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Thursday, January 29, 2015 

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Senate to vote on Keystone XL Pipeline



Thursday, January 29, 2015


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Obama Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Supported Partial-Birth Abortions

One Abortion, Two Abortions (Planned Parenthood has trouble counting.)

Abortionists get 'handcuffing surprise' in mail ('Care package' includes shackles to remind operators of potential trouble.)

Planned Parenthood is America's Biggest Abortion Business: Operates 45% of All Abortion Clinics

Congressman: 'Obama is the abortion president'

Ohio Democrat flips stance on abortion

Abortion Protesters Don't Count?

College students speak out about new abortion bill

Missouri GOP lawmakers seek to expand abortion notifications

40 years after Roe vs. Wade, fight over abortion as hot as ever

45,000 Pro-Lifers Line the Streets of Paris, France During French March for Life

Abortion opponents protest with prayer in Watertown

27 Years Ago Today, Canada Allowed Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth for Any Reason

Was Iceland Really the First Nation to Legalize Abortion?

British Doctor Filmed Offering to Kill Girl Baby in Sex-Selection Abortion Faces Charges

Obama Admin Forced to Pay Pro-Life Groups $570,000 for Illegal Abortion-Pill Mandate

Afghanistan detains 2 alleged members of Taliban splinter group that killed Swedish journalist

Debate over success of Afghanistan projects

Afghanistan lawmakers OK only nine Cabinet members, go on break

Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Tripoli, a day after Geneva talks (+video)

Nigeria elections put Christians in danger of more Muslim attacks

Islamic State's Libya branch claims deadly attack on hotel

Oxfam: Rich countries must support Ebola recovery

Jew Hate in Europe is perpetrated by Muslims with Cowardly Euro Politicians Standing By

When Assisted Suicide is Legalized, You May be Euthanized to Harvest Your Organs

Australian shares gain as eyes turn to the Fed

Fake church set up in Australia to evade vaccination for children

Dollar up, but inflation dents hope of rate cut

$A surges as core inflation surprises

How the falling $A will cost you

Gold Coast cyclones could become regular events, insurance forecaster says

Australia's computer spies get down and dirty

New report: Australia needs to radically rethink housing policy for ageing population

The $400,000 jobs the Australian Public Service can't fill

Muslims Block Christians From Entering Church, And Now They Are Starting Riots And Want To Drive All Christians Out  (Albanian Muslims in Kosovo blocked Christians from entering a certain church.)

Most American households today are unmarried, and only 15 percent of children have a stay-at-home parent

As China Plans for War, the US Renames its Battle Plan  (A war is coming.  China is intent on it and there is nothing any other party can do about it.  The question from here is what is the likely timing? )

China's Louisiana Purchase: Toxic concerns in ‘Cancer Alley'

Chinese yuan now top 5 major intl payment currency

Communist Officials in Tibetan Region Punished for Separatism, China Says

U.S. says it's trying to 'rebuild trust' with Castro's Cuba

American Airlines: Tourism flights to communist Cuba 'as soon as it's legally allowed'

Kim Jong-un to visit Russia, say South Korean media (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Kim Jong-un)

N.K. evaluated as world's least democratic state

North Korea Persuades Cambodia to Ban The Interview

Human trafficking bills show how Congress can work together – aim small

Republicans stumble badly, again

CBO Now Says 10 Mil Will Lose Employer Health Plans Under ObamaCare

What Mainstream Media Missed: New CBO Report Shows Soaring Deficits By 2025

Mayor calls own city's churches 'criminals' (Houston, Texas; Trial begins for pastors suing government.)

Judge refuses to toss Rick Perry case on constitutional grounds (Former Governor of Texas Rick Perry (R)

Vanderbilt football player Brandon Vandenburg ROLLS HIS EYES as he and an emotionless Cory Batey are found guilty on all charges of gang-raping his passed-out girlfriend

Black sergeant sues San Diego Police Department over racist cartoon

Woman Sold Her Baby for Sex Multiple Times, Man Took Porn Images of Child

Revealed: Family of five who were found dead inside their home overdosed on cocktail of drugs to escape the 'pending apocalypse' in tragic murder-suicide

Police face new scrutiny for killing suburban mom (Lawmakers ask why another DC chase suspect was let go without even arrest.)

