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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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DC Radio Giant Pulls Pro-Life Ad

Pelosi Calls Defunding Planned Parenthood a ‘Manhood Thing' (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)

The CIA's War on Trump, Continued

The ‘Clock Boy' Defamation Suit Was Tossed Out in a Victory for Free Speech

'Car thief', 22, is charged with murdering loner IT worker, 49, and burying her body under her vast collection of romance novels so she wasn't found for ten days

Gee, I'm Starting to Think the Obama DOJ Just Might Be Politicized

This Legal Hole Could Be Bad News For Clinton Email Case Review

Kidding on the Quad   (It was just over twenty years ago that the physicist Alan Sokal pulled off his famous hoax—writing a mock paper on how the physical universe is just a social construct and sending it to Social Text, a hipster academic journal. Social Text, of course, published the absurd thing.)

'We waited for decades': Polish govt welcomes US troops

Poll: George Soros Incredibly Unpopular In Native Hungary

Breaking News: Europe's 'jihadi capital' is in lockdown as police launch huge anti-terror operation in Molenbeek in Brussels 

Sweden: Muslim migrants turn shopping center into no-go zone, intimidating police and harassing girls

Virginia: FBI visits mosque with multiple ties to jihad terror to reassure Muslims of their safety

The Invisible Atrocities In The Streets Of Paris

'Liberal snowflake' stars come under fire for 'pathetic' video that shows them singing 'I Will Survive' about Trump's inauguration as the president-elect's war with Hollywood's A-list wages on

Trump fires back a Democratic Rep. Lewis' not ‘legitimate president' comment

Republicans Introduce Bill to Reform Silencer Laws to Both Houses of Congress

Freshman Congressman Pushing Anti-Corruption Legislation

How MLK Would Have Responded to Our Immigration Debate

The coldest inauguration ever was a disaster of a party

Iraq makes swift gains against ISIS in Mosul


San Diego State University: Hijabbed Muslima drops claim of assault by two Trump supporters

North Carolina: “No evidence” for Hamas-linked CAIR's claim that teacher assaulted Muslim kindergartener

Israel: Muslim migrant accused of breaking into home, sexually assaulting 12-year-old girl while she slept

72 nations gather in Paris to impose ‘Auschwitz borders' on Israel. Will Kerry stop them?   (US Secretary of State John Kerry)

Soros' Son Quietly Steps Up as Major Liberal Donor

Family-Owned New York Times Rips Trump for Nepotism

Getting Mexico To Pay For The Wall Might Be Trump's Hardest Promise To Keep

Report: ISIS And Mexican Cartels Strike At U.S In Mexico

Human feces found at Hawaiian war memorial, lawmaker says

Team Trump: Flynn called Russia ambassador, no sanction talk 'plain and simple'

Trump Suggests He's Open to Lifting Russian Sanctions, 'One China' Policy

Trump's Celebrity-Free Inauguration Is Great for America
Protest Aims to ‘Take Down' WhiteHouse.Gov on Inauguration Day

Trump Inauguration disrupters admit to planning ‘dance party' on Mike Pence's Lawn

Revealed: The Establishment's Plan to Stop President Trump

Levin: Obama and 'jerk' Jeh Johnson just ignited a TAKEOVER of local elections in the dead of the night

YouTube Removes Channel of Prominent Conservative Website

SpaceX returns to flight, nails landing

SB Nation Claims New England Patriots Have a ‘Trump Problem'

Great Americans Day? Miss. town under fire for post that doesn't mention MLK Day

What drought? Before and after photos show how California has dramatically recovered from record dry spell in just ONE MONTH of rainstorms

Ice storm brings the southern Plains to a standstill: Thousands left without power and told to stay home as grounded flights and icy roads cause chaos from Oklahoma to southern Illinois

UK: “Taught By Muhammad” program clears up “misconceptions” about Islam being connected to terrorism

Ambassador Samantha Power's Swan Song at the United Nations


Sudan thanks Saudi for helping lift US sanctions

Conflict and Diplomacy on the High Seas

Serbia Threatens Retaliation If France Doesn't Hand Over Ex-Kosovo Leader

The Specter Of Nationalism And Redrawn Borders

Serbia: Two Suspects Detained In Alleged Montenegro Coup Attempt

Obama's timing on Cubans raises some questions

Cuba's Raul Castro meets with U.S. Chamber of Commerce president (Cuban dictator Raul Castro)

Strategy for handling North Korea's nukes: tailored deterrence

Trump picks Maryland U.S. attorney for No. two job at Justice: source

Senators Warren, Harris, Booker planning their presidential runs

ECB to hold steady, Trump takes office

Moldova To Receive Up To 100 Million Euros In EU Aid

Time for a European Nuclear Deterrent?

U.S. State Department nominee Tillerson fights climate deposition

Trump's Cabinet Picks Offer Thoughts on Immigration Policy

 Airbus versus Boeing: Iran deals the difference in plane battle

Air raid targeting IS militant kills up to 30 in Iraq's Mosul: residents

Jerusalem Truck Attack Raises Some Interesting Questions

Another Israel-Palestinian Conference, Another Exercise in Futility

Is Judith Butler the New Edward Said?  (Butler is curiously blind to her own portrayals of a colonizing and marginalizing (bad) Israel and the oppressed and innocent (good) “Palestinians.”)

Can Chelsea Manning be pardoned for crimes committed while 'she' was a man?

Watch: Hairdresser sets fire to straighten hair

Philippine Islamist militants free Korean and Filipino from cargo ship

Trump, Kissinger and Ma playing on a crowded chessboard

'We Will Need Fighters' -- Teaching Russian Kids Combat

Russia's PEN Center Fractures Over Creeping Kremlin Control

Hundreds Protest Giving St. Isaac Cathedral To Russian Orthodox Church

Trump was right about little Marco  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)

Spain Arrests Two Accused Of Connections To Islamic State

U.S. top court to weigh time limits on SEC recovery of illegal profits

Anti-ISIS fight going ‘as fast as possible'

Erdogan says early Turkish election not desirable, but not unthinkable (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)

Obama Renews Non-Nuclear Sanctions Against Iran For One Year   

Obama's Schizophrenic Politics

Obama Extends Sanctions On Russia Over Aggression In Ukraine By One Year  

White House Announces Final Obama News Conference



Personal Health


Saturday, January 14, 2017



Religious leaders celebrate abortion clinic's 'sacred work'

No Shame: Teen Drama 'Degrassi' Celebrates Abortion With Ice Cream

Idaho lawmaker wants women, doctors charged with murder in abortion cases

New Bill Aims to Make Abortion a Felony in Texas

Anti-Abortion Activists Say Trump's Court Picks Aren't Extreme Enough

Indiana legislators are proposing an all-out abortion ban

Woman Posts an Emotional Letter About Needing a Late-Term Abortion

Here's What Actually Happens When You Have An Abortion

State lawmaker speaks at anti-abortion rally in Huntsville (Alabama)

Ivory Coast strikes deal with mutineers

Trump Team's Queries About Africa Point to Skepticism About Aid

Gambia talks fail as president holds on

Powder falls from plane vent, triggers emergency response

GOP lawmakers move to strike down D.C.'s right-to-die law

How many billions will it take to make ‘Buffalo Billion' a success?

