yankees Dump A-Rod?

‘Tres Amigos' lead new-look Red Sox's scary offensive dynamo

Kings' eight-game winning streak ends in 1-0 loss to Senators

This sad bust-for-breakdown NHL trade is great for both sides

'Child abuser' Adrian Peterson reinstated to the NFL in another blow to beleaguered commissioner 

CC Sabathia happy with throwing program, new knee brace

Terrapins Rise Again, on the Back of an Understated Forward

Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns might be just what the Lakers need

As Slava Voynov Awaits Trial, Kings Are Surging Without Him

Earl Lloyd, first black player in NBA, dies at 86

Bulls Expect Derrick Rose to Return This Season

Falcons cut Steven Jackson

Redskins terminate Barry Cofield's contract  (Cofield, a ninth-year veteran was slated to count for roughly $7.7 million against the cap this coming season.)

Why Nets' Mason Plumlee is getting less playing time

Orioles' Wieters, now healthy, returns to catcher after advising

Gimmick or not, the NHL shootout remains a big part of the game

Redskins cut DE Stephen Bowen, re-sign OT Tom Compton

Former college basketball player pleads not guilty to rape and sodomy against two women

Capitals tweak power-play personnel to ‘reset' amid recent struggles

Clippers get a rematch against the Grizzlies after excruciating loss

Vanderbilt Coach Kevin Stallings sorry for saying he'd 'kill' player

Thomas Jones: From Jets RB to Gabrielle Union co-star

For a few recruits, committing to a college happens before puberty

 Phil Jackson faces tampering fine for D'Angelo Russell praise

NHL Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard

NCAA Men's Basketball Scoreboard

NCAA Women's Basketball Scoreboard

California plastic bag ban on hold pending 2016 vote (+video)

Hackers force State Department to replace 300,000 credentials

State Department doubts mall terror threat ... trumpeted by Homeland

State Dep't Not Suggesting That Lack of Opportunity ‘Is the Only Factor' in Terror Recruitment

Abercrombie headscarf case: Supreme Court considers religious accommodation (+video)

Lawyers Aren't Waifs (When a government restricts who may speak or what may be said, its actions have unintended consequences.  )

What If Obamacare Subsidies Disappear?

61% of Americans don't want Supreme Court to force gay ‘marriage' on the states: poll

On Syria's front line, militias fight to free IS captives

California couple fear for their Christian family members dragged from their beds at 4 a.m. in Syria by Islamic State militants

Kurdish Fighters Seize Key Islamic State Stronghold

‘Assad cannot be Syria's future' – UK & French foreign ministers  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)

Syria expels 3 key UN humanitarian staffers

Clapper refuses to discuss PLA threat (Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper)

Taiwan manufacturing output rises 3.59 percent

‘Fifth-column' threat inflated: retired colonel

January joblessness at 14-year low in Taiwan

Taiwan's military strength ranked 15th in global poll

Gender wage gap improved slightly this year: ministry

Pig gut statues win academic boost

ISIS: Pro-Palestinians in Europe Actually Sleeper ISIS Cells

How Not to Fight Violent Extremism (What was the head of today's KGB doing at Obama's terrorism summit?)

Why ISIS Beheads — on The Glazov Gang

Islamist Threats to the North American Economy and to Jews

Republicans in a blind alley on IS

DNI: 2014 Was Deadliest Year for Terror Attacks in 45 Years

February 28th ISIS Warning Goes Out - International Day Of Blood Will See Blood Running In The Streets Of America

Somali pirates free four Thai fishermen held for four years

TSA secretly warned of 'catastrophic threat' to aviation

Treasury Inspector General: ‘Potential Criminal Activity' Surrounding Lerner Emails

Mini Obamacare Bailout? Treasury Covers Some Obamacare Costs Without Congressional Approval

Countrywide Demonstrations In Turkey Protesting Violence Against Women And Turkish Government Policies On Women 

Turkey-US train-equip program for Syrian opposition to kick off March 1

Turkish PM presents Istanbul sea tunnel mega-project

Turkish lira hits record low on Central Bank worries

Turkish-style presidential system needed, Erdoğan repeats (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)

Turkish Central Bank Governor dismisses resignation rumors

IPI Turkey to act against defamation lawsuits against journalists

Man pretending to carry bomb detained outside US consulate

Security bill constitutes historic reform: Deputy PM

Ruling party MP apologizes over tweet insulting one of the founders of Turkish Republic

15-year-old beaten to death by inmates in Turkish prison, report claims

Turkey urges world's help on Syrian refugees as spending reaches $6 billion

Turkey secures 10.25 discount on Russian gas, says energy minister

Turkish minister condemns jihadists' destruction of artifacts in Iraq

Bolstering technology Turkey's priority in missile deal, says official

Turkey voices support for Austrian Muslims

Ankara disapproves of British call to Turkish Airlines CEO over missing schoolgirls