The Danger of Police Body Cameras  (Advocates think body cameras hold all the answers...but they're not even asking the right questions.)

John Elder, Minnesota city councilman, pulls gun on armed attacker at meeting: ‘Get down!'

Off-duty NYPD officer arrested on charge of drunken-driving during snowstorm

Former New York Knicks star Greg Anthony urged a 'prostitute' to 'dress up' for him before learning it was an undercover cop sting

Fatal shooting of Denver teen sparks probe

Former Stanford swimmer accused of raping unconscious woman on campus

‘American Sniper' smashes box office records, ignites culture war

Georgia inmate executed after Supreme Court declines appeal

Texas set to execute 'intellectually disabled' inmate

Howard Dean apologizes to veterans for 'American Sniper' comments

De Blasio doesn't believe Patriots would cheat (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)

Clinton willing to testify before Benghazi panel, Democrat says  (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton)

Democratic Party is suddenly a fount of ideas

Homeland Security funding on the brink

…Loretta Lynch: Illegal Aliens Have Right To Work As Much As American Citizens (US Attorney General nominee)

Attorney General nominee backs Obama's immigration actions  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Lynch should not be confirmed as the attorney general.)

Loretta Lynch's similarities to Eric Holder a red flag for Republicans (US Attorney General nominee)

Anti-porn activists seek enforcement pledge from Loretta Lynch (US Attorney General nominee)

US car-spying program revealed: Are Americans now OK with some candid camera?

U.S. stocks sell off after Fed statement

U.S. Stocks Tumble

Dollar inches higher after Fed statement

Asian Stocks Slide From Four-Month High as Japan Retreats on Yen

Apple profit 'biggest in history'

The reason a strong dollar is hurting stocks right now

High-End Malls Get Boost From Tech Stores

30-year Treasury yield hits record low after Fed statement

Consumer confidence and home sales surge, hinting at a big 2015 for housing (+video)

 Strong dollar hits U.S. companies' bottom lines

Two-year Treasury auction sees strong demand

Emerging-Market Stocks Gain as Indian Shares Rally; Ruble Jumps

Gold pressured as Fed reiterates rate hike bias

Egypt Condemns Western Outrage at Fatal Shooting of Protester

Is The GOP's 2014 Midterm Coalition Gone Forever?

How Jeb Bush's wife could help win him the White House  (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)/ Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

Rick Santorum in Iowa pitches foreign policy expertise, chides governors (Former US Senator of Pennsylvania and former GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum )

Romney to hit Clinton, uneven economic progress in speech (Former Governor of Massachusetts and GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney/ Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)

Mitt Romney Earns Coveted Nancy Pelosi Endorsement (Former Governor of Massachusetts and GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney/House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California )

Hillary Clinton vs. Elizabeth Warren Could Be a Dream Match, for Republicans (Former US Secretary of State Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton(D)/ US Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D)

Decoder Buzz Scott Walker gives signs that he's all in for 2016 (+video)  (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)

Rubio's Use of Language (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio  (R)

Marco Rubio's wife crashes family car at 2016 summit (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio  (R)

Rick Perry heading to South Carolina and Pennsylvania after Iowa (Former Governor of Texas Rick Perry (R)

Decoder Buzz Jon Stewart slams Trump, Palin speeches. Is a big GOP field too easy pickin's?

Sarah Palin admits her teleprompter DID switch off during bizarre Iowa speech as she declares war on Bill O'Reilly for calling her presidential hopes a 'reality show'   (Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin (R)

Why Romney is thinking about 2016  (Former US Senator of Pennsylvania and former GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum )

Will Jeb Bush deport 4m illegal immigrants? (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

Koch donors give Rubio early nod  (US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio  (R)

Oil slides nearly 4% after another bump in U.S. supplies

Energy Prices

GDP getting 'significant' help from low oil prices, feds say

Green Groups Go Red, Team With Putin To Fight Fracking  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

Evidence Doesn't Support Fracking As Cause Of Texas Earthquakes

Gas-Price Demagogues Feed Off Economic Ignorance

Unreal. EPA Chief Headed to Vatican to Discuss “Moral Issue” of Global Warming

Are 'No-Go Zones' a Myth? (There is an effort to suggest that there are no “no go zones” in Europe. )

Residents of crucial Ukraine export hub defiant as Russia threat looms

West's agri-giants snap up Ukraine

The collapse of Europe?

Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk hides from protesting miners

Hollande, Merkel reassure Poroshenko of readiness to coordinate efforts (French President Francois Hollande/ German Chancellor Angela Merkel/ Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko)

The West's Non-Strategy Toward Jihad — on The Glazov Gang  (Nonie Darwish analyzes a civilization's willful blindness about an ideology that condemns it. )

Europe plans to extend Russia sanctions

Europe calls for swift passage of law to collect flight passengers' data

Fed keeps key rate near zero, will stay 'patient' on raising it

FTC: Security risks within ‘Internet of Things' may require new industry regulations

France prayer rug artwork pulled over Muslim concerns

Jews not welcome  (That didn't take long. In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Paris' Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo expressed indignation over news reports suggesting some neighborhoods around the French capital were... )

The Elites bow to Mecca  (The aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre has confirmed something widely suspected: this country's elites have no interest in defeating terrorism. )

‘You will discover hell on earth': French govt launches campaign against jihadists

Unions turn lights off on French prime minister Manuel Valls

French Comedian Stands Trial Over Comment Against Jewish Journalist

Leaders quitting Germany's anti-Islam group PEGIDA

Why Germany should invest in Greece

Germany holds Greece to austerity terms despite election of Syriza leftists

German Anti-Immigrant Movement Leaders Resign Posts

Global Warming So Bad Great Lakes Need Another Icebreaker

If They Can't Predict Weather, How Can They Predict Climate Change?

Climate models don't over-predict warming, Nature study shows

Cops wail over Waze, call Google-owned traffic app ‘police stalker'

It's Atlanta: Google to bring fiber network here

Could Mr. Gingrich turn into the Churchill of our time? (Frankly, former Speaker of the House Newt and former GOP Presidential candidate Newt is perfectly suited for the job. )

Terry Branstad, Iowa governor, released from Des Moines hospital

Sacrificing Sarah Palin  (Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin )

A battle of wills: 9 reasons Greece's experiment with the radical left is doomed to failure

Greece's Athex stock index hits two-year low

‘Greece-EU clash over anti-Russia statement: others may follow Athens' suit'

New Greek PM is pro-Palestinian, but envoy to Israel predicts ‘only positive things'

Greek Elections and the World's Flawed Currency  (The radical left rises off of instability. )

Now Greeks should dump the Euro

Colorado health insurance exchange faces tougher scrutiny

American Sniper Under Fire  (The Left is losing its grip on their narrative.)

Controversial cartoons depict Simpsons in Auschwitz

Roma being erased from Holocaust

Argentine Jews boycott local Holocaust Day ceremony

Jewish leader trapped and arrested inside Auschwitz

Hamas Supporter Congressman John Yarmuth (D-Kentucky) Accuses GOP of “Subversion”

Gowdy Comes Out Swinging  (Chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee  US Representative of South Carolina Trey Gowdy (R) takes on Democrat lies and stonewalling.)

Boehner defectors not returning to Rules panel, aides say  (Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio)

House lawmakers: Aid to Palestinians at risk with ICC bid

John Boehner suggests only courts can stop Obama amnesty, considers House lawsuit  (Speaker of the House John A Boehner (R-Ohio);  AVIPP COMMENTARY: More Boehner lies.)

Key House Republican: Nukes talk with Iran at dead end

House Democrats, emboldened by GOP stumbles, rally around populist tax agenda

House to vote next week on ObamaCare repeal

Republican targets NFL tax exemption  (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) opposes tax exemptions for sports leagues.)

Race Cards and Term Limits (Black Caucus chair threatens to smear fellow Dems in seniority fight.)

At Third Benghazi Hearing, State Department Official who was ‘Friend' of Ambassador Murdered in Islamic Terror Attack STONEWALLS and Helps Keep Truth About His Friend's Death Suppressed

The GOP's plan to stop environmental protections: attack science

Secret planting of up to 75,000 Syrian Muslims begins in U.S. (Obama hasn't shown willingness to rescue Christian refugees.)