Canada-U.S. Ties Will Remain Strong, No Matter What

British Columbia: The ‘Wild West' of Canadian Political Cash

Beijing Sets 2017 Air Pollution Goal at More Than Double WHO's Acceptable Standard

China Confirms One More Human Death From H7N9 Bird Flu

Cubans Now Bound for U.S. Face a Bleak New Reality

'Obama has killed our dream': Cuban immigrants marooned in Mexico and Central America after Obama ends their special status

Ending a Misguided Cuban Migration Policy

GOP faces steeper challenge ahead after taking first step to repeal health law

The GOP's winding road to O'care repeal

Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton leaving after 13 years for top role at Snapchat firm

Sentence for ex-teacher who was impregnated by student, 13

3 Officers Facing Administrative Charges in Tamir Rice Case

Chicago needs cops who aren't afraid to do their job

Florida Man Strangled Wife, Then Impersonated Her on Facebook, Police Say

Mayor de Blasio Scrambles to Curb Homelessness After Years of Not Keeping Pace  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)

Ben Carson's Denial of Reality

Eric Garner case won't be resolved before Loretta Lynch leaves office (US Attorney General Loretta Lynch)

5 Takeaways From Scathing DOJ Report on Chicago Cops

Chicago Police Routinely Trample Rights, U.S. Finds

Takata Airbag Fraud: $1 Billion Penalty, Guilty Plea  

Moody's to Pay $864 Million to Settle Inquiry Into Inflated Ratings

Millennials Need Pro-Growth Economic Policies, Stat

For millennials, financial security may be out of reach, research suggests

By 'Reshoring' We Can Make American Manufacturing Great Again

Millennials ARE worse off than their parents: Baby Boomers earned 20 per cent more at the same stage of life despite their children receiving a better education 

Obama administration forgives $558 million in student debt

Teachers in Philadelphia Plan a Black Lives Matter Week

University pays student $25,000 to go somewhere else (Sued after railroading Christian who refused demand to counsel same-sex duos.)

Pa. high school apologizes for using inappropriate Maya Angelou questions on homework

Atheists go ballistic over doughnuts at Bible study  (Sour non-believers accuse school of 'luring' students with sweet treat.)

Annual Report Examines State Of college Student Mental Heath

Study finds that 47% of LA sushi is not the fish it claims to be

Arizona Republicans move to ban social justice courses and events at schools

The crucial election question is the one that can't be answered

The most worrisome effect of Russia's election meddling

Energy Prices

EPA says it won't repay claims for spill that caused yellow rivers

Man convicted of rape for taking off condom during sex  (Switzerland)

Norway School under fire over trip for five-year-olds to see reindeer slaughter

Café Hookah: 7 Arabs held Swedish woman as sex slave

Former MI6 agent's frustration as FBI sat on Trump file for months

Wasserman Schultz confronted Comey about Russian hacking  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D)/ FBI Director James Comey)

Tensions boil up between Democrats and FBI director

Trump says Clinton shouldn't complain about FBI because she's 'guilty as hell' and they were 'very nice to her' - as loser's camp whine about 'bias'

France's Nickname for Kardashian Suspects: Grandpa Robbers

Northeast is warming faster than the rest of the world

The Biggest Changes Obamacare Made, and Those That May Disappear

Here's what happens after ObamaCare is gone

L. Brent Bozell: Hollywood Vs. The 'Fascist' Election Result

John Lewis: Trump is not a legitimate president  (AVIPP Commentary: Lewis should resign for spreading such lies and propaganda.)

Pelosi: Dems won't back tax breaks ‘disguised' as infrastructure bill  (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)

Pelosi blames Bush for $9 trillion in debt added under Obama

House Vote Sets Congress on Path to Repeal Health Law

G.O.P.: Was It Ethical for Ethics Chief to Speak Up?

Pelosi: GOP lawmakers are Trump's 'accomplices' on Russia

House Republicans Try to Bully Ethics Office

House bill would sanction individuals involved in election tampering

House combat veteran scolds Democrats over ‘warrior class' bias

Column: Here are the lies Paul Ryan told about Obamacare during his town hall meeting (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)

Whip List: Democrats boycotting Trump's inauguration

Cop painting to be removed from Capitol complex next week

Hoyer demands 'regular order' for Obamacare repeal (House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland)

Photo of Narendra Modi at the Spinning Wheel Invokes Gandhi, and Some Cry Blasphemy (Prime Minister Narendra Modi)

A radical hybrid tax reform deserves a full hearing, not a rushed vote

Obama-Kerry have 1 last surprise waiting for Jewish state (US Secretary of State John F Kerry)

The media's 'disabled reporter' lie

Donald Trump's Dangerous Attacks on the Press

BuzzFeed finds a defender

Country must be ready to retaliate if Trump levies border tax, says minister

Trump likely to tap business executive to head Navy: report

Vets exposed to contaminated water may now apply for disability benefits

Commanding general of DC National Guard to be removed from post on inauguration day

Probe launched into death of Fort Hood soldier, one of nearly a dozen stateside since November

Navy upgrades 17 SEAL medals

Astronaut captures stunning view of Rocky Mountains from space

How much protein do you REALLY need? Less than you think, a dietitian explains 

Media Watchdog Asks Pakistan to Probe Killing of Journalist

Australian Drug Maker Has Low Profile but Powerful Backers in Washington

Thousands of protesters already descending on DC for inauguration

Trump transition garners highest disapproval rating in history

Trump promises to go slow on Russia, China

Trump rips intel memo's "phony allegations"

Trump just raised a record-high $90 million for inauguration festivities

Paralyzed cop who forgave shooter eulogized as hero, praised by Trump

Performing Under Fire at Donald Trump's Inauguration

Trump's business ties prompt a showdown between a tiny ethics office and the GOP

Donald Trump's cabinet is the most white and male since Ronald Reagan

China hawks see their star rising with Trump appointments

Can Trump's Cabinet save him from himself?

Hillary Clinton's former spokesman questions ‘legitimacy' of Donald Trump's victory

Trump ‘highly likely' to be impeached within 18 months, expert says

Stop obsessing over ‘secrets' about Trump and Russia. What we know is bad enough.