Bolstering technology Turkey's priority in missile deal, says official

Turkey's poultry sector faces risk of losing biggest export market

FTSE 100 marks best monthly gain in a year

Jihadi John identity revealed as Mohammed Emwazi: live

Man Identified as ‘Jihadi John' Was Detained by Britain in '09

British government made 'Jihadi John' torture and kidnap prisoners? Really? (+video)

Widow wants 'Jihadi John' alive (The widow of a UK aid worker killed by "Jihadi John", the masked IS militant identified as a man from London, tells the BBC she wants him caught alive.)

Families of slain Islamic State hostages react to outing of ‘Jihadi John'

Exclusive: First picture of the Angelic schoolboy who turned into reviled ISIS executioner. How polite London pupil became bloodthirsty killer Jihadi John - and made fools out of MI5

Cameron: We can still cut immigration to below 100,000 a year  (British Prime Minister David Cameron)

Cameron Defends British Security Services Over ‘Jihadi John'  (British Prime Minister David Cameron)

GPs could be paid bonuses to help ensure patients die where they choose

Could this man be the UK's first millionaire classroom teacher?

‘Hung' Parliament likely in Britain amid voter dissatisfaction with major parties

Children as young as seven are being lured into street gangs, MPs warn

'Every chicken could give you food poisoning'

Row over Savile hospital access claim (The NHS Trust boss responsible for Stoke Mandeville hospital is criticized for telling an MP Jimmy Savile was 'not given free access', the BBC learns.)

Welsh choir accused of breaking 'gentleman's agreement' by Oxford rivals

Probe into allegations RBS arm ‘helped tax evaders' (Royal Bank of Scotland's private banking arm Coutts is being investigated over allegations that its Swiss operation helped wealthy clients evade tax.)

Gypsies given £1m grant 'turned camp into cannabis factory'

'No conclusions' on Savile in schools  (A lack of evidence means there are no conclusions from investigations into possible abuse during school visits by Jimmy Savile. )

David Cameron immigration pledge in tatters as net immigration stands at 298,000 (British Prime Minister David Cameron)

Scottish shops face legal high crackdown

Three parent babies: Britain has breached EU law, MEPs warn

Lords call for UK Arctic ambassador

Eight million Britons will have to move from home as they age, National Housing Federation warns

FGM: more than 2,600 treated by the NHS since September

Wheat present in UK 'for 8,000 years'

 Winter likely to have been UK's sunniest since 1929

The remarkable new underwater archaeological discovery that could open up a fresh chapter in the study of European and British prehistory

UK diplomats' language skills warning

MI5's battle to identify radicalised Britons likely to turn to terrorism

London's galloping high-rise developments face a backlash from protest movement

Most sex workers have had jobs in health, education or charities – survey

Prince Harry to 'move to Australia'

U.N. Official Admits Belief In Global Warming Is Religious

The United Nations' Jihad Denial  (The “UN Alliance of Civilizations” and willful blindness.)

Slurpee waves! The moment semi-frozen breakers rolled ashore in New England amid record cold

Twenty million in path of winter storm sweeping the South as four states declare emergencies and dozens die

Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle

Obama's illegal ammo decree targets popular bullet used in AR-15 assault rifles because it can pierce armor

Devilish details behind Obama's bullet ban

Obama Went Up Against O'Reilly In Head-To-Head Cable News Matchup, And The Results Weren't Pretty

Obama lacks Islamic State plan, should increase arms to Kurdish peshmerga, envoy says

About Obama's 50% approval rating

Questioning Obama's faith

Obama Warns Of 'Consequences' Over Executive Amnesty

Obama's Self-Professed “Confusion” About Islamic Terror  (Why did the Liar-in-Chief call on Americans and Christians to exercise “humility” and “doubt?)

Obama keeps blinking in the fight on the Islamic State

Obama's bogus cure for boondoggles

White House will send Susan Rice to address pro-Israel group after she called Netanyahu's speech to Congress 'destructive' (National Security Adviser Susan Rice /Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Obama's thank you note to net neutrality supporters

'Perverting' Islam, Obama Misquotes Scripture

Fight against Islamic State: Is Obama's 'lead from behind' working?

The Fatal Flaws In Obama's Strategy For Dealing With Iran

Voters: Ignore Obama vetoes, keep passing bills he doesn't like

Rev. Graham: ‘Washington Has Been Infiltrated by Muslims Who Are Advising the White House'

Ebola virus death toll in West Africa reaches 9,660 — WHO


Sunday, February 22, 2015

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