Obama Slams Hindu Gov in India, Says Americans Think He's Muslim

Most Indian Stocks Drop as Rally Sends Valuation to 4-Year High

Create job providers rather than job seekers

India v China: Border games

China plays down Modi-Obama 'romance' (Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi/US President Barack Obama)

S Jaishankar, India's ambassador to US, is the new foreign secretary

Logic of strengthening ties with US anchored in India's interest

Delhi elections: BJP picks up pace in last leg; 22 ministers, 17 MPs to hit campaign trail

Kashmir rebels kill Indian army colonel, police officer

A New Chapter for America and India

Why should he need to even ask? (Should the IRS be able to crack down on identity fraud?  Is this really a question that needs to be asked? )

Iran-Syria-North Korea Nuclear Nexus

Are falling oil prices pushing Iran to make risky economic choices?

Iranian Regime: Celebrates Death of Two Israeli Soldiers By Hezbollah Missile Strike

Iran's price for Obama's coveted legacy

Iran, Europe negotiatiors to meet Thursday in Istanbul

Pentagon: 'Eventually There's Going to Have to Be a Fight for Mosul

‘Voluntary' Sharia Tribunal in Texas: This Is How It Starts

Why should American Muslims have to assimilate?

Not Insulting the Prophet of Islam  (How the West is granting the veto to Islam.)

Muslims rally worldwide against free speech (Demands for restrictions on any criticism of Muhammad surge in wake of Paris murders.)

The West: Desensitized to Islamic Violence  (Are Charlie Hebdo massacres on their way to being commonplace?)

Muslims around the world cannot sit idle, Freedom of expression comes with acceptable boundaries, Boko Haram's massacre goes unnoticed, China-Lati...

The Imaginary Islamic Radical  (What did ISIS do that Mohammed didn't?)

Abbas' Fatah to Hezbollah: "We are in the same trench, and are resisting the same enemy"

PM Vows: Hezbollah, Iran Will 'Pay a Price' for Soldiers' Deaths (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

PM: Syria, Lebanon responsible for attacks from their soil (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

'Obama army' deploys to Tel Aviv to topple Netanyahu (After White House snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to 'avoid influencing election.')

Analysis: Will an eye for an eye suffice?     (Hezbollah had to respond. That was clear to both sides. An alleged Israeli attack against a convoy on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, in clear sight of UN troops, via aircraft, killing an iconic Hezbollah operative and an Iranian general, in this part of the world, was going to necessitate the drawing of blood. The question was what kind.)

Hezbollah Attack Fallout: Village Residents Stranded

CAMERA Prompts Correction of NY Times Reference to 1967 'Border with Palestine'

Arab official: Hamas may join Hezbollah to attack Israel

Building with Hamas Advance Notice

How US policy blunders hurt Israel

B'Tselem accuses IDF of violating laws of war in Gaza (Israel Defense Forces)

Northern Golan Heights Declared Closed Military Zone

UN rights chief faults Israel, Palestinians over Gaza war justice

Hezbollah in message to Israel: We don't want further escalation

Israel hits Syrian military targets after Golan rockets

Rivlin to UN: Lesson of Holocaust will never be learned (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)

Donor funding shortfall exacerbates Gaza crisis

Obama: Netanyahu yet to ‘rebut' value of Iran talks (US President Barack Obama/ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Obama Lies about “not interfering in the Israeli Election” in Benjamin Netanayu Speech Issue. (US President Barack Obama/ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

IDF convoy hit in attack was unarmored (Israel Defense Forces)

Killed IDF Soldiers Named (Israel Defense Forces)

Bus driver in Tel Aviv stabbing attack says drivers on 'front line'

Two soldiers killed, 7 hurt in attack near Lebanon border

Air Fields in Northern Israel, Golan Hts on Alert After Attack

Obama defends decision to snub Netanyahu (US President Barack Obama/ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Forbes: Obama trying to destroy Netanyahu, suck up to Iran (US President Barack Obama/ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Netanyahu warns of severe retaliation for Hezbollah attack (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Hezbollah attack kills Israeli troops, sparks retaliatory strikes