The explosive ‘dossier' on Donald Trump, and how it emerged, reads like a Cold War spy novel

Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, and Lee Greenwood will perform at Trump's inauguration after Paul Anka says a custody issues with his son means he can't fit it in

Trump's nominees are right: The United States can't go backward on torture

Meet the espionage firm which ordered Trump 'dirty dossier' - a secretive D.C. firm which has aided Planned Parenthood and attacked Mitt Romney's friends

The Fix: Trump has persuaded Republicans to doubt the intelligence on Russia's hacking

Toilet wars! Workers cover up name 'Don's Johns' from inaugural port-a-potties - but company fights back

Marine Le Pen's Visit to New York: Trump Tower, Not Trump

First sign of better U.S.-Russia relations under Trump: An invite to Syria talks

Russian Envoy Invited Trump Team to Syria Talks

Trump's Pivotal Russian Test  (Hurtling into a love fest with Russian President Vladimir V Putin would be calamitous. Russia responds to toughness and Trump must show it or NATO and the EU could unravel.)

Senate should hustle to stock Cabinet

Kaine to vote for Mattis, oppose Tillerson  (US Senator of Virginia Timothy Kaine (D)

Ben Sasse begs John Lewis to attend Trump inaugural  (US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse(R)

Will Rubio vote for Tillerson?  (US Senator of Utah Orrin Hatch (R)

Twitter Must Do More to Block ISIS

Yellow Fever Outbreak in Brazil Prompts a State of Emergency

A Remarkable Event in El Salvador: A Day Without Murder

The solar system's mysterious, undiscovered Planet Nine

SpaceX rocket set to return to flight

The Chiefs drafted an abuser who became a star. How should fans feel?

Chargers' move shows California is done spending public money on the NFL

New Broncos coach Vance Joseph's first move reportedly is a big one

New Bills coach Sean McDermott "looking to build a culture of winning."  

Chargers hire Anthony Lynn to guide team in new L.A. home

Jordy Nelson is out, but here's why the Packers offense won't falter against the Cowboys

NHL Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard

Why Illinois lost more residents than any other state in 2016

Mr. Cuomo Has 149 Things to Tell You (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)

After 'pretty extraordinary' snowfall, Sierra Nevada braces for another battering from atmospheric river  (California)

With the Rain Comes Hope That 6-Year California Drought Is Ending

Pilot Killed as Thai Fighter Jet Crashes at Air Show

TSA chief stepping down after Trump inauguration

Trump meets with top labor leader

NHS crisis: May urges GPs to do more over seven-day working  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)

Ukip to start major push against Labour in northern England and the Midlands following Tristram Hunt resignation

Brexit: Committee demands transitional deal and parliamentary vote

Lord Snowdon, Princess Margaret's former husband, dies aged 86

Salmon retail prices set to leap owing to infestations of sea lice

Up to 90,000 serious injuries a year on British roads not reported to police

Lord Snowdon, royal photographer, dies aged 86

All-female gang accused of flying brides to the UK from Lithuania in £315,000 sham marriage visa plot

Storms and floods force evacuation of thousands on east coast

'Unsafe' frozen meat and fish products being recalled (A number of meat and fish products being sold in Scotland are being recalled as they are "potentially unsafe.")

NHS: London hospital trust hit by email cyber-attackers

Fist fight erupts on passenger jet at 30,000ft after air hostess is assaulted on packed London-bound flight

NHS crisis: 193,000 patients a month waiting beyond target for surgery

Actor who played The Omen's Damien sentenced on Friday 13th for road rage

Obama critics brace for zero hour pardons

Obama shouldn't pardon Chelsea Manning
Joe Biden Is No Bipartisan Role Model  (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr)

Obama: It was 'naive' to expect a 'post-racial' America

Mona Charen: Goodbye To One Selfie President, Hello To Another?

Obamas going to 'undisclosed location' after inauguration

Campaign pushes Obama to let convicted terror financiers go

Obama: Why I talked about Jamal's job interview at a funeral

White House signs off on new organic standards

Obama critics brace for zero hour pardons

Obama shouldn't pardon Chelsea Manning

Joe Biden Is No Bipartisan Role Model  (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr)

Obama: It was 'naive' to expect a 'post-racial' America

Mona Charen: Goodbye To One Selfie President, Hello To Another?

Obamas going to 'undisclosed location' after inauguration

Campaign pushes Obama to let convicted terror financiers go

Obama: Why I talked about Jamal's job interview at a funeral

White House signs off on new organic standards

World Bank Hearts Trumponomics

Davos Army of staff descends to serve the super-rich


1qFriday, January 13, 2017


House Passes Bill to Set Up Defunding Planned Parenthood, Not One Single Democrat Votes for It

Planned Parenthood seeks survival in Trump era

Grandmas Start New Grandmothers for Abortion Group to Promote Aborting Grandkids

Deconstructing Roe v. Wade

Jessa Duggar Donates Her Baby Shower Gifts to Pregnancy Center to Help Women Who Choose Life

StemExpress Drops Its Lawsuit Over Undercover Fetal-Parts Video

New York Times Removes References to “March for Life” in Article About the March for Life

NY Times removes references to the 'March for Life' from article

Ryan: Federal Funds Should Go to Community Health Centers, Not Planned Parenthood  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)

Speaker Paul Ryan: We Will Defund Planned Parenthood Period, And Here's Why

Nailed it: Paul Ryan's perfect answer to why Planned Parenthood should be defunded

Buyer of baby-body parts goes home 'empty handed'  (A company identified as a buyer of baby-body parts in an undercover video investigation of Planned Parenthood's sales and profits is walking away from a lawsuit it filed against the investigators.)

Abortion Activist: Men Attending Anti-Trump March “Have to be Okay With Being Led by Women”

The Post-Trump Wave of Anti-Abortion Proposals Just Hit Florida

Radio Station Censors Pro-Life Ad Exposing Planned Parenthood After Abortion Advocates Complain

Abortion: More evil than slavery?

Texas Bill Would “Abolish Abortion, Calls Unborn Baby a “Living Human Child”

Woman Charged With Murder For Attempted Coat Hanger Abortion Is Released From Jail Under Plea Deal

Idaho Legislator Proposes Bill to Make Abortion First-Degree Murder

Former abortion industry workers say abortion hardens hearts

George Soros Funds Pro-Abortion Groups Organizing Anti-Trump March

Stand Up for Women's Health

Russian City Bans Abortions for One Day to Remember King Herod's “Massacre of the Innocents”

Texas Lawmaker Wants to Make Abortion Completely Illegal

Appeals Court Upholds Law Squashing Pro-Life Free Speech Outside Abortion Clinics

Why abortion may increase during a Donald Trump presidency

Shock: 20+ faith leaders ‘bless' Planned Parenthood's new flagship DC abortion center

Survey Shows Most Members of Congress Who Graduated From Catholic Colleges are Pro-Abortion

St Louis archbishop foresees dire effects of proposed abortion law

Woman Defends Aborting Her Disabled 21-Week-Old Baby: “It Was What Was Best” for Her

Church Silence on Abortion: Deafening and Deadly

Abortion Care Will Be First-Degree Murder in Idaho If This GOP Lawmaker Gets His Way

At least 46 anti-abortion bills are already in front of state legislatures

Pope Francis: ‘Having an abortion to keep your figure is a big problem'

Ugh, the Pope Told a Story About a Woman Who Had an Abortion to Preserve Her Figure

Pro-abort ‘Population Bomb' author to speak at Vatican

Russia Returns to Afghanistan

U.S. paying salaries of tens of thousands of non-existent Afghan soldiers, police, teachers and civil servants

Pastor in Uganda Attacked after Sheikh Sent to Kill Him Becomes Christian

Cameroon using witchcraft to fight jihad terrorists of Boko Haram

Rival government tries to seize Libya ministry buildings

Obama administration to lift some sanctions against Sudan

Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter had converted to Islam before joining the Army

Why isn't Ft. Lauderdale massacre called terror?

UK is the leader against anti-Semitism

America Needs to Get Serious about the Arctic

Trump team, Army Corp discuss wall

Governor says Dakota Access pipeline will likely be built under Trump

Banks' retreat from Asia a worrying example

Kazakh Court Convicts Five, Including Russian National, In Human Trafficking Case

ASX slides as cracks appear in Trump trade

Australian dollar's surprise rally will end, US65c more likely

Australia needs a new foreign policy; Tillerson's remarks on China make it urgent

Australian minister quits over expenses saga  (Health Minister Sussan Ley resigns after using a taxpayer-funded trip to purchase an apartment.)

After 26 Days at Sea, Missing Father and Daughter Arrive in Australia

Toyota adds 543,000 vehicles to Takata air bag recalls in U.S.

In Considering Trump's Wall, See Where Fencing Has Yet to Be Built Along Mexico Border

TSX rises, led by banks as U.S. earnings season kicks off

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

Loonie continues recent momentum as oil and gold slip

Trudeau challenged over carbon pricing on 2nd  day of town hall tour  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)

We must turn the tide on Canada's opioid crisis

Canada: Teen gets house arrest for planning to join the Islamic State, says he is leaving Islam

Why Canadian malls are thriving while American ones struggle

Canada could also face auto border tax, Trump spokesman suggests

Trudeau's oil sands ‘phase-out' comments spark anger in Alberta

Canada: School board allows Muslim sermons in schools

Calgary occupancy rate hits 15-year-low as newly built houses sit empty after oil crash batters market

U-Haul evicted man living in Vancouver storage locker

Natural gas-fired hydro plant and its 11 lost jobs mourned as first victims of Ontario's cap and trade program

U of T begins teaching ancient Ethiopian language

Morneau vows prudent budget as Canada braces for U.S. changes

'You've failed me': Single mom from Ontario blasts Trudeau and Wynne over hydro bills

 El Salvador has first murder-free day in two years

C.I.A. Nominee Says He Won't Balk at Seeking Russian Intelligence

Mike Pompeo Testifies Before the Senate

The Shame of Religious Persecution  (Christianity remains under fire worldwide — and increasingly under PC attack here at home.)

China's Child Laundering Industry

Trump Can Stand Up to China Without Sparking War

China and the Perils of Improvisation

2016 exports show steepest decline in six years

Chinese Paper Calls Tillerson's South Sea Threat ‘Foolish'

Trump could be the best thing that's happened to China in a long time

In China, Robot Nannies Are Taking Care of 3 Million Chickens

Chinese Tabloid Says U.S. Needs to 'Wage War' to Block Off South China Sea Islands

South China Sea Chinese media warns Trump of 'war' if US blocks access

Cuban Regime Hails End to Special US Immigration Policy for Cubans

Is the U.S. Opening to Cuba Dead in the Water?

Obama Feeds Cuba's Firing Squads  (The Radical-in-Chief kills hope for Cubans fleeing their totalitarian hellhole.)

U.S. Ending Favored Immigration Policy for Fleeing Cubans

The U.S. Must Talk to North Korea

Lawmakers Vote to Allow Mattis to Lead Pentagon

Congress' Job Approval 19% at Start of New Session

What Comes After Repeal? How to Fix American Health Care, Part 2

What Happens for Consumers If Congress Repeals Obamacare

Use Term Limits to Drain the Swamp

65% voters want to repeal parts of O'care

Michael Moore: Democrats need to look beyond email probe

Trump aides to Hill GOP: Make child care more affordable

What to expect from ObamaCare's replacement

No easy way out from Obamacare

How Donald Trump May Violate the Constitution the Second He's Sworn In

Court urged to reverse pro-transgender ruling

Leader of Wells Fargo criminal fraud ring sentenced to seven years in prison

Mississippi Woman Uses Gun to Fend Off Burglar

Stolen baby found 18 years later

Black Student Charged in Hate Crime Hoax

Passing motorist kills gunman who ambushed Arizona trooper

Ex-NBC producer found dead with drugs, $27K in cash

Home intruder kills woman with her own samurai sword

Corruption at US Border Agency Led to Lie Detectors

Fox News analyst jumps into DNC chair race

DNC hacker Guccifer 2.0 returns to the web

Indiana mayor looks to upend DNC race

Blue State Blues: Why Do Democrats Keep Undermining Latino Leaders?

Today's Blood Libel: A Democrat Specialty

The futility of de Blasio's ‘record' housing success (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)

Hillary Clinton server continues to haunt her

Fresh proof of deadly mismanagement at ACS  (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)

Rick Perry goes before Congress one day before Trump's inauguration

Ben Carson doubles down: LGBT don't get ‘extra rights'

Ben Carson should approach HUD the way he did medicine: First do no harm

Live from D.C., it's Ben Carson's Housing and Urban Development hearing

Moody's to Pay $864 Million to Settle Subprime Ratings Claim

No charges for cop who threw girl around classroom

Federal Investigation Into Chicago Police Following Same Pattern as Baltimore

Hillary's E-mails and the Justice Department

Justice Dept. to investigate FBI handling of Clinton email case

Charges against VW execs put blame for corporate crimes in the right place

Will Justice Dept. Stay Vigilant on Corporate Crime?