A Tale of Two Soldiers: Benjamin Netanyahu and Caroline Glick  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Caroline Glick are both in the news these days, each for different reasons. )

Israeli bombing of Gaza homes was policy

Netanyahu chooses female academics for Likud list (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Most religious Zionists prioritize Jewish majority over land control

Boy injured by unexploded Israeli ordnance in Jordan Valley

IDF combs north for possible attack tunnels (Israel Defense Forces)

Rivlin Cuts Short US Trip (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)

Fatah leader's car torched in Gaza City

Ancient skull found in north sheds new light on journey out of Africa

Assad, Lebanon to blame for Hezbollah border attack on IDF soldiers, Netanyahu says   (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad/ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Japan PM condemns Goto hostage video

Japan PM slams 'despicable' Islamist execution threat

Breaking: Jordan Agrees to Prisoner Swap With ISIS – No Word on Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto

Jordan Offers to Make Deal with ISIS

Jordan ready to swap inmate for pilot held by Islamic State

Lebanese rebuke Hezbollah for dragging country into clash

Spokesman: UN peacekeeper killed in south Lebanon

Hezbollah faces internal criticism in Lebanon

Lobbying lagged as Congress gridlocked

Malaysia will release MH370 report a day before the anniversary of its disappearance

Race Hoax Exposed: Cop Who Detained NYT Columnist's Son Was Also Black

Republican Governors Raising Taxes, Media Applauds

KSA investing billions of riyals in shale projects (Saudi Arabia)

The four Saudi princesses: Obama mum on plight of Muslim women

Saudi Arabia beheads three more criminals including two drug smugglers just days after new king assumes the throne

The lesson from Yemen (Security assistance won't work in weak states.)

Pentagon asks Congress for new fighter

Obama WH Hiding Bowe Bergdahl Charges — Treason Too?

McDonald criticized during House hearing on VA bonuses bill (In a sign that some lawmakers may be losing patience with the man brought in to clean up the VA, agency chief Bob McDonald came under criticism during a hearing on a bill that would give him powers to rescind bonuses and reduce pensions. )

'Whac-A-Mole' Quip Distracts From Obama Terror Failure

Philippines rejects US Marine's appeal to drop murder case (The Philippines on Tuesday rejected an appeal by a US Marine that it drop a murder case against him in the death of a transgender Filipino woman last year. )

On patrol for smugglers, Coast Guard has air of ‘Master and Commander'

What Pentagon would gain from Bowe Bergdahl desertion charge (+video)

Was Bergdahl's Charge List Leaked to Avoid Obama's Interference?

Jeff Miller's VA bill to rescind bonuses gets backing by veterans advocates

Army blasts NBC News, Fox News Bergdahl reports as 'patently false'

Video: FOX & Friends Hosts Grill Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm John Kirby Over Stalled Bergdahl Investigation

Pentagon commands the Ukrainian army

The Northeast Nanny-Staters Who Are and the Blizzard That Never Was

Islamic State operative confesses to receiving funding through US - report

Pakistan Criticizes India's Inclusion in Nuclear Suppliers Group

US drone strike kills seven in North Waziristan

Nawaz Sharif held meetings in Muurree (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)

Balochistan LB polls end, ruling coalition wins majority

PM summons high commissioner to discuss Indo-Pak relations

One of Dr Shakeel Auj's killers arrested: Additional IG Sindh

Record-breaking spell sets in on stock market

Pakistan offers incentives to Afghan importers

Philippine President Says He Didn't Give Go-Ahead for Police Raid

Hannity, puzzled, quizzes Palin on Iowa speech  (Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin(R)

Baton Rouge revival: Hundreds of pastors head south for how-to on politicking

Bush to headline RNC event in March  (Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush(R)

RNC vet to head prominent conservative group

RNC soups up 2016 voter-turnout program

Putin Helped Fund Sierra Club and Center for American Progress  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin; The environmental movement should come with a “Made in Moscow” label.)

Russia's Gazprom cancels plans to expand Nord Stream: Sources

Russia unveils $43.98 billion anti-crisis plan

Putin: Those who rewrite history attempt to hide own disgrace (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

'Putin's brain' says he doesn't have Putin's ear. Do we know who does?  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

Communists propose Russia exit from PACE ‘to stop negative influence'

Putin can see Wrangel Island from his House (Russian bases on American territory?)