In its final days, the administration is cracking down on companies

Its Police Dept. Marred, Baltimore Agrees to a Monitor

Justice Dept. Seeks to Join Suit Over 117,000 Purged Brooklyn Voters

Five reasons why the Justice Department watchdog is probing the Clinton case

Nasdaq ends at a fresh record, banks gain; Dow retreats from 20,000

Nasdaq hits record; bank earnings validate Wall St rally

U.S. Stocks Rise, Treasuries Fall on Economic Data: Markets Wrap

Asian shares wobble, dollar on track for losing week

Dollar Pares Weekly Loss, Asian Stocks Are Mixed: Markets Wrap

More Americans think they'll die debt-free thanks to Trump

Amazon to Add 100,000 Jobs as Bricks-and-Mortar Retail Crumbles

Dollar slumps to end third consecutive week with declines

3 ways the U.S. economy will feel Trump's impact

The 10 hottest U.S. real estate markets in 2017

Gold falls for the session, but gains about 2% on week

Are global markets headed for a meltdown?

Emerging-Market Stocks Little Changed as Mexico's Peso Rallies

Why Economists Can't Seem to Get It Right

Investors are bracing for a massive stock-market selloff

Treasury yields fall for 4th week in a row

Syracuse University Says Avoiding Others, Telling Jokes Are Bias Incidents and Should Be Reported 

Gifted Students Benefit from Ability Grouping

State of Michigan declares there are no bad teachers in the state

The power of school choice

Teacher reorders missing book, receives copy she lost

Balancing Response and Treatment  (Survey suggests that increasing student demand for mental health services -- spurred by prevention and awareness campaigns -- may be leading colleges to focus less on ongoing treatment in order to respond more rapidly to high-risk students.)

Fake news California lawmakers propose teaching students 'media literacy'

Teaching in the Eye of the Beholder  (Study of millions of online ratings of professors suggest scores vary with an instructor's gender, discipline and perceived “easiness.”)

Trump's Billionaire Education Pick Faces Steep Climb

Scrutiny of New Koch Grant  (Large grant to organization of black colleges reignites debate about taking funds from leading foe of government spending, on which the colleges and many students depend.)

Utah dating homework tells girls: be 'feminine' and 'don't waste his money'

Killing Tenure  (Legislation in two states seeks to end tenure at public colleges and universities.)

Tennessee high school senior, 18, raises $10,000 on GoFundMe page she set up to pay for college after her parents 'cut her off because she has black boyfriend'

Coming in 2017  (Colleges and universities should prepare for seven key trends in the new year, Lisa M Rudgers and Julie A Peterson advise.)

Opinion: Egyptian patriotism: Critics vs sycophants

Jill Stein's Failed Recount Hits Philadelphia Taxpayers for $37,000

The Real Reason Trump Won: Part 3 of 4

2020? Trump keeps campaign committee open

Oil futures lose 3% for the week on doubts over OPEC output deal

Energy Prices

Judge rebukes EPA, orders quick evaluation on coal jobs lost over regs

E.P.A. Accuses Fiat Chrysler of Violating Emissions Rules

Fiat rebound helps send European stocks higher into the weekend

Danish minister alleges ‘Russia ready to attack hospitals, infrastructure & electrical supply'  

Muslim Men Kidnap Swedish Woman, Take Her To A Muslim-Owned Store, Chain Her To A Water Pipe In The Basement And Take Turns Savagely Raping Her

Belgium: Brussels police forced to take Islam lessons to foster “respectful relations with Muslim communities”

Breakup of EU could be chance to save Europe – former Czech Pres. Vaclav Klaus

Finland: Gay man on trial for warning about Islam on Facebook

Opposition Party in Poland Ends Monthlong Occupation of Parliament

Hungary: Woman filmed tripping up fleeing refugees convicted

Nurse Charged With 14 Counts of 1st-Degree Murder After Euthanizing Nursing Home Patients

Mild Stroke Led to My Mother's Force Death by Starvation and Dehydration

If The Comey Letter Sank Hillary, It's Her Own Fault (FBI Director James Comey) 

WSJ: FBI Director James Comey should resign

Now FBI investigated for botched Hillary-email probe

Top U.S. bank executives optimistic heading into 2017

Making America's risk of a financial crisis great again

A Dallas Cowboys Foreign Policy

Paris jihad mass murderer: “I am not ashamed of myself…I am a Muslim, and I submitted to Allah”

Two Muslims arrested for supplying fake documents to Islamic State jihadis to plan Paris jihad massacres

Victims could sue over failures in Berlin attack

Angela Merkel gets honorary doctorate for “diversity,” amid public outrage  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

Most Germans don't think racial profiling is a problem: poll

German court gives Muslims who attacked synagogue suspended sentences, says attack justified

Germany Bends EU Rules to Give Russia Spot at G20 Berlin Meeting

Germany: Muslims “devastate” Christian parish centre, write “Islamist” slogans on walls, police search for motive

GOP governors fight their own party on Obamacare   (Several who expanded Medicaid look to protect health coverage for residents.)

Is The U.S. Government Insolvent? Sorry, But Its Accountant Can't Tell You

Drug Kingpin Nabbed, Live on Air, and Haiti Erupts

What doctors think about the Affordable Care Act

 Industry fears O'care taxes will stay

Tom Price says he'll sell stocks if confirmed as HHS chief

1 in 5 Low-Income Americans Still Do Not Have Health Insurance

US woman killed by superbug resistant to every available antibiotic

New York is addicted to health taxes

Nicole Kidman: 'We, as a country, need to support' Donald Trump

IS IT ALL BIOLOGY? Number of Self-Identified LGBT Americans Skyrockets

GOP Congressman Fighting for Christian Refugees in Iraq and Syria

Congressman Chaffetz Wants Crackdown on Ethics Office Critical of Trump   (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)

House Takes Major Step in the Repealing of Obamacare

Pelosi: Were It Not for Obama $19,951,756,200,280 Debt Would Be Higher   (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)

 House vote may have been the beginning of the end of Obamacare

GOP congressman: 'Warmongers' in Congress are wrong to call Putin a 'war criminal'

Ryan: GOP will repeal, replace Obamacare at same time  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)

Ryan Up for Defunding Sanctuary Cities…

Chaffetz Wants To Relocate Federal Agencies Away From Washington, D.C(US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)

Chaffetz calls on ethics head to testify day after chief criticized Trump  (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)

House Liberty Caucus opposes budget to trigger Obamacare repeal

Paul Ryan: Trump mass deportations "not happening" 

Ryan breaks with Trump — gently

House Expected to Follow Senate's Lead on Rush to Repeal Health Law

Federal ethics chief called to testify before House lawmakers

Ryan confident that ‘disgusting' painting will be removed from Capitol  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)

Paul Ryan to launch ‘rescue mission' to simultaneously repeal and replace Obamacare

Ryan assures Dreamer she won't be deported

Congressional Black Caucus prepares for new role as ultimate Capitol Hill outsider

Ryan confronted by cancer patient who says ObamaCare saved his life

Cuban-American congressmen blast Obama's Cuban policy reforms

Anxious lawmakers to GOP leaders: What's the plan to replace Obamacare?

New chairman outlines priorities for House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Mattis hearing cancellation in House sparks outrage among Democrats

Congressional Black Caucus Members Blame Racism for Not Being Allowed to Cut in Line

Ryan hits 'menacing' Putin, won't discuss Trump-Russia dossier

Ryan: No 'deportation force' under Trump

Immigration Failures vs. Americans  (How law enforcement failures undermine our citizen's civil rights.)

Immigrants Head to Washington to Rally While Obama Is Still There

Here's why PM Narendra Modi walked out of a presentation

Army chief Rawat warns Pak of more surgical strikes if it rejects peace overtures

Reduce widow pension age from 40 to 18, experts panel tells government

As Shariah Experiment Becomes a Model, Indonesia's Secular Face Slips

Trump's infrastructure plan: What we know

Glenn Greenwald: Democrats hoping intelligence agencies will 'undermine and subvert' Trump presidency

Trump revives attack on intel community in early morning Twitter burst

Surveillance Obama gives US intelligence greater access to warrantless data on foreigners

Guccifer 2.0: Intel community report on Russia 'is a crude fake'

Obama's perfidious parting gift to Iran

Iranian Activists, Academics Apologize For Iran's Syria Policy

Iran: Ruthless murderer set to replace rafsanjani

Iran: What to do?

Blow to Daesh: Forces reach Nineveh government HQ in Mosul

Iraqi forces make gains, enter Mosul University



Broward Sheriff Wants Radical Muslims to Have Guns, Unless They're Mentally Ill  (The dangerous hypocrisy of Scott Israel.)



Netanyahus said to tell cops Milchan gifts were much less valuable than claimed (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

‘Assault on all Muslims:' Jerusalem Grand Mufti slams potential US embassy move

Abbas says may ‘reverse' Israel recognition if Trump moves embassy (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas; AVIPP COMMENTARY: More lies.  The “Palestinian” Authority does not recognize the state of Israel.)

Mayors of Efrat and Maale Adumim Invited to Trump's Inauguration Ceremony

Abbas met with US businessmen to set up back channel to Trump

American Jews Declining Attachment to Israel

Paris summit to declare two-state solution ‘only way' to peace 

‘Boycott This!' Anti-BDS Documentary Makes It to Shorts Festivals

Israel fears fresh UN initiative two days after Paris conference

2 Palestinians injured, tens suffer tear gas inhalation during protests in Bilin, Kafr Qaddum

Texas Trump loyalist, a candidate for cabinet post, to launch trade push with Israel, settlements

Hamas Blames Palestinian Authority for Gaza's Electricity Shortage

Netanyahu may have missed chance to quash UN vote by not calling UK's May

PA to inaugurate embassy in Vatican

With a spotlight on the Western Wall, is this Israel's Reform moment?

Deal Busted with Border Guard Caught Shooting Rioter on CNN

Paris meeting marks end to Obama's failed Mideast diplomacy

Israeli forces injure 3 Palestinian youths during clashes in al-Jalazun refugee camp

Thousands protest house demolitions in Qalansawe

Algeria claims it uncovered Israeli spy network

 Report: Sara Netanyahu told investigators champagne received

Hamas, Fatah blame each other for worsening crisis in Gaza

Syria demands UN punish Israel over airport attack

Gaza security forces assault journalists amid power crisis protests

South African opposition leader blasted over Israel visit 

Secret recordings reveal details of Netanyahu newspaper corruption case

Paris talks to send strong message to Israel, Trump

Palestinians turn to Putin for help against US embassy move  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

John Kerry, 72 Countries to Gang Up On Israel At Paris ‘Peace' Summit (US Secretary of State John F Kerry)

PA TV: Jews stole Kim Kardashian's diamonds

Israel: Student gets deluge of death threats for “anti-Islam” art project

‘Recipe for isolation': Israel may ban entry to boycott supporters

Obama's Palestinian promise: Another 1/2-billion U.S. tax dollars

With Electricity in Short Supply, 10,000 Protest in Gaza, Defying Hamas

Bounties for terror: Another Palestinian payout

Does Israel Really Have a Corruption Problem?

 Jordan: 15 mosque preachers dismissed for refusing to pray for those killed fighting jihadis

Trump's Jews and Obama's Jews (The Left is losing the culture war within the Jewish community.)

Twilight of Identity Liberalism

Marijuana reforms flood state legislatures

Marijuana Most medicinal benefits are inconclusive, wide-ranging study finds

Experts have only a hazy idea of marijuana's myriad health effects, and federal laws are to blame

Trump's Presser Shows Media Double Standard On Politicians Attacking The Press 

Time for a Look Back at Buzzfeed Ben Smith's Biggest Fail

The dismaying dossier and the dismaying press conference

Buzzfeed just did Donald Trump a huge favor

Fake news, fake media, fake history, fake truth

C-SPAN broadcast interrupted by Russian network

4chan still claims to be source of Trump BuzzFeed story

Breaking: Malta's bishops allow civilly remarried divorcees to receive Communion

Drug Cartels Are Looting Mexican Gas Pipelines

Mexico to name new ambassador to the United States

Bahrain: Human rights abuses cast shadow over £2m UK aid support

Lockheed Martin CEO meets Trump, says deal to lower F-35 costs is close

Raytheon, U.S. Navy complete Tomahawk flight tests 

US Marine F-35s to be 'cornerstone' in Japan, Pacific defense

Ash Carter on Russia hacking: U.S. could go beyond cyber response  (Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter)

Defense Secretary-nominee James Mattis breaks with Trump on Russia, torture

Mattis backs women in combat, NATO alliance

James Mattis: Toughness and Restraint at the Pentagon

US agrees to pay billions to Marines affected by toxic water

New rules grant FBI, DEA & CIA access to raw NSA surveillance data

Snowden speechless: NSA whistleblower overwhelmed by push for presidential pardon

Nutella, bacon and other foods you love that are linked to cancer

Pakistan Closer To Nuclear Second-Strike Capability After Sub Missile Test

No decision taken about detained Indian soldier

Pakistan Human Rights Commission Pressures Police To Find Missing Activists

PIA Chitral aircrash black box found

Trump opens can of worms with blast at drugmakers

Catholic church withers under Duterte's heavy hand  (President Rodrigo Duterte)