Russia releases 70-year-old classified testimony of Red Army soldiers who liberated Auschwitz

PACE strips Russia of voting rights until April over Ukraine, Russia quits for 1 yr

Demand for office space in Moscow dropped by 24% in 2014, reaching 5-year lows — research

Dismissive Russia says there's 'no proof' behind spy charges as it's revealed 'Kremlin-run news agency aided in campaign to cripple U.S. stock markets'

Gorbachev blasts lawmakers' suggestion to denounce Germany unification as ‘rubbish'

'Turk Stream' far from a done deal (The latest part of the saga concerning Russia's southern pipelines delivering gas to Europe has attracted two wrong assumptions.)

US ambassador refuses to comment on progress of case over Russians accused of spying

Putin receives reply to his letter from Poroshenko (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/ Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko)

Russia extends term of sojourn for Ukrainian citizens of recruitment age

Moscow worried over heightened Israel-Syria and Israel-Lebanon tensions

Poll shows 80% of Russians ready to give up Western food

Production of cars in Russia down 9.7%, trucks dropped 25.7% in 2014

Share of Russians with positive attitude to United States down from 78% to 14% in 20 years

Chechen leader accuses US, West of seeking to shatter Russian economy

Russia mulls censure of West Germany

Russia's Putin meets with Iranian presidential envoy  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

Czar Putin's Next Moves

Same-Sex Marriage Foes Dig In on the State Level

The man who tricked Nazis and transformed medicine

GM crop successfully fed to salmon, say scientists

Have we reached 'peak food'? Shortages loom as global production rates slow

Exclusive — More Than 40 House Republicans To Mitch McConnell: Fight Against Executive Amnesty Funding Now (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)

Senate Democrats bow to Obama, withdraw support for new Iran sanctions

Don't Tell Struggling Families We've Had an Economic ‘Breakthrough' (By US Senator of Ohio Rob Portman (R)

Industry to Senate: Cyber bill 'cannot come soon enough'

Senate to Loretta Lynch: How are you different than Eric Holder? (Attorney General nominee)

Lynch defends Obama on NSA, immigration (Attorney General nominee)

Yemeni terrorists' interrogations ignite Republican ire (Several members of the Senate Judiciary Committee want the Department of Justice to explain why it relied on foreign governments to detain and interrogate two Yemeni men who conspired to kill Americans overseas. )

Importance of being Ernst  US Senator of Iowa Joni Ernst (R)

Rand Paul threatens to shoot drones that fly over his house (US Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R)

Senate to vote on repealing executive actions on immigration

Asia trade deal coming together quickly, Froman says

Franken presses Uber on use of 'God View' tool  (US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D)

Forty-five senators ask McConnell to pass 'clean' Homeland funding bill (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)

Tea Party lawmakers may take on McCain  (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)

Menendez, Kirk introduce new Iran sanctions bill   (US Senator of Illinois Mark Kirk (R) and US Senator of New Jersey Robert Menendez (D)on Tuesday evening unveiled their bill to impose new sanctions on Iran if international negotiators fail to reach a deal by June 30 on Tehran's nuclear program.)

Singapore latest to join currency wars, hits 2010 low  

BRICS to discuss creating new rating agency in March - Brazilian ambassador

Argentine President Seeks To Dissolve Spy Agency

Birth mothers living in silence

Korea, Alibaba seek logistics partnership

Huawei bids for emergency network deal

Sniffle! Tom Brady reveals he's fighting a cold four days before the Super Bowl

The Shrink on the Seahawks' Sideline  (The Seattle Seahawks' secret weapon just might be their willingness to give a sports psychologist the freedom to roam the training facility, locker room and even the sidelines every game, to make sure their heads are as sound as their bodies.)

Jumping offsides on ‘Deflategate'  (Super Bowl XLIX (49) will be played this Sunday. Sadly, the anticipated matchup between the AFC champion New England Patriots and NFC champion Seattle Seahawks has already had the wind knocked out of its sails — or, in this case, the air out of its footballs. )

J.R. Smith: ‘Late nights' behind flakiness with Knicks

Redskins hire Cavanaugh as QBs coach

LeGarrette Blount on Seahawks' defense: 'They're not immortal'

Seahawks safeties vs. Gronk: Who will flinch?

Seahawks: Quiet man known as Beast Mode is really a great guy

Marshawn Lynch could be fined for wearing 'Beast Mode' hat

Seahawks face intriguing offseason with Lynch

It's Boom Time in Women's Tennis

Kraft defends partying with Goodell, rips Sherman's Stanford education

Does Darrelle Revis feel sorry for Jets fans? ‘Um, not really'

Pete Carroll was an NFL flameout. Now he's going for Super Bowl history.

The NFL's misguided focus

The Fraud of the Student-Athlete Claim

Kings, Blackhawks to face off again in rivalry of respect, not hatred

Sherman: NFL, Goodell should have weekly media sessions

Seahawks GM: Idzik should have had chance to hire own coach

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's crass act is all about him

The Dueling Legacies of Bill Belichick

NHL Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard

NCAA Men's Basketball Scoreboard

NCAA Women's Basketball Scoreboard


California runs risk of financial relapse, ratings agency says

Corruption cauldron: To fix Albany — term limits (New York)

Patricia Todd, gay Alabama lawmaker, threatens to expose adulterous colleagues

Politicians went overboard with Snowmageddon precautions (New York)

Good riddance, Shelly (New York; So Sheldon Silver will be out as speaker come Monday — and an election for a new leader will be held February 10.)

A Constitutional Amendment to Protect Virginians' Data and Pastures

Electrical failure, Christmas tree caused Md. mansion fire

1 American dead in Libyan hotel attack, says State Dept. official

Chronic disease fighters tell Supreme Court not to strike down Obamacare subsidies

Justices Delay Executions of 3 on Oklahoma's Death Row

Syria opposition, Assad representatives meet in Moscow: Syrian source  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)

Navy snipers highlighted in live-fire drill

December economic activity dips in Taiwan

 Local bourse edges lower despite Wall Streets plunge

Taiwan reports 1st  Homo erectus fossil find

Taiwan's high ‘free economy' ranking should help its TPP bid: US economist

Transgender reforms to take more time: ministry

Taiwanese among top spenders in Asia Pacific on dining out poll

Immigrant spouses happy with life in Taiwan: poll

Restrictions on Chinese investors dampen interest in local realty

China ready for more talks on flight route dispute with Taiwan

If You Need a TV for the Super Bowl, Get This  (Personal Tech: Geoffrey A Fowler analyzes the big screens to bring home now and the ones worth waiting for in 2015. This Sunday in particular, who could blame you for wanting 65 inches of HD splendor?)

Republicans affirm support for Obama's trade agenda

US Japan Trade Negotiators Close to Striking Key Deal

TSA plan would let private companies access travelers' credit card data, social media posts


Video: Istanbul's shoeshine boys filmed conducting trick on tourists

Turkey's population rises to over 77 million

Turkey should engage with Armenia, not Armenian diaspora: PM's adviser

Kobane residents eye return, Kurdish group thanks Turkey

Holocaust remembrance cannot let us forget Israel's Gaza massacres: Turkish parliament speaker

Gülen was planning to return to Turkey like Khomeini returned to Iran: Justice minister

Gov't eyes to increase qualified employment

Talks over gas discount with Russia promising, says Turkish minister

US General Odierno awards Turkish counterpart with Legion of Merit

Turkish construction materials sector expects slowing down in business in next three months

Turkey to send medical aid to African countries

G-20 agenda to focus on energy, tourism, Turkish deputy PM tells ambassadors

British female jihadists could return from Syria and attack UK, experts warn

Many asthma diagnoses 'may be wrong'

Jailed nurse not guilty of killing four patients, says trial juror who helped convict him

Fracking ‘to be suspended in Scotland'    (Frackiing is to be suspended in Scotland amid growing concerns over the environmental and health impacts, the Scottish Government has announced. )

2,000 Tesco jobs at risk as supermarket reveals 43 stores set to close

Hundreds of UK child sex offenders spared jail, let off with cautions

TV cameras to be allowed in Scottish court rooms

Cable aide quits over fracking vote  (Lib Dem MP Tessa Munt resigns as a parliamentary aide to Business Secretary Vince Cable after voting against the government on fracking.)