How Political Correctness Hijacked Trump Inauguration Protesters' Brains

Paul Anka pulls out of Trump inauguration: report  

Report: Trump Adviser Phoned Russian Envoy Same Day Obama Announced New Sanctions

Trump and the American Divide

Civil War Begins In Washington (Intelligence agencies attempt to blackmail Trump)

Trump Under Fire From Political, Intel, and Media Enemies

Anarchists Are Hoping To Turn Donald Trump's Inauguration On January 20th  Into One Of The Biggest Riots In U.S. History

Approval of Trump Transition Still Low as Inauguration Nears

Steve Harvey meets Donald Trump, may get involved with urban renewal

Spy fiction or malware? A closer look at a ‘dodgy' Russia dossier on Trump

Trump Is Going to Regret Not Having a Grand Strategy

Leftist mobsters lambaste college bands playing at Trump's Inauguration ... because 'tolerance'

The perils of Trump's 'one-way fight' with his own intelligence community

Protesters planning to blockade inauguration checkpoints, 'party' outside Pence home

New Star-Studded Event Added to Trump Inauguration Festivities

Trump still blames intel community for leaking report

Trump Likely First Drug-Free President In 24 Years

Historically black college raises $280G for Trump inauguration appearance

Donald Trump Says The Reason Hillary Clinton Lost Had Nothing To Do With Her Emails

Report: Trump's ‘Cadillac One' Limo Will Be Equipped with Tear Gas Cannon, Shotgun

Jeb Bush Allies Hit Back At Reports Ex-Governor Is Behind The Trump Dossier

The Trump Blitzkrieg

Ex-spy allegedly behind Trump dossier reportedly helped FBI in FIFA probe

New details emerge on how the Trump intel story came to light

Trump: 'Sleazebag Political Operatives' Behind Dossier

Trump's Model First Press Conference

Pravda on the checkout line

BBC: Jeb Bush Supporters Hired Former MI6 Spy to Create Trump Dossier

Trump's inauguration to shatter Washington norms

Trump's National Security Picks Back Tough Approach To Russia

Arab origin singer to perform at Trump inaugural

Trump Encourages Nominees To 'Express Own Thoughts' In Confimation Hearings

'It's Game of Thrones, the Apprentice, and Survivor all mixed into one'

The Inauguration War  (The Left prepares its counter-attack on American democracy.)

Why AT&T's CEO looks so worried during Trump Tower visit

The Blacklist Returns  (A group called Grab Your Wallet seeks a boycott of LL Bean because one of the Maine clothing company's 50 family owners donated to Donald Trump's Presidential campaign.)

Trump alone can clear suspicion over Russia

Trump's Cabinet nominees are contradicting his campaign vows

President Trump — The Great Communicator

Firm behind Trump dossier worked for Planned Parenthood  (Same group made dubious conclusion damning undercover videos 'manipulated.')

What happened to the honeymoon?

Human Rights Group Portrays U.S. as Major Threat, Citing Trump

Democrats hunker down for ‘permanent opposition' to Donald Trump presidency

Trump's Obamacare Promise Will Be Hard to Keep

Why Americans Care About Trump's Tax Returns

Trump has stacked the deck against himself

Under Attack, Media Needs New Strategy for Trump

Rosie O'Donnell calls for ‘imposing martial law' to stop Trump's inauguration

How global risks will test the new administration

Trump's L.L. Bean Tweet Shows Peril for Brands

Cracks in his campaign promises

Trump adds another Goldman Sachs exec to his administration

Explosive but Unverified Dossier

R. Kelly denies reports he will perform at Trump's inauguration

Trump plan to donate foreign hotel profits can't be checked

Lawmakers: Trump can't stop investigation of Clinton email case

Russia dossier: What happens next – and could Donald Trump be impeached?

Trump Team Discussing Ivanka Trump Proposal on Capitol Hill

Never-before-heard Bernie Madoff tapes reveal how remorseless Manhattan swindler blames the banks and his wealthy investors for his catastrophic Ponzi scheme

Rush Limbaugh rips CNN, BuzzFeed for ‘coordinated' take-down attempt of Trump

Moscow Authorities Seize 12 Adopted Children Believed To Be HIV-Positive

Job Outlook Not Improving In Russia Despite Return Of Economic Growth

Will Putin and Trump Bond Over Oil? (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

Russia looking at possible reduction of its contribution to the Council of Europe

Russian Proposal Would Phase In Cigarette Ban, but Current Smokers Get a Pass

Moscow unsatisfied with ICAO reply to query on Ukraine's firing practice near Crimea

Russian Food Sanctions May Not Be Extended – Deputy Prime Minister

Accounts Chamber chairwoman: Russian economy is still dependent on oil

Russia declines to confirm US invitation to Syria talks

U.S. Russia Relations: How Did We Get Here?

Senate Panel to Probe If Trump Campaign Had Contact With Russia

Franken: Investigate 'Charges' That Trump Campaign Coordinated With Russia   (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)

Ted Cruz introduces bill to designate Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization (US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz (R)

Senators wrestle with whether to back Tillerson

Franken 'concerned' Flynn called Russia when sanctions were announced (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)

Maine senator: ‘I haven't made my final decision' on Pompeo

GOP Senators Submit Bill to Defund UN

Sessions Confirmations Show Trump Will Steamroll Democrats On SCOTUS

Key Senate committee won't probe possible Trump-Russia collusion

Rubio's choice: Buck Trump or back down on Tillerson? (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio(R)

Top 11 Mattis quotes from his Senate confirmation hearing

Trump nominees take aim at Russia at confirmation hearings

Democrats to Cabinet picks: Save us from your boss Trump

Busting 5 Big Myths About ObamaCare Repeal

At bat against Trump's nominees: No hits, no runs, no errors

Freshman Democrat Kamala Harris grills CIA director nominee on climate change

A petulant attack against Rex Tillerson  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R) took to the Senate floor on Wednesday to grandstand against President-elect Donald Trump's choice for secretary of State, former Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson.)

Why does Bob Casey have a problem with free speech? (US Senator of Pennsylvania Robert Casey(D)

Freedom Caucus chair: ObamaCare replacement 'likely to fail' in Senate

Sanders slams Democrats who voted with the pharmaceutical industry  (US Senator of Vermont Bernard Sanders (I-Socialist)

Mattis cruises through confirmation hearing

Senate's military panel set to take on Trump presidency

Graham 'wouldn't put it past' Russia to plant Trump dossier story  (US Senator of South Carolina Lindsey O Graham (R)

China, Russia Promise 'Countermeasures' To U.S.-Korean Defense System

Bank of Korea Cuts Growth Outlook as Scandal Hits Economy

U.S. High-Tech Radar Watches for N.Korean Missiles

Can Korea say no to US?