Earthquake felt in mid-Hampshire

Four Scottish Tesco stores to shut amid jobs axe

More military assets set to be sold

Who was Thomas Cromwell? The key facts

NHS hires up to 3,000 foreign-trained doctors in a year to plug staff shortage

Poorest areas 'hit hardest by cuts'  

Fracking: UK shale exploration sites mapped

Peer apologises for Trident ‘Auschwitz' comparison

Beavers can stay in Devon, rules Natural England

Bank of England governor attacks eurozone austerity

Archbishop of Canterbury: do not tweet in anger

Scotch 'worth £5bn to UK economy'

UK only ordered Litvinekno inquiry after 'falling out' with Russia

Litvinenko postmortem ‘most dangerous ever in western world'

UK weather: Heavy snow expected as icy blast continues

Sale fears for Scottish military bases

David Cameron: Labour a 'complete shambles' on the NHS (British Prime Minister David Cameron)

Homes left shrouded in ice as floods and THREE FEET of snow pummel the North East: National Guard pluck people to safety as Storm Juno makes a brutal last assault before its retreat today

Colombia Calls for Release of Venezuelan Political Prisoner

High-ranking defector from Venezuela accuses regime of narcotics trafficking

Obama given free pass for 'gay' comment (Homosexual groups silent on president's characterization of their 'lifestyle choice.')

The President's ‘Yo Mama' Diplomacy

Isis threatens to behead Obama and 'transform US into a Muslim province'

Obama pushes gender equality in India, but not in Saudi Arabia

White House Not Super Sure Who the Taliban Works For

Michelle Obama is not impressed: Grim-faced First Lady meets the Saudi king as members of his entourage refuse to shake her hand

Michelle Obama's face blurred by Saudi state television

Michelle Obama shrugs off media storm over her bare-headed visit to Saudi Arabia - after she was pictured glaring at officials when some refused to shake her hand

ISIS issues direct threat to Obama in rant during new beheading as they threaten to execute Japanese hostage and Jordanian airman in 24 hours anyway

Obama defends US ties as he pays respects in Saudi Arabia

In India, Obama fires back at claims he's Muslim

Mission unaccomplished  (Despite Obama's words, the debt still looms.)

Bank chief warns of pandemic threat  (The president of the World Bank warns that the world is "dangerously unprepared" for future pandemics like the deadly Ebola outbreak.)

Botswana Doctor Is Named to Lead W.H.O. in Africa

Saturday, January 24, 2015

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(March 7 , 2007) Disapproving of the Decision of the President Announced on January 10, 2007, to Deploy more than 20,000 Additional United States Combat Troops to Iraq (H.Con.Res. 63) (February 14, 2007) Congressional Pardon for Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean Act (H.R. 563) (February 12 , 2007) Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 (H.R. 2) (January 21, 2007) Archived Action Alerts

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Senator Kerry, More Rhetoric Than Substance In The Presidential Debates

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A Message from the President's Desk
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A Delusional Mideast Peace Process

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Infanticide Upheld by Courts Rulings
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Senator Durbin's Anti-American Rhetoric Emboldens Terrorists — It's Time for Him to Resign

(June 17, 2005)

John Bolton — UN
Ambassador Nominee
(March 15, 2005)

Expect Status Quo from Rice at the State Department

December 1, 2004)

The False Promises of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
(November 1, 2004)

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Rejected by U.S. Courts Again - A Sign of Trouble in the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government
(September 27 , 2004)

President Embraces Condom Use to Prevent AIDS (July 13 , 2004)

America Needs a President to Act Like Churchill, Not a Comedian Like Robin Williams (March 31, 2004)

Congress Approves Experimental D.C. Voucher Program (February 6, 2004)

Manifestations of Antisemitism in the EU (December 4, 2003)

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Bennett Amendment Stops Senates Unconstitutional Attack on Free Speech
(January 21, 2007)

Higher Taxes on Energy Companies Passes House

(January 19 , 2007 )

Do Nothing, Feel Good Student Loan Interest Bill Passes House

January 19, 2007 )

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