Samsung heir claims President Park demanded hefty donations

BOK cuts 2017 growth outlook to 2.5%, holds key rate

Ban Ki-moon supports THAAD deployment

Safety of breast implants under review after silicone gel found in breast milk

Korea has long way to accept immigrants

Metro State hockey player Tony Salazar suffers heart attack during first game

Chargers' move is a risky proposition for more than just the team

Shaikin: Chargers' task to win over L.A. is like climbing 'Mt. Everest'

Bo knows now: Superstar Bo Jackson says he never would have played football if he had known about the long-term effects of head injuries

The Chargers leave San Diego for L.A. Um, welcome back?

NHL Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard

College Basketball Scoreboard (Men)

Right-to-work movement gaining ground in Ohio

Hiring Holder to fight Trump violates state constitution, California Republican says (Former US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr)

Call it the Southern California drought. Rain and snow end Northern California water woes

Pictured: Six children from same family who died in house fire - and the heroic girl, 8, who pulled her mother and younger brothers to safety - as helpless firefighters could do nothing but watch

Is Tillerson Willing to Go to War Over the South China Sea?  (The Exxon boss has shown before he can take Beijing to the limit — but as Secretary of State the stakes will be far higher.)

Kerry Defends Trade Pact on Last Trip as Top US Diplomat  (US Secretary of State John Kerry)

Rex Tillerson: A Worthy Choice

Kerry Kicks Off Final Foreign Tour As U.S. Secretary Of State

Trump's pick for secretary of State raises concern with aggressive comments about China

Tillerson doesn't seem to realize speaking up for human rights is part of the job

12-year-old girl live streams her suicide in front yard

Transition to Trump: Mike Lee for Supreme Court would be the Democrats' worst nightmare

Against A Priori Judgments Against William Prior  (Why not just the left but some on the left oppose this possible nominee to the US Supreme Court.)

Supremes face bombshell: Law censoring Christian counselors

Assad Linked to Syrian Chemical Attacks for First Time (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)

41 ISIL militants ‘neutralized' in northern Syria

Mystery blasts in Damascus: Syria accuses Israel

Syrian Army warns Israel it will respond after military airport bombed near Damascus (Video)

Syria says Israeli strikes hit near airport west of capital

Rough water seen for Taiwan dollar after Tillerson's South China Sea comments

University to remove Chiang statues

El Salvador to Strengthen Ties With Taiwan During Tsai's Visit (President Tsai Ing-wen)

Carrier highlights need to build submarines: official

South Korea's Blacklist of Artists Adds to Outrage Over Presidential Scandal

Nigeria gets $40 billion from China tells Taiwan to move out of capital

‘US should help Taiwan keep its diplomatic allies'

China's Latest Plan to Squeeze Taiwan: Steal Its Allies

Hours After RT Interrupts C-SPAN, MSNBC Experiences Bizarre 'Russia' Glitch

Series of bizarre 'technical glitches' on US TV networks sets social media ablaze

The Return of Islam's Child-Soldiers  (Kidnapped, enslaved, beat, and indoctrinated in Islam.)

Ex-spy chief: 'No secret sauce' stops lone-wolf terrorists

Trump adviser: TPP 'dead,' will move quickly on bilateral trade deals

Black Lady Liberty On U.S. Currency For First Time

Turkey says Russia accord will prevent Syria clashes

Cyprus talks stumble over fate of Turkish troops

Istanbul building collapses killing two

Turkey arrests five soldiers for 'helping terror group'

Iran does not favor Turkey's al-Bab offensive, prefers regime operation

Russia agrees US should attend Syria talks: Turkey

Turkish PM blames ‘manipulators' for depreciation of lira

Worker killed due to explosion at rolling plant in Turkey's Kocaeli

FTSE 100 continues record run, rising for 14th day in a row

Gas canisters, Nazi slogans hurled at 4 London Jews

UK: Two Muslims guilty of giving pro-jihad speeches for the Islamic State

Christians Complain About Muslims Blaspheming Christ In Anglican Church During Services, Now UK Police Are Investigating Christians For “Hate Crimes” Against Muslims

UK: Muslim teen charged with raping one woman in park, sexually assaulting another 

NHS Struggling hospitals brace for further demand in cold snap

Snow arrives in London as Heathrow flights grounded and soldiers deployed to assist evacuations of flood-threatened coastal areas

Police need to drop 'boss knows best' leadership, says Met contender

Theresa May to set out her vision for Brexit in major speech on Tuesday (British Prime Minister Theresa May)

Police should need warrants to search mobile phones, say campaigners

Britain dragged into Donald Trump 'dirty dossier' row amid claims Whitehall knew of the file

Refugees UK 'failing Syrians who survived torture'

Lurid Trump dossier casts a shadow over MI6 and Christopher Steele, the man it trusted in Moscow

Transport Trouble ahead as strikes loom across air, rail and tube

Hospitals failing to raise alarm over sub-standard locum doctors

BBC New team set up to debunk fake news

First-time home buyers hit 10-year high

Labour Army minister accuses Corbyn of siding with Russia

Income inequality among men soars

Disunity and Impotence at the United Nations

US envoy warns against cutting funding to UN

‘Symbol of Hope': U.N. Chief Says Deal to End Cyprus Divide Could Be Near

California company recalls boots after tread leaves swastika imprints

Is America Becoming a Third World Country?

No More Hyphenated Americans

Blowing hot and cold: East Coast basks in record-breaking warm temperatures while West Coast battles freezing blizzards and torrential rain

Vatican says next Synod will not tackle women deacons, married priests

 Pope to grant P.A. leader Abbas an audience at the Vatican (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

Riot Stand Down: Obama to Fire National Guard Chief During Inauguration

Obama puts his presidential records off-limits for 12 years

Here's Why Obama Never Intended to Create Jobs

As clock ticked down, Obama created ‘Ministry of Truth' to counter ‘fake news'

'Not Welcome': Members at DC country club take swing at Obama over Israel stance

How Obama and Biden had each other's back

Obama, Biden made aware of dubious dossier of Trump allegations before leak

Obama's Transparent Presidency  (We learned precisely who he is.)

Obama adds six sites to California Coastal National Monument

Why did Obama dawdle on Russia's hacking?

FakePrez.Con  (Why the past eight years happened, and what it all means.)

Joe Biden to jet over to Switzerland and Ukraine his last week in office  (Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr)

The Obamas leave a vivid image that will never fade

'Enjoy college ... we did': George Bush's twin daughters offer Malia and Sasha Obama advice in open letter

Trump Team Shunning Davos Meeting of World's Economic Elite


Saturday, January 14, 2017